L'OCCITANE Mother's Day Box
What’s this?

An exclusive box containing two of L'OCCITANE customer favourites: Delightful Almond Shower Oil and nourishing Shea Butter Hand Cream PLUS an in-store voucher for extra treats - perfect for Mom!

What’s included?
  • 75ml Almond shower oil
  • 30 ml Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • 20% discount in-store voucher
  • In-Store Hand & Face Treatment
Why we ♥ it.

It’s a must-have for Mother's day


  • Nicola
    Luxurious feel - 11 Jan 2018
    I love the hand cream, the packing is on point. It smells divine and you can smell the excellent quality. Leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth. Lasts long too!
  • Tracey
    l'occitane hand cream - 28 Nov 2016
    It's so smooth, leaving your hands moisturized. Lightly fragranced. It feels like butter.
  • Rishka
    sensationally smell - 16 Aug 2016
    I have used the hand cream for a while. It is amazing keeps your skin super hydrated especially in winter, combats all the elements. Another great thing about is has such a light smell that is not very overwhelming like other brands.

    The shower all has the most amazing smell!! It is such a treat after a long day.
  • Nolene
    amazed - 1 Aug 2016
    Love the smell and it keeps my skin hydrated been shopping in this store often
  • Alexia
    L'Occitane Mothers day box - 3 Jul 2016
    lovely smell and nourishing for hands and in the shower. Not greasy but great for dryness.
  • Alexia
    L'Occitane Mothers day box - 3 Jul 2016
    lovely smell and nourishing for hands and in the shower. Not greasy but great for dryness.
  • Ncomeka
    L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream - 23 May 2016
    L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream comes in a handy 30ml metallic silver plastic tube making it very clutch-bag friendly in size. It is a thick white water-based cream made of Shea Butter, Glycerine, Sweet Almond, Linseed, Coconut and Sunflower Seed Oil among other ingredients.

    A pea size of this hand cream is rich enough to moisturise my chubby hands without a stretch and for R120 per tube I would have been hard pushed if I needed to use more than that. Call me stingy, I say I’m frugal if not practical.

    My essential oil savvy friend says the scent of the L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream makes her think of Magnolia Blossoms, all I can tell you is that the scent has some subtly sweet earthiness to it. As much as the scent is not overpowering, it lingers on the hands without rubbing off onto everything else my hands pick up, thank goodness.

    The 20% of the Shea Butter that makes up this L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream certainly makes itself felt, literally, and that is where the lasting nourishment comes from. It forms a pleasant light coating that remains until my next hand wash without being sticky or oily. All in all, it is a French gem that is worth its rand value, pesky VAT included.
  • Megan
    LOVE! - 19 May 2016
    The One Minute Hand Scrub has been specially formulated to reveal incredibly soft hands in 1 minute. After washing my hands, I applied the Hand Scrub and rinsed it off. Immediately I saw the difference in my hands; it was soft and looked more polished. I am a firm believer in exfoliating or scrubbing my skin first (as it removes dead skin cells) and then moisturising it. This ensures that the moisturiser works more effectively.

    This super-creamy hand cream is luxurious and fast absorbing. It has to be the 20% Shea Butter that’s enriched in the hand cream. My hands were moisturized and smooth with no oily residue. It also contains two of my favourite essential oils, ylang-ylang and jasmine, which leaves a light aroma on the skin (nothing over-bearing).

