John Frieda®
Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner
Available at Clicks stores - R119 What does it do?

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Shampoo delivers a cumulative, semi-permanent effect which builds slowly over time. The shampoo gently deposits golden tones on the hair via yellow acid dyes, giving life to lightened hair with illuminated shades.

The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Conditioner delivers a more immediate effect, giving a lightened appearance. Light Reflection Technology adds body strand by strand, allowing light to move and reflect freely and unrestrained.

What else you need to know

Use together to achieve subtle brightening and enhance golden tones, making hair look brighter in just one wash.


  • Natalie
    Not what I thought - 22 Feb 2019
    I have used two bottles and did not notice any differences. I did however love the smell and my hair did stay cleaner for an extra day or two. Good product but I had no visible highlights.
  • Janine
    Beautiful Brunettes - 11 Dec 2018
    I love the smell and how luxurious it makes my hair feel. My hair was glossy and shiny. Very good product.
  • Natalie
    Wonder bottles - 22 Oct 2018
    I’m really impressed with this brand. At first I just thought this is a phase and marketing scheme but oh was I wrong. My hair looks and feels great after the first week of using the shampoo and conditioner duo. Highly impressed and easy on the pocket. Well done!
  • Lindi
    shine brite - 21 Feb 2018
    I absolutely love the smell and even colour glitz shampoo. My hair ffelt fantastic afterward. Have recommended to a few family and friends
  • Winnie Thandiwe
    Visibly Brighter Beauty - 15 Jan 2018
    I cannot get over the the luxurious scent and velvety feeling texture. Most of all it's working it's magic through my hair, I love it.
  • sadiyya
    My elixir - 15 Dec 2017
    I am in love with this range. It is my elixir. My hair has been through highlighting and dying which is growing out but as days go my hair gets darker and I like a bright sunkissed look rather. This range caters for me perfectly.
    The smell?
    Amazing chocolatey florals
    The product?
    Liquid gold. It has gold particals which makes it look so gorgeous and the lightening agents work great to lighten the brown hues in my hair making the golden hues more visible.
    The consistency?
    Amazing consistency, niether too thick nor too runny. Has a good moisture control and is very hydrating.
    End feel?
    Leaves my hair glossy, soft and full of vibrancy. All ready for summer.

