Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water
Size 400ml

We love this new addition to the Garnier Micellar Cleansing range. The latest oil-infused cleansing water is for dry and sensitive skin. This little gem removes even waterproof make-up, while cleansing and nourishing your skin. It can be used on your face, eyes and lips and is hypoallergenic, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

You can purchase this for R89.95 at leading retail stores


  • Tyla
    Im inlove - 16 Jan 2019
    Wearing make up is great, i wear it daily but removing it is a mission, this product makes it effortless and doesnt irritate my skin
  • Luyanda
    I love it - 25 Sep 2018
    I started using this last month, im in love already.
    Cleansing is a breeze.
  • Anina
    Second cleanse - 25 Sep 2018
    I love using this (and the pink one) for a second cleanse. And also after a workout. And I think my face likes it too.
  • Sindiswa
    I LOVE GANIER - 5 Sep 2018
    I love this cleansing water product it removes dirt from my skin especially good for removing make up , i do recommend this product it is tested and very good leaving skin , soft and moisturized and clean.
  • Kamila
    Sqeeky clean - 23 Aug 2018
    I just love this product. I have a very dry skin and also very lazy to take off my make up after a long day, but this product is so easy and effective and effortless. It removes all the make up as well as impurities from your skin leaving your skin silky smooth and mousurised.
  • Jacqueline
    In love - 19 Aug 2018
    It got rid of makeup and cleaned my face. It's get gently also and affordable
  • Tarryn
    Garnier Micellar water - 18 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love its product, it removed a full face of makeup with just one cotton round! i am so impressed! Best part is because of the oil infused it cuts through make up especially waterproof concealer in no time at all and it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight.
  • Mandisa
    The BEst - 16 Aug 2018
    My go to make up remover, my skin is hella fresh....it leaves my skin nourished ..
  • Candy
    My no 1 - 12 Aug 2018
    My to go make up remover, lives skin feeling fresh and soft. I never want to run out of this
  • Mpho
    Miracle Micellar - 2 Aug 2018
    The best Micellar Water you can ever come across, not to mention that it doesn't only cleanse the skin but nourishes it. It removes make-up better than most make-up removers. Garnier nailed it here!! Great thing is there's a Micellar for every skin type; I use this particular one during winter and it works just like magic on my skin. I also love the fact that it's value for money, the 400ml really goes a long way; definitely worth every penny.
  • Arleen
    So lovely - 27 Jul 2018
    I love the white flower fragrance of this product. Smell expensive. Great on my sensitive skin, yet removes my eye make up without any hassle. Will continue to re-purchase.
  • Melitha
    My birthday spoil oil - 12 Jul 2018
    My sister gave me The Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water as part of a birthday present, and boy do I love it! My skin feels refreshing, and not a bit older (haha), in fact it makes my skin feels nourished and young. I love the fact that i don't need to struggle anymore to remove my makeup! I will highly recommend it! My bottle is almost finished - will definitely buy it again.
  • Leshe'
    Cleansing water to glow my face - 1 Jul 2018
    I love this cleansing water product it removes dirt from my skin especially good for removing make up , i do recommend this product it is tested and very good leaving skin , soft and moisturized and clean.
  • Sluleko
    Cleansing water - 15 Jun 2018
    I have never been so in-love with a cleanser! usually im lazy to wipe my make up but since ive been introduced to this i have been ecstatic about cleaning my face with this cleanser. definitely made a mark in my cleaning routine and leaving my skin nourished.
  • Justine
    My go to! - 31 May 2018
    This miscellar water changed my mind on makeup removers! I was always feeling as if my face was left dry and sensitive after using various other makeup removers. However the oil-infused cleansing water changed my mind! My skin is now left feeling soft, clean and hydrated. My favourite! Go Garnier!