    The Nourishing Oil contains 30% Shea oil to soften cuticles and strengthens nails. The brush applicator makes application easy and clean. Massage the oil into the cuticles to soften and strengthen your nails. I used the Shea Nail and Cuticle Nourishing Oil after the hand cream.
  • Tuanette
    HAPPY SKIN - 18 May 2016
    I was so excited when I was chosen to test L'Occitane as this is a well known Top Quality Brand and the products did not disappoint at all. Wow the Shower oil had such a soothing effect on my skin, leaving it feelings soft even after drying. The smell of the oil is divine. I loved the smell on my skin. The Hand Lotion was my power products as this is what I use on a daily basis. I have tried so many different types of Hand lotions and what I liked so much about this product is the non greasiness and it still left my hand feeling so soft. After a week of using the product, my hands don't feel so dry due to the winter days. Most of the time I avoid hand lotions as it is so greasy and as soon as it wipes off the softness goes away with it. The smell of the hand lotion wasn't over powering and had a clean smell... What a pleasure
    Enjoyed and Loved these products soooo much!!! Thank you xxx
  • Duduwetsang
    Feels like heaven! - 17 May 2016
    I am absolutely gaga about these L'occitane products! I could smell them before I even opened the box! The shower oil leaves my skin feeling so smooth and I smell absolutely yummy! The hand cream(shea butter) absorbs well into my skin and it's non-greasy. I also love the smell!!! Thanks Rubybox!
  • Angelique
    My mom loved it and has already bought more of the oil!! - 17 May 2016
    I actually decided to give it to my Mom , since it was mothers day. Generally my Mom does not really follow any body/beauty routines. I have tried to encourage her to do so, but it never lasted.
    So I gave her my L'Occitane box to try out and give me her opinion on the products.
    She LOVED it , the smell and the way it made her skin feel. And she has actually been sticking to a daily routine now for over two weeks, so proud.
    She has already used the voucher to purchase more of the body oil. I think its safe to say that this was a very good idea for a product review.
  • Iman
    Worth the wait!! - 17 May 2016
    My delivery was a bit delayed but oh so worth the wait. For my extremely dry skin, the oil made my skin smooth and supple. The hand cream has a beautiful fragrance and texture. Hands down, best hand cream I've tried so far. Can't wait for payday to buy more L'Occitane goodies
  • Nicole
    L'OCCITANE LOVE - 16 May 2016
    L'OCCITANE has helped my skin in so many ways! Suffering from dry skin through all seasons- The almond shower all is absorbed leaving skin soft and smooth- IN LOVE and highly recommend it for Very Dry Skin
  • Kim
    GREAT COMBO - 16 May 2016
    Amazing products that fulfil their promises as both leave skin feeling lovely. The hand cream has quite a strong smell though if you prefer more subtle fragrances it might be too strong for you.
  • Margaret
    In love with L'OCCITANE - 16 May 2016
    Thank you Rubybox and L'OCCITANE. I am a firm believer in the Shea Butter Hand Cream. It is my absolute go to hand moisturiser. I have been using the handcream since last year. I usually buy the large tube and it is real great value for money and it works! And now I am convinced about the Almond Shower Oil. Perfect for the South African climate. Smells delicious and cleanse and moisturises my sensitive skin. In love!
  • Natasha
    In love! - 16 May 2016
    Absolutely loved the products. The hand cream is so moisturizing, and helped my very dry hands become soft again. I was blown away by the shower oil, it made my skin so soft and smells divine. Will definitely repurchase when it runs out
  • Caitlin
    Amazing Set - 16 May 2016
    I really enjoyed these products. Both the shower oil and the hand cream had a lovely fragrance and both were very moisturising.
  • Jenny
    Very Luxurious.... - 16 May 2016
    Both products were very luxurious. I felt pampered and really love the delicate fragrances of both, which are not too overpowering like some products. So it won't clash with perfume or perfumed body lotions and sprays.
    The hand cream is perfect for dry winter skin.
    The shower oil is not greasy, just perfect to leave the skin hydrated.
  • Margaret
    The best mother's day gift ever received. - 16 May 2016
    The best mother's day gift ever received. I just loved the smell of the shower oil. The hand cream is rich and moisturised my dry hands. I saw results immediately. I will definitely buy these products in future. Thank you rubybox.
  • Thea
    Will definitely be buying more! - 16 May 2016
    I absolutely love it. I love the smell of baby powder and the hand cream smells just like baby powder. I am not a person that usually put hand cream on but every time i go to the bathroom, i do. With the both was i was lying in the bath and did not want to get out. Thank you so so much. Will definitely buy me some more. Thank you rubybox.
  • Margaret
    L'OCCITANE Mother's Day Box - 13 May 2016
    The best mother's day gift ever received. I just loved the smell of the shower oil. The hand cream is rich and moisturised my dry hands. I saw results immediately. I will definitely buy these products in future. Thank you rubybox.
  • Yolandi
    Wonderful - 13 May 2016
    I loved the shower oil. Not only did it leave my skin soft but the whole bathroom had a delightful smell!
  • Jessica
    Luxury.... - 12 May 2016
    The hand cream is rich, moisturising and leaves no residue. A lot of hand creams leave your hands feeling a bit oliy or powdery, but this sinks in in seconds.