    Love it!
  • Bianca
    Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner - 6 Jun 2017
    Let me just start off by saying- it smells AMAZING
  • Sabrina
    Good all round product - 26 May 2017
    I really liked this product and it smells amazing, really added shine to my hair
  • Liezel
    Brilliant - 24 May 2017
    Brilliant is a understatement of this product, It made my brown hair pop out and people noticed. I loved the way it made my hair feel and it adds an amazing shine. Definitely Brilliant!!!
  • Alicia
    Im Brilliant now - 23 May 2017
    This has been my saving grace from all the not so good drug store shampoos - i have a shine that i in-explainable and my hair is smooth and easier to manage. i havent coloured my hair by my natural tones are brighter and my hair is luminous
  • Kim-Leigh
    LOVE IT - 23 May 2017
    I saw the difference immediately we i started using it....Im addicted to the John Freda range....I recommend this product to everyone.
  • Marlene
    John Frieda - 22 May 2017
    Shampoo. Is really the new best product or shampoo. I love the product and getting more
  • Gonette
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 22 May 2017
    I felt like I had to wash my hair more frequently than with my normal shampoo and since this product is more expensive it would not be worth switching as it would cost me more. I also did not see a visible change to my hair.
  • Kelly
    Brilliant Brunette Girls - 22 May 2017
    I've used the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette range for years, as I love a shampoo that caters to me! I was sent the Visibly Brighter shampoo to try out from RubyBOx, and have been using it solidly for two months. I do have a few subtle highlights in my brunette hair, and the shampoo just brings out all the tones. This is a great product and I really enjoy using it.
  • Charne
    Awesome Product - 22 May 2017
    This product really brought back the shine to my hair, and totally removed any dullness. I have naturally dry hair, and my hair was SO easy to manage after using John Frieda! Thank you Rubybox!!!
  • christine
    Soft and shiny hair - 22 May 2017
    I absolutely love the smell and even colour glitz shampoo. My hair ffelt fantastic afterward. Have recommended to a few family and friends
  • candice
    Love - 22 May 2017
    Hair looks darker after the first wash. Smells amazing. Hair also feels clean and shampoo foams easily. Love it. Great product. I highly recommend it to everybody.
  • Amy
    Love It ! - 22 May 2017
    I absolutely love this product! As well as brightening my brunette hair, it also makes my hair feel very soft and silky! I would highly recommend this product
  • Janine
    brilliant!!!!!! - 22 May 2017
    The shampoos & conditioners are really great. They not only make my hair feel soft & silky, my hair color has lasted so much longer in between colour treatments. A definite plus from me on quality & a saving in the pocket too for extended visits to the hair salon.
  • Charné
    John Frieda - 22 May 2017
    made my hair look naturally more brighter with a sleek shine . love it!
  • Jenniqua
    Brilliant Brunette??? More like AMAZING!!!! - 22 May 2017
    Wow guys, I have to say this product blew my mind. I was at first a bit sceptical, I mean, can shampoo possibly make my brunette Brighter? Turns out I was so wrong, and the product so right! My hair is visibly brighter, more nourished looking and just plain brilliant now. I am truly amazed. Not to mention the smell is fantastic and makes you feel like a million bucks, and the difference is visible after the first wash. Amazing, I would recommend this product to my fellow brunettes who want to flaunt their brunetteness!!!!
  • Nobubele
    John Frieda Shampoo - 22 May 2017
    Definitely revived my permanent hair colour in just one wash , would definitely recommend it.
  • Lindie
    Brighter - 22 May 2017
    I loved this product. I don't have to color my hair so frequently as this shampoo and conditioner does it all for me! I don't have much grey so for me this is ideal.
  • Michelle
    WOW!!!! - 22 May 2017
    I received this product and I can honestly say that my hair has never looked that good. Will buy it in store.
  • Sarah
    Brilliant Just like the bottle says - 22 May 2017
    The shampoo by John Frieda is truly amazing! made my hair feel absolutely great and definitely brighter!
  • Aneesa
    My Hair Visibly Brighter - 22 May 2017
    I am still truly amazed at the John Frieda products and how it makes my hair look and feel absolutely gorgeous. So when rubybox sent me my drop, I was ecstatic. I am a brunette and these products work wonders for me, bringing out my hair colour.

    I got to test and try John Frieda'S Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Shampoo and Conditioner ❤

    The Visibly Brighter Shampoo gives your brunette hair a natural-looking, illuminating glow. It is formulated with honey and marigold flower extract. It also gradually infuses golden tones to illuminate your brunette colour. The conditioner, hydrates your hair with a natural-looking, illuminating glow. It gradually illuminates brunette tones.

    Both are Ammonia and Peroxide free so no need to worry about using it on colour-treated hair.

