John Frieda®
Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo & Conditioner
Available at Clicks stores - R119 What does it do?

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo creates a gradual, semi-permanent enhanced colour using patented proprietary acid dye technology. The shampoo gently deposits the acid dye, layered with Violet, Orange & Yellow tones, to deliver chocolate hues for an all over rich, deepened shade.

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Conditioner uses a Glycerin Smoothing Technology to create an even hair surface that heightens reflective shine. This technology improves softness & alignment of each hair strand, for a phenomenal light reflecting finish.

What else you need to know

Use together to achieve an overall rich and luxurious hue and deepened tones in just a few washes.


  • Sphiwe
    John Frieda brilliant BRUNETTE - 11 Dec 2018
    If you want that best gorgeous look that will make you Feel different Feel confidence trust brilliant BRUNETTE
  • Elize
    Brunette excellence - 11 Dec 2018
    More shine, more color is what you can expect of the BEST hair care product

    “This is my Dream Hair John Frieda product range #rubybox #JohnFriedaSA #BrilliantBrunette #5daysofJohnFrieda”

  • Chanell
    John Frieda - 6 Mar 2018
    Fantastic product,really loved the deepening rich chocolate tones. Great to use in between salon trips.
    Best used when showering as the product leaves a slight temporary residue when rinsed out.
  • Tanita
    Best Brunette! - 16 Jan 2018
    I was lucky to have been selected to try out this AMAZING product, and I was NOT disapointed... My hair looked and felt great after each wash, the smell is addictive and its really worth the while to go out and buy!
  • Tania
    Best product ever! - 11 Jan 2018
    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with brunette hair as it brings out the best in your hair for sure. Its a product that is worthy of the price it holds and is definitely great quality. Once my supply is finished I definitely am going to repurchase and try out the rest of the brunette range as now I'm converted to a John Frieda Brilliant Brunette fan!
  • Taryn
    My fave product - 22 Dec 2017
    Absolutely love this product. In particular the conditioner which is the only one I've found that can treat dry hair.
  • Jonell
    Brilliantly Brown Brunette - 12 Dec 2017
    John Frieda is synonymous with luxury itself. It smells divine and make your hair feel luxurious, silky smooth and soft. It also helps to enhance the brown undertones in my hair and makes my hair feel smooth. I love this shampoo and conditioner combo.
  • sadiyya
    Amazing - 15 Nov 2017
    This is definitely my favorite. The shampoo and conditioner smell so amazing and have this gorgeous colour which semi dyes your hair darker and makes it look amazing. Thumbs up
  • Dannielle
    Brunettes do it better - 3 Oct 2017
    This product definitely let's me feel more confident as a natural brunette. It brings out the best in my hair and definitely adds the perfect amount of shine.
  • Mari-Lee
    So good I could eat it - 22 Aug 2017
    WOW, again another amazing experience using these products. A friend of mine gave me her supply, as she had returned to blonde. I have black hair, but thought I'd use it anyway. I don't regret it at all. Both the shampoo and conditioner smells like chocolate sauce. The texture is creamy, meaning I don't have to use a lot of product. That in turn makes it great value for money. I noticed after the 3rd wash, my hair has a brown shimmer in light. It didn't dry my hair out, instead my hair is soft and bouncy. LOVE LOVE LOVE John Frieda, and this one is a definite winner.
  • cm
    John Frieda - visibly deeper brunette - 11 Aug 2017
    Love the colour, and how the shamphoo and conditioner make my hair feel... love it
  • Jesselyn
    John Frieda Visibly Deeper - 5 Jun 2017
    Great shampoo that leaves my hair feeling soft, clean, and smelling great. I didn't notice a drastic difference in my colour, but keep in mind I have very dark hair as it is. If you had lighter hair, you would notice a bigger difference, Overall, a great shampoo.
  • Tanita
    Definitely Brilliant! - 25 May 2017
    My take on John Frieda is that it is an absolute GEM to have in any bathroom, whatever colour hair you have, John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner definitely holds your colour for longer and gives an amazing feel and smell to your hair!
  • Kim-Leigh
    LOVE IT - 23 May 2017
    true value for immediately...i had to purchase more...addicted to it
  • Nabeelah
    John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brilliant Brunette - 22 May 2017
    Boy am I impressed with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo and Conditioner! After one wash my hair already looked darker!

    I have been using it daily since I received it and my long locks have never looked better. They are chocolate deep, surprisingly healthier and smell great! I would expect any hair colour treatment to cause some damage along the way as that is what hair dyes do, but not with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper treatment, my hair has actually been softer.

    I would recommend this to those with either highlights or lowlights which have faded over the past few months and are really looking for something to give it that extra boost or just make it darker.

    The results speak for themselves! Rubybox sent me two extra sets which I have shared with friends and family and they just cannot get enough!
  • Marinda
    Great product for great hair - 22 May 2017
    I would recommend this shampoo and conditioner to every brunette. The products smell great and leaves my hair soft and shiny. The greatest thing about this product is that I dye my hair now less frequently which saves money every month. I really love this product!
  • Nobubele
    John Frieda Conditioner - 22 May 2017
    Absolutely blown away by this product, my hair colour was visibly transformed within 4 washes.
  • Jolanda
    LOVED it! - 22 May 2017
    As a natural brunette, I love showing off my dark and shiny mane... The John Frieda Visibly deeper product helped me achieve just that!
  • bonnie
    JOHN FRIEDA - 22 May 2017
    make hair look much healthier and thicker too rich chocolate tones
  • Leonie
    Brilliant Brunette - 22 May 2017
    This made my hair really soft and darker, all the grey gone, loved it , will definitely buy it in future.
  • Aneesa
    My Hair Visibly Deeper - 22 May 2017
    I am still truly amazed at the John Frieda products and how it makes my hair look and feel absolutely gorgeous. So when rubybox sent me my drop, I was ecstatic. I am a dark brunette and these products work wonders for me, bringing out my hair colour.

