Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser
Size 50ml

Forget moisturisation, start thinking hydration. NEW from Neutrogena®, Hydro Boost® is your complete hydration regime. For skin so hydrated and supple, it bounces back. New Hydro Boost® Water Gel, a refreshing water-gel moisturiser that contains a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix to instantly lock in intense hydration and continuously release it as and when your skin needs it throughout the day.

- Instantly absorbing & intensely hydrating

- Refreshingly lightweight

- Oil-free

- Suitable for Sensitive Skin


Apply everyday on cleansed face and neck with circular movements. Try the Hydro Boost Gel Cream to help lock in hydration.


  • Raeesa
    Good for Oily/Combination skin - 17 Feb 2019
    When you have oil/combination skin finding a hydrating & moisturizing product that isn't going to completely dry you out or make you oiler can be taxing. However I found that this product works great at hydrating combination skin & giving it a healthy glow without looking oily. Highly recommend it for oily/combo skin types.
  • Simphiwe
    Not for me - 22 Jan 2019
    After reviews I was totally interested in trying out this product but it just didn't do anything for my skin. I still felt dry although I could see the glow on my skin. I would not buy again.
  • Sphosethu
    Great light moisturizer - 21 Jan 2019
    I used this because it came highly recommended by a favourite YouTuber of mine and I must say I wasn't disappointed it's light but effective, the formula was refreshing, and it's super affordable. Love it.
  • Yusrah
    Neutrogena I love ittt - 11 Dec 2018
    It brings natural glow and is just AMAZING would definitely recommend it!!!
  • Mari-Suné
    This Is All You Need - 8 Dec 2018
    Seriously. This is the equivalent of splashing your face with water the whole day without the wetness. It hydrates the whole day and your skin feels so soft, you can even use it underneath your makeup!
  • Mbali
    Gives you the boost you need - 12 Nov 2018
    This product leaves ones skim feeling rejuvenated and silky smooth. I love it
  • Lona
    Perfect for oily skin - 7 Nov 2018
    After learning that oily skin is actually dry and excretes sebum as compensation, I learnt that my skin needed hydration. So I welcomed the Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer after years of literally washing my face without moisturizing it because I feared oily patches on my face during the day. I love it. My skin loves it and I feel genuinely comfortable with my face now. It helped with my hydration and oil control.
  • Aaliyah
    Quenched - 1 Nov 2018
    During my pregnancy I suffered alot with dehydration and was looking for a quick fix and a product I could find at my local Dischem. I go told wonderful reviews about the hydration gel so I tried it and I couldnt be happier. Post pregnancy and still loving it! My skin was left supple , hydrated and super quenched with moisture after a week.
  • Ruvanyia
    Absolutely Amazed - 21 Oct 2018
    My skin type is combination and I usually get a bit dry on my cheeks. After using this product for a few weeks, the change was visible and this product left my skin feeling hydrated, softer and radiant.
  • Louise
    Great product! - 5 Oct 2018
    This product is extremely light on the skin and thoroughly enjoy using this!
  • Asanda
    I'm sold - 4 Sep 2018
    I love this range from Neutrogena. I use the hydro boost water gel face cleanser along side with the moisturiser. They work very well for my skin when I use them together. My face stays moisturised all day. I only apply a small amount on my finger tips and it covers my entire face. And for the prise, it's affordable and I'm loving so far. I've been using this for about a month now.
  • Amy
    Neutrogena hydro boost - 27 Aug 2018
    The hydro boost range is best neutrogena range ive used, i have very sensitive skin which makes me very picky about what i use on my face, when i saw this range , i was to it by the packaging alone ,it looks refreshing and lite ,and thats exactly what it is ,keeps my face moisturized the entire day and i also love the exfoliating cleanser & hydro boost city shield hydrating spf 25 lotion it works well as a make up primer too which is an added bonus
  • Soné
    Not totally sold...yet - 27 Aug 2018
    I have combination skin that is dry after cleansing but when I put on any moisturizer it gets very oily throughout the day...

    I found this product on a google search out of desperation. It smells great, and has a very light feel, leaving my skin feeling krisp, soft and natural.

    I have seen that my skin is still becoming oily, but after a longer period than when I use other products. So far I would recomend it, just not totally sure if I would continue using it
  • Kaela
    Replenish your life - 21 Aug 2018
    By far the best product for conquering dry skin. I have combination skin but it leans more towards the dry in the Winter, and the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturiser helped me diminish the appearance of flaky and peeling skin within less than a week.
  • Yoliswa
    Life Saver - 16 Aug 2018
    The minute my skin and the Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser it was love at first touch. My skin quench it up immediately. Glow glow glow
  • Mandisa
    Magic in a bottle - 15 Aug 2018
    Ive used it once and it kept my skin super hydrated. Loved it
  • Sancia
    It didn't work for me - 14 Aug 2018
    I have combination to dry skin and thought this moisturiser would hydrate my skin but it left me feeling more dry than usual
  • Lauren
    Ideal for dry skin - 11 Aug 2018
    This gel is fast absorbing and leaves my skin absolutely soft
  • Nikita
    The must have moisturiser - 11 Aug 2018
    Ladies, they say seek and you shall find... Let me tell you, After this product there is going back to those regular, non performing ones. This water gel moisturiser has been a complete miracle worker. It is light weight yet hydrating. It absorbs quickly into the skin and acts like a primer which makes my makeup last longer throughout my day. My skin is not shiny within an hour of application. I actually come home after a full day's works and my T zone is still Matte. This has never ever happened to me before... Like Ever! I have tried many products before this one and they have ranged from low end to high end in price. For those with oil skin this is for you. Oh lastly, my white heads under my eyes are either considerably smaller in size or gone because of my skin being more hydrated. NB* I have used this product for one month now
  • Cyrillyn
    Neutrogena Hydro Boos Water Gel Moisturiser - 6 Aug 2018
    This product is perfect for my dry skin. Leaves it feeling soft and hydrated, that H2O definitely is your skin's best friend!
  • Arleen
    Love it! - 27 Jul 2018
    I just love this gel based moisturiser. It is lightweight, yet so hydrating. Leaves my skin super soft and smooth. A firm favourite in my beauty drawer.
  • kelebogile
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel - 27 Jun 2018
    Great, great product, it moisturizes the face soft and smooth, it does not dry out the skin, lovely product to use before and after gym to restore the moisture on the face.
  • Ibteshaam
    The best Gel Cream!! - 31 May 2018
    Ever since i received this samples for my friends and I, i never turned back!.. I only use this for my face, as difficult as my skin is, my skin loves this product..leaving it feeling fresh!
  • Anastasia
    Oily skins hero! - 29 May 2018
    This product leaves your skin feeling and looking super moisturized without the oily shine that many face creams have, it does not clog your pores or cause any acne breakout. A MUST HAVE FOR SUMMER, you might want to use something a bit more hydrating for winter if your skins needs change with the season, -A
  • Gerda
    Neutrogena hydra boost gel - 28 May 2018
    This product is replenishing my dry skin with moisture and makes my skin look radiant and healthy again. It is soothing for my sensitive skin and will definitely buy it again.
  • Siveshnee
    Winter must have - 22 May 2018
    This is super light weight and absorbs into the skin really fast. It leaves your face feeling replenished and is ideal for anyone with dry and sensitive skin.
  • Aneesah
    PERFECT FOR WINTER! - 17 May 2018
    This product is perfect for winter days when your skin tends to get dry and flakey. This makes a perfect moisturizer before applying a primer or B.B. cream!
  • Clotilga
    HYDRO-BEST - 7 May 2018
    This gel is absolutely comforting! As soon as you apply it, your face gets a sense of refreshment and cooling. I absolutely love this hydroboost water gel by nivea and I highly recommend it!
  • Shariska
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 28 Apr 2018
    This moisturizer is a gel based moisturizer, my skin soaks up this moisturizer immediately and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not sticky at all. I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t have that burning sensation after application like other moisturizers. It works well under foundation. This moisturizer is fairly priced and I would recommend it to people with dry skin.
  • Jessica
    This is amazing - 27 Apr 2018
    This product is incredible if you have flaky dry skin, the only thing is it keeps your skin so moisturized that I found I have to not use it everyday which is also great!
  • Melia
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser - 25 Apr 2018
    My skin is super dry, and for the longest time I've been struggling to find the right moisturiser that hydrates my skin. I have found that the Hydro boost water gel moisturiser is the best moisturiser for someone with dry skin. Because it is light weight, it absorbs very easily into the skin. I would really recommend neutrogena hydro boost water gel moisturiser for anyone who has dry skin.
  • Chaela-Ann
    Perfect for dry skin - 17 Apr 2018
    I use this every day, morning and night after washing my skin with the Hydro Boost cleanser. It works well under my makeup. It is affordable and good value for money. The micellar water of this range is hydrating as a toner, but not good for removing makuep.
  • Jenny
    I have been using this product and it worked beautifully with my skin. My skin really felt hydrated after a long day.

