John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range
Size 250ML
Hair Concern Frizz

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This powerful frizz fighting duo builds frizz resistance from the moment you step into the shower, for the perfect base to any smooth style. The non-silicone formula helps build the hair's natural defence against frizz, becoming smooth and manageable with every use, even in high humidity.

With pure coconut oil and the unique Frizz Immunity Complex, the formulas help to fight frizz from inside the hair fibre.


  • Saadiqah
    John Frieda frizz eaz - 9 Nov 2018
    I have frizzy hair and usually do Brazilian blow out. But with this product I don’t need Brazilian love both shampoo and conditioner
    Frizzy hair. - 21 Sep 2018
    May i please test the product for my frizzy hair,i am struggling alot and i see this product is on the market.
  • Carin
    John Frieda Frizz free - 18 Sep 2018
    Love this product!! I have curly hair and this product really helps keep the frizz at bay.
  • Glorice
    Smothest - 24 Jul 2018
    Love It. It might be pricy but i dont mind spending my money on this. Best results for my hair and does not get oily as quick.
    Controls any frizz. I can do my hair today for tonight and no shrinkage.
  • rozanne
    frizz ease shampoo - 24 Apr 2018
    was pleasantly surprised by this product it takes the frizz away makes hair very soft and manageable will definitely be buying more.
  • Pamela
    Amazing Product - 13 Apr 2018
    Shampoo and Conditioner smell divine! I used to straighten my hair every day but since using John Frieda I can definitely see the difference. I don't have to straighten it after every wash. It makes my hair straight, shiny and smell gorgeous!
  • Charmaine
    Great Product - 10 Apr 2018
    I loved this product. My hair feels more workable and blows out more easily. I even used it on my daughters hair which is very long, and wow what a difference. Great product. The only thing is that this product is very expensive and I for one would not be able to afford it on a monthly basis.
  • Jesse
    Frizzzy Freeze - 16 Jan 2018
    I absolutely love this product , the smell is amazing. I could a difference from the first try. My hair is much smoother and with less frizz in damp , humid conditions. Love , love love , love .... Definitely recommend this to every person out there with frizzy , dry hair....
  • Bianca
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Range - 15 Jan 2018
    Absolutely love these products! i was skeptical purchasing frizz products from a retail brand but i took the chance - and boy will i never look back! my hair is noticeably more manageable and silky smooth, one of my favorites is the leave in hydrating conditioner, it really makes straightening my mop of curls a breeze! thank you John Frieda for an affordable product that ACTUALLY WORKS!!
  • mari
    The Shizzel - 24 Dec 2017
    Love love love this product,its the bomb,does what it says and smells lush.
  • Rachael
    Great product - perhaps a bit too heavy for my hair - 26 Sep 2017
    This product definately does what it says it will - your hair is much more sleek and manageable after use. I think for my hair type personally I found my hair got a bit dirtier a bit quicker than usual. Still a fantastic product though!
  • Lauren
    Frizz Eaze - Best Ever!!! - 17 May 2017
    Best Shampoo and Conditioner I've ever used, it definitely does do what it states. I have very curly hair and after using this shampoo and conditioner, I am totally in love with it and the great smell is a bonus.
  • Tersia
    best eveerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 8 May 2017
    this product really helped my coarsy hair i wouldnt mind buyn it again
  • Ra'eesah
    Frizz Ease - 1 Apr 2017
    At first I wasn't completely impressed with this product and preferred my old shampoo more but after trialing it for a much longer period I found that it does live up to what it says it can do. It smells great which is also a bonus.
  • Nichole
    Really Good - 27 Mar 2017
    Ive been using it for about 3 months and it does do what it states. Reduces frizz and leaves hair manageable and smells awesome!
    John Frieda Frizz Ease..... Awesome - 19 Jan 2017
    I was given the please of trying out this product and it has changed my hair completely. I has made my hair so much easier to handle. I don't have to straighten my hair now nearly as much as i used to. Thank you Rubybox for introducing me to this product.
  • Bianca
    So helpful - 18 Jan 2017
    This product is so helpful. I have very fizzy hair. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with fizzy hair.
  • Insaaf
    Brilliant results after my brazillian - 16 Jan 2017
    So i had a brizillian blowout and got John Frieda frizz ease just in time. Works beautifully. My husband compliments me every time i wash my hair.
    Will always use it.

