Milky Foot™ Exfoliating Foot Pads
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Milky Foot Exfoliating Foot Pads - R339.95

An intense, at-home exfoliation treatment that will leave your feet silky smooth. Removes hard skin - especially between those difficult to reach areas like between the toes. Softens cracks and calluses while moisturising your feet.


Milky Foot™ is the perfect product for women OR men with busy lifestyles. This easy to use product is an all in one, once off treatment which you can use in the comfort of your own home.


Mendalic Acid, Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Calendula Flower Extract, Chamomilla Flower Extract, Menthal Leaf.


You can purchase the Milky Foot™ range at Dis-Chem stores.


Pregnant women, children or diabetic patients should not use Milky Foot™, unless directed by a medical professional.


Milky Foot™ is the perfect product for women OR men with busy lifestyles. This easy to use product is an all in one, once off treatment which you can use in the comfort of your own home.


  • Nomfundo
    Happy feet - 24 Oct 2018
    My mother love love this product her feet were dry and had cracks now smooth and soft beautiful feet.
  • Nozipho
    Milky Foot Exfoliating Foot Pads - 21 May 2018
    At work Im on my feet most of the times, I would love to try this product. I have heard its a miracle worker on the feet
    good - 17 May 2018
    Most fantastic product
    I LOVE this product. So it is basically a pair of plastic socks with the formula inside. It smells strong and is quite chilly against your feet at first. I shower first and wash my feet, towel them off and then open the box, cut open the tops of the 'socks' and slide my feet in. You then follow the directions on the box as to how long to keep them on. I kept them on for 60 minutes. Afterwards my mum used them as there is plenty of serum/product let over for her. I then dried off my feet using tissues. They felt fresh and tingly after. I completely forgot about their intended purpose (peel off dead skin) until I was in the shower 4 days after and I noticed dry patches peeling off on their own. This product works fantastically well but I wouldn't use it in summer as there is one or two days where your feet are constantly peeling and look yuck. 100% will buy again as the end result was smooth feet that felt beautiful to touch.
  • Frith
    Milky foot - 8 Feb 2018
    Its a bit pricey. The item worked but would need to use it a few times to get the baby soft heels...
  • Promise
    Milky Foot - 8 Jun 2017
    I bought this for my mom for Mothers' Day and she is still raving about this item till date. She says her feet are so smooth and now being Winter she doesn't suffer from the rough edges on her heels. I must also mention that price-wise it is the best investment as it was not expensive at all.
  • Tanya
    Works like a charm! - 30 May 2017
    I used to be on my feet for most of the day everyday at my previous job. As a result, I started to get serious ulcers on the sides and soles of my feet - even expensive therapeutic shoes didn't help! Enter Milky Foot! By the second week, most of the dead skin came off, but there were still a little bit of hardness here and there. The only downside for me was that I would have to buy and use it again a few times, to achieve the "baby's bottom feel" everyone else are talking about...
  • Bathabile
    Exfoliating foot pads - 12 Feb 2017
    Loving the footpads they exfoliate band leave skin soft and smooth.its worked wonders for me as I am a huge fan of gladiators
  • Tracey
    Milky foot exfoliating Foot Pads - 13 Jan 2017
    I heard about this product,would love to try it. Looks amazing.
  • Tatenda
    Exfoliating foot pads - 26 Dec 2016
    I've heard the buzz about this product and I'm reluctant on using because all the foot spas ive used didnt give me the perceived results. I'm considering this one
  • Léan
    Love it! - 7 Sep 2016
    I use Milky Foot once or twice a year, probably for the last 5 years. I love it. I love the way it makes my feet feel soft and pampered. No foot scrub can ever do what this product does!
  • Daleen
    Love it! - 18 Jan 2016
    I tried Milky Foot after using other no name brands. And I am not going back. Only Milky Foot in the future.

    I have horrible heels - walking barefoot every minute I can doesn't help. This product gave me soft feet, like I haven't had in a long time.

    TIP: When you feet starts peeling, soak it in warm water. Yes just like the packaging recommend. I did do it the first time and it helped. The second time I went a bit further: the moment my feet started to peel I soaked it in a warm foot bath for over an hour and repeated it the following evening. I think the peeling process was definitely shorter.
  • Reshma S
    Awesome! - 6 Jan 2016
    The Milky foot was awesome. It really took care of the rough skin on my feet.