    The proof is in the
  • Carol
    Stunning shampoo and conditioner - 22 May 2017
    I absolutely love this range, not only was my hair brighter after one wash, it also smelled amazing and it felt so soft! I am going to continue to use this range! Love love love
  • Tasneem
    Highlights in the shower! - 21 May 2017
    I absolutely love this product, my hair is naturally dark so this colour really highlights and tones my natural hair colour!it smells great and its reasonably priced!
  • Tayibah
    review - 21 May 2017
    Colored my dark hair ever so slightly. Product a bit less for my full head. very Convenient
  • Elana
    Love the smell - 21 May 2017
    Personally I didn't notice a drastic change colourise, but the smell is great and didn't leave my hair greasy
  • Lynette
    Best Shampoo and Conditioner - 21 May 2017
    My hair has a will of it's own. My hair hates conditioner - as most conditioners weight my hair down so much that I end up with flat unhappy hair. I was pleasantly surprised that my hair loves this conditioner. The range also smells AMAZING - and I love how soft my hair feels - my hair feels pampered and is so much smoother - as I heat style my hair mostly daily - for me this is something I'm pretty impressed with.
  • Shané
    Awesome shampoo and conditioner - 21 May 2017
    I tried the shampoo and conditioner and they are amazing, the only downfall is that it is a but expensive for a mamma who has kids...
  • Marizanne
    Amazing shampoo - 21 May 2017
    Lovely product, i found that my color is richer and my hair seems healthier, a definite buy!
  • Madeleine
    Brighter, lighter locks - 21 May 2017
    Since I started using John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair feels so soft and manageable. There is a lovely glow to my hair that I have not yet found with any other shampoo. I'll definetely recommend this product.
  • Nadine
    Best shampoo and conditioner ever. - 21 May 2017
    I totally love this shampoo and conditioner I actually changed to john frieda after recieving my product and loving it.
  • Zelda
    Brillian Brunette - BRIGHTER - 21 May 2017
    I really enjoyed using this product. The shampoo has an odd yellow colour - the yellow acid dyes - but it smells great and the effect over time is fantastic. The conditioner has a fantastic texture - very creamy - and has a shimmer to it. The only reason I don't give a 5 is as I find it to be a little less nourishing than I prefer, which makes sense, as it is a colour shampoo and conditioner.
  • Soretha
    Brilliant bright - 21 May 2017
    Amazing shampoo and conditioner! Brings out the highlights in your hair! Crazy about this range- I buy all the variants they have to offer as it caters literally for every hair type! A must try for all rubies!
  • chantel
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly lighter - 21 May 2017
    Even though I did not really see lighting of my hair colour. I do love the way the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel. My hair is soft, shiny and more manageable.
  • Layla
    Absolutely fabulous!!!! - 18 Apr 2017
    This product did not disappointed! I loved the warm tones and shine it left in my hair. I will definitely be adding this to my next shopping list+
  • Gertrude
    Brilliant Product - 5 Apr 2017
    I started using Brilliant in lasting month and we are very happy with the fresh smelling fragrance and make your hair smooth and soft. The shine it leaves is to die for.
  • Noelle
    Didn't notice a change yet - 4 Apr 2017
    I haven't noticed a change yet but I'll keep using it, hopefully see a difference soon
  • Simone
    Love the subtle colour build up - 1 Apr 2017
    The scent and appearance of this shampoo and conditioner is amazing. It really moisturises the hair and after about 2 months I noticed my hair colour is just more vibrant. Would definitely recommend this.

    Check the more in depth blog post at
  • Sabrina
    Brunette to blonde - 29 Mar 2017
    I am a natural dark brunette and i have recently gone blonde. I used this shampoo to blend my roots to a lighter colour so that i dont have to bleach my hair as often. I love how affordable it makes my hair care. This product also smells amazing and feels great
  • Monique
    Brilliant brunette - 27 Mar 2017
    My hair was more radiant. More manageble. And i love the smell
  • Danika
    You wont have any regrets - 27 Mar 2017
    At first I was in doubt that any hair products could actually change the colour of your hair. But this proved me wrong. I mean it took like 4 washes to actually see a difference. But after those 4 washes it just looked more brighter and healthier every time I used it. Well done on this product. Added to my shopping list for sure!
  • Megan
    Lighter - 27 Mar 2017
    This product smells absolutely divine. By the second wash my hair became slightly lighter. It was soft and felt beautiful.
    Thank you Rubybox xxxx
  • christine
    Brilliant shampoo and conditioner combo - 27 Mar 2017
    Even my kids hair looks brighter and so much softer. Absolutely recommend to all.
  • Hennelie
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner - 27 Mar 2017
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test this product.

    I did use a John Frieda product years ago and was happy then. Testing this shampoo and conditioner confirmed my respect for the product. My hair felt soft although it still had volume. My hair being soft and fine.