    Thank you Rubybox!!
  • Ariella
    Stunning Product with brilliant results - 16 Jan 2017
    I received my John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth products from a buddy. The results were not immediate but after the second wash my hair felt healthier and silkier than it had in years. After the seventh wash my hair condition went from healthy and silky to unbelievably shiny and smooth. Stunning product!
  • Shabnam
    Smooth Central - 15 Jan 2017
    I have layered hair, and with the dry weather we have had, it's hard to keep a style looking professional without adding tons of goop while blow drying. This super combo, worked from the first time to keep the flyaway ends in check and gave me daily smoothness allowing me to get ready for work without fuss!
  • Nozy
    Frieda - 14 Jan 2017
    My cousin love this priduct it leaves her hair so smooth and fresh.
  • Priya
    bye bye frizzball - 14 Jan 2017
    So everywhere i go people admire my hair but they dont know my battles iv faced to get to smooth shiny sleek hair, John Frieda frizz ease really helped ease the frizz i have which is caused by heat stying , its much easier to straighten and my hair looks more healthy and sets better
  • Anneke
    Frizz ease - 13 Jan 2017
    I recieved the frizz ease shampoo and conditinor from ruby i used it i was totally amazed..i struggle with very thick frizz hair..after using it my hair was totally smooth and sleek..all i can say is..ITS A AWSOME PRODUCT!
  • Karin
    good - 13 Jan 2017
    It does relax my hair better then any of the products I've bought from the shops in the past. So yes I do love it very much.
  • Martha
    just wow - 13 Jan 2017
    I went to visit my daughter in UK .. always rain = always frizzy hair . I was truly impressed with hiw these products helped me .
  • Shelly-Anne
    Great for frizzy hair - 13 Jan 2017
    I have thick hair that usually only gets a little bit frizzy and most products I've used in the past only work a few hours until it gets frizzy again. I bought this product on a whim and I'm very pleased with it. It actually tames my hair nicely, leaves it soft and somewhat sleek.
  • Nicole
    SALON HAIR EVERYTIME - 13 Jan 2017
    I bought the John Frieda Frizz ease forever smooth range in December to try on recommendation from the other Rubybx ladies. I can only say I have the just stepped out of the salon look everyday thanks to this product . The shine , smell , look and feel is amazing . Thank you John Frieda , I don't have to worry about that awkward bad hair days any longer! An extremely happy customer
  • Melanie
    John Frieda Frizz ease - 13 Jan 2017
    My teenage daughter has flyaway, "bear" hair! She has loved discovering and using this product. And her weary parents are grateful!
  • Delia
    Awesome Product - 13 Jan 2017
    I used this product at a friends house, and I was blown away... I have terribly frizzy hair and I live in a very humid climate.. Havent seen them on the shelves though :-(
  • Danel
    Frizz Ease! - 13 Jan 2017
    Awesome! Love the Frizz Ease Shampoo and Conditioner!!! Styling my hair is a breeze!!
  • Nicolette
    john frieda frizz ease forever smooth range - 13 Jan 2017
    Keeps your hair healthy and smooth from the beginning and keep the frizz away
    So SMooTH - 11 Jan 2017
    My sister uses this and she says its amazing! No really___She has frizzy hair and i'v seen it recently.This def works
  • K
    Smooth at last - 11 Jan 2017
    Born with naturally frizzy hair and finally found a product that tames my hair and now I cannot stop touching my silky smooth hair
  • Deveshnee
    john freida forever smooth - 10 Jan 2017
    Amazing! I have frizzy hair, and this product works wonders to transform your hair into a smooth and sleek look.
    Smooth - 10 Jan 2017
    My sister uses this and she says its amazing! No really___She has frizzy hair and i'v seen it recently.This def works
  • Leigh
    John Frieda - Frizz Ease - 10 Jan 2017
    I am a huge fan of the John Frieda hair care range and I have tried at least 3 different ranges of shampoo and conditioner. The frizz ease shampoo and conditioner are great in winer months when hair is extra dry and frizzy or to use on beach holiday trips when it is humid. It is light weight and doesn't weigh your hair down or leave residue. It definitely leaves my hair smother! :)
  • Mariska
    Frizz Ease!❤ - 7 Jan 2017
    This is the ONLY product that keeps my frizz at bay! And i have SERIOUS frizz! My hair is so long and so thick! I cannot go without my John Frieda! Thank you for a magnificent product that truely works! I simply love the fact that this product contains pure coconut oil.
  • Karen
    Delightfully smooth hair - 1 Jan 2017
    Some time ago I managed to take the worst possible shampoo I could choose with me on holiday. An emergency trip to Dischem's shampoo aisle led me to this gem. It brought my hair back from an oily mess to shiny, healthy hair in a matter of two washes. Love it!
  • Larise
    Silky H - 21 Dec 2016
    This product is a dream silky soft manageable hair leaves my hair tangle free after each wash.... The conditioner is superb lightweight great fragrance and sleek soft hair such a treat thank you John Frieda
  • theo
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 21 Dec 2016
    My hair is fine and unmanageable. I'm sure John Frieda's products will help to keep my hair in place and manageable. Definitely on my shopping list. Can't wait to try it.
  • Sheugnet
    John Frieda frizz ease - 19 Dec 2016
    I have dark, thick, curly hair which makes it look extra dry and frizzy. I have ombred my hair Ro have that summer beach look, my hair really look great when using the frizz ease and keeps frizz free on cloudy days
  • Sheugnet
    John Frieda frizz ease - 19 Dec 2016
    I have dark, thick, curly hair which makes it look extra dry and frizzy. I have ombred my hair Ro have that summer beach look, my hair really look great when using the frizz ease and keeps frizz free on cloudy days
  • Lisa (Marlise)
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 19 Dec 2016
    This product is everything that it promises to be. I get frizz areas because I live by the seaside.....but this shampoo and conditioner sorted that problem. High five!!!
  • nolene
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 19 Dec 2016
    I havent tried this product but will love to test it. I have heard this is excellent product. Cant wait to try this and i have frizzy hair .
  • muneeba
    John Frieda - 19 Dec 2016
    The John Frieda Frizz Ease product range is really amazing! After using these products my hair feels and looks fabulos
  • muneeba
    John Frieda - 19 Dec 2016
    The John Frieda Frizz Ease product range is really amazing! After using these products my hair feels and looks fabulos
  • Natasha
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range - 19 Dec 2016
    this is one product I can't do without, I have curly, thick hair that frizzes easily, may it be due to bad weather or sweat. My sister introduced me to this product and I have not used anything else. It leaves every strand shiny, frizz free and manageable. gone are the days of wearing a doek or cap, I now step out with confidence knowing that my hair is looking great. Great value for money as well
  • Farzaana
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth - 19 Dec 2016
    The John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth shampoo and conditioner did wonder for my frizzy hair. My hair is naturally wavy but I always need to style it straight to avoid the frizziness! With this products I found that I didn't need to style my hair and I can enjoy my wavy summer hair!!
  • Noori
    Forever Smooth - 19 Dec 2016
    I have heat damaged hair and visible breakage with dry split ends - i found that when using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth range, my hair was left looking silky smooth and shiny - Split ends were less visible and hair felt stronger. Hair was more manageable and smelt great too!
  • Paige
    No more bushy hair - 18 Dec 2016
    I used to straighten my hair everyday, not by choice. My hair always went frizzy after drying, with or without a hair dryer. Now, after using this product, my hair is not frizzy to the point where it looks like a birds nest, it's now smooth and stays together with my natural curls. No more bird nest!
  • Ilda
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 18 Dec 2016
    I have used this product but sadly it hasn't helped my hair too much,My hair feels thick and bushy, Frizziness is still there.Not happy. Sorry!!!
  • Tracey
    John Frieda frizz ease forever smooth range - 18 Dec 2016
    This shampoo is so unique. I have terribly frizzy hair and when I used to product I had remarkable results my hair felt so soft,manageable. LOVE IT!
  • Waheeda
    Frizz be gone - 18 Dec 2016
    This product is amazing ...almost like a permanent straightener and keeps the frizz away during humid days...its gentle and has an lovely scent....cant go without my John Frieda products
  • Lisa
    Smooth hair! - 18 Dec 2016
    Absolutely love this product my hair is soft smooth & no frizz perfect for my curly hair.
  • Melisa
    Anti Frizzy yeahhhh!! - 18 Dec 2016
    My hair is naturally curly. When washed a true night mare. All changed since I have bee using this excellent product!! My hair is smooth, vibrant, glossy,tangle free and NO MORE fizz. Thanks to John Frieda frizz ease you rock guys xxx
  • Amelia
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth - rich and lustrous - 18 Dec 2016
    I'm a natural curly girl. My cousin and I were so excited to receive and test this product and it didn't disappoint. It's rich and creamy, lathers well, smells delightful (light grape scent) and most importantly tames frizz.
  • Chantal
    absolutely Love it - 17 Dec 2016
    Absolutely awesome my hair has never been smoother wish I could afford to always purchase John frieda smooth frizz my hair has never felt or looked amoother and softer or lasted longer
  • Ashley
    Straight is the way to go - 17 Dec 2016
    I was blessed with hair that doesn't quite know if it wants to be straight or curly and when it dries, the frizz is something else so this product is just what works for me.
  • Yasmin
    Summer hair sorted - 17 Dec 2016
    I love this product to take frizzy hair especially in humid summer months. This leaves my hair smelling and looking luxurious and clean
  • Yvonne
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth - 17 Dec 2016
    My sister will NOT use anything rlze, she swears by this product. So much that I think it'll be my next buy!
  • Brindha
    Dry,lifeless and frizzy - 17 Dec 2016
    I'm know to have major frizz n curly hair in my family.... This product will definitely work wonders for me
  • Leanne
    Frizz be gone - 17 Dec 2016
    Have read and heard so many good reviews on this product. Haven't tried it yet so would love to receive samples of this. Living in Durban and dealing with the crazy humidity here, this sounds like the perfect product to get my unruly locks looking like I just stepped out the salon.
  • Joslyn
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 17 Dec 2016
    Would love to try it.I Me and my daughter have frizz prone hair and have to use so many products to style our hair.Then just few hours later its like Mufasa allow over again.
  • Salma
    Jihn Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo and Conditioner - 17 Dec 2016
    Super Product, does what it says it leaft my hair soft manageable, and smelling fabulous. LUV IT
  • Amanda
    Like to try - 17 Dec 2016
    I suffer from frizz and I have tried a lot of products. I would love to try this to see if it works.
  • rashmee
    Soft and glossy - 17 Dec 2016
    I didnt expect too much from this product but boy was i blown smells amazing and softens your hair encapsulating each strand in its nourishing lather yet rinses clean to tangle free soft frizz free worthy at a fraction of the price
  • Laurette
    My teenage daughter loves it - 17 Dec 2016
    My teenage daughter has really been struggling with all the frizz until she started using John Frieda. It really works!
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Review - 17 Dec 2016
    I received 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners from Ruby Box which I shared with my daughter. I posted a review after I used it twice and was so impressed. I love this product. It really does work as it's advertised. I've since bought more products from the John Frieda range and I'm enjoying it all. Highly recommended!!
  • Radia
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 15 Dec 2016
    The John Frieda Frizz Ease product range is really amazing! My hair is naturally wavy and dry from all the heat styling. After using these products it left my hair shiny, smooth and frizz free. if you are looking for frizz free hair without having to pay salon prices, try this range x
  • Taryn
    Get the frizz outta here! - 13 Dec 2016
    The new-look John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner was actually the first ever JF products that I used. I liked the shape and size of the tubes, they aren’t too big or too small and fit perfectly into a travel sized bag.

