Whitening Toothpaste Range
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Whitening Toothpaste - R65.99- 75g Tube – Available at Dis-Chem and Clicks

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste is specially formulated with patented micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate to remove stains gently without damaging enamel. It can penetrate into the tiniest of enamel furrows for an in-depth cleansing and a gentle polish. Gentle enough to use daily.

• Prolongs whitening after professional whitening treatments

• Stain-removing properties clinically proven

• Active ingredients: micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate, chlorhexidine digluconate 0.004%

• Crystal diameter of bicarbonates is 5 times finer than other bicarbonates making it less abrasive on teeth and gentler on gums

• Chlorhexidine digluconate acts against plaque and infection

Brilliance and Care Whitening Toothpaste - R69.95 30g Tube – Available at Dis-chem

Anti-Stain visibility after 2 weeks*. Fast and lasting results reported by 90% of subjects* Recommend to use twice a week in conjunction with Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste.

•Active ingredients: bamboo, mineral silica & 1350 ppm fluorinol

•Whitening treatment plan–to be used twice per week in conjunction with regular whitening toothpaste

•Highly polishing formula that removes residual stains

•Fluorinol to ensure remineralisation of tooth enamel

•Polishing the dental surfaces while respecting the integrity of the enamel

*Test of safety and effectiveness carried out under dental supervision on 52 subjects for 28 days, using the product 3 times a day. Measured in MMLSI scale.

Satisfaction test carried out on 52 subjects after 28 days of use 3 times a day (% of subjects giving a rating out of 5))


  • Mellissa
    WhiteSmile - 21 Feb 2019
    Been using the Elgydium for a month,very satisfied with the product
  • Michelle
    I can finally smile with confidence! - 10 Nov 2018
    My love for tea and coffee has left me with stained teeth, despite good, regular brushing.But ELGYDIUM is helping me regain my confidence to smile.I've only been using it for two weeks, and I can already see progress.Thank you for an amazing product!
  • Alexis
    Pearly Whites - 26 Oct 2018
    This toothpaste makes a smile brighter. The smell is great and does what it says. Impressed
  • Judith
    ELGYDIUM - 29 Sep 2018
    The toothpaste smells so nice and my teeth look glowy and crystalline white! Perfect!
  • Jacqueline
    White pearls! - 19 Aug 2018
    I was introduced to this toothpaste by my dentist and I still use it today.
    My teeth looks very whiter ever since and smells amazing
  • Snothile
    Brightness - 20 Apr 2018
    This amazing toothpaste gave me a brighter smile. Unfortunately for me it irritated my gums and made my teeth more sensitive. I would love this product with these combined benefits so that I don't have to use different products.
  • Jennifer
    all round winner - 23 Mar 2018
    I was introduced to Elgydium through my oral hygienist and will never be able to use any other tootpaste ever again. It is worth every cent. I helps with build up and i can def feel a difference when i use another brand.
  • Lindi
    so true - 12 Feb 2018
    I am looking to buy this product after using the samples I received but could not find it on the Clicks or Discuss online store. Please let me know where I can order please. This product is the best I used for a dry skin and I tried almost everything!
  • Courtney-Lee
    white and bright - 27 Nov 2017
    Loved this product ! Could have been a bit more mintier and less granular but it really whitened my teeth!! lovvve!!!
  • Lauren
    Great product - 16 Nov 2017
    After reading the reviews on ruby-box, I had to test the product for myself and can honestly say I was not disappointed! As a regular coffee drinker, this really helped brighten up my smile!
  • Lindi
    hope it works - 16 Nov 2017
    I quit smoking a few months ago and stained yellow teeth was a constant in my life. I would love to try this product as theres been great feedback reviews
  • Charlene
    Best tooth Whitening product - 16 Nov 2017
    That Whitening product comes with easy to follow steps and the best part is - it works!!
    I had 2 shades whiter teeth in two weeks, thank you Rubybox for the teeth whitening experience!!!
  • Zaida
    Elgydium - 13 Nov 2017
    Good product, daily toothpaste did what it says but was not too pleased with the anti stain one.
  • elsie
    love this toothpaste - 12 Nov 2017
    I have received elyguim toothpaste from a friend. I really like it. my breath is fresher, teeth is whiter and cleaner. feels fresh.
  • Aletta
    elyguim toothpaste - 12 Nov 2017
    I really love this toothpaste. after you brush your teeth it feels so fresh and clean. amd whiter teeth . will definitely buy it.
  • Cindy
    Elgydium toothpaste - 10 Nov 2017
    What a great product! I used the whitening toothpaste for a month and it worked wonders on my yellow teeth. I started seeing results in just a week. Almost a month later and my teeth are still white. Definitely the best product I have used thus far comparing to other whitening products