    I got to test the Visibly Brighter Shampoo and Conditioner ❤

    The Visibly Deeper Shampoo creates a deeper, richer, more lustrous colour. It is formulated with cocoa and promise oil. It cleanses and infuses deep brunette tones. The conditioner intensifies deep, rich, lustrous tones while you hydrate. It enhances dark tones.

    Both are Ammonia and Peroxide free so no need to worry about using it on colour-treated hair.

    The proof is in the
    pudding :)

    From dark and dull to bright and manageable in just a few washes. I will still highly recommend these products to all brunettes out there.
  • Tasneem
    Awesome Colour in a tube - 21 May 2017
    This hair colour is amazing, its super easy to apply and rinse. The colour lasts really long, I'm a def a fan!
  • Lynette
    One of the Best Shampoo and Conditioners - 21 May 2017
    This is one of the best shampoo and conditioners I have used. It leaves your hair super silky and soft - without weighing it down - but leaves your hair with the most gorgeous shine.
  • Carla
    Soft good smelling hair - 21 May 2017
    I have been using this product for months now and I really do love it.

    As far as giving your hair more color, I did not really see a difference. It definitely I think can maintain a dark brunette color but it didn't really make my hair darker.

    However, the smell and the overall feeling of it on your hair is amazing.

    The shampoo has a creamier texture and doesn't dry out your hair like other shampoos. The conditioner gives moisture and leaves your hair extremely soft.

    I have curly hair and I will never use another shampoo again.

    Real good buy
  • Lindsey
    Normal performance, no colour change - 21 May 2017
    I have quite dark hair and yet rubybox sent me these ones. Yet again, after years of being a member of rubybox, they fail to read my beauty profile that they keep harping on about us keeping it updated. I used this continuously on my very dark brown hair and needless to say, it remained very dark brown. I like the smell and the softness it brings to my hair. However, this kind of performance can be had from any lower end shampoo and conditioner combo. Like Dove for instance. Please step up your game rubybox and try treating your audience with more respect.
  • Nthabiseng
    Visibly Darker indeed - 21 May 2017
    The shampoo and conditioner smell and look great!
    Keeps hair soft and improves the color of the hair as well after a. Few washes you can see the difference
  • Petro
    Great - 21 May 2017
    love this product, love the part that it brings out the deep colour and way that it makes my hair feel!
  • Marizanne
    Such a devine conditioner - 21 May 2017
    I really enjoyed this conditioner, after washing with it for about a week, my hair was already luxuriously soft and had a lovely shine to it xxx
  • Nadine
    Best Product Ever - 21 May 2017
    I totally love this shampoo and conditioner I actually changed to john frieda after recieving my product and loving it.
  • Candice
    A must have!! - 21 May 2017
    I absolutely love this product. It is a must have alternative to colouring your hair. Leaves your hair soft and beautiful
  • Sune
    Love love - 21 May 2017
    Amazing product and wonderful results it brings more shine and volume to my hair and it feels so much healthier with every wash
  • Sarah-Jane
    Brilliant brunette review - 21 May 2017
    Good shine and colour. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product
  • Linkie
    #rubybox #JohnFriedaSA #frizzease #dreamcurls #flawlesslystraight - 17 May 2017
    humidity, excessive heat-styling
    Use Frizz Ease® Heat Defeat® Protective Styling Spray FOR DAMAGE HAIR
  • Kim Lancley
    Recommended -


    Moisturises my hair really well
    Great colour
    Amazing scent!


    Price - I take these products as a treat to my hair lol ;)

    Very happy I tried it!

    - @klpasithappens
  • Kim
    Brilliant Brunette - 6 Apr 2017
    In all honesty, i am loving the John Frieda brilliant brunette. Since using this brand, the tones in my hair has never been brighter, my hair feels so soft and looks even healthier.. i am an even bigger of the John Frieda brand.. (^^,)
  • Dalean
    Brilliant Brunette - 4 Apr 2017
    Still using this product and i really saw a difference in the color of my hair.
  • Samantha
    Amazing - 3 Apr 2017
    The smell is absolutely amazing and leaves my hair silky smooth. I have however not noticed much change in my colour after 1 wash but will hopefully after more.
  • Meryl
    Beautiful hair - 3 Apr 2017
    My hair feels like brand new. Amazing results from the first wash.
  • Diana
    Absolutely fab! - 1 Apr 2017
    This product got to work right away. I even find I wont have to die my hair this month which I usually have to on a monthly basis. A must have!
  • Lorna
    After a month using this product - 30 Mar 2017
    Can I just say, this product smells amazing! It's the first thing I noticed.

    After using the product I noticed how soft my hair was and how shiny it was.