    It is the best brand for hand cream, in my opinion.

    The shower gel is also stunning, so rich and moisturising, a must for pampering and the South African winter!
  • Kavita
    Great Product - 11 May 2016
    When it comes to this brand, I only expect the best and again I was not surprised at the great quality of these products.
    The hand cream is ideal for dry hands, making them soft and giving it a luxurious feel.
    The shower oil is a great treat to a tired body, revitalizing the skin.
    Overall I was very impressed with the products. Will definitely be buying more.
  • Nawahl
    Smells good enough to eat - 11 May 2016
    I was pleasantly surprised to receive this box and was keen to try this brand but didn't think it was worth spending that much on hand cream

    It did not disappoint and I am now eager to try their other products

    The shower oil smells divine, lathers easily and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised

    The Hand cream came just in time for winter as my hands get really dry this time of year. It is rich, smells amazing and a little goes a long way.

    Cannot wait to redeem my 20%
  • Lindsay
    L'OCCITANE BOX - 11 May 2016
    Thank you. I visited a L'OCCITANE store, the sales lady said the hand cream was the most popular product - selling one every 3 seconds world wide. Having experienced it, I can most certainly see why. I am looking forward to using my voucher to replace the very empty shower oil!
  • frans
    Great products - 10 May 2016
    I gave the product for my mother to use, but did use a bit of the handcream.

    Great product love the small and it made my hands soft especially after washing dishes.

    Needless to say but endedup using the voucher and bought a tube of handceam at the "tiger valley mall"
  • Natasha
    L'OCCITANE BOX - 10 May 2016
    This is an awesome product!! Absolutely love the hand cream. I have always had dry hands but since using this product i have soft smooth hands as well as the fantastic smell!! I love the almond shower gel as well...my skin is soft since using it. Will definitely use this product. Thanks, Natasha Anders
  • Jeanette
    L'Occitane box - 10 May 2016
    I love the smell and the feeling after applying. I will definitely get myself for future use

    thank you
  • Megan
    L'OCCITANE - 10 May 2016
    Awesome awesome products. Really love the hand cream and will definitely be visiting a store soon.
  • Caroline
    Fantastic Product - 10 May 2016
    Thank you for selecting me to try this product. I would not have purchased this range had it not been for this trial. The oil is amazing! I love the way it 'foams' and leaves my skin so moisturised. The hand cream was also a real treat, goes into the skin well and keeps the skin moisturised for longer than normal hand creams. I will definitely purchase these products!
  • Farieda
    L'occitane - 9 May 2016
    This is the first time I've heard about the brand. The shower oil is amazing!! Oil cleansing has become so popular and I plan to go in store to get some more. For someone with very dry skin the oil cleansing works so well for me. This product has a very nice smell compared to other body cleansing oils.

    The hand cream has changed my hands for good!! I've always had issue with dry and chipped cuticles but after 2 weeks of use my hands are soft and youthful.

