Lip butter
Size 19ml
What’s this?

A richly moisturising lip butter.

What does it do?

Enriched with hydra IQ, Shea butter and almond oil, this formula melts instantly on the lips, restoring moisture balance and adding a silky gloss.

Why we ♥ it

It relieves dry, chapped lips leaving them feeling soft, smooth and pampered.

What else you need to know

The long-lasting moisture protects against external influences that affect the sensitive skin of the lips.


  • nusheena
    soft lips - 20 Nov 2017
    I love wearing lipstick on a daily and that tends to leave me with patchy sore dry lips at the end of the day after wiping it and we alll know how mattt liquids are the stay no mattter what , after that i love to drown my lips in this product as it leaves my lips feeling soft, supple and patchy freee
  • Nadine
    Labello Lip Butter - 17 Nov 2017
    Labello lip butter is great value for money. This is lip butter with a purpose. As a result of the harsh winter, I have been investing in labello lip butter and have ended up with lips as smooth as butter (lol). I keep it in my bag to soothe dryness and once a week a do a lip scrub with coconut oil & brown sugar, afterwards I moisture my lips with labello lip butter.
  • Taryn
    Labello - 18 Sep 2017
    The lip butter served its purpose of nourishing my lips but I hated that I had to apply it with my fingers. I would prefer the product came in a roll up stick. Nevertheless, the smell is subtle, and it is not heavy on the lips.
  • Lettie
    Super soft lips - 13 Sep 2017
    I used to exfoliate my lips with coconut oil and sugar due to having dry lips until I found this amazing lip butter, I love it,it really works wonders,it leaves my lips well nourished and soft.I can't imagine my life without it
    Kissable lips in no time! - 4 Sep 2017
    I've always been a fan of Labello lip balm so when the lip butter was launched, I had to give it a try. Absolutely love it! My lips were so soft and the dryness was completely gone!
  • Candice
    Labello Lip Butter - 1 Sep 2017
    Great for dry lips and for continuous moisturizing. It is also great for those who are always outdoors where the sun damages your lips as it provides great moisture to your lips.
  • Nicky
    Great product. - 25 Aug 2017
    I love this product but I am not a fan of lip products that I have to put my fingers into to use - (maybe just a mental thing!)
  • Jolene
    Soft and light - 23 Aug 2017
    I used some from a friend when I forgot my lip balm at home and I fell in love! Have not used anything else since!
  • Brenda
    Labello Lip butter - 16 Aug 2017
    I got the lip butter from a magazine. I still have some left and it's over a year old. I love the product and it keeps my lips soft and moist for longer and the fragrance, mind blowing!!!!
  • Jenniqua
    Soft kissable lips - 7 Aug 2017
    I like the tub thing, really easy to apply and you don't have to worry about the stick breaking. quality is also good, Labello can always be counted on to produce quality lip products. found the container a bit hard to open, especially if its been in your pocket or under stuff. but all in all really soft lips from this product.
  • Wafieka
    This product is definitely a must have. I always ensure that I have it with me at all times. Great feel and makes my lips feel so soft. 5 starts :)
  • Courtney
    It does what it should - 29 Jul 2017
    This is a good product for dry lips, an essential basic that we should all carry with us.
  • Samantha
    labello lip butter - 18 Jul 2017
    A friend of mine gave a labello lip butter and I love this product it leaves my lips soft and supple. I would buy this over and over again.
  • Tamisha
    Excellent for dry lips - 14 Jul 2017
    Works very well for extremely dry lips. Goes on smoothly as a nice base for lipstick.
  • Khadija
    Keeps my lips soft - 29 Jun 2017
    Small and compact. perfect for the handbag . keeps my lips soft
  • Claudine
    Amazing - 8 Jun 2017
    I apply this lip butter every night before bed, and the morning my lips are ready to face the day. I just love the texture and feeling of the butter. Before I discovered this product, I struggled with dry lips. My lips never "crack" - even in the winter.