    It sure made my hair more shiny with a gold shine. I have already bought my replacement stock of the same shampoo and conditioner.
  • Charlotte
    Great Hair - 27 Mar 2017
    I love the way the product makes my hair feel - healthy and shiny! My hair is also easier to style. I really love this product.
  • Eleni
    Amazing product - 27 Mar 2017
    I was skeptical to try this shampoo at first as I tend to only buy salon shampoos due to having hair that requires a lot of work. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how great this product is! My hair was left rather vibrant and shiny and I got lots of compliments!
  • Desiree
    Brilliant Brunette - 27 Mar 2017
    Wow what a great product, after 3 washes with the shampoo my natural hi-lights came out. I love the conditioner as it makes my hair soft and silky. Lovely smell. A definite buy for me from now on.
  • Jade
    I found a new Shampoo & Conditioner to use. - 27 Mar 2017
    I have been planning my wedding, with the date fast approaching I tried the John Frieda Visibly Brighter shampoo & Conditioner. It is amazing that this shampoo & conditioner can leave my hair silky smooth, it also gave my hair a lot of rich moisture and volume with an amazing shine. I am not quite sure what I love more the fact that my hair is soft, has volume or shiny? It is an Awesome Shampoo & Conditioner, thank you to RubyBox and John Frieda for spoiling me with such a great product.
  • Stella
    Love at first use!
    It made my hair unbelievably soft, it gave it this magical shine and it lightened my hair to a beautiful light brown. I have already bought my third bottle of this heavenly shampoo and conditioner. I'd recommend it to everyone, even if you have blond hair.
  • Stella
    Love at first use!
    It made my hair unbelievably soft, it gave it this magical shine and it lightened my hair to a beautiful light brown. I have already bought my third bottle of this heavenly shampoo and conditioner. I'd recommend it to everyone, even if you have blond hair.
  • Carina
    Dull Brown no more - 15 Mar 2017
    After having tested this beautiful product (being skeptical), I was surprised that it worked and felt i could wear my hair down more with confidence.
  • Illana
    Really works - 7 Mar 2017
    This product is phenomenal. It makes your hair soft to touch and feels great. The colour is brightened beautifully and the shine is radiant.
  • Amy
    Love this product - 6 Mar 2017
    This product really makes my hair feel much more healthy than most hair products. I did not however see a large difference in my hair colour, but the tones of my hair were much richer which I am enjoying
  • Monique
    Good Products - 6 Mar 2017
    I enjoy the smell of the products and how they make my hair feel. But to be honest I didn't see much difference the colour or shine of my hair. But do they they are good hair products.
  • Naomi
    Brilliant Brunette - 4 Mar 2017
    Wow!! I have never used a shampoo at home that makes my hair feel and look this healthy! My hair is so much more manageable. I absolutely loved using this product!!
  • Layla
    I love my hair!! - 1 Mar 2017
    The moment my products arrived I tried it and boy it was amazing. I love the tones it left in my hair and the smell was awesome. Will definitely add it to my shopping list this month
  • Kirsten
    Amazing Product - 27 Feb 2017
    I started using the Jon Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo & Conditioner and the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell. My hair instantly felt so hydrated after the 1st use. I took a picture on Day 1 and Day 6 and I saw a huge difference. My hair has turned from normal brown to a golden shiny brown! The packaging is also very stylish. I would definitely recommend it to any girl that has thin hair like me. My hair is easy manageable and frels so light and of course smells great. Definitely buying this!
  • Cherne
    thank you rubybox - 24 Feb 2017
    I have seen a change in my hair its lighter and softer so amazing. I contacted john Frieda as I couldn't fine the answers to my questions on Google. So it was very good to find out if you have damaged hair it won't damage it more as it has no chemicals in so that was very good to find out. And they said as well you can wash your hair with it once a week so it doesn't need to replace your regular shampoo etc. I hope this review has helped you
  • Lorraine
    Vibrant and silky - 24 Feb 2017
    This product gave my hair a lovely shine and smooth texture. Enhanced the colour of my brunette hair. I received so many compliments
  • Layla
    Excellent results! - 24 Feb 2017
    I love the smell, the packaging and the results. My hair is toned and nourished. I will definitely be purchasing this winner!