    All on all after a month my hair was slightly darker, softer and shiny. Also it smelt great all the time!!
  • Danielle
    Brilliant Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner is Brilliant! - 27 Mar 2017
    The shampoos & conditioners are really great. They not only make my hair feel soft & silky, my hair color has lasted so much longer in between colour treatments. A definite plus from me on quality & a saving in the pocket too for extended visits to the hair salon.
  • Chantel
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! - 27 Mar 2017
    I'm one of the unfortunate ladies who turn grey at an earlier age. I need to colour my hair every 2 weeks which cause havoc with the condition of my hair. One week's use of this product and my hair is visibly healthier, shinier and looks gorgeous. Thank You John Frieda & Rubybox
  • Olivia
    Brilliant Brunette is Brilliant! - 27 Mar 2017
    I dye my hair every 2 months and also use my hair straighter daily - this has caused a dull dry look. After using the Brilliant Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner - i noticed that my hair looked cleaner, healthier, more manageable and it got its shine back! I will stick with this brand from now on! THANK YOU for saving my hair :)
  • Tersia
    JOHN FRIEDA - 27 Mar 2017
  • Hilde
    Fantastic Smelling John Frieda products! - 27 Mar 2017
    I love this amazing product! The shampoo smells devine, and the conditioner as well! It smells like perfume! The shampoo cleanses nicely withou even using a lot, and the conditioner makes your hair feel sooo light and soft, and it looks so shiny. These 2 products make your hair smell like perfume! Amazing! Fantasctic! Epic!!!
  • René
    Deeper brown turned frown upside down - 27 Mar 2017
    I LOVE this product!
    Since the first use I could see a difference.
    The smell is great and I could also physically feel a difference in my hair.
    I definitely recommend it.
  • Siobhan
    Fabulous - 27 Mar 2017
    Makes my hair smell just divine and the colour looks great too!! Such a great product that I will continue to use!
  • Marizka
    Awesome John - 27 Mar 2017
    Well, I am going to keep this short. Stunning, amazing, well worth the price. Use a little shampoo, but be warned, the smell is freaking fantastic. The shampoo lathers fantastic and you really don't need a lot. Follow with Conditioner for a soft, shining and lovely scented hair. You have to try this to believe me. You won't look back
    Absolutely Fantastic!` - 27 Mar 2017
    Because my hair is naturally brunette but I colour it red I wanted to try the product over a while to make sure it does not completely change the red in my hair, and I am so happy with the results.

    Not only is my hair still red, the colour is a much deeper, rich tone and the condition of my hair is amazing.

    When I started my hair was frizzy, dull and very dry, now it's shiny, healthy and vibrant.

    I love it so much!
  • Megan Kelly
    Excellent! - 22 Mar 2017
    Huge fan of this lovely range - the scent is phenomenal and the results speak for themselves. I love how much richer my hair looks, especially for the cooler months that are (hopefully) coming soon!
  • Nadine
    More please!! - 8 Mar 2017
    I have naturally dark brown hair and do not colour my hair. As with all women we sometimes feel like our hair is dull and lifeless, so I opted for the next best thing and tried this shampoo and it works!! I did not need to colour my hair at all, and I got compliments everywhere i went! My hair had more colour and shine and i just felt brand new!! The price is a bit steep, but it is worth a try and a lot cheaper than a trip to the salon! (And you sav on the damaging of your hair as well)
  • Madelle
    John Frieda Review - 7 Mar 2017
    I received my package and was immediate impressed. The box, the wrapping - everything smelled heavenly. I could not wait for that evening, and as soon as I got home, I excused myself and I just had to go and wash my hair. The scent lingers in your hair the whole day. The next day I washed my hair and used the conditioner again, and upon blow-drying I could see shades in my hair that was not there. Now after a week I love this heaven in a bottle. My hair never looked this great. I love the shampoo, if I my criticize one thing, the conditioner can do with a bit more richness. It is great, but I do love just a little more richness, a little more food for my hair in my conditioner, but in tones and shades, there is nothing beating this shampoo and it's greatness
    AMAZING - 1 Mar 2017
    Firstly both shampoo and conditioner smells amazing. I was skeptical about using the product as ive had bad experiences with some brands however i found that after using the John Frieda brilliant brunette my hair was silky smooth yet it had lovely volume. i love a shampoo that doesn't change the volume of my hair as i love my hairs natural thickness. i love it and will definitely buy it.
  • Stephanie
    Brilliant Brunette - 1 Mar 2017
    Because I have really curly hair, I am always cautious about the shampoo I wash with, most shampoo's dry out my hair and makes my hair frizzy, I was scared that this shampoo would do it too but it was amazing! it smells great and it makes my hair so soft and leaves me with pretty soft curls when I dry my hair ! great product thanx!
  • Simone
    Luxurious duo for my hair - 1 Mar 2017
    This shampoo and conditioner is so luxurious, from the texture to the rich chocolate brown colour and the divine scent. My hair not only looks vibrant but it's feels so silky and healthy as well. Will definitely repurchase it.
  • Simone
    Dark Shiny Chocolate Hair - 24 Feb 2017
    It was pretty rad seeing the dark chocolate colour shampoo blob in the palm of my hand before I aplied it to my hair - it smelt sooo good!

    You need to prepare yourself the moment before you rinse the conditioner from your hair. I can guarantee that your hair has never smelt smoother. I recall saying OH MY GOD as I was rinsing it off.

    Once you dry your hair and go through your normal routine of straightening or curling you will notice the incredible shine in your hair.

    Also, my boyfriend loves it! On my hair as well as his, haha.
  • kaoli
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour - 24 Feb 2017
    I absolutely love this product! It is so easy to use and saves me so much time (with 2 toddler girls there is hardly time left in the day for me time). My hair looks vibrant, healthy and the shine is back. My hair is nourished and smells amazing. I will continue to use this product, only wish it would cover all my grey hairs 
  • Amanda
    No more bad hair days - 21 Feb 2017
    I have searched for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for a very long time. I wash my fine dark hair daily and battle with either extremely dry or oily hair. I am 33 years old and now have the dreaded problem of grey hair and no time to constantly go to the hair dresser. I have found my product. Not only is it affordable but it has seriously changed my life. Helps with the grey in between hair dresser sessions and is perfect for my hair. I can now wash my hair every second day without a problem. And the added benefit is that it smells fantastic. Great find! After many years of searching.
  • Tyla
    Great Product - 21 Feb 2017
    Great Product, lovely smell and leaves your hair looking visibly richer in colour.
  • Dianne-Lee
    excellent - 20 Feb 2017
    After first wash could feel the difference.
    Second wash could see the colour stand out. My hair is not as dry. You don't have to apply alot . I would say it is a great money saver
  • Cara
    Instant Results - 20 Feb 2017
    If you looking for a shampoo and conditioner that shows instant results then John Frieda is the brand to use. After one wash and condition of the visibly deeper brunette, I immediately noticed a difference. My natural hair colour looked to much more richer and deeper & ofcourse healthy thanks to their brilliant conditioner.
  • Tanya
    Brunettes Have More Fun - 20 Feb 2017
    Having walked past this product on the shelves in the hair care aisle numerous times, too wrapped up in my current haircare brand to even try and venture out to something different, I was always intrigued, but not convinced enough to try.