  • helga
    L'OCCITANE Mothers Day Box - 9 May 2016
    I received my complimentary Mothers day box and am absolutely amazed by the product. Not only does it smell divine, it also moisturises my dry skin and makes it feel so soft and smooth. It was an awesome pamper gift and will definitely consider buying this next time I want to give something special to a special person. Thank you soooo much Ruby box . It was much appreciated
  • Farhaanah
    Bottled Bliss!!! - 9 May 2016
    It's the first time I'm trying L'Occitane products and I'm definitely sold! Thank you Rubybox for this amazing treat! The shower oil is divine! At first I was skeptical as to how an oil could be used for cleansing, I was pleasantly surprised. The oil transforms into a white liquid which then foams up pretty nicely. You don't need a massive amount, a little goes a long way! The fragrance it gives off is divine! Absolutely loved the oil. It's perfect for the dry winter season as its ultra moisturizing but without an oily, greasy feel. Really loved this stuff! The hand cream is a 20% shear butter cream. It has a nice scent and does moisturise hands quite well. It also gets well absorbed and leaves no greasiness. I'm still heading out for my complimentary hand and face treatment which I'm sure will not dissappoint! Overall I was impressed with these products! It nice to purchase for some self indulgence or as a treat for someone special you would like to pamper! Thanks again Rubybox!
  • Kimberley
    What a treat - 9 May 2016
    I've never thought to buy this product before but I'm converted. I love the packaging - as it makes a great gift. Bought a few products for my mom for Mother's Day - she hasn't stopped raving about it!
  • Anri
    Love at first squirt!! - 8 May 2016
    I suffer from severe dry skin in winter and with the first use the product made an impressive change! Not only was my skin smooth and moisturised, but the lovely fragrance lasted well into my very long and busy day!! A product fit for royalty!! Thank you Ruby Box ♡♡♡♡
  • Michelle
    L'Occitane Mothers Day Box - 8 May 2016
    Wow, wow, wow!!! Shower oil absolutely luxurious with a divine scent. Hand lotion was a treat for my extremely dry hands. Moisturized perfectly without leaving a residual greasy texture. And smells great too!
  • Rina
    L'OCCITANE mother's day - 8 May 2016
    I absolutely loved my box.
    It works well for dry skin. It left my hands feeling soft and moisturised. Will definitely invest in the product .
  • Nomfundo
    A must have - 8 May 2016
    I love the oil, the smell is awesome and it leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. The hand cream is to die for both a must have
  • shamila
    L'occitane - 8 May 2016
    Products smell heavenly, glides on smoothly and my hand was soo soft, the shower oil is out of this world, felt so pampered. Best products ever, thank you
  • Ruda
    Awesome product!! - 7 May 2016
    I am in love with the almond oil! It is divine. Makes my skin silky soft and smelling like a queen.
  • Hashen
    Best gift for mother's day - 7 May 2016
    The smell is wow! the body wash really moisturises the skin leaving if smooth, the hand lotion im loving it.
  • saleha
    Quality at its best - 7 May 2016
    If it was not for Rubybox, I would not have had the opportunity to try products from this brand as it is out of my budget range. Thank you Rubybox for giving me and my mom the chance to try out and purchase L'OCCiTANE. The fragrance of both the hand cream and shower oil is lovely and the quality and design of the packaging and product itself is on point. Definitely luxury items to indulge in.
  • Noxolo
    L'Occitane - 6 May 2016
    Very good quality, enjoyed every drop of bodywash and still enjoying hand cream. This calls for product change
  • Karen
    Loving it - 6 May 2016
    I love the smell...especially after i've showered. Thank u so much for the opportunity to been able to reviewed it!!
  • Carmen
    Luxurious. - 6 May 2016
    The hand cream was easily absorbed and non greasy. Lightly fragranced and little went a long way!
    The shower oil is absolutely devine, luxurious and rich.
    Love the product!
  • Carmen
    Devine! - 6 May 2016
    The hand cream was none greasy, quickly absorbed and lightly fragranced.
    The shower oil has a glorious fragrance, absolutely devine.
  • Hadir
    L'occitane Mother's Day - 6 May 2016
    This product is excellent. I loved the scent of it. I also noticed softer skin after a while . The oil leaves me feeling relaxed . It should be tried and makes a great pamper package .
  • Samantha
    The perfect gift! - 6 May 2016
    Their products are so beautiful, it doesn't feel right to have them kept in your bathroom cupboard. L'Occitane is the perfect gift for any occassion.