  • Neressa
    wonderfull - 8 Dec 2015
    The Milky Foot is one of the most amazing foot products I have tried.

    It has worked wonders.
  • Amanda
    Bababoudjie voete - 18 Nov 2015
    Ongelooflik! Sommer na Dag 2 begin die velle letterlik afval. Daagliks foto's van die proses geneem, en sommer al vir vriende aanbeveel. By Dag 5 heeltemal 'vervel' met nog net 'skifseltjies' aan die bokant van die voete. Beslis nie vir sandale nie, beplan dis goed.
  • Lutfiyya
    MILKY FOOT PART 2 - 18 Nov 2015
    I've written a review previously 'Milky foot part 1' where I said while it so simple to use, I was still waiting for my feet to peel. About a week after using Milky Foot, my feet started peeling. It started off slowly and then it began peeling off in sheets. I've never experienced anything like it. It didn't hurt and while you can't wear sandals in public during this process, my feet were like brand new after. I would definitely recommend this product. Advice: Use the Milky Foot about 2-3 weeks before you need to wear sandals.
  • Bronwyn
    Great Product - 17 Nov 2015
    I have submitted a review but would like to add-on.

    I would recommended you use this product before summer if you love wearing sandals. This product removes the entire top layer of skin from your feet. Your feet does feel a bit sensitive during this process.

    The after effects are amazing. My feet hasnt felt this soft in a while. Will definitely use it agian
  • Nicolene
    Wonderlike produk - 16 Nov 2015
    Baie goeie produk wat my voete baba sag gemaak het. Nie baie voet produkte kan mens se voete so laat voel nie. Defnatief iets wat ek weer sal gebruik.
  • Hayley Freeman
    Awesome - 16 Nov 2015
    I tried Milky Foot after seeing it on rubybox as I was a bit curious. I think this product is awesome and does work like you will read from everyone else's thoughts. The only thing that I didn't like about it was that the sizes were quite small for someone who has big feet - I know this because I also tried it on my boyfriend who is size 11 and we had to eventually cut the sides open to get his pair on. Maybe they can create one for men and women? Just a thought...
  • Kamogelo
    truly amazing - 16 Nov 2015
    I have used thid product about 3 weeks ago and its really wonderful

    I soaked my feet in the milky foot product for exactly 60 min, as the the instructions says, and I got this relaxing cool burning mint sensation on my feet.

    My outside skin started peeling off after like 5 days, maybe because I was using lotion, and it continued to peel for 6 days.

    The results are fantastic, I could hardly believe it, it was like fantasy/dream come true, my feet were amazingly soft, almost like a baby skin.

    They even became lighter and more bright, the darked area gained some complexion, I really couldn't stop marvelling at them.

    There was a point where I was chilling with my friends, it happened that one touched my foot, she was amazed at how soft my skin is, so everyone wanted to feel. They all marvelled at my skin and I told them its the milky foot exfoliating foot pad. The product is truly amazing
  • Angela Peterson
    I would recommend Milky Foot - 12 Nov 2015
    I tried out Milky foot the other day and wanted to share some of my thoughts. I think that the packaging is okay, but could be a little more medical as when you pick up the box it looks like babies feet, which is confusing. Besides that one criticism, I think that the product is fabulous.

    I really love the fact that it actually works. I like that when it says that your foot will be exfoliated it truly follows through. My feet felt amazingly soft after 10 days and looked really good.

    I love the smell and actually enjoyed keeping my feet in the slippers. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • monica
    New Fan!!! - 11 Nov 2015
    Was a bit taken back by the peeling process, but the after results are definitely worth it! I cant wait to use it again. Thanks Milky Foot
  • yasmin
    Seriously soft baby feet - 10 Nov 2015
    Overall I was really excited to receive the package. Its really fun and girly and the individual socks are a great idea...minus the mess.

    The product didn't smell strongly like chemicals it had a foot spa smell. It started to work only after a day. I was amazed at how quickly and how much dead skin was peeling off my feet.