  • Carina
    Visibly brighter, visibly beautiful - 21 Feb 2017
    I really enjoyed using this product. It made an obvious difference. It left my hair feeling soft and smelling absolutely DELICIOUS!
  • Jani
    Lovely shampoo - 21 Feb 2017
    I haven't seen the lightening effects on my hair just yet (though I have not compared before and after photos yet) but my hair is visibly shinier and feels great. This shampoo also smells lovely!
  • Sanet
    Awesome product! - 21 Feb 2017
    Since I started using the Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner my hair feels soft and healthy, and my hair colour is definitely brighter.
  • petro
    Love the product - 21 Feb 2017
    Thank you so much for my sample, love the products and could see amazing results after the first wash!
  • Karin
    Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening - 21 Feb 2017
    John Frieda is known for their quality and affordable products. This product is no exception. I love the fragrance. My hair is shiny and non-greasy. Will definitely use again.
  • leonie
    Brilliant brunette - 20 Feb 2017
    Love the smell and texture of my hair. But unfortunately I expected more.
  • Kelly
    Lovely Product - 20 Feb 2017
    Such a fan of the John Frieda range, and the Brilliant Brunette is specially targeted to my hair colour. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling shiny and soft, and I will definitely repurchase.
  • rene
    awesome - 20 Feb 2017
    Products made my hair shinier and it smells lovely. The packaging allows you to use just enough not to waste. I will definitely continue to use the John frieda range
  • Marilicia
    Original & Pampering - 20 Feb 2017
    I was fortunate enough to have rubybox select me as a tester. After much usage, I finally saw a difference. It gave my lighter hair a perfect sun-kissed look. Like I'd been on the beach for a month sipping cocktails! The liquid itself is literally gold! Quite original. The smell is highly unusual, but very pleasant. Quite floral with a touch of honey? Overall, the price is reasonable for the product & it is something to try in your beauty regime, especially if you don't want to damage your hair with a harsh colour. It's a slight change to your hair so it looks natural.
  • Natasha
    Vibrant colour. - 20 Feb 2017
    It keeps my colour vibrant. I am always getting compliments on my hairs shine and bounce and its all thanks to Johan Frieda!! It does not leave my hair feeling too greasy. I love it!
  • Natasha
    Blown away - 20 Feb 2017
    I was so delighted and excited with my package arrived that I washed my hair immediately when I got home. This shampoo and conditioner has gone beyond my expectations. Not only has it brightened up my hair as promised, the overall condition of my hair has improved. Love the packaging as well as the smell. I will definitely be buying this product in the future.
  • Louleyla
    Loved it - 20 Feb 2017
    This was my first product that I was given to review and I absolutely love it!!!
    My hair was definitely brighter. My hair also felt softer and the smell was really nice! My only complaint is that my hair was fluffy but that could be the weather;) I would recommend it!
  • Shané
    Sample Test - 20 Feb 2017
    I was afforded the opportunity to test our the John Frieda brilliant brunette. I have only tried it once so far but I am very pleased with the results. It really brightens your hair.
    Stunning as expected! - 20 Feb 2017
    I have used John Frieda in the past and expected an amazing product. I was not disappointed. The product is packaged well, smells like a mocha choca latte, the texture is amazing like rich creamy something. It washes and lathers amazingly and conditions well. I have dry thick hair so this was amazing. The shine was great but most importantly was the natural highlights between my light and dark naturally brown hair.. great product!!
  • michere
    great results - 20 Feb 2017
    this product does what it says.. subtle highlights over a short period of time, gentle natural lightening effect, plus it gives your hair depth and bounce! really liked it.
  • Marie
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 20 Feb 2017
    Well who doesn't like a shampoo that is gold!!!!! It makes you feel special before you even apply it. I love the smell and the feel of my hair afterwards. I fist got a fright when i rinsed it off and the water was brown but my hair def looks more healthy and shiny. Loving it
  • Megan
    Visibly brighter, sort of - 20 Feb 2017
    I had high hopes for this product, because I'm the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to my hair (and so wants to fork out R1000+ for refreshed color anyway?)