    With ground-breaking Frizz Immunity Complex, this revolutionary Shampoo and Conditioner deeply penetrates hair fibers to help combat the porosity of frizzy hair, and builds an internal barrier to build frizz immunity with every use. I also liked that it has pure coconut oil and with continued use, your hair will become increasingly smoother and immune to frizz.

    I must also add that this unique shampoo and conditioner was built for medium-thick and wavy-curly hair, but still suitable for all levels of frizz. If however you have hair like mine (fine and flat) then this product may not be the best option for you. I found that my hair lost the lightness and volume that it got from other hair care brands. I actually don’t have frizz prone hair at all but I definitely noticed that my hair seemed more sleek. Well either that or it wasn’t dealing too well with the anti-frizz ingredients…

    I more than likely won’t be reaching for the John Frieda Frizz Ease range again because I was one of the lucky ones to be born with boring thin hair and this shampoo and conditioner just makes my hair even more sad :( But the good news is that it definitely works! So if you have frizzy thick hair, you can expect to see results! For everyone else on my side of the fence, there’s still John Frieda Luxurious Volume.
  • Nerina
    Silky smooth hair - 13 Dec 2016
    After washing my hair with the John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth, first thing I was happy about was the smell of my hair. But what made me even happier, was the fact that my hair could withstand the moisture in the air on a typical Joburg summer rains day!!! Magic, lol!! I love this range and will definitely continue using it.
  • Adriana
    Frizz ease i am not convinced - 11 Dec 2016
    I have recently had the oppertunity to try and test the frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. As a long curly haired woman i have tried alot of these kind of products over the years. I was hopeful that it will tame the frizz. To me it honestly acted as any other shampoo and conditioner. It does have a great fragrance but as for the frizz control i did not really experience it. Best frizz control is still just plain coconut oil.
  • Alesia
    Awesome Product - 11 Dec 2016
    Before John Frieda Frizz Ease I had to use moose if I wanted to go curly and not straighten my hair, because my hair tended to frizz more instead of curl.
    No I can leave my hair to dry on it's own.
  • Abby
    Great Product! - 10 Dec 2016
    This divine smelling duo really does help to tame frizz and leaves hair feeling strong and looking healthy.
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever smooth range - 10 Dec 2016
    I have used lots of products on the market to tame my frizz with little or no success. Needless to say I was not expecting much when I gave this product a go. I was jaw droppingly amazed at how well this product worked. It did not tame the mane completely but it did an awesome job at controlling it. I am very impressed and will keep buying this product. Definitely highly recommended.
  • Roberta
    Frizz free - 10 Dec 2016
    Lovely shampoo and conditioner, light smell and smooth out my hair nicely. I enjoyed the transformation of my hair.
  • shellee
    Frizz be gone - 9 Dec 2016
    I was thrilled when I was selected to review this product. In the current economic climate I have had to sacrifice a lot of my pamper, beauty and haircare products and I was feeling pretty miserable about my appearance.
    My package arrived and I was excited test it out. I wasn't disappointed!
    I had decided to go blonde because it blends better with my natural 'silver' streaks along my hairline but the blonde was looking a bit dull and very dry. I began using the frizz ease together with the sheer blonde and I was so impressed with the results that I decided to redo my roots instead of growing it out. I've received numerous compliments on my hair and I am definitely feeling a whole lot better about my appearance. And my confidence in my looks.
    Thank you Ruby Box for selecting me to test this product. I know it's been a while since receiving the product and writing my review but I wanted to give the readers a thorough and honest review. I've been using the products for about five weeks now and I'm definitely going to stock up before the special at Clicks ends.
  • Greachen
    Frizz Ease Forever :) - 9 Dec 2016
    Totally inlove with the product, whoa! the first time i did my hair with the shampoo and conditioner i was totally blown away, it looked like i just came out of a hair salon, super straight and sleek and the smell actually last longer that your normal shampoos, def a keeper.
  • Maryna
    What an absolute fantastic product!! It smells wonderful and my hair never felt better.
  • Elize
    Frizz Ease - 9 Dec 2016
    What a lovely product! My hair is shiny and smooth with NO FRIZZ!
  • Saadiqah
    Best ever! - 9 Dec 2016
    I love this shampoo it made my hair frizz free and i already bought more from Clicks! This is a must have! Thank you!!
  • muneeba
    Frizz ease - 9 Dec 2016
    his product was amazing the smell is refreshing my hair is easier to handle very healthy and shiney
  • Insaaf
    Blown away with John Frieda - 9 Dec 2016
    Thank you for the samples. Gave my other set to a friend and she loves it too.
    Definite buy for the future.