    and even cleared some spot's due to dehydration .
  • Bazil
    Hydro Boost Gel - 15 Mar 2018
    I snuck into my wife's toiletry drawer and this was the first thing I saw. Thought nothing of it but when I applied it, it was so light and just glided onto my skin. Skin felt fresh and not stiff like some moisturizers make your skin feel
  • Taryn
    Hydro Boost Gel - 15 Mar 2018
    I used this product in cconjunction with the Neutrogena Miscellar water. It made a visible difference in my skin. It's a light gel that is just as light on your skin. It doesn't feel heavy or make your face shiny as some moisturisers do. You walk out of the door with fresh feeling, bright looking skin
  • Mazeeda
    Hydration - 15 Mar 2018
    This is probably one of the better products for hydration you can buy in a pharmacy that is affordable and generally available. The hyalaronic acid component really drew me in. It's light weight and gel formula is great if you don't like heavy cream on your face. A little unfortunately does not go a long way with this product as you will have to use quite a bit to feel like you have really and truly moisturised, but, what I like to do is to use it immediately after a toning lotion or face mist and it locks the moisture in. Happy skin to you!
  • Bontle
    Hydro Boost Gel - 7 Mar 2018
    I have very dry skin, that is prone to become oily when using the wrong kinds of moisturiser. But the Hydro boost gel really is the best moisturiser for someone with dry skin. Its light weight and absorbes very easily into the skin. Although you need to use a little more product. I would really recommend this to someone with the same skin type as mine especially for summer months.
  • Amber
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser - 6 Mar 2018
    I bought the entire Hydro Boost range after I tried it this moisturiser. As someone with very dry skin, hydration was exactly what I was looking for, and hydration was provided. I really enjoy this range and the gel-like texture of all the products allow a plump feeling to the skin. I would recommended this range to anyone with dry skin.
  • Agatha
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review - 27 Feb 2018
    You Had Me At Aloha

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer Review + A Weeks Supply Of Samples To Giveaway
    November 24, 2017

    Introducing Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, a refreshing, lightweight water gel that instantly quenches and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling rejuvenated and healthy. The product is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which boosts hydration and locks it in so you’re your skin stays hydrated, smooth and supple throughout the day. I found that the product applies effortlessly and absorbs into your skin quite instantly without leaving a greasy layer.

    This jar has become my savior! I am on my 3rd day of using the product and I am in love! I have extremely dry and eczema prone skin so finding a hydrating product that doesn’t feel like Satan drizzled his p*ss on my face has always been a mission!

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, a refreshing, lightweight water gel that instantly quenches and hydrates your skin leaving it feeling rejuvenated and healthy. The product is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which boosts hydration and locks it in so you’re your skin stays hydrated, smooth and supple throughout the day. I found that the product applies effortlessly and absorbs into your skin quite instantly without leaving a greasy layer.
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel helps with:
    · Instantly hydrated Skin
    · It has apparently been clinically Proven to Keep Skin Hydrated for 48 Hours
    · The product is Oil-Free- BONUS!
    · Fast-Absorbing
    · Ideal for All Skin Types – including my overly sensitive skin- another BONUS!

    Annnnnd because it instantly absorbs into your skin your make up doesn’t move due to a greasy layer! Winning right?!
  • Amy
    Miracle Brand - 27 Feb 2018
    Having grown up on these products the new moisture boost was no different and my skin Will forever be grateful. Ladies if you want to have that flawless skin you've always dreamed of stick to Neutrogena. Your wallet Will be all the better for it. This particular product is heaeven on sensitive skin like mine. ❤
  • Gertrude
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 20 Feb 2018
    I tried this product and it worked beautifully with my skin. My skin really felt hydrated after a long day.
  • Dahnelle
    Hydro Boost Water Gel - 15 Feb 2018
    I can definitely agree that Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is revitalising, cool and quite refreshing, however the feeling does not last long and I felt like I needed to apply more than what was needed. The feeling once applying however is great.
  • Nicole
    Neutrogena - 13 Feb 2018
    Wow I am loving my face, looks like I have been at the dermatologist Great skin for such a low cost definitely worth it
  • Lindi
    awesome product - 12 Feb 2018
    Neutrogena has really lived up to their words. Hydro Boost!
    Little did i know that with the CPT drought it would have such an effect on my skin. But i received a sample of hydro boost and went out to purchase the product. And my skin has been boosted and immediately re-hydrated
  • Nomzamo
    Hydro Boost - 6 Feb 2018
    Really light and fluffy on the skin. Absorbent as well. A worthy product to buy.
  • Denise
    Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser - 6 Feb 2018
    Received a sample and this really help to keep my skin supple and hydrated from the harsh sun.
  • Ayesha
    GEL MOISTURISING - 31 Jan 2018
    I recieved this product from Rubybox to test... Loved it... My skin felt hydrated without being oily or sticky...
  • juliet
    neutrogena hydro boost - 30 Jan 2018
    when i first bought this product i thought it would be good for my sensitive skin as it was a water gel and i was looking for a light hyradtion cream/gel and sadly this specific product caused more acne to appear on my face.
  • Melissa
    good moisturising feel - 29 Jan 2018
    I have dry skin and it really hydrated it but by the end of the day it like dry again..i do use every mornings and it does give a very hydrated look ..
  • Devanagie
    Was not exactly what I was hoping for. - 25 Jan 2018
    I have very dry skin, to the point where I can peel pretty bad on a dry day. The hydro boost water gel moisturizer did help a little but I feel it didn't have a lasting quality. It goes on very easily and absorbs quite well but before the hour is up my skin is tight and dry again.
  • Charlene
    Hydrating Moisturiser - 23 Jan 2018
    Love the light-weight texture, how easily it applies and is absorbed by the skin. Impressed by the oil control on my T-Zone throughout the day. Great product and affordable too.
  • Mbalenhle
    Not working for me - 17 Jan 2018
    I received this from Rubybox about a month a go at first it worked , my skin was so soft until 2 weeks after using it my skin started having pimples and white stuff and i unfortunately has to go back to the product i was using before.