  • Lenchen
    Great Product - 9 Nov 2017
    Really felt the clean feeling after brushing. Also loved how fresh my breath felt. I did see a slight change in color, but would have loved an even whiter look. Will continue product to see if my teeth still gets whiter
  • Sandhia
    Brilliance and Care Whitening Toothpaste - 9 Nov 2017
    the Brilliance and Care Whitening Toothpaste (anti -stain toothpaste) is a brilliant product! it has a similar result as you would have if you went to a dentist for a professional clean.
  • Sandhia
    Elgydium - Whitening toothpaste - 9 Nov 2017
    I tested the Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste and was pleasantly impressed that the toothpaste removed stains from my teeth within a few days. The toothpaste is gentle enough to use daily. I enjoyed using this product and will definitely purchase same again.
  • Jesse
    Whiter Brighter Smile - 8 Nov 2017
    We have tried this product , it is amazing with a noted difference in the colour of our teeth as well as staining. It helped with some sensitivity and i would definitely recommend this product
  • Elelwani
    Whitening Toothpaste - 8 Nov 2017
    So really have been loving the tooth paste. for the first 2 weeks of using the tooth paste i was very annoyed as i felt using the calendar will be a tedious thing, but its actually very easy. then again i was just been impatient self and its actually very easy to follow.
    i actually started seeing the change in the beginning of third week. will i be using it and switching? probably not as a permanent thing as i know in order for the tooth paste to work i need to use it as a set and i find it a bit steep.

    I love the fact that my breath remained fresh after using along time of using it. am so happy my teeth are fresh.
  • Jolanda
    White teeth and a sparkly, fresh smile! - 8 Nov 2017
    So when I received my package I was very excited - I'm getting married next year and desperately want to show off a beautiful white smile.

    I felt a bit skeptical at first when I saw there was a routine you had to follow... But as soon as I got into the wing of it, I was amazed! Within my first week I saw a difference!!!! This coming from a smoker and coffee lover - BIG kudos to Elgydium! Can't wait to show my sparkly, white smile on our wedding photo's! I will definitely purchase it in store from now on!
  • Joshna
    Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste - 7 Nov 2017
    Ever since I have been using Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste ,my teeth feel super clean. With continued use old stains on teeth disappeared and whitened and brightened. Love the results. Will definitely buy in future.
  • Waajidah
    Its o - 7 Nov 2017
    The toothpaste doesn't compare with my old toothpaste. Yes its nice in terms of whitening but I found it wasn't as fresh, and needed to use a stronger toothpaste after.
  • Tanya
    ELGYDIUM REVIEW - 7 Nov 2017
    I am over the moon and super happy about my white teeth, after only 1 month of using this product. I would recommend it to anyone that wants white teeth.
  • Chantel
    Absolutely surprised - 7 Nov 2017
    I have to say that I am very impressed by what Elgydium toothpaste did for my teeth. It whitened my teeth just as described. No other whitening toothpaste worked as well as Elgydium. I would recommend this product to everyone. Even if you have sensitive teeth, this helps quite a bit. Thank you Rubybox
  • Adele
    My million Dollar smile # Elgydiumwhitening toothpaste - 7 Nov 2017
    I'm so confident now after using Elgydium toothpaste, I smile a lot lately to showoff my white teeth :)
  • Robyn
    No Big Difference - 7 Nov 2017
    The product is good to use for sensitive teeth and will brighten teeth which are already white and not badly stained.

    If you are looking for a drastic shade difference, invest in a visit to a dentist to have it professionally done.

    The product (more so the care brilliance) does not foam a lot, as stated on the box, and does not always leave your mouth feeling fresh and squeaky clean. The mint flavour is also very subtle so it's not very refreshing.

