Sunscreen Oil SPF20
Size 125ml
Available at selected Clicks stores - R79.95

With an SPF20, the Lipidol Sunscreen Oil provides protection from UVA and UVB, while maintaining good skin health by supplementing the skin’s natural oily layer stripped away by the sun, wind and water. Contrary to popular belief, the notion that the sun is attracted to oils on the skin is untrue, and in fact, the use of an oil-based sun care product is a great way to ensure your skin remains protected during South Africa’s hotter months. Lipidol Sunscreen Oil has the ability to form a continuous film over the skin's surface, making it highly effective in protecting the skin against the sun's harmful rays.

In addition to this, Lipidol Sunscreen Oil prevents skin dehydration and doesn’t leave a white film on the skin, making it a great daily moisturiser. Lipidol Sunscreen Oil is coloured with natural plant extracts and scented with Cypress and Basil essential oils. On the skin, Cypress controls excessive water loss and Basil has a refreshing, energizing action.

Not only can a good sunscreen prevent the development of skin cancer, which is on the rise in South Africa, it helps prevent pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and slows down the development of wrinkles and prematurely ageing skin.


  • Judith
    Lipodol sunscreen oil - 29 Sep 2018
    I first used it from a magazine sample and its the best ever. My skin is left feeling subtle and I no longer have sunburn. I've fallen in love ever since
    Lipidol - 30 Jul 2018
    Great sunscreen - I still use it to this day. My daughter loves it. Really does protect from sunburn Love the texture.
  • Nontombi
    Oil that is good for oily skin - 1 Feb 2018
    I once got a sample from a magazine as a goodie and I was skeptical at first as I have really oily skin and breakout prone.
    I tried this product and it was so light, a little goes a long way and even though I have oily skin it didn't have any negative effects . The packaging is a bit sophisticated yet simple which I loved. I also loved the velvety texture, it felt as if my skin was being pampered while protecting me from the sun.
  • Lindi
    amazing product - 16 Nov 2017
    My boyfriend got this complimentary and we have been addicted ever since. It is one of the top oils and what makes it better is it has SPF in it. Whereas other oils usually don't and are more inclined to make you burn. Definitely worth the money and hunt to get it. please may I get some samples for friends and family to try. I recommend it to all
  • Bellablue
    Oil me Up. - 27 Sep 2017
    So I have received the Lipidol Sunscreen Oil from a friend to try and I must say that I do like it. I am not a big fan of oily products or oily creams as I it usually makes me feel sticky. This product was a delight to try and use. Having a fair skin and always tend to burn rather quickly this oil did offer some protection but in my case I can not be in the sun the whole time.

    This product was easy to apply and made my skin feel soft and refreshed and protected.
    For the price that you pay I would recommend to have this in your beach bag this summer.
  • Courtney
    Best Body Oil - 29 Jul 2017
    I have never been a big fan of body oils simply due to the fact that they have in the past resulted in breakouts, but this product is absolutely great! No breakouts, just soft feeling and great smelling skin. Will definitely recommend this product!
  • Cleopatra
    Love this product! - 31 May 2017
    I've been so thoroughly impressed by a product. I love oils in general but Lipidol definitely takes the cake. Best still it doesn't hang on the surface of the skin leaving you greasy and gross. It absorbs and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and supple.
  • Maryam
    Love - 26 May 2017
    I received a sample sachet of this oil and it was amazing on my skin. Leaves your skin soft and succulent. Especially after a shower its the best thing! I know its a sunscreen oil but as a moisturiser its a definite must-try
  • Abby
    Sunburn is sun damage - 21 May 2017
    I love this to protect my skin. Any form of sunburn is sun damage so I aim to always use an SPF when outdoors. It smells good and leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated
  • Sylvia
    Lipidol - 4 May 2017
    I love lipidol it keeps my ship protected and it doesnt give me the grey look of the usual sunscreen
  • Yumna
    In love with Lipidol - 25 Apr 2017
    I have tried almost every brand of sunscreen. Lipidol had been the only one that worked so far. I love that it's and Oil. It hydrates my skin and protects me from the sun without the annoying sticky feeling of normal sunscreen.
    I never leave the house without it!
  • keketso
    Best sunscreen and value for money - 19 Apr 2017
    I love this product because it is easy to apply. I even mix it with my lotion. My skin was well protected I didn't experience any sunburn
  • Ra'eesah
    Lipidol Oil - 1 Apr 2017
    I tried really hard to love this product because I love other Lipidol products but the feeling of oil on my skin was a little too disconcerting for me.

    At first your makeup sits beautifully over the sunblock but as the day passed I found that a lot of it had broken up and became patchy.
  • Firzeen
    Uniquely caring for your skin - 21 Mar 2017
    At the beginning I was skeptical about using an oil as a sunscreen but since I love all the other Lipodol products I thought I'll give it a try. The oil actually adds moisture to my skin while it protects it from the sun. I use it on my face and body and it leaves my skin soft and radiant not sticky and gross!!
  • Colleen
    Happy bride - 1 Mar 2017
    I found the Lipidol sunscreen oil amazing. My two bridesmaids & myself all received a bottle to test. We tested it from end of November to January. It was great for under our makeup, and was not shiny and oily like i expected.
    It was fantastic with the South African hot summer, as well as worked well in the Europe Winter where we spent our honeymoon.
    I would definitely buy this product and recommend it
  • Shannon
    Worth the buy - 25 Jan 2017
    My boyfriend got this complimentary and we have been addicted ever since. It is one of the top oils and what makes it better is it has SPF in it. Whereas other oils usually don't and are more inclined to make you burn. Definitely worth the money and hunt to get it
  • Siliziwe
    Great Product - 20 Jan 2017
    A friend shared with me and at it was an amazing product to have over these holidays. I'm a bit dark so don't really get sunburn but my skin gets flaky after a day at the beach and that's where Lipidol came in. It gave great results and didn't make me look weird by having residue.
  • Amelia
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 14 Jan 2017
    Whole family loved it. Lovely fragrance. Excellent protector .
  • Vanessa
    PERFECTION - 13 Jan 2017
    So my mom bought me this product because I have (had) a problem with my skin
    Basically my skin is acne prone, sensitive, burns easily when exposed to the sun and at the age of 21? I need flawless...
    This LIPIDOL SUNSCREEN OIL is lightweight,it absorbs perfectly into my skin and now my skin is smooth, I don't get pimples anymore and my burnt skin look? I mean pigmentation problems? GONE!!! All I have are little black acne scars,not sun-burn...
    The price is also pretty good.. So I give this product a deserves 10...
  • Anneke
    Lipidol sunscreen oil. - 13 Jan 2017
    I bought the lipidol amazing sunscreen oil..smell is soft aswell..and it works for the sun..i will really recomment it..great product!
  • kim
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 13 Jan 2017
    im a mom of two very busy boys and being in the sun was always a problem for me as i could not find a sunscreen that was not to rich or oily. Since receiving this sample i dont have this problem anymore. amazing product for all skin types
  • Lusanda
    Lipidol - 13 Jan 2017
    This is a great product my friends and we decided to buy the sunscreen just to try it the results we got I couldn't believe it I love the fact my skin was moisturized not dry I love it
  • Tebogo
    My love affair with Lipidol..... - 13 Jan 2017
    Lipidol oh Lipidol... what would have my skin been this summer without you? thank you for the soft skin, protection from the UV rays...and mostly for always making sure that my skin is at its best... this is an amazing product which I will always use without failure.
  • Anzel
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 13 Jan 2017
    This is so great, after buying the sunscreen i decided that I NEED the entire range.
    This does not leave your skin oily at all, instead my skin feels moisturized and healthy.