  • trevoleen
    for the love of labello - 5 Jun 2017
    I simply love the labello range of lip care products. They fruity smells and moisturizing factors who wouldn't love it. The labello lip butter really is very hydrating for your lips makes them soft and keeps them that way. Love it!!!
  • Jacinta
    Better Than The Rest - 9 May 2017
    I absolutely love the Laello Lip Butters. They last longer than other lip balms and definitely moisturize better. I absolutely love this product. A wider range of flavors would be great but those that are available currently are amazing.
  • Jacinta
    Better Than The Rest - 9 May 2017
    I absolutely love the Laello Lip Butters. They last longer than other lip balms and definitely moisturize better. I absolutely love this product. A wider range of flavors would be great but those that are available currently are amazing.
  • Pumza
    Butter Lips - 26 Apr 2017
    I have a tendency of having dry lips as a result I regularly have to moisturise my lips more than often. Ever since I started using the Labello Lip butter. Not only are my lift soft and shiny but they are also healthier and I do not need to constantly apply as it last longer. Love Love Love it !
  • Bianca
    Labello Lip Balm - 24 Apr 2017
    Best Lip Butter I have ever used. Love the softness and shine.
  • Yentel
    Soft and smooth - 24 Apr 2017
    my niece loves this Labello butter. think she has 2 tubs and wears it before bed. says her lips are softer in the morning
  • Angelique
    In love - 5 Apr 2017
    The lip butter is much more soothing and long lasting than the lip ice range according to me. With the lip ice range it almost makes my lips feel more dry the more I apply it. But with the butter range it does not.
    I would say that I wish they would sell them in smaller containers though.
  • Laurenique
    Labello LOVE - 3 Apr 2017
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip butter. as a engineer I'm in the sun most of day, this product does wonders to my dry chapped lips!
  • Jay
    love it - 5 Mar 2017
    this product absolutely blows my mind that it can keep my chapped lips so smooth! its amazing
  • Leomandi
    hydrating lips - 13 Feb 2017
    The Labello lip butter has a great consistency and feels hydrating on the lips the only problem would be the packaging or applicator, its though to open and sticking your fingers into the product seems unhygienic, but if you do not mind that this is a great product.
  • Tatenda
    Labello lip butter - 25 Jan 2017
    I love the consistency of this lip balm and how nourishing it is, i just hate how i have to open it because i have long nails and also the white residue left behind otherwise its a good product.
  • Genevieve
    Labello Lip buttering - 18 Jan 2017
    So I got me some Labello lip butter. Lets start with what I loved. It has a great consistency, glides on smoothly. My lips felt protected and moisturized. It had a slight gloss to it aswell which I loved. What I didnt love so much. The packaging, the lil tin although cute, it does mean you gota stick your finger in it or a lip brush and thats not very fun or relatively hygenic, cz who's hands are 100 % germ free all the time. I have dark lips so I wasnt too crazy about the whiteish colour it left my lips. Overall its a pretty good product just not really one id be buying again cz I don't like sticking my finger in the lil tin.
  • Joh-Marie
    lebello lipbutter - 13 Jan 2017
    Love this! Leave my lips soft and moisture for hours and specially protects against harsh elements outdoors
  • Yasmeen
    Good but not great - 3 Jan 2017
    It does moisturise my lips but I feel that it doesn't last very long
  • Hayley
    Labello - 18 Dec 2016
    It's nice to have this in a different container. So moisturizing on the lips and long lasting.
  • Zaaimah
    why i love labello lip butter - 1 Dec 2016
    so lately my started looking like trash ,and i needed something to help me get my lips back to normal. and of cause i ran to labello one of the amazing products out there. this product made my lips slightly better and dont let me even go to the smell of it ,i recimend this to people who have lip that have issues

