Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio
Worth R690 - On Sale for R390

Christmas Cracker Trio worth R390 PLUS a surprise rubybox valued at R300! *while stocks last

The perfect gift for friends and family, each cracker contains a hand-picked selection of three L’OCCITANE products. Whether it’s delicate cherry blossom, delicious almond or relaxing aromachologie & lavender, there are moments of delight and new favourite treats to be discovered in every product.

Fragrant & Fruity contains: 35ml Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel, 18g Bonne Mere Peach Bath Cube, 10ml Cherry Blossom Hand Cream.

Sweet & Soft contains: 35ml Almond Shower Oil, 18g Bonne Mere Olive Bath Cube, 10ml Almond Delicious Hands.

Relaxing & Revitalizing contains: 35ml Aromachologie Relaxing Shower Gel, 18g Bonne Mere Rosemary Bath Cube, 10ml Lavender Hand Cream.


  • Chantelle
    L'OCCITANE Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio - 1 Jun 2017
    I received this as a Christmas gift and was blown away by the quality of the products. I've always loved the brand but thought the products are too pricey to buy for myself. The scent is long lasting and the products feel luxurious. I would have loved if the product sizes were a bit bigger for that price.
  • Kim Lancley
    Somewhat Recommended -


    Amazing, quality products. This brand is certainly a good buy at any time.


    Tiny, tester sized products.

    Very happy I got to try it! Though, happy I didn't purchase it as the products are tiny. But such, such quality! Save and buy the big sized products instead ;)

