Tangle Teezer
Golden Goddess Hairbrush in Black and Gold

Tangle Teezer is an award-winning detangler which banishes knots from all hair types.Gliding through the hair, eliminating tangles and knots on contact and minimising breakage, damage and splitting.


Although suitable for all hair types, Tangle Teezer is particularly good for fragile or colour-treated hair and women with hair extensions, weaves and wigs.Use on wet or dry hair, it adds gloss and shine and provides a blissful, stimulating scalp massage at the same time.


  • Simone
    Tangles away - 10 Apr 2017
    This product is great, travels easily and is compact enough to fit in your bag. Use it in the shower or out, it's amazing. worth every penny if it means youre not in a battle royale with your hair every morning.
  • Lalicia
    Excellent Product - 2 Apr 2017
    I use it on my 6 year old daughter's curly hair, and she doesn't winch once, in fact she can use it all by herself! Love it!
  • Delaine
    Tangle teezer - 27 Mar 2017
    Me and my sister teez our hair a lot cos we love volumn...by doing our teezing with the comb it makes us tired and our hands pain...we would love to try out this new product
  • Senthy
    A hair essential for unruly hair - 10 Mar 2017
    I love the tangle teezer for my long thick hair it certainly rids me of knots effortlessly without damaging my hair I have not used any other brush or comb in over a year. Quality product worthy of applause
  • saskia
    Tangle Teezer - 2 Mar 2017
    This product is amazing, I have unruly wavy and extremely knotting hair, especially just after washing it or spending some time in the wind, with the tangle teezer what would take me minutes, now takes 3 minutes! Without the breakage and pulling. Definitely worth the investment ladies! It works and it looks great, the size is really handy
  • Anisha
    Perfect taming for tresses! - 1 Mar 2017
    Having long, thick and unruly hair means that I dread brushing my hair. The knots and tangles are a pain but thanks to Tangle Teezer, all this has changed! This nifty hair brush was made for hair and using it through the years has prevented breakage! It is certainly ammo for knots!
  • kiara
    tangle teezer - 13 Jan 2017
    I use my tangle teezer every day and it is such a time saving thing literally if you have nots in your hair or your hair is tangled when you wake up this thing is a life saver and also I find that the shape of the brush is very easy to handle.
  • Joh-Marie
    tangle teaser - 13 Jan 2017
    This is a great little tool for spreading conditioner throughout wet hair, also for brushing wet hair out without breaking. Excellant little tool.
  • Hameeda
    a daunting task made easy - 3 Jan 2017
    I dread brushing my hair because it is so knotty and dry and breaks everytime i try to brush. tried this at a friends place and was surprised how easy it made brushing my hair..
  • Tatenda
    Tangle teezer - 26 Dec 2016
    wow this instrument for natural girls like me is a must have!! not only does it reduce tangles but also can be used as a massage brush to increase blood flow! must have must have must have!
  • Suné
    Amazing Tangle Teezer - 29 Nov 2016
    I've had this little beaut for almost a year now. Besides it's beautiful design, I love using this as a shower comb too - it's easy on my hair & doesn't cause any breakage. With it's compact size, it fits nicely into any handbag too. Would definitely recommend this as part of any hair routine.
  • Jenna
    Inlove - 14 Nov 2016
    I absolutely love my tangle teaser. I have always had super knotty hair and have used the wet brush in the past with minimal help. Then I decided to save up and get a tangle teaser, I must say it was the best decision I have made in a long time. I am in love with my tangle teaser. I used it every day and in must say it is the best brush/comb I have ever used for my knotty hair
  • Rochelle
    Great functional product - 13 Nov 2016
    This brush really works great. It is especially great for travelling and also easy to clean.
  • Kale
    Best! - 7 Nov 2016
    I have one of these now and they are the best! I keep mine in my bag because my hair tends to get quite messy as it is a bob. This sorts my hair out in seconds and not just the surface like most brushes.
  • Tate
    IN LOOOVE! - 29 Oct 2016
    I first used this Tangle Teezer when I got my hair done by my stylist! And I was hooked.
    I battle with brushing my hair as its curly and I constantly had to straighten it to be able to comb through it, but now with the Tangle Teezer I am able to go without straightening and without damage !
    I love it<3
  • Bianca
    Heaven - 25 Oct 2016
    This Was a miracale to me,I always used the normal brushes,It would always hurt my scalp and loose some hair on the way until I meet the tangle teezer,It doesnt hurt my scalp it,It brushes out knots so easily and effortlessy,And It doesnt make you loose hair,
  • Dorrington
    The best brush - 13 Oct 2016
    I have always hated brushing my hair and I have always worried about breaking my hair while brushing it when it is wet. The Tangle Teezer is God sent i love it so much i bought 2!!!
  • Thea
    TANGLE TEASER - 21 Sep 2016
    my daughter absolutely hates it when i brush her hair as it knots extremely easy,She has curly hair and she screams her lungs out,I would definitely buy this product it looks beautifully and easy to brushed hair!!!
  • Wendy
    Only One Problem - 14 Aug 2016
    A really great hairbrush that doesn't feel like it's ripping your hair out. I love that you can use it when your hair is wet.