    Product will be good to brighten fairly stained teeth and subtle differencesw will be seen, which is value for the price if that is what you're looking for in a toothpaste.
  • Bianca
    Elgydium Toothpaste Cure - 7 Nov 2017
    Upon receiving the package i was skeptical as i have tried many over the counter products for teeth whitening and they have all failed. On the second week of using the Elgydium toothpastes i started to notice and see the change already, by the 4th week i was so so impressed that all my slight stains on my teeth had faded that i can barely see them now! I will be changing my brand of toothpaste to Elgydium from now on. It really does work!!!!
  • Lungi
    Edgydium Whitening Pack - 7 Nov 2017
    My teeth are looking whiter now since I started using it and they always feel more cleaner. Thank you for introducing it I am going to continue using it from now onwards.
  • Thea-Elay
    Sparkly, them teeth - 7 Nov 2017
    I was curious of upon the results of Elgydium as I've used many teeth whitening toothpastes and at-home whitening kits.

    After a couple of days' use I saw the difference - the small yellow spots started fading and my teeth were actually whiter! The treatment plan is best on the market without the nonsense steps you have to take to keep it in your mouth and all of the T's and C's of other toothpastes and treatments.

    I am delighted to have found a product that will lighten the stains and whiten them up so that I do want to smile on photos.

    I'll never use another brand again!
  • Thobza
    I like elgydium - 6 Nov 2017
    It makes my tooth white in just four weeks and it does wonders to my whole family
  • Belinda
    Expected more - 3 Nov 2017
    I didn’t see much of a difference in the whiteness of my teeth, although I used it diligently for 4 weeks. I found that it didn’t offer much freshness. I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of tooth sensitivity it caused. Not sure if I would use it again.
  • Lisa
    Whiter Smile, Greater Life - 1 Nov 2017
    The process is a long one so not great for someone who does not have patience, but the result is absolutely worth the wait! My teeth are actually visibly whiter and my breath stayed fresh the entire day! I don’t usually believe in things like this so I would not have gone out on my own to purchase the product but after having reviewed it, I would easily make the purchase
  • Dorathea
    I must say that after brushing my teeth with Elgydium Toothpaste my mouth feels fresh and stays fresh for a long time , its incredible. A definite on my shopping list. The Anti Stain is also highly recommended. Thank you Rubybox!
  • Mariska
    ELGYDIUM Whitening Toothpaste - 31 Oct 2017
    All toothpastes these days claim to whiten teeth to a brilliant white and shine, but very seldom turns this out to be true, I really do recommend this 2 step program from Elgydium this is something I will be buying for myself again! glad I had the opportunity to try it and to be sure before spending money for nothing. Another 4 weeks of using this and I can't wait to see the results
  • Joshna
    Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste - 30 Oct 2017
    From the first time I started using Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste I was sold. My teeth felt so clean. As the weeks progressed it brightened and whitened my teeth and the best part was it removed stubborn stains. I highly recommend this product. Totally satisfied.
  • Amy
    A new staple in my bathroom - 30 Oct 2017
    This toothpaste has changed my teeth from being stained to looking clean, fresh and whiter everyday! I would highly recommend this brand and combination specifically!!
  • Imogen
    Toothpaste - 30 Oct 2017
    I used the product for the 4 weeks, It definietly does achieve the whitening affect, however i suffer from sensitive teeth/gums so i had to slow down & use my usual every now and then, i also didn't find any freshness from the product and as normal one needs a fresh feeling mouth. however if for whitening purposes it definitely works :)
  • Ray
    Fully converted! - 30 Oct 2017
    In the four weeks of trailing this product I saw noticeable changes in the whiteness of my smile. I have sensitive gums so for the first two weeks I sometimes used my regular toothpaste in order to adapt but soon my gums became adapted and I was able to use elgydium full time. Will certainly be repurchasing. Read more on my blog, separatedsisters.com

