Micellar Cleansing Water
Size 125ml
Skin Type All skin types, Sensitive

For all these women who want a fast, easy and effective way of removing their makeup, Garnier presents its first Micellar Cleansing Water; the multipurpose cleanser for all areas of the face which is also gentle for all skin types, even sensitive.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water contains micelles which act like magnets, gently lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse. Beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant. The formula is suitable for the face, eye area and lips, has no perfume. Suitable for sensitive skin.


For all these women who want a fast, easy and effective way of removing their makeup, this multi-purpose cleanser for all areas of the face.


  • Zianca
    The magic make-up remover - 19 Jan 2018
    This is legit my favourite product to remove that stubborn mascara and liquid lipstick..... Just apply a bit to a cotton wool pad wipe that make-up away. Apart from this being an excellent make-up remover it is a brilliant facial cleanser that removes those extra oils and dirt off your face . The perks of this specific Micellar Cleansing Water is that it is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin (which means it acully suits my skin )
  • Kim
    What more could a girl need! - 21 Dec 2017
    This product is one of my personal must haves!

    A little goes a long way, all you do is put some on a cotton pad and wipe the day away! I also use it in the morning if I didn't have time to use my toner.

    Leaves you clean but not with that tight feeling like some other cleansers do.

    Real value for money.
  • Raeesa
    Review: Garnier Micellar Water - 20 Dec 2017
    In my opinion, micellar water is one of the best things created since chocolate. It makes removing dirt and impurities so quick and easy. I can do a full deep cleanse without even leaving my bed- that's a major plus! The Garnier Micellar Water is one of my favourites for multiple reasons. Firstly, it's insanely affordable- one bottle lasts me months (no exaggeration). Secondly, it removes almost everything from my face. I can see and feel the difference in my skin when I use this. It also removes the need to deep cleanse every day. These can be purchased from Clicks or Dischem.
  • Charles
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 27 Nov 2017
    I got this product from a friend who received the box. I wear makeup every single day and so taking it off can become a headache and cause damage to my skin. I use this product every night to remove my makeup. I absolutely love this product and recommend it to any age group that wants to remove their makeup without causing damage to skin because of using products that can be harsh to the skin
  • Tendai
    Impressed - 21 Nov 2017
    No heavy deodorants and does everything you expect from a make-up remover. Another great product form Garnier
  • nusheena
    clean skin - 20 Nov 2017
    Okay so ive used so many cleansing waters but this right here has definitely caught caught my heart and skin by surprise.
    It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and with no trace of any makeup , gentle on my face and definitely does not try out my skin.
    thsi product is really affordable i highly recommend this product .
  • Sybil
    Good Product - 20 Nov 2017
    I have always been struggling with makeup removal. The Micellar Cleansing Water is absolute magic. Works like a charms and smells great!
  • Muslima Mohamed
    Impressed - 15 Nov 2017
    This works so perfectly when you come home after work, an outing party etc.. When you can barely even move.. Removes all the make up and impurities with the cotton almost instantly..
  • Toni
    Yasssss - 14 Nov 2017
    I wear makeup every single day to work, so taking it off can become a headace and cause damadge to my skin. I use this product every night to remove my makeup and only need 3 cotton pads. 1 for each eye and 1 for my face. I would recommend this product, not only to teenage young ladies/men wearing makeup but any age group that wants to remove their makeup properly!
  • Bianca
    Must have. - 22 Oct 2017
    This is my summer go to makeup remover and skin refresher. I use the oil infused one as well but suring summer I prefer this one. Even when I am not wearing makeup but spent all day in the sun all sweaty and greasy, I still like to come home and just give my face a wipe to freshen up. And I promise you, makeup or not, there will be gunk on your cotton pad because it is that great at cleaning your skin!
  • Kristen
    Love this! - 20 Oct 2017
    I’ve literally only used this cleansing water for my eyes & it really works! Super quick, melts away that hard to remove eyeliner & mascara. I definitely give it a 9/10. It’s easy to use, on the go size & smells fresh & clean. The only thing I’d change is the cap, I sometimes struggle to get enough or get too much of the product on cotton wool, so a plunging or spray cap would be perfect!
  • Jen
    My ride or die cleansing product - 17 Oct 2017
    I swear by this product. As a beauty vlogger i spend a lot of time with makeup on and sometimes do multiple makeup looks a day. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is gentle on the face and gets makeup off really easily.
  • Dannielle
    Best cleanser and remover - 3 Oct 2017
    I was a bit skeptical about the price when I first saw the product but it's definitely worth a buy. As a aspiring beautician, I have gone through sever makeup removers and this product is the only one that truly works perfectly without a doubt.
  • Aerin
    Lazy-girls fountain of hope - 2 Oct 2017
    Although I wouldn't say I'm mind-blown I definitely believe in this great value for money, can't say it for sure keeps my skin clear but it does help keep it clean I would just suggest using a toner afterwards for excess makeup, dirt etc.
  • Kayleigh
    The best!! - 29 Sep 2017
    I love this product! and being a makeup artist like myself, I use it on myself and my clients, and we all love this product, it doesn't only remove the excess makeup but it cleanses the skin too! and its very affordable, which is a bonus.
  • Celeste
    Best Makeup remover I've used - 12 Sep 2017
    I really love this product. Its affordable and effective. I would recommend it to anyone
    Garnier MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER - 31 Aug 2017
    Im loving this product takes off my makeup easily and not messy at all.Leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, i would recommend it for all make up users.
  • Ashmika
    Must have! - 28 Aug 2017
    Absolutely love this product. I use it everyday and it's really affordable. It's very effective and this 400ml bottle lasts me atleast 4 months. Just soak your cotton pads and you're ready to go.. This has to be my favourite buy!
  • anisa
    Amazing - 28 Aug 2017
    This product is amazing. It keeps ur skin so clean and fresh. No hassle to remove your make. Love it
  • Nicky
    I use this every day! - 25 Aug 2017
    Love this product. It is gentle on the skin and 1 bottle last for ages so very economical. I use it every day!
  • Tasneem
    Cleanser - 17 Aug 2017
    My favourite make up remover expecially for my eye area which is sensitive. This does not irritate it yet removes eye make well. I normally soak cotton wool with it and then leave it on my eye for like a minute and wipe away. Works very well. However it leaves almost like a film on my face so I cannot use this without washing my face afterwords which means I cannot use it on lazy days.
  • Gabriella
    One Micellar, always Micellar - 16 Aug 2017
    I absolutely love this product. A make up artist told me about this product a couple of years back, and I've used it ever since. Your skin feels perfectly clean and fresh after removing your make up with this product. Other products (make up wipes, specifically), left me with the feeling of still having to wash my face over again still after removing my make up. It's great, lasts long, and great value!
  • Mercedez
    Micellar Water - 15 Aug 2017
    This little guy is my HOLY GRAIL

    Winter? Dry skin? It got me
    Summer? Oil slick? It got me.