    Only problem? The bristles don't seem like they will last! Mine are all bent.. especially the ones on the edges.
  • Mariam
    Amazing - 5 Aug 2016
    My favorite brush!so happy I stumbled across the Tangle Teezer what an amazing find!

    Works so well on wet hair as well.LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!
    Totally Untangled - 13 Jul 2016
    If you want to carry a hair brush in your handbag I will highly suggest the tangle teezer range of brushes they are nothing but amazing.

    They like my daily hair brushes I use they are super compact for your handbag and amazing to brush those painful tangled hair with.

    My niece hates brushing hair but she lets me do hair with the tangle teezer she said it doesnt hurt her.

    Great buy get yourself one totally worth it.
  • Megan
    Great hair product - 19 May 2016
    I love my Tangle Teezer. I will never use any other comb or hair brush again.

    I have curly hair and when I'm in the shower, I quickly give it one comb when using conditioner. It makes such a big difference in the texture of my curls.

    LOVE this product and would highly recommend it.
  • Anouschka
    The Only Brush To Use - 5 May 2016
    I won't use any other brush ever again. I have one in the shower, one in my bag and one in near my hair dryer. Absolutely LOVE all Tangle Teezer brushes.
  • Marcella
    I Have 3!! - 13 Apr 2016
    There are certain things I cannot go without and one is my brush...not any brush...my tangle teezer (teezers) I keep one in my car, my university bag and at home in my bathroom drawer!

    When i started using it my brushing after washing went from 45 min to 10! I cant remember life without this brush!
  • suzana
    no more screams - 30 Mar 2016
    my niece absolutely hates it when its time to brush her hair as it knots extremely easy and she screams her lungs out, but with this brush it's a pleasure to brush her hair no screams no ouchies no nothing just beautifully brushed hair!!!!
  • Mikela
    Love It!` - 24 Feb 2016
    Glides through any knots and feels great on your scalp. Zero pain.
  • Liani
    Holy grail - 21 Feb 2016
    I will never use another hair brush! Bought my first one about 3 years ago and ever since bought 2 more to have one in the shower and one in my handbag. It was the only brush that didn't snatch my extensions when I was still wearing them. It detangles my towel dry hair without breaking or pulling & it's also my go to brush for blow drying. Absolutely love it
  • Priya
    Awesome brushes - 9 Feb 2016
    I have the original and the new one. I like it because it doesn't cause static and is very gentle on my long hair. I can easily wash it. It is very durable and although I got mine 2 years ago it still looks new. My boyfriend didn't think much of it until he tried it... He eventually stole mine and got me a new one because he liked it so much
  • Priya
    Awesome brushes - 9 Feb 2016
    I have the original and the new one. I like it because it doesn't cause static and is very gentle on my long hair. I can easily wash it. It is very durable and although I got mine 2 years ago it still looks new. My boyfriend didn't think much of it until he tried it... He eventually stole mine and got me a new one because he liked it so much
  • Shona
    A must have - 5 Feb 2016
    I really love my Tangle Teaser! It doesn't pull my hair, gets knots out easily, doesn't cause static - a real must have item :)
  • Yasmeen
    Stylish and essential - 21 Jan 2016
    I LOVE THIS, I first saw it in the UK a while back and im so glad we can now get it in SA .Its great for removing knots and for teasing your hair.I just got mine in goddess gold.
  • Taryn
    A handbag must have - 28 Oct 2015
    This is the best ever invention.

    I use it as a scalp massager when I condition my hair as it is gentle on my scalp.
  • Bianca
    Tangle Teezer - 14 Oct 2015
    Love my tangle teezer. Works great on long hair and no breaking of my hair even when I comb it wet.
  • Nicolette
    Amazing hair tool! - 13 Oct 2015

    My hair breakage has reduced significantly since using the Tangle Teezer. Best investment yet
  • Nicole
    Must Have! - 13 Oct 2015
    Long hair as beautiful as it can be can also be a pain when it comes to knots, thats why all girls with long hair need a tangle teezer! I use it in the shower to brush my knots out while my conditioner is on and I don't have to worry about breakage when I use it on my wet hair. It really gets rid of those nasty knots without being so painful! Also adds a beautiful shine to your hair!
  • Samantha
    No more knots - 13 Oct 2015
    Love the Tangle Teezer!!!!!! amazing for when you get out the shower

Tangle Teezer

Where they’ve come from

London colour technician,Shaun Pulfrey, joined other entrepreneurs on the Dragons Den in 2007, pitching his Tangle Teezers to a panel of five wealthy investors, hoping for financial investment in return for a stake in his company. They declined the opportunity to invest in his idea, but Pulfrey persevered.

Before long he had a team of marketing and sales staff and launched the now famous brush at the international hair exhibition Salon International.

Where they’re going

Focusing on distribution through salons and online, sales soon outgrew the anticipated demand. Tangle Teezer has won multiple awards, and soon became the best-selling hairbrush in the UK.

It’s now available in 37 countries worldwide, and Pulfrey invests his profits on new product development and increasing his manufacturing capabilities. Watch this space

Tangle Teezer