Pastellicious in Marine Dream
Hair Texture Coarse, Fine, Medium, Very Coarse

The Invisibobble Pastellicious limited edition range, a pack of three traceless hair rings in Marine Dream.


It holds and secures your hair without leaving kinks, causing headaches and split ends.


The tiny hairband feels completely weightless.


The fact that the Invisibobble made it through a day at the office and a Crossfit class (without us having to re-tie) makes this our new ponytail (and gym bag) essential.


  • Genevieve
    Invisimazing!! - 18 Jan 2017
    So I had really long hair when I first tried it, I had headaches due to the weight of my ponytail and how it pulled. So I decided to try out invisibobbie. This was 2013. Its 2017 and I still have my invibobbie. I lost the other two
  • Jenna
    Stunning product - 14 Nov 2016
    I use it to tie up my hair in a bun and pony tail. I must say it works really well. It keeps my hair up without the band slipping or making an indent when I take it out. I does stretch a bit after multiple uses but this is solved by placing it into hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes. It then returns to normal size. Leave it to cool down then you can use it again and it is as good as new. I highly recommend this to all ladies who are currently using other bands.
  • Karen
    Fantastic product - 17 Oct 2016
    This is one of a few fasteners that work for my hair. However, it seems they are really invisible as I lost them all in places where they logically can not be lost.
  • Tasmyn
    Finally no bump! - 17 Sep 2016
    I love straightening my hair but was always so hesitant to tie it up because I always ended up with that awful bump in my hair. This product has changed the game and now I use it exclusively♡ all my other hair ties are gone and this is my go to on a daily basis

  • Megan
    Love - 5 Aug 2016
    Ever since I purchased my invisibobble, I have not stopped using it. I threw away all my other bobbles as this is the only one that does not damage my hair and holds all my hair.
  • Kendra
    So awesome! - 20 Mar 2015
    Not only is it cute, it's so comfortable to wear. It doesn't pull my hair at all. Just what I need
  • Bedine
    Invisibobble Pastellicious in Marine Dream - 19 Mar 2015
    These work really well for curly hair as the thick curls keep it in your hair. Marine Dream is a nice colour - looking at buying this one next.
  • Siobhan
    These are great! - 5 Feb 2015
    These are really such great hair ties, and while you can't pull it tight if you don't want it to leave dents in your hair, it really is so good at holding the hair without pulling it.
  • kay-lee
    :) - 28 Jan 2015
    im still a little unsure about using this it feels weird in my hair , not as tight and sturdy as a normal hair elastic I keep worrying that its going to fall out
  • Tania
    Awesome colour - 26 Oct 2014
    I like bright and colourful things - and these bands fit right in. They work well but unfortunately they do stretch after some use. Wish they were a little less pricey as well.
  • Christie
    Love this - 4 Oct 2014
    I've bought this product and love it to bits. I gave my daughter one to wear in her hear as well it is all she is wearing. You can not feel it at all. It does not pull the hair and it does not give me any headaches.


Where they’ve come from
Created in Munich, Germany and launched in 2012, the Invisibobble is a traceless hair ring with a telephone-cord-type shape.

The beauty of Invisibobble? No headaches, kinks or movement when you’re wearing it.

Where they’re going
Amongst being found in beauty editor’s bags in a number of cities, it’s also stocked in a variety of shades in 26 countries.