Dove Pack
Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar - #1 Bar in the World

Delight your senses and nourish your skin with Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar with the comforting scent of coconut milk with jasmine petals. Part of the Dove Purely Pampering range, designed to comfort and nourish your skin, this bar brings you the warm soothing scent of coconut milk with jasmine petals. Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Beauty Bar combines gentle cleansers with ¼ moisturizing cream and a comforting coconut milk with jasmine scent that leaves you in a state of peaceful tranquillity.

Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant

New Dove Invisible Dry is tested on 100 garment colours, from black to white and all the colours in between. This means that you have a fresh antiperspirant that keeps you dry all day long without leaving a trace. Like all other Dove deodorants in our range, it also contains our unique ¼ moisturising cream for beautiful underarms as well as 48-hour protection.

DermaSpa Goodness³ Body Lotion

This luxurious body lotion from Dove DermaSpa transforms dry skin, leaving it even-looking, luminous and velvety soft. • Helps to give you luminous, velvety-soft, even-looking skin. Blended with omega oil in an indulgent, spa-like formula. This Body Lotion contains Cell-Moisturisers®, key moisturising actives made from natural seed oils. Sumptuous fragrance with creamy vanilla, musk and coconut, this Body Lotion is fast-absorbing and suitable for sensitive skin. The Dove DermaSpa range combines a luxurious home spa experience with expert dermatological care.

Dove DermaSpa Body Lotion Cashmere Comfort

Very dry skin needs the most indulgent care you can give it the kind that restore it to its beautifully soft best. The Dove Derma Spa Cashmere Comfort Body Lotion melts into very dry skin to wrap it in a cocoon of care leaving it feeling restored and as soft as cashmere. Enriched with concentrated oil essence and their unique Cell Moisturisers key moisturising actives made from natural seed oils. Dove Derma Spa Cashmere Comfort Cocooning Body Lotion penetrates deep down into skin cells to help restore nourishment from within. This enhances your skin barrier s function to keep your skin full of moisture. The Dove DermaSpa range combines a luxurious home spa experience with expert dermatological care.


  • Buhle
    Dove happYness - 26 Nov 2018
    I have been using Dove for years but had not switched to the underarm spray. I loved trying the product out, will definitely be in my trolley.
  • Rose
    Excellent Products ALL DOVE IN PACK - 22 Nov 2018
    Absolutely spoilt from top to toe shared with my friends me skin my hair my face and entire body feels nourished softer and smells fabulous. RUBYBOX YOU ROCK!!!!
  • Chidinma
    Dove pack - 21 Nov 2018
    My first time using Dove left my underarms feeling surprisingly soft and gosh! I was warm all through.. I recommend it to my friends and the affordability is an added benefit
  • Monica
    Ms - 20 Nov 2018
    I love dove so much more especially that it doesn't live any dark marks, soft on my skin and make my skin healthier
  • Mandy
    Dove invisible dry - 16 Nov 2018
    Been using this for 9 years and it's the best! Tried other brands but this really takes the win.
  • S'bahle
    I'm in love with it. Always using it on the go.
    My dark clothes have no stains whatsoever.
    I still fresh at the end of the day.