    It also smells INCREDIBLE and it is affordable - a must buy.

    I love the entire range so much that it has now become part of my morning and evening routine.

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their clean look & packaging, it really represents their products well. No fuss.
  • Tammy
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 13 Jan 2017
    protect me from the sun wind and water makes my skin feels good makes me look good but i would really love to try it i used a sample but it was abit to pricy
  • Nastassja
    Lipidol OIL - 13 Jan 2017
    I enjoyed using this oil as sunscreen however i did find it a bit too oily and does not absorb into my skin easily. Had to rub quite a bit. I don't mind it but i also need a hight sun protection and i feel that SPF 20 does not offer enough sun protection
  • Nafeesah Munshi
    great body oil - 13 Jan 2017
    this product moisturizes the skin deep deep in and stays for the entire day without the oilyness
  • Nicole
    BYE-BYE SUNBURN - 13 Jan 2017
    I'm a light skinned lady with extremely sensitive skin ( sensitive too everything!) and decided to try some of my friends screen while at the beach. When she passed me the oil all i could think of was that I'm going to be stiff , swollen and blistered up as before . After a full day of swimming and being in the sun and wind applying the oil at regular intervals - I looked as if I just stepped off a movie set . My skin was glowing and was well moisturized . I now use Lipidol sunscreen oil as well as the Lipidol after shower moisturizer each day and besides my skin looking healthy , its "healthy " on my pocket :-)
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 13 Jan 2017
    I was given this product to test - and gave some to my friends aswell. Great product - I used while on vacation and I never was sunburned, I love it, keeps my body moisturised aswell. I have eczema so the extra moisture helps my skin aswell.
  • Natale
    Sunscreen oil to body oil - 13 Jan 2017
    I am basically so obsessed with Lipidol and its effectiveness that I now use it as my body lotion. I have not used my own lotion in almost two months.

    The best part is that it is super affordable and lasts.
  • Wiedaad
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 13 Jan 2017
    I am hooked on this product. Even with limited exposure to the sun, I still apply daily. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin's texture. No more dry patches. And the oil is easily absorbed. I have already gotten my husband to use it daily as well.
  • Nicolette
    lipido sunscreen oil - 13 Jan 2017
    Keeps your skin soft and safe from the burning sun and every day activities outdoors
  • Annalisa
    Sun kissed - 13 Jan 2017
    I was lucky enough to try this out. Its amazing! Never thought I would be using a sunscreen oil but I love it! Absorbs quickly and smells great too. I totally recommend this to my friends and family.
  • Encia
    Great Choice - 12 Jan 2017
    Protects skin from heat and an excellent product to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated!
    AGAINST DUBAI HEAT - 12 Jan 2017
    ___My sister that stays in Dubai tried this and loved it i'm serious .My brother went there this December and i purchased one for her to try out. She thinks it genuinely does the job.
  • theo
    Just love this sunscreen oil. Received in time for my summer holiday. Knowing I could go out into the sun with no worries. Made my skin silky soft and protected.
  • Elize
    A must for every woman - 12 Jan 2017
    Staying in Durban with the severe heat we have, I found Heaven for my skin with this product, I could SEE how my skin looked better protected from the sun! I will not go without ever again
  • liza
    So much value - 11 Jan 2017
    One of the best sun protectors on the market and oh so easy on the pocket - just awesome value
  • Lerato
    Lipidol Shines - 10 Jan 2017
    I use it every time after jogging or running it helps my body restore its moisture and keeps it soft and smooth.
  • Lizaan
    Perfect face - 10 Jan 2017
    I love Lipidol. It is inexpensive and high quality product. It goes on easily and does not cause any oiliness on my skin. Love the smell.
  • michere
    Fantastic - 6 Jan 2017
    Non greasy feel, a nourishing sun protector which is easy to use and has many added benefits, loved the way this made my skin feel!
  • Lourensa
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 5 Jan 2017
    After reading through the reviews.... "SOLD"!!! I have a very fair skin and love the outdoors but burns spots.
    RUN RUN RUN i am going to get one NOW!!!
  • Prashina
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 3 Jan 2017
    I was awarded the opportunity to try out Lipidol sunscreen and found the most amazing benefits of using this the past month. I would recommend to everyone of all ages and even for sensitive skin. My son has sensitive skin and gets a type of eczema especially during summer due to sunburn. He also had a nasty accident and got burnt on his face and Lipidol has worked wonders. It is also good for dry skin and the oily texture absorbs well into the skin. THANK YOU for an amazing product.
  • tarry
    bye burns bye! - 3 Jan 2017
    a very lovely product which leaves no white residue; has a beautiful subtle and fresh scent to it, very affordable and worth every penny. packaging is also convenient for use on the go as you can simply pop it into your bag and fell no extra weight. thank you rubybox xxx
  • tarry
    bye burns bye1 - 3 Jan 2017
    i loved using this sunscreen for so many reasons, it doesn't leave a white residue, it is also moisturizing and it has a very subtle and fresh scent to it! i didnt get any burning this december break and the packaging is chiq and convenient for traveling and use at home. thank you rubybox xxx
  • Laura
    Sun-Kissed Glow or budget blow? - 2 Jan 2017
    I have really bad skin. Period. So anything that has the word "oil"in it, I skip. However, after thoroughly applying my current suncare product this summer, I still managed to burn. I have decided to give lipidol a go...and so far so good.It leaves my skin feeling exceptionally hydrated and much to my surprise, I haven't experienced any breakouts! It provides really good protection from the sun for my fair skin, however it is a bit pricey for the amount of product that you are buying. Would definitely recommend !
  • Daisy
    I’m so glad to share this review on a product I received from rubybox beauty South Africa. It is called the Lipidol sunscreen oil. The product bottle is very unique. I have never seen a sunscreen bottled up the way it is and I have to say it really suits the sunscreen oil. When opened , I really, really loved the tiny hole on the he opening of the bottle because the product is liquid and so the tiny opening allows you to use a sufficient amount of it and I think it also helps the sunscreen oil last longer than you think it would.

    Now I loved this product so much! When I applied this onto my skin, I really liked the soft texture it had as compared to an ordinary sunscreen that is soft but feels heavy when applied to your face. With the lipidol sunscreen oil, I feel like it has a really soft liquid texture so when you apply it doesn’t feel heavy on your face when applied. Also another good thing is that the product smells really good. As soon as I applied it on my face it smelt like a lightly fragranced lotion.


    About a week ago, me and my sisters had a little swim at home and trust me, the sun was shining brighter than a diamond. So its protect my skin from the sun, I applied the lipidol sunscreen oil on my face before I swam and it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders because i didn’t have to worry about the sun rays burning up my face. Therefore I believe the product really does its job well: it feels light on your face, it smells really pleasant and most importantly, it protects your skin from the sun.

    Final Thoughts

    Honestly guys, I have said it all. I absolutely love the lipidol sunscreen oil. I will definitely be purchasing this product because unlike other sunscreens I have used it doesn’t make my skin feel heavier or look darker and that’s what I want. But the most important thing is that it is an oil that protects your skin from getting burnt by the sun. It left my skin soft and smooth, smelling good and feeling protected!


    I hope you readers try this product. And I hope you all have positive feedback about it like I do.

