Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo
Size 250ml
250ml - R49.99 - Available at all leading retailers

Wondering how to repair damaged hair? Many of us know that sometimes hair gets stressed out and damaged over time, in spite of our best efforts. Did you know that with the right treatment for damaged hair, you can restore your hair’s strength against breakage and even make it healthier-looking in the long run? We’ve created a unique formulation to visibly repair and progressively nourish damaged hair with continuous use: Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo.

Nourishes to repair the appearance of damaged hair

Visible repair and progressive nourishment, wash after wash

Hair looks healthy, strong and more beautiful

Helps protect against future damage with continuous use

Suitable for daily use


  • Mbalenhle
    Very Good - 14 Mar 2018
    So i have dry hair and i don't just use any shampoo or conditioner because of my sensitive hair, but this product is the bomb. my hair is so soft and full of life and m y hairline is slowly coming back
  • Angelique
    Soft hair - 14 Mar 2018
    Leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling good. I do however use a drop of anti dandruff shampoo with it because I have a very dry sculp.
  • Michelle
    Dove Shampoo - 14 Mar 2018
    Great product with both shampoo and Con my hair feels softer i really enjoy Dove's products.
  • Monica
    Super soft - 13 Mar 2018
    I had no idea that dove had such a wonderful shampoo. It smells like "holiday" Hee! Hee! I struggle with dry hair and i was really amazed how soft the dove shampoo made my hair feel
  • Magdeline
    Loves my kinky hair - 13 Mar 2018
    Most shampoos leave my kinky hair dry and unlovable. My kinky coils love it, soft and not harsh.
  • Louise
    Dove Shampoo - 9 Mar 2018
    I was pleasantly surprised with this product! It has a soft fragrance that stays with you all day. I wash my hair daily and this shampoo is gentle enough to use everyday. It leaves my hair feeling silky soft and definitely tangles less. The overall condition of my hair has improved!! Thank you rubybox!!
  • Megan
    Dove shampoo - great for curls - 8 Mar 2018
    I really enjoyed this product - I honestly didn't want to but I was sorely mistaken. As a girl with curls I struggle to find light products that allow my natural hair to feel weightless and retain curls. My hair has never felt softer and bouncier. Definitely a keeper
  • Sue
    Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - 7 Mar 2018
    I love the smell of this shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized
  • Tania
    Dove Intensive care Repair shampoo - 7 Mar 2018
    This product works great and makes my hair feel great but only for the 1st day of washing. My hair is very fine so it just becomes limp on day 2 after washing.
  • Zamashandu
    Clean hair, beautiful hair... - 7 Mar 2018
    This is has been super wonderful for my natural hair which is coarse and has a lot of dandruff, it is the best!
  • Nadine
    Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo - 6 Mar 2018
    Dove Nutritive Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo: Product retails at R49.99 - 250ml, and is available from most leading retail outlets. Firstly, there is no better smelling shampoo or conditioner than Dove Shampoos` and Conditioners` on the market in my opinion. This Shampoo really does a good job at cleansing my hair and scalp, when it comes to my thick natural hair (not chemically processed). My hair is left, shiny and soft, but yet conditioned, almost as though its been treated, but yet its only been washed and not yet Conditioned. Your hair will have renewed strength, once you have used this shampoo, and also it will continue to protect your hair, wash after wash. This shampoo is mainly for damaged hair, as we often stress our hair, with external factors, such as sun damage, pollution but also internal factors like heat damage or chemically processed hair. This is a good shampoo when it comes to protecting your hair, for now but also for the future. At R50 for a 250 ml, you shouldn't use too much of this product, but then again you don't need to use a lot of the product to get the job done!
  • Rufaro
    dove - 5 Mar 2018
    i love how this shampoo leaves my hair moisturized. i can get away without a conditioner on a lazy day haha!
  • Maggie
    Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - 5 Mar 2018
    I love the fragrance of this shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and smooth. Thank you Dove for this product
  • Roxanne
    The Dove Solution - 5 Mar 2018
    The Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo is my solution to healthy, shiny hair. It gives me a great clean with only one shampoo and it's so gentle on my thin hair leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Anuscha
    Dove shampoo is the best - 28 Feb 2018
    It lathers up really nicely and I can feel a difference in my hair after washing it, this stuff is AMAZING! Thank you!
  • Kim
    Cannot get enough of this shampoo - 28 Feb 2018
    Started using the dove shampoo last week Tuesday (20 February). The shampoo left my hair feel light and silky. I love the scent the shampoo has. Definitely sticking with this one.
  • Thabile
    Dove Shampoo - 28 Feb 2018
    OMG! i never felt in love with the product like this before, Dove shampoo it creamy, softer and smells good. it the way to go, i will definitely recommend it to everyone that i know.
  • Theodora
    #Dove7DayTest - 27 Feb 2018
    So I took off my weave. Combed my hair and went to sleep... I remembered I was nominated for the #Dove7DayTest. Without hesitation, I shampooed my hair with the Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo - let my pictures tell the rest of the story.
  • Angelique
    better hair care - 27 Feb 2018
    Since my baby its been hard to take care of my hair, but with Dove repair its been so easy to maintain my hair. I love the shine and smell it leave on my hair.
  • Nicole
    Dove Shampoo - 26 Feb 2018
    the shampoo smells great but its not suitable for my hair type as it feels knotted and dry after using. however when i use the treatments and conditioner from Dove they work wonders. no offense to dove but the shamppo doesnt work well on curly hair , just being honest
  • Charles
    Dove Repair Shampoo - 25 Feb 2018
    I really love the shampoo,it has that everlasting smell and it leaves your hair clean and glowing. I really love it. Thank you dove for an amazing product.
  • Senzeni
    Dove Repair Shampoo - 25 Feb 2018
    Dove products are simple the best. I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner. They have a great smell and leave my hair looking amazingly soft shiny and beautiful.
  • Tapiwa
    Dove Repair Shampoo - 25 Feb 2018
    I've always loved Dove products. The shampoo and conditioner smell divine and makes my hair amazingly soft shiny and beautiful.
  • Shameera
    Silky soft feel - 25 Feb 2018
    This Dove repair shampoo works wonders! I started using this product four days ago and I can already see the difference in my hair. My hair now feels silky and soft after every use. This product makes my hair look and feel fresh for long. I will recommend this product and definitely buy this once I've finished my bottle.
  • Melanie
    Miracle worker - 24 Feb 2018
    I was first sceptic on whether this product was just gonna be another shampoo promising outsandig results, but would say they surpassed their expectations. As i was washing my hair i could feel the difference that it was doing something other shampoos don’t. Very happy with the results i got
  • Zoleka
    Great - 24 Feb 2018
    Thank you for letting me and my friends try this product. It is great, my hair is on the damaged end and I see improvement as I started using the shampoo conditioner combo. I am loving the creamy texture and scent. So far so good
  • bianca
    Shampoo - 23 Feb 2018
    Thankyou Ruby ive received all 10 products ive given to al 9 of my family members as well as to my friends to test and review. Ive always loved DOVE products and this Shampoo will always stay my number one!!! this product leaves a shininess, and my hair is so so soft. Il definitely keep on buying this.
  • Dani
    Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo :) - 23 Feb 2018
    This shampoo is so lovely! :)

    The smell is really clean and fresh! Lasting a few days on my hair, unlike other products whose fragrances disappear quite quickly :)

    The consistency is nice and creamy and a bit runnier than usual, so you only need a small amount which should help it to last longer :)

    After the first wash I could feel a difference in my hair as it felt softer and less frizzy - I am loving the results - Soft, fresh, clean, healthy hair!

