NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15.
Even Tone Skin Without Irritation

R109.99 for 50 ml - Available from Clicks, Dis-chem and other retail outlets and pharmacies.

The non-irritating formula with Grape Seed Oil is specifically developed for Sensitive Skin:

- Gently reduces the appearance of dark marks and helps reduce skin irritations

- SPF 15 helps protect your skin against dark marks and premature ageing

- Instantly helps to soothe irritated skin and provides intensive moisture to the skin

- Free of colourants and perfume

Results on the skin:

- The appearance of dark marks is reduced

- Instantly soothes irritated skin

- Helps reduce redness, tightness and dryness

- Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy


  • Mbalenhle
    Perfect for dry and sensitive skin - 20 Dec 2018
    Started using this product 4 months ago after changing provinces my skin was breaking and not adapting. This product helped me a lot. I’m no longer using makeup all the time as before.
  • Robyn
    Oh so heavenly - 12 Dec 2018
    Makes my skin feel renewed!
    Thank you NIVEA for creating a product that is suited for all skin types!!!I
    I started using it 2 months ago and see major results.
  • Yonela
    Magic - 6 Dec 2018
    I've started using this product 3 months back and my skin is in love with it
    NIVEA NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15. - 28 Nov 2018
    Thanks to Nivea with the perfect & radiant sensitive day cream, I have a very dry and sensitive but since I started using the cream my face is not itchy anymore, its soft, smooth and I'm even glowing.
  • nastassja
    Works like a bomb - 21 Nov 2018
    I absolutely love this product especially in summer time. When the sun is bright
  • bongeka
    sensitive skin - 20 Nov 2018
    i have a very sensitive skin, i tried nivea perfect & radiant sensitive and so far i am happy with it
  • Liziwe
    NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15. - 8 Nov 2018
    What an amazing product. It leaves my skin moisturised, soft and smooth. It is good for my skin and I am loving it.
  • Nicole
    Amazing product - 8 Nov 2018
    Soft and smooth on my skin. Not heavy and works well with my foundation. No irritant and skin feels fresh
  • mojalefa
    magic on skin - 2 Nov 2018
    This product is really amazing on this skin. It is non greasy and absorbed and leaves my skin feeling fresh all day. Having sensitive skin, I truly struggle to find a product that will not be harsh on my skin, I have tried a lot of products and they would leave my skin feeling dry and I would develop black heads.
  • Landiwe
    Absolutely love it! - 1 Nov 2018
    I am so impressed with the formula and texture of the cream. It's so smooth, feels absolutely great on the skin. It moisturises the skin so well and glides on the skin. It improved the dark marks around my mouth area which I am extremely impressed with! I would definitely recommend this product, I'm very happy with it.
  • Masintle
    Nivea perfect radiant - 1 Nov 2018
    I must say that this product works wonders. It protects your skin during the day against harmful sun burns keeps your skin moisturised and even toned really something amazing
  • Lihle
    What a journey - 30 Oct 2018
    Wow - wow. My skin tone changes over seasons. I have a very sensitive skin with high pigmentation (during that time of the month). The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant came through, I have never experienced such magic. My skin's flawless. I am thankful to NIVEA and Ruby Box
  • Comfort
    NIVEA NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15. - 30 Oct 2018
    Mind- Blown. As a person who has never followed a skin care routine I must admit that this product has me obsessing with my bare face. Using make up from time to time, especially during summer makes one forget to moisturize their skin but with the amazing results I got from The Nivea Perfect and Radiant Day Cream, I make sure I never leave the house without it.
  • Masintle
    Good for skin care - 30 Oct 2018
    It is good for all types of skin gave me a perfect radiant look like, soft skin removed all blackheads and excess oil not something you should live without
  • Xola
    Nivea Prefect and Radiant Sensitive - 29 Oct 2018
    This product isi amazing. It has managed to even out my skin and remove the faint dark circles under my eyes without being harsh on my skin.