    Thank you

    Xoxo Its A Girazi Thang
  • Yolandi
    Love my oil - 28 Dec 2016
    I purchased the Lipidol Sunscreen oil and I am in love. I mix a few drops with my moisturiser and apply it together. My foundation just glides on and my skin feels wonderful. Whilst protecting my skin, it defenitely makes my make-up glide on. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lipidol Suncsreen Oil SPF20.
  • Daniela
    Beautiful product. - 27 Dec 2016
    This is a product I will definitely continue to invest in. I love how I can use this before putting on make up and I feel extra protected against the harsh UV rays from the sun. A little bit of product goes a long way.
  • Tatenda
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 26 Dec 2016
    With the increasing global warming I'd definitely recommend this sunscreen for ultimate protection.
  • Janice
    Protection - 22 Dec 2016
    With my kids in the sun this is an amazing product to use and not so expensive
  • Carrie-ann
    I love this - 22 Dec 2016
    What a great product! It's not greasy and feels.nourishing on my skin. It's also a.great moisturiser. Thanks for.the.great product!
  • Clarissa
    Go get yours now! - 21 Dec 2016
    Absolutely love this product. My skin feels soft and moisturized after applying it. You only need 1h in the sun with Lipidol to get a golden brown tan. Tried and tested! Honestly no one would be disappointed with this lovely product. After being in the sun all day, my skin still feels soft and not dried out. Definitely a must this summer!
  • Isabella
    Thank you again Rubybox for this amazing product, its non greasy and light , I no longer have to use creams that leave white film on the skin. Perfect for my daughter's very sensitive skin as well.Love it
  • Neo
    Too hot for the Sun - 20 Dec 2016
    the Sunscreen works wonder, got it from a friend and I cannot stop using it, I even use it after taking my late shower in the evenings, hahahahaha, simply because it makes my skin feel good. wow, wow, Lipidol is the best...
  • Tracy
    great product! - 20 Dec 2016
    What a great product! Leaves your skin protected and moisturised.
  • Kubashini
    LuvLipidol - 19 Dec 2016
    I am loving this sunscreen, no mess, no fuss, easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and most importantly non greasy.
    A must try for all...
    Thank you for the sample.
  • Janine
    LOVE Lipidol Sunscreen, a new dimension in suncreen - 19 Dec 2016
    I love this sunscreen!! I also use it daily on my skin whether I am going into the sun or not. It serves as a tissue oil as well as sunscreen oil and suntan oil. I am impressed with the quality and that this product did not hurt my skin either. I have very sensitive skin and it nourished my skin as well. LOVE IT!!!
  • PrettifulBlog
    Lipidol Oils - 19 Dec 2016
    I am a huge fan of Lipidol Oils, and this sunscreen oil is no different. It reminds me of the old school sunscreen oils we used to get. Although the spf is not the highest, it can be applied often without the dreaded white shadow.
  • Thabisile
    LIPIDOL Sunscreen - 19 Dec 2016
    I would review this product. I currently use the LIPIDOL night oil and my skin has absolutely loved it. I dont wake up with dry facial skin anymore as my face is dry. I have also used their body oil and I love it. it absorbs quickly. So the sunscreen would be a nice product to test and review.
  • Selvan
    lipidol sunscreen oil - 19 Dec 2016
    after using this product can play cricket all day -my skin did not get dry and hot-can feel the benefit of moisturising the skin
  • Ronel
    Lipidol Screen Oil - 19 Dec 2016
    My skin is very sensitive & I burn easily when I am out in the sun. With this oil I am carefree knowing that I will not burn. I loved the product & would recommend it to all.
  • Munira
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 19 Dec 2016
    Sunscreen has always been such a bother for me because of the white residue it leaves on my dark skin. Lipidol has changed my perspective of sunscreen, I apply it every morning...because I live in Durban and the sun is always scorching hot...It goes on beautifully and feels great on my skin. Just love it.
  • Alethea Robyn
    Perfect for Summer - 19 Dec 2016
    WOWwhat a great product. Just so simple to apply and no chemical sunblock smell like other brands. Also does not leave your skin greasy at all and really really offers decent protection from the elements. I love it!
  • Michellene
    I would like to test this product as I always burn when I go to the best and need something to keep my cool and lasting. I am not sure if applying oil on skin will work but I am willing to give it a try.