    Ray xx
  • Anouchka
    BEST TOOTHPASTE !! - 30 Oct 2017
    Thank you for sharing with me. Elgydium has made a huge difference..
  • Hlumelo
    Holy grail! - 29 Oct 2017
    This whitening toothpaste is mt holy grail! It does wonders and it makes my teeth feel smooth and look bright and whiter! I would recommend it to anyone. Try it for yourself and you will surely not regret any thing!
  • Elana
    Perfectly white teeth - 27 Oct 2017
    I quit smoking a few months ago and stained yellow teeth was a constant in my life. I once again have perfectly white teeth - i even got compliments before I even noticed the results
  • Senthy
    sparkling clean and whiter teeth - 27 Oct 2017
    I used the samples supplied by Rubybox and i am so happy to report it truly does whiten and polish my teeth. Honestly best tooth paste I ever used simply love it. Certainly does as advertised my family now insist on Elgydium!!!
  • diana
    Not to bad - 27 Oct 2017
    I have tried this product, it works a bit but not as well as I thought it would and doesnt foam as good either
  • Kirstie
    I absolutely love this have been using it ever since I have tested, I highly recommend it
  • Henriette
    Love Love Love - 27 Oct 2017
    I have tested this paste for a few months know and just fell in love with it!!! Its a great product and I love my brighter smile because of it!! Even my fiancé went to buy some for him! Thank you for including me in the testing.
  • Sanelisiwe
    Pearly whites - 27 Oct 2017
    I'm very pedantic on what I use on my teeth. I told myself if Im not happy with the toothpaste in a week I will discard of it. To my surprise my teeth felt cleaner and looked polished in that week. 2nd week I saw that they were looking a shade whiter. A month into using Elgydium my teeth are a couple shades whiter and my mouth feels cleaner. I'm hooked!
  • tasneem
    From a smoker - 27 Oct 2017
    I have been a smoker for almost 10 years and over the years my teeth had started to stain from the smoking.
    After using this product for about a week i could already notice the difference in my smile.
    The second week i was ever ready to pose for pictures showing off my teeth as they had become so much whiter than before.
    I would honestly recommend this range to my friends and family as it has really helped me.
  • Anzel
    White smile in 28 days - 27 Oct 2017
    I used the toothpaste as prescribed for 28days. Within 2weeks I already saw a difference. It made my teeth squeaky clean and left my mouth feeling fresh for hours in the morning. Will definitely continue using this product to further improve my white smile.
  • Ruchelle
    Beautiful White Teeth - 27 Oct 2017
    I was impressed when I first started using the toothpaste! I love the fact that the taste and smell isn't too over powering. My teeth feel much cleaner and smoother after a brush and I've definitely noticed my teeth being much more pearly than usual. I would definitely recommend this toothpaste! :)
  • Kelly
    Whiter, Brighter Teeth! - 26 Oct 2017
    This toothpaste worked quite well for me. My teeth felt very clean, and as far as I see, they are whiter and brighter! The only thing I do not like is that you have to use the small toothpaste twice a week. Overall though, I feel this toothpaste is great quality for the price you pay!
  • Agnetia
    Better than most whitening toothpaste out there - 26 Oct 2017
    It's a really nice toothpaste! The results were just not as mind blowing as I had hoped it would be! I would still recommend this to someone who wants an affordable teeth whitening regime!
  • Storm
    Million Dollar Smaile- Without the million Dollars - 25 Oct 2017
    I introduce to you the all new Teeth whitening system from ELGYDIUM.

    What a different take on Home teeth whitening, No weird hand held UV lights, No crazy black bathroom staining powders and certainly not broken? Empty promises.

    From the minute I opened the packaging I loved the fact that their was a process that was needed to follow in order to get the best results it made the products feel more professional in my opinion.

    The instructions are simple use the Whiting Toothpaste twice daily (as you would use any other toothpaste ) for two consecutive days and then you use the Brilliance And Care Toothpaste once. This process is then repeated in a cycle, Like every other toothpaste you use its extremely Important to insure that you not skipping brushing and its advised to stick to this guide line in order to achieve the best possible results.

    Being in the beauty and blogging industry we often come across products such as this with a huge amounts of claims and we are constantly disappointed by results.

    With this particular product I could defiantly see results after just a week of use. The whitening and the stain removing promises are defiantly accurate.

    My aim is to always be honest with you guys and I am not paid to speak positively about products only however the one issue I have is I was not a fan of what the fact that I never felt it made my mouth feel fresh or minty enough, you know what I mean the instant burst of freshness? I felt I constantly had to use my mouthwash or even clean my teeth more then once. The product serves as whitening toothpaste and often most of these whiting specific products do not have the best name for ultimate FREASHNESS.

    I defiantly think if you are a mouth wash person and you are looking for a home care system that won’t break the bank when it comes to teeth whitening I defiantly think this Elgydium product is 100% for YOU!!!