    It is working for my colleagues though and she loves it.
  • Clarah
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost` - 17 Jan 2018
    The product is really great, but the packaging is very small even if it's just a sample, they are very stingy and the product is expensive, i just would'nt afford it.
  • Corrie
    Love, love, love this moisturiser in the summer months. It is not to oily but still gives my skin the hydration it needs.
  • Robyn
    Nuetrogena hydro boost - 12 Jan 2018
    Wow wow wow , so I decided to take my samples with me during my vacation . Im so impressed , the moisturiser does just that and leaves your skin oil free and smooth at the same time . I personally love this product and will be purchasing it . I cant get over the immediate results though , super impressed and definitely satisfied !!!!!!!
  • Theodora
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - Is Life - 4 Jan 2018
    I received by samples. I tried and OMG, WOW. I cannot wait to buy it and tell my family and friends about it.
  • Raeesa
    Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturiser - 20 Dec 2017
    This was one of my favourite products to use just because it was so different. I haven't used a gel moisturiser quite like this one before, but I must admit, I'll definitely be trying one after! Because I don't have very dry skin, I only apply this at night. I love how soft and radiant my skin looks when I wake up. It really does give the skin a bouncy feel- almost as if your skin healed overnight! I also tried using this as a makeup primer and I was quite impressed. Because of its gel-like texture, it gives the skin a tacky feeling which helps foundation stick to the better, thereby making your makeupp last longer. I find that the price is really affordable, since I use the tiniest amount. A little product goes a long way with this and in two weeks, I'm not even 1/4 way through the tub! I would definitely repurchase this, just to wake up with beautiful and healthy looking skin.
  • Ilda
    Neutrogena - 19 Dec 2017
    I DID NOT RECEIVE THE BOTTLE OF Neutrogena but I got 7 small single dose packets, I Loved this product,it made my skin feel so moisturized,normally I feel dry.
  • Susie
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 19 Dec 2017
    At first I had no idea what this product was meant to do, but I must say it definitely leaves one's skin feeling very soft.
    It is very gentle on the skin. I like the jellyish feeling at application before it soaks in. Both a fun and refreshing to use product.
  • Kris-ann
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - Review - 19 Dec 2017
    According to Neutrogena the Hydro Boost is a water-gel moisturiser that quickly absorbs and instantly hydrates the skin. It locks in the hydration and constantly releases it throughout the day, as and when your skin needs it. Thanks to rubybox, I had the opportunity to test this product for 7 days.

    Having oily skin, I have always struggled with finding a moisturiser that will hydrate my skin without giving it a greasy look. Receiving the Neutrogena Hydro Boost was a complete skincare turnaround for me.

    For the past 7 days, I have been applying it to my face and neck in circular movements after cleansing. This has become a daily essential and my favourite skincare product. The product is as light as water and just as refreshing to the skin. Neutrogena Hydro Boost is an oil-free formula which means its perfect for oily skin or even combination skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin, instantly hydrating it and leaving your skin oil-free. My skin looks and feels softer, healthier and more radiant.

    The Neutrogena Hydro Boost is also great as a primer. I’ve noticed that my makeup has been setting better ever since I’ve used this product, which is definitely a bonus. The only downside of the product is that it lacks sun protection.

    My final verdict is that the Neutrogena Hydro Boost is an absolute skincare essential. It hydrates without the oil and leaves your skin feeling soft. Most of all, it feels so light, you almost forget you’ve put it on.

    All I can say is that this product completes my skincare routine.

    The Neutrogena Hydro Boost retails at approximately R139.95 and can be found at Clicks and Dischem.
  • Faith
    I loved this product - 18 Dec 2017
    At first I was very sceptical about what the results would be because I have very sensitive skin. However once I started using it, I just loved how my skin felt, there was no shine at all (like my previous moisturizer) my face felt really smooth and was never dry. This product is a definite must-have for all ladies!
  • Melinda
    Neutrogena Hydroboost watre gel - 14 Dec 2017
    I have dry skin and finding the right moisturizer that keeps my skin supple and hydrated all day is a struggle.

    I have been using Neutrogena hydro-boost gel because of its trusted brand name and i was not disappointed, it kept my skin supple and i also loved the fragrance because it was not too strong

    I would really recommend it to someone with dry skin looking for a trusted and affordable brand.
  • Meagan
    Hydro Boost - 14 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena has really lived up to their words. Hydro Boost!
    Little did i know that with the CPT drought it would have such an effect on my skin. But i received a sample of hydro boost and went out to purchase the product. And my skin has been boosted and immediately re-hydrated!
  • Tsundukani
    WWW.THEVISIONEAST.WORDPRESS.COM REVIEW: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer - 14 Dec 2017
    When apply the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer onto my skin the product at first makes your skin appear oily - don't worry as the moisturizer is instantly absorbed into your skin.Another thing I loved about the product is the gel texture, which is oil free - allowing your skin to breathe. Leaving you with controlled shine finish. As I have dry skin the product is most effective during a hot summers day as during the course of the day my skin is hydrated and not dried out which is a plus. Within 7 days of use however my skin experienced breakout. I would recommend the product for use.
  • Nadia
    Happy skin - 13 Dec 2017
    The Hydro boost gel really is the best moisturiser for someone like myself, with very dry skin, that is prone to become oily when using the wrong kinds of moisturiser. I would really recommend this to someone with the same skin type as mine :)
  • Ilda
    ILDA Matthews - 13 Dec 2017
    I ABSOLUTELY loved this product, Felt so refreshing when applied and my skin stayed moist.I DIDN'T recieve a tub,only got 7 one application pkts....
  • Popsy
    Bounce back for real! - 13 Dec 2017
    I love the way Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser keeps my face moisturised all day long! ❤
  • Winny
    Refreshed glow - 13 Dec 2017
    This stuff works! I’ve been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost samples and I’m in awe. This product gave me supple and hydrated skin which I didn’t have with the previous moisturizer that I used. It’s amaz and definitely great value for money. I am definitely going to continue using this product and would recommend it to everyone and anyone who wants refreshed and great looking skin.
  • Anmari
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 13 Dec 2017
    Love love love!!! it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated all day long and also works perfectly while wearing make-up...a must have on the Christmas list!!
  • Salma
    Neutrogena - 13 Dec 2017
    Rich in moisture and refreshing. Pleasant fragrance. Recommend this product as it's value for money.
  • Kerri-Leigh
    Amazing hydration and Texture - 13 Dec 2017
    I really loved this product, My skin felt smooth and soft all day long. It was light weight and easily absorbed. I did love an additional little help in the area of my psoriasis. I found that the product reduced the irritation and inflammation, Although it did not relieve it completely it certainly caused a noticeable difference in the skin texture and irritation. So not only a winner on my face but it helped me in more ways than promised.
  • Wafiqa
    Hydro Boost - 13 Dec 2017
    After using this gel for two weeks, I did notice my skin to be quite soft, but I was surprised to find that it did not make my skin as smooth as my current moisturiser. I almost felt like it was a little too absorbent; I like my moisturiser to leave a little glow on my face. The smell was very pleasant, and overall it is a good moisturiser and quite refreshing, but I don't think I would replace my current moisturiser with Hydro Boost. I will use it occasionally on days that I need a little less moisture.
  • Gugu
    hydrated ,soft and supple skin product - 13 Dec 2017
    i was given the neutrogena to test and review by rubybox, all i can say is wow. it is the best product ever. before trying the product i had sensitive dry skin, now i started niticing that my skin is more supple and very well hydrated. thank yo Rubybox
  • Brenda
    Neutrogena - 13 Dec 2017
    I love this product, lasts all day and has no oily residue. My skin is so dry and this product works wonderfully. Will use this product going forward, it is very refreshing and lightweight.
  • Adelia
    This is by far the best moisturiser I've ever used. It hydrates my skin without making it oily. My skin feels and looks hydrated and that is what every women wants.