  • Vishali
    Effortlessly Clean Skin - 7 May 2018
    I normally use a different product for make up removal however I use other Garnier products such as the charcoal face scrub and Foschini was having a 3 for the price of 2 sale on Garnier products so I decided to give Micellar water a try seeing that I had read about it on Rubybox previously. The product was really good as it removed all make up including my stubborn eye waterproof makeup. The best part is not having to wash it off after so If you have a late night you can just wipe it off as you get into bed. My only issue with this product is it separates immediately in the bottle so you need to shake it between uses or you only get the oil component. Overall good product and I would buy it again.
  • Shariska
    Micellar cleansing water for dry/sensitive skin - oil infused - 28 Apr 2018
    I have extremely dry/sensitive skin, especially in winter. This makeup remover removes your makeup effortlessly, and a little goes a long way, a few drops on a cotton pad removes my entire face, I usually always use a second cotton pad for my eyes to ensure all the mascara is off.
    This is by far the best makeup remover I have come across. I am a makeup artist and have even brought this product for my salon to use on my clients. It doesn’t burn your face whatsoever as I use to get burn rash on my face from the alcohol content in other cleaners. Love this product!
    Highly recommended!
  • Liesel
    Best make up remover - 27 Apr 2018
    Takes off waterproof mascara easily and quickly. Nice fragrance and soft feeling in your skin. Highly recommend it.
  • Tracy
    Your bathroom must-have - 22 Apr 2018
    Probably the best product I have in my bathroom to-date. It is my make-remover saviour! If you wear make-up every day, then this is your best friend. Just give a good shake, add a few drops to your face pad or cotton wool ball, and wipe. Its that easy!
  • Zayaan
    Bye bye makeup - 16 Apr 2018
    This product removes my makeup so easily and effortlessly,I’ve been using it non stop to remove my makeup for the last four months and I love it,if you have dry skin you will definitely appreciate the way the oil makes your skin feel
  • Gizelle
    Great experience - 26 Feb 2018
    Since moving to Johannesburg, my skin feels dry, I have been using Garnier Oil-Infused Cleansing water twice a day for a month and I can feel the benefits. This is a must have beauty item in my house.
  • Jerusha
    Miracle make up remover - 25 Feb 2018
    Trying this product for the first time and I must say that I can't believe how easily my make up is removed using the oil infused cleansing water,my skin feels hydrated and fresh. This product is a definite must have.
  • Siveshnee
    Travel essential - 15 Feb 2018
    I love using miscellar water to remove make up. I find the oil infused one has a very strong scent, and it does agitate my eye. It works very well to remove face make up.I much prefer the pink bottle as I can use it on eyes and face.
    BEST I EVER HAD - 1 Feb 2018
    this micellar oil-infused cleansing water by Garnier is hands down the BEST thing ever. i purchased my bottle a month ago, and i am so amazed by the results. it removes makeup 100% and leave your skin moisturised and soft , and unlike other make up removers this oil-infused cleansing water does not need to be washed off. i use it as a normal make up remover and as a cleanser and it works amazingly. so happy i purchased this gem!
  • Jacinda
    Essential in all makeup kits - 22 Jan 2018
    This is my go to makeup remover. Its affordable and leaves my skin feeling moisturized. Also great for removing waterproof makeup effortlessly.
  • Ayesha
    Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water - 12 Jan 2018
    I absolutely love love love this product.
    I have really oil skin and at times it gets really dry if i have make up on for a long time.
    Since i am using the micellar water to cleanse my face and also to take my make up off.. i have not had dry skin ever..