  • Anelda
    My hair loves it - 9 Dec 2016
    Having very frizzy, sometimes scraggly hair makes it very hard for me to find products that work, and I've tried most of them. This is the first product that actually leaves my hair noticeably smoother and shinier after use. Definitely a fan of the John Frieda range now!
  • Brigette
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range - 9 Dec 2016
    Packaging is stunning, the purple give a new look to your toiletry collection.

    Love the shampoo, it does not dry your hair out. You can feel the softness in the shampoo. This alone gives me pleasure to wash my hair and know it is not drying out with the wash.

    Conditioner is soft and feels like its doing something to your hair, leaving it soft.

    The smell of both products is of salon quality and can smell the fragrance even when your hair is dried.

    There is no immediate frizz free look but hair is definitely softer and not so course.
  • Hameedah
    Frizz Ease- World Traveller - 6 Dec 2016
    My first impression of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range was a good one. The packaging was classy, with its intense purple colour and it had an enticing smell to compliment it. After trying the shampoo for the first time, I was a bit disappointed that it did not lather as much as my regular shampoo would, but I did enjoy the fact that it did not strip my hair of all its natural oils. Some shampoos leave my hair feeling dry and brittle after washing it, and this was not the case with the Frizz Ease Shampoo, especially considering that my hair was recently coloured and it needed all the moisture it could get. The conditioner is one of the best I have tried, because it was thick and extremely conditioning. I could easily brush out the tangles in my hair, by just using my fingers, and my hair felt like silk afterwards.

    The main point of this range is its frizz ease component, and this became my life-saver. My shampoo and conditioner set became a world traveller after accompanying me to Bali and I depended on this magical concoction during the hot and humid weather. Considering that I have never sweated this much in my life, my hair held in its place and I managed to fight the frizz. The John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range kept my hair smelling good every day and allowed me to have my hair in natural curls without it turning into unruly mess. Therefore, I will give it a 10/10 recommendation.
  • Nabeelah
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo & Conditioner.

    As a younger me, I always suffered with extremely frizzy hair as my hair was pretty short! If I didn't blow wave it out or straighten it, I pretty much looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter.

    As the years went by and my hair grew out (YAY) the frizz became more subtle, but it was still there. I was thrilled when I found out I'd be reviewing the John Frieda Frizz Ease and finally thought I found a solution to my problem.

    I've used the Shampoo & Conditioner four times since I received it, and it's safe to say the results were instant.

    My hair is quite long, and so often requires a little more Shampoo & Conditioner. This is KEY! Don't be stingy when it comes to your hair if you need to use more Shampoo and Conditioner then do it! I often need to use 2 times the amount then a regular short haired person.

    After one use, my hair felt softer and smoother and was much less frizzy then when I usually leave it to air dry. I am definitely loving this new gem and have already been using it for 1 week since.

    The scent is breathtaking and the consistency is thick, creamy and luxe not forgetting gentle to your hair!

    @rubybox was kind enough to send me two sets, one of which I gave to my sister and she's absolutely in-love too!

    If you suffer with frizzy hair then you need to try this! John Frieda products can be found at Clicks, and they're currently running a 3-for-2 special on all John Frieda products so go ahead and score!
  • Nadine
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range - 1 Dec 2016
    I enjoyed using both the Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda, especially since i suffer from frizz as a natural haired diva in Cape Town's humid weather very often. 250 ml in size and retails at R105- R110 each its really value for money as it will last quite some time. With my very dry ethnic hair, this shampoo and conditioner left my hair smoother but that's because its enriched with pure yes pure coconut oil. So its all natural goodness, also these products works from the inside out, with it containing frizz immunity, it builds your hair strands up over time and use to fight off frizz. So the longer you use it, the less frizz your hair is prone to present! ;-) It works really, even on my natural frizzy hair.. which isn't that frizzy anymore. thanks John Frieda!
  • Nosipho
    John Frieda - 29 Nov 2016
    I enjoyed especially the John Frieda forever smooth conditioner. It had a lovely smell and my hair was not frizzy at all, even without additional oil products. its absolutely smells nice and fresh
  • Alison
    Less frizz - 28 Nov 2016
    I definitely noticed less frizz when I used it as it was a wet day which usually means more frizz. My ends were also less frizzy and dry than normal. Sadly it only lasted a day.
  • Carin
    Great product - 28 Nov 2016
    I enjoyed especially the John Frieda forever smooth conditioner. It had a lovely smell and my hair was not frizzy at all, even without additional oil products.
  • Zaakira
    Mind Blown!! - 28 Nov 2016
    Once upon a time i had long luscious healthy hair but sadly , that was once upon a time and A very long time ago...

    I had discovered the GHD and blow drying and dying and bleaching and lots of other things that just destroyed my hair. My hair became unhealthy, dry and brittle ... i tried many things and some helped alil but not enough to make me feel better but that was until my fairy god mothers at @rubybox sent me john Frieda - forever smooth to review and i am blow away!!!