    So neutrogena can have all my money. I'm definitely changing to the Neutrogena hydro boost water gel.

    Thanks @rubybox @neutrogena

  • Keshia
    Absolutely in love - 13 Dec 2017
    I absolutely loved this product from the first time I used it. It felt as if my face was going through a drought and this moisturiser just gave it that much needed moisture without leaving my face tight. Definitely would recommend this product.
  • Sue
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 13 Dec 2017
    This is great hydration for my skin.It is highly moisturizing without leaving your skin feeling oily.
  • Winnie Thandiwe
    Hydro Magic - 13 Dec 2017
    The amazing texture, it leaves my skin moist and soft I love it!
  • Thandiwe
    Neutrogena - 13 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena hydro boost I have sensitive skin so I was not sure that it will do any justice for my skin but it did it help with my dry skin now its more moisturized I will recommend this to all my Friends and family
  • Kirsten
    Not my cup of tea - 13 Dec 2017
    Maybe i just have different skin, but after applying the cream it spaked in and hydrated, but the feeling didn't really last and i found myself having to apply some Nivea cream in the afternoon or I'd start becoming very dry. It's very refreshing when you apply it and does leave the skin supple, it just didn't last. I almost felt like i needed more of it than those little sachets, but yet again for that brand and price range you would expect some supreme hydration from a small ammount of the cream.
  • Priyanka
    Neutrogena hydro boost! - 13 Dec 2017
    As someone who suffers from dry skin, I have absolutely fallen in love with this product, I've used a sample for the past few days and my skin feels soft, hydrated and healthy!
  • Aishwarya
    Super hydrating and non greasy - 12 Dec 2017
    I love the fact that this product lovks in all my moisture within my skin without it looking oily. Its lightweight and non greasy which is just a bonus. I also noticed my texture which was left silky smooth and soft day after day. My skin felt hydrated, moisturized as well has bright. Love this product.
  • Mezabin
    Amazing hydrate - 12 Dec 2017
    Amazing product. Loved it. Would buy it but the price is abit high
  • Ariesha
    Hydro boost - 12 Dec 2017
    This product was one of the worst I have every tested. It says hydro so you would expect it to be very moisturizing, but instead I found it very drying. It left my skin feeling very tight and dry.
  • Kelly
    Super Moisturized Skin - 12 Dec 2017
    Fantastic product. So happy I got to test this product. It is my favorite moisturizer, and I will continue to use this from now on!
  • Michelle
    Amazed!! - 12 Dec 2017
    Wow! Wow! Wow! I have used this product for the last couple of days and it is just AMAZING!! My skin feels hydrated and the application is so smooth with a slight sweet like scent, just love it. My skin feels moisturized and looks radiant. Neutrogena Hydra Boost is non-greasy which is great. Absolutely recommend Neutrogena Hydro Boost to anyone.
  • Aquilah
    Neutrogena water gel moisturiser - 12 Dec 2017
    The Neutrogena hydra boost is simply amazing, it absorbs into you skin fast and keeps it hydrated the entire day without making it oily. I generally have very dry skin and this face cream does the trick. Absolutely love it and definitely recommend it for people who are having difficulty with dry and sensitive skin. Although it's brilliant for all skin types.
    #rubybox #NeutrogenaSA #HydroBoost #AlwaysBounceBack
  • Nicole
    H2O IN A TUB - 12 Dec 2017
    A big thank you for Rubybox for being so kind enough to send me this product for me , and my family & friends to try out as well.

    Well what I can I say I have nothing but high praise for this product , I simply adore it. My current moisturiser is way more pricey then the Hydro Boost but It leaves my skin feeling very oily after applying it and also doesnt instantly absorb into my skin which I hate especially on hot days in Durban , I love the fact that hydro boost absorbs so instantly in my skin and it gives my skin such a velvet feeling which I love.

    My skin also feels so much hydrated and supple and is glowing. My skin feels so smooth and soft like a little kid's skin.

    PROS :
    - Affordable
    - Instant absorption
    - Gives a velvety texture
    - Skins looks and Feels healthy and also a good glow
    - Provides amazing hydration

    - The only thing I wish this product had was SPF

    I would suggest this product to anyone looking for an afforable moisturiser. Its loaded with hydration and makes your skin look and feel amazing. I also love the fact that it is gel based and absorbs instantly and makes a good makeup base also. I sure will be getting this product. Its definately a must have for me.
  • Zakkiyya
    I have received a sample from a friend, i love what neutrogena is trying to achieve with this product!

    The gel has a wonderful scent to it, after using the product I have noticed that my skin is smoother, hydrated and glowy. However i have noticed that closer to my jaw area there are a few dry patches.

    Overall, the product is wonderful, absorbs quickly, does not leave a sticky residue nor does it make your skin oily. Thumbs up for NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST!
  • Azothile
    Neutorgena Hydro Boost Moisturiser - 12 Dec 2017
    After using the product for 7 days straight, I noticed quiet an improvement on my skin texture, especially on my cheekbones where for some reason, I was starting to develop dry patches.

    I have since bought myself a jar and I must say, I am truly impressed with the results.

    I use this gel at night and it's very light and easily absorbed thanks to it's gel consistency. The scent is also very fresh and not too much.

