Original Antiperspirant deodorant
Size 150ml
R31.95 - Available at all leading pharmacies

The trusted classic, Dove® Original antiperspirant cares for the delicate skin of your underarms and offers the 48-hour protection that you would expect from Dove®.

This aerosol deodorant, with its ¼ moisturising cream formula will help your skin recover itself after shaving whilst gently moisturising, leaving underarm skin visibly softer and smoother.


  • Lianne
    I do Dove... - 28 Mar 2017
    I usually have to re-apply deo after a very low intensity Pilates class, but not with Dove. Still smelt good, no perspiration, and no discomfort. Thanks Dove, what a great deo spray - a must have in my gym bag.
  • Dani
    Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant :) - 14 Mar 2017
    I absolutely LOVE the original Dove products! :)

    This is my favourite anti-perspirant deodorant, every single other one I have tried doesn't last long enough and I have to constantly re-apply. Dove Original stays on ALL day and keeps me feeling and smelling fresh!

    The formula is also moisturising so it repairs the skin in between shaving which I desperately need as I dry shave sometimes (Big no-no!) It leaves me underarms feeling soft and protected.

    The fragrance is amazing! Super fresh and clean! I also love the deo sticks!

    I would definitely recommend these to family and friends! :)

  • Jacqueline
    My favourite smell - 6 Mar 2017
    I absolutely love dove products smell. Which is why i only use Dove soap, as it has such a fresh clean smell that stays on me whole day. So i love the spray... and its in constant rotation with my other favourites
  • Jo-Anne
    My no. 1 choice! - 3 Jun 2015
    I've always been a fan of dove products but this product specifically I stick to as I love the fragrance and the fact that it does as it claims.. keeping you dry until your next shower :)
  • Galadriel
    Here to stay - 23 May 2015
    It definitely deserves its status as a classic. Does it's job and feels light and refreshing without an overpowering fragrance.
  • Sherese
    Yes - 12 May 2015
    Always loved the original Dove. Smells great! Brings back plenty of memories, when Dove just came on the market :)
  • Lauren
    Dove deodrant - 11 May 2015
    This is my deodrant of choice and I was so please to get a full size one in my box.
  • cassie
    the only one use - 21 Apr 2015
    us ladies are always looking for something new to try but yet there are always thing that one always sticks to.... hairdressers, doctors and salons . for me my deodorant is is what i stick to. dove is what works for me and ill highly recommend it to any one who asks for advice.
  • FarzanaI
    Dove anti perspirant deodarant - 18 Apr 2015
    I came across this spray in one of my old boxes.i like the clean scent and that it was just as good as my normal other branded.kept me nice and dry throughout those hot days.
  • sophia
    I love Dove - 18 Apr 2015
    Dove is one of my favourite brands and I love this anti-perspirant. Keeps me dry and fresh all day. it also has a nice fragrance not too over powering.
  • Shireen
    fresh scent and feel - 13 Apr 2015
    absolutely love the scent of the deodorant. I have sensitive skin so DOVE is amazing
  • Connie
    Love Dove - 13 Apr 2015
    This is a great product. Smells great and lasts the whole day.
  • Anjay
    Heavenly scent - 7 Apr 2015
    This heavenly scent leaves under arms feeling like they are coated in silk! IT smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling softed and soothed!
  • Laurette
    You have to try it - 7 Apr 2015
    I normally use another anti-aspirant and tried this because mine was finished. It smells nice and leaves no marks on my clothes!
  • Arthi
    Great Product - 2 Apr 2015
    Affordable, yet highly effective. Great product and a must on anyone's shopping list.
  • Jodi
    Still the best... - 1 Apr 2015
    Definitely the only anti-perspirant that I will use. Effective and still sensitive on my skin!!!
  • Leana
    It really does work - 31 Mar 2015
    I'm lucky when it comes to anti-antiperspirants but when I get used to it, it doesn't work so well anymore. Been using Dove consistently for more than 3 months and it works like a charm still
  • Elika
    Best antiperspirant ever! - 27 Mar 2015