    Just a few drops on your cotton surely takes out all that dirt from the face. And just doesnt clean your skin. It leaves it soft and moisturized
  • Gugulethu
    Im in love with this product - 23 Nov 2017
    I've always use this product and my face is simply amazing in every way its fine smooth and healthy i won't use anything else....
  • Hannah
    A definite staple in my beauty routine! - 22 Nov 2017
    I absolutely LOVE this product! It's perfect as part of a double cleanse as it's hydrating and removes any make up still left on my face after the first cleanse!
  • Chantal
    MY NEW BEST FRIEND - 21 Nov 2017
    My sensitive skin just LOVES this new product! I've spent a fortune on different facial wipes that don't agree with my skin, but THIS oil-infused cleansing water works like a DREAM! Effective and soothing - also great value.
  • nusheena
    cleansing water - 20 Nov 2017
    So out of all the micellar waters this is my most ultimate favourite , like im not even exaggerating.
    i have dry skin and when i have makeup on my face starts to dry up after a while so i use this water on my beauty sponge when applying foundation it gives me a A silky and dewy finish and helps my makeup last longer during the day i also use it in a mist bottle and i give myslelf a sprits or two every few hours .
    and let talk about the removing of the makeup .... wow it removes so easily and fast it leaves no trace of makeup what so ever i would highly recommend this
  • Lindi
    excellent - 16 Nov 2017
    love that it takes off even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and matte lipstick with one swipe. Only one soaked cotton disk is enough for the whole face.
    It's a make up remover that nourishes the skin.
    When I'm tired, I don't even bother to smear night cream and I still get plump moisturized skin in the morning.
    I already have a 2nd bottle sitting spare.
  • Bianca
    Necessity! - 22 Oct 2017
    I wear a lot of makeup every single day as I am a makeup junkie but I hate removing my makeup. Especially eye makeup as it normalle burns my eyes or only removes half etc...this product has been a life saver removing the toughest makeup products and so quickly to boot. Going to bed wearing makeup is a no no but when you are dead tired...you need quick or nothing and this is all you need without drying out your skin!
  • Zoleka
    Best micellar water - 6 Oct 2017
    I love that it takes off even the most stubborn waterproof mascara and matte lipstick with one swipe. Only one soaked cotton disk is enough for the whole face.
    It's a make up remover that nourishes the skin.
    When I'm tired, I don't even bother to smear night cream and I still get plump moisturized skin in the morning.
    I already have a 2nd bottle sitting spare.
  • Arlene
    Don't think I'll use another makeup remover. This one is lit - 27 Sep 2017
    This product is great. My skin is extremely dry during winter and I'm always on the lookout for cleansing products that deeply moisturises. This makeup remover is oil infused which I love. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. It does a great job at removing my makeup.
  • Casey-Jay
    Best makeup remover for sensitive skin! - 20 Sep 2017
    As a makeup artist I struggle when it comes to makeup removers on different skin types! This makeup remover works on any skin type or any skin condition. Removers even the most stubborn eyeliners and mascaras without damaging the eye! Such a amazing oil based makeup remover. A must have in any professional makeup artist kit. Suitable for sensitive skin and causes no irritation!
  • Michelle
    Love this! - 6 Sep 2017
    I wear contact lenses and have dry sensitive skin. I bought this at clicks, first the pink one then tried this one, very happy with the product especially as a eye make up remover.
  • Raeesa
    Feels so good! - 17 Aug 2017
    I have very sensitive skin but I love my waterproof eyemakeup. This is amazing and removes all my makeup with the smallest effort ever. My skin feels very soft after. I rinse it off because I'm a serial skin washer lol but its good either way.
  • Mercedez
    Micellar Water - 15 Aug 2017
    With more than one option available how do we know what's good for us?

