Blackberry Shine
Size 5.5ml

The NEW Blackberry Shine is a delicious and uplifting fruity, blackberry flavour with hints of vanilla. With long lasting, intense moisturisation properties that keep your lips feeling smooth and irresistible.

Blackberry Shine will amplify your pout with shiny tint pigments and a bold glossy blackberry colour. Add a dash of drama that amplifies your look with a bold, vibrant colour. Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Daring.


  • Nadine
    Brings back memories - 22 Mar 2017
    When I was in high school ten years ago, Labello was THE lip-ice to have. If you didn't have it, you weren't cool enough. So we all had it and it was cool and great. I do not use it anymore, as it feels like it dries out my lips more than keeping it moisturized and I do not like the ones that adds color to the lips, as that makes the lips look like I have just slaughtered some kind of sweet like an animal. I prefer to buy lip products that hydrates the lips and that does not contain any alcohol. Products for my lips normally consist of natural products. Overall I think labello is overpriced, but not a bad product at all.
  • Senthy
    super smooth glossy lip balm - 10 Mar 2017
    I absolutely love the smell and feel of the labello with the hint of fruit a definite handbag essential for me
  • Ayanda
    Loving the shininess of this lip balm, smell nice and very affordable.
    Gives my lips that look at me kinda feel, I take it everywhere I go!
  • Linda
    Best lip balm! - 13 Feb 2017
    This is my absolute favourite. It smells divine and isnt too hard or too soft going on. Also gives your lips a subtle colour which is great when you're not wearing makeup
  • Bathabile
    Labello - 12 Feb 2017
    I'm inlove with labello,it prevents my lips from cracking and lips are soft and healthy.Have recommended it to my friends who had the same problem
  • motlalepula
    Beauty - 2 Feb 2017
    the labelo is ok but it dry to does have a great small and taste but it does last much 10-15 max
  • Doll
    GOod Ol Labello - 1 Feb 2017
    love this product have been using forever ..good old Labello love the texture and lasts forever
  • Fathima
    Labello blackberry shine - 1 Feb 2017
    Love the good 'ol Labello range of lip products. Always brightens my dull boring lips + moisturises them too. PS: Cherry has been my absolute fav since school days but the new blackberry seems to be creeping up on me !
  • annemarie
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 31 Jan 2017
    I just love this new range. Its smells lovely and is shiny and last long and moisturize at the same time. I will surely buy this again!
  • Encia
    Labello Lucious Lips - 23 Jan 2017
    I love how my lips feel and look after using this product. I also love that it's so compatible and it's quite reasonable as compared to other lipsticks out there. Blackberry flavor is versitle and looks great during the day and with evening wear. I would highly recommend this product!
  • Jennifer
    Awsome Product - 17 Jan 2017
    Loved the new labello product. it kept my lips shinny and gorgeous. Will surely purchase this again
  • Jennifer
    Awsome Product - 17 Jan 2017
    Loved the new labello product. it kept my lips shinny and gorgeous. Will surely purchase this again
  • Jennifer
    Awsome Product - 17 Jan 2017
    Loved the new labello product. it kept my lips shinny and gorgeous. Will surely purchase this again
  • Ariella
    Luscious Lips for days! - 16 Jan 2017
    Really loved the results from this product! My lips feel soft and smooth and the colour tint has made me replace my lipstick with Blackberry Shine instead! The fresh fruity smell is divine!
  • Belinda
    Lobello Rocks - 15 Jan 2017
    I sooo love this new product..I have dry lip issues and lobello has always come to my rescue and this Blackberry flavour rocks..
  • Shabnam
    Treat & Tint - 15 Jan 2017
    For those of us who love to multi-task and let's be honest, frankly have little time to spare, this is a product up your alley! This little multi tasker has a lovely subtle color and treats your lips at the same time! It's great for day wear and can reapply throughout the day if needed!
  • Amelia
    Glossy lips - 14 Jan 2017
    I simply love the fruity flavor and how it keeps your lips moist and no need to use gloss. Love it. Always with it
  • Charmaine
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 14 Jan 2017
    Absolutely love this product. ..I bought it and don't have any regrets. ...I line my lips and use it as a lipgloss.
  • Nozy
    Labello - 14 Jan 2017
    The best of the best product i can't go a day without, on a serious note i now have a best friend
  • Manjoo
    Labello blackberry shine - 14 Jan 2017
    I have tried the Labello blackberry hine ,it's keeps my lips moisturized .
    Being bold ,brave & daring with Labello .it gives me the confidence to be lips shows my beauty .
  • Priya
    lips elevated - 14 Jan 2017
    I bought myself The Labello blackberry shine and was very pleased , it is moisturizing and has a hint of colour with a delicious fragrance , its a must in every girls handbag and also works well as a moisturizer under any matt lipstick
  • Precious
    Lobello BlackBerry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    Lobello blackberry shine is the best makes my lips soft and sexy even my huby can't resist the softness of my lips
    Lobello Blackberry Shines brings back the vibes in my marriage
  • Jezaadia Cheslyne
    Labello bold - 13 Jan 2017
    Huge fan of labello, even promoted labello a couple of times.
    And when the new labello shine came along, I was just as excited to give it a try.
    It moisturized my lips as always, and the new blackberry bold has an amazing scent that is to die for, I even replaced my normal everyday lipstick with this not so ordinary lipcare.
    Labello blackberry bold is a must have.
  • Brindha
    Kissable lips - 13 Jan 2017
    This kissable product leaves your lips feeling soft, gorgeous n kissable.
    Blackberry ...the BOMB! - 13 Jan 2017
    I love the moisturisation after a day on the beach, but what I love most is the touch of drama added to any of my normal lipsticks...Bold, Daring, ....the BOMB!
