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Brow Stencils

Give your Brows shape and style with these Brow Stencils. With 4 different arch shapes, it can make any brow go from drab to fab in just a few minutes! Application guidelines and tips included in pack.

Watch the 'how-to video' in our video tab on this page.

You can purchase the Eyelure Brow Stencils at Dischem for R50.


  • Daff Reighyan
    Useful Tool - 13 Aug 2017
    Im a model and makeup artist and i could definitely say that this brow stensils are amazing and verh easy to use.. its as quick as 1, 2, 3! Voila!!! You have your perfect pair of eyebrows. But hey girl, you must also remember that your eyebrows are sisters but not twins so dont be so hard on yourself when doing your brows.
  • Bianca
    BrowGame on fleek - 25 Oct 2016
    Before I ever used to makeup,This puppy was my baby,This is perfect for beginners with makeup and people who dont know how to shape the brow,This wil help you out alot and change the game for you,Plus its super quick
  • Tasmyn
    Brown stencils - 21 Oct 2016
    These stencils changed the eyebrow game for me. When I bought them I was slightly skeptical but after I tried all of the different shapes I completely changed my mind. I have always struggled with my brows and this has made my eyebrow game strong
  • Nelisa
    Precision - 1 Oct 2016
    When I want to do my eyebrows, I prefer to keep the brows as natural as they could be for my face. Each stencil, positioned properly, has its own mood. If I feel like I am going for a bold look, I choose the 4th stencil, otherwise I choose the 2nd stencil to define my natural brow line.

Eylure London

Where they’ve come from
In 1947 two brothers who were working in the makeup department for major movies of the silver screen era decided that the products available to them failed miserably at creating gorgeous lashes for their leading ladies

They took it upon themselves to create false lashes that would actually stay on the eyes of the actresses, using a mixture of rubber latex glue, real hair and adding some genuine flair - thus the Eylure lash was born!

Flourishing as filmmakers in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Aylott brothers kept growing and revolutionising their Eylure business, inventing “Lipfix” the first lipstick sealant for love scenes. They also launched the very first liquid liner in the UK, and continued expanding their lash empire.

Where they’re going
Now available worldwide, Eylure has moved with the times, relentlessly producing new and innovative products. Honing in on lashes and brows as their area of expertise, Eylure keeps their brand fresh and in demand by collaborating with the stars, such as Katy Perry and girl band Girls Aloud.

Eylure London