    This is a HUGE NO GO if you have oily skin. By Gosh.

    My skin is so temperamental, it's as dry as a desert in winter and oiler than a KFC kitchen in summer. So naturally I have to buy products to suit my seasonal skin.

    I've always been a huge fan of this brand as they're gentle and so affordable. I bought this particular one when clicks was having a special but sadly it just wasn't the right season. I was an oil patch the whole day and the evening after.

    My skin broke out and just didn't like me. So naturally I shunned the product to the corner and forgot about it's existence.

    I have since used it in winter and it's definitely redeemed itself. I still prefer the pink bottle as it suits my skin all year round which is a lot more cost effective for me but none the less if you don't battle with oily skin then Bob's your uncle!
  • Daff Reighyan
    Great stuff - 13 Aug 2017
    This micellar-oil infused cleansing water from Garnier is really amazing. I discovered this through a good friend of mine, she said its really a great product to remove your make up. And I as a model, makeup artist and makeup enthusiast I immediately went to store and bought one for myself coz this come in handy in my makeup kit and in my vanity when its time to give my face a break after having makeup all day. Guess what!? This micellar-oil infused cleansing water is really a great stuff and the bat thing about this product is its hypoallergenic, so yeah! Its definitely your best friend for life... The first time i used it, i was blown away by how it removes your makeup so easily, even if you are using a waterproof makeup that are so painful in the ass when you remove it, this product is your best friend .. and the most amazing part about it is after you use this product to remove your makeup, it leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and suple..
    trust me when I say its a great stuff. You'll never regret buying yourself one..
  • Elmi
    Awesome Stuff! - 26 Jul 2017
    I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It's super convenient, so I never go to bed with makeup anymore. The bottle I have has lasted a little over 3 months and it's not even halfway finished yet. SUPER value for money!
  • Mikela
    Great Micellar Water!! - 11 Jul 2017
    Fantstic product, works very well to remove makeup and feels hydrating. Although, there is alcohol in the product, making me wonder if it won't dry out my skin if I continue to use it. I also have eczema, so I'm a bit cautious as I was told by the doctors to avoid alcohol in products as far as possible. But I really do enjoy the product.
  • Mazeeda
    Perfect for winter! - 1 Jul 2017
    I'm going super fast through this stuff... great to remove stubborn eye make up and the oil infusion left my skin soft. Really enjoying this!
  • Hassan
    Micellar water - 12 Jun 2017
    I have tried this product recently not so pleased, I have to use a couple of cotton pads to remove makeup not just one, with facial wipes u just use 1 wipe. I don't really see a good difference in my skin since using the product for the past 2weeks.
  • fatima zahraa
    The best makeup remover you will ever find! - 9 Jun 2017
    Garniers miceller oil infused cleansing water is truly the best makeup remover i have ever used. The product smells fantastic and is gentle on the skin. It dissolves makeup of any kind (even waterproof!) and leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated afterwards. This really is a must have product
  • Chante
    micellar cleansing water - 29 May 2017
    I received this from my sister to test, the pink one for sensitive skin, I simply love it as I can remove my make up and clean my face and the best part is that it does not burn my skin at all

    highly recommended product
  • Ashleigh
    Garnier Micellar Oil - Infused Cleansing Water - 25 May 2017
    I normally use a different brand micellar water, but tried the Garnier Micellar Oil - Infused Cleansing Water and absolutely love it. The smell is also amazing, leaves you feeling refreshed.
  • Lilani
    Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water - 11 May 2017
    Was keen to try this as I just used the last of my Micellar Cleansing Water. Found the pink one to be better as I have sensitive/eczema prone skin and this one had a bit of a tingling sensation. Smells lovely though!
  • Shanice
    Love love - 26 Apr 2017
    I love the miclear water it does wonders to my skin love this garnier range
  • Chrizelde
    Awesome product - 23 Apr 2017
    I really like this product, I have very dry sensitive skin, and it works for me!
  • Prudence
    Micellar Cleansing water - 13 Apr 2017
    I have recently purchased this baby and I use it daily. I have a sensitive skin however this has not given me any irritation and it cleanses my skin on days when im lazy to wash off my make up. After a night out(AM'S) I make sure to this this product. This is the best
  • lindette
    AMAZING PRODUCT - 6 Apr 2017
    I have very dry but also very oily skin, constant breakouts. This product removes my make up without harming my skin, my skin feel clean and smooth after use... Will recommend it too anyone
  • Ayesha
    Best micellar water - 5 Apr 2017
    This is the best Micellar water that I have tried. As dry skin is my main concern I found this product to be exactly what I needed. It removes my make up perfectly and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.. It works like magic. Excellent product!
  • serishka
    Garnier micellar oil infused cleansing water - 4 Apr 2017
    This is my favourite makeup remover.this makeup remover is oil infused so if you have dry skin its amazing!! Although its oily its not greasy! Has a scent . Smells like citrus (i am not good in telling scents haha)
    Very afforable R89.90 for 200ml whicj is worth it! Removes stubborn & water proof makeup . Its my holy grail product°