    Thank you
  • Ellaine
    Lipidol - 19 Dec 2016
    The best sunscreen I've ever come across, I am so confident in this product. my whole family uses it, its a game changer from the white sunscreens we know and it feels good on your skin. I super love it
  • Jennifer
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 19 Dec 2016
    Would love to try this product as my skin burns really quickly in the sun and i haven't found any product that helps with this.
  • Jennifer
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 19 Dec 2016
    Would love to try this product as my skin burns really quickly in the sun and i haven't found any product that helps with this.
  • Charlene
    Love this product - 19 Dec 2016
    Firstly, I was so surprized by the affordability of the oil. The oil is ligh on the skin. I dont feel clumpy, sticky or hot with it on. I use it on my face and body. It nourishes my skin while protecting it. I just love this product.
  • manashrie
    to good to be true - 19 Dec 2016
    Lipidol sunscreen is amazing best results smooth skin.Leaves skin feeling great and refreshed hydrates and goodlooking than never before
  • manashrie
    to good to be true - 19 Dec 2016
    Lipidol sunscreen is amazing best results smooth skin.Leaves skin feeling great and refreshed hydrates and goodlooking than never before
  • Ferial
    Great for summer! - 18 Dec 2016
    I have tried this product as I received it in a goodie bag! It's great on my dry skin and keeps my body protected! I'd recommend others to purchase this product
  • Lisa
    no unwanted patches - 18 Dec 2016
    The nice thing about this oil is that it is easy to apply without leaving the unwanted white marks if you haven't rubbed all the suntan lotion in those hard to reach places. It is also priced relative to other sun protection creams
  • Paige
    Amazing product - 18 Dec 2016
    I love this product! I have very sensitive skin and burn easily. This product enabled me to get a nice tan which has never happened before without a nice red line! Absolutely in love!
  • Yolanda
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oilo - 18 Dec 2016
    Lipidol is a great skin care range made from good skin loving natural oils that nourish and protect the skins outer layer. I have been using 3 products from the Lipidol range and i really love these goodies. If you use sunscreen you will know about the grey/white cast that it leaves on your skin which then makes your makeup look ashy and a mess, none of that with the Lipidol sunscreen oil. The sunscreen oil has a mild and pleasant fragrance and although an oil it does absorb into the skin quickly. Applicationis easy and it really is a lovely alternative suscreen to go under makeup and does not make skin oily. Suitable for all skin types including sensitiveas its all natural.kk
  • Amanda
    Trial - 18 Dec 2016
    Would luv to try it out the reviews are so positive looks like an awesome product
  • Tracey
    Lipidol sunscreen - 18 Dec 2016
    Lipidol the sunscreen is so light on the skin giving you maximum protection.
  • Christine
    Lipodol sunsceen oil - 18 Dec 2016
    Thank goodness I tried this - the "oil" element was off-putting but it really works. Not greasy at all. A new adventure for me but am now converted. Other products in the range are great too.
  • Janine
    lovely - 18 Dec 2016
    I would recommend lipidol suntan oil SPF 20 if you want to achieve a sun-kissed summer tan with the added protection. I was impressed to find an oil that does not burn but provides moisture and protection. The smell is also amazing and is similar to sweet basil. The bottle is small and can be carried in any beach bag. Since its oil it really doesn't wash out easily, so you can still enjoy hitting the waves. The only issue for me is maybe if the product came in a spray bottle instead.
  • Joslyn
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil. - 17 Dec 2016
    I have fair sensitive skin whichwhich easily burns.I always look like a tomota and by day 3 start to peel.
  • Lorraine
    Must have - 17 Dec 2016
    This is a winner. Feel silky on skin. Lovely gift for everyone
  • ntando
    A miracle in a bottle - 17 Dec 2016
    I bought this beauty as i was tired from the other brands that leave your skin greyish.So am head over hills inlove i have a bottle that I keep in my handbag and than 1 in my house.Its gentle on the you dont need alot just 2 small drops and the face gets its daily doze to TLC.Its affordable and last long at these trying times its actually cheaper than all the other brands and gives great results no shine,or greyish sticky resdue,it blends well with my moisturizer and my daily make -up .My man also loves it aswel we share the one bottle.
  • Astara
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 17 Dec 2016
    Although I wasn't too impressed with Lipidol Sunscreen oil because I found it pretty oily (even after 90 minutes) and I got terribly sunburnt on the day I used it (still peeling two weeks later!). I guess this may have just been my experience and I am fair skinned. I appreciate the opportunity to try this product, although I won't be using it again.
  • Astara
    Something new - 17 Dec 2016
    I had never heard of Lipidol sunscreen oil before (or any sunscreen oil for that matter). The sunscreen oil felt rather nice on my skin as a moisturizer, however, it did mark my clothing and anything I touched. I used the sunscreen oil as a sunscreen but did not think about how long I should go before reapplying it. I lay in the sun for about 90 minutes and only applied the Lipidol sunscreen once (because my skin still felt oily). I have never before been so sunburnt before that day and to be quite honest, I would not use Lipidol sunscreen oil again. I am still peeling all over my body two weeks later! I realize that SPF20 is not particularly high but I found the continual oily feeling deceiving. Overall not too impressed but thank you for the opportunity to try this product.
  • rashmee
    A higher spf would be better - 17 Dec 2016
    I liked the easy application and the instant freshness this product felt like on application.unfortunately for me in this sticky durban weather with temperatures of 34 degrees i saw no protection benefits and therefore think it either is not water and sweat resistant or the spf was not high enough to offer enough benefit
  • Micell
    love Lipidol ♡ - 17 Dec 2016
    Love the Lipidol oil range! From the sunscreen to the overnight face oil. No walking donuts in sight - winning!
  • Gloria
    Super duper - 17 Dec 2016
    I have very sensitive skin so was pleasantly surprised at the protection it gave me from the sun. No more redness and burning.
  • Bianca
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 17 Dec 2016
    I received this sunscreen oil in just the right time ! Sumemr time ! It couldn't have came at a better season because around summer is where my skin starts to act out the most because of the heat and extreme sunshine that you can't avoid. I used this oil when i was going out to any occasion i used it for its protection against the sun and as a glistening oil to have my skin super glowy and moisturized its so perfect for me personally, it keeps my skin moisturized for hours and leaves it soft and supple I recommend this oil to everyone young and old as its an amazing safe product that protects and nourishes while its on your skin . I gave a bottle to my cousin who's going to dubai soon because there weather conditions are really extreme.
    Lipidol sunscreen review - 17 Dec 2016
    I bought myself a bottle after seeing it on the ruby box product list. I've been using it only on my sun damaged hands for the past few weeks and amazingly it has worked wonders. I can see the difference and I am pleasantly surprised. When I buy my next, bigger bottle, I will be using it on my face, legs and arms as well. It's an excellent product.
  • Tracy
    Awesomeness - 13 Dec 2016
    We have tried the new Lipidol SPF 20 and we were hooked. Keeps the skin moist and was very effective. We used it liberally - as and when the kids came out of the water and then back again. definitely gets 2 thumbs up.
  • Buhle
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 13 Dec 2016
    Well well well, for a long time I thought and believed that one could never ever apply oil and then go out in the sun. I have always thought that using oil and then going out on a hot day gives you a tan, unwanted in my case. The Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 did an absolutely amazing job! I actually tried it when I was visiting Richardsbay in Northern KZN, and the temperature was peaking at about 36-39 degrees. I just HAD to try this as the usual sunscreens left my skin with a white film. Not only does the Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 absorb pretty well, it also left my skin with an amazing satin finish. I took it further by going swimming with it, and boy was I surprised. I suffered no sunburn or redness afterwards. My arms are normally where I burn the most, so applying it liberally there ensured that my skin remained protected from the sun. I have also shared this with my family who are permanently based in Richards Bay and they are giving the most positive feedback about this product. Thank you again Rubybox and Lipidol for coming up with this amazing product!
  • Monica
    sunscreen - 13 Dec 2016
    I have a very sensitive skin to the sun and this product I don't get burned every time I go out. I can now work in my garden without stressing about getting burnt
  • Marie
    No sunburn YAY - 12 Dec 2016
    I received this product and was super keen to give it a try, the weather just never wanted to play along. So i was super excited when my kiddie had a birthday party at the super tubes last weekend. I must say i was very impress with this sunscreen oil. I never put sunscreen on my legs so i left them and as i didn't have anyone with me to help me apply i only applied to my chest area and arms. That night my back and legs where very red and where i applied this oil i did not burn at all (and i was in FULL sun from 11-1 on a very hot day). You could even see my white fingermarks on my back till where i was able to apply the oil.. So i def give this 5 stars loving it..
  • Anmari
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 12 Dec 2016
    I love that it not only protects my skin, but also leaves it hydrated. Won't leave the house without it!
  • Patricia Delene
    lipidol sunscreen oil spf20 - 12 Dec 2016
    i love this product will definitely buy it once its finished. i will also recommend to my family and friend
  • Leslynne
    Silky Smooth - 12 Dec 2016
    The oil leaves my skin smooth and it feels protected against the sun rays. I take it everywhere with me. Love the smell of it and everything about this product.

  • Odette
    Loving Lipidol - 12 Dec 2016
    So I was given a bottle to try and I must say.... I have a VERY sensitive skin and burn rather quickly.. I usually have to use a SPF 50 on my skin. I have tried this product and it feels great and moistures the skin. I would recommend this product and the price is affordable. This holiday the Lipidol will be in my handbag the whole time.
  • Bree
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 12 Dec 2016
    My skin felt soft and moisturized after being in the sun. The oil works tremendously well.
  • theo
    Lipidol Sunscreen is a must for my handbag. Handy to use where ever I am. Don't want to be caught off guard. Love the product. Protects my skin like no other.
  • Jo
    Product review - 11 Dec 2016
    Amazing product! Sunscreen normally leaves my skin dry and irritated but this one doesn't. It also smells lovely and will definitely continue to buy the product.
  • precious zinhle
    The best lipidol - 11 Dec 2016
    This oil has to be one of gentle & subtle on the skin .

    Not only do I use it on sunny days but also on chilly days too

    Keeps my skin moist the whole day
  • Louwresse
    Super for sensitive skin types - 10 Dec 2016
    I have skin that reacts badly to most products, however, this product worked so well with my skin that I bought the whole range and my skin has never looked and felt better! I bought the product the first time when I went on honeymoon and came back from honeymoon with a beautiful tan and my skin didn't suffer for it. Its now a gift staple and a product I use everyday and cannot live without!
  • Kevasha
    Lipidol sunscreen - 10 Dec 2016
    It was a wonderful product that I was absolutely thrilled to try.It was not oily and greasy on skin which I was very worried about and later relieved .it left my skin super soft and its the benefits of bioil with the advantage of being a sunscreen ,overall I would definitely try this product again.