    So scared that by moving away from something that DOES work to something that I was going to pay to take a chance on, the opportunity to review the product itself was a massive leap of faith.

    And it paid off!! All I can say is that this product delivers on all it promises! My hair is just as healthy as with my previous haircare brand, BUT the difference truly does come in the enhancement and enrichment of my brunette strands.

    Not only does the product wash well, the conditioner itself leaves your hair feeling conditioned. To the extent that I've moved away from my every day S&C routine, to just doing a 'co-wash' every second day, and that in itself works amazingly.

    What's more is that I can't wait to finish my review product so that I can purchase the second round, and I'd like to include the treatment I have seen on shelf too.

  • Jaxi
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour - 20 Feb 2017
    I honestly believe that the name of this product speaks for itself.

    Holy cow, I enjoyed this product review so much. It works like magic. After the first wash it went darker. And literally Instantly I had people asking what had i done to my hair. It became so Healthy and shiny in One wash??? I promise you John Frieda has some serious magicians working in their lab.
    Although i never noticed a difference. Everyone around me did.

    So Overall i can say this is Highly recommended for anyone wanting to darken their hair with out the actual Dyeing process.
  • Jaxi
    brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper. - 20 Feb 2017
    First of all. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to review this.

    When I first received this, I honestly thought that it would never work. But boy Was I surprised. After the first wash I had a friend ask me if I had dyed my hair darker. And after that i had people asking what was I doing to get my hair to look so healthy and so Shiny.

    Well I set them all straight. I told them that this is the best thing to use on your hair if you want to make it deeper and give it that healthy shine...

    This product is Jaxi Approved and of course I Highly recommend this.
  • bonnie
    John Frieda brilliant Brunette - 20 Feb 2017
    The John Frieda brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner is fabulous. it made my hair full of volume and enhanced my natural undertones, not to mention the sweet aroma and soft silky feel.
  • Mikela
    Strange but nice - 20 Feb 2017
    I tried the visibly deeper range and expected my hair to become slightly darker and more vibrant. I expected a completely different effect, but I am not displeased with the result of my hair. However, the visibly deeper range seems to have made my hair slightly lighter, with a very red tone. My hair is very vibrant, and shiny, but I have to say that my hair did not have a red undertone. So that took me by surprise. I took my photos at the exact same time of day in the exact same spot, and it is quite clear. I used only these products for just over two weeks almost every day. It smells fantastic and really does make your hair beautifully shiny and vibrant, however, people who want to avoid a reddish glow to their hair, might not like it. I have no idea why it seemed to lighten my hair, I opted in because I thought it would darken it a little. I am going to continue to use the product for another month or so to give a realistic unbiased long term review. I enjoy using it.
  • Carla
    Visibly brunette again - 20 Feb 2017
    I was very skeptical of this because I have curly hair and can't use just any shampoo and conditioner, but I have to honestly say I am truly impressed by this product.

    The first thing I noticed was the shampoo has a much more creamier consistency than most and it left my hair really soft. It also has a slight color to it that doesn't transfer to everything you put your hair on.

    The conditioner is creamy with the most amazing smell and it left my hair so soft and bouncy. I didn't have to use any product to keep my curl the rest of the day.

    I have a reddish tone to my hair that I didn't notice until I saw the before and after pictures. It definitely has made my hair more brunette and tones the redness down

    I have recommended this product to my friends and family already and will definitely use it again. I highly recommend this to girls with curly hair.
  • Adri
    Mind Blown! - 20 Feb 2017
    The difference after the first wash was amazing I have now turned a new leaf and this will be the only shampoo and conditioner I will ever use again!
  • Laetitia
    Expected a bit more - 20 Feb 2017
    While this is a great product and nourishes the hair, I felt a bit disappointed in the colour of my hair, not much has changed.

    However it does have a healthier glow which I will agree is nice and also my hair smells really lovely.

    I am not too sure if I would actually purchase this due to the colour result that was not much of a change.
  • Marinda
    Love it!!! - 20 Feb 2017
    I am in love with this product! Not only does it smell great and makes my hair feel velvety soft with added body but it also extends the duration of my hair colour. I normally colour once a month but could go much longer since I have been using this product. I am now fully converted!
  • Rentia
    John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette - Visibly MORE gorgeous! :-) - 20 Feb 2017
    I have been using the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper shampoo and conditioner for the about a week now, and I have to say that this an absolutely amazing product range.

    The shampoo makes my hair feel incredibly silky, which is no mean feat, considering I have curly hair that goes frizzy very quickly. My hair hasn't felt this soft and manageable in a very long time.

    The conditioner is also amazing and left my hair feeling even softer after rinsing - without having to leave it in for too long, which is great when you're an on-the-go mom with small kids - aint no one got time for long conditioner episodes! ;-)

    Love the Visibly Deeper Range packaging - it has a gorgeous "brunette" coloured packaging which makes it easy to spot on the shelves as well.