  • Shukeli
    Labello Bold Brilliant - 13 Jan 2017
    I have always used Labello so I am no stranger to the quality of their products. Just love the colour and my lips are soft.
  • Thiriri
    Labello loving - 13 Jan 2017
    Hands down the best lipbalm i have used in a while, it smells nice, its not oily and you dont have to reapply constantly to the lips. Im definitely switching to this from my usual
  • mapolo
    GOOD BASE FOR LIPSTICK - 13 Jan 2017
    I was one of the lucky rubies to receive the Labello I used to use it in high school and stopped as it chipped my lips, the new improved one is amazing I use it as a base before I apply my lipstick as it's very hydrating and prevents my lips from chipping, I love the fact that it ajs pigment so if I don't feel like using lipstick, I use the labello
  • Lerato
    Blackberry Bliss - 13 Jan 2017
    With Labello blackberry bliss. I have said goodbye to crack and dry lips. and Hello to smooth and tender lips. It is also worth the price
  • Nabeelah
    Blackberry Bliss - 13 Jan 2017
    The new Labello is just heavenly.
    It smells amazing and leaves an incredible shine and colour on your lips.
    Definitely worth the buy ❤
  • Saadiqah
    Amazing - 13 Jan 2017
    The minute i opened my labello the scent was soo uplifting and delicious i couldnt wait to put it on my lips. It is moisturising as well as long lasting. This is a must have!
  • patricia
    BlackBerry shine - 13 Jan 2017
    This has to be on every woman's handbag not just to be there but to be used by her , once she started to used it she will never stay without it just like the best lip cream that makes lips to be smooth , soft and smells great too.
  • Wilma Rose
    berry shine - 13 Jan 2017
    Love this berry flavoured Labello, looks like a lipstick and gives my lips great moisture.
  • Tebogo
    Labello BOLD .... - 13 Jan 2017
    when I received package I honestly never thought I would be this much in love with my Labello Bold.. it has now become an essential item in both my bag and pocket.... luscious , soft and great looking lips are my game ...all thanks to my Labello BOLD.
  • Tammy
    Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    kissable lips fruity smell my shexy pout lips its small easy to carry and keeps my lips smooth and moist
  • Keamogetswe
    Incredible Labello Blackcherry Bold - 13 Jan 2017
    I have received this product and i literally use it more than the lipstick. I love the smell, the way it keeps my lips soft and moisturized and the color is amazing. I shared it with 2 of my friends and they are hooked. I have since bought 2 more. I have been spreading the word about it and the people that have purchased the product are nuts over it. This Labello is always in my bag, i go everywhere with it, that's how awesome it is. :)
  • Avuzwa
    #MYBLACKBERRYSHINE - 13 Jan 2017
  • Anzel
    Loving Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    This is such a handy product!
    Not only does it moisturize your lips, but it also gives it a luscious colour & shine - no need for lipsticks/ glosses that cause your you lips to dehydrate.
    This is my GO TO handbag accessory! Plus the flavour is AMAZING as well. Love it! :)
  • Martha
    luscious lips - 13 Jan 2017
    love the tint ... and lips never feel dry . I always have some in my bag .
  • Amanda
    Hello, kissable lips! - 13 Jan 2017
    Goodbye chapped lips, hello kissable lips! This product is light on the lips but effective. It leaves you with a beautiful glow and colour.
  • Nomfundo
    BELLO FOR SOFT LIPS - 13 Jan 2017
    I have tried it and it work wonders and last long on my lips keeping them moisture and attractive all the time,the fragrance is very appetising it like I'm eating sweet,sometimes I feel like biting it while applying on my mouth lol
  • Nabeela
    Juicy Pout - 13 Jan 2017
    I use the Labello Blackberry shine daily, one for my handbag and one on my office desk - it keeps my lips moisturized and has a subtle tint so that I still look glam but not too over the top. Definite must have!
  • Amanda
    shinny lippy - 13 Jan 2017
    The best ever as a regular user I like the scent it's suttle and it gives you that lippy shinny not too glossy a must have in every woman's handbag
  • Ginelle
    Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    I have always been a Labello fan! leaves my lips feeling moisturised and supple!
  • Santie
    Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    I have tried this and must say this is best for a little shine during the day when you need it and delicious uplifting fruity blackberry flavour with hints of vanilla and long lastg moisturisation
  • Cindy-Lee
    Labello Blackberry - 13 Jan 2017
    I love labello and buy the pink one with the glimmer regularly, I found this one has a slightly funny taste, it smells nice but did not keep my lips as moisturized as the pink one does. Not a bad product and it does smell lovely.
  • Mikela
    Comforting and Juicy - 13 Jan 2017
    Love the smell and the shiny tint it gives my lips makes me look way more pulled together than I really am... Great for low maintenance mascara and tinted lip balm days.
  • Thoko
    Yummy Moisture Bliss - 13 Jan 2017
    This lippie smells and tastes very yummy, not only does it make the lips look healthy and shiny but the moisture levels are great, especially for me as my lips chap very easily, i don't go anywhere without it and i especially love this flavor. It's great as it gives the lips a slight tint as well with no need to wear lipstick
  • Preshika
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    You can never go wrong with Labello, their new Blackberry Bold Shine is amazing! My lips dont need lipgloss or lipstick because the colour of labello itself is bold!
  • Noluthando
    A good buy. - 13 Jan 2017
    It was a good buy and definitely a keeper,you can apply it on the go no need for the mirrow.Love the color & does not feel sticky.
  • Marcia
    Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    Ooh i love this as i don't need lipstick my lips are moisturized and looks like i am wearing lip stick too. I would recommend it to all ladies, thank you.
  • Melanie
    Labello Blackberry shine - 13 Jan 2017
    Teen two in our house enjoys this one - a quick twist and those lips are back on fleek!