    The end result is seriously soft baby feet and a very happy rubygirl.
  • Kerry
    Milky Foot Heaven - 10 Nov 2015
    Oh my word, putting on the booties was the start of an experience I can't wait to have again. Easy to use. Results are visible from 4 days and after 2 weeks my feet are in the best condition they've been in for some time.
  • Wendy
    Great exfoliation - 10 Nov 2015
    Thank you for the opportunity to review this product! It does exactly what it is advertised to do .. which not many products do! The soles of my feet have never felt this smooth. The skin peeling bit is a bit scary .. so I would start this process at least 3 weeks before wanting to bare my feet in sandals!! Personally I don't find the name or packaging of this product eye catching .. so I wouldn't have tried it if it hadn't been a sample.
  • Jesica
    the best foot product on the market - 9 Nov 2015
    This is without a doubt the best foot product on the market for removing dead skin & eliminating cracked heels! First of all; thank you for the opportunity to test this product, I really did enjoy testing the pack. I have used ‘baby foot’ and the results were good, but the results from MILKY FOOT were 100 times better. I have used pumice, foot balms and the numerous files and scrapers on the market. Milky foot beats them all, by miles. Today – a week after application – my feet have peeled completely and they have NEVER looked and felt softer. I am over the moon!
  • Tints
    Milky Foot fan for life! - 9 Nov 2015
    My friend nominated me for this trial. I've never loved her more than i did a week later, after trying it.Milkyfoot is definitely going to be new pedicure replacement. Where has this been all my life? I have a pretty busy life, and this was a pedi while i worked. Very convenient, apart from having to keep my feet under cover for the week after (ashy feet at work are not a good look), but after that...Let me tell you, i've turned many ladies in the office into Milky foot fans!! Thank you for the opportunity, looking forward to many more new products from Ruby!!
  • Tiyani
    Pricy but worth it - 9 Nov 2015
    I've always had an issue with dry feet, days after a pedi, I'd be scratching up on my pantihose again.

    I used this the day I got it, a week later, the peeling process started, Longest 10 days of my life... but well worth the wait, OMW!!! The skin it revealed was soft and smooth, weeks later, I'm still walking on air and have yet to buy another pair of stockings... Price-wise... I wish it was in a tube / tub that you could keep using instead of use-once booties... more bang for the bucks it charges, but this is a definite beauty buy must-have!
  • Linda
    Recommending it to my friends! - 9 Nov 2015
    Thanks for the opportunity to have tried the Milky Foot Mask. Was worth it. Made my feet silky soft and smooth.
    Will definitely try the product in future again and have recommended it to few friends.
    Thanks again
  • Riana
    sure winner - 9 Nov 2015
    I tried the Milky Foot product with a little bit of reservation as I tried several other products who promised the same results but never worked. Great was my surprise to see all the old and hard skin peel off to reveal silky soft skin on my feet! I get compliments and I definitely recommend Milky foot to anybody who asks about it! Thank you very much Rubybox !!!
  • Mariette
    love it - 9 Nov 2015
    I love the milky foot. It leaves you're feet soft and silky and very soft.
  • Robyn
    IT WORKS - 9 Nov 2015
    I was a bit sceptical to try Milky Foot at first, but made a date with myself on reading these positive reviews. My feet felt cool as soon as I put them in the booties, it was actually really nice to sit back and watch series while knowing I was one step closer to soft summer ready feet with very little effort! The peeling started the next day, pretty amazing how quickly Milky Foot works. Now I am prancing around feeling confident with my summer feet - thank you Milky Foot I will definitely be buying again! - 5 STAR rating!
  • Bianca
    Milky Foot - 9 Nov 2015
    An absolute fabulous product. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. It smells good and works great.