    No matter my skins mood this bad boy has my back. Cost effective and so gentle.

    I cannot CANNOT recommend this enough
  • Marc
    Affordable And Gentle - 10 Aug 2017
    Micellar water can have a heft pricetag. Not this one! Its so easy and quick to use, cutting my morning routine in half. After moisturizer my skin glows now. Love it
  • Keri-Lee
    Super convenient and effective - 12 Jul 2017
    Budget friendly, lasts forever, and works really well. I can be a bit lazy with skincare so this is really convenient and effective!
  • Sindi
    Great facial cleanser and facial all rounder! - 23 Jun 2017
    recently bought this to try it out and I must say that this is now part of my daily facial routine.
    It works great as a cleanser and doesn't leave you feeling dry and out. It also works as a great makeup remover and toner which is perfect for those days when you want to look like a star but don't wan't the effort that comes in with removing makeup. It really is a great facial all rounder, I absolutely love it!
  • Fazlin
    OMICELLAR!!! - 15 Jun 2017
    I first heard about the Garnier Micellar water from a very good make up and style blogger. I was amazed to see how affordable it was. I got the small travel size bottle as I don't wear make up as often as I'd like. But when I do, boy does it work like dynamite. It was my first try at a liquid remover and I have to admit that I do not regret my purchase at ALL!!!
    Micellar water? More like Miracle water from the Make up God's
  • Tylah
    Like a bomb! - 14 Jun 2017
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water works like a bomb! Those night's when removing makeup seems like the most impossible task at hand, all you do is apply some Micellar Cleaning Water onto a cotton pad, and swipe it across your face. It removes all the contents on your face, while moisturizing your face at the same time. Leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. A little goes a long way with this product. Your skin feels hydrated after you've removed your makeup. It all happens in one simple step.
  • Julie
    Love It - 1 Jun 2017
    I Received a sample of this product from my sister on Home Tester Club, I absolutely love Garnier and will definitely purchase this in the future :)
  • K Roselin
    Cleanest Feel - 30 May 2017
    Tried this for the first time and my face never felt cleaner. Amazing
  • Amber
    Garnier Micellar Water - 23 May 2017
    I heard about this product through my grandmother. A lady who is all about completing difficult tasks the simple and uncomplicated way.

    My main struggle when removing make up was my mascara and eyeliner. I use waterproof eye make up only, and this is great for long days, but unsatisfying for removal. The micellar water made make up removing so much easier for me.

    I did not have high expectations at first. I always thought that it would take some serious chemicals to remove waterproof make up, and the product looked very mild. It's quality outweighs its appearance. I'm very pleased with this product.
  • Shawnee
    AMAZING! - 22 May 2017
    I have never used Micellar water or liquid make-up remover before I decided to give Garnier a try!

    I've always been a make-up wipes type of girl, until I tried Garnier's Micellar Water. I purchased the 500ml bottle, which lasts longer than a month, I use it with two cotton pads, one for my eyes and one for the rest of my face.

    It's affordable and comes in a pretty, clear squeeze bottle.

    If you ever decide to venture out and use a liquid make-up remover, this is the one to start with!

    Happy make-up removing!

    P.S It's great for cleaning your make-up brushes as well!

    -Shawnee - The Crown Slipz ZA
  • Jessica
    Excellent ! - 15 May 2017
    Removes make up in seconds and cleanses skin ! I always use this production and what's great is that it comes in a small travel size as well as a big bottle to keep at home.
  • Lilani
    Love this Make-Up Remover - 11 May 2017
    Great product! I got my mom and sister to buy it too and they absolutely love it. :-)
  • Nolene
    make up remover - 25 Apr 2017
    very nice cleanser, i use it all the time, perfect fro removing makeup and refreshing the face
  • Rishqah
    Garnier micellar cleanse - 24 Apr 2017
    I have been using this product for a while now to remove my make up. Removes make up well and makes my face feel fresh . Great product . Comes in travellers size so when you travel you can throw it in ur make up bag .
  • Seshni
    Lasts forever! Plus it's gentle on your skin - 5 Apr 2017
    This product was recommended to me by the blogger @burgundybeautyza - I'm not a garnier person and had bad experiences in the past. It is now definitely safe to say what a lovely product this is. It's gentle on sensitive skin, wipes off all your makeup properly and could probably last a lifetime if you use it sparingly ;)
  • Nomalla
    Love this product - 1 Apr 2017
    Being using this product for a while now. I have sensitive skin and usually other. Make up remover burn my skin. The product is awesome and it helps that it's comes in a 400ml which means its lasts longer.
  • Catherine
    Micellar "Miracle" Cleansing Water - 30 Mar 2017
    I can't believe I have only caught on to the miracle of Micellar Cleansing Water now! It must be the most effective cleanser that I've ever used.
    I love how it removes both makeup and stubborn eye makeup so effortlessy, feeling like every impurity has been removed. My skin looks and feels so clean and vibrant since I've been using the Micellar Cleansing Water... and it lasts forever!! Honestly the best cleanser out there, in my opinion :)
  • Amy
    A beauty staple - 6 Mar 2017
    I cannot live without this product. I use it every single day
  • Moeneeba
    My thought on ganier - 1 Mar 2017
    So I thought I would do a mini review and hack after I have tried and tested the #GarnierMicellarCleansingWater and I can honestly say it has no bounds and all the hype about it is well deserved, It removes all traces of makeup without much rubbing needed and really is super sensitive around the eyes and trust me this is a big deal for me especially if you are a contact wearer you would understand,one other thing I have noticed people saying it burns there eyes when removing eye makeup or some 3D mascara this is most likely only possible because of your actual eye makeup entering your eyes and not the cleansing water so just be extra careful ladies
    Brialliant product - 17 Feb 2017
    This product removes makeup so easily it such a pleasure to have a product that does not burn or is harsh on sensitive skin. It removes all the dirt and leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed.
  • Philippa
    Not too shabby - 14 Feb 2017
    I quite like this. I have super dry, super allergic skin (excema anyone?)... and use this to remove my makeup. It takes everything off without much effort at all - for which I am immensely grateful. I do need to put cream on almost immediately afterwards (did I mention the dry skin), but that happens to me with pretty much anything I use on my skin. I do like how easily it removes everything though.
  • Jenna
    Not good for sensitive skin - 17 Jan 2017
    I have very sensitive and dry skin. When using this I found that it dried out my skin and left it tingling and burning at times. My mother uses this product and absolutely loves it. Her skin is very oily/combination and is not very sensitive
  • Thando
    My Best Product - 11 Jan 2017
    This has to be the best product around. previously my skin has broken out into this heavy rash and skin was peeling so having sensitive skin is not easy. I got recommended this product and I must say I was very happy with the results. on the first day when I used it I started seeing results and I was happy and the dead skin on my faces started shedding away and I was left with soft beautiful skin. I won't stop using it and it come highly recommended so try it you will be satisfied with the results
  • babs
    Best Product - 9 Jan 2017
    Best product ever. I suffer from a very sensitive skin and ever since using this product my skin has improved drastically . I love it and would recommend it
  • Nabeelah
    I've always used Garnier products and they never failed to deliver. They have really out done themselves with the Micellar Water, it's one of my absolute favorite products!