  • Rumilda
    Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    Wow... i just love this new Labrello Blackberry shine. It leaves my lips so smooth and it looks fantastic. Everyone should use this ad smells fantastic too
  • Stella
    perfect colour - 13 Jan 2017
    This is the perfect on the go lip gloss, it gives you the perfect amount of colour and hydration .
  • Natale
    Shiny and smooth lips - 13 Jan 2017
    Labello Blackberry shine is like having a lip tint and a lip balm at the same time. Its a great combination of a beautiful color and beautifully smooth and shiny lips
  • Lynn
    Labello Blackberry shine - 13 Jan 2017
    I love the labello range and saw the new flavours that came out. I chose the blackberry shine as it was the newest one in the range. When you put it on you smell the burst of blackberry flavour on your lips and others can smell it too! People often ask me was that your lip stuff that smells that nice then I say "Yes, it's Labello blackberry shine". Its like you are wearing a lip gloss as it has an amazing shine as well as a vibrant colour. It even gives you a boost of confidence when you are wearing it. I love my Labello blackberry shine!
    Thank you, Lynn.
  • jessika
    Blackberry Shine Labello - 13 Jan 2017
    Oh I love this product, especially since I don't like to apply lipstick at all. I love the intense moisturizer, the lovely summery scent and definitely the color. Definitely a must for lips always ready for kisses ;-P
    Labello Blackbery - 13 Jan 2017
    I was sent a sample of the product to try for me and my friends and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I am definately buying another one as soon as this one I got is finished. Keeps my lips super moisturised and I love the colour to it aswell, oh the scent adds a little bit of extra touch.
  • sashnee
    Blackberry shine - 13 Jan 2017
    This labello is one of my new favorites.It smells really nice and it has a nice color when applied to the lips.I love that it keeps my lips soft and hydrated.
  • verusha
    ITS THE BEST - 13 Jan 2017
    I used Blackberry Shine as it gives a touch of delicate colour, a soft shine and very tasty lips!
  • Kirsten
    Impressed !!! - 13 Jan 2017
    so I received 3 of these , I was abit nervous about the colour, but not only isit like lipstick, it also protects your lips, I used to use the red one, but I have completely changed over to the Blackberry, I gave the other 2 to 2 of my friends, and I wish I hadn't ! but they are also loving it , it also lasts , I got mine in November I think and I use it about 3 times a day and I still have more than half left
  • Lindiwe
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    I received the package unfortunately my teenage daughter and 2 nieces took them all and the love it.
    Unfortunately it is not yet available in the shops, I hope to get an opportunity to get my own
  • Nkule
    #BerryBold - 13 Jan 2017
    I had the pleasure of trying out the new Blackberry Shine LABELLO.
    I must say, from the juicy, fruity and soft feel that it gave my lips. I totally have a new favourite.
    The smell just makes me crave the fruit...
    My friends I shared the sample with are also hooked.
    I can BOLDLY say that it’s the BEST!!!
  • Louise
    Labello Blackberry Shines on! - 13 Jan 2017
    Love the Labello brand, so had to try the Blackberry Shine. It has replaced my lipstick . What a great product, not only does it look like i have a lipstick on, it has a great shine and is a great conditioner for my lips. Great buy value for money!
  • michere
    love it - 13 Jan 2017
    i love the shine and color burst this product adds to my lips, instant touch up on the go! a must have..
  • Kirstie
    Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    It was absolutely amazing left my lips with this beautiful gloss and abit of color but with such a phenomenal smell and left my lips oh so soft, I will definitely recommend as well as buy again
  • Salphy
    Awesomeness - 13 Jan 2017
    I like the way it feels on my lips and the tinted colour and shine it gives my lips but I just think it dries up too quickly must be applied every other moment
  • Lukhanye
    Luscious Color in a Tube - 13 Jan 2017
    I've tried it and can't stay away. Pitty I can post a pic with review, literally scooped the remaining with tools because in the villages during Dec I ddnt hv access to shops. Soon as I went back my first stop was pick 'n pay and bought myself another. I must say it gets absorbed quickly therefore one needs to apply every now and again. Not a lipstick or gloss person but love natural, its closest to my lipcolour , smells really good too. Good thing it has no taste. I've used labellos before but I'm definitely sticking with this one.
  • Gracious
    Blackberry Shine<3 - 13 Jan 2017
    I LOVE THE NEW BLACKBERRY SHINE LABELLO!! It smells wonderful and super moisterising.
  • Danel
    lOVello blackberry shine! - 13 Jan 2017
    Just love Labello Blackberry Shine!!! Wear it all day everyday!
  • Nurisha
    Lipalicious - 13 Jan 2017
    This is a great little product. Makes my lips feel soft all day. The fragrance is so nice as well,it feels as if you have berries on your lips all day.
  • Danielle
    Love my Lips - 13 Jan 2017
    Got mine from Dischem. Love the fragrance (I want to eat my lips!), love the colour (I have an odd skintone that clashes with most lipstick shades), I love that I can leave shiny kisses on my boyfriend's face and I love Labello's moisture content!! I can't get enough of this stuff!!
  • Pumla
    LIPPY JUICY - 13 Jan 2017
    Wow this is amazing lippy juicy Labello Blackberry Shine I love it as from I use it my lips are glossy , softy and juicy...Thanks so much Ruby to recommend this product.
    Love love love
  • Tersia
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    Awesome Product, I loved the colour enhancement on my lips and the sweet taste. It makes my lips feel soft and silky. I use it everyday.
  • Jennifer
    Blackberry Shine - 13 Jan 2017
    I have tired this amazing Blackberry Shine, it work wonders when on holiday, the shine and gloss and taste it truly wonderful, Easy to put on when you on the beach and shopping etc, Looks stunning on my skin type, Have to be tried and tested!