    Definitely a great product, especially for our humid Durban climate. It does what it promises to do, and within a short space of time. I am very pleased with it.
  • Bianca
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    I absolutely love this product! it is so light on my skin and easily absorbed. It doesn't leave any kind of sticky residue and smells really fresh and clean. i love how my skin feels just moments after application and throughout the day. This is my absolute favorite moisturizer EVER!
  • Monica
    Neutrogena - 12 Dec 2017
    I receive the sample pack from my daugther. What a lovely product. Light and very smooth No more hydrated skin. I will replace my daily moisturiser with this product.
  • Kwandile
    Double boost - 12 Dec 2017
    If you want moisturized skin that feels as light as air, then Neutrogena hydro boost is for you. My skin feels supple, their is no sticky feel, and you can actually feel that it is hydrated.
  • Khairiyah
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    I love the lightweight texture and how easily it absorbs into the skin.
  • Robyn
    Not the best for oily skin - 12 Dec 2017
    The product is good for hydrating but is not the best for oily akin, especially for oily skin. This is based on appearance as I am sure that akincare wise, using for a significant amount of time will help your skin to retain moisture and be less oliy. Would be great for dry skin.
  • Ruby
    NEUTROGENA - 12 Dec 2017
    I have received samples and i recommend this product- WILL CONTINUE WITH THIS RANGE
  • Michae
    Refreshing - 12 Dec 2017
    The product is so lightweight and refreshing on my skin, i love it so much its almost like a breeze of mist on you face. I love this product!
  • Joanna
    Supple Skin - 12 Dec 2017
    I received a 7 day sample of this product and feel that it has lived up to it's claim of increasing skin suppleness, however, I found the fragrance to be too overpowering for my sensitive skin.
  • Juwayra
    Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser - 12 Dec 2017
    A month before I received the product I had a few skin concerns and one of them was what looked like fine wrinkles and decided to go for my very first facial. There I was told that the lines I've been seeing is not wrinkles but dehydration lines. After chatting a bit, I was told to get a good moisturizer that will hydrate my skin. I was so chuffed that I got to review this product cos there are so many products available but it's very difficult to decide which one will suit your skin best.
    After trying this product, I'm very happy to say that it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, moisturized and hydrated.
  • Nqobile
    Verry impressed - 12 Dec 2017
    Love this product, my skin has an instant glow while using this product. I used to have dry patches and i have less breakouts. My family and friend love it too
  • Shalena
    HydroBoost for Eczema - 12 Dec 2017
    This product works really well and soaks in easily. It does leave the skin a bit dry thereafter, but surprisingly this did not affect my eczema and it did not leave any irritation at all! I love it
  • Siyamthanda
    Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser - 12 Dec 2017
    I could feel the difference within 3 days of use of this product. Incredibly hydrating leaving my skin feeling supple all day. I loved it so much I even ditched my night cream for it.
  • tarry
    neutrogena - 12 Dec 2017
    i love how the dry patches disappeared almost instantly. i have already purchased a full size product because i have permanently changed my moisturizer to neutrogena :)
    Spectacular - 12 Dec 2017
    I have sensitive skin so I refrain from using new products on my skin but I have to say I loved loved this product. Kept my skin moisturized with no irritation at all. I will be buying the full size soon.
  • Thandi
    Neutrogena Hydra Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena Hydra Boost-This product is so refreshing and oil free.It boost your skin throughout the entire day.It moisturises your skin and even accomodates sensitive skin,I use morning and evening on the face and neck and its perfect,also for sunburnt,am more than satisfied with my results,would gladly recommend it and repurchase this lovely product.
  • Precious
    the real makoya - 12 Dec 2017
    I have combination skin and the struggle to find that one product was real. Not anymore. This product kept my skin supple and radiant, all day long. Plus it's light on the skin, leaving it smooth like a baby's bottom..:-)
  • tasneem
    Hydration for days... - 12 Dec 2017
    I'm all for hydrating moisturizers, and was eager to try out the neutrogena hydrology. I have dry skin and find it very difficult to find a product that can give me all day moisture.

    I have used the samples for 7 days, and true to its word, it provided a hydrating effect. My skin felt smooth and supple. Once applied, my skin just "drank"up the cream. Thank you for an amazing product. Affordable and stands true to its name. Hydroboost revolution!!!
  • Fridah
    Neutrogena hydro boost water gel Moisturiser - 12 Dec 2017
    Thank you for sending me the Neutrogena hydro boost water gel Moisturiser to test, my skin is now smooth and always moist.
  • Kabo
    Hydro boost - 12 Dec 2017
    After 7 days of using Hydro boost my skin feels so light. Love that it doesn't leave my face dry.
  • Keamogetswe
    Neutrogena jou lekker ding - 12 Dec 2017
    I loved using this product, my skin stays hydrated and it's softer. I definitely would not mind using it again.
  • Michelle
    Lovely - 12 Dec 2017
    I have a very dry skin and it was so nice using something that soothed and hydrated my skin. Thank you!
  • Justine
    Perfect product! - 12 Dec 2017
    I have already purchased this product as the samples I received worked like a dream! I really love the texture and fragrance of this cream.
  • Natasha
    In love - 12 Dec 2017
    This is a great addition to Neutrogena range. It goes on easily soaks in quickly and makes your face feel soft and comfortable all day long. A great base for make up. All at an affordable price. I certainly will be buying this in the future and have no hesitation in recommending it to all my friends and family. Love it
  • Timita
    Neutrogena hydro boost water gel - 12 Dec 2017
    Probably the best moisturiser my skin has had the pleasure of knowing!
    I love the blue and white packaging of the little tub.
    The consistency is perfect for dry skin and I love how it smoothen and soothes my skin and leaves such a smooth canvas for my make up application.
    Huge thumbs up for me!
  • Zianah
    Confidence Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    My skin felt more revived after 3 uses, I love the feel of being hydrated. The small burn like patches from using harsh soaps on my face have cleared and I feel smooth and radiant. I am happier about Neutrogen Hydro Boost and will recommend it to anyone who wants to feel a difference to their most precious asset...the face.
  • Nabeelah
    Neutrogena hydra boost - 12 Dec 2017
    Awesome product, makes my dry skin supple and soft. I especially love using it at a makeup primer
  • salomie
    neutrogena hydro boost - 12 Dec 2017
    i received a sample of this wonderful product from a friend and OMW i love made my skin so soft and oil free, and it's very moisturizing and worked wonders on my skin my new miracle water gel for my face.
  • Liz
    Excellent product for dry skin - 12 Dec 2017
    I suffer from very dry skin and have spent a lot of money on products over the years. This is the first product I have ever used that I felt an immediate different with. It soaks in beautifully and really does hydrate the skin. I have been converted
  • Tanya
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    Is a fantastic gel-cream moisturising product, iloved every moment of trying it.
  • Karen
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    I received a sample of this product from a friend. My friend loved the product, it really worked for her. I might just have different skin to her, as I didn't see much of a difference. The product has a very nice smell and absorbs into the skin quickly.
  • Leonie
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    This is very moisturizing it is a complete hydration for your skin It made my skin feel fresh, oil free, soft and hydrated