    thank you
  • Chante
    lABELO LIP BUTTER - 22 Nov 2016
    i used the pink lip butter, simply amazing, keeps lips moisturised daily and soft as well

  • Mandy
    Labello Lip Butter - 17 Nov 2016
    Smells amazing and lasts FOREVER!! Real value for money giving you lovely smoochable lips!
  • Claire
    Can't live without - 17 Nov 2016
    I love this product. Compact and easy. I literally can't go a day with out it. One in purse and one in my car. X
  • Sinenhlanhla
    Lip Butter - 16 Nov 2016
    Everyones must have! Love the smoothness it leaves on my lips. Perfect before lipstick as well.
  • Insaaf
    So gonna buy this - 8 Nov 2016
    Im truly a labello girl. I never leave home without it. I have 3 different ones in 3 different bags...

    Anyway im definitely going to purchase this. Looks so creamy and smooth.

    Cant wait.

    Thanks for the awesome reviews
  • Susan
    Love - 8 Nov 2016
    To begin with ‘I love this lip butter’. I have only used lip balms before and this is my first lip butter. I was on the lookout for new lip balms when this beauty caught the attention of my eyes. I have used all the variants of Labello lip balms but the lip butters are a new addition to their lip care range. The packing was so cute that I couldn’t resist my temptation to buy it. Overall I am in love with this lip butter and this is going to be my sole companion for a very long time.
  • Morongwa
    Loyal since day1 - 8 Nov 2016
    I love this lip balm. I have been buying the same raspberry flavor for four years now and never looked back. It is so rich and smooth it lasts for looong on your lips and always brings them back to life. I love it! And never lived without it. Words can't express!
  • raeesa
    Labello lip butter - 4 Nov 2016
    I love the labello lip butter.
    Works great at moisturing dry lips and leaves your lips feeling soft. Great product!
  • Bianca
    Chapped lips to Happy lips - 25 Oct 2016
    I love the labello lip products,I have like almost every scent and flavour,Super hydrating to your lips,And would make your lips super moist and soft,And perfect before a liquid lipstick
  • Khanyisile
    labella lip butt - 25 Oct 2016
    I would like to take this products on my lips please,my lips are dry and cracking sometime.
  • Tasmyn
    Lip butter - 23 Oct 2016
    I was blown away by these products! I have the vanilla&macadamia as well as the raspberry rosé and they are stunning. These lip butters are highly moisturising without feeling uncomfortable or sticky on the lips. Not only do they soften my slips in an incredible way, they also smell heavenly!
  • Candice
    Labello - 5 Oct 2016
  • Daisy
    BYE BYE CRACKED LIPS - 5 Oct 2016
    this is an amazing product - this is my go to before i even apply lip stick ..... i love it and its so moisturising - lips do not crack and it last for quite a long time