    Thanks Rubybox for sending me a sample
  • Mark
    My wife knows best - 3 Nov 2015
    My wife forced me to try these after she used them. I found they were a bit of a tight fit for my large feet, but I managed to get them in. My feet are much better now, I feel ready for flip flops now! Would definitely buy again.
  • Belinda
    Can't believe it! - 3 Nov 2015
    I was a skeptic when I got these, especially cause I have bi-weekly pedicure appointments to keep my feet looking good.
    The product smelt amazing when I opened it, and it was a nice cooling affect when I placed my feet in the little booties.Good excuse to sit for an hour and watch tv. The peeling happened after 4 days and stopped after 3 days. My feet have been smooth now for almost 4weeks later! Definitely a fan! Thanks rubybox and milky foot
  • Dominique
    what a difference! - 27 Oct 2015
    Really see a big improvement on my heels since i used this product. Its truly amazing! my feet are finally ready for those summer filpflops
  • Bridget
    SWEET FEET - 26 Oct 2015
    I recently used Milky Foot and was very happy with the end results . After a week of peeling baby smooth silky feet were revealed
  • Aneke
    Fantastic product - 22 Oct 2015
    I decided to do the treatment on a Sunday evening-- and as per the instructions, the first exfoliation started on day 4.
    The whole process was painless and so effective, revealing soft skin on the undersides of my feet. The rest of the foot starts exfoliating on about day 6. The only downside would be when one wears open shoes- one's feet appear like they are peeling.

    The end-result is great! Fantastic product worth purchasing regularly!
  • Sheena
    MIlky Foot - 21 Oct 2015
    I recently tried Milky Foot and it was absolutely amazing. After a few days I could see a vast improvement. My feet are moisturised and silky smooth whole day and I definitely won't be covering them up this summer.
  • Colleen
    Amazing product - 20 Oct 2015
    Thank you Ruby Box for the sample. I tried this product and I am really amazed at how well it works. Your feet definitely start to peel 3 days after you have applied it and continue for a few days! the results are truly amazing. I run a lot and have some hard patches, they are all gone! my feet are so soft…. they have never been better!
  • Liezel
    Not tried yet - 19 Oct 2015
    I have seen this in Dischem and would love to try it - I am just a little hesitant over the price. I hope when I do buy this I will find the value all you ladies are sharing! Thank you for the reviews!
  • Brenda
    MIlky Foot - 17 Oct 2015
    What a magic product. Two days after using my feet started peeling like crazy. 4 days after that I had beautiful soft skin all over my feet, top and bottom. Would definitely buy and use as part of my foot regime.
  • suhaila
    milky foot - 15 Oct 2015
    thank you for choosing me as a candidate to try out milky foot.

    So I enjoyed the treatment .. when my feet started peeling it was fun and intriguing to see my skin just lift the way it did. The process is quite long for all peeling to come to a halt but end results worth it. I would rather do the peel just before summer. I took that the note warm water speeds up process as well as wearing socks.

    Great product and would purchase again
  • Lianne
    so cool :) - 14 Oct 2015
    I used the Milky Foot a few days ago, and can't wait for the rejuvenating result - it left a lovely cool sensation even after the treatment. I recommend this to anyone with feet needing a "foot lift" :)
  • Peggy
    Will recommend to all my friends! - 13 Oct 2015
    I used the Milk Foot product a few days ago, and I am delighted to say my feet are soft and moisturised.
    The peeling takes a bit long but worth the result. I love the peppermint smell.
    Thanks Ruby I will recommend this to all my friends.
  • Bronwyn
    I loved it! - 13 Oct 2015
    I have finally tested the product.
    I loved the coolness my feet felt when I applied the pads.
    The peeling after the process is not too bad.
    My feet feels really soft and all hard skin on my heels are gone.
  • Jess
    Get the job done - 12 Oct 2015
    I am a little unsure of this product, it definitely does what it says on the box, it makes your feet super soft but they do go through an intensive peeling process. I used mine just over a week ago and my feet have really been peeling a lot the last few days. I would definitely suggest it for after summer or just before ;)
  • Nontsikelelo Kgoe
    worth the money - 12 Oct 2015
    I tried the product.Initially the hard skin started to peel off after a few days,but my feet are now softer.The skin on my toes looks clean and less dry.My feet also don't feel dry any more.