    I've always suffered with other makeup removers, they either left my skin dry and stripped of its natural oils or burning horribly after. When I heard that there was a new product on the block, I new I had to try it!

    I was highly impressed. Never has my makeup come off so smooth and swiftly, EVEN my eye makeup! And that was a great plus! My skin looked healthy and moisturized after and did not burn like it usually does.

    There is definitely no excuse to sleep with makeup on anymore! You have to get this product and see the magic for yourself.
  • Tamsyn
    Miscellar Water is perfect for sensitive skin. - 5 Dec 2016
    For years I have struggled to find an effective make up remover that does not burn or irritate my skin. After trying this miscellar water, i fell inlove and cannot go a day without it! Not only does it remove make up effectively, it also cleanses your skin leaving in feeling fresh and moisturised! This is definitely a must-have product!
  • Gail
    Clean - 29 Nov 2016
    Clean is the way Micellar water makes me feel. Finally a product that does exactly what is says. I can honestly say I am love with this Micellar water.
    I have caught my two girls ( 11 and 15) using my Micellar and they also love it. It does not burn or irritate the skin.
    My eldest has slight eczema and her skin is very sensitive. So instead of toner we use Micellar water as it is gentle on the skin and eyes.
    I can’t believe the way it really cleans my make up off, especially the eyeliner and mascara. I also noticed that there is another Oil infused Micellar available in shops and can’t wait to try that one as well.
    Great product!!!
  • Marie
    Garnier Micellar Water - 23 Nov 2016
    I always struggle to find just a nice makeup remover before i use my Nimue products... I saw a friend with very sensitive skin use this and decided to give it a try... and how happy am i that i did. Its really amazing it does not burn my eyes like my previous once, it does not feel stick or leave a film on ur skin afterwards. U don't even have to use water to wash it off. And it goes a long way. So my new favorite makeup remover.. YAAAAAY
  • Lee-ann
    Garnier Micellar Water - 22 Nov 2016
    The garnier micellar water is my new favorite product to use to remove my makeup. It gets off all the stubborn mascara off your eyes all the makeup that a makeup wipe left behind! this product leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed!
  • Nadine
    I love Garnier Micellar Water - 22 Nov 2016
    After finishing my pure active micellar cleansing water i decided to try out this one. I love them both equally. Does a great job removing my makeup, especially the dreaded waterproof mascara. It also makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. I already recommend this to everyone.
  • Phinell
    So easy... - 22 Nov 2016
    After seeing the reviews I just had to go buy it in the stores. So easy to remove make up after the late nights and let you feel refreshed when you go to bed. Not sticky or oily and lasts me forever...
  • Phinell
    So easy... - 22 Nov 2016
    After seeing the reviews I just had to go buy it in the stores. So easy to remove make up after the late nights and let you feel refreshed when you go to bed. Not sticky or oily and lasts me forever...
  • Keorapetse
    It does a good job but... - 21 Nov 2016
    It removes makeup and dirt very well in a short period of time without one having to be harsh on their skin...but it does take more effort to remove mascara.
    It is totally worth every penny though
    REFRESHINING - 18 Nov 2016
  • Aidan
    Micellar pink - 18 Nov 2016
    Absolute favourite! I have been using the same range from Bioderma for many years but the price was always an issue. This product is by far the best bang for your buck. It leaves the skin soft and rejuvenated. I use it everyday. A definite thumbs up.
  • Monique
    Easy and Fresh! - 18 Nov 2016
    I love this product. It is so easy to use and face looks fresh thereafter. It removes the makeup easily and the best part you don't feel any burn.

    Great product.
  • Mandy
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 17 Nov 2016
    Garnier products make my face break out. After using it twice my face broke out in pimples, then I stopped and it went back to normal. Same with the BB cream. I have come to realise I cannot use Garnier products unfortunately
  • Cassandra
    Different Formula? - 1 Nov 2016
    So, being a makeup artist, makeup removers are a constant product we are after!

    I used to be obsessed with this product, when it came out, I was all over looking for it! I tried it and it was amazing! It was gentle on my skin, very effective and it didn't even burn my eyes!