  • Nicole
    Pleasantly surprised - 12 Dec 2017
    I used the product for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the feel and the moisture that it gave. I think one should test it for about 2 weeks to really be able to see a difference. But I am happy overall.
  • Farzaana
    Neutrogena Hydro-Boost - 12 Dec 2017
    The Neutrogena Hydro Boost definitely gives the skin the "boost" it needs. it is Refreshingly lightweight and non-greasy. it leaves your skin feel smooth and refreshed during any weather which is always a plus.
  • Lurisa
    Supple Skin - 12 Dec 2017
    I tried this product out for 7 days and am completely impressed with the results. Love how it makes my skin feel. Goodbye Dryness!!!
  • Tasnim
    Moisture like no other - 12 Dec 2017
    I have very dry skin. This product does what it says.. however would prefer it to have an spf. You need to use quite alot as it dissolves very quickly into skin. Overall it does moisturise dry skin
  • Daphney
    Freshly Hydrated - 11 Dec 2017
    Before I even used the product, I was blown away by the smell. My skin was moistured and freshly hydrated all day.
    I'm definitely going to use the product permanently and will recommend it to y friends.
  • Danayi
    This is now my holy grail product! - 11 Dec 2017
    I was blown away! On the second day of of using this product, I could feel a difference. My skin was supple and hydrated. I have combination skin so it’s difficult to find products that hydrates but don’t make my Tzone greasy. This product hydrates but doesn’t clog my pores. My Tzone is hydrated but not oily. I’m in love and have purchased the full size product . It’s great to have an affordable product competes and delivers better than expensive high-end products.
  • Thato
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser - 11 Dec 2017
    This product was great to use, it feel really good on my face, felt refreshed all day. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family.
  • Promise
    Great moisture lock - 11 Dec 2017
    Easy absorbed, and moisture lasts the whole day. Also has a pleasant smell
  • Nonhlnhla
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 11 Dec 2017

    Neutrogena Hydro boost it actually leaves your skin moisturised all day long no more dry skin I'll recommend this to all my friends and family .My skin was revived like after some thirst .
  • Annet
    My mind wasnt blown - 11 Dec 2017
    The product is good for everyday use especially cause you can actually frel that your face is hydated all day long. I wouldn't switch to it Neutrogena hydro boost simply because I wish it offered more e.g. removal of spots, clearer skin etc.
  • Lemay
    Baby soft skin - 11 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel is the best moisturiser I have ever used. When applied my skin feels super soft and hydrated. I have sensitive skin and this works amazingly on my skin. I love it and definitely purchase worthy for me :)
  • Sizipiwe
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser - 10 Dec 2017
    I have dry skin and the moisturiser just disappeared into my skin without moisturizing it as promised. If I could compare it with the Nivea Perfect and Radiant day cream, Nivea wins.
  • Thandiwe
    Neutrogena - 9 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena hydro boost the name says it all it actually boost my skin is more moisturised I will recommend this to all my friends and family
  • Thandiwe
    Neutrogena - 9 Dec 2017
    Neutrogena Hydro boost it actually leaves your skin moisturised all day long no more dry skin I'll recommend this to all my friends and family
  • Naa'ilah
    Amazing product - 8 Dec 2017
    This is an amazing product , my skin stays moisturised and feels hydrated whole day.
  • Bianca
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Review - 8 Dec 2017
    The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Boost is a nice product, hydrates, cooling.
  • Rochelle
    Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser - 8 Dec 2017
    I absolutely LOVE the new Hydro Boost water gel moisturizer. I am so hooked.
  • Danisile
    softer skin - 8 Dec 2017
    After using the product just for 2 weeks it left my skin feeling softer and hydrated.
  • Jesse
    My new favourite - 8 Dec 2017
    I love the feel and soft fragrance of this product! If it stays affordable I will definitely swop from my current brand!
  • Klara
    Wow! :) - 8 Dec 2017
    I was very pleasantly surprised with this because whenever i try out a different moisturiser my skin tends to break out and this time it didn't which was amazing! :) Its super lightweight and absorbed into my skin quite well and left it feeling so hydrated and soft :) and i really like the smell of it too which is a plus! :)
  • Suevesha
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisture gel - 8 Dec 2017
    I was really impressed with this product. I ahve very dry skin and I felt teh hydration effect of this moisturiser. i have already recommended this to some o0f my friends. I would consider buying this product :).
  • salma
    Goodbye Thirsty Skin - 8 Dec 2017
    I suffer from severe case of dry skin, especially on my face. I used a ton of products catering for dry skin but my skin still had white chapped skin and a dull look. I did t realize it was so thirsty until using this product. After applying foundation with this moisturizer as my base, my skin still glowed and had the dewy effect. Thumbs up
  • Marie
    Light and smooth - 8 Dec 2017
    I really enjoined this face cream. Its more like a milky gel, feels very nice on skin and gives a all day moisture feel. Very happy and will def purchase in future.
  • Rasheeda
    Beautiful Product - 8 Dec 2017
    Moisturises without leaving a trace of grease. Most impressed with that!
  • Zahraa
    Lightweight and Super Hydrating - 8 Dec 2017
    I really liked the feel of it on my skin, it was as if my skin was drinking it in!
    It kept my skin supple and awesomely moisturized, would definitely recommend!
  • Khadija Busisiwe
    Neutrogena, the road to beauty - 8 Dec 2017
    What a perfect way to end my year.....from the moment I received my pack, I started using the water skin was feeling very refreshed and softer. after few days of using it, i could see a huge difference as my skin does not get dry through out the day and I am feeling more confident.....I have bought another one at dischem pharmacy....I am definitely sticking to this product.
  • Meryl
    Love the gel!!!! - 8 Dec 2017
    I love the smell of the gel. It absorbs into my skin really fast which I love. I will purchase this product again. Especially for winter when my skin is really dry
  • Angel
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser - 8 Dec 2017
    water gel wow :) :):)
    i really didn't know what it was before i used it and i must i wast impressed a lot. i just washed my face and applied it only without nothing else and i must say i loved it
    its got this water feeling when you put it on your hand and when i applied it on my face it pulled my face and i felt this smooth feeling which i loved and i have been applying it alone since the day i started using i love the results that i have received
    i would definitely recommend this product its amazing , thank you Neutrogena and Rubybox
  • Lolly
    Boost and Hydrate - 8 Dec 2017
    I absolutely LOVE the new Hydro Boost water gel moisturizer. It is lightweight which means it feels like there is NOTHING on your face! This is great because there's nothing worse than having heavy product plastered all over your face blocking your pores. I love that there is no oil in this product as I feel oil usually just hides the dryness until it washes off and then your face ends up dry again - NOT WITH NEUTROGENA! The moisture lasts long after you have washed the product off of your face..... Its a facial miracle really! It smells great, it absorbs instantly..... yes..... INSTANTLY!!! I think we should just rename it the Moisture Miracle because it really is just that. You don't need much, the packaging is lovely and (DRUMROLL!!!!) ITS INEXPENSIVE Which makes it great for ANYONE!! Great job on a great products, I would definitely recommend it.
  • Tanja
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel - 8 Dec 2017
    What a product!!
    It just melts into your skin. I absolutely loved it. I can see a visible difference. My skin is definitely smoother and more supple. I will be making Neutrogena water gel a staple in my routine.
  • Elreza
    Boost and refresh - 8 Dec 2017
    I love this product, it make my skin so soft and i even notice a change in my fine lines aswell. I dont even put make up on when I apply it. Makes my skin looks younger. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone.
  • Lauren
    Neutrogena hydoboost water gel - 8 Dec 2017
    This water gel has been amazing on my dehydrated skin. Leaves skin feeling smooth and supple. Definitely recommend it as it lasts throughout the day
  • Samantha
    Wonderful - 8 Dec 2017
    Great product. No oiliness. Superbly light and absorbs in seconds. Perfect for combination skin. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Prathna
    Final thoughts - 8 Dec 2017
    Superb product. It dries down to a smooth/blurring and matte finish. It kept me hydrated for about 8 hours. Great value for your money! A little goes a long way and leaves you feeling plumped and youthful.
  • Lucia
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost - 7 Dec 2017
    I have enjoyed using this product because my face is no longer dry. using neutrogena i feel refreshed.
  • Kenastacia
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturiser - 7 Dec 2017
    I have very dry and sensitive skin, and I've been struggling to find a moisturizer that will hydrate my skin without breaking out or burning my skin. I was very excited to try out the hydro boost gel moisturizer,as I've seen a lot of positive reviews of the product but never tried it. I have to say I absolutely love the cooling feeling I feel when applying I onto my face. I was very happy to see how quickly it absorbed onto my skin and it didn't feel sticky at all. The best part is that I can use it as a
    Moisturizer under my foundation, it makes the foundation glide on easily and no more dry skin patches. This moisturizer is perfect for me and I'll definitely be buying one soon,and I'm really keen to try out the rest of the hydro boost range. Thank you ruby box for allowing me to test this product as it has made me to rethink what a moisturizer can do.
  • Lena
    Supple skin - 7 Dec 2017
    This product makes my skin feel soft and moisturised throughout the day, I have combination skin where I have an oily T zone but a rather dry face, The neurogena hydro gel is not oily at all but it locks in moisture without it making you look oily
  • Livonia
    Awesome BOOST - 7 Dec 2017
    For dry skin that's in need of a real lift that makes your skin revitalised, fresh and my skin looking great, the Neutrogena revitalising cream is the perfect fit. From tired days and exhausted nights, this cream will keep you looking great.
  • Kasia
    Hydration Revelation - 7 Dec 2017
    I have used Neutrogena Hydro Boost for 7 days and could not be more impressed with the initial feeling of smooth, soft and hydrated skin!