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  • Melanie
    My Elgydium experience - 25 Oct 2017
    I’ve received the Elgydium Whitening and Brilliance & Care toothpaste from Rubybox and used it over a 4 week period. Firstly, allow me to say that before I’ve done the trial of these products, I’d think twice about spending R60 on toothpaste in the current economic climate but this range changed my mind.I have to admit I’m one of those people who used to buy every whitening toothpaste on the market, tried home recipes like bicarb and lemon etc. but were never quite satisfied. I’ve always had crooked teeth and wouldn’t change that for anything, well maybe I would if it was a painless procedure, who knows? Aside from being crooked, my teeth are very sensitive so I can’t just use any toothpaste and the ones specifically made for the condition, are usually twice the price of normal toothpaste.I love the Whitening toothpaste and could definitely feel and see a difference after 2 weeks. I generally stay away from products that stains my teeth as I don’t drink coffee and I hate red wine (yes, I said it!) but I do drink a lot of fizzy drinks and often forget to floss so there’s that.The awesome thing is, like the homemade remedy, this toothpaste also have bicarb in but it’s less yucky.To be quite honest, I didn’t like the taste of this Brilliance & Care toothpaste as it made me nauseous every time I had to use it. We received a schedule as to how to use these 2 in conjunction with each other to get the optimum results and this toothpaste had to be used every 3rd day. The awesome part of this toothpaste is that it assist in reducing the appearance of stains on your tooth and I can attest to it.I’m really happy with the results and will definitely invest in this products again as I’ve realised that they work best together. I’m not sure if I’d get used to the taste of the Brilliance & Care toothpaste and the fact that there’s no foam but the results will convince me to.

  • Nadine
    ELGYDIUM Whitening Toothpaste Range - 25 Oct 2017
    I absolutely enjoyed reviewing and testing the Whitening toothpaste range from Elgydium. My expectations were exceeded after just four weeks of testing, my teeth was whiter, and some stains even lightened due to me using the Brilliance Anti-stain cure toothpaste. These toothpastes are a convenient yet affordable solution to teeth whitening, especially compared to the more expensive cosmetic whitening option, which will set your budget completely back by a few Thousand rands. Toothpastes are available from Dischem and Clicks stores and retail at about R55.95 per tube. They taste lovely, and leave my mouth smelling fresh and clean.
  • Leigh-ann
    Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Range - 25 Oct 2017
    I definitely notice a difference in the colour of my teeth after using this product as per instructions, they are whiter and shinier, but I must admit that I still feel like I need to use regular toothpaste as well, as the Elgydium doesn't leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I think that it only works well with whitening and not as an every day cleaning and brushing toothpaste
  • candice
    Great - 24 Oct 2017
    I have always been quite self-conscious about my teeth they are quite stained as I drink a lot of coffee and tea and I have tried my fair share of whitening tooth pastes with little luck. So when this arrived on my doorstep I wasn’t expecting much really.

    Just a bit about the brand as it is new to SA and I don’t think many people know about it. Elgydium is a brand originating from France which celebrities are actually known to buy by the case load in boutique French pharmacies.

    The magic ingredient that sets Elgydium apart is “Micro-Pulverized Sodium Bicarbonate.” This is 5 times smaller than standard sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda), this soft crystalline substance dissolves readily into even the tiniest fissures of enamel. As the smaller-sized sodium bicarbonate particles infiltrate the crevices of each tooth, they break up stains from coffee, tea, and smoking. Not only does it gently polish teeth with mild abrasive potential, but it also kills on contact all motile microorganisms associated with periodontal infections. Additionally, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes and detoxifies the bacterial acids that form in plaques, or bacterial biofilms.

    To be honest though I didn’t notice a dramatic whitening effect after using Elgydium day and night for 3 weeks, I did see a subtle difference upon first use actually, more than I have with the other whitening tooth pastes I have tried. The brightening and polishing powers are rather gentle. You may get Also with most tooth paste when you glide your tongue across your teeth you may get that gritty feeling of residual plaque this is not the case with this tooth paste.
  • Simone
    I’m loving my pearly whites - 24 Oct 2017
    Honestly, for the price, I just couldn’t be happier.