    But, as amazing as it was. I bought a new one last month and I am sure the formula has changed because I battle to remove my makeup, it feels like it's just normal water. So, I will not be repurchasing this product but I will be going for the Garnier Cleasing Milk! AMazing!
  • Anelle
    One of the origional - 1 Nov 2016
    Garnier was one of the first brand to bring out a cleansing water, it is just like a toner but doesn't dry out your skin. perfect for makeup removal.
  • Rebecca
    totally worth the cost - 26 Oct 2016
    I switched over to the Garnier Micellar cleansing water after the facial wipes I used started to cause an irritation. It's such a high quality skincare product, although some may say it's expensive. It's gentle on the skin, and my sensitive skin has yet to break out over it!
  • Juanita
    Garner Micellar Cleansing water - if not, why not - 17 Oct 2016
    I’m usually not the girl who tries out every product because I see other influencers using them however this time was different. Garnier’s Cleansing water kept popping up on my Instagram feed and I figured I would give it a try. For someone who has sensitive skin, allergies and eczema I am the biggest sceptic out there when it comes to beauty products but this product did the trick. My skin wasn’t negatively affected for once and it was great for cleansing my face and removing (excess) make-up at any given time of the day. For some it may seem pricey, but it’s well worth it as it truly lasted as long as they advised it would and my skin has never looked as great as it does now.
  • ntando
    my everything in a bottle - 13 Oct 2016
    From my lips my eyelids mascara to my entire make-up smoothly removed leaving my skin nourished i use it as a toner aswell,love the fact that it got many uses in just 1 simple bottle.i love it.
  • saleha
    re: Great for Sensitive Skin - 12 Oct 2016
    This product is excellent as a make up remover for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. I would purchase again however the high price would be my only deterrent.
  • F
    Best Ever - 12 Oct 2016
    Wow i have very sensitive skin and i completely love this Miscellar water. The way it removes my makeup hassle free and i dnt need to use seperate cleansers :-)
  • sandy
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 7 Oct 2016
    I suffer with rosacea on my face and I found using this product to remove my makeup and to generally clean my face is really mild and has a soothing and gentle effect, I'll recommend it anytime
  • Lisa
    Love it!!! - 7 Oct 2016
    I recently purchased this in USA and totally fell in love with it as it took my makeup off like a breeze. Was so easy to use on cotton pad and one wipe and off it was. Best purchase for any beauty lover.
  • Carey
    Incredible! - 6 Oct 2016
    I used to use the Bioderma product that is practically identical... Other than the fact that it's more than DOUBLE the price! I'm over the moon after buying this product!
  • Allegra Chloe
    TOTES worth it! - 2 Oct 2016
    Greater value for money. Made my skin feel soft after use. Easy to use, makeup is removed easily, especially gel eyeliner, which is harder to remove.
  • Hannah-Marié
    LIQUID GOLD - 26 Sep 2016
    I have never been more satisfied with a makeup remover. Very gentle on the skin and effectively removes all my makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Has lasted me months and I use it daily so very good value.
  • Liska
    So so - 23 Sep 2016
    I liked it at first because it removed everything without leaving residue from the product itself but I started getting little pimples on my face. I do, however, have sensitive skin so it could be overuse.
  • Melissa
    Absolute Necessity! - 20 Sep 2016
    I absolutely LOVE Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water! Can't imagine my daily routine without it!!
  • Cheval
    Love this product - 14 Sep 2016
    Love using this product. Absolutely gentle on my skin and great for everyday use.
  • Cheval
    Love this product - 14 Sep 2016
    Love using this product. Absolutely gentle on my skin and great for everyday use.
  • Rashida
    totally love this product - 13 Sep 2016
    Its the new thing for me. I used to use another brand of make up remover and when I tried garnier cleansing water, I never turned back. Makes my skin feel amazing.
  • zeenath
    Love this product - 8 Sep 2016
    I simply love this product as I had the oportunity with a few of my friends to try out this product for free from hometester and its simply awesome no side effects nothing and so smooth on my skin and since then we've been encouraging everyone to get this product
  • tamara
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 28 Aug 2016
    I have used other makeup removers. And by this is the best. My makeup comes off easily and with little effort. It leaves my face feeling to beautiful & soft. I absolutely love it!!!!
  • Micaela
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 17 Aug 2016
    This is just great on my skin and removes all my daily make up. I absolutely love it. Check out a detailed review on my blog ☺
  • Lee-Andra
    so impressed - 16 Aug 2016
    I am blown away by this product, really love it. It Removes all make-up not just eyes or lips, it's gentle on the skin so it feels like i'm using water.
  • Mikela
    Great product - 15 Aug 2016
    This takes off any makeup effortlessly, and leaves my face feeling hydrated and my skin soft. I have to mention though that it does not smell good at all though.
    Did not burn my eyes at all.
    Very good value for money if you buy the 400ml for R80.
  • Jaymi
    My all time favourite! - 13 Aug 2016
    I am absolutely in love with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, it's perfect for sensitive skin. I am able to get right up into my eyes to remove ALL my make up. And it's great after a long day because it removes make up really quickly. I like the feel on my skin, it isn't tacky and sticky. It really has done wonders for my skin. The best part about this product is that it really lasts a long time! A little goes a really long way so you definitely getting your money worth.
  • Geraldene
    LIGHT BUT POWERFUL - 7 Aug 2016
    I just started using this product & I love it! So light and refreshing on the skin, yet powerful cleanser. The best part is that it does not burn your eyes at all if you clean your eyes. A definite must for any MOM who often has to clean their young daughters make-up face after recitals, dance concert etc
  • Sandra
    LOVE - 28 Jul 2016
    I am really enjoying this product, after seeing it being used by one of my favourite You Tube bloggers I decided to give it a try. It is so gentle on my face and not oily at all. I don't like to use the oily make up removers. I also use it to clean my make up brushes, it is so gentle and removes dirt easily. I LOVE it
  • Susana
    fresh face - 27 Jul 2016
    The easiest and quickest way to remove makeup!! I love this amazing product it removes makeup so easily and it's totally worth the money as it lasts forever!
  • Carmen
    Love it - 24 Jul 2016
    Cleans off all my make up and leaves my skin soft. Also one bottle lasts several months. A winner.
  • Amy
    Micellar -- More like Magical - 22 Jul 2016
    This micellar water is so brilliant for multiple reasons.

    1) Put a little bit of this on a cotton disk and make-up comes off so so easily.
    2) Got some of it in your eye? It doesn't hurt at all, it has such a mild formula that you'll blink a few times and you'll be golden.
    3) Sometimes I just use it to dab on my face if it's looking red, or I have a zit and it really cools the skin and calms it down.
    4) If I'm struggling to clean a beauty blender, I fill a little tupperware container with the micellar water and leave it to soak for a bit -- nothing gets my blushes and beauty blenders clean like the Garnier Micellar Water.
    5) It's much cheaper than the Bioderma equivalent and does a stellar job.