  • Ntombizanele
    i am so happy with this product. it is really something that soothes your lips, tell me about the fragrance...its very very nice i really love it. ive introduced it to my friends and my sister they love it, i cant go anywhere without it.
  • rosetta
    Nice and juicy.... - 13 Jan 2017
    As a regular user I like the new fragrance and it's still the best quality around... Will always recommend the product...
  • Kwandile
    lovebello - 12 Jan 2017
    If you aren't one of those people who constantly moisturize their lips, this labello bold is for you. i hardly do as well but this labello bold actually lasts for a while on the lips and the smell is fantastic, actually the smell is beyond fantastic as it kinda makes you want to lick both your lips and the labello :)
  • Siphokazi
    I am in love with this - 11 Jan 2017
    I Love this - it leaves the lips moist and i love the color that is also has - smells to great and all things nice!!
  • Sadiyah
    Love - 11 Jan 2017
    I'm always looking for a great lipice,and when I came across the new labello I had to the try it out. It was the best decision made, lasts longer than normal lipice, it has a amazing scent and best of all keeps my lips hydrated.
  • Thando
    BERRYLOVE - 11 Jan 2017
    Tried and tested has to be the best from Labello. Leaves my lips soft and shiny and not to forget to mention the berrylicious taste is has. its lovely having soft kissable lips
  • Tanya
    LOVE IT - 11 Jan 2017
    Really a wonderful product only problem I have is when I put it on my boyfriend keeps kissing it off so will definitely be buying this again and giving to my girl friends to see if they have the same problem.
  • liza
    RnB Smooth - 11 Jan 2017
    Leaves your lips lushes - smooth silky and beautifully coloured
  • K
    Smooth Shiny Lips at last - 11 Jan 2017
    Really love the feel of my lips after trying this and the taste is an added bonus
  • Simoné
    New favorite lip balm - 10 Jan 2017
    I have dry lips therefore I always take care when purchasing products for my lips- ultra hydration is always needed. Especially when I shop for anything with colour as these types of products notoriously dry out lips. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Blackberry Shine. It is super hydrating (as labello is known to be) but comes with the added bonus of a splash of colour. Although I wouldnt describe the colour as blackberry (its closer to plum stain), I love the colour nonetheless. Its always in my handbag as it is a quick fix on days I forgot my lipstick at home. Also lasts longer than expected.
  • Deveshnee
    labello blackcherry - 10 Jan 2017
    Smells delicious! Leaves lips super soft with a great colour. No need for lipstick.
  • Lerato
    My Blackberry Labello - 10 Jan 2017
    Labello Blackberry Shine, keeps the lips smooth and shiny all day and leaves your soft and glossy.
  • Tamara
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 10 Jan 2017
    Gone are the days of having dry, cracked lips that leave you feeling uncomfortable. The all new Labello Blackberry Shine not only leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturized, it also has a soft natural pigment accompanied by the smell of fresh blackberries that will leave you breathless. The cherry on the top is the affordable price. Really value for money! Now you can have luscious lippies for only R21,99
    Hydrating - 10 Jan 2017
    ___I love it! I love the smell the texture everything.I have always loved labello.
  • Cheryleen
    Labello BLACKBERRY - 10 Jan 2017
    This labellos formula is different compared to the others as it feels less clumpy on application and lasts super long. I highly recommend it
  • Siliziwe
    TOTALLY BOLD - 10 Jan 2017
    Labello in general has great products but the new Blackberry takes the cake. It fits into any occasion, always handy and has you looking fabulous always. Love it!
  • Adele
    Blackberry shine Labello all the way - 10 Jan 2017
    I have never been so confident like this without a lipstick ever since I used blackberry shine Labello
  • Thozama
    Labello Boldness - 9 Jan 2017
    Since receiving my Labello Bold, I've thrown away all the other Lip balms I was using. Labello gives me confidence and my lips are softer. Love it.
  • Pesana
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 9 Jan 2017
    I tested this after reading the reviews on Ruby. I dont even need to touch up on my lipstick as this adds colour to my lips and keeps them moisturised especially in the hot sunny days we have had. Looking forward to the next product release from Labello :)
  • Mariska
    Labello Blackberry shine... - 7 Jan 2017
    This is a must have!! Say goodbye to cracked, dry lips!! Labello has you covered. With Blackberry shine you will have perfect, kissable lips in no time! Amazing product!❤ Love the smell too!
  • Clerissa
    Review- Labello - 6 Jan 2017
    Love their products. Very affordable and can be found in stores easily. Smells nice and moisturizes nicely
  • Lourensa
    This lip balm is ultimate divine. The smell and tint is vital when we spend time outside. I am not a big lip stick lady and fell in love with this!
  • Stacey
    A winner! - 5 Jan 2017
    I love Labello as it is but this baby is a winner.....I love the colour and shin that it adds... Its so good I normal finish off my lipstick with it...I don't go anywhere with out it xxx
  • Lukhanye
    cant get enough - 4 Jan 2017
    so my tester ran out and I went crazy looking for it in the small town was in. when I got back to KING went to Pick 'n Pay and got myself another. this is the best of labello so far. I only used Labello once and ddnt quite like it but this one....I'll stick with it no doubt. and the colour stays on as well. I'm not a lipstick person but am very happy that it doesnt stain the lip that much. I like natural and this one is closest to my natural lip colour
  • kgomotso
    Blackberry Shine - 3 Jan 2017
    I love de hue, its not too much,Great smell but it leaves my lips feeling a bit dry and I have to reapply it over and over again.