    My thick hair feels so light and does not weigh my head down . The bleached , colored , dry hair feels soft and luscious and the frizz? Mostly gone!!! And all this and more after just ONE wash! I promise you i have never been so in love with a shampoo and conditioner before. I honestly am so impressed and would definitely 100% buy it again.

    Alil confession tho : i didnt use the 'normal amount' of conditioner. I used like 1 and half palmfuls
  • Tanya
    Forever Smooth - 26 Nov 2016
    Firstly I would like to thank Ruby Box and John Frieda for this luxurious experience in other words trying out the frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. I have extremely frizzy hair so this product is just perfect as it kept my hair tamed. The packaging is great,easy to use,creamy texture,nice smell,not too strong which I love. Well I've been using it for a few days and I'm satisfied with the results. It left my hair so soft and smooth,added a nice shine,my hair looks so much healthier,and easy to manage. Great product,would definitely continue using it!highly recommeFirstly I would like to thank Ruby Box and John Frieda for this luxurious experience in other words trying out the frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. I have extremely frizzy hair so this product is just perfect as it kept my hair tamed. The packaging is great,easy to use,creamy texture,nice smell,not too strong which I love. Well I've been using it for a few days and I'm satisfied with the results. It left my hair so soft and smooth,added a nice shine,my hair looks so much healthier,and easy to manage. Great product,would definitely continue using it!highly recommended!
  • Jesselyn
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 26 Nov 2016
    Heading in to the warmer and more humid months, this shampoo and conditioner has quickly become a necessity for me! First anti-frizz formula I've tried and I was very impressed :)
  • Angelique
    LOVE IT - 25 Nov 2016
    After Googling myself nuts on tips and hacks on how to get rid of frizz (my hair has a life of it's own and will frizz at any given moment) , John Frieda finally came up as the solution to my problem.

    The problem I have with most conditioners is that the consistency of the product is very thick and I tend to apply way to much. This then leads to my hair looking dirty or oily within the same day. I found that the John Frieda FRIZZ ease conditioner had the perfect, almost runny, consistency.

    With the shampoo and conditioner duo, I can honestly say that this is a perfect little spoil for your hair. It smells amazing, makes your hair feel absolutely gorgeous and another little bonus is that a little goes a long way. Looking fab AND saving? - YAAAY!

    Would I recommend this for all hair types? YES. Is it worth the penny? YES. Can I go without it now? NO.
  • Nandy
    I love how soft & smooth my hair feels after just one wash, cant wait to see how it does after multiple washes.
  • Toni
    Mixed feelings, but generally impressed! - 25 Nov 2016
    I was super excited to receive my set of John Frieda Frizz Ease products to review, as I wouldn't normally treat myself to salon-quality shampoo and conditioner (probably hence the frizzy hair). I hate it when one has to work up a sweat just trying to get a shampoo to foam, so I love how easily the John Frieda shampoo lathers. With the conditioner, I've found that alittle goes a long way - my conditioner is always finished before my shampoo because I am forced to use so much at a time, but with this product, a R5-coin-sized amount does the trick. I must admit I was hoping that this would be my new go-to miracle brand, but I can't say I have noticed a change on my 'frizzometer'. I am slightly disappointed because I had such high hopes that it would enable me to embrace my natural curl and stop hating my hair, but I am still just trying my hair in a ball to avoid dealing with the frizz. It has only been a few washes though so I am still hopeful. I will however say that my hair is definitely softer!!! It doesn't tangle as easily and feels soft to the touch. Holding thumbs that there is still hope for this product to ease my frizz!
  • Aneesa
    We all dread summer especially when it comes to maintaining frizzy hair. Summer has hit Durban...Not only do we feel the humidity, so does our hair...I'm certain you all agree, that no matter what you do, the frizz only gets worse. 

    Well it just got a whole lot better now that I've been blessed with John Frieda's Frizz Ease Shampoo & Conditioner. My John Frieda drop from rubybox is most welcome because it is time to get rid of unruly, unmanageable,  frizzy hair...

    Let's tame that frizz and step into summer everyday like we've stepped out of a salon with John Frieda Frizz Ease, Forever Smooth. Chatting to a number of women travelling to Durban especially during summer, they all share the same sentiments,  #Frizzyhairmustfall ;)

    John Frieda's Frizz Ease builds frizz immunity from the inside out. It is formulated with a Frizz Immunity Complex and pure Coconut Oil that fights frizz at the source and gradually builds your hairs immunity against frizz with each use. The conditioner does the same and more. It also deeply nourishes your hair leaving it softer and more manageable.

    Finally, no more of these hair dos...The struggle was real  ;) ;)

    To use the John Frieda Shampoo gently massage into your wet hair and rinse well.  For optimal results, use the John Frieda Conditioner which you smooth from root to tip through your wet hair and rinse off well. The products are also safe for colour treated hair.

    John Frieda has proven, again, to be the brand for me and I mean it ♡♡


    Till we meet again xxx

    Love A
  • Thirusha
    John Frieda Frizz Ease - 24 Nov 2016
    I love this product. It left my hair feeling smooth, silky and tangle free.
  • Zainab
    This could be the ONE. - 24 Nov 2016
    I can honestly say in the past year i probably bought a new shampoo and conditioner every month. My hair texture was damaged, frizzed up for some reason more than it did when i lived at the coast,and just unmanageable and tangled so bad. I started using the John Frieda Frizz Ease 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised from day one, my hair was more manageable, so much smoother and didn't tangle as much. It even made my Colored hair look more lively!!! Did i mention the smell was just amazing, I love that it has coconut oil in it. Coconut oil does amazing things for your hair ,maybe that's why my hair looks so healthy and shiny. All i can say is I'm in love and this one is a keeper, no more looking for a good shampoo and conditioner, I think i found my ONE
  • Tania
    OMG!!!! - 23 Nov 2016
    I have naturally curly hair - so frizz is definitely a known fact......this smells amazing,it lasts for a long time and it makes my hair so shiny and manageable!definitely something i will purchase in the future!!5 thumbs up!
  • Carole
    Awesome Product - 23 Nov 2016
    First I want to thank Rubybox and John Frieda for the opportunity to try this product as normally I wouldn't spoil myself like this.