    I've just bought my fourth bottle.
  • Lenchen
    Easy Peasy - 21 Jul 2016
    Love how quick and easy this is to use. Takes the makeup off with just one wipe. Love it
  • razaan
    Garnier Micellar Water - 20 Jul 2016
    I'm uber lazy when it comes to removing my make-up as in i would at times sleep with it on but since using this product i don't find that routine existing any longer.So this is to me the best make-up remover ever known to exist. Yes its that GOOD!
  • Nazliyah
    love love love - 11 Jul 2016
    removes my make-up without a trace without stripping my skin and making it feel tight.
  • Tenisha
    Beauty miracle - 5 Jul 2016
    The garnier micellar water is a gift from above. I have been using it since March and my skin has never looked better. It makes taking of my makeup such an easy more panda eyes!
  • Candice
    Garnier - 2 Jul 2016
    Love travelling with this baby. Removes waterproof mascara without the panda look. Quick and easily removes all traces of Make up without stripping out moisture. My skin feels squeaky clean without any irritation. Another plus is this baby won't break the bank-super cheap. Excellent value for money.
  • Zaakirah
    My genie in a bottle - 7 Jun 2016
    Trying this product after using a product like the Bioderma Michelle solution, I expected a product that removed make up but not effectively. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The micellar water worked just as well and cost much less (those of you wwho are familiar with both will agree.) It didn't burn on my sensitive skin, did not cause my eyes to become bloodshot after removing waterproof mascara and removed all my makeup, even matte liquid lipstick and eyeliner. It required a little more product than with the Bioderma one, but for the price, I think it's still cost effective. If you have sensitive skin and have a low budget, give it a try.
  • Rachelle
    Best makeup remover! - 4 Jun 2016
    I have a terrible skin to deal with in terms of sensitivity. If I use the wrong product m skin becomes dry, I get an allergic reaction or my eczema breaks out. This led me to give up on finding a decent make up remover a long time ago and since giving up I have settled for using baby wipes (which doesn't do a great job removing waterproof products). I have seen this product around but have never been confident enough to for out the money for something I might have to throw away. I took a leap of faith when I saw it in this month's beauty box.

    I am not disappointed and can say that I have FINALLY found a working product. Removes all make-up without any hussle, it doesn't leave my skin dry like other products and doesn't burn spots that are sensitive because of eczema.

    An absolute must-by for those with and without sensitive skin!
  • Carmen
    Miracle in a bottle - 6 May 2016
    I absolutely love this product.
    Returning from South Korea that has so many amazing beauty products, to SA that only now and again gets something to shout about was difficult. I could not find a make remover that removes my waterproof mascara but also does not sting the life out of my eyes. *Ta-da
    Arrives Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!
    It takes off every little bit of makeup and easily removes my mascara. And my face does not feel tight afterwards at all.
  • Lolita
    Micellar...WOW - 26 Apr 2016
    I simply love this product. It removes make up efficiently and does not burn the eye like other make up removers. It leaves your face feeling refreshed and cleansed. After a late night, this is perfect to remove make up.
  • Kazi
    Easy makeup remover - 21 Apr 2016
    I love this product! Cheap and great quality. Removes make up quick and easy, also those tough matte lippies.

    Doesn't dry it out, leaves skin moisturised yet clean
  • Yolanda
    best product - 15 Apr 2016
    I cannot describe how amazed I am with this product. It removes all makeup so easily and leaves the skin feeling amazing. This is a must have for any lady.
  • Bridget
    great stuff - 13 Apr 2016
    this is a best product so far, I use it every night, lovely I have recommended it to all my friends and they also using it:)
  • Karishma
    A little piece of heaven - 12 Apr 2016
    Absolutely love this product! Removes all traces of make-up from my sensitive skin with zero irritation. I love how gentle it feels on my skin, and at that price tag, what a win!
  • whitney
    Garnier micellar Heaven! - 11 Apr 2016
    Basically this product is a waterless cleanser. You dont have to wet your face beforehand or rinse it after use. I absolutley adore this product. The micellar water takes off all my heavy black eye makeup in a breeze. It also removes lipstick stains on the lips in no time at all. This is now my holy grail cleanser and makeup remover!


    Cost effective small(R32) or big bottle (R79)
    Also for Sensitive skin
    Smells fresh and clean
    Dries matte (which may be a con for some)
    Clear plastic bottle: easy to travel with/handbag
    Has a waterproof variant in the range
    All in one: no water required

    Dries matte (which may be a pro for some)
    I would have prefered a pump to control pour out
    Rating 9/10
  • Noluhle
    Clear as day light - 8 Apr 2016
    Whoever came up with this product, I hope they got a raise because this is perfection in a bottle. I love it so much. Removes all the makeup thoroughly. I love it!
  • Sharona
    Excellent product - 6 Apr 2016
    this product removes all makeup so easily! I love it. You don't even need a lot of the product, best makeup remover I have used!
  • Suzaan
    Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skins - 4 Apr 2016
    Absolutely love this product! I use another skincare brand that doesn't strip the skin of all natural oils when cleansing so I was looking forward to testing this product to compare it. I have now found an affordable cleanser that not only removes make up after a long day, but can also be used as an everyday general skin cleanser, no need to double cleanse! Love Love Love it!
  • Liani
    Fabulous all-rounder - 21 Feb 2016
    As I have a combination skin, I want a cleansing water that assists with hydrating my cheeks without irritating whilst removing excess oil without tightness. This product does it all... The added bonus is that it also removes make up, without burning my eyes. It's affordable, a little goes a long way and the packaging is gorg.
  • Cheryl
    Garnier Cleansing Water - 17 Feb 2016
    This is the best cleanser i've ever used. Cleans off all makeup and dirt and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. Highly recommended.
  • Annique
    Replaced - 11 Feb 2016
    This cleansing water replaced my expensive well known brand of cleansing water. I don't feel like I ever want to buy that product anymore, when this removes make-up better. And the price point and quantity you get I fantastic!
  • Ranjani
    Garnier Micellar cleansing water - 3 Feb 2016
    An excellent product .
    I use every morning and afternoon .It removes my make up with quick ease.
    My skin feels cool and fresh afterwards
  • Tidi
    Amazing Water In A Bottle - 1 Feb 2016
    The directions are that you should simply apply Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton pad and wipe across your skin for gentle and efficient cleansing > no scrubbing / rubbing!

    I also bought a lot of cotton as I thought with all the makeup on my face, I am going to really need cotton upon cotton. To my very surprise, I removed a full face of makeup using only 2 facial pads > that included all the mascara my eyes had to bear. That goes for eye makeup, blush and lipstick too!