  • Gracie
    shine shine - 3 Jan 2017
    it keeps my lips so soft that my man cant stop to kiss of the blackberry flavor this a lifer saver buddy
  • Daisy
    BRING OUT YOUR BOLD - 2 Jan 2017
    i have foudn my bold and want you to find yours too

    i recieved the labello from rubybox and i just want to say THANK YOU so much

    This definitely bring out your bold
    here is a review video i made too
  • Tlaleng
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 1 Jan 2017
    The second I opened it I instantly fell in love with the great fruity fragrance. It gave me options to either go lighter by applying a thin coat or darker by going thicker. My lips where moisture sealed all day. Love it. Even my younger brother loves it!
  • Lorenda
    Labello Blackberry shine - 29 Dec 2016
    I have used a mixture of Vaseline and Vicks all my life hence the mixture has always been good for my lips. Other products always left my lips itchy and dry all the time but the labello bold wow I have no complaints it differs from other labello brands its as if it was made specially for my lips. I love it and have bought extras from clicks it truly does bring out the bold in me.
  • Yolandi
    Blackberry for the WIN ! - 28 Dec 2016
    I received Blackberry Shine as one of my Christmas stocking fillers and was amazed by the texture and feel on my lips. I don't like a lot of products, because I can feel the stickiness on my lips,but this was amazing and the colour that it adds to your lips is an extra benefit!
  • Portia
    Soft... - 28 Dec 2016
    My blackberry shine..what more can a girl ask for? I have tried this product and thank you so much to ruby box for sending me samples to share with my friends..very soft..smells very nice..leaves my lips looking shiny and soft..i love it
  • Daniela
    Labello Blackberry Shine. - 27 Dec 2016
    This product is the holy grail of all lip balms! I suffer from dry lips and visible flaking too. This is an absolute nightmare when wearing my favourite lipsticks, so when I saw the new Labello range I knew I had to try it. It is so affordable what do you have to loose? Well, I am in love! This formula Labello has created is like no other. Very creamy without being oily, super hydrating without a waxy feeling (like other brands) and as a bonus it gives the lips a lovely touch of color. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.
  • sumayah
    blackberry shine - 26 Dec 2016
    Love the new addition. It smells great and has a beautiful hue. Especially great for the days that you want a minimalist look.
    Labell0 Blackberry shine - 23 Dec 2016
    would love to try this. have tried all the other flavours and they divine. keeps lips soft and supple.
  • Janice
    Tasty - 22 Dec 2016
    Labello is an amazing product. CAnt wait to test the newest addition
  • Zaaheda
    Luscious labello - 22 Dec 2016
    Already a fan of labello watermelon. Looking foward to trying the delicious new fragrance.
  • Larise
    Oh so sexy lips - 21 Dec 2016
    My my what a product so moisturizing another winner by labello well done.... I didn't receive a sample but bought my own. I don't need lipstick it's wonderful feels so silky soft kissable sexy coloured lips. Wow product indeed.
  • Tamara
    Average - 21 Dec 2016
    This product has its merits but leaves my lips too glossy and sticky! Not a fan.
  • theo
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 21 Dec 2016
    This product is on my shopping list. Need one for each bag. My lips are always dry and love the blackberry flavour. Would love to try.
  • Lindiwe
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 20 Dec 2016
    I love the new labello blackberry shine, it smells amazing and moisturises my lips the way lip balm is supposed to! Totally addicted!
  • Shereen
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 20 Dec 2016
    This is my new favourite. Its tastes awsome and feels good and moisturising
  • Rushanah
    Labello Blackberry - 20 Dec 2016
    Labello is always in my handbag. Now with he new flavour, it's definitely what I will have in my hand bag this summer!
  • Noluthando
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 20 Dec 2016
    The product is of the same good quality I expected from Labello however I feel there is a bit of a disconnect between what it is advertised to be and what it is. I expected BOLDNESS from it, a daring type of vibe but found it had a mild tint of colour (or maybe my friends and I's skin tones don't pick up much colour). The shine however I definitely there, it looks really glossy without the sticky feeling and smells really good.
    I really like the product though, just wish it had more colour for that bold vibe.
  • Kubashini
    HappyLips - 19 Dec 2016
    beautiful colour, moisturising and just the right shine. perfect for your 'on the go summer days'
  • Tshwaro
    BlackBerry shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I still love the boldness of the shine suits my style and blends in very well with my complexion I dnt spent hours on the mirror anymore coz I know labello BlackBerry shine never disappoints
  • Tshwaro
    BlackBerry shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I still love the boldness of the shine suits my style and blends in very well with my complexion I dnt spent hours on the mirror anymore coz I know labello BlackBerry shine never disappoints
  • Natasha
    labello shine - 19 Dec 2016
    Love the fragrance and the colour shine of this product. However I find myself applying more than I feel I should. Product dries up too quick for me :(
  • Elizabeth
    Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    The color is nice and vibrant.
    But it made my lips dry and I had to keep re applying.
  • Chantel
    Red lips - 19 Dec 2016
    Love the fragrance the taste (yes the taste!) And the red glossy look no need for lipstick.....
  • Lin
    Labello - 19 Dec 2016
    This is a great labello gives your lips the smooth shiny look and smells great tooooo.Once you used this product never gonna use any other.
  • Lisa (Marlise)
    Labello - 19 Dec 2016
    Amazing texture, amazing smell, amazing moisture.....12 out of 10 for this one!!!
  • Lisa (Marlise)
    Labello - 19 Dec 2016
    Amazing texture, amazing smell, amazing moisture.....12 out of 10 for this one!!!
  • Kelumetse
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    The lip balm moisturizes my lips so well, for someone who's allergic to a lot of things especially when it comes to my lips, the Blackberry Shine is the best thing that has happened this year. It has a very warm and lovely scent, i love how it leaves a purple-ish colour on my lips which blends in very nicely with my lips which are pink and a little dark.