    My teeth are SO much whiter & im loving the results.
    At first i was put off by the taste but now im so used to it im struggling to remember what my previous toothpaste tasted like
  • Klara
    Simply amazing - 24 Oct 2017
    I was very excited when I received my ELGYDIUM box! Truthfully the first few days my gums were very sensitive and bled the tiniest bit, but as soon as I got used to it I fell in love! I could see a difference almost immediately. I've always struggled with a bit of yellow teeth as an avid coffee and tea drinker, so I am truly excited that the products work this well. I will definitely recommend Elgydium to anyone, and will be using it in the future.
    Natutal White - Elygduim Whitening - 24 Oct 2017
    I have been using the toothpaste for now about 3 weeks. What I love about Elgyduim is that it is a natural toothpaste its gentle on your teeth it doesn't damage your teeth like another abrasive brand which has more chemicals in them. Elgyduim has the natural ingredient Sodium bicarbonate which is used in so many natural remedies to whiten your teeth.

    What was different to me was the feeling of my teeth it actually felt about more cleaner than it before when I used my regular toothpaste, although it doesn't give you that super minty fresh taste in your mouth it did not really matter to me. It worked so well, even on the days my teeth had a little sensitivity.
  • Storm
    elgydium whitening review - 24 Oct 2017
    What a different take on Home teeth whitening , From the minute I opened the package I loved the fact that their was a process that was needed to follow in order to get the best results it made the products feel more professional in my opinion. Being in the beauty and blogging industry we often come across products such as this with a huge amounts of claims. With the particular product I could definatly see results after just a week of use, the whitening and the stain removing promises are definatly accurate. The one thing about the product I was not a fan of what the fact that I never felt it made my mouth feel fresh or minty enough, you know what I mean the instant burst of freashness? I felt I constantly had to use my mouth wash or even clean my teeth more then once. I definatly think if you are a mouth wash person and you are looking for a home care system that won’t break the bank when it comes to teeth whitening I definatly think this Elgydium product is 100% for you !!!
  • Lisa
    Visibly whiter teeth - 24 Oct 2017
    I have been using Elgydium for 24 days now and the results are incredible. My teeth are much whiter and I am more confident showing my teeth in photos. People stare at my smile, which initially creeped me out until I asked my friend why she was staring and she said that she admired my white teeth :D The only negative thing I can say is that the consistency of the Brilliance and Care Tube sometimes feels like it thins out quickly, but you quickly get used to it.
  • Senthy
    Awesome Brilliant whiteness and super clean shiny Teeth - 24 Oct 2017
    Elgydium toothpaste and anti-stain really is as brilliant as advertised my teeth whitening and shine after 4 weeks is unbelievable feels like a bleached cleaned dentistry finish. So impressed with the value of the quality products. My before and after pics is proof of this!!! Followed the calendar provided helped me stay with the program and my spouse did the same. We are both definitely impressed. Changing to Elgydium for sure.
  • Nhlamulo
    SnowWHITER - 24 Oct 2017
    At first it was difficult for me to adjust, the toothpaste tasted odd.
    But after a week of using, I became a fan and fell in love with Elgydium whitening toothpaste. Got use to the taste, my smell changed for the better and my tooth became a little bit whiter. Lol, I started "craving" the toothpaste, would see myself brushing my teeth more as compared to how I use to brush. I also like the fact that one does not gets hungry after using the toothpaste. And auwww, the friend I shared with, She's in love. She switched the to the brand. Goooooo Elgydium Whitening toothpaste, you are the future of toothpastes. You just gained two more loyal customers. :)
  • Ariella
    The stain removing properties of this toothpaste are outstanding!

    Visibly whiter teeth and stains have become less noticeable.
    The toothpaste provided the feeling of smoother, cleaner teeth.

    I do have to remark that the toothpaste lacked in the minty freshness I look for. I found that it had to be combined with a strong mouthwash and additional breath freshening products to achieve the desired level of freshness.