    this is soon A GO TO PRODUCT
  • Nelisa
    Get Soft Lips At Dawn - 3 Oct 2016
    This product is just perfect. Every night after I've washed and moisturised my face, I apply the butter on my lips. In the morning, my lips are delectably soft. You can try this technique with other types of lip balm, but I recommend this.
  • Ariesha
    butter me up - 2 Oct 2016
    I love this product. I have suffered with chapped lips during winter, I also have a bad habit of licking my lips. Which resulted in my needing to stock up on lip balm. I had tried all 3 and my favourite lip butter is raspberry. Apply at night and wake up to soft lips in the morning. Plus it last really long because its in a cute tin.With more than your usual tube. Its super effective and has rich moisturizing effects. Highly recommend. I can't leave home without it.
  • Allegra Chloe
    Very messy. - 1 Oct 2016
    To me the tin always got messy in my bag, although there is a greater quantity.
  • Kea
    Labello LIp butter - 23 Sep 2016
    It is very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. Ive had the same butter for about 6 months and its still going strong.
  • Emmogene
    labello lip butter wow - 13 Sep 2016
    I just love this product. It keeps your lips soft and moisterise d
  • Patience
    a handbag must have - 18 Aug 2016
    best lip butter i have tried so far. it keeps my lips moisturised for longer and leaves them very smooth
  • Chantelle
    Value for money - 8 Aug 2016
    I like labbelo lip butter, but can only use the original one, but leaves your lips moist and you looking confident
  • Chanel
    DAILY WONDER - 12 Jul 2016
    I have always loved Labello and with the new range of lip butters I just love them even more. The macadamia butter is the most delicious smelling lip butter I have ever used. I use it everyday!
  • Zolitha Zoey
    I absolutely love it! - 5 Jul 2016
    It's great and gentle enough to use everyday. I even use it before I go to bed.
  • Leanne
    butter, butter more butter! - 2 Jul 2016
    This is a awesome product to have handy in winter with dry chapped lips no girl wants a pout and a lil doubt... Labello lip butter also looks a lil glossy adding a lovely finishing touch to your lips.
  • Annique
    On the fence - 11 Feb 2016
    I have always loved and used Labello lip products. And think I have onnestly tried every variant of there standard tubes of twist up lip treatment. But I don't prefer this tipe of packaging. Although the product is nourishing and moisturising. I feel that using your finger to apply is not very highgenic. Would I continue to buy the regular twist ups? Yes. And really hope that they don't change there packaging across there range.
  • Layla
    Affordable quality product - 10 Feb 2016
    I love the way it smells and feels. I hAve all the flavours in each of my favourite is blueberry though. What a great product and very moisturise and soothing to my lips
  • Tidi
    Its effective and gentle - 1 Feb 2016
    I never imagined that a lip butter could give me so much effectiveness as I always was a lip-gloss lady before I ever imagined a world of lip balms and butters. Labello is soft and easily absorbed, the smell is gentle and not overpowering and it gets the job done by providing a good dose of hydration thanks to the highly effective care formula with Hydra IQ which is much-needed ny dry chappy lips - it reminded me about "granma 's old Vaseline secret!"....Somehow old memories are triggered especially because the tin look is vintage.
  • Farzana
    Great Packaging - 21 Oct 2015
    Firstly I love the little tins it comes in. I have the Macadamia one. It's great, lives up to the normal labello expectations. Very little product for the normal price though, guess the cute tin has it's downfall
  • Melissa
    Labello lip butter - 14 Oct 2015
    I really like the little tins these come in. So cute! And it does wonders for Hydrating and protecting lips. A Must have for anyone that wears a lot of lipstick as they dry out lips. Moisturising and long lasting.
  • Samantha
    Soft - 13 Oct 2015
    I love that this lip ice is so soft, i just find it dehydrates my lips a bit so i have to keep applying, however great value for money
  • Jadean
    Labello Lip butter - 7 Oct 2015
    I would not normally use lip butter but highly recommend this product. It works wonders and really kept my lips subtle & moist during winter.
  • Ayanda
    Labello Lip butter - 2 Oct 2015
    I have the Raspberry flavor, this one beauty is a must have to keep your lips moisturized all day long. So affordable and easy accessible for R22.99 at Clicks. A must have :)
    Original is always best!!! - 14 Sep 2015
    Cant not love Labello
    I always use the lip butter before I apply my lipstick to give my lips the moisture it needs, its an all year round handbag essential.
  • Wafiqa
    Great lip balm but needs some colour! - 3 Sep 2015