    Love this range and will seriously consider purchasing more of this when my current stock runs dry. :-)
  • Marlize
    WOW! What a product - 20 Feb 2017
    I am usually a grab any bottle and go type of girl, and usually also forget that conditioner is an actually thing.
    But when I got my John Frieda products, I knew I wanted to give it a proper try.
    So I started up my daily routine of shampooing and conditioning, and after just two washes I cold already see a difference!
    And now after two weeks, I am in love with my hair again!
    What surprised me the most, is how little product I needed to use to get the desired results.
    I almost always use more than the recommended R5-coin size, but with John Frieda, that was all I needed to make my hair feel properly cared for!
    And don't even let me get started on the AMAZING smell.
    I have never been this entranced with hair product before and this is most definitely going onto my monthly shopping list!
    Thank you RubyBox for introducing me to this unbelievable product,
  • Donett
    My new "must have"! - 20 Feb 2017
    With unruly and dull hair, finding a product like John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper has definitely made my year! Not only is my hair more manageable but I have received numerous compliments regarding the amazing color and shine! I will definitely be adding this product to my "must have" list!!!
  • Anzel
    Obsessed! - 20 Feb 2017
    This product has really blown my mind.
    I usually struggle with switching brands as my hair tends to dry out very easily, but my hair is softer than ever. The colour is deeper and it smells AMAZING.
    I have extremely thick hair which means that I tend to use a lot of product, however with this a little goes a long way.
    It is slightly pricier, but like mentioned before you really don't need to use that much.

    I love it!
  • Karen
    Brilliant Brunette ! - 20 Feb 2017
    I tried the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo and Conditioner. Firstly, the smell is heavenly, I simply love it! The results from using this product is fantastic. After using these products twice I can really see a difference in the colour and texture of my hair. My hair is smoother and feels lighter. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family :)
  • Anneke
    Brilliant brunnette - 18 Feb 2017
    After using brilliant brunnette from johnfrieda i can see the difference in colour tone on my hair..its really a fantasic product..the smell is absolutley devine..My hair has a great shine and the colour tone is wonderful..I am recommending the brilliant brunnette to all my dark head friends..Awsome product!
  • Leentjie
    My hair loves it!!! - 16 Feb 2017
    I could already see and feel a positive difference with the first wash. My hair is definitely much smoother, softer, and the shine is unbelievable! Another added bonus is the delicious scent, my family and friends just walk by me and they can't help but notice that chocolate-vanilla yumminess - I get compliments all the time!

    After a few more washes I can definitely see more rich colour tones in my hair, and my hair is so much more manageable, plus I definitely see a reduction in split ends. My hair looks so healthy!

    I do not usually go for the more expensive hair products, but these have definitely got my interest! The overall positive effect it has on my hair is too amazing to ignore and I love how it improves my hair colour. I will definitely be buying from this product range in the future and I absolutely recommend it to others.

    If you want your hair to look like you just had an expensive salon treatment, you can't go wrong with John Frieda!
  • sarah-jane
    Brilliant Brunette - 16 Feb 2017
    I recently received this product to review and I must be honest im loving it. It made my brunette hair so shiny and rich in colour. I usually have dark brown hair but I have a lot of red pigment in my hair which eventually comes through once the brunette starts to fade. Using these products have given my brunette colour new life and has really kept my hair brown instead of the copper colour it usually goes. I really would recommend it and it smells great too.
  • Bianca
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Range - 16 Feb 2017
    I have been using the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper shampoo and conditioner for the about two weeks now and I have to say that this has quickly become my favourite brand and range. My hair hasn't felt this silky soft and looked so shiny in a long time. The Visibly Deeper Range has a beautiful glossy deep brown packaging you can always tell the difference of each range by looking at the colour of the packaging.

    Most shampoos leave my hair feeling dry and stiff after rinsing but I did not experience that with the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo, instead my hair felt soft. The conditioner left my hair feeling even softer after rinsing.

    I'm seriously loving this range and would like to try more John Frieda products.  My hair is a much richer brunette tone, healthier looking, shiny and feels amazingly soft and smooth. The deeper brown looks very natural and this range leaves my hair smelling amazing. I find myself loving my hair alot more.
  • Viviana
    John Freeda Visibly Deeper - 16 Feb 2017
    I could literally see the difference after the first wash. I did not realise how much the sun had dulled my hair until then, and was so pleased at the result that I will keep this product as a regular staple! My hair looks so shiny and dark now.
  • Nicole
    Gorgeous - 16 Feb 2017
    I love love love the scent of this shampoo. My hair also previously had red colouring coming through from previous dyeing and the shampoo muted that and made my hair look gorgeously rich and brown again.
  • Susann
    Tried it, loved it - 16 Feb 2017
    Deeper colours without having to dye my hair - what a win! I would definitely recommend this and buy it again.
  • Lynne
    Brilliantly beautiful!!!!!! - 16 Feb 2017
    I honestly had my doubts about this shampoo and conditioner but after using it there definitely is a difference. My hair became darker, richer and deeper. Also I love the smell of the product. When it arrived I didn't quite like the smell of it but when using it the smell is very nice! I have had friends ask what is it I am doing with my hair and THAT tells me that this product is doing what its saying its doing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Naeemah
    John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner - 16 Feb 2017
    Hi there,

    I recently received the John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner from Rubybox and I definitely had a life changing experience.
    I was happy with my current shampoo and conditioner that I was using but I'm even happier now using John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner.

    The packaging:
    I like the squeeze tube packaging because its convenient in the shower for my tiny hands to squeeze out the product however, I feel like I waste more product because I tend to squeeze out more product than needed. I think the colour scheme of the packaging is great, it's rich just like the product.

    The scent:
    The scent is not subtle and can get a bit over-whelming for some but personally, I enjoy the scent. It smells amazing! The scent is long lasting which is a plus.