    Personally, the only downfall of this moisturizer is that I could not use it daily due to my skin being prone to blemishes and breaking from my current skin care range has caused a flare up in that regard.

    But 10/10 would use again when my skin is in need of a dehydration boost!
  • Karabo
    Fantastic product - 7 Dec 2017
    The moisturizer is great for people who have dry skin like me. It instantly hydrates your skin leaving it with a cool fresh feel for the rest of the day. It’s definitely a great add to your bag!
    Highly recommend this product.
  • Sharara
    Great moisturiser - 7 Dec 2017
    It's a great product . Very moisturising but I have really dry skin so it did not last as long as I hoped but I will definitely try the cream base product next

    But overall it was a good product
  • Cheslyne
    Neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturer - 7 Dec 2017
    I love that this product instantly hydrated my skin and didn't leave it oily. I could feel a difference in my skins texture especially the dry areas around my nose. I would definitely be using this product in the future.
  • Jezaadia
    Neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturer - 7 Dec 2017
    So this has been life changing.
    After just 7 days my skin was definitely more hydrated and I could see a difference.
    The best thing about this product is that I can use it as a Primer which saves me.
  • Cornel
    HYDRO BOOST BLAST - 7 Dec 2017
    I was pleasantly surprised with this product. My skin soaked up the gel, my skin felt soft and smooth throughout the day. It never felt oily or sticky, even during warm days. I have sensitive skin, but I never had dry patches or flaky skin. I am very impressed with this product.
  • Nomathemba
    Amazing product. Left my skin feeling moisturized, soft and glowing. Added benefit is that it didn't cause any break outs or irritation to my eczema prone skin!!! Would definitely recommend this product!
  • Tafadzwa
    If it’s not Hydro Boost water gel, is it even moisturizer? - 7 Dec 2017
    I. Am. Shook.
    I thought I had found a good moisturizer until ruby box sent me samples of hydro boost water gel. Day three I went to the store to get a whole bottle for myself. I have very dry skin and most moisturizers do the job for a limited time and I need to “top-up” as the day goes. With this gel, one application goes a long way. My skins also feels soft and the gel sits perfectly on the skin, it’s not heavy or gunky or leaves me shining.Id recommend this product to anyone willing to listen.Well done neutrogena, you did real good!
  • Candice
    Neutrogena hydro boost gel - 7 Dec 2017
    On the first day my skin totally absorbed the gel! A week later I feel like a new person. My skin is totally more hydrated, looks healthier and even feels better! I’ve got a more natural shine!
    Definitely something I’d use in the daily!
  • hanifa
    Amazing Product!!! - 7 Dec 2017
    I genuinely have a very dry skin and no matter how much moisturizer I apply it will always get dry patches on my forehead, nose and chin.. It made me very self conscious and I’d need to constantly reapply.

    With Neutrogena Hydra boost I no longer need to reapply a million times
  • Luisa
    Neutrogena Hydraboost - 7 Dec 2017
    I have particularly dry skin, so anything that screams moisture is definitely for me.
    I loved using this product as it feels really cool when you apply it to your skin and the gel texture, instantly gives you that moisture feeling. It absorbs quickly into the skin and lasts all day. Normally, I start feeling dry around my nose by mid-day but not with this cream. This will definitely stay on my shopping list, especially at it's affordable price.
  • Celeste
    Light moisturiser - 7 Dec 2017
    This moisturiser was too light for my dry mature skin. I had to use a lot and reapply often.
  • Nombuso
    Neutrogena hydro boost - 6 Dec 2017
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one of the testers of your product, it really good, my face is hydrated now, since i had a problem of dry skin, so my prayers were answered.
    Thank you
  • Nadine
    Hydrated AF - 6 Dec 2017
    With the weather heating up, your skincare routine should be bulking up to defend your skin from sun damage and dryness! This is why I was super excited to receive the Neutrogena Hydroboost Watergel from Rubybox.

    This moisturiser is dedicated to hydrating the skin and locking in intense hydration. I’ve been using it for over two weeks now and it’s the best moisturiser I have come across this year, like if you want to invest in a good skincare product, this is the one. It’s oil free so I don’t shine bright like a diamond after application, It’s extremely lightweight and non-sticky which means it spreads over my skin easily and is absorbed effortlessly. My skin feels fresh after applying it, as if a thirst has been quenched.