    I love the softening quality of this lip balm and the fruity scent of the raspberry rose one is great. only problem is I expected it to have colour, but it didn't have any, so it wasn't all that different to using petroleum jelly.
  • Nicola
    Labello Lip Butter - 28 Jul 2015
    I Love Labello Lip Butter as it is not as thick as the other brands. You only need to put it on once and it keeps your lips moist. It is a winter must have!
  • Genevieve
    Best value for money overnight treatment - 18 Jul 2015
    This lip butter is a little thick to use during the day however if you put a thick layer on at night before sleep, you wake up the next morning with soft moisturized lips. Affordable and effective. One tin lasts ages.
  • Roberta
    labello macadamia lip butter - 16 Jul 2015
    wow this is a really good product, no greasiness, it just melts on your lips. keeps it moisterised.
  • Tracy
    Labello - 15 Jul 2015
    Love this lip balm have used it for many years, Big thumbs up!
    well worth it lip butter - 15 Jul 2015
    keeps lips very nice and soft and there is no build up with re-applications plus not sticky at all
  • Mandisa
    Great Product - 13 Jul 2015
    What a great product especially in winter.It leaves your lips well moisturized and soft.
    Butter Soft - 7 Jul 2015
    Great product for the Winter months, it glides on and is soft yet very moisturising. Comes in a variety of flavours the vanilla being my favourite. Dont mind it being in a tin gives it a pit of a retro feel but would prefer if the tin was a bit smaller which would make it a bit practical.
    Price is good at around R30.00 and availability is what makes this a winner, you can pick this up pretty much anywhere.
  • Bianca
    Stunning Product - 3 Jul 2015
    Love this product especially now in winter for the dry months its my little life saver
  • Leigh
    Very versatile - 1 Jul 2015
    The small container is perfect to keep it in a handbag or even a pocket without it taking too much space. It's a lovely product that is quickly absorbed and very soothing. Nice for people with sensitive skin because it doesn't contain any colour or perfume.
  • Karishma
    must have - 30 Jun 2015
    This little product helps with the winter harshness, I use it over my lipstick and it still protects
  • Kesavi
    perfect for winter - 12 Jun 2015
    comes in handy during the cold winter months :-) Keeps the lips nice and moisturized.
  • Natasha
    Silky smooth - 3 Jun 2015
    What a handy little pot! You can never go wrong with this little pot of gold in your handbag. Doesn't have that nasty sticky lipbalm taste or feel.
  • Wianca
    Loved the balm - 1 Jun 2015
    Trusted product that didn't disappoint. Love the packaging and texture of the product.
  • Christine
    Amazing! - 18 May 2015
    I've always prided myself on having pretty lips that are naturally a darkish red and quite lush so I always try to look well after them. When I received this little bomb in my box I instantly applied it and was amazed at how my lips immediately felt. This lip butter moisturises without making my lips too sticky and keeps them soft for hours. I even wear it at night when I go to sleep. A must have!
  • Cherye
    amazing - 18 May 2015
    I love this stuff!!! I can't wait to get more different flavors. I put this on all day, especially now that winter is approaching!
  • suzana
    yummy - 15 May 2015
    can't remember the last time i had such soft lips, even hubby can't stop with the praises
  • Sherese
    Great - 12 May 2015
    This butter is absolutely fabulous. Its soft on the lips and doesnt leave a nasty oily after taste. Definitely a must
  • Lesley-ann
    Works like a charm! - 11 May 2015
    This is an amazing product, would definitely buy it again. Leaves my lips feeling amazing, and doesn't leave a horrible taste like so many other lip balm products. Also lasts a very long time, I normally apply lip balm up to 7 times a day, with this product I only have to apply 2 maybe 3 times a day.
  • Samukeliso
    Sheer Butter - 10 May 2015
    I love this product funny enough because I am a lipstick girl .I was complaining to a friend about my lips getting dry Because its getting to winter and she sacrificed her lip butter that she got from her box for me to try out .
    I am totally sold on this product .
    I apply it as a lip primmer before applying lipstck .
    It works .
  • Siobhan
    labello lip butter - 9 May 2015
    Always use to use the gloss, but love the lip butter! Works much better, lasts longer and is just overall a fantastic product. I struggle a lot with dehydrated lips but found that this works better than any other product I have tried. Thanks rubybox!
  • Fikile
    Labello Lip butter - 23 Apr 2015
    When this product was introduced to the market I was a bit sceptical because they had phased out the lip gloss range which was my favourite.