  • Tracey
    Tried and tested - 3 Apr 2017
    I recently bought a bottle of Micellar and it works fabulously....removes all make up with minimal effort and makes your skin feel fab x
  • Janine
    Lazy addict - 26 Mar 2017
    So, I'm really lazy when it comes to doing the whole good face wash after a night out, but I have to say, this product has take my laziness to a whole new level! With zero effort, it removes makeup without the stress of having to wake up with raccoon eyes the next morning (from the mascara and eyeliner) absolutely Love love love!!!
  • Prudence
    Micellar Cleansing water - 15 Mar 2017
    Micellar micrale, I just recently puchased this beauty and i love it. it removes make up, cleanses and refreshes all at once. Price wise its very affordable. Purchased mine at R79.99 and the smaller bottle at R39.99 at clicks.
  • Tanya
    Worth every Rand spent! - 10 Mar 2017
    I haven't used many Garnier products before, but I was specifically looking for an oil-based make-up remover. I bought this one and fell in love with it instantly! It removes stubborn make-up and protects your eyelashes as well!
  • Tatenda
    Micellar oil infused cleansing water - 28 Feb 2017
    I've tried this from a friend multiple times and I'd love a sample.
  • Nastassja
    This is the best best product to remove waterproof eye makeup. i wear liquid eyeliner everyday and this works like magic!
  • Jenna
    AMAZING PRODUCT - 7 Feb 2017
    This is such an amazing product. Honestly i am so inlove with this product.

    I have dry sensitive skin and always struggle to find a toner and makeup remover that leaves my face feeling nice. That was until I found this product! I use this product as my toner and makeup remover and it works amazingly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

    I recommed this product to all the ladies (and men) out there that have dry sensitive skin. This product is an absolute must have!!
    Gainer Oil-infused Micellar water - 1 Feb 2017
    I totally love the Oil-Infused micellar water one of the best I've ever used no reactions what so ever, one thing was that it is for water proof makeup to which the other two were not for so bonus. I have dry skin so sometimes I need that nourishing oil-based cleansers to give my skin some extra moisture. I will admit sometimes I just a little lazy and not in the mood to come from a late night and wash my face I would recommend the Garnier oil-based micellar water to anyone looking a great product to remove stubborn/waterproof makeup. Its a quick and easy product to use all you need are some cotton pads and you done.
  • Encia
    Garnier Oil-Infused Cleansing Water - 23 Jan 2017
    Brilliant facial cleanser infused with oil perfect for my dry and sensitive skin . Keeps my skin nourished and hydrated throughout the day
  • Sandy
    Real value for money - 20 Jan 2017
    I use a double wear make-up which is very hard to come off, before this i would put a lot of oil on my face before using a make up remover. This product removes make up like no other and although my skin is acne prone, the oil in it does not make it break out. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it
  • Gabi
    Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water - 16 Jan 2017
    Best cleansing water I've ever used, doesn't leave a single trace of make up, removes mascara extremely well and easily
  • Annique
    Gentle with power - 13 Jan 2017
    I long thought there has to be a hype with these Micellar Waters until I tried one. I simply fell in love with this product and it is an everyday must have for me. I even bought a back up. I have sensitive skin and eyes and this Oil-Infused water removes make up without irritation.
  • Nosipho
    Love - 11 Jan 2017
    I have sensitive combination skin. I find other makeup removers really harsh and they strip away all the moisture on my skin. I love this product my skin glows afterwards instead of feeling tight and dry. and what a bonus it actually removes my makeup
  • Lourensa
    Micellar Oil-infused - 5 Jan 2017
    With a dry skin and so often exposed to the sun, wind and outdoors elements I will definitely try this product!
  • babs
    New - 4 Jan 2017
    I have a very sensitive skin..I have not seen this product as yet .I would certainly love to give it a try
  • vanessa
    Micellar oil-infused cleansing water - 17 Dec 2016
    I bought this after seeing it here. I was very sceptical but wow, it really does remove make up without burning my eyes and my skin feels great afterwards.
  • Tamsyn
    Excellent makeup remover - 5 Dec 2016
    After using the pink bottle of miscellar water and absolutely loving it, I decided to try this oil based one and compare the results. l usually find it tricky removing waterproof eye make-up with the normal one, but this one proved to be impeccable in doing so. The waterproof make up came off with ease. It's incredibly gentle on your skin, and is such good value for money! I have my pink bottle for nearly 6 months. Thank you, Garnier. X
  • Brendah
    Garnier Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water - 5 Dec 2016
    I have been using Garnier micellar cleansing water since they were introduced in South Africa. I tried the blue one then the pink one, which were great but the oil-infused one is my ultimate favourite. I have repurchased it for the second time now! What a life-saver!
  • Jade
    Micellar Oil-infused cleansing water - 22 Nov 2016
    The oil-infused micellar water is absolutely great at removing waterproof make-up and full coverage make-up. It makes make-up removal simple.
  • Tarka
    Amazing Cleanse - 21 Nov 2016
    The Micellar is an amazing cleanser. It took some getting used to for the fact that it feels oily but it thoroughly cleanses the face and neck area. I actually read some where that oil removes oil and I guess this is why it cleanses the skin so beautifully. Another bonus is it easily removes the make up event the water resistant make up cleanses easily.
  • Aidan
    Garnier Micellar Oil infused - 18 Nov 2016
    Great product. Very effective for removing makeup but does tend to dry out more sensitive skin. Normal Garnier Micellar (pink bottle) works better for drier skins.
  • Cassarica
    Magic in bottle - 16 Nov 2016
    I love the Oil-Infused Micellar Water from Garnier. It helps me get stubborn makeup off easier and leaves my face feeling soft and clean. I also love the fresh fragrance it has.
  • Mpho
    Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water - 15 Nov 2016
    Gentle and effective on my skin. Waterproof mascara comes off easily after a long day. No need to rub or rinse off afterwards.