    The result:
    I've dyed my hair multiple colours from black to purple but I've settled for my natural hair colour, which is a dark brown. Because of all the bleaching, I'm left with various shades of brown.
    After washing my hair with John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner, I immediately noticed that my hair felt softer. When I styled my hair, I noticed that it was shinier even without using any silicon or serum. And what really impressed me was that the shine stayed until my next wash (which is usually within 4 days of my initial wash). I noticed that it reduced frizz as well and that's something my hair kind of struggles with. I've been using this product for two weeks and haven't really noticed any change in the colour of my hair though.

    Overall, I really enjoyed using this product. It is on the pricey side but its worth every cent. I would definitely re-purchase this product along with the other products in the Visibly Deeper Brunette range!

  • Sherry-Lynn
    I'm hooked. - 16 Feb 2017
    As promised (and expected) the John Frieda Visibly Deeper Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner definitely enhanced my brown locks after a few washes. Not only did it seem to even out the colour from root to tip, it also highlighted a broader range of browns throughout my hair. The bonus was that it made my hair more manageable: smoother, softer, shinier and yet it feels thicker too. The time it takes to get ready in the mornings or to go out has been shortened. And that beautiful fragrance? Every time someone hugs me they remark on how lovely my hair smells. The only issue I have with it is the cost. I find that I don't want to share with my two daughters because of the price, but I will. And then they will be hooked just like I am.
  • Jacky
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 16 Feb 2017
    Fantastic product that really does what it says. My hair also felt luxuriously soft using the products (shampoo and conditioner). LOVE!
  • Liz
    Such a visible difference - 16 Feb 2017
    After just one wash I could feel a difference, my hair felt softer. After a few uses people were asking me if I had coloured my hair (which I hadn’t) and that it was looking so nice. It feels fantastic.

    I would recommend this range to anyone. I have used store and salon ranges previously and I can honestly say that this is one of the best ranges I have used. I will be buying it. I am converted!
  • Elani
    Overall Okay - 15 Feb 2017
    My overall experience with Brilliant Brunette has left me with mixed feelings.

    It did improve the vibrancy of my colour a little, which I loved!
    BUT my roots are quite oily, and my ends are quite dry by nature. The shampoo wasnt quite strong enough to get the heavy oilyness out, so I had to mix it with my usual shampoo, and the conditioner didnt leave my ends as soft as I would have liked.
    But mixing it with my usual products did help a lot.

    But overall I loved using it, and it did what was promised, which was making my colour a bit more deep and rich.
  • Sune
    Absolutely amazing - 15 Feb 2017
    Ruby box recently introduced the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner to me and must i say WOW i simply love this product my hair feels so soft and full of life again and the smell is divine.
    It's a must buy for all the Brunette ladies :)
    I can't stop recommending this product to my friends and family.
    And it is absolutely save to use on coloured hair or highlighted hair.
  • Sasha
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper - 14 Feb 2017
    I used this product for the first time and I really enjoy using it. Okay, so my hair is very long, very dark brown and very fine in texture. A couple of years ago I used to dye my hair quite a few shades lighter, which looked great, but destroyed my hair. Colouring dark hair is usually quite brutal for your hair, as it takes quite a bit of treatment to strip the colour. My hair was incredibly damaged and all I could really do, was grow it out and give my hair the nutrients it needed back. I was so glad to start using the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper, as my hair definitely needed intensive moisturizing. My hair is much smoother than it was before, I have less fly-aways and it looks much bouncier. The ends of my hair look so healthy and the shampoo gives you a great clean feeling, while I find some other shampoo's can often leave your hair feeling greasy. The scent of the product is also really good! I definitely recommend at least trying it! I will definitely continue using this range as it works so well for my hair texture.
  • yolandie
    I have always found it very hard to purchase shampoo's that is high in price because it usually feels like it works for the first few washes and then my hair is brittle and grassy all over again.
    This i would have never even looked at but thanks to Rubybox sending me the products, I got to use it and....I LOVED IT.

    It not only smells amazing, i got to use it for about a week and a half now, washing everyday because of gym, it really actually deepened my color, left it soft.

    I would definitely recommend it to the brunettes out there!!
  • Leentjie
    My hair loves it!!! - 14 Feb 2017
    I could already see and feel a positive difference with the first wash. My hair is definitely much smoother, softer, and the shine is unbelievable! Another added bonus is the delicious scent, my family and friends just walk by me and they can't help but notice that chocolate-vanilla yumminess - I get compliments all the time!

    After a few more washes I can definitely see more rich colour tones in my hair, and my hair is so much more manageable, plus I definitely see a reduction in split ends. My hair looks so healthy!

    I do not usually go for the more expensive hair products, but these have definitely got my interest! The overall positive effect it has on my hair is too amazing to ignore and I love how it improves my hair colour. I will definitely be buying from this product range in the future and I absolutely recommend it to others.

    If you want your hair to look like you just had an expensive salon treatment, you can't go wrong with John Frieda!
  • Waseela
    Deeply Brunette with John Frieda - 14 Feb 2017
    I recently bought the deeply brunette products, as they were rated pretty high on the site, and being a lover of coloring my hair I felt the need to find something that protects and nourishes my hair, yet retains the salon color.

    With my first wash I refused to review just yet, as I felt it was too soon to tell. Like they say the proof is in the pudding, but only once you taste it.

    So, I waited a full 5 washes before i write review of my own.My hair is super long and fine but well cared for. I believe my hair is like a mane of a lion, its your pride and joy.

    The smell and packaging of the product, showed the professionalism and it instantly meant John Frieda was serious about hair care as I was. I used the product three times a week as my hair oils up quick with work and all the physical activities of a day.