    - @klpasithappens
  • Tracey
    Loccitane christmas cracker - 4 Apr 2017
    What a lovely gift, this product penetrates so easy in your body, love the scent.
  • Joande
    Great products - 19 Jan 2017
    I bought these crackers as a stocking filler for friends, but really wanted to keep it all to myself. Lovely products, but really pricey.
  • Tyla
    A worthy luxury - 16 Jan 2017
    What a great novelty product! I am always looking for crackers with products that I will actually use again and this is one of my favorite options! In spite of the pricing, the product is amazing!
  • Reta
    L'OCCITANE Luxury Christmas Crackers - 13 Jan 2017
    I ordered this as a Christmas gift filler for my 2 daughters and sister. My decision on which one should go to who was based on smell and product. They just loved it! I would have loved to receive it myself!
    Cracking L'OCCITANE! - 13 Jan 2017
    L'OCCITANE is a dream ! It's an expensive range but oh, so heavenly! This Cracker Trio was a perfect Christmas pressie just for me from me...small enough products to travel with and quality beyond expectation.
  • Wafiqa
    I decided to try out the L'OCCITANE Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio. At first I thought it was a little bit pricey, but the quality of the products more than made up for the hefty price tag. I love how small the individual products are, perfect for a busy woman like me. My favourite of the collection was the Cherry Blossom collection: the scent was vibrant and sweet and made me feel so soft and feminine. I would definitely recommend the L'OCCITANE collection for those looking to spoil others or themselves.
  • Mikela
    Luxury sample sized treat - 13 Jan 2017
    I received one of these as a Christmas gift, and although I think the products are awesome, I only just saw what this cracker retails for. I do think that it is overpriced for samples, because you get so little product (ie 10ml handcream & 35ml showergel & one use bath bomb). But you would get about 10 uses from the hand cream, 3 uses from the shower gel, and I know L'occitane to be a very high end product. The Cherry Blossom hand cream is sooo nourishing and smells fantastic. Also enjoyed the shower gel and bath bomb thingy!
  • Carin
    Spoilt - 13 Jan 2017
    I have always wanted L'Occitane products but was resistant to purchase as it is really expensive. The lotions were much smaller than what I epected but I LOVED the smell, texture and everythimg about them. I will def add full size creams to my birthday list.
  • Joh-Marie
    special and delicious - 13 Jan 2017
    A nummy trio indeed! The scent and moisture quality exellant. Very rewarding treat.
  • rosetta
    Got to have it... - 13 Jan 2017
    I will always have one of these hand creams in my bag... my one big indulgence.....
  • theo
    The L'Occitane Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio was a hit. I Bought for Xmas presents and it was well received by the recipients. The fragrances stayed with me for a long time. Felt like pure luxury.
  • Denise
    L'OCCITANE luxury Christmas cracker - 10 Jan 2017
    I'm a huge fan of L'OCCITANE ❤️ All the products, so for Xmas I decided to spoil my husband and children with this cracker and was a huge heat. Everyone now just want to use L'OCCITANE.
  • Lutfiyya
    L'OCCITANE Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio - 30 Dec 2016
    I have been using L'Occitane products for a while now and I think this Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio is a wonderful way to get introduced to the world of L'Occitane. The Amande collection is my favourite - the hand cream smells heavenly and the shower oil leaves my skin feeling beautiful. I wouldn't buy this set for myself as you can usually get these trial sizes as part of discounted sets (if you are a big buyer at L'Occitane) but I would love to receive it as a gift as the mini sizes are perfect for travelling. It also makes an ideal gift for someone who is curious to try out different L'Occitane products. .
  • Tracy
    L'OCCITANE - A great spoil - 29 Dec 2016
    A great idea for a special occasion, not necessarily just for Christmas. A special friend, mom-in-law, teacher, the list is endless. The combinations work well and are a real treat. The hand cream is great to keep in a handbag and is just the most luxurious treat you can give yourself too. Worth every cent and your "gift" is also already wrapped. Stash a few in your gift drawer - you will be glad you did and those you present it to will be so thrilled to receive it.
  • Zandile
    L'occitane Luxury Christmas Cracker Trio - 21 Dec 2016
    I have seen this brand around an I'd like to try it. Their range gives me fomo especially with their variety of flavours in their Bath & Shower range.
  • Eleen
    loccitana christmas cracker trio - 19 Dec 2016
    did not buy this product yet, but luv to know what inside. luv surprises. quality and value- I don't know, so I think I will go with 4 regarding the other reviews
  • PrettifulBlog
    L'Occitane Gifts! - 19 Dec 2016
    I love L'Occitane gift sets, because you get great value for money. This brand is the epitome of luxury and would make an excellent Christmas Gift. Their scents and quality is amazing. My favourite product is the Almond Shower Oil
  • Lisa (Marlise)
    L'Occitane Christmas Cracker Trio - 19 Dec 2016
    I would so much like to get one of these. I've heard that they are awesome!!!!
  • Amanda
    would love to try it - 19 Dec 2016
    I love their products i am sure this wont disappoint.the combination alone is for relaxation
  • Noori
    Christmas Cracker Trio - 19 Dec 2016
    This is really a brilliant xmas gift idea - Who wouldn't love to receive their favorite beauty brand perfectly presented in a xmas cracker? If I had the money, I would have purchased for all the women in my life - Including myself!
  • Ilda
    Luxury Xmas cracker - 18 Dec 2016
    Wow! I love surprises,this would be awesome to recieve, I'm sure the review on this would be good.
  • Liezel
    L'OCCITANE - All I want for Christmas - 18 Dec 2016
    I am obsessed with the cherry blossom fragrance and the L'OCCITANE Fragrant and Fruity Christmas Cracker is one product I am dying to try. It is definitely on my Wishlist for Santa this year!!!
  • Tracey
    L'occitane Luxury Xmas cracker - 18 Dec 2016
    This product is so gentle on the skin,it moisturiser beautiful leaving your skin full of life.
  • Christine
    L'Occitane Luxury Christmas cracker trio - 18 Dec 2016
    Sheer brilliance as these can be split - so there are 3 separate gifts. Quality and luxury at affordable prices. Ideal for the festive season especially as standby gifts for unexpected invitations. Should have bought more.
  • Carmen
    Trio - 17 Dec 2016
    Love the brand. The sizing however is a little small. I think travel sizes would be better. Packaging is beautiful and the products luxurious.
  • Lorraine
    Wow - 17 Dec 2016
    What a lovely luxury product!!! The surprise rubybox was also a big surprise!!!! Thanks for the spoil
  • katleho
    pamper goodies - 17 Dec 2016
    They seem good for pamper mode moments and make awesome gift ideas. But the pricing is very high. Would really love to try them out though and actually see if it's really worth it. If they are that good, they could fall into my exclusive gift list.
  • Gloria
    Love L'Occitane - 17 Dec 2016
    This cracker is an amazing spoil. Pure luxury. The quality and feel on your skin is awesome.
  • Leatitia
    LÓccitane - 17 Dec 2016
    I would have loved to try this product but it was just too expensive for me. I have tried some of their products while visiting a friend in Italy and they are wonderful products.
  • Karlien
    Loccitane luxury christmas cracker trio - 17 Dec 2016
    This is a once of a lifetime opportunity product that i would love to try out seeing that you get so many products inside to test out. Come on let me be one of the lucky rubies to try this out.
  • Theelo
    Love It - 11 Dec 2016
    I love l'occitane and this was so worth the buy. They make for great gifts and that's what these crackers are for. Thank you so much for the extra ruby box, always things I can use.
  • Lizelle
    WHAT A SURPRISE:) - 3 Dec 2016
    Love L'Occitane and jumped at the chance to order the Crackers Collection. They are definitely sweet, a pleasure and revitalizing. The contents of the crackers are truly lovely and will make perfect gifts. And the surprise rubyBox is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.
  • Sinead
    AMAZING!! - 29 Nov 2016
    Absolutely was totally surprised the value I paid and what I got was much more. I loved how each cracker had something different and the surprise gift was awesome. So glad to be a ruby!! Thanks Again!
  • Carin
    Love it! Feel so spoiled! - 28 Nov 2016
    I love L'Occitane and my crackers are a wonderful spoil. So happy with this.
  • fiona
    Love L'occitane! - 22 Nov 2016
    Just love these luxurious products and they are so sweet for small gifts, bought a set so i can give one to my work colleague, boss and boyfriends mother for Christmas. Thanks rubybox for another great offer x
  • Elle
    LOVE L'Occitane! Thank you Rubybox - 15 Nov 2016
    I bought this gift for my work colleagues - we have secret Santa coming up and I NEVER know what to buy! : (

    This gift will be prefect. I love the quality and I love the fact that you basically get 9 gifts at a reasonable price.

    I also just wanted to thank you very much rubybox for the amazing service! LOVE ALWAYS! ELLE!


Where they've come from  
Founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976, L’OCCITANE (pronounced Lox-ee-tahn) brings you the magic of Provence captured in unique skincare and fragrance products made from the finest and most effective ingredients. Inspired by the famous art de vivre of Provence, L’OCCITANE products are rich in active natural ingredients and beautifully scented essential oils. With nothing but an alambic, a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, Baussan’s dream was birthed when he first distilled Rosemary essential oil which he sold in the local markets. This is the true story of a son of Provence. A son with a passion for his land. We invite you to discover the dream of a visionary who wanted to change the world, impassioned by the power of plants.