  • Nonceba
    Lipodol sunscreen - 9 Dec 2016
    Good for my skin, doesnt shine I love the fact that it doesntmaje my skin dry. Easy to apply. Im loving.
  • Barbara
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 9 Dec 2016
    The Lipidol oil range is easy to use as well as so fragrant, yet it leaves your skin feels hydrated and soothed after application. My skin is quite sensitive and it does well with using Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 on a regular basis.
    It is a great way of keeping your skin healthy, especially in summer, when your skin gets exposed to the sun, wind and weather more frequently.
    The bottle lasts quite long since you only need a few drops to apply at a given time. I also likes the convenience of the bottle to protect and moisturize at the same time.
  • Koketso
    Great protection - 9 Dec 2016
    So I spent the day with my niece and nephews at a water park, and used the oil on all of us. After hours in the sun and water, our skin was still well hydrated and not ashy as it would normally be. It provided great sun protection and I will definitely use it again.
  • NoBuhle
    best sunscreen - 9 Dec 2016
    got a chance to test out the product and i use it everyday. it a really good product.
    keeps my skin glowing and protected
  • NoBuhle
    loving it - 9 Dec 2016
    I really love this sunscreen as it keeps my skin glowing and it good on my skin
  • Lena
    Great Protection - 9 Dec 2016
    My whole family and I love swimming and spending time outdoors, the Lipidol is amazing on the skin it keeps me and my whole family moisturised and protected from the sun!!! It's 1 in a million
  • chantal
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 9 Dec 2016
    Wow it was such a privilege to get to test such an amazing product. I will ensure to tell everyone about Lipidol. Made my skin feel absolutely amazing and the best thing is I could even use it on my sun. Thank you once again for introducing me to this amazing product.
  • Shandi
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 9 Dec 2016
    This product definitely leaves the skin soft, i used it on a day at the beach and was protected from sunburn.
    Overall value for money and a pleasant fragrance. What I didn't like was that it seemed to give my skin a greasy feeling
  • Dalean
    Lipidol Sunscreen - 9 Dec 2016
    Oh my word this is the best product i have ever had, I used on my kids when they swam, they did not burn as bad as usual.
  • Kim
    Lipdiol sunscreen - 9 Dec 2016
    Awesome product indeed. Will recommend to anyone and great value as well.
  • Lindi
    Love it! - 9 Dec 2016
    Absolutely LOVE this! Its an awesome product. Not sticky and shiny like other sunscreen and absorbs perfectly into the skin. Will deffinately purchase this in future.
    lipidol sunscreen oil - 9 Dec 2016
    Lipidol keeps my skin moisturised all day day and it is not oily at all
  • Cecilia
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 9 Dec 2016
    I love this product! It is light on your skin and absorbs fast and keeps your skin protected agains the sun as well as moisturised. I definately recommend this product.
  • Kathryn
    Lipidol - 9 Dec 2016
    A great light feeling but with even better moisture!

    Must have for days by the pool!
  • Naska
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 9 Dec 2016
    Lovely product, light and moisturizing. Good protection from the sun.
  • Isabella
    The best sunscreen - 9 Dec 2016
    I received my sunscreen sample and this was the best. We went away for the weekend, both myself and my daughter used it and it was really great and delivers as promised. It protected our faces and moisturises the skin. I didnt even use any lotion or moisturisers that whole weekend. Will buy this from now on.
  • Azi
    Yellowbonism Protected! - 8 Dec 2016
    A yellow bone like me who likes being outdoors especially on sunny days must definitely own this one! Love it.
  • Elizabeth
    The Best Sunscreen Ever! - 7 Dec 2016
    I have super dry skin so it was a relief to find a sunscreen that protects and moisturises my skin at the same time. I love the light feeling texture and the bottle is very handy for my handbag :)
  • Nadine
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 7 Dec 2016
    Finally, i have a review of this oil. It took me this long, because i found myself at the beach 3 times, and all 3 times with this amazing oil. The oil acts as a protective layer on one's skin, protecting against uva and uvb rays from the sun. Apply the sunscreen oil before you go swim, and then again after you've swam. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin and doesnt leave any residue behind. skin is left soft, nourished and protected. Retails at R79.95 from all Clicks stores and lasts for quite some time. Also remember, Lipidol has a range of oils available, including aftershave oil and overnight oil. So why not try them all.
  • Taryn
    Protect Your Skin With Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 6 Dec 2016
    For those of you that are familiar with Bio-Oil, you’d know that it’s been a tried and tested brand for many years and trusted by many as a rescue remedy for scars and stretchmarks. What you might not have known was that Bio-Oil introduced a sister brand onto the market called Lipidol in 2014 and this fast growing brand is becoming the next big thing to hit the beauty industry.

    Here’s what Lipidol has to say about their products: “The skin’s natural way of looking after itself is through the production of oils known as lipids. By using oils in daily skincare you help your skin maintain its natural way of working. The outcome is skin that stays in balance, avoids problems and radiates with good health. The difference between your current skin and your best skin could simply be oil! Lipidol is the world’s first range of oils for daily skincare. It was developed by the makers of Bio-Oil.”

    I think Lipidol makes a very valid point in which they encourage feeding your skin what it already produces as opposed to introducing new products that may or may not work with your skin. I’m still very new to this brand and I was so interested to see that they offer a variety of products for every skincare need.

    I recently got sent the sunscreen oil and I was a bit confused with this product at first… I initially thought: If you don’t want your skin to burn, why would you fry it by applying oil all over? There’s a misconception with this product as a lot of the reviews that I’ve read about this, people seem to think that it’s to be used the same way as a sunblock i.e. for when you’re hitting the beach, spending the day by the pool, taking a hike etc. This is more of an everyday oil that creates an invisible barrier that helps to protect not only against the sun, but also against the harsh effects of wind and water.

    Because the Lipidol sunscreen oil is only SPF 20, I’d anyway recommend using at least SPF 30 when spending prolonged periods of time in the sun. Since our skin is affected by UVA and UVB rays even when we’re driving in the car or sitting indoors next to a window, it’s still important to use a skin protector and that’s where products like Lipidol sunscreen oil comes in. I mean, who’s going to rub in that white sunblock every, single, day!

    You can get this at Clicks for R79.95.
  • Ferial
    Lipidol - 6 Dec 2016
    I got mine from a friend I was very skeptical at first of using it. Firstly it was a clear bottle and secondly it was an oil. But then I put it to the test at the pool side. I was so impressed it absorbed so easily into my skin I didn't have to use a lot unlike other sun lotions. Also no stickiness on my skin as I always experience. I must say this is a good product and I didn't sun burn like I normally do Thanx for the sample
  • Fatima
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil is a must have for summer! - 6 Dec 2016
    The first time I shared this product on my social media I got a few mixed reactions where many were concerned about using an oil as sun protection when usually, applying oil before going out into the sun will crisp you up and sizzle your skin. The Lipidol oil however, forms a protective barrier on the skin that not only defends against the sun, but also wind and water and provides an SPF 20 as well as UVA and UVB protection.

    I usually use it on my arms every day before going outside as they are the most exposed part of my body (especially when driving) and found that I haven't tanned up as much as I usually do, which is great as I already have a darker skin tone.