    It's a great mid-range priced product thats incredible value for money!

    read my full review at
  • Azeeza
    Happy skin - 6 Dec 2017
    My skin felt moisturized and pampered instantly

    Noticed a huge change in my skin since using the product

    Great product have NOT used an off the shelf product this good !it's so hard to find a great moisturizer

    No shiny residue or a cakey feel after using it , product sinks into the skin gradually !

    Absolutely loved it

    Would recommend it to family and friends
    Hyrdation in a Jar - 6 Dec 2017
    I loved reviewing the Neutrogena Hydro boost, having a normal to dry skin is not always the best thing for anyone.

    Two years ago I started noticing these dry patches on my nose and hair line, which I got diagnosed as Seborrhoeic dermatitis form of eczema the first signs are dry patches near your nose which made me so conscious and aware of people noticing although I received a product for my hair line I had to seek a product on my own for my face. As well as a dry forehead area which most women struggle with mine just got two tone to the rest of face.

    So for me personally having a good moisturizer which can kept my skin hydrated, smooth and staple was on my radar at all times.

    I have tried so many other products before but they are so costly but which are effective, I was so thankful and happy to have been selected to try to review the Neutrogena because I've always wanted to test it out before purchasing, fortunately for me I was one of the ladies to review.

    Results were immediate I noticed my skin was hydrated and staple those patches on my nose were starting to get better and my forehead area was looking hydrated, I loved it I will be buying myself a jar for December I need hydration this Summer as I plan on spending days on the beach Summers Days beach runs and swims.

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danielle
    WOW!!! - 6 Dec 2017
    I instantly noticed a change to the way my skin felt the very first time I put the gel on my face. 1 Tester sample was more than enough for 2 applications. It is instantly absorbed and I wouldn't even know that I had applied moisturiser. Brilliant stuff!
  • Mageshni
    Neutrogena - 6 Dec 2017
    Loved loved loved the product. Transformed my usual dry skin... felt silky, moisturized and soft. Makeup application was also much better. Will surely continue to use this product.
  • Muchengeti
    Best moisturiser ever - 6 Dec 2017
    This is a must have product since i started using the moisturiser my skin is now soft and beautiful ,also i no longer have oily skin and its value wow i love it..
  • Caren
    My must have product of the year - 6 Dec 2017
    This has been the best product that I have reviewed yet! Not only has it been the most effective on my skin but it has proved to be serious value. The gel went such a long way that I ended up using it for much longer than the 7days it was intended to last. This gel completely calmed my very difficult skin and made it smooth and actually cleared it up. The fact that it is gel and not cream really soothed it while nourishing it with moisture. 10/10 would definately recommend again!
  • Valeria
    Daily beauty regime must have - 6 Dec 2017
    First of all, this was THE best product I have had the privilege to review. From the consistency of the water gel, it's light and pleasant scent and more importantly the affordability of a high end brand.. I am thoroughly impressed. Neutrogena's Hydro Boost water gel has outshined and rivals all other moisturizers. It delivers it's promise, has left my skin feeling moisturized all day long, my skin is visibly less oily and feels incredibly hydrated and healthy. Solid 10 for Neutrogena!!
  • Adwaita
    Dash of Splash - 6 Dec 2017
    Genetically I have thirsty skin , which in recent years had become unquenchable, leaving my skin uncomfortably taut. Neutrogena hydro boost has provided a splash a moisture which hydrates and softens leaving my skin feeling supple throughout the day. Although on initial application I observed my skin to appear a tad greasy , the greasy shine disappeared minutes later, leaving behind happy , hydrated skin!
  • Lee
    I love this moisturizer,It is perfect for my oily skin, my skin feels very soft.
  • Tara
    Neutrogena review - 6 Dec 2017
    I am a big fan of moisturizing minus the oily factor. This product made my skin feel rejuvenated and soft. It didn’t dry up my skin after application it seeped in just the right amount. It smells Devine.

    It also has this amazing cooling factor to it. Making it amazing to use in the summer heat. There is nothing worse than applying moisturizer that just makes you sweat and leaves an oily factor on your face.

    I love this product.
  • Cherne
    very nice - 6 Dec 2017
    Small packet samples so little hard to get out to try but it was very nice to try out very Refreshing, lightweight its gental what you are looking for in a moisturiser
  • Saloshni
    Refreshing - 6 Dec 2017
    Thank you Rubybox for sending me these samples. I simply love it. I always had very dry skin and this has really changed my skin. I love the refreshing and supple skin throughout the day. Thank you
  • F
    Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Water Gel Moisturiser - 6 Dec 2017
    Even though I have skin that tends to get oily very quickly, I found that this absorbed very rapidly and left my skin matte and smooth. A definite winner in my books.
  • N
    Hydra Boost - 6 Dec 2017
    I cant believe that something so lightweight can be so effective. Truly great product for the price point!
  • Ohna
    Skin Hydrated - 6 Dec 2017
    Since using the Neutrogena Skin Hydra Boost my skin most definitely feels more supple and hydrated.
    It took a day or two too see some results but every day it feels better and better
  • Angelique
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Facial Gel - 6 Dec 2017
    Honestly This Gel Has Been Nothing Short Of Amazing!!
    My Skin Feels So Much More Hydrated

    Just Yesterday One Of The Ladies In Ny Family Told Me That My Skin Looks Healthy And That I'm Glowing, They Asked Me What i Used And I Showed Them My Satchets

    I Would Definitely Recommend This And I Can't Wait To Get A Bottle Of It..
    Never Have I Ever Been So Excited To Try Out Facial Things And Never Have I Ever Been So Happy With The Results!!! Thank You RubyBox ❤
  • Jayshree
    Neutrogena®Excellent product - 6 Dec 2017
    I love that it absorbs quickly into the skin and is oil free and smooth to the touch. My skin feels much more hydrated than usual.
  • Siobhan
    Fantastic! - 6 Dec 2017
    This is my ideal summer moisturiser. It provides great hydration without leaving my skin sticky or greasy. I think in the winter I'd need to switch it up to the Gel Cream which is a bit richer, and I think a definite dupe for the Clinique Moisture Surge and at a fraction of the cost!
  • Chanel
    Best Face Cream Yet - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel - 6 Dec 2017
    After using my samples for over a week now, I have found the product so easy to apply with minimal gel usage (A pea size covers my whole face and neck with ease). I love the way it leaves my skin feeling fresh and light and best yet, I can apply my make-up straight away without getting any oil build up or shine, have stopped using my primer altogether!!! My skin stays flawless and fresh all day long. Definitely a NO. 1 on my shopping list.
  • Michae
    Refreshing - 6 Dec 2017
    I love the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, as it gave my face the most amazing an refreshing feeling as if i am coming out of the ocean.
    Love it!
  • Hayley
    neutrogena - 6 Dec 2017
    Love this product. Noticed an almost immediate difference in the moisture in my skin and it felt great the entire day. Would definitely recommend this to everyone!
  • Kaelyn