  • Kelumetse
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    The lip balm moisturizes my lips so well, for someone who's allergic to a lot of things especially when it comes to my lips, the Blackberry Shine is the best thing that has happened this year. It has a very warm and lovely scent, i love how it leaves a purple-ish colour on my lips which blends in very nicely with my lips which are pink and a little dark.
  • Monica
    Labello Blackberry - 19 Dec 2016
    Love the new labello. Smells so nice and my lips are so moisturized the whole time!!
  • Sebina
    Labello Blackberry shine - 19 Dec 2016
    Thank you Rubybox, for the Labello. i love it, since i started using Labello berry i don't need to put on my lipstick, because of the rich color it has. I love how my lips shine like i used Lip gloss and it also keeps my lips moist.
  • Ronel
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    Great product! I have a few of them (in my bag, the office, car, next to my bed). I love the colour & the shine & not forgetting that it protects & moisturize my lips.
  • Ronel
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    Great product! I have a few of them (in my bag, the office, car, next to my bed). I love the colour & the shine & not forgetting that it protects & moisturize my lips.
  • Selvan
    labello blackberry - 19 Dec 2016
    Great product -after using this product my cracked and dry lips was the past-great aroma scent
  • Selvan
    labello blackberry - 19 Dec 2016
    Great product -after using this product my cracked and dry lips was the past-great aroma scent
  • Natasha
    Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I have always used Labello, but the new Labello Blackberry Shine is different. it leaves my lips nourished longer and I love the fact that it has dark purple color pigments (who needs a lipstick...just saying). This product leaves my lips moisturised and smells yummy
    LABELLO - 19 Dec 2016
  • muneeba
    Lobello be bold - 19 Dec 2016
    I love this lip balm I am still using it and I am amazed by the result will totally recommend it to anyone.
  • Zodwa
    Luscious lips - 19 Dec 2016
    The labello leaves my lips feeling soft and shiny. I only use the lip balm maybe 3 times a day because it lasts longer. There's no need for a lipstick as it gives my lips colour.
  • christina
    Bold & Beautiful - 19 Dec 2016
    I fell in love with this product, I like how it works as both lipstick and lip balm, makes my lips soft and give it that bold glow at the same time. I am sticking to it.
  • Noori
    Blackberry shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I have been using labello for around 15 years now - Labello is a trusted lip care brand who delivers on their promise. The New Blacksherry Shine is a really lovely fruity flavour with a pop of blackberry - I foundit to be long lasting and as labello promises, my lips are left soft, smooth and irresistible, always! I love that Labello adds a POP of colour to your lips, so need need for lipstick #ConfidenceInAStick
  • Christine
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I absolutely love this product! It not only deeply moisturizes my lips but also provides a deep and lasting colour which helps especially when you want the look but you don't want to put on too much makeup or lipstick... It enhances one's natural beauty!
  • Adri
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I love this product. I have always been a loyal fan of Labello. The scent reminds me of the ocean and summer time. Love the glossy effect.
  • Kesavi
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    Love the smell and it makes my lips nice and soft and kissable :-)
  • Amanda
    Moisture gallore - 19 Dec 2016
    Blackberry shine has the same moisture and texture I love about labello. The only disappointing thing is that the colour disappears on my dark lips. So a little more colour intensity would have made it perfect.
  • Lisa
    Delicious and super shiny - 19 Dec 2016
    I bought the Labello Blackberry Shine for my sister but somehow couldn't resist opening it when I got home. And wow, how happy am I that I decided to keep it. It smellls incredible, has such a pretty shine and colour and "tastes" delicious. I am in LOVE. I wouldn't buy any other Labello in the near future...
  • Lisa
    Delicious and super shiny - 19 Dec 2016
    I bought the Labello Blackberry Shine for my sister but somehow couldn't resist opening it when I got home. And wow, how happy am I that I decided to keep it. It smellls incredible, has such a pretty shine and colour and "tastes" delicious. I am in LOVE. I wouldn't buy any other Labello in the near future...
  • Jennifer
    Labello - 19 Dec 2016
    I tested this product and was extremely thrilled with is. Made my lips feel and look great
  • Jennifer
    Labello - 19 Dec 2016
    I tested this product and was extremely thrilled with is. Made my lips feel and look great
  • Nina
    Blackberry Shine - 19 Dec 2016
    I used Labello Blackberry Shine durning winter this year I had cracked lips from the winter weather and it was amazing it made my lips feel so revitalizing and made my lips tingle what a blessing in disguise
  • Bron
    fabulous! - 18 Dec 2016
    This is by far the best lebelo I have ever tried. My lips felt immediately moistured and nourished! the labelo also has a wonderful smell and a fab shimmer, which had my friends asking what smelled do nice too.
  • Lisa
    scumptious - 18 Dec 2016
    I absolutely love this lip ice. it leaves your lips shinning and it tastes amazing. when Applying this, I am so confident when kissing my hubby. no more dryness and long lasting scrumptious lips
  • Annah
    Labello BlackBerry shine - 18 Dec 2016
    Since I use it my lips are always shine and looking good all the time because of BlackBerry shine Labello I love it
  • Liezel
    Labello -Step into bold - 18 Dec 2016
    I never go anywhere without my lip balm. I love fruity fragrances, color, shine and good moisturisation. I look forward to adding the Labello Blackberry Shine to my collection.
  • Foyin
    Blackberry Slay - 18 Dec 2016
    I will admit - I didn't pay for my Blackberry Shine, but rather I received it when I ordered a parcel from Superbalist. But nonetheless, I have purchased Labello lip balms before and I always find that they look great but keep my lips particularly dry. This time I found a slight improvement in the formula and I love the fact that it's so dark! Usually the lip balms come in lighter pink shades and with my dark complexion, they just look ashy, so I really love the colour.