    I have been impressed since! Yes all the foundation and BB creams off with no problem.
    Now what about my usually dry skin? I was left with no dryness and no reaction at all. The moisture left on my skin felt as if I immediately moisturized after use. The only issue that came with that, is that I felt slightly sticky. I thought since it was the first use, my skin would react differently in times to come. Well I still get that sticky feeling to date (I been using it close to 2 months now), but the feeling thereof goes away within minutes.

    A little amount goes a long way. Less water is used than before to cleanse my face (my part for saving much needed water). My cotton is still so plenty too...

    Use it for a refreshed feeling whether in the morning or night, or even once a day. Harsh makeup removers and lingering skin impurities, are a thing of yesterday from now on.
  • Ruth
    Good all round product - 24 Jan 2016
    I have been using this product for two months now and have noticed an improvement in my skin. It is an easy to use product that gets make up off easily though it sometimes struggles with mascara.

    I have found that this product helps to keep my skin clear as it is so low maintanance I always use it to take my make up off before bed which I used not to be so good at.
  • Reeva
    fresh and clean! - 21 Jan 2016
    I have using this product everyday to remove my make up and its absolutely amazing at doing so and makes my skin feel so soft. Its so affordable too!
  • Siobhan
    Amazing! - 18 Jan 2016
    One of my holy grail products, this is a staple in my routine.

    My face is clean and clear and soothed, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, or dry.
  • Laneshrie
    Stay fast makeup removed - 30 Nov 2015
    Even though this product is gentle on the skin, it is tough on stay fast makeup and removes the makeup with ease. Love it.
  • Rene
    Stubborn eye makeup be gone - 29 Nov 2015
    Gentle and yet removes stubborn eye makeup. Defintely on the re-purchase list. Loving it.
  • Wafiqa
    CLEAN SKIN EVERY TIME - 26 Nov 2015
    This cleanser is very gentle on my skin. It removes eye liner without irritating the eyes. It acts like a magnet that removes all dirt leaving you with clean, soft skin.
  • Rosemary
    BeAUUUUUtiFUL - 26 Nov 2015
    I so enjoyed testing this product and it works. It is really great and well worth the price, I'm definitely switching.
  • Jolene
    Amazing Results - 25 Nov 2015
    I have tried and tested this product and I am very pleased with the results. Works amazing on my skin. Love it
  • Alicia
    Perfect Makeup remover for sensitive eyes! - 25 Nov 2015
    I love the fact that its just like water, its a very good makeup remover and is perfect for my eye area, usually it's hard to use a makeup remover that doesn't effect your eyes- seems like I found my solution!
  • Nirvana
    must have item - 24 Nov 2015
    Cleanses and leaves my skin refreshed. I have sensitive skin and this product works perfectly for me
  • Tshepiso
    lovely product - 23 Nov 2015
    Feels great on the skin and cleanses well without the skin feeling irritated.
  • Mavis
    Nice product - 20 Nov 2015
    Great for my skin, really removes the dirt on my face after cleansing with my normal cleanser l use it and l still see some dirt come off. No need to moisturise after.
  • Thulisile
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin - 16 Nov 2015
    It took 2 days to get used to the product as I often confused it as a toner. Now I'm in love with it, its handy, economical and leaves my face clean without over drying it. It became handy when I was on a weekend away from home my face was constantly fresh and clean. Very innovative Garnier! Thanks Rubybox
  • Unathi
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 13 Nov 2015
    vey gentle on the skin, cleanses the skin and removes everything without any effort
  • Teniele
    Micellar Fabulous - 13 Nov 2015
    An awesome product! Will definitely purchase this. I have super sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts. Micellar Cleansing water is so gentle & yet so effective in refreshing my skin but also removing makeup as well. A 5star product Garnier & thank you Rubybox for making this possible.
  • Tony
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 13 Nov 2015
    removes make up effortlessly and does not burn the eye. Leaves you feeling refreshed and super clean
  • Disebo
    Every woman must have - 12 Nov 2015
    Its an excellent product, perfect scent and the best thing is that its water base I use it everyday with no regrets.
  • Santhuri
    Garnier Cleansing water - 12 Nov 2015
    Excellent, refreshing product. Gentle on the face. No striking smells, very natural.
  • Tsholofelo
    Rxcelent - 12 Nov 2015
    I loved the Ganier Cleansing water as it removes make up and lip stick including Matte soo nice. Love it......
  • Lolita
    Water for cleaning! - 12 Nov 2015
    I was at first skeptical and never heard of micellar water ever. I must admit that it removes make up effortlessly and does not burn the eye. I've been using it daily, and it's very refreshing.
  • Ashme
    PERFECT - 12 Nov 2015
    Simply love this product especially since its water based and for sensitive skin.
  • chanchal
    Excellent- my new must have - 11 Nov 2015
    I loved using Garnier Micellar cleansing water. It has become my essential makeup remover for daily use. It is ideal for my oily and sensitive skin. Love it!!!
  • Tshepiso
    Garnier Cleansing Water - 11 Nov 2015
    FINALLY! I've found a product that removes all my make up and leaves me feeling refreshed afterwards, I also like the fact it doesn't have a scent so I don't have to worry about a funny taste when wiping my mouth or a stinging pain when wiping my eyes, I definitely would buy this product again and again and again.
  • Nonhlanhla
    Very Nice - 11 Nov 2015
    What I like the most is that it is water based. It is so smooth on my skin.
  • Ntombezinhle
    the best - 11 Nov 2015
    I have now found what I have been searching for. Removing make up has never been so easy,no more scrubbing my face purple anymore. Yippie
  • Rebecca
    awesome and reasonable - 11 Nov 2015
    my skin feels so much better now at bedtime an Absolutely awesome product thank you for the freebie :-)
  • Lulama
    Superb! - 11 Nov 2015
    This product is gentle and got a soothing feel when applying never any tingle.

    After applying it you can feel the cleanliness on your skin I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin and have experienced problems with toners and make-up removers currently on the market.