    The Packaging: Absolutely gorgeous! So luxurious and classy.

    The Products: The Almond shower oil is so soothing, and moisturizing, there is no need to re-apply lotion afterwards. And the Hand Cream is the perfect companion for your hanbag, it smells absolutely divine, and may just save your skin this winter.

    Overall: I am so impressed. Their products are well worth the spend, and I will definetly purchase from them in the future
  • Kerri-lee
    Am I In France? - 6 May 2016
    Yes, these gorgeous L'Occitane products really make you feel like you are in Provence.

    L'Occitane has a great reputation for their quality products, they are ofcourse more expensive that your average Body Store, but well worth the price tag.

    They also take great care in their packaging!

    LOVE Them!
    Lovely idea - 6 May 2016
    The Almond shower oil is such
    a winner especially for winter skins. This is such a unique product with triple benefits - cleanse, oil and uplift.
    The Hand cream is an ideal size for handbags and is also rich and creamy. Thank you for a perfect gift.
    I have just been battling to get hold of the Cavendish Store on 021 - 6839266 to book for the hand and face treatement. This is the number on the website but it just rings.
  • Shandré
    L'Occitane gift box - 6 May 2016
    The smell alone is fantastic, nevermind the rest of the product. I love the shower oil and try not to use it all at once, but my willpower isn't strong enough. The hand cream is the perfect size and it moisturises without leaving my skin oily. An all around fabulous brand
  • Adele
    L'OCCITANE - 6 May 2016
    Both these products are amazing. They smell great and hydrate my skin, keeping it soft all day. Absolutely in love with L'OCCITANE.
  • Shereza
    Loccitane mothers day box - 6 May 2016
    The almond shower oil smells amazing and i loved the feel of the oil that slightly emulsified as it got in contact with water. I was left with a satin soft feel on my skin afterwards.
    The shea hand cream is also a little gem. Rich and luxurious but absorbed totally and my skin was moistured and comfortable. I can highly recommend both products.
    Thank you Rubybox and Loccitane for sending me the products.
  • Rene
    Special Treats - 6 May 2016
    These products are amazing. The smell when I opened the box was sooo nice
    I have psoriasis and I felt immediate improvement on my hands and body..
    it smells amazing.. thank you thank you
  • Maurizia
    Amazing giftbox! - 6 May 2016
    Both products are amazing and so moisturizing. I normally have problems with dry skin but after using the products my skin feels moisturized and soft. Definitely using my voucher:)
  • Jess
    Amazing products - 6 May 2016
    These products were absolutely amazing. The hand cream was super hydrating and smells really nice, while the shower cream was nice and foamy and also smelt really nice.
  • Amanda
    What a wonderful product!!! - 6 May 2016
    The scent of the shower oil was so wonderful and it lingers on the skin leaving it feeling so soft and silky. the hand lotion isn't greasy and it also smells great, leaving my hands feeling so soft. These are high quality, luxurious pamper products. I even bought them for my mother for Mother's Day, I hope she will enjoy them as much as I am.
  • Nazley
    L'Occitane my new best friend - 6 May 2016
    My hands are super sensitive and I have tried almost everything on the market but nothing has helped. I was soooo happy when I had no reaction to the hand cream and now take it everywhere with me. The shower oil smells divine and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky. Thanks so much for the gift - I'll definitely be adding these products to my shopping list.
  • Fatima
    C'est magnifique! - 6 May 2016
    The L'Occitane shea butter hand cream is by far the most luxurious everyday treat you can give your hands, it instantly moisturises and smells like a dream. The Almond shower oil is prefect for dry skin especially during these colder winter months.
  • Nawaal
    L'Occitane Mother's Day Box - 6 May 2016
    The Almond shower oil was a spa bath in a bottle and my hands are loving the Shea Butter hand cream . I cannot wait for my Hand and Face treatment !!
    LÓCCITANE Almond Shower Oil and nourishing Shea Butter Hand Cream - 6 May 2016
    Firstly let me start off by saying that the packaging of both products are very appealing and beautiful.