    The scent of this product is amazing and a total winner for me, It reminds me of both an apothecary and the beach. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for something inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Mbalenhle
    Amazing Product - 6 Dec 2016
    Wooah Shame this product is amazing it keeps my skin glowing and soft plus protects me from the sun , no longer get the bikini marks or 2 color shades after visiting the beach , i am in love shame its a definite must have i recommend this to everyone i know, and i will buy it
  • Maurine Tsitsi
    Awesomeness - 5 Dec 2016
    It's definitely a feel good oil.
  • Ray
    Great product! - 5 Dec 2016
    As someone who is dark of complextion, sunscreen often leaves streaky lines all over my skin and does not absorb properly. This suntan oil has revolutionized suncare for myself and the friends I shared with as it gives us confidence and protection from the harsh sun - huge fan! Will be repurchasing every summer
  • Jesica
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 5 Dec 2016
    I received my sample of Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 from Rubybox and I was absolutely intrigued by the product. It impressed me in every way imaginable. I tested it on various days (Hot, warm and just a sunny day), after a couple of hours outside, my skin was still soft and smooth with a beautiful light tan and 0% sunburn. It absorbs easily upon application and left my skin with a subtle sheen instead of a greasy residue. Will definitely re-purchase!!! Thank you rubybox for my treat.... xxx
  • Agnetia
    Giving my skin love with Lipidol - 4 Dec 2016
    Love love love this product! Don't want to use another sunscreen ever again!
  • Naa'ilah
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 3 Dec 2016
    Applied Lipidol to my skin before heading to the beach, even after spending all day in the sun my skin felt protected as it was moisturised. Even after having a shower my skin was still moisturised without re-applying Lipidol. Awesome stuff
  • Marie
    Cant wait for tomorrow - 2 Dec 2016
    I have not been able to use my rubybox Lipidol sunscreen oil yet, cause the weather been so crap, but tomorrow will be a lovely day 33 degrees and going to a kids party at supertubes so im definitely taking my oil with yay super excited.. Will tell you guys what i think after i gave it a try.
  • Ariesha
    Lipidol suntan SPF 20 - 2 Dec 2016
    I would recommend lipidol suntan oil SPF 20 if you want to achieve a sun-kissed summer tan with the added protection. I was impressed to find an oil that does not burn but provides moisture and protection. The smell is also amazing and is similar to sweet basil. The bottle is small and can be carried in any beach bag. Since its oil it really doesn't wash out easily, so you can still enjoy hitting the waves. The only issue for me is maybe if the product came in a spray bottle instead.
  • Ashnee
    AMAZING SUNSCREEN - 2 Dec 2016
    I am impressed with this sunscreen. It is not greasy at all and absorbs well into my skin. My skin stays soft, protected and moisturized the entire day. Loving this sunscreen and will definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you for the sample.
  • Chandre
    LIPIDOL above ALL - 1 Dec 2016
    L: lubricates skin
    I: infallible
    P: protects from the sun
    I: ideal for those sunny days
    D: durable
    O: one hundred % effective
    L: love, love, love it!

    Go buy it rubies and have a fab summer xxx
  • Amy
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 1 Dec 2016
    Never did i think that i would ever use an oil based sunscreen but this has changed everything. Not only does it give me protection from the sun but i have this lovely under glow underneath my moisturiser. I will definitely be trying other products in this range as well.
  • saskia
    Amazing! - 1 Dec 2016
    Received the sunscreen to test and review and I am so impressed. It does not have the typical sunscreen scent- which has always been a problem for me. It leaves minimal residue and is quick absorbing. I wear it daily with my moisturiser. I highly recommend this product.
  • Zama
    A MUST HAVE!! - 1 Dec 2016
    I am genuinely loving this product.. it is not greasy at all and it leave my skin soo smooth and moisturized.. i am diffidently keeping this under my must have items!!
  • Jacky
    Soft and smooth - 1 Dec 2016
    I received this product as a trial and i have used it every day since. it leaves me feeling smooth and moisturised all day. it does soak in so there is not a lot of residue after application. will definitely consider buying this product once I finish this bottle.
  • Thandazile Zama
    Best Sunscreen - 30 Nov 2016
    I had it with me when I went to the beach last week. I was really impressed with how effective it is on my skin. Used it with my moisturiser best result I must say. I LOVE LOVE it.
  • Qhama
    Love Lipidol - 30 Nov 2016
    Since it was an oil I was very weary on how it can be a sunscreen however I found this product to be AMAZING! Unlike most sunscreen lotions it doesn't leave you sticky or purple if you apply too much and even though it is an oil, it doesn't leave you oily. The two friends I gave it to love it as well and gave it a 4/5
  • cheslyn
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 30 Nov 2016
    What an amazing product. I wear it under my moisturizer too. glides on skin, making it easy to apply and very light and not very greasy. amazing product.
  • Gee
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 30 Nov 2016
    This is a great product, I have used it everyday for the past week or so and it is amazing. When exposed to the sun I don't burn as easily as I would and my skin stays smooth, supple and moisturized for the entire day. Definitely worth the money. Well done Lipidol <3
  • thando
    lipidol sunscreen oil - 30 Nov 2016
    amazing!!!! i love this product :)... it works magic on my dry skin, it does not only protect me from sunburn but it leaves it feeling silky soft and smooth. it will be definitely one of my cant leave home without items this summer. its always in my bag.
    I have used oil in the past as a way to attract the sun and tan.
    Baby oil I mean.. so I really thought this would be heavy and messy. I also thought I would look like shiny red globe but I was pleasantly surprised. The oil is light and the fragrance is gentle and reminds me of summer and all good things. The skin absorbs the oil quickly and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. I will substitute my daycream with Lipidol in the future and will keep in my handbag at all times.
  • sunshine
    Skin Protection - 29 Nov 2016
    It comes with the convience of not having to rub in continuosly. its easily absorbed into your skin .
    worth a try
  • Juanita
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - all the glow, minus the oily effects - 29 Nov 2016
    Lipidol Has been on everyone’s lips (and on everyone’s InstaFeed) for the longest possible time, so trying it was an excitement in itself. Although I do know that sunscreen is of the utmost importance in summer, the sticky residue that gets left behind or the need to put on excessive amounts puts anyone off from using it, unless its either too late or need be. Lipidol on the other hand is convenient for travel, just pop it into your bag and you’re sorted for summer. No excuses.

    Even though it is oil based, I don’t have to worry about walking out the house looking oily or too shiny. The sunscreen absorbs well into my skin and I haven’t burnt from being out and about just yet. For someone who suffers from sensitive skin, and more importantly, eczema, I was surprised that it worked so well for my skin.
    Definitely an essential in my bag going forward, and something I would recommend to everyone.
  • Smudged
    My summer staple - 29 Nov 2016
    This baby is definitely going to be a staple of mine this summer - especially with the high SPF 20 :)
  • Wiedaad
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 29 Nov 2016
    I've been using the Lipidol Sunscreen for almost 2 weeks and can definitely see and feel improvements in my skin texture. My exposure to the sun is quite limited during the week but even so, my skin needs protection. The sunscreen applies easily and the fragrance is lovely & fresh. My skin feels smoother and there are no flakiness which I used to have on certain areas. Lipidol comes out tops :-)
  • Michelle
    Lipidol is AMAZING! - 28 Nov 2016
    I thought how can an oil based sunscreen protect my skin from the sun, I have extremely light skin tones and burn within a few minutes, to the point where I dislike going outside. Tried it this weekend in almost 40°C heat on the farm and was amazed, NO SUNBURN!!! Just because I love the way it makes my skin feel, I even use it after a shower to replenish the moisture as it gives my skin a natural healthy glow. I can definitely feel the difference!! LOVE this product!! Watch my video to see just how amazing it is.
  • Aaliyah
    LOVE LOVE LOVE! - 28 Nov 2016
    I absolutely love the Lipidol Sunscreen oil. It is perfect for my dried out, sensitive skin and especially since im exposed to the sun almost every day. I can definitely feel the difference in the hydration of my skin and it feels extremely soft and smooth. There are so much more benefits to it than protecting you from the sun.I love it and will definitely recommend:):)
  • Semukelisiwe
    Lipidol Sun Oil - 28 Nov 2016
    I truly loved this oil. The fragrance is out of this world. Its non greasy and very refreshing on the skin. I will have such a lovely Sunny Summer.
  • Michele
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 28 Nov 2016
    Absolutely love this sunscreen. I thought it would be greasy being an oil, but it really wasn't. Left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, even after being in the sun. Great value for money - really well priced. The bottle and packaging are awesome - love the look. Will definitely be buying this in the future.
  • Chantel
    Keeps me protected and hydrated - 28 Nov 2016
    My skin feels amazing after using this with the added benefit that I'm getting Sun protection too. Fabulous product, thank you!
  • Adele
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 28 Nov 2016
    Love love love this product! Protects your skin from sun damage and leaves it feeling silky smooth!
  • Kentse
    Protects and Prevents - 28 Nov 2016
    I had an opportunity to test the Lipidol Sunscreen oil SPF20 and I am in love with it.
    It protects me from the sun and moisturizes leaving my skin soft and prevents it from dryness.
  • Anouschka
    Protects & Moisturizes - 28 Nov 2016
    I was happy to note that it absorbs quickly but it does still feel a bit oily if you apply too much. So apply sparingly if you’re going to the beach for example. However, saying that, my son was rolling in the sand and I managed to wipe off most of the sand before he got into the car, so it’s probably similar to creamy sunscreens.