    Now I am hooked on the lip butter. We have fights on our way to work every morning with my hubby and daughter as they also want to use it as well. So it's a great product for the whole family!
  • Goitseone Kgaugelo
    kissable lips everyday :) - 23 Apr 2015
    I put this product on just before I sleep, and in the morning my lips feel soft as butter :D
  • Bianca
    Mind changer - 22 Apr 2015
    I'm not much of a lip balm user at all, I HATE lips that are oily and Vaseline covered all the time. So naturally when I received this product in my box, I was a bit disgusted that one of my sacred products was a lip butter. The mere sound of it put me off. But I braved the unknown and used it before going out. I was very impressed! It wasn't oily or sticky, and made my lips very soft. I might just change my mind about these type of products. Well done Labello!
  • marilia
    LABELLO - 20 Apr 2015
    Great product, got on my last ruby box and simply loved! I use before I go sleep and it keeps my lips very soft!
  • Melanie
    labello lip butter - 20 Apr 2015
    An absolutely amazing product perfect for winter. My 17 old son is now the the new owner and loving it
  • Taryn
    So smooth! - 20 Apr 2015
    My son gets very dry lips which crack at the corners. I gave him my sample from my Rubybox and he is loving it. His lips are no longer cracked or flaking
  • Siobhan
    Fantastic - 20 Apr 2015
    I have this in the rose and raspberry fragrance and I adore it. It sits on my bedside table and I use it as a before-bed treat for my lips!
  • Candice
    Labello Lip butter - 19 Apr 2015
    I always carry this handy little tin with me in order to avoid dry and chapped lips. Works so well.
  • Gaynor
    Too Moist - 19 Apr 2015
    My son has very dry lips so I gave him the labello. He stopped using it as he mentioned its much too moist and makes his lips feel wet. So i tried it and I have to agree even when applying a smaller quantity it still feels too greasy! Think it would best suit cracked damaged lips but not when you're just trying to pucker up lol
  • ayesha
    value for money - 17 Apr 2015
    So soft and hydrating. No cloying scent present. Leaves the lips feeling smooth and soft
  • Nancy
    labello lip buter - 17 Apr 2015
    i never use lip ice, lip balm or anything except lipstick, but i received this and decided to try it.... well it now stays permanently on my desk and i use it all day. its gentle and soft without an overpowering scent. just love it. thanks for my softer lips
  • Elana
    Lobello - 17 Apr 2015
    I use it every day it keeps my lips soft and moist for complete day.
  • Daleen
    Love it - 15 Apr 2015
    I have very dry lips and this works great!! I love it since I am sick a lot and the fever gets to my lips
  • Shireen
    Labello - 13 Apr 2015
    I find it more convenient as I labello sticks always breaks. Like the way it feels on my lips. I find if applied before lipstick my lips are not dry
  • Nadia
    smooth lips - 13 Apr 2015
    Keeps lips smooth and soft best winter remedy ever as well as pocket size :)
  • Connie
    Great Product - 13 Apr 2015
    This is a wonderful product. I keep it with me where ever I go and use it often. It keeps my lips supersoft.
  • sophia
    Perfect for those Dry lips - 12 Apr 2015
    I was so excited when i received this in my Rubybox. I have never used the lip butter before. So once i used this one, there was no going back. This is a perfect moisturizer for lips come any season. I use it all the time now
  • Chereze
    Wonderful - 11 Apr 2015
    What a wonderful product, nice and small to take with me where ever i go and it makes my lips so soft.
  • Melissa
    AWESOME - 10 Apr 2015
    Instant cure for winter lips and nice size tin to slip in any pocket!
  • Elana
    Labello Lips - 9 Apr 2015
    Use it daily keep my lips smooth and moisturize. It's the best.
  • Dominique
    My new fave - 9 Apr 2015
    Labello has always been my go-to lip ice. I have only recently been introduced to this one (in the tin as opposed to the regular stick) and it's my absolute new fave. Staple handbag item for sure!
  • Juanita
    love the lip butter! - 9 Apr 2015
    I gave mine to my daughter and she is absolutely delighted with the product. Now with the coming winter, I think this is a great must have for your purse
  • Jumandie
    Hello Winter! - 8 Apr 2015
    This is amazing for dry lips! This will be a true hero during the winter!
  • Anjay
    Labello - the moisturising brand - 7 Apr 2015
    Labello has always bene my "go-to"lips'fav product! On-the-go in the sun or beating the winter cold -this little goodie is an absolute gem!