    This is the solution!
  • chanelle
    awesome product - 11 Nov 2015
    love this product makes your skin super soft thanks for the sample will def buy more
  • Michelle
    Garnier Cleansing water works - 11 Nov 2015
    I have to say, this is such a great product, really made my skin feel fresh and clean. I've be using it for a week now and my skin is clear
    fast and effective - 11 Nov 2015
    Wow after testing this Micellar water I instantly replaced my make up remover, its quick and effective. I love how it removes mascara without any fuss
  • Vanessa
    THE BEST!!!! - 11 Nov 2015
    This is the best product ever that saves me time and leaves me satisfied. it even removes stubborn lipstick on my lips and mascara easily removed as well. my skin feels soft and smooth after. and it doesn't irritate my eys. I love it!!!
  • Naledi
    Convinient - 11 Nov 2015
    I often workout from home after work. This cleansing water is super efficient in removing my make up instead of the usual laborious task of washing my face before I get going with exercising.
  • Perene
    Gentle but Effective - 11 Nov 2015
    I simply love this product as it removes all my makeup without leaving my skin dry and puffy .... an absolute must have ...
  • Nokulunga
    Amazing - 11 Nov 2015
    Ive finally found a product that really cleanses, Smooth on the skin and a definite must have.

    Good bye to heavy skin and make-up and oil build-up.
  • Nokulunga
    Amazing - 11 Nov 2015
    Ive finally found a product that really cleanses, Smooth on the skin and a definite must have.

    Good bye to heavy skin and make-up and oil build-up.
  • Feroza
    Best Product I have used thus far - 11 Nov 2015
    This is 1 of the best products I have used to not only cleanse my face but to remove my make up effortlessly ... it is simply & amazing as it makes my skin feel refreshed
  • Carol
    Fantastic! - 11 Nov 2015
    Wow! This really works! I usually never get my eye make-up off but this product removes every trace. I will no longer go to bed with raccoon looking eyes :-)
  • asmeeta
    Wow - 11 Nov 2015
    I can now say that I have really removed all my make-up before bed. I love how quick and easy it is and how great my skin feels afterwards, after a week of using this I really did notice my skin was looking much better!
  • Elle
    Didn't believe it until I tried it!!! - 10 Nov 2015
    I was always told from my beauty therapist that I should use a pre cleansing product, but have found so many of these products to be super expensive. For the reason I never really bought one and would rather just cleanse twice.

    This too I found could be costly, as I started to buy so mach cleanser.

    Eventually I began using bio oil as a pre cleanser. This would burn my eyes and was not that effective at all!!!

    For this reason I am so so thrilled that Garnier has eventually launched this product. It is not that expensive and I seem to get loads of usage out of one bottle.

    My skin also feels great after I have used it and I have not had any breakouts. Yay :)

    I would 100% recommend going out to buy one - it really does work.

    Thank you rubybox for introducing this product to me and thank you to Garnier for bringing this to all South African women. I just LOVE it!
  • Amanda
    Amazing!!!! - 10 Nov 2015
    I received this from my friend to test and I must say I am blown away! I love that its one easy step and there is no sticky residue - I feel fresh as a daisy! Well done Garnier
  • Jean
    Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - 10 Nov 2015
    I love this product.
    Thanks Garnier, I have very sensative skin and this cleansing water is something that actually works without giving me breakouts
  • Sameera
    Love this product - 9 Nov 2015
    I had doubts with trying this as my skin is quite sensitive to new products and causes me to break out however I found that Garnier Micellar did quite the opposite. It cleansed my skin leaving it refreshingly smooth and make up free.
  • Nonoki
    Tested - 7 Nov 2015
    Thank you for sending me the sample, i love it, my friends love it . Thank you
  • anisa
    fresh and clean - 6 Nov 2015
    I would like thank you for giving me this opportunity to try out this amazing product. All u need is some cotton pads and garneir cleansing water and u have clean,fresh, hydrated skin. I would recommend this to anyone with any type of skin.
  • Melissa Luyanda
    I love it! - 6 Nov 2015
    I got this cleanser as a tester from Home Tester Club last week. Ive fallen inlove with it as it does a great job cleansing without drying my skin or leaving residue behind. I'm definitely buying and sticking to it!!
  • Jean
    Brilliant Cleanser - 6 Nov 2015
    I Love this product it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh with no stickiness.
  • Jodilee
    Tried and tested - 6 Nov 2015
    it is so refreshing! Not harsh on the skin as well... Love it!!
  • Candice
    Amazing - 6 Nov 2015
    This is the most amazing product. My sking feels fresh and moisturised after using this. I love it and will continue purchasing it
  • Alicia
    OOO IM LOVIN IT!!! - 6 Nov 2015
  • Michelle
    fanflippintastic - 6 Nov 2015
    Received a box of this amazing stuff... at 1st I was skeptical due to me having such sensitive skin... shared them with my friends, they loved it. Following week I attended an event and had to doll myself up... boy was it such a relief using this product to cleanse my skin... it left my skin clean, fresh and soft. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water ...absolutely fantastic.
  • tarry
    I've met THE ONE - 3 Nov 2015
    I was fortunate to get samples of this cleansing water from the Hometester Club which is affiliated to Rubybox. I was very reluctant to use it as i have extremely sensitive skin, i mean sensitive that my own sweat gets me breaking out in an unforgiving rash. but i just gave it a go one night after work and wiped my face, amazingly it didnt sting my eyes but i was expecting to wake up with swollen face but i was still fine, then used it again and again until my sample was finished and my skin seems different. i bought a new bottle and i have been using it as my cleanser, moisturiser and make up remover as it leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised too. i also realised i need 2 bottles to go through the month since its serving all purposes for me.

    I am glad to have found the gentle product, and i will remain faithful to it for a very long tome!
  • Cynthia
    Fast and effective cleansing! - 1 Nov 2015
    If we could go to bed with our makeup on and not face any consequences, we'd do it! But alas, this is the real world and in this case, the consequences come in the form of humungous unsightly zits and premature ageing. Count me out.

    I practically jumped for joy when I heard the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water finally arrived in South Africa. Rooted on my bedside table is this 400ml bottle and a container of cotton pads. If you're a lazy girl when it comes to nighttime cleansing, this is the ultimate score!

    Micelles act like magnets, clinging onto dirt, soot and grime, lifting it off of the skin while leaving you free of impurities and makeup.

    My skin is up and down as often as the seasons so finding a cleanser that is sensitive to this is key. The Garnier Micellar Water is fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic meaning its a-OK to use around the eyes and lips area.

