Jeannie In A Bottle 50ml

What’s this?
An oriental floral fragrance by SA's fave celebrity Jeannie D.

What does it do?
One spritz will see you through the day but load up in the evening as this gorgeous scent will attract admiration, envy and desire where ever you go.

What does it smell like?
It's bold, captivating and sexy all at the same time, think intoxicating florals, zesty fruits and soft, sensual woods.

Why we it
Every woman wants to feel and smell irresistible, and have a little of Jeannie rub off on's inevitable with this hypnotising scent.


  • natelie
    gorgeous scent - 22 Mar 2015
    got a sample a while back and finally decided to try it. lovely perfume lasts very long, pretty intense when you just put it on but mellows as the day goes.
  • Jenny
    Jeannie D Jeannie In A Bottle - 19 Mar 2015
    After smelling the sample I was too scared to use the rest in case I ran out! What a beautiful fragrance! I have ordered the full-size and will continue to do so as I have now found my signature scent after decades of using so many brands! I am 49!
  • suhaila
    Sexy in a bottle - 24 Feb 2015
    The name says it all... Gorgeous scent just like the lady herself
  • Malikah
    My favorite - 16 Oct 2014
    sampled it, loved it, BOUGHT IT!

    Lasts all day and smells divine
  • Leigh-Anne
    Amazing - 27 Aug 2014
    Honestly the price is far to low for perfume of this quality, but I'm not complaining! One of those rare perfumes that last you the whole day #thumbsup
  • Caroline
    Jeannie in a Bottle - 18 Aug 2014
    It was love at first "smell" for my 19 year old daughter when she received the sample in her Rubybox.
    Now she has the whole bottle and she is in heaven. Looks like I'll have to keep a spare bottle so she does not run out. She loves it........
  • Natali
    In love - 13 Jun 2014
    I am a HUGE skeptic when it comes to local perfumes, because they are usually very sweet and smell 'cheap'. When I heard about this perfume I thought, 'ugh really?'. Got the sample, smelled it once, went to the shop and bought it. My first bottle is almost empty, because I cover myself with this every single day. Such a lovely fragrance and everyone around me loves it too. THANK YOU JEANNIE D!
  • rosetta
    Love it - 13 Jun 2014
    What a beautiful fragrance. I love it and everybody around me says so too. Worth every cent!
  • Mahomed Asief
    Awesome - 20 May 2014
    Bought this for my wife for our anniversary and she really likes it.
  • Candice
    Yummy - 16 May 2014
    This is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME!! I recommend it to everyone. It truly is yummy!!
  • Maryke
    Awesome Frangrance - 9 May 2014
    It's a really deep sexy fragrance. Adore it, so does everyone around me too!
  • Celeste
    Pleasant smell - 10 Apr 2014
    This is a nice day smell. I would like it if it lasted longer or had a greater silage. But for a regular every day perfume, this is really nice :) I was asked in the office the other day what I was wearing which was awesome.
  • Gisela
    Addictive fragrance - 7 Apr 2014
    My boyfriend LOVED when I wore it - 'nuff said :) It's gorgeous
  • Deidre
    Couldn't stop - 2 Apr 2014
    I couldn't stop smelling myself and adored all the compliments I was getting. Not only is she a great host with a beautiful personality, bod and face, she has good taste as well. Well done on the great scent.
  • Bonnie
    Gorgeous! - 1 Apr 2014
    I was pleasantly surprised by this - bought a bottle because I am such a Jeannie fan. Really does smell divine! Jeannielicious!
  • Tamzin
    Jeannie in a bottle - 26 Mar 2014
    Smells amazing, have told lots of my friends about it after receiving it in my rubybox
  • Lee
    JEANNIE IN A BOTTLE - 16 Mar 2014
    Got a sample in my RubyBox. It is a sweeter fragrance than I would normally choose for myself.
  • Heidine
    Jeannie D Jeannie in a bottle - 28 Feb 2014
    Got a sample in my rubybox!
    Totally love it!
    Cover was put in hubby's wallet so that he knows what to buy me on my next bday!
  • Melanie
    Well done Jeannie D - 27 Feb 2014
    Received a sample in my rubybox. Smells nice and is affordable - will definately buy it!!
  • Nadine
    Jeannie D Jeannie In A Bottle - 21 Feb 2014
    Sample size received in one of my ruby boxes`.
    Priced: Falls into the higher priced range of perfumes
    Longevity: Lasts long
  • Cindy
    Jeannie D in a Bottle - 15 Jan 2014
    It smells good when you apply it, very soft scented. But you only smell the perfume for a couple of minutes and then you have to re-apply the perfume to stay scented throughout the day. LOVE the bottle.
  • Marita Charne
    Love It! - 9 Jan 2014
    Did not expect the Jeannie D Perfume to smell this good! I love this! It is affordable and smells great! My new favorite perfume! Recommend this to all out there!
    Jeannie in a Bottle - 1 Jan 2014
    Love It! Love It! Love it! Love It! Amazing smell! Absolutely crazy about it!
  • Natasha
    Perfect fit - 28 Dec 2013
    How often do we shop for that perfect dress,the perfect shoes,the perfect jewelry for that special occasion? I'm very glad to say I found the perfect perfume. I received a sample of Jeannie In A Bottle in my December ruby box, and it was love at first smell. It is a must have for every lady, and highly recommended. With it's soft smell it is definitely a perfect fit for any occasion.
  • Kim
    Soft and Sweet - 20 Dec 2013
    Love this fragrance! A beautiful soft and sweet scent with a good balance to the sweetness. The sweetness is not overpowering like other sweet fragrances - mature and very feminine.
    Price seems fair but I feel that the it does wear off a little too quickly.
  • Chante
    Sensational scent - 17 Dec 2013
    I adore this fragrance. Received in my Dec box and am so glad! Has a mature scent that is suitable for any age and any occasion. Must-have scent for me.
  • Debbie
    Jeannie in a bottle - 17 Dec 2013
    The perfume is pleasant - I just find that the smell does not linger - one has to reapply throughout the day which is a waste.
  • Chervani
    Exquisite - 11 Dec 2013
    A mature yet soft scented fragrance, great for the day or night, suitable for teens as well as 20 and 30 somethings :)
  • yolandie
    Just What I expected and more! - 10 Dec 2013
    I love Jeannie D! I was planning on buying this anyway, but then yesterday rubybox sent me a sample in the December box! This will most definitely be a from-me to-me gift! It smells flowery and velvety soft, or at least that is the feeling I have now wearing it! A fragrance girl's must-have!


Jeannie De Gouveia, South African born television personality, model, emcee and entrepreneur wears her many hats stylishly. The Top Billing and Top Travel presenter joins international celebrities, having released her very own fragrance “Jeannie in a Bottle”.

The scent is flirty, sexy, floral and bubbly; it allows women to be sexy at night and also to be taken seriously in the business world during the day, it’s a confidence creator.

Jeannie D