    It moistens, protects and smoothes fine lip wrinkles!

    Leaves lips feeling hydrated and looking shiny!
  • Laurette
    The best! - 7 Apr 2015
    I used the lip balm while in hospital and my lips stayed smooth and mositurised
  • Lynn
    Hydrated Lips - 7 Apr 2015
    Love Labello Lip Butter to keep my lips hydrated and kissable to use any season.
    Prefer the Vanilla & Macadamia flavour though
  • Bronwyn
    Labello Lips - 7 Apr 2015
    Labello has been a favourite of mine for years. I love the tins, soft smooth lips
  • Thelma
    Lip Butter - 4 Apr 2015
    Smooth and soft,works wonderfully on dry lips.Mine were so dry but not anymore.Best lip balm in the world.Love it.
  • Cheryl
    Love Labello - 30 Mar 2015
    Of the little Labello tins, I prefer the Vanilla & Macadamia flavour, but the original is still an excellent lip treatment, leaving my lips soft and smoothing out dry spots.
  • haarisha
    goodbye chapped lips - 29 Mar 2015
    I dreading winter because my lips get really dry but with this product I can't wait for test it in the winter.I like that it doesn't leave any residue or white marks.
  • haarisha
    goodbye chapped lips - 29 Mar 2015
    I dreading winter because my lips get really dry but with this product I can't wait for test it in the winter.I like that it doesn't leave any residue or white marks.
  • Luzaan
    Pleasantly surprised - 28 Mar 2015
    Was a bit skeptical about using Labello since I find that it dries my lips out way faster than other brands. After using it my lips were soft and hydrated. Really delighted with the results. Still in two minds about the price though. As a free sample, it's great.
  • Gail
    butter lips - 27 Mar 2015
    Labello Lip Butter formula pampers and relieves dry lips, sealing in moisture for long-lastingly silky gloss lips. Ingredients include shea butter and almond oil. I simply adore the Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter also from the Labello lip collection!
  • Alice
    Soft Lips - 27 Mar 2015
    Labello Lip Butter is great. Soft lips and my lips does not burn and go dry anymore.
  • Janine
    Soft Lips - 26 Mar 2015
    Really great lip butter. Leaves my lips amazingly soft, very smooth and not sticky at all. Love it.
  • Caron
    Labello is my life - 25 Mar 2015
    I am a total Labello freak. All my friends know this so I was super duper happy when I got it. Its the only brand of lip butter that I use.
  • Rochelle
    LIP LOVE - 25 Mar 2015
    My new favourite lip balm. Love the texture and how soft my lips look and feel.
  • Trisha
    Lip Butter - 24 Mar 2015
    Fits perfectly in my makeup bag or pocket , smells great, doesnt leave any white marks on your lips! the best Lip balm
  • Mpho
    Smooth LIPS - 24 Mar 2015
    Love me some Labello lip butter, my lips are so smooth and they have long lasting moisture
  • May
    Pucker up! - 24 Mar 2015
    I don't usually use lip balm, but this is one I would definitely buy in future! It is quite convenient as I don't have to spend five minutes digging through my huge handbag to find it! And I absolutely love the way it feels - the word that comes to mind is moisturized!
  • Nadine
    Labello Lip butter - 24 Mar 2015
    I love this original lip butter, cause its got the original aroma which one can only relate to Labello. its rich and creamy, making my lips smooth and it heals, right after ive had too much lipgloss or lipstick. priced excellently, at 29.95 its affordable and easily available from pharmacies and retail outlets. p.s-i love the size, fits into my gym/work and leisure bags ;-)
  • Daniella
    Lovely texture - 24 Mar 2015
    I really like the consistency of this product, its neither greasy nor goopy. It doesn't have a flavour though, this would've made a great addition to the product
  • Lina
    lip butter - 24 Mar 2015
    The size is good to fit even in a jeans pocket, and it's not greasy
  • Leonie
    Labello Buttered lips! - 24 Mar 2015
    Nothing to say at all - this is simply a must have - FINISHED!
  • Melissa
    Favourite - 24 Mar 2015
    Have always loved Labello- and this is just the best. Beautiful tin, small and compact and gives me the softest lips! Definitely recommend the product.
  • Candice
    Labello Lip butter - 23 Mar 2015
    I normally struggle with dry lips and have tested so many lip balms. I love that Labello is also now using small tin pots as packaging as their stuff works so well without being expensive.
  • Tina
    Kissable lips - 23 Mar 2015
    I adore my labello lip butter original, it keeps my lips soft and kissable
  • Mandie
    Handy in my Handbag - 23 Mar 2015
    Love Labello! always a nice to have in your handbag. I would prefer a flavour.
  • leaan
    smooth and compact - 21 Mar 2015
    Nice size to fit in my make up bag and smooth application without leaving thick lyers on your lips. Flavour would be a nice addition.
  • sashnee
    labello lip butter - 18 Mar 2015
    i absolutely love labello products and i had to give the labello lip butter-orginal a try. It comes in a handy flat container which slips easily in my pocket , it is also easy to apply and leaves my lips feeling soft and smoother.
  • Samantha
    Old Favorite made new - 18 Mar 2015
    Love Nivea products, and this is one of the greatest. Amazing! Lips feel nourished, soft and smooth! Refreshing!
  • Danielle
    Winter is Coming! - 18 Mar 2015
    My lips always seem to suffer most in Winter. Thanks to Labello Butter, they won't anymore. Plus it's size and tin colour means I won't forget to take it with me.
  • Amina
    Nice lip balm - 18 Mar 2015
    I like this lip balm because it smells good and feels good. I don't like that its in a pot as I feel like thats slightly unhygienic. I definitely prefer the libello stick lipbalms.
    I have never been able to use lip ice as it always causes the skin on my lips to peel off however since using the labelo lip butter i have not had this problem at all. i find it leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth which is exactly what i want! the consistency is also lovely as it is thinner and a little more oily so it spreads easier and doesnt feel heavy on your lips. An amazing product
  • Kim
    Fantastic product - 18 Mar 2015