    It's really one of the best that I've used. So much so that I actually have been using it for many years. From a teen up until today. It's cost effective and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Melanie
    Go To Product - 25 Mar 2015
    Fantastic deodorant. I use it everyday, great subtle smell and amazing for my super sensitive skin. Works very well and lasts for ever.
  • Petro
    VIP Insider Location: Cape Town Age: Under 25 DOVE ORIGINAL ANTI-PERSPIRANT DEODORANT - 25 Mar 2015
    Dove has a lovely smell that is long lasting. The only problem I have is that it leaves a powder residue on your skin
  • May
    Dove cleanliness - 24 Mar 2015
    I love the Dove deodorant! It makes me feel so fresh and clean, and keeps my underarms dry all day! Guaranteed!
  • Erica
    Dove roll on colours - 24 Mar 2015
    Feels good on my skin, does not make my itchy. It smells good on me. definitely a very good product will use it again.
  • Candice
    Dove Original Anti-perspirant deodorant - 23 Mar 2015
    I love how fresh this deodorant smells. It also does not dry out my skin under my arms like many other brands have done before. Definitely recommend.
  • Zoe
    Not bad - 23 Mar 2015
    Its ok, but prefer a roll-on as I don't like a spray it is not eco-friendly and my poor lungs cant take the residual spray in the air. DId not use after shaving as my skin is too sensitive in the past with spray deo. Smell was simple and nice. Left white marks on clothing. Not my first choice in deo.
  • Candice
    Dove Original Anti-perspirant deodorant - 19 Mar 2015
    Dove is a well-known and trusted brand so this deodorant is just as great as all their other products which ranges from soaps to roll-ons.
  • Bedine
    Dove - 19 Mar 2015
    Love the fresh smell, it lasts very long and keeps me from perspiring too.
  • Bedine
    Dove - 19 Mar 2015
    Love the fresh smell, it lasts very long and keeps me from perspiring too.
  • Jessica
    Dove is usually the best - 17 Mar 2015
    Personally i feel that dove is the best out there. But i was a bit disappointed with this. It leaves white marks on clothing and comes out like a thick mist. It also gave me a rash for some reason. Which i find strange, because i use the dove roll on everyday
  • Catherine
    Great for chilled days - 17 Mar 2015
    I love how gentle this is for my skin but I prefer to use it in winter when I perspire less.
    I think the Dove stick is a lot more effective for people that need a bit more protection.
  • Lee-Andra
    fresh - 17 Mar 2015
    I love that Dove is gentle enough to use after shaving, it doesn't sting or burn. the smell is not invasive which is great because my family suffer from severe sinus.
    UNDECIDED - 17 Mar 2015
    Burnt my skin a bit - didn't help as much with daily use. Lasted ages that was the only good thing
  • Lutfeeyah
    Dove - 17 Mar 2015
    This has helped me out of many sticky sweaty situations, it is long lasting and does keep you dry !!
  • Danielle
    Sensitive skin - 15 Mar 2015
    I like how this deo doesn't burn after it's been on for a while. A nice fresh smell is always good and doesn't taint any other perfumes.
  • Corrine
    Dove - 9 Mar 2015
    Really work well keeps you dry, smelling good all day and also works well on my skin...
  • Tania
    Fresh and girlie - 9 Mar 2015
    Love the fresh smell, it lasts very long and keeps me from perspiring too.
  • kay-lee
    :) - 23 Feb 2015
    I enjoy using this deo - it works well and smells nice - il recommend it
  • kay-lee
    :) - 23 Feb 2015
    I enjoy using this deo - it works well and smells nice - il recommend it
  • Jyothi
    The best - 19 Feb 2015
    By far the best and most effective deo I have ever used. I stick by it always.
  • Ashmin
    My Favourite Anti-perspirant - 16 Feb 2015
    I was so glad to receive the Dove Anti-perspirant in my ruby box. Its my all time favourite and I've been using it regularly for years. It has that "just stepped out the shower" freshness. LOVE IT
    Love it - 26 Jan 2015
    All day freshness guaranteed. Toughest of days and I still smell like I stepped out of a shower :)
  • Shelley
    Dove Original Anti- Perspirant Deodorant - 15 Nov 2014