    It is gentle on the skin but still gets the job done, and it’s has spf 15!

    I love it
  • Gabby
    Nivea Suprise - 29 Oct 2018
    This face cream was really a pleasant surprise. I am so glad I got to try it out.

    Face creams with sunscreen are such a joy.

    It was non greasy and absorbed really well into my skin. It worked really well with my make up too.

    And no breakouts this is major because I have such bad skin.
  • Neo
    Great new Day Cream from NIVEA - 28 Oct 2018
    I have been using the new NIVEA Perfect and Radiant Sensitive Day Cream for just over two weeks and I love it!
    1. It doesn't leave a purple/gray cast on my skin as most sun screen products do.
    2. A little goes a long way so you get really good value for money.
    3. Once applied, it leaves your skin feeling moisturized, soft, and smooth.
    4. I have dark marks on my forehead and I've seen a drastic reduction in the appearance of those marks after using this product. I can tell with continuous and consistent application, my dark marks will eventually fade away.

    In a nutshell, I really liked using this product and I'll be repurchasing it.
  • Sithabile
    Nivea Perfect And Radiant Sensitive Day Cream - 28 Oct 2018
    I thoroughly enjoyed using this product. My two main skin concerns are 1)dryness and texture around my nose and 2) dark marks left by zits that occur during my cycle.
    The cream is very moisturizing and nourishing so the dryness around my nose was soothed. It also gave my skin a dewy glowy finish.
    After using it for two weeks the blemishes from the zits have faded significantly. It appears that with continuous use they’ll disappear.
    I also really liked the white and lilac colour scheme on the packaging.
  • Thato
    Nivea Perfect & Radiant sensitive - 26 Oct 2018
    The day cream is amazing, I will say that I was blown away how good it is. I will be making it a regular in my skincare routine.

    However, the price did seem a bit steep especially for the quantity of the cream but a little bit of does really go a long.
  • Nthabiseng
    Value for money - 26 Oct 2018
    I absolutely love the product. Not only did it leave my skin soft, supple and smooth, it also kept it moisturised. I can honestly say it’s evened out my skin tone a bit and I haven’t seen any dark marks form since I’ve started using the product. It would however be great if the bottle could come in a sixe that’s a bit bigger than the current size. Otherwise, I am thoroughly impressed.
  • Elizabeth
    Great for sensitive skin! - 26 Oct 2018
    This is is an unscented cream which reminds me a lot of aqueous cream. It has a light feel on the skin and so far I can't complain about the general outlook of my skin. I love and trust Nivea products so this was an easy sell for me :)
  • Sithabile
    I've used this product for a week and if you have acne prone skin like myself, STAY AWAY from this product as it clogs pores resulting into breakouts. Either than that it did leave my skin feeling smooth.
  • Thandiwe
    NIVEA PERFECT & RADIANT - 19 Oct 2018
  • Keamogetswe
    Perfectly Radiating - 16 Oct 2018
    I started using this product over a week ago and the dark marks are getting better, my skin is smooth and I don't have to worry about allergies, the SPF works well because I get a lot of sun burn, thank you Nivea for yet another amazing product!!!!!!


Where they've come from
For over 100 years, NIVEA has been producing top quality skincare and body products. It all started in 1911 with the little tin of NIVEA Creme. Used as a body balm, shaving cream, aftershave and face cream, this multi-purpose product is a household staple all over the world, and one of the most successful skincare products ever. Today, NIVEA is known for its large array of trusty skincare, body care and sun care products.

Where they're going
From humble beginnings to world domination, NIVEA products are currently sold on all continents and can be found across the world. A favourite brand among beauty editors and consumers alike, NIVEA continues to create bigger and better formulations and products, and to deliver only the best. From the tiny tub of multi-purpose creme, NIVEA has grown to produce a large selection of skincare, body care and sun care products, and are today well-known for the Q10 range.