    Labello will always be my favorite lip balm! I love the look of the packaging but the stick is still my first choice... can be a little messy/inconvenient when i am on the go.
  • Jessica
    Perfect - 17 Mar 2015
    Its so small and just so convenient. Absolutely wonderful product.
  • Candice
    Love the packaging - 17 Mar 2015
    I have used Labello for years so I was excited when they started using a different type of packaging. I must admit that I prefer a normal Labello stick when I am out and about - its easier to use - but I love this before applying makeup.
  • Louise
    Favourite For Lips - 17 Mar 2015
    This one is a winner. I love Labello, but this lip butter takes it up a notch from the normal lip balm. Leaves my lips moisturized and feeling great!
  • Carol
    LipSmacking - 17 Mar 2015
    Gave this to my son as I always seem to get blisters putting anything on my lips. He liked this so much that he finished it within the week.
  • carla
    perfect packaging - 17 Mar 2015
    Labello Lip Butter, not only feels great on your lips the packaging is perfect to fit in your pockets or small hand bags. simple but perfect product.
    Hello Baby Soft Lips - 17 Mar 2015
    My saviour during winter - helps with all the dry skin and cracked lips. Best thing ever
  • Courtney
    My Favourite!!! - 17 Mar 2015
    This is by far one of the best items I have received in the rubybox! I would never think to buy myself something like this and now I will never go without it!! The tub is also not difficult to open at all!!
  • Maria
    Heavenly! - 17 Mar 2015
    I normally struggle with dry lips and have used just about every lip balm on the market to try and combat the problem. I have now used the Lip Butter from Labello and will change under duress
  • cassie
    soothing - 16 Mar 2015
    sometimes all one needs is something to soften and moisturize their lips. this is not only a pocket size but has a whole lots of goodness when you lips feel dry and cracked. i love this. its perfect for sensitive skin users and perfect for sensitive noses as it has no fragrance. thank rubybox for this suprise
  • Monique
    Labello Lip Butter - 16 Mar 2015
    I love how small and compact this is, you can slip it in anywhere and it makes my lips so soft and smooth . Love it :-)
  • Melissa
    Awesome - 12 Mar 2015
    Packaging is simple, fits in anywhere and i love the feeling after you apply
    Perfect! - 12 Mar 2015
    Labello is the best brand for lip balm! it feels so nice on the lips, healing them well. Love it!
  • Amanda
    awsome - 12 Mar 2015
    Love it. Makes my lips soft and I love it. Will recommend it to my friends and family
  • Tania
    Awesome - 9 Mar 2015
    Love this little butter tin, fits nicely into anything and keeps my lips moist and healthy.
  • Kendra
    Love it - 4 Mar 2015
    It keeps my dry cracked lips so moist and I honestly feel a difference in only one day since it stays on. I love that its healing my lips as well as adding a little shine
    Labello Lip butter - 2 Mar 2015
    I've always been a Labello fan, never do i Not have a labello stick in my handbag. Was THRILLED to receive the Lip Butter in my box. Labello leaves my lips soft and moist. Best Product EVER.
  • Elika
    Lip butter - 28 Feb 2015
    I apply this at night and it provides a suitable amount of moisture. I love that it's virtually scent free.
  • kerry
    labello lip butter!!! - 26 Feb 2015
    absolutely love this product!keeps my lips well hydrated and sooth.
  • Leana
    Love it - 22 Feb 2015
    I've only ever used stick balms for my lips, but since using Labello Lip Butter, I'm never going back. It smells amazing and keeps lips well moisturised.
  • unathi
    lippy - 22 Feb 2015
    I love this I keep it in my handbag because it really moisturises my lips really good its what I've been looking for.
  • Nastasja
    Awesome! - 20 Feb 2015
    A great lip butter to carry around and care for your lips. Keeps your lips soft and smooth.
  • suhaila
    Compact - 20 Feb 2015
    So much better than usual stick labello. At least my kids won't twist it till it breakss
  • natelie
    lip butter - 19 Feb 2015
    really great. leaves my lips soft and supple.. the difference has definitely been noticed ;)
  • Desire
    Pucker Up - 19 Feb 2015
    Pucker up those lips. Take Labelo Lip Butter with you wherever you go. Small enough to fit in a purse or back jean pocket. No excuse for dry cracked lips. Love the non greasy feel & cute tin.
  • kay-lee
    :) - 19 Feb 2015
    this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread! really worth it! my lips feel amazing
  • Natasha
    Loving Labelo - 18 Feb 2015
    Fantastic makes your lips extremely soft and it is the best for dry lips.
  • Kathleen
    Labello Loving - 16 Feb 2015
    I have been using Labello since high school (that's a loong time ago) and I am such a huge fan. I absolutely love the new butter, it lasts long and leaves your lips soft, shiny and very kissable :)
  • Sumaiya
    Nice product - 9 Feb 2015
    Keeps lips soft for a while. Great value! would definitely buy it again.
  • sashnee
    labello - 9 Feb 2015
    i love labello products and this product is amazing. its easy to carry around and it keeps my lips super soft and moisturised
  • Christine
    soft lips - 6 Feb 2015
    love this labello lip butter makes my lips shine and feel soft
  • Siobhan
    Labello forever! - 5 Feb 2015
    I am a firm Labello lover. These lip butters are just the BOMB! They do such an amazing job at hydrating your lips, even in winter, as they're so rich and creamy. I have this original one and the rose and raspberry and I just love them so so much!


Back to it's roots - Labello launches a new logo and design.

1890 marks the year that the innovative lip balm Labello was developed. The word Labello is derived from the Latin words labium (lip) and bellus (beautiful). Labello has recently done some reflecting on its roots. The lip care experts have given the full assortment a new design and providing the brand with a new logo. Simple, classic, and modern – these are the hallmarks of the new look. The brand is concentrating its 100 years of care expertise on the most popular worldwide best seller – Labello Original – and, with its 12-hour care effect, making it into a real miracle weapon for smooth, beautiful lips.