    It is great to have a product that leaves my hair feeling almost as good as if I have walked out of my hair salon. So to have a treat like this in my bathroom is really something special and I do love the fragrance and how manageable my hair is and that its not necessary to blow dry it.

    Thank you for the spoil .
  • Nazmiah
    John Frieda frizz ease - 23 Nov 2016
    I have not ever come across a product that has left my hair this smooth.

    Upon application I could def notice lesser frizz , less tangles and softer locks.

    In future I am sticking to this one product only.
  • Vanitha
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo and conditioner - 23 Nov 2016
    The 1st time I tried the product, I could already feel a difference in my hair. I've used it 3 times now and it has become so much more softer and manageable...thank you Rubybox...
  • Lize
    Loose hair at last! - 22 Nov 2016
    I've been using this John Frieda product for little over 2 weeks now, and for the first time I can wear my hair loose after washing. I no longer look like a blow-dried lion.

    The packaging is beautiful, and I love te fact that it's in a tube. No more shaking for the conditioner to come out. My top part of the packaging was damaged though, which led to shampoo coming out at the top and bottom.

    The smell is amazing. It smells like the expensive salon products that costs a fortune.

    Overall impression: Loved it! I will definitely be stocking up once mine is finished.
  • Alesia
    Awesome - 22 Nov 2016
    Great product. I only used it three times, but I can feel and see the difference in my hair.
  • Agnetia
    John Frieda is my hero - 22 Nov 2016
    I am sooo happy with this! It's absolutely amazing and definitely worth every penny.
  • Adeline
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Range Review - 22 Nov 2016
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner felt amazing on my hair. My hair felt soft, straighter and smoother. After washing my hair, it didn't look so frizzy as before. I'm so amazed at the way it looked and felt compared to previous washes. John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner smells so good. I am so happy with the outcome of my hair after using my GHD. I would recommend John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Range to everyone.
  • Raithi
    Bye bye frizz! - 22 Nov 2016
    I've been using this shampoo and conditioner duo for about 2 weeks now.
    Firstly, I love the packaging the beautiful satin purple color really caught my eye.
    Both the shampoo and conditioner come in well sized tubes which I think is totally worth value for money.

    The smell is DIVINE. It smells clean, fresh and feminine and I love it! The smell stayed on my hands after I showered, and I didn't mind at all.

    Does it work? YES. I have BUSHY, knotty hair! This shampoo helped smoothen everything out and after I dried my hair I noticed a clear reduction in frizz. Look, this shampoo isn't going to give you pin straight smooth hair, but it really helps to settle the frizz down.

    I would buy this shampoo conditioner duo again, my only two dislikes is that contains quite a few chemicals ( I'd like to see more natural products in my body care products). Also, it is slightly expensive but you do get a lot of product which is well worth the money!


  • Insaaf
    John Frieda saved my hair - 22 Nov 2016
    Yesssss. Finally a hair product that does it for me and my hair.

    My hair used to be dull and lifeless and my curls were droopy and sad.

    Since i received and used my shampoo and conditioner from rubybox I am a really happy woman.

    Unfortunately i am not on social media like instagram and facebook but i will send you an email with my pics of my friend and I.

    She too is very happy with the result.

    We are super impressed.

    Thanks again

  • Azzurra
    Good brand - 22 Nov 2016
    used a few times an does reduce the feel and look of frizzy hair.Good hairproduct.
  • Azzurra
    Good brand - 22 Nov 2016
    used a few times an does reduce the feel and look of frizzy hair.Good hairproduct.
  • Juzet
    Greatest frizz product - 22 Nov 2016
    I received a shampoo and conditioner from my friend (full size) and I'm so impressed! The product have a refreshing smell, works wonders on frizz and go along way- I use less product than my current brand so the price is actually reasonable. Thank you Soretha Jones and Rubybox for introducing me to such an amazing product!
  • Shandre
    Say goodbye to frizz with the new John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner - 22 Nov 2016
    Wow! What an amazing product.

    I've been trying all kinds of products and things to get rid of my frizz, but nothing seemed to help until the new John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner arrived in my life.

    I love the packaging and the smell of it? AMAZING!!!! I'm so in love with it. Beats my normal shampoo & conditioner because of the long lasting fragrance and it does exactly what it says.
    Not only was my hair frizz-free, but my hair was smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

    I would definitely recommend this to every girl.

    Thank you Rubybox <3.
  • Tanusta
    Impressed! - 22 Nov 2016
    I have to admit I initially did not expect much from this brand as I thought it cant be as good as salon bought products , but this product seriously made my jaw drop!My mum who has absolutely coarse unruly hair excitedly told me that after several washes her hair is smooth and less of a struggle . When I first washed my hair I noticed that each strand was coated and felt lighter than usual .I was nervous to leave it to dry naturally as I always use the hairdryer and flatiron to make it set . But lo and Behold my hair was indeed smooth and soft with zero frizz , and this was without the flatirons help , I'm impressed!
  • Omela Devi
    Impressive - 22 Nov 2016
    I have to admit I initially did not expect much from this brand as I thought it cant be as good as salon bought products , but this product seriously made my jaw drop!My mum who has absolutely coarse unruly hair excitedly told me that after several washes her hair is smooth and less of a struggle . When I first washed my hair I noticed that each strand was coated and felt lighter than usual .I was nervous to leave it to dry naturally as I always use the hairdryer and flatiron to make it set . But lo and Behold my hair was indeed smooth and soft with zero frizz , and this was without the flatirons help , I'm impressed!
  • Claudette
    Reduction in Frizz - 22 Nov 2016
    I've noticed a definite difference in my hair, it is a lot less frizzy and my curls are fuller.

    The conditioner makes my hair nice and soft, and makes it easy to detangle my hair whilst wet.