    I found the product to brighten my hair color the brunette parts of my hair and left it less tangled than i use to have it before. My hair blow dried a lot faster and kept a lot more volume, without extra products in it compared to other products I previously used. The product left my hair feeling sleek and healthy and less damaged from the dye. the down side of the product is, my hair is 8 different shades of brunette and browns as my hair stylists loves to go Kyalami on my salon visits. She always tries a new cut and her new versions of colors to compliment my skin tone and my lifestyle. I sometimes feel she complicates my hair care and styling on a daily, but she is right my hair makes me feel great about my skin tone and complements my career.

    I would definitely recommend it to others, but i wouldn't recommend it for people who have more than 3 shades in their hair. It works for some parts of color and the others are left looking slightly limp. Cost wise it is a little pricey but worth it if you spend that much on salons, for me with super long hair, it's costly as I use a lot more product than a person with short or medium length hair.

    So in conclusion, the product is worth every last cent and it gives results, but it was not the product for my hair colors.


    M!ss Wiss....
  • Kelly
    Excellent product - 14 Feb 2017
    I was not expecting too much when I tried this as I have semi-permanent colour in my hair, so it fades more quickly than normal.
    But my colour has still deepened somewhat! My hair is also softer, and less brittle, not an easy ask with frizzy hair.

    I am not yet entirely sure it is worth the price, as I still need to use the same amount of product as cheaper varieties. But the claims of changing your tones are quite substantiated in my view.
  • Joey
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 14 Feb 2017
    I get many compliments on my hair since using this range. I will definitely buy it and recommend it to friends
  • Lara
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo and Conditioner - 14 Feb 2017
    1) I loved the packaging of this product. Everything about it is SO worth the money, and to think of it, it really is NOT that expensive at all, considering you do not use a lot of the product at all with each wash.
    2) The smell is fantastic. It has a rich, almost chocolatey fragrance with a slight coconut undertone that lasts from morning right through to the following morning.
    3) I have short hair, so I wash my hair daily and I use a minimal amount of both shampoo and conditioner. I try to leave the shampoo on a bit longer so that I can get all the goodness after drying it.
    4) The duo has made my colour super rich and shiny. It takes a normal brown, and adds what seems to be gold, red and rich brown strands of colour in the sunlight. My hair just looks so much richer, more healthy and shiny and so much healthier. The colour has gone from a normal dull deep brown to a luscious golden brown.
    5) While the shampoo and conditioner impart all of the above amazing results, it also adds great body, without making my fine hair heavy or dull. Usually, some conditioners will do that, but not this product.
    Overall, this is a brilliant product duo with amazing results and the price is exceptionally well worth it for these results. Truly one of the best on-the-shelf products that imparts salon qualify results at a fraction of the cost. Thank you, John Frieda for taking the mousy-brown out of my hair and making it look fabulous without me having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it!
  • Liezel
    Briiiiilllliant Brunette - 14 Feb 2017
    the name says it all. My hair is in great condition after using my product received. I am so impressed that i don't think i will EVER buy any other shampoo. My hair is more manageable, stay straight has a amazing rich brown town to it. After a Wash it looks like i just visited the Salon. I am Super Super impressed. This product is Brilliant!
  • Jenniqua
    Amazing!!!! Brilliant! Brunette - 14 Feb 2017
    Wow guys, I have to say this product blew my mind. I was at first a bit sceptical, I mean, can shampoo possibly make my brunette deeper? Turns out I was so wrong, and the product so right! My hair is visibly deeper, more nourished looking and just plain brilliant now. I am truly amazed. Not to mention the smell is fantastic and makes you feel like a million bucks, and the difference is visible after the first wash. Amazing, I would recommend this product to my fellow brunettes who want to flaunt their brunetteness!!!!
  • Nadine
    Visibly Deeper Fantastic - 14 Feb 2017
    The best shampoo and conditioner ever I just love it brings out the colour even.more makes your hair very soft and shiny I just love it
  • Jonell
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper - 13 Feb 2017
    I have always struggled with keeping my hair colour looking bright and with deeper hues. I always colour my hair Chocolate brown and the colour tends to fade with ordinary colour protection shampoos. I have always found that the shampoos aids the of my hair colour. I was delighted to try the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Deepening Shampoo and Conditioner. It really aided the deepening of my hair colour and it is well worth every cent. John Frieda created a good product which helps not just with deepening the hues of your hair but also keeps your hair well nourished and soft. Thank you Ruby Box for making me conscious about this brand and I will definitely recommend the product to my friends and family.
  • Emily
    Amazing - 11 Feb 2017
    This product is just great. Within in just one wash my friends had asked if I had dyed my hair darker. Not only did my hair get darker but I could feel my hair was stronger and healthier. I received compliments on how good my hair smelled, how healthy it looked and the fact that it looked darker. I would definitely buy this product again!
  • Chere
    Brings shine and life to dull hair - 11 Feb 2017
    The shampoo and conditioner duo has a great and distinctive scent, which I love.

    It gave a slight sheen to my hair and definitely kept my hair a certain shade of brunette and kept it from getting dull after various het treatments or on days which I didn't style my hair... But did not make a huuuuuge difference. However, it did give my hair a constant brown shade which did not fade, but did not really become more intense. I felt like I gained a very slight dark reddish tint(not in a bad way!).

    I do feel that this is not the best treatment for dry hair and split ends as my hair felt kind of dry if I did not use my usual hair mask or other treatments I usually use on my damaged hair ends.