    First off, the packaging is really lux, which is always a bonus. It smells a little chemically as you squeeze it out of the tube, but that smells fades during rinsing, and leaves your hair smelling lovely and fresh.

    Don't worry about the yellow color on your hands! It's from the yellow acid which accentuates the golden tones, and washes off in hot water.

    After two weeks of use, my hair was maybe only fractionally lighter, so that was disappointing. I suppose I might see more lightening with further use. However, my hair is noticeably shinier, softer and healthier-looking. It also really helped to manage my frizz. From that perspective, this is a fantastic product!

    The only other negative for me was that I have a SUPER sensitive scalp, and this did burn a little. It didn't irritate my scalp enough for me to stop using it though!

    Will I keep using this product until the tubes are finished? Hell yes! Will I buy it again? Maybe not - I'd rather try out the Visibly darker range to see if I get better color results with that.
  • Marizanne
    Brilliant brunette Shampoo - 20 Feb 2017
    Yes, yes and yes! This product lives up to the standard and its claims. I was so happy with this shampoo and conditioner. I used these in conjuction with the sheer blonde range also from John Frieda as I have brown hair with blonde highlights

    I found that both my colors in my hair enhanced and my hair feels smoother, softer and has a glamorous shine to it!
  • Soretha
    Amazing - 20 Feb 2017
    Great smell and a trusted brand! Work great for brunetts- I'm in love! Thanks rubies for giving me the chance to test this amazing range!
  • Madeleine
    Great quality - 20 Feb 2017
    The shampoo and condition combination makes my hair feel soft and managable, it smells really great and leaves my hair with a natural gloss. I have used this 3 times so far and can already see a subtle lightning effect on my hair. I will recommend this to my friends.
  • Grace
    Amazing stuff - 20 Feb 2017
    What an amazing brand ! would definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner !!!
  • Gonette
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 20 Feb 2017
    I used the product and it didnt really make a difference to the look at feel of my hair. I had to wash my hair more often as well since it didnt feel clean as long as with my normal hair products. It smells really nice though.
  • Megan
    Great for healthy, shiny hair - 20 Feb 2017
    I had high hopes for this product, as I'm the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to hair care. I last had my hair colored over a year ago, and who wants to fork out R1000+ for a refreshed colour?

    First off, the packaging is pretty lux, which is always nice. The product smells a teeny bit chemically as you squeeze it out the tube, but that chemical smell washes out, leaving your hair smelling really lovely and fresh.

    Don't be alarmed by the yellow tone on your hands - it washes off with hot water. This is from the yellow acid that accentuates the golden tones.

    After two weeks of use, I unfortunately hadn't seen a dramatic or visible colour lightening. There was maybe a very subtle colour change, but not super noticeable. Perhaps this will continue to build with extended use. However, my hair now has a spectacular shine, and it does feel softer and healthier.

    The only other negative for me is that I have a SUPER sensitive scalp, and this does irritate it a little, but not enough to put me off using this product.