  • Vhutali
    Labello my master - 18 Dec 2016
    I love the new Labello blackberry shine, it keeps my lips shining and smooth.
    It is the best that ever happened to me.
    My lips are never dry because of labello blackberry shine.
  • Vhutali
    Labello my master - 18 Dec 2016
    I love the new Labello blackberry shine, it keeps my lips shining and smooth.
    It is the best that ever happened to me.
    My lips are never dry because of labello blackberry shine.
  • Christine
    Labello Blackberry shine - 18 Dec 2016
    A great variation on a classic item. Definitely a desk drawer permanent resident and an essential for the handbag make-up bag. Ah yes, the bedside drawer too. Uplifting and it works!
  • Marilicia
    So Kissable - 18 Dec 2016
    I love this lipice. Smells delectable, doesn't taste like you have sunblock on your lips (subtly sweet thankfully), and gives a slight spicy colour. Great for that glossy look while moisturizing. Love it!
    Blackberry shine - 18 Dec 2016
    My daughter loves this.. so its always missing out my bag. Soft.. lots of moisture.. shines so no need for lipstick. A need in every girls handbag
  • tasneem
    Favourite BlackBerry Shine - 18 Dec 2016
    I didn't receive this product to test and review by I saw the other reviews and I thought its a must have so I bought it for myself and was mind blown how beautiful this colour is and how it makes you feel when I wear it, since I've been wearing It u feel more beautiful and much more confident about my appearance thanx #Rubybox
  • Ntsebiseng
    Labelo blackberry shine - 18 Dec 2016
    The new labelo blackberry shine is just lips are forever mosturized and it's always in my handbag.I just love it
  • Mashudu
    Labello blackberry shine - 18 Dec 2016
    I have it . It's the most amazing lip product I've ever had . I can't step out of the house without it . It keeps my lips smooth , soft and moisturised through out the day . I love it and would recommend it to anyone .
  • Winnie Thandiwe
    My Bold Pout - 18 Dec 2016
    Wow this baby has made my lip game on fleek. For that locked in moisture, beautiful tinted lips and out of this world shine. It blends well with my lip colors, enhances a matte lipstick turning it into a bold statement and adds that (((BOOM))) note on ordinary lips. Love that bold shine, great moisture and fruity taste (yeah I did lick it lol)!
  • Kelby
    Great alternative to lipstick - 18 Dec 2016
    This product is amazing! It keeps your lips moisturised and adds a pigment. The smell is also amazing. It is great value for money as a little goes a long way
  • Clair
    Perfect!!! - 18 Dec 2016
    I recently purchased the Labelle blackberry shine as I have always been a fan of the cherry shine. The smell only the blackberry Labelle is heavenly and I love the colour tint that lights my lips. Lipa feel soft and look great all at the smell time.
  • Razeenah
    Nourishing - 18 Dec 2016
    Leaves lips well nourished with a delicious scent and glossy tinted shine. A must-have!
  • Amelia
    Blackberry Shine - moisturising colour deliciousness - 18 Dec 2016
    I love that it's moisturising and pigmented and deliciously scented.
  • nothando
    Blackberry Shine... - 17 Dec 2016
    I love the taste... my hubby does too
  • Yasmin
    Liplicious - 17 Dec 2016
    Love this lipice for the amazing quality and delicious fruity smell
  • sikhulile
    Lebeloo lip glos - 17 Dec 2016
    I received a sample from my daughter. I have sense purchased two of mynown, cant do without it. I love the smell and the great shine
  • Hashen
    Mind blown - 17 Dec 2016
    I love this labello the colour just complments my look all the time
  • Nadine
    Love Labello's new blackberry shine - 17 Dec 2016
    This product is simply amazing. When I wear this I feel irresistible and bold. Ready to take on the day. Would recommend everybody to buy this
  • Jacqueline
    Labello blackberry shine - 17 Dec 2016
    I have this product and have been using using it for a month, I love how it treats my lips and for those lighter days when I don't want to wear lipstick, this product does three things for me; keeps my lips moisturized, gives my lips beautiful colour, and has fixed my dry lips situation, I absolutely love it.
  • Kedibone Mimi
    Blackberrry Shine - 17 Dec 2016
    I have tried Labello, and it is so gentle on my lips, my lips used to crack but now it is the thing of the past.
  • rosetta
    Love the color... - 17 Dec 2016
    True to form a must have in every girls bag... Go get yours...
  • Nolubabalo
    I looove - 17 Dec 2016
    This is the most amazing labello ever. Why was it not introduced sooner. My lips look smooth, nourished and the colour is BOLD. Totally inlove with it
  • Nazlee
    Love for my lips - 17 Dec 2016
    Love love love this product. The only dilemma I have is that I cannot find it in stock at dischem or clicks?!? It seems very popular and have even checked PNP and checkers but no luck
  • Michelle
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 17 Dec 2016
    Thank you to rubybox for allowing me the opportunity to test the new Labello Blackberry Shine out. I've been using it for about a month now, so far, I'm not very impressed with it.
    Personally, I feel that the product is not as moisturizing as the other variants produced by Labello. I'm a huge fan of the brand itself and have atleast 2 or 3 on hand at any given time.
    The tint on the Blackberry Shine, however, is a subtle yet beautiful colour which I can't fault. But this product loses points from me because of the moisturizing factor.
  • Phume
    Labello Black berry Shine - 17 Dec 2016
    Wow what a wonderful product for my lips. It leaves them feeling ever so smooth, well hydrated and extra sexy. I have decided to only use this wonderful product on my precious lips!
  • Nicolene
    Don't need more - 17 Dec 2016
    Being a person who does not like a traditional lipstick this is the best product for me
  • Slindile
    Lebello - 17 Dec 2016
    I loved my testers and my friends loved it. I reminded me of my high school days when we were not allowed to wear lipstick and we bought labello instead.