    The almond shower oil had a very low "foaming" factor which glided over my slightly dry body and enveloped it in a luxurious , velvety texture. Stepping out of the shower, I felt truly cleansed, yet completely moisturized! I even managed to skip my usual post shower body moisturizer. This product had an amazing smell and I will be buying it. Makes a very good gift.

    The hand cream , even though it had 20% shea butter, did not nourish my hands enough. It did "disappear" the minute I put it on, but did not leave my hands feeling nourished for longer than 10 minutes. It is highly perfumed and smells like sunblock. I did not like the sunblock smell as it was hard to ignore as it was quite overpowering.
  • Nadeema
    L'OCCITANE L'OCCITANE Mother's Day Box - 6 May 2016
    I am very impressed with both products. It has reduced the dryness of my skin.
  • Michelle
    Great - 6 May 2016
    Amazing products, especially the shower oil, unbelievabke fragrance en feel after shower. Simply loved it!!!
  • Harriet
    Magic in a box - 6 May 2016
    This product is amazing, I have very dry hands and skin, since using this product my hands and body are hydrated.
  • Bernadette
    The hand cream doesn't leave an oily feel and smells beautiful. Love their products, you know when you buy a L'Occitane product you are getting a quality product.
    L'occitane - 6 May 2016
    dit reuk so lekker en dit middels maak jou vel so sag. ek is mal oor die produkte.
  • Shahiema
    L Occitone - 6 May 2016
    Hi thank you for the gift it was very generous. The smell is awesome my bathroom smelled the whole day and its a really thick creamy bath oil and very luxurious leaving the skin lovely even thougjh I have very dry skin. The hand cream also makes the hand extremely soft instantaneously. Thank you for the generous and luxurious treat.
  • Amanda
    Refreshing - 6 May 2016
    I loved the refreshing and not overpowering fragrance of both products. The shower oil was good and left my skin feeling moisturised but I feel it could have been better compared with competing brands.
    I loved the hand cream. Absorbs perfectly and my skin felt buttery
  • Gaynor
    L'Occitane Products - 6 May 2016
    This is the best shower oil ever, I am totally hooked, will definitely be purchasing this in the future. The hand cream is awesome too but the shower oil was the best!
  • Julia
    Luxury in a bottle - 5 May 2016
    These products are amazing. The smell when I opened the box was sooo nice, I had to call everyone arround to smell. The body wash really moisturises the skin leaving it feeling smooth and smelling great. Would love to have this as my regular beauty product.
  • Melissa
    Special treats! - 4 May 2016
    I really didn't expect the shower oil to be a luscious as it is! A little bit goes a long way and the fragrance is long-lasting. The hand cream has become one of my new favourites! Also a thick, luscious, cream which absorbs easily and leaves my hands soft and silky.
  • Fatima
    L'occitane Mothers day gift box - 4 May 2016
    I absolutely love this hand cream for my dry hands, it goes on easily and takes away the dry feeling instantly without leaving an oily feel to the skin, this is a perfect year round product, but definitely something to use in winter, and its smells awesome too. The shower oil has a heavenly almond aroma, and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully silky soft. Definitely products I would buy. Thank you Ruby box for the opportunity to try these awesome products
  • Rene
    Luxurious - 3 May 2016
    I could not wait to try this almond oil as I had heard nothing but good things about it. I love the luxurious feel of my skin since ive atarted using it, winter scales be gone. The scent is heavenly, it lingers in my bedroom. I rushed out and bought a huge bottle. I love that the hand cream absorbs quickly leavesmy hands feeling "cream free" yet moisturised.