    My skin felt really moisturized at the end of the day, and no sunburn in sight. My son has quite sensitive skin, and there was no reaction to the oil at all.

    I’m really enjoying using the Lipidol Sunscreen on my body, but do still use my higher SPF on my face, as I’m really trying to avoid getting more pigmentation on my face.

    It contains natural plant extracts and is scented with Cypress and Basil essential oils, which smells wonderfully fresh, but doesn’t stay on the skin very long after application.
  • Leah
    Obsessed with it! So silky smooth! - 28 Nov 2016
    I received my Lipidol SPF 20 last week and I am in love with it. It leaves my skin feeling non-oily, silky smooth while still allowing me to get my tan on! It assists in preventing my skin turning red and smells lovely. It is definitely my new favourite sunscreen oil! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It is a summer MUST HAVE whether you are heading to the beach or just catching some sun at your home pool!
  • Bianca
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 28 Nov 2016
    Hi Rubies this was one of the products I've been wanting to try and test for awhile now and I've been fortunate enough to get a package from rubybox . The sunscreen oil is non greasy and slides on like a dream unlike other sunscreens that leave you sticky and uncomfortable after application. I've used it for the past 2 days that I've been out in the sun and it's amazing on my skin leaves my skin glowy and looking hydrated im pretty sure that this oil will give my body an instant glow and protection it needs this summer when i go away with my girlfriends . I've been skeptical about wearing a bikini because I didn't want to have an after effect of major sunburn but im so pleased with the oil that im going to wear my sexy bikini and not have to worry about getting burned... summer loving and summer fun . Xoxo
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - Summer Days in A Bottle - 28 Nov 2016
    I simple love all the Lipidol products and their sunscreen is just as amazing as the rest of the range.
    I know when you hear the oil you assume greasy but the Lipidol oils are nothing like that, the sunscreen oil is smooth and light on my skin and fast absorbing bonus for those beach days you want.
    Lipidol sunscreen is so budget friendly and retail for only R79.99 can you say bargain!!!!
  • toufiq
    lipdol sunscreen - 28 Nov 2016
    Firstly thank you for my free sample

    I used the product has a lovely feeling when applying the gel, problem is to me personally it don't last that long, its as if it evaporates easily in the sun.

    This product is suitable for people with medium sunburn effect as I burn quite easily.

    Compared to working like other sunscreens, better feeling but not better results.

  • Carrie-ann
    What a great product - 27 Nov 2016
    Love the product.and how it makes my skin feel. Soft and silky without an oily residue! Will definitely be changing brands now!
  • Herzelle
    Lipidol sunscreen oil <3 - 27 Nov 2016
    Lipidol sunscreen oil is fast absorbing so it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. A little goes a long way and it creates a perfect long lasting protective barrier against the sun. Compared to other sunscreen products, it is not that expensive. Love Lipidol products!!
  • Lorna
    Lipidol - 27 Nov 2016
    Finally received my Lipidol tester! I firmly believe in coconut oil for your hair and skin my only problem was my face always being shiny and oily (I still struggle to judge the amount of coconut oil per body part and tend to get excited with handfuls of oil lol) I have tried the lipidol after my daily skincare routine and it gets willing absorbed by my skin, no oily residue and adds so much moisture to my skin throughout the day! Definitely a great daily moisturiser!

    Can't wait to see what happens after prolonged use
  • Joy
    A great lotion/oil - 26 Nov 2016
    The Sunscreen is an oil based SPF 20 sunscreen that one can use everyday or just when you are in the sun. I have used the oil on both occasions and am really happy with the results. For everyday wear it’s a lovely way to protect your skin and keep it moisturized, without feeling overly oily. For tanning it’s just as good, I went a darker shade but never burnt. My skin was left soft with a subtle sheen without that oily feeling other lotions leave your skin. It truly protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Luisa
    Suntan Oil - fully absorbed! - 26 Nov 2016
    It seems rather counter-intuitive to me to use a suntan oil rather than a cream to protect my skin. Remember when you were young(er) and the cool thing to do was to apply Johnson’s baby oil to your skin to get that amazing tan? And then the ozone hole became a problem and we all went from SPF 10 to SPF 50!

    Any cosmetics house will tell you that the 3 basic steps of protecting your skin are:
    Drink plenty of water
    Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
    Stay out of the sun

    So, no matter what your preference in suntan care, staying out of the sun is still the best method. However, the new Lipidol Suntan Oil with 20 SPF is worth a try. It creates creates an invisible barrier that helps to protect not only against the sun, but also against the harsh effects of wind and water. As it only has an SPF of 20 you would need to apply it before going outdoors and then reapply after swimming.

    I love the way it smells, with Cypress and Basil essential oils – it’s really clean and calming! And I love the fact that it doesn’t leave my skin looking “white” and “pasty” from cream!

    Available at Clicks at R79.99.
  • Racquel
    Sunblock oil? Huh - 25 Nov 2016
    When I first heard of the product my initial response was "sunblock oil? What the fudge" but upon receiving the product i had my mind blown! I put it on, went out in the sun and it did what it was supposed to do. The oil absorbed in so well and I didn't have greasy feeling skin. This product gets a big YES from me! P.s if you are allergic to benzophenone-3 which is found in most sunblocks you will be happy to know that Lipidol does not contain that ingredient so you can safely use it. If my skin had a mouth it would be thanking me right now for making a smart choice!
  • Johanna
    Protection and Moisture - 25 Nov 2016
    I love the Lipidol Sunscreen, my friend shared a pack with me .
    I use it with my everyday body lotion.
    It helps to protect and Moisture the skim
    I love it
  • Sesh
    Suncare - 24 Nov 2016
    I love this product. Can't believe that it does not leave any marks on my skin and still lasts after a swim Fabulous.
  • Seshinee
    Unbelievable - 24 Nov 2016
    I cannot believe how well this oil works, even after a swim, my skin was still protected. Amazing. Cannot wait to check the rest of this range out.
  • Aneesa
    It's almost Summertime and more outdoor and water activities are expected.  So when rubybox sent me a supply of Lipidol Sunscreen Oil, I was ecstatic. My supply of sunscreen needed replenishing and this couldn't have come at a better time.