    Nice size to keep in my gym bag so I can freshen up and remove the day's gunk before my evening workouts.

    My face is left fresh with no dryness or stickiness.

    I love it.
  • Duduwetsang
    Glow baby Glow!! - 10 Nov 2016
    I love how it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized after removing my make-up and it also give me this AMAZING glow!

    This is definitely one of my favorite beauty products!
  • Katherine
    Cleared my dry skin - 8 Nov 2016
    This product clears my skin and moisturizes my dry skin! Definitely worth it !
  • Jani
    Awesome for dry skin - 2 Nov 2016
    I have incredibly dry skin and I love this! The oil really does wonders with not only cleaning, but also moisturising. The only tedious thing i find is having to shake the bottle (to mix water and oil), but it's well worth it. This is also super affordable.
  • Jenna
    Micellar oil-infused cleansing water = absolutely amazing - 8 Oct 2016
    I have extremely dry skin and struggled for a long time to find a toner that doesn't dry my skin out even more after using it.

    That was until a friend recommended the Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused cleansing water. It is amazing. I use it as a makeup remover and a toner. After using it my face feels so nice and hydrated. It doesn't make your skin feel oily at all even though you can see the layer of oil in the bottle.

    I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has dry skin. It is amazing and really works well. It definitely does everything that it says that it does :)
  • Chelsea
    Micellar cleansing water from heaven! - 18 Sep 2016
    Whilst walking through clicks the other day, I found this product on the shelves. Having spotted it on a Beauty blog on instagram, I was eager to try it. Excellently priced considering its 3 in 1 and it literally halved the time of my morning and evening beauty regime. Get up and buy this product now. For various skin types
  • Yolandi
    Brilliant for sensitive, dry skin! - 8 Sep 2016
    I have sensitive, dehydrated skin plus I use Retin-A for pigmentation which makes my skin even more dry. This has been the only product that not only removes my make-up, but also leaves my face with a healthy, dewy glow without the tightness that I usually experience after cleansing. Love, love, love!
  • Suzaan
    New Garnier Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water the best! - 1 Sep 2016
    The newly launched oil-infused micellar cleansing water by Garnier is the best one in the range. I recently realised that my skin is very sensitive although I have a combination to oily skin.
    This product removes make up without drying out my skin at all!
    I have moved the one for Sensitive Skin to my brush cleanser cupboard and will be sticking to the Oil-infused one from now on out!