    The product has a pleasant smell I will buy it and recommend to friends.Worth the money.
  • Zamashandu
    I love it - 12 Oct 2015
    My feet have not been this soft. My husband wants to try it as well. It is totally awesome!!!
  • Arthi
    So excited, and it really works! - 12 Oct 2015
    First and foremost, I would like to thank rubybox for allowing me the opportunity to test this product first hand with a friend. The hardest part of this was finding an hour in my busy day to use this amazing product. It was very easy to use, with a cooling sensation. I used a scissor to cut just the tops of the booties. Then put my feet in, applied some pressure around it and then put on socks. 1 hour later I felt like I have been given a new pair of feet. I peeled a lot on the first day and thereafter a little for about a week after the application. So I wouldn't recommend using sandals immediately afterwards as it would look funny. But thank you rubybox. I will purchase this in the future each summer.
  • Lutfiyya
    Milky Foot Part 1 - 12 Oct 2015
    I've finally got around to using the Milky Foot. It is amazingly easy to use - snip the top, slide your feet in, and done! The liquid was refreshingly cool, and as advised i put socks over so I could walk around easily. I did't wear it for the full hour though. After about 30 minutes the top of my feet started to tingle. By 40 minutes I had to rinse them. Even though it was only on for 40 minutes, the soles of my feet were really soft. It has been 4 days and I still haven't had any peeling so my heels are still a little dry. I will keep you updated once the peeling has started.
  • Zay
    Must be honest I am impressed - 7 Oct 2015
    I came across this product in Australia and was thrilled to see it has now landed on our shores. If you don't have that much time during the week to fit in that much needed pedicure - this is the one for you. It really does work and seems to leave my feet feeling soft and moisturized for weeks on end after I have used it! I LOVE this product and will certainly be buying myself more in the future!
  • fiona
    Definitely Summer Feet Ready - 7 Oct 2015
    I was hesitant at first to try this product - but I am now a fan! I loved the peppermint smell of the product. It was easy to use and after 6 days my dry hard skin started to peel off. I now have nice smooth 'summer ready feet' Thanks rubybox and milky foot!
  • Yaksha
    Baby soft feet - 7 Oct 2015
    Thank you Ruby box for my product. Finally got around to dedicating an hour to myself. Cool tingling refreshing and very easy to you.. Just snip the top of the plastic booties, insert your foot, lightly press around and put on a sock. Be warned though, don't use it after a pedicure as it does peel of the nail polish. Result? Baby soft feet that remains so even after a few days of application. The box does warn of peeling after 5 days but I have yet to experience that.If you want to get your feet summer sandle ready, I suggest you go out and get this product ASAP to accommodate for the peeling that might occur. Please note it's not for pregnant or diabetic people. Thank you again Ruby Box :)
  • Noleen
    Milky foot - 7 Oct 2015
    The instructions were very easy to follow and the product smelled great. Even though I knew that my skin would be peeling off, I still got a little fright when it happened. You won't believe how much skin can come off of a foot. It did leave my feet feeling amazing though. I would rather use it in the winter next time, that way my feet can be covered until it has finished peeling.
  • Ramona
    Miracle Milky Foot - 6 Oct 2015
    The instructions were easy to follow. My peeling started about 4 days later. The peeling continued for a few days. During that time I had to wear closed shoes as my feet looked bad with the peeling skin. Once the peeling stopped my feet looked amazing and they felt so soft. Would definitely use this product again.
  • Vanessa
    Does what it says - 6 Oct 2015
    Thank you again Rubybox for sending me the milky foot to review. The instructions were easy to follow and the product was comfortable. The peeling happened exactly as specified on the box,
    In my honest opinion it works perfectly. However its better to in winter so that you can wear closed shoes while the peeling affect works.
  • salome
    Very Satisfied - 6 Oct 2015
    I used my milky foot today and I must say,I'm very satisfied with the results. My feet are now smooth.