    Only week 2 and so far very happy with the product!
  • Omela Devi
    Keeps its Word! - 22 Nov 2016
    After the 1st usage , hair was left to dry naturally without the use of heated tools.There was a noticeable change in which my hair was much softer , frizziness was reduced considerably .The product is not a magic wand as Ive noticed it takes several days of usage for the frizz to diminish . After washing my hair this morn I was amazed to discover that it was soft , luscious and glorious to the touch which my hair has lacked in years due to damage, aging and loss of natural oils
  • jadine
    John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo & conditioner - 22 Nov 2016
    First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. The smell is amazing. This duo left my hair feeling silky smooth. My hair is shinier and more voluminous. My frizz problem is a thing of the past.
  • Tayla
    Your hairs new best friend ;) - 22 Nov 2016
    The John Frieda range is absolutely incredible. The new Frizz Ease shampoos work well to tame and nourish your hair, while keeping your smelling devine! As a women who struggles with frizzy hair this shampoo and conditioner works well to de-frizz your hair while adding shine and moisture. The new Frizz Ease range is of salon quality at an excellent price!
  • Shana
    What a difference! - 22 Nov 2016
    After two days of using the John Frieda Frizz Ease duo, my hair is so much smoother, more manageable, not frizzy or full of static. I have never had such a drastic improvement from just shampoo and conditioner without a change in styling products, it is actually incredible! Thanks John Frieda, I am sold on the Frizz Ease Forever Smooth range!
  • Liezl
    Frizz Ease - 22 Nov 2016
    I've really enjoyed this product, it smells great and I find you don't have to use tonnes of it on your hair. I have pretty frizzy hair if I just let it air dry and I do feel like my hair has been more tame and smooth since using the products.
  • Nabeela
    Tame Mane Finally! - 22 Nov 2016
    I go through different hair products like underwear because I simply could not find the "right fit". I was honestly not expecting that this Frizz Ease range was going to be this phenomenal, because like most "non ethnic" products, no one seemed to "get it". The shampoo didn't strip my hair and still left natural oils in to absorb the nourishing conditioner, something all curly girls need. I love it and I definitely will be purchasing more of this!
  • Liska
    Silky smooth - 22 Nov 2016
    I've been looking for something to tame my frizz for a while now as I don't like straightening my hair all the time and want to go for the Wash and Go look this summer. I am really impress with this product as it's made my hair so soft and has reduced the frizz as well. It's important to note that the description says that it builds an immunity to frizz, not that it takes it away immediately. I've been washing my hair with it fir the past 2-3 weeks and it's really shown a difference. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Mallinee
    John frieda frizz ease - 22 Nov 2016
    Hi dear rubys
    The shampoo and conditioner set smell absolutely wonderful. Love the vibrant colour packaging.
    I haven't seen a big difference yet to the easing of my frizz but I'm hoping with continued use, it will improve.
    Thanks again for selecting me to test these
  • Laaiqah
    LOVE LOVE LOVE - 22 Nov 2016
    I'm definitely skeptical about trying new hair care products because I have extremely thin hair that dries out easily but the John Frieda Frizz Ease complemented my hair perfectly.

    I did not see a difference after the first wash but after using the Shampoo and Conditioner continuously my hair Frizz decreased and my hair even looked shinier.

    Would I purchase this product again? YES! My hair feels, looks and smells amazing ❤️
  • Karen
    Awesome! - 22 Nov 2016
    I just love my Frizz Ease I received. I have long thick and I find myself washing my hair more often just to use the shampoo and conditioner. It is really an awesome product!
  • Ferial
    Love it!! - 22 Nov 2016
    I have thick wavy hair and always struggle with hair products! This product however made my hair feel soft and manageable! I'd recommend it to everyone.
  • Anneke
    Frizz ease - 22 Nov 2016
    I found the frizz ease hair is less frizzy and manageble..great product!
  • Jessica
    Frizz Eased! - 22 Nov 2016
    I have very thick, wavy hair. I have never liked to wear my hair curly as it always felt untameable so I always straightened it.

    I have not touched my straightener since receiving these products! My curls have so much more definition from the reduced frizz.
    All I have to do is leave a little bit of conditioner in my hair and I get the beach wave look I have always wanted from my curls.

    Super impressed!! And it smells great too!
  • Aneke
    AMAZING!!! - 22 Nov 2016
    As soon as I received the Shampoo and Conditioner I washed my hair. I was pleasantly surprised with the smell. My bathroom smelled like a Salon. You don't have to use much and it made my hair very soft and shiny. It also creates a very natural curl and adds great texture to your hair. Will recommend to all my friends.
  • insaaf
    Everybodies Using it - 22 Nov 2016
    Ive started using the shampoo the moment i got it and it works well with my hair type, even my moms tried it on hers and shes loving it we definitely going to be regulars with this shampoo and conditioner gettting the whole family to use it.

    I'd love to give the blonde one a try since im the only blonde in the house with colour treated her! Thanks RUBY You awesome , ill be posting pics soon on instagram !! :-)
  • Tasmyn
    John frieda - 22 Nov 2016
    I received this product a while ago and have been using it every time I wash my hair. I am so impressed with the results I have seen so far. Because of dye my hair and tie it up often , it gets super frizzy and unattractive. This product smoothed the frizz without weighing it down or making it greasy like other products do. My hair feelsalon soft, lightweight and strong after using this product. I will definitely repurchase this product and will recommend it to all my fellow frizzy-haired friends
  • khalieda
    Best Ever - 22 Nov 2016
    I have never seen my hair this shiny and soft before. Only downfall is that the bottles are small. Totally would purchase the product again.
  • Cherie
    Delivers on every promise - 22 Nov 2016
    Awesome awesome products; does exactly what it promises to do. Love the fragrance, thank you Rubybox another winning recommendation.
  • Kale
    So good! - 22 Nov 2016
    I got my samples from a friend and I absolutely love it! The first thing I noticed was the super premium, salon level smell. I love it. My hair is noticeably smoother and softer after one wash and I would be very happy to keep purchasing these after I'm done with my samples.
  • Tracey
    Love it - 22 Nov 2016
    I received my sample and absolutely loved it. I have very frizzy hair that needs lots of product to help it calm. I love my curly hair but hate the frizz and using lots of products dries it out and makes it frizzier.

    What I loved the most is that I could use the Frizzease shampoo and conditioner and just leave it to air dry. My curls were under control and super shiney. No need for extra products. My hair felt incredible light and smooth.

    Definite 5 stars
  • Elaine
    John Freida Frizz Ease - 22 Nov 2016
    The John Frieda – frizz ease has Tamed my frizz! No doubt :)

    I have a fine curly strand with a bit of kinky coil when washed. Heat has literally saved my life as I have never been too fond of the wet look mostly because of how dry my hair is.

    Deciding with my first wash to test this duo in that manner would determine my win or not. Definitely a win for me!

    Started off with my wash and the frangrance is AMAZING!! I particularly love how foamy it is and how it doesn’t loose the lather at all. This to me is very important, even though i have a dry tight curl, after styling my hair goes limp after 2 days.