    Overall, I would recommend this toothpaste for teeth whitening 100%.
  • Chantal
    Elysium toothpaste - 24 Oct 2017
    I got this product to test and I am very pleased at its whitening effect. It does not foam a lot, but one adjusts to that. The taste could be improved on, but if whitening is what you need, this is your product.
  • Petra
    ELGYDIUM Whitening Toothpaste Range - 24 Oct 2017
    I'm very impressed with the whitening toothpaste. I've been doing the 4 week trial and i can definitely see the results. It realy makes a huge difference, everyone at work also noticed! I have recommended to everyone, especially all the smokers i know ;-)
  • Joande
    Winner - 24 Oct 2017
    I just love the fresh minty taste, and that it's not harsh on the teeth at all. My teeth have become visibly whiter in just 4 weeks, and I cannot be happier. Will definitely make these products a part of my monthly shop!
  • Chantel
    Works as described - 24 Oct 2017
    I was totally surprised that the toothpaste actually made my teeth whiter within a few weeks. I habe sensitive teeth and gums. Although the whitening toothpaste worked quite well, the smaller polishing tube did make my gums sensitive and was a bit watery. Overall I love the product and will be changing to Elgydium. Thank you Ruby Box
  • Patience
    Elgydium - 24 Oct 2017
    This is a fantastic white toothpaste range, the only flaw is that it causes tooth sensitivity
  • Nthabiseng
    Satisfied - 24 Oct 2017
    The toothpaste is value for money because it really does gradually start to whiten your teeth.
    I would definitely buy this.
    it works well . I'm extremely happy with the results.
  • mbali
    Elgydium Is the best.....get yours before it run out of stock at stores - 24 Oct 2017
    Thanks my Teeth are whitening everyday...everyone been asking me which toothpaste I'm using....keep telling them it Elygydium.
    Smooth,whitening and strong teeth thanks.....
    have already purchased morr coz I way run out of stock in store because everyone is now buying it
  • anitha
    Elgydium whitening toothpaste range - 24 Oct 2017
    Product is amazing. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks and already a difference is evident. At first teeth was really sensitive but stopped after a couple of days. This toothpaste really is amazing and is recommended for all.
  • Elsie
    What a surprise! - 21 Oct 2017
    I used the toothpaste for three weeks now and loving the results. I am getting complements and people want to know what I changed... ;-)

    Not only is my teeth whiter but sensitivity is gone aswell. The product last longer (the hole in the tube is smaller than the average tube of toothpaste which allows improved control when squeezing out product) and it has a great taste as well. It does not produce as much foam which means that you can quickly do something (like switch off the light) while brushing.

    I definitely recommend the product for a person who has sensitive teeth and looking to improve the color of their teeth and their appearance.

  • Thulym
    Excellent Choice - 19 Oct 2017
    I had a problem with coffee stains on teeth, a friend recommended a Elgydium toothpaste for me, since I started using it, my teeth are very beautiful and glowing, I am not shy to laugh anymore!!
  • Nadine
    ELGYDIUM Whitening Toothpaste Range - 17 Oct 2017
    LADIES AND GENTS, no need for cosmetic teeth whitening when the solution to whiter teeth is right in front of you - Yes Elgydium Whitening toothpaste really works. Ive now been using it for almost a full 4 weeks and I can absolutely attest that the Elgydium toothpaste range really works. My teeth is whiter and brighter, and my budget is still in tact. These products are available from Dischem and Clicks stores at affordable prices, so everyone can work on whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. Also, these whitening products are not too strong on the palette and they don't sting once the toothpastes gets into your mouth.Refreshing mint tastes is relevant with the Elgydium toothpaste whitening range.. I will definitely be continuing to purchase Elgydium whitening toothpastes in future, since my teeth is thanking me for making the change. Thanks Elgydium SA and Rubybox for the opportunity in testing these products. Value for money most definitely.
  • Babalwa
    I have been using this toothpaste for 2 weeks now and i can see the difference already. All my problems are gone and my mouth smell problem is also gone. I'm really happy with this Toothpaste.I'm saying because I can feel the deep clean and whitening compared to other toothpastes. I'm recommending to everyone to use Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste regularly. You should feel the difference too and you will love it. You wont have to go to dentist for your oral problems and teeth whitening often, which will also save your money.

    Thank you so much rubybox for sharing the tooth paste to me #tumbsUpToElgydium
  • Tsholofelo
    Awesome - 3 Oct 2017
    Thank you so much for sending me this product, I love the product. my breath is fresh, the product is awesome.
  • Glynnis
    Elgydium - 19 Sep 2017
    Awesome product, I've tried this product for a month and my teeth feels and look great!


Pierre Fabre Oral Care - 45 years of expertise in Europe. The complete pharmaceutical toothpaste range, backed by European scientific expertise to offer you safe and effective daily oral care hygiene solutions. Pierre Fabre Laboratories is an independent research and development laboratory founded in South West of France by pharmacist, Pierre Fabre. For more than 50 years, Pierre Fabre has been developing pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter products and dermo-cosmetics which are distributed all over the world. Pierre Fabre focuses on safety and efficacy, from health to beauty. All products, from pharmaceuticals to beauty products, follow stringent development and manufacturing process.