    The only problem I have is that I
    had a pedicure done a week ago & the gel lifted after using the product,so will do milky foot before getting my nails done. Otherwise the overall experience was it delivered what was expected.
  • Andrea
    Milky Foot - 6 Oct 2015
    What a wonderful product that actually lives up to its name. I now have silky, soft and oh so sensual feet. Now time for a gel paint :). Its like a facial peel for the feet. So worth it.
  • Laila
    Milky Foot is Magic - 6 Oct 2015
    The milky foot exfoliating pads is an amazing product.
    It delivered on all counts.I now have lovely soft feet.
    I won't be wasting time with the foot scrubs and soaks (which I have a slight obsession with).☺
  • NoorJehan
    Milky Foot - 3 Oct 2015
    I had horrible cracked heels so was really eager to try this product.I used Milky foot as instructed.... then kept checking feet every 5 mins to see if they were peeling.After 4 long days (I'm very impatient) the peeling began.My heels are now lovely and smooth.
    p.s. i had a fascination with the peeling skin :D
  • Reshnu
    Loving this smooth feeling - 2 Oct 2015
    I was so excited when I received my Milky Foot. Tried it the same evening. Best 60 mins spent on my feet. Still waiting for the peeling to stop so I can enjoy the smoothness. Thanks Milky Foot for an amazing product
  • Jeannie
    Milky Foot - 2 Oct 2015
    I had dry skin on my heels and they were starting to crack. Used the milky foot.
    I relaxed for 60 minutes then washed it off. 5 days later the peeling started. It is still peeling, but already my feet are feeling much softer. Can't wait for the peeling to stop. So that I can start wearing sandals again and show off my beautiful soft feet.

  • tari
    PERFECT SOLUTION - 1 Oct 2015
    I have extremely bad callus build up and it leads to dry skin and cracked heels, its been like this for 5 years now. i tried lots of stuff but milky food did it for me, the callus came off when the peeling process started and the cracks have become thinner. its an expensive product but it has worked for me and i am definitely trying it every 8 weeks.
  • Meryl
    Like a face peel but for your feet! - 30 Sep 2015
    I am a spa therapist who specializes in skin peels, but nothing I've ever used on the face, is penetrative enough to peel the thick skin on the feet. Milky Foot is absolutely amazing! Your skin feels silky smooth once the application is over and in about 5 days, your skin starts shedding in the most unbelievable way for around 10 days. Thereafter, every crack and callus magically disappears. It truly is really the best peeling product for feet on the market. You will never be disappointed.
    Milky foot bath - 30 Sep 2015
    I received my milky foot bath in the office and couldn't wait to get home to try it. That evening I sat down to watch my favourite show for a well deserved 60 minute break while I allowed the milky foot bath to do its thing. I loved the smell, not at all offensive for something that was meant to exfoliate so intensely. Not at all what I was expecting. The feeling was quite cold and refreshing. Do this with your feet facing the floor and try to use the bathroom before you sit down for the full 60minutes..It was quite amusing to have to get up and walk around as its quite squishy and noisy!.Its been 5 days now and my skin has not started peeling yet. I think I might try soaking them in warm water to see if that will help. I will keep you updated. I'm quite excited to see the end result.
  • Elizabeth
    Icy and invigorating! - 29 Sep 2015
    Love how it's so ideal for my busy lifestyle, I just popped the foot pads on, set the alarm,went along with my business and 60 minutes later my feet were overcome by this cool, soothing sensation, like taking a lozenge for a sore throat. My feet feel amazingly refreshed and smooth, thanks to Milky Foot :)
  • Cezzanne
    still waiting for the peeling to start - 29 Sep 2015
    I tried the product on Friday evening, smells nice very easy to use. Its day 3/4 and i am anxiously waiting for the peeling of the dead skin to start- nothing yet though. Will keep you updated.....
  • Nastasja
    Great for winter and summer time - 29 Sep 2015
    I have recently used the Milky Foot Exfoliating foot pads and I was pleasantly surprised in a few aspects. First of all, the packaging is really adorable. Second of all, the booties are made of a sturdy plastic and look really cute too. Thirdly, it smells minty fresh and the instructions are super easy to use. Lastly, a few days after using it, the dead skin of my feet have been peeling off and my feet feel softer already. This product is a bit pricey but it really is worth it.

  • Tracey-lee
    milky foot - 29 Sep 2015
    I did mine on friday when I got it and my feet and now peeling as it said it would. Feet are feeling so much better now.
  • kerena
    out of this world - 25 Sep 2015
    i have received my product and tried it yesterday omg my feet feel like a babies bottom . its amazing how it works . i have tried many products and nothing has worked but this is a must.
    its smells amazing and easy to use 100%