    I would recommend to brunettes with strong hair who want some extra shine or who has dull brown hair.
  • Nikita-Leigh
    Amazing Product - 9 Feb 2017
    I absolutely can see a difference in my hair colour. It's a deeper, darker colour, which I'm absolutely loving.
    I've also been complimented three times since using this product.
  • Marizka
    John Frieda Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner - 7 Feb 2017
    What a lovely clean smell it has
    I could smell the shampoo most of the day
    After washing my hair with John Frieda Shampoo i was hooked
    Not only on the smell, but also, when i washed my hair with normal shampoo my hair becomes very dry
    Brilliant Brunette with John Frieda - 7 Feb 2017
    To intensify your brunette tones it keeps my hair colour deep and bold and always feeling hydrated during this dry weather, the John Frieda Visibly Deeper range contains cocoa and evening primrose to deepen the spectrum of your brunette tones. The range is for both natural and Color treated hair.

    Me and John Frieda my journey to deeper brunette tones, I have natural brown medium to dark brown hair which naturally has a few different shades in. But recently before I started use the John Frieda my hair was feeling dry and flat just did not feel like it use to before, as the weather changes so does your hair environmental damage is just as harsh on your hair as overuse of products or styling.

    My first wash went so well I could immediately feel and see a difference in my hair it felt smooth and softer meaning it was hydrated I could not help myself with all the selfies. I’ve always used and loved John Frieda products they are affordable budget friendly and have amazing results on your hair so I didn’t think I would have been disappointed anyway.

    My first wash one thing I noticed was the colour and texture of both products you can see the intense colour of the cocoa in the shampoo and conditioner it’s a dark brown which is really unique, I felt that my hair was much easier to brush my wet hair after washing no tangles or knots.

    A few more washes later still loving my hair how it looks how it feels can’t get any better that, allow yourself to embrace your brunette tones and enjoy your hair I know am this December. I will admit I was thinking about changing up my hair but that’s gone I love my brunette hair. Gone away are my little fly away hairs they are no longer an issue for me mainly because my hair feels hydrated and moisturized.

  • Chantall
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 7 Feb 2017
    WOW, after my first wash my hair looked healthier with so much volume, it enhanced my natural color with so much shine. I simply love it an will definitely keep using it
  • Liezl
    Brilliant Brunette - 6 Feb 2017
    I enjoyed using this product, my hair naturally has a bit of an orange tinge and I found this product helped counter this a bit. Smells great though and leaves my hair nice and soft.
  • Bianca
    John frieda brilliant brunette - 6 Feb 2017
    My hair is much softer it's a much more manageable the colour has intensified immensely previously to my colour that I had before,although I'm a brunette it highlighted the colour that I previously had which made my hair very shiny and added different Browns to it ,I shampooed and conditioned my hair twice in a week because I usually wash my hair 2 to 3 times in the week .The usual look of my hair is quite rough and corse I'm not going to lie but my hair did look a lot more damaged prior to me using the john frieda products probably because I wasn't using anything else,I had split ends & made my hair look as if it was rough. The Shampoo and conditioner basically coated my here giving it an all round salon look as if I just used a great treatment on it I would definitely recommend this product to women that have colour in the hair as well as women have just natural brown hair because it's taken me awhile to love my natural brown hair and be comfortable in my own colour I would definitely purchase this in fact I don't see why I shouldn't because it's a amazing product that not only just cleans your hair but it also coats your hair if you have damaged hair the shampoo coats your hair making it look like your hair is much more healthier and better looking and all-round shine & bounce it's much more sleek it's much more richer looking, I would say that the shampoo and conditioner is definitely a value for money for good looking hair it could cost an arm and a leg i am pretty pleased with my hair I've had many compliments aswell & im telling all my girlfriends about it!
  • Izelle
    John Friday brilliant Brunette - 6 Feb 2017
    Totally amazing, I love love this product. After using it my hair was soft and it brings out the colour of your hair beautifully, I will definitely recommend the shampoo and conditioner to my friends and family. And it will most definitely be on my next shopping list.
  • Nadine
    WOW!!! - 6 Feb 2017
    I received my shampoo last week and this is definitely a must buy product. It makes your hair feel soft, restored, and loads more.

    Ladies must really try this product. You will not be disappointed at all. I'm so glad I got to be chosen to test this product, because I found my lifetime shampoo now.

  • Dani
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo & Conditioner :) - 3 Feb 2017
    This product was a really nice surprise to receive! Thank you! :)

    I feel like the price you pay for the amount of product you receive in each tube is fantastic value for money! And I would definitely say it is an affordable 'high end' product :)

    The smell is HEAVENLY! it smells like nothing I have ever smelled before! Almost not like shampoo/conditioner but like a really nice perfume :) I absolutely love both fragrances!

    The consistency is nice and thick, so a little goes a long way, also adding value for money :)

    The shampoo gradually deepened the chocolate/brown tones in my hair, leaving it rich, vibrant and shiny! :)

    The conditioner left my hair feeling soft, nourished and protected! :)

    I would definitely recommend these products to friends and family! :)
  • TonyandVanessa
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo - 1 Feb 2017
    I found the Shampoo definitely took to my hair beautifully!

    I left the Shampoo on for approximately 15 minutes and once my hair was dry one could see that it had made a major difference to my natural hair colour. Albeit my hair used to be extremely dark, it's lightened somewhat as I have aged.

    The colour was vibrant and gorgeously dark.

    It has the most amazing scent, smells of coconut and all things yummy! Almost an edible smell to it.

    I would without hesitation purchase the product in future as it's extremely convenient in that there is no 'real' waiting period / minimal and it's the first hair colourant that doesn't stink of chemicals, as mentioned - it really has the most awesome aroma, just smelling it directly from the container is completely pleasant!

    Thanks #rubybox & #JohnFriedaSA for a truly fabulous product!
  • Lisle
    Brunettes rock - 1 Feb 2017
    I received the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner yesterday and all I can say is WOW! One wash and my hair looks, feels and smells amazing!

John Frieda®