    I would definitely repurchase this product as my hair needs it :)
  • Mariska
    good shampoo - 23 Feb 2018
    If you looking for a good shampoo that doesn't weigh your hair down and make it shiny , this is the one.
    affordable good quality shampoo
  • Portia
    Strong - 23 Feb 2018
    My hair is the strongest it's ever been, it's not falling out as much as it used to,and I can change styles without worrying about damaging it.
  • Nathasha
    Dove Shampoo - 22 Feb 2018
    This is wonderful. You hair shines and looks more healthy. Super soft to the touch.
  • Tebogo
    Tebogo - 21 Feb 2018
    My hair is soft and clean without stripping out the moisture
  • Nondumiso
    Impressed - 21 Feb 2018
    I got this shampoo from a friend of mine with other dove products that were deliverd to her at work as a sample,which were mind blowing as well. I really loved the shampoo,it has that everlasting smell and it leaves your hair clean and glowing. I honestly love it .i will continue buying it. I REALLY LOVED IT.
  • candice
    Dove - 21 Feb 2018
    Love this shampoo. makes my hair feel and look so healthy and shiny
  • Siwapiwe
    Love love love - 21 Feb 2018
    Great smell, not too strong, just subtle enough, doesn't dry out my hair. love it
  • Amery
    Dove Shampoo - 21 Feb 2018
    It doesnt dry out my hair and it really deep cleans. Im totally in love with it.
  • Canax
    Dove Nutritive Solutions Repair Shampoo - 21 Feb 2018
    i love this shampoo, makes your hair soft and looks healthy!!!
  • Bernice
    Love Dove - 19 Feb 2018
    I absolutely love Dove products. But especially the shampoo and conditioner range. It makes my hair feel amazingly soft shiny and beautiful. I also love the smell. You can feel the quality. I love dove.
  • Lindi
    SOUNDS AMAZING - 19 Feb 2018
    After using the above, not only on my hair but my kids as well, I can honestly say it was more than what i expected.. I am truly amazed..
  • Amanda
    Smells beautiful - 19 Feb 2018
    the product smells beautiful and makes hair feel soft. even though its really not for my hair type it worked
  • Chiedza-Adelaide
    Still new - 19 Feb 2018
    Hey! I received my shampoo from a friend and i have only used it once but it seems to have so much potential. The scent was lovely..However i would need to use again to give aproper review. So far so good though
  • Takudzwa Tinashe
    loved it! - 19 Feb 2018
    This shampoo smells great for starters! Dove never disappoints. I used the shampoo just once when i received the goodies and i am yet to try a second time and be able to give more and better feedback! But so far so good!
  • Kelly
    happy hair - 19 Feb 2018
    i am loving this. hair is soft and silky. no need to double wash any longer.
    Dove, i am excited for your range
  • Cherisse
    Soft and silky - 19 Feb 2018
    My hair is left soft and silky when I wash my hair with the Amazing Dove Shampoo. Constantly get compliments on how good my hair smells too.
  • Umber
    Dove Shampoo - 19 Feb 2018
    Most shampoos ive used in the past have left my hair dry and brittle. But Dove nourishes it and leaves it so smooth and thoroughly clean. I've definitely found the product for my hair type.
  • Kinola
    Amazing stuff - 16 Feb 2018
    My hair looks, smells and feels amazing when I use this product
  • Aysha
    magic in a bottle - 15 Feb 2018
    i usually wash my hair twice but when i use this product i only use it once i recommend this to anyone, it also leaves you hair smelling fresh


Where they’ve come from
Dove has been at the forefront of research and breakthrough technologies since its inception in 1957. It all started with the launch of the Dove Beauty Bar, which revolutionised the way women cared for their skin by providing the first nourishing alternative to soaps, which are known to dry and strip the skin.

Where they’re going to
Extending their range beyond Dove Beauty Bars, their now extensive range of toiletries are all designed to help women take care of their precious bodies.