    Lipidol is an oil, not a cream or spray. Yes, I was sceptical as well because generally oils are greasy but Lipidol absorbs very quickly into the skin...No mess. I find it a better option,  considering the humidity in Durban and all the perspiring we do, normal sunscreen tends to run off your face and body leaving you exposed throughout the day.

    Lipidol is sunscreen or suntan, it really depends on what you need. It has a UVB and UVA (SPF 20) so not a very high SPF factor, if that's what you are looking for. However, it does protect and supplement the skin's natural oily layer which is stripped away by sun, wind and water. Please always remember that sunscreen needs to be used throughout the year.

    Apply the suncreen before going into the sun and reapply after swimming. It smells of and contains aloe which is quite soothing for the skin.

    I'm excited about my new sunscreen and am certain summer will be a breeze ;)

    Till we meet again xxx

    Love A
  • Samantha
    Lipodol Sunscreen Oil - 24 Nov 2016
    I received my sample from Ruby box and was a bit sceptical after reading on the bottle that it is a suntan oil as i dont want to tan any further... lolz.. im brown enough but I anyway decided to give it a try. I have extremely dry skin due to being hypothyroid so I applied it to my legs and feet. I immediately felt the intense moisturizing on my legs, it felt so creamy when applied that I almost expected it to leave a heavy sticky residue but to my amazement, it just absorbed straight into my skin leaving behind no oily trace whatsoever. In fact I must say that it's actually less oily than my regular bio oil. I wore sandals and my feet which normally burn very easily were surprisingly without any print of my strappy sandals after a day out in the sun. Definitely a keeper..
  • Michelle
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 24 Nov 2016
    I've only been using for just under a week now and I'm in love with it already. The formula is great. Simply glides onto the skin with the littlest amount. It's not greasy so you don't have to worry about your skin looking oily. I've used make up over it and I feel like my makeup goes on better. A great product that I would not mind purchasing! Thoroughly impressed.
  • Fridah
    Lipidol - 24 Nov 2016
    Amazing product to use, it left my body moist the whole day and I like the smell aswell.
  • Lemay
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF 20 - 24 Nov 2016
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF 20 makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and the mix of Cypress and Basil smells heavenly. I find that other sunscreen products leave me feeling sticky and uncomfortable but Lipidol Sunscreen Oil is the complete opposite I feel moisturised and revitalized. The oil is super easy to apply and comes in a conveniently sized 125ml bottle perfect to throw in a small beach bag. Mine will definitely be coming everywhere with me this December holiday.
  • Nelisa
    Rejuvenating Oil - 24 Nov 2016
    It's been a week since I've received the package and I've used it alone. The difference I can feel is huge. Even though it takes time for my face to fully absorb the oil, when it does my faces feels damn soft and I don't get home looking burnt. Honestly I have doubt this because it was an oil and not a cream, but damn I am stocking this.
  • Precious
    a great addition to your skin daily routine because sunscreen is for everyday! - 24 Nov 2016
    I'm all about finding good products and I have found the best sunscreen ever thanks to Rubybox!

    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil with an SPF20
    prevents skin dehydration and doesn’t leave a white film on the skin, making it a great daily moisturiser. I had my concerns as it is oil-based but the oil absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, glowing and soft.
  • Twanne
    Lipidol luxury - 23 Nov 2016
    Got my product and was really keen to try it. Soft on the skin, silky smooth feeling. Light weight,not heavy on my skin at all. Will definitely be enjoying my summer holidays with Lipidol sunscreen oil :)
  • Maleeqa
    Lipidol - 23 Nov 2016
    Can I just take a moment to say how amazing this product is, the smell is also gentle on the nose and it's not sticky like normal sun block..will def be purchasing more
  • theo
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 23 Nov 2016
    Just received my bottle of Lipidol Sunscreen Oil. Love the product and will definitely being using it all summer. Leaves my skin soft and younger looking. Will definitely be buying more.
  • Nicole
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 23 Nov 2016
    I am amazed by this product and how it works with both myself and my boys!

    Instead of leaving my skin looking oily and greasy, it leaves it feeling soft and moisturized!! Most pleasing to say that neither of us looked like ghosts stepping out into the sun (which does not compliment our skin color) My friends too were impressed and said they would surely buy this product in future! Not too shabby!!
  • Margaret
    Lipidol Suncreen Oil - 23 Nov 2016
    I have used this wonderful sunscreen oil. The oil sooth, moisturise and protec my skin the entire day. This amazing oil is good quality, affordable and value for money. I strongly recommend this product. Simply the best.
  • Abbygail
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil - 23 Nov 2016
    I am absolutely blown away by this product. When I received three bottles for myself and two friends to try out I never thought just how amazing this product is. I immediately rubbed some on my arms and feet which usually burns super fast when I'm out in the sun and all I was left with, was a light tan. I've also rubbed it on my face before applying my foundation and after three days I couldn't believe my eyes. My dark spots left by hormonal acne was visibly lighter and starting to fade. I've struggled for years to get rid of dark spots and uneven skin tone and after just a few applications Lipidol Sunscreen Oil has transformed my skin. I am hooked!
  • Kyle
    Best Sunscreen Yet - 23 Nov 2016
    Not Oily, easy application, smells good and you can feel the protection.
    Lipidol sunscreen oil - 23 Nov 2016
    I have used it so far and its really great on my skin - i walk alot and so its quite useful and protecting me from suns harmful rays.
  • Melanie
    Great 2 in on Product - 23 Nov 2016
    My skin care routine always includes sunscreen, unfortunately I have to use a low factor as I absolutely dislike the way it feels on my skin, thick, greasy and not very hydrating. But since trying Lipidol Sunscreen, I've found that not only does this protect my skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays it moisturizes and feels non greasy as well as absorbing so well into my skin. I will continue using this product and I highly recommend it be added to any person's skin care routine, I absolutely love it.
  • Kim
    Lipdiol Sun Screen - 23 Nov 2016
    I think its fantastic and great value for money so would highly recommend it to anyone!
  • theo
    Lipidol is a must- have item in every handbag. Lipidol will be by my side all summer and winter. Love the feel and know that it is protecting my skin continuously. I will be back for more.
  • Chelsea
    Lipidol - 23 Nov 2016
    The packaging was a bit over board but the product is amazing!! The product doesn't make me feel greasy which is amazing. Thanks for the sample :)
  • mpho
    Perfect sunscreen - 23 Nov 2016
    smooth keeps the skin soft and nice it does the work of a sunscreen i give it a 100%
  • Liska
    Soft skin - 23 Nov 2016
    I like how the oil made my skin feel, real soft. I also didn't burn so no pealing worries. One thing that I would like is of they indicate on the bottle if it's okay to use on your face or not. I didn't apply any on my face because it's oil, which usually clogs pores. Would be nice if it's fine for facial use.
  • Joshlene
    Amazing - 23 Nov 2016
    This is such an amazing product , I wouldn't use anything else. Its texture is soft and I just love it.
  • Ryan
    Best sunscreen oil I have used in a long time - 23 Nov 2016
    Absolutely number one in many ways. Perfect for those hot summer days or walks on the beach. Packaging blows me away as it shows quality and value. Does not have any allergic reactions to my skin either.
  • kim
    Lipidol Sunscreen Oil SPF20 - 23 Nov 2016
    this product is amazing i used it esp for the kids and it really does what it says
  • Carmen
    Loved the Lipidol SunscreenOil!