    Although a fresh smelling deodorant, akin to soap, it is not for those who prefer a more perfumed, alluring fragrance. It also tends to leave a mist in the air, which is almost toxic to the nose, as well as white powder under the armpit if sprayed too close.
  • Aruna
    All day Freshness - 13 Nov 2014
    All day freshness guaranteed. Toughest of days and I still smell like I stepped out of a shower :)
  • Juwayra
    Dove original Anti-perspirant - 30 Oct 2014
    I love the clean smell...keeps me dry. thumbs up for this product!
  • Kim
    excellent - 27 Oct 2014
    This is an amazing product... gentle, long lasting and universal... my husband has decided that it is an excellent for freshening air and linen....
  • Tania
    Standard deo - 26 Oct 2014
    I got this in my monthly Rubybox. It is a good product and smells gentle, but I personally prefer roll-on deo.
  • Lorna
    feels so clean - 26 Oct 2014
    This deoderant really makes you feel clean and fresh. Having very sensitive skin limits the brands I can use, but this one lasts all day and does not burn after shaving
  • Kelly-Ann
    i have been converted - 23 Oct 2014
    I have never used a spray deodorant and i must say i was sceptical and actually considered givingthis product away when i found it in my box.
    I am super glad that i dod not!! because now I am converted and will only be buying this in future. Its fresh, it REALLY keeps me dry and i smell clean all day. I must have , have recommended it to my sweaty pregnant friend as well and she loves it
  • Elsebie
    Dove high above average - 23 Oct 2014
    I simply love the fresh and clean smell. Currently this is all that I will ever use because it really work and keep the odours away.
  • Ravina
    A must-have! - 20 Oct 2014
    This is a fresh-smelling deodorant which lasts the whole day and is great value for money. It also doesn't stain clothes. I'm definitely a fan and won't be using anything else!
  • Derosha
    Refreshing - 16 Oct 2014
    It's a good product to have when one finishes at the gym. Ideal for that fresh powdery feeling!
  • Shirleen
    dove deodorant - 16 Oct 2014
    1st time using dove deodorant and i will defnitely use it again. realy keeps you dry the whole day
  • janet
    Dove Original Anti-perspirant deodorant - 16 Oct 2014
    It works very well and doesn't leave any marks on your clothes.
  • Sheree
    Fresh smell - 16 Oct 2014
    I love the "just showered" smell of the deo. The only thing that bothered me were the white marks left on my clothing if I happened to accidentally spray on it. Otherwise, a great product!
  • Azalea
    Great Product - 16 Oct 2014
    I felt fresh all day, every time i look down i would smell the fresh scent as though i had just sprayed it on. Superb freshness all day long.
  • Zipho
    Original Anti-perspirant deodorant - 16 Oct 2014
    Pro's - I got this with my September Ruby Box. It smells wonderful, has a nice cooling effect when you put it on.
    Its not expensive.

    Con's - It cakes up 10 minutes after putting it on and flakes on to what ever you are wearing in small white particles.

  • Claudine
    Dove - 16 Oct 2014
    Dove deodorant is amazing, you smell clean and fresh all day.
    The mens range also works very well on teenage boys.
  • Karishma
    Clean Fresh Feminine - 14 Oct 2014
    This product is the freshest smelling product out there.....It is so appealing since it doesnt stain my clothes and gives you that straight out the shower feeling....I love it
  • Samantha
    My most used out of this box :) - 6 Oct 2014
    Alot of haters came out and said this product didn't belong in a rubybox but personally I have used this more then anything else :) it keeps me soft and fresh.
  • Nandi
    Fresh pits - 4 Oct 2014
    I love the dove original anti-perspirrant deodorant. It keeps me fresh and cool on those hot summer days.


Where they’ve come from
Now the worlds top cleansing brand, Dove has been at the forefront of research and breakthrough technologies since its inception in 1957. It all started with the launch of the Dove Beauty Bar, which revolutionised the way women cared for their skin by providing the first nourishing alternative to soaps, which are known to dry and strip the skin.

Where they’re going to
Extending their range beyond Dove Beauty Bars, their now extensive range of toiletries are all designed to help women take care of their precious bodies.