    R80 gets you 400ml and 200 uses with this bad boy so you should definitely get your hands on it!
  • Simônè
    Best Makeup Remover! - 22 Oct 2015
    I cannot rave about his product anymore than I do LOL. This is a lifesaver when it comes to removing makeup and toning the skin. Especially if you are oily to combination skin or have sensitive skin, this product is for you. I have tried other Cleansing waters and I found I used more product on a cotton bud and ended up finishing the bottle before its time. With the Garnier Micellar Water, the product goes a long. I found applying a few drops on a cotton bud to remove the makeup became the simplest and easiest steps in my skincare routine. One of the major benefits is removing your eyemakeup without irritation. And is value for its money. Most Micellar waters retail for over R200 for only 100ml and these Garnier Cleansing Waters are 400ml which gives you 200 uses. Talk about a bargain. Get it and try it!
  • Taryn
    Best Alterntive To Cleansing Your Skin - 22 Oct 2015
    I must admit, I was completely new to Micellar Water before Garnier released their own range. I’ve always been the wet-wipes type of gal when I’m feeling a bit too lazy to go through the entire skincare routine, because seriously now, aint nobody got time for that after a night out!

    But what is Micellar water exactly? Basically the water contains groups of molecules (micelles). Think of micelles as the dirt magnets of your skin, they effortlessly capture and lift away makeup and impurities from the skin.

    What’s great about Micellar water is you don’t need to rinse at all as rinsing can sometimes strip your skin of its protective barrier. My first impression about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was that the bottles were generously sized – definitely a lot bigger than the other products on the Garnier shelf. It is said on the bottle that you should get about 200 uses per 400ml bottle however I’m not too convinced so I’ll have to see how long it lasts.

    The Garnier Micellar water range is available in 2 different types: The pink one is for sensitive skin and the blue one for combination to oily skin. I’ve tried them both and so far they’ve both felt great and definitely no signs of skin irritation. It is really so mild on your skin, it has no scent to it and I’ve also noticed that it tends to turn slightly soapy when applied to your skin. With that being said, your skin is still left feeling smooth and refreshed and I loved that it doesn’t burn your eyes as well.

    Is this something I’ll be replacing my wet-wipes with? Most definitely! And for just R79.95 this one’s a sure winner which I’m sure will (and probably already has) won over the hearts of many makeup addicts.
  • Melissa
    Micellar water - 14 Oct 2015
    This is a very handy product to own! It's not sticky and doesn't leave any residue on skin. You only use a little bit of it and it cleans your skin and removes makeup. My only problem I find is it struggles with my mascara and eye liner. It's such a lovely clean clear liquid. And a bargain for its price!
  • Liz
    Start to perfect skin - 13 Oct 2015
    I love this product so much. It does an excellent job with cleaning off makeup without leaving a sticky residue. It is hydrating and gentle on you face. My skin loves this product
  • Shannin
    Must have product - 7 Oct 2015
    What I like most about this product, is that it saves me time, and saves my cleanser. Instead of wasting my pricey cleanser using loads of product just to remove my makeup, this product removes all traces of makeup, giving my cleanser the opportunity to do what it's meant to do. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and/or eyes either. Love it! Will definitely repurchase.
  • Elle
    Love This Product So Much!!! - 28 Sep 2015
    This is an absolute no brainer for me. LOVE this product. Reasonably priced and actually does what it says it will do.
  • Nokubonga
    Easy and Gentle Beauty - 16 Sep 2015
    Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Water: The sensitive formula has no perfume and it’s gentle on the skin, lips and eyes. You do not have to be abrasive with this micellar water as it effectively removes all dirt and make-up. Just in one swipe and already, make-up fills your cotton pad, leaving skin clean and feeling refreshed. I like to use this variant as a toner as it is mild and does not feel like it interferes with any of my other skincare products. This product is a mascara-junkie’s dream as you can get right into the lashline and remove all traces of mascara residue…bye-bye panda eyes.
  • Fatima
    Garnier Micellar Water - 10 Sep 2015
    As many beauties will know by now, Micellar water is perhaps one of the top selling beauty products from around the globe which is loved by models and makeup artists alike. South Africa however, is only now jumping on the wagon thanks to a new (and affordable) release from Garnier.
    I was quite keen to try out this magic beauty water but wasn’t too sure if it was worth all the hype. The day before I received a lovely press pack from rubyBox, I spent almost 10 minutes in Clicks deciding whether or not to just take a bottle and have a go at it which, thankfully I didn’t!
    However, my only regret about not grabbing it was that I waited so long to ‘discover’ it! So basically, a Micellar water is hypoallergenic cleansing water which contains no perfume or parabens and works to refresh skin and remove makeup. It contains groups of molecules (micelles) that act like dirt magnets to capture and lift off impurities from the skin. This was basically designed to help with the sometimes harsh effect that normal water can cause on one’s skin, including dehydration and congestion.
    Think of the micelles as little balloons where the head holds onto the water and the tail removes impurities in one easy swipe. This works quite well if you are sometimes way too exhausted to wash your face before bed (which is ALWAYS a no no!).
    Garniers version however comes in two different types. The pink lid one is for dry and sensitive skin while the white lid is for combination to oily skin. I however don’t really use it as a means to replace regular good old washing of the face and instead, incorporate it into my routine as a double cleansing product which I use either before or after I wash my face. Most of the time I end up using it before and after washing as I find that the first step removes makeup (not waterproof eye makeup however) while the last step removes any residue gunk from my skin.
    The only thing that really bugs me about it is that due to my skin type, I need to use the white lid one which unfortunately stings my eyes and gives me a slight burning sensation. However, this could be due to the fact that it, unlike the pink one, contains alcohol denat which is actually the only difference between the two.
    I do however completely understand the hype of it and can’t seem to understand how I managed to go without it for so long!


Where they’ve come from

In 1904, back when people would use plain soap to wash their hair, Alfred Amour Garnier noticed it produced poor results. And so he found a better solution and invented a hair lotion with plant extracts that cared as well as cleaned hair. Garnier has grown and now boasts a diverse product range that serves women of all ethnicities, complexions and hair types across the world.

Where they’re going

Nature remains at the core of Garnier products and to this day Garnier continues to combine all the energies of nature to find new ways to better care for hair and skin, for healthy-looking beauty that connects people. All women want to look their best, right? We at Garnier take care to help you look and feel your best every day with products made especially with you in mind.