    The conditioner really seals the deal. I worked this in after the wash and really took my time, about 5 minutes, to massage the conditioner into my hair.

    So my Day 1 I went for my wet look and yes! I am sold. My hair was not dry at all and the curl was so tamed. Everyone i saw complimented me as the look was completely out f my comfort zone, this duo gave me the confidence to really embrace my wetlook.

    Day 2 I done my normal regime. I have provided the images for you darlings of the stages.

    The difference in the after wash stage is really noticeable! Though my hair has grown quite a bit at the time of the testing, the results are remarkable.

    My hair feels smooth right throughout the wash till the styling. As I am a firm believer in curlers ,our coloured slang Rollers
  • Kim
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range - 22 Nov 2016
    The John Frieda Frizz ease left my hair feeling really smooth and sleek, it left my hair with the most beautiful shine.
    I will definitely purchase this product.
  • Saadiqah
    Smells just like Pantene - 22 Nov 2016
    I loved the John Frieda conditioner and shampoo it reminds me of Pantene.. it leaves you hair shiny , soft and smelling great for a long time .. i will definitely be using this shampoo more often than other brands as it restored my damaged hair! GREAT PRODUCT!!!
  • vino
    fantastic product - 22 Nov 2016
    I have heard great reviews about this product and would so love to get samples to review, really in need of this product
  • Lisa
    Shiny, frizz free hair - 22 Nov 2016
    I have short hair, but with a natural curl, so my hair tends to frizz especially if there is humidity in the air... I have started using these products and I am in love with them. My hair looks great, has a natural glow and is no longer frizzy. I used to have to wash my hair daily; now I wash every second day (which is pretty impressive for short hair). I would recommend this product to anyone in need for shiny, easily manigable and frizz free hair!
  • Shannon
    Great product - 22 Nov 2016
    Thank you to Rubybox and John Frieda for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

    I have naturally curly, unruly and frizzy hair so I was very excited to try this product. It smells incredible (even in the box). It makes your hair feel so clean and smooth and it really does make a difference just after one wash! I have been using the product for a week now and it really has made a BIG difference! Also, its really affordable for great quality!

    I would really recommend this product to anyone who has unruly and frizzy hair. It will not disappoint!
  • Azeeza
    Great product - 21 Nov 2016
    Would love to review this
    Have heard great feedback about the product! Hope i get a chance to do a review xx
  • Jolene
    Totally in love with this - 21 Nov 2016
    I have to first say thank you thank you thank you for sending me this product to test and review as it did what it said and more.

    My hair was very damaged from my chemo that I inject once a week and other meds I am on. To the point that I was actually going to shave it all off at my following hair appointment because of all the frizz and dryness as no matter how much conditioner or product I used and I have tried many different types it looked terrible and then John Frieda arrived.

    Not only does it smell delicious, it has totally nourished my hair and taken the frizz out that I am now confident to leave the house without drying my hair first as I know without product, my hair is going to look great as long as I have used my John Frieda Forever Smooth Frizz Ease Shampoo and Conditioner, no matter what.

    So thank you for saving me from having to cut all my hair off. I wasn't so sure I could pull of the no hair look.
  • Jennifer
    Brilliant Product! - 21 Nov 2016
    Thank you once again Rubybox and John Frieda for the opportunity to test out the Forever Smooth Frizz Ease Shampoo & Conditioner by John Frieda.
    It is a fantastic shampoo and conditioner which smells delish! I absolutely love how my hair feels after use and it does exactly what it says... reduces frizz, making your hair smoother and shinier! Would recommend it in a heartbeat if you are like me and have uncontrollable hair.
  • Salma
    John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Range - 19 Nov 2016
    I had the pleasure of trying out the shampoo and conditioner .... and whoa was I pleasantly suprised. It tamed my wild frizzy mane, and left it looking shiny and healthy. Love this product its the
  • Laura
    Frizz Eased?...Definitely! - 18 Nov 2016
    I've always had frizzy hair and finding a shampoo and conditioner that wouldn't dry and damage my hair further, has been a life long struggle...but so far after using John Frieda's new frizz ease for about a week, my hair has never looked healthier! It leaves my hair feeling soft and silky to the touch and smells a-ma-zing!! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to tame their fierce (but frizzy) mane!
  • Jezaadia Cheslyne
    Fantastic Product - 18 Nov 2016
    I have extremely curly and thick hair, so to prevent my hair from frizzing I usually leave conditioner in my hair when its not blown out. With John Frieda frizz ease, it has never been easier, after the first use I could already see the difference, I when an entire day without putting conditioner in my hair because it didn't frizz or thicken which was amazing.
    also while washing my hair, I didn't even have to use much shampoo or conditioner because it makes so much foam ( which I love, because it feels like my hair is getting cleaned), and the fragrance is amazing, a long lasting delicious smell.
    I recommend John Frieda Frizzease to everyone and anyone with frizzy hair issues.
  • cindy-ann
    frizzz hair - 18 Nov 2016
    i would love to try this products i have very frizzy hair this product will be great
  • Angelique
    Frizz Free John Frieda - 18 Nov 2016
    I was skeptical at first as, seeing that so many companies claim to give you silky smooth hair. BUT this is magic. My hair feels irresistibly soft and..... no frizz! This is amazing and worth buying!
  • Soretha
    Frizz Ease- John Frieda - 18 Nov 2016
    Great product- I struggle with frizz and have tried quite a few ranges on the market, but John Frieda Frizz Ease is by far the best! I especially love the conditioner as it goes a long way and really soften your hair. I'm crazy about this range and will recommend for all to try.
  • Karen
    Awesome Product - 18 Nov 2016
    I received my sample and used it for the first time. My hair feel so soft and is definitely not as frizzy, even the ladies at work noticed the difference.
  • Caroline
    I LOOOOOOOVED IT! - 18 Nov 2016
    I have always struggled to find shampoo and conditioner that will leave my hair frizz free and full of life.

  • Nicole
    Great product - 18 Nov 2016
    The John Frieda frizz ease range is a welcome in my hair routine. Since I have very curly/frizzy hair I always look out for products that will "tame" the frizz. Also makes your hair feel so much softer after having it styled. Would definitely recommend!
  • Monique
    Great products - 18 Nov 2016
    I received a sample from my friend, the conditioner, and it works beautifully. My hair looks great. Thereafter I signed up. :)