    Will I continue using this until it's finished? Yes. Will I buy it again? Maybe not this version - I'd rather try the visibly darker in the future to see if I get better results from that.
  • Monique
    Brighter Hair - 20 Feb 2017
    I was given the opportunity to try out this product. I have used it for about a month now ( about 8/9 washes). It definitely made my hair brighter. I only had one problem and that was that it left my hair feeling greasy after the wash.
  • Lesley
    Smells divine - 18 Feb 2017
    So I was given the opportunity to try this product out. I've only used it once and think it smells amazing. I have noticed subtle changes in my hair after one wash, but my family prefer the 'before' picture. I will try a second round and post another picture if there is a difference.
  • Genevie
    John Frieda Brillant Brunette - 17 Feb 2017
    I really loved using the John Freida Brillant Brunette shampoo and conditioner. It took a while to get used to the scent of the products but left my hair looking and feeling healthy and silky soft and oh so much lighter! Thanks Rubybox and John Frieda for introducing me to this range, will defiantly be re-purchasing these products!
  • Faheemah
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 16 Feb 2017
    I absolutely love this product , makes my hair clean , shiny and frizz free , at home , not intimidating subtle color change , simply easy and fast
  • Wilma Rose
    No more dull hair - 16 Feb 2017
    I absolutely love John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper colour, I have used it twice since I received it from Rubybox and it was obvious that my hair colour has become richer and my hair texture has become softer.
    I just love it, the creamy texture and amazing smell of the shampoo and conditioner makes the washing hair a luxurious experience. Thanks to Rubybox and John Frieda for introducing this amazing product into my life.
  • Tatum
    MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! - 16 Feb 2017
    I absolutely love the John Freida products. It was difficult to show others the change in my hair as I have so many different colours in it, (was blonde and currently returning back to my natural brunette routes) but I could see it after the second wash already. Not only did it have this illuminating effect, my hair has been far more manageable, has more life and smells incredible! Thank you Rubybox and John Freida for this wonderful experience, you have a customer for life
  • Inge
    Wow! - 15 Feb 2017
    Since I have been using John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter my hair has more body, more low lights and highlights and the colour has more depth and dimension! It smells fantastic and leaves my hair full of body!
  • Shannon
    If you can afford it, buy it! - 15 Feb 2017
    This product is a spoil! It is quite pricey, but you won't be sorry. It was such a treat actually the product - it felt, smells, and looks like dark gold. It gave my hair a nice glow and I think it did make a hair a little lighter...which is great for people who want to change their colour but don't want to dye it. Definitely work the money if you're wanting a very good shampoo and conditioner.
  • Lynette
    Visibly Brighter Range - 14 Feb 2017
    This shampoo and conditioner has been fantastic. Softer nourished hair (that doesn't get weighed down) but that has a beautiful shne that looks like you just stepped out of a salon.
    VISIBLY BRIGHTER - 14 Feb 2017
    This is a really great product. It really lives up to its claims. From the first wash I noticed my hair was visibly lighter, brighter and really had a glow to it.. My hair even felt fuller and thicker... really love this product and will definitely be buying it in the future.
  • Courtney
    Best products ever!!! - 14 Feb 2017
    My hair has never felt and looked better then now, John Frieda has really outdone themselves with their visibly lighter brilliant brunette products! I will recommend them to anyone and will definitely be buying them in future ❤
  • Janine
    most amazing - 14 Feb 2017
    This product lives up to its claims. It spreads easily through your hair and lathers nicely. It rinses out leaving your hair feeling clean and shiny. It brightened up my hair color and gave it a natural glow. It was easy to manage and my hair felt fuller and thicker. Overall I was very satisfied and would buy it in the future.
  • Carmen
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter - 14 Feb 2017
    Oh how fabulous! This was the most fun I have had washing my hair in a while.

    To start of with, the shampoo is gold which seamlessly translates in to brilliantly brunette hair. After shampooing and conditioning with John Frieda my hair felt loved and cared for. After washing, drying and straightening my hair it still had a soft bounce and immaculate shine to it. Even on days when I do not style my hair the feel soft and manageable after air drying. To me the incredible colour lifting techniques of the product is the highlight. Not colouring my hair it may sometimes seem a bit dull and lifeless. John Frieda embraces and enhances your hairs natural radiance and allows all the different tones to dance in the light. The products are very lightly scented with no overpowering notes.
  • Carol
    Love this!!! - 14 Feb 2017
    This is truly an amazing product. From the first wash I noticed my hair was noticeably brighter, shinier and full of volume. It looks healthy and soft. And the smell is just amazing. Will definitely buy this on a regular basis!
  • Michelle
    Wow - 14 Feb 2017
    All I can say is that my hair is so much healthier and the color is great
  • liezel
    Must have product!!! - 14 Feb 2017
    I just love the John Frieda Range. It smells divine and leaves your hair silky soft and shining. My hair tends to get a bit frizzy at times but this product have a smoothing effect as well and adds subtle hints in your hair. I would recommend this product range to all brunettes as everyday should be a good hair day with John Frieda.
  • Sarah
    ABSOLUTELY THE BEST - 14 Feb 2017
    I have very fussy hair and cannot use some types of shampoos and conditioners. The Brilliant brunette has changed my life! my hair has never looked so amazing!
    #johnfrieda #brilliantbrunette
    Thank you Ruby box!
  • Shannon
    Best Value for Money - 14 Feb 2017
    I have been given the opportunity to review this product and I absolutely love the range. The products leave your hair feeling so soft and your hair smells amazing!

    I was able to see a difference in my hair colour after just two washes! It also definitely strengthens your hair as my hair looks a lot more shiny and healthy.