  • Courtney-Joss
    Happy hands! - 3 May 2016
    Suffering from extremely dry skin on my hands its hard to find a product that is both gentle and effective but also not medical looking. This is such a dream. I can't tell you how much I love the had cream. Total life saver. Very sad that this will be finished soon!
  • Nicolene
    Bliss in a box - 3 May 2016
    Started using both the hand lotion and the shower oil, and WOW. the smells is amazing! the way the oil changes in the water to a light creamy foam is just pure bliss. I smell awesome! and I feel Awesome! i would defs recommend this product!
  • Rene
    loccitane hand cream - 1 May 2016
    Love the smell, I work a lot with water and harsh cleaning soap for hands. This cream made that I did not have to apply cream after every wash; hands stayed hydrated
  • Shana
    French Luxury - 29 Apr 2016
    The hand cream is rich and creamy, without leaving a sticky residue, and has a wonderful, delicate scent. It is also the perfect size for any handbag! I absolutely adore the almond scent of the shower oil, and its beautiful silky soft texture. Both warrant repeat purchases.
  • Babalwa
    L'OCCITANE - 28 Apr 2016
    I love the products, definitely a must buy. With winter on it's way these products will be of good use to dry skin. Will be going to Sandton City for my hand and face care treatment!!!Thank you Rubybox!!!
  • Kelly
    great products! - 27 Apr 2016
    Love the products! My skin feels incredibly hydrated and the product leaves a great almond scent on your skin!
  • Melissa
    L'OCCITANE - 26 Apr 2016
    Smell's amazing. Perfect for a dry skin. Will definitely buy more of these products.
  • Nomcebo
    2 Showers - 25 Apr 2016
    Came back from a long day to find this lovely suprise delivery, i immediately took a shower because the oil smelt for luxurious and tempting forgetting that i still had to cook, so i took another shower after cooking so i could go to bed smelling devine again, this product is just that good. The way the oil lathers is amazing, definitely making a purchase later on.
  • Kim
    love for loccitane - 25 Apr 2016
    The smell and feel is amazing I just love it.this is my next buy especially the shower oil. I love the way it makes my skin feel so soft.
  • Wafieka
    WOW - 25 Apr 2016
    Wow is an understatement. Not only does it smell amazing, but it feels AMAZING too. A definite buy!
  • Ludwekazi
    Love, love, love - 25 Apr 2016
    Cannot go wrong with L'occitane. Love their products and recommend them to all of my friends.
  • Wafieka
    WOW - 25 Apr 2016
    This doesn't only smell AMAZING but works perfectly for my skin. After trying this, I would definitely consider buying it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  • Shereza
    L'occitane - 15 Apr 2016
    Love the products. Smells amazing and feels luxurious. Definitely a must buy.
  • Zanri
    Perfection for your skin - 15 Apr 2016
    Love these products. Now that winter is coming these products are great to help keep your skin silky smooth.


Where they've come from  
Founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976, L’OCCITANE (pronounced Lox-ee-tahn) brings you the magic of Provence captured in unique skincare and fragrance products made from the finest and most effective ingredients. Inspired by the famous art de vivre of Provence, L’OCCITANE products are rich in active natural ingredients and beautifully scented essential oils. With nothing but an alambic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, Baussan’s dream was birthed when he first distilled Rosemary essential oil which he sold in the local markets. This is the true story of a son of Provence. A son with a passion for his land. We invite you to discover the dream of a visionary who wanted to change the world, impassioned by the power of plants.