  • Salma
    Labello Bold - 17 Dec 2016
    In love with the smell its almost good enough to eat. It has staying power, and it kept my lips moisturised. Would reccomend!!
  • eunice
    Labello Blackberry shine - 17 Dec 2016
    The New Labello BlackBerry Shine is a long lasting lip balm that works just as a gloss. With its smooth texture and pleasant BlackBerry smell nothing can beat the New Labello BlackBerry shine. I would recommend you get your hands one or even a few in order to have sexy smooth lips
  • Noah
    I'm impressed with the labello bold blackberry shine - 17 Dec 2016
    Not only does it smell good it feels good on the lips as well. My lips feel well nourished and subtle.
  • Lene
    New Labello Blackberry Shine - 17 Dec 2016
    I looked for this product for what felt like ages! I was so excited when Labello announced the launch of this product. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I finally found a tube in Dischem. I'm very impressed with it, it's very moisturising and has a refreshing taste/smell (I had to lick my lips after the first application of Blackberry Shine, I'm just too curious). A bonus for me is that Blackberry Shine leaves a slight purple tinge to the lips, and this is great news for me as I don't always put on my purple lipstick. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and it will definitely be a staple from now on.
  • ntando
    Sexy irrestistable frutiliciousy glossy lips - 17 Dec 2016
    For effortless sexy appetitising and irrestistably fruity glossy lips with some tint on or a zap of colour on days you breaking away from lipstick, it just zazzes up ones look to being fly
  • Cathleen
    Be Bold With Labello Blackberry Shine - 17 Dec 2016
    Be Bold this summer with Labello Blackberry Shine.
    I'm crazy in Love with it's Fruity scent and its colour tint is amazingly bold yet elegant. Its perfect for those no make-up summer days in the sun. It
    leaves lips feeling soft and moisturized. To try it, is to love it...
  • Kim
    Labello lip ice - 17 Dec 2016
    Vey moisturizing - love that it puts a lipstick colour on at same time
  • Talisa
    Average - 17 Dec 2016
    I like the smell and the shine it gives to the lips but I don't feel that it's very hydrating.
  • Laurette
    My daughter took it over - 17 Dec 2016
    I actually bought this for myself but my daughter took it after trying it once. I will have to buy myself one as well
  • Danika
    Fruity and Fabulous - 17 Dec 2016
    This is by far my favourite lip product of 2016! The smell and taste of this lip balm is lovely and the I love the colour on my lips. Stains the lips with a light blackberry tint and protects the lips and softens at the same time.
  • Leatitia
    Labello Blackberry SHine - 17 Dec 2016
    I would have loved to try this product. The reviews are great! Apparently it has a tint to it so then you wont have to wear lipstick AND lip ice on top of each other. What a bargain?
  • Layla
    Labelle lip products has never let me down and this tops the range - 17 Dec 2016
    This lip balm has a fresh berry scent yet it's very gentle on my lips and gives it the moisture it needs. The colour is intense and bold which suits my personality 100%
  • Karlien
    Labello Blackberry lip ice - 17 Dec 2016
    I would love to try the new Labello Blackberry lip ice seeing that i use the strawberry and cherry and not does it shine like a lipgloss it also smells refreshing. I would also then like to try out the newest edition to the family of Labello.
  • Angel
    Perfect tint - 17 Dec 2016
    The bold labello has become my go to lippie. It's great for when I need to add moisture to my lips and the colour is just a perfect tint. Definitely my favourite lippie currently.
  • Mira
    labello be bold - 17 Dec 2016
    I.tried Labello BlackBerry shine about a month ago.It has been nourishing and have me.that extra bold that I needed in my life :-).love it and the colour is invigorating.
  • Taryn
    Summer Must-Have! - 13 Dec 2016
    The new Labello Blackberry Shine is packed with moisture and leaves a very subtle tint on your lips. You can expect nothing less than the same quality ingredients from the existing range all jam packed into the new Blackberry Shine.

    It has a delicious scent, tasty flavor and dark purple color pigments to add a bit of glam to your look, this is a must-have handbag item!
  • ashanti
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 13 Dec 2016
    1. The fragrance of the Labello is delicious. It's so inviting, it almost makes you want to eat it. When I put it on a lot of people ask for the sweet that I'm eating and are surprised to find that it's the Labello fragrance.

    2. The texture is just right. It's comfortably thick so you don't have to put on too many layers. 

    3. As a person concerned with moisture, I do feel like it doesn't last as long as I would like it to because I have to‎ keep re-applying every few times .

    4. I like tinge of colour it gives my lips so I don't have to add a lipstick or another lip gloss just to give me colour. 

    All in all, I found that this is a great product in general and would definitely buy and recommend ‎it to others and would use it daily.
  • Marizanne
    Labello Blackberry Shine - 13 Dec 2016
    This lipice is amazing! So fruity and add just the right amount of colour to brighten up your face :)
  • Jessica
    The BEST lip balm on the market! - 12 Dec 2016
    The balm is so soft and moisturises my lips amazingly well. The colour is a huge plus and I prefer it to lipstick which I find dries out my lips. Blackberry Shine is the bomb! I would definitely purchase again.
  • ndivhuho
    Labello bold - 12 Dec 2016
    I totally love the scent but on my lips the moisture doesnt last for more than 10 minutes so i have to re apply a lot.
  • Mpume
    Love it - 12 Dec 2016
    I have never been a huge fan of lip balms but this range has converted me. I love the way it moisturizes my lips and the colour just works. With other lip balms I used to get a white residue line on my lips which I hated and this does not do that. It's going to be an add on to my lip regime. I shared with my 2 daughters and they are also raving about the product.