    Thanks to Rubybox and John Frieda for giving me the opportunity to review this product. I will definitely buy this product in the future and I highly recommend this product
  • Tylo
    I am inlooovvee!!! - 9 Feb 2017
    Rubies!!! I have found the one or should I say two, this product is absolutely amazing, I am head over heels in love with this product,when the package arrived I could smell the captivating fragrance right through the box, after the first wash my hair felt absolutely amazing, super soft, sleeky and smooth,and oh so shiny and already visibly lighter and brighter than before.The second wash was after surfing and I left some of the conditioner on for a curly wetlook as I have very curly hair when wet, my hair was soft and not greasy at all and it was sparkly from the glitter that is in the conditioner.The third wash gave me even better results, much lighter and brighter hair colour with a beautiful glow.I will definitely be buying this product when my sample finishes.Thank you a million times rubybox!! Thank you for showing me the light
  • Elle
    Referred and converted! - 8 Feb 2017
    My sister swears by this brand and so when I got the chance to try it I was very curious.
    First lets just talk about the smell: sweet, chocolate, honey, caramel, LUXERY!
    I like that the colour is rich and like chocolate… Basically. I am OBSESSED.

    Thank you rubybox and as much as I don't want to admit that my sister was right I think I may just have to
    ; )
  • Robyn
    Luscious Locks! - 8 Feb 2017
    I am so happy with this product, it smells delicious and my hair is smooth and shiny, even without blow drying! I have natural highlights and can see these getting lighter with use. 10/10! Well done John Frieda converted yet again! I now buy a lot of your products in fact - I am a believer.
  • thea
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - 6 Feb 2017
    Wow what a difference after only one use. My hair is very dry due to the fact that i have to color it every two weeks. Only one wash and conditioner and my hair looks healthier and feels so much softer. I absolutely love this product. #johnfrieda @brilliantbrunette #rubybox
  • Lauren
    I love the product - 6 Feb 2017
    I've used the products twice now and am absolutely amazed by how soft and healthy my hair is. My hair is coloured regularly and I have struggled to find a product that keeps my hair healthy while not costing me an arm and a leg and I've finally found the product. I love that I do not need to use a handful of conditioner - less is definitely more in this case
  • Nadine
    Fantastic - 6 Feb 2017
    Hi All.

    This product is definitely a must try. I have never felt my hair so soft and in good condition after I even used it only one wash as yet. Thank you for the sample rubybox.
  • Lisa
    Shiny, brighter hair - 6 Feb 2017
    I absolutely adore the John Frieda brilliant brunette visibly brighter shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has this amazing golden colour and smells devine, while the conditioner is very nourishing and lets your hair feel silky smooth. The products really do brighten up your hair. I almost had a natural golden shine and my hair looks incredible when light shines onto it. I would recommend this product to any brunette who would like to have a natural glow...
  • Jenny
    John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Lighter - 5 Feb 2017
    After just one use, the previously highlighted strands of my hair appeared lighter and so did my natural hair colour. The scent is gorgeous and the consistency luxurious. I will definitely be repurchasing this product! Many thanks for the opportunity to test the shampoo and conditioner. I would probably not have tried it otherwise.
  • Victoria
    Shampoo by John Frieda - 3 Feb 2017
    The smell of the shampoo is amazing. The texture of the product isn't too thick but still provides enough coverage. It really improves your color and shine.
  • saskia
    Highly recommend this product - 3 Feb 2017
    This is really a great product! The only shampoo & conditioner I use. Aids in moisturizing and maintaining my colour. It does brighten as promised and has a great long lasting scent.
  • Janine
    Brilliant - 3 Feb 2017
    I was lucky enough to receive this from rubybox and my hair is insanely soft, shiny and smells amazing. I would definitely recommend this product
  • Hayley
    brilliant brunette lightning shampoo and conditioner - 3 Feb 2017
    Having just received my shampoo and conditioner and trying it this morning I must say I am very happy with the results. My hair feels 'alive' and full of bounce and I love the fragrance. I will recommend this product for sure!!
  • Catriena
    Amazing Product - 3 Feb 2017
    What an awesome product, the shampoo and conditioner smells fantastic and my hair has more volume than before and so much softer. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends (already have) the smell alone would make me buy it, the fact that it enhances my natural colour is a bonus!

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