    Love. Love. Love it
  • Shafieka
    love love love - 13 Nov 2018
    I am so inlove with dove products. using the hair mask has made my hair felt softer and more shinier. I am using it for the past 2 months and absolutely loving this product.
  • Michelle
    Nothing like dove! - 10 Nov 2018
    Dove is the only beauty range that hydrates and moisturizes my face and body without EVER causing a sensitivity reaction.I can not live without it!No more itchy, dry skin or allergic reactions after showering.I love love love Dove!
  • Cynthia
    Greay for your skin. - 7 Nov 2018
    I only use Dove soap and products and can see the difference in my skin. It smells great and prevents dryness.
  • Janine
    Love love love dove! - 3 Nov 2018
    I absolutely love the dove pack products! The deodorant has such a refreshing smell and leaves no residue at all on my clothes! The shampoo is amazing, so creamy and rich, you only need a little! The conditioner leaves my hair so soft and light with such a amazing smell! There were no soap bars in the dove pack, but I do use the soap bar daily on my face and I love them!
  • Naseerah
    Amazing range - 2 Nov 2018
    I love the dove products..perfect for my skin type and always affordable
  • Alicia
    Just Love it - 2 Nov 2018
    Im using Dove dor many many year from my school days.
    Just love the products on my skin.
    And cant go without my Dove products.
    Just an amazing product.
    Thanks for such n awaone prosuct.
  • Nicole
    aweosme - 1 Nov 2018
    this is an amazing product. the only product that helps with my eczema.
  • Lesley-Ann
    Amazing - 31 Oct 2018
    Best products by far, tried it and was hooked from the Dove Roll on to the shampoo and conditioner, wow, have my Mom, Sister and Daughter using Dove. and the smell, Oh my Gosh its out of this world. Love it!!!! Would definately recommend
  • Lebogang
    Dove pack - 22 Oct 2018
    the shampoo & conditioner smell good, but i am not sure if its for natural black hair. The deo spray in perfectly good
  • Shiluva
    Amazing products - 22 Oct 2018
    I've always battled finding the right products to usr on my skin cause most soaps leave it dry. This has proven to be the best for me it leaves my skin so soft and moist after use. I absolutely love it!!
  • Brenda
    dove works - 22 Oct 2018
    I have used various products before but for the last number of years believe in the Brand from earbuds to the derma spa. Value for money and it works without a doubt in my mind.
  • Fran
    Loved this range. - 21 Oct 2018
    The soap smells amazing and is sooo creamy. The cream was utterly luxurious and smells divine. The deodorant smells great. Definitely recommend all three.
  • Shadé
    TRUE CASHMERE - 19 Oct 2018
    This products smells like heaven and feels even better. I simply love it and ill be buying it again in future.
  • Shadé
    SISTER RAVES - 19 Oct 2018
    My sister has eczema and she has tried this pack it this lotion and she simply loves it, she says its soft and does not make her itch like other scented items do, she is amazed and loves it.
  • Shadé
    INVISIBLE DRY - 19 Oct 2018
    I like the scent of this product, it does not leave any markings on the clothes but the scent itself fades very quickly so its not exactly what I like. On the up side it does keep you dry all day. so the sweating is minimised.
  • Shadé
    My skin is quite dry and I try and kep it moisturised with lotions and potions and I generally avoid soaps on h very dry areas. After testing this little baby, i went out and bought myself a six months supply. i simply loved the smell and the creaminess and it does not dry out your skin after rinsing. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!
  • Pearl
    Softness in the name - 18 Oct 2018
    Nothing beats the quality you get from Dove. Soap great,i use this when shaving instead of gel/cream and I find i dont need to apply lotion after
  • jessica
    mind blowing - 18 Oct 2018
    this product is amazing, I have used all , the soap leaves your body so refreshed , the lather is awesome, the deodorant is perfect for the underarms , the lotion is like heaven on your body , leaving is scented the entire day.
  • Phindile
    Dove Beauty Bars - 17 Oct 2018
    Ever since I have been using dove beauty soap, I see so much difference in regards to my skin. I usually use it for face and my skin is so smooth with no pimples. The only thing that could possibly ruin my progress would be the hair products I am using which gives my skin different skin typees
  • Samantha
    Dove Invisible Dry - 17 Oct 2018
    This keeps me protected, smelling fresh and does not stain any of my clothing.
  • Charisha
    Dove Deodrant - 16 Oct 2018
    Excellent product, I use this on a daily basis and the smell is amazing. Keeps me fresh all day and dry and does not get onto my clothing. I would recommend this product to everyone.
  • Sylvanne
    Dove All The Way - 12 Oct 2018
    These are a range of great products. New formulation keeps skin smooth and soft. The hair products are just as good, keeps my hair looking healthy. Worth a try!
  • Chelsey
    My body adores Dove - 12 Oct 2018
    I got this package from my friend and I adore all the products!
    The soap smells amazing, moisturizes well and looks so pretty in pink. The packaging is also very attractive.
    The deodorant is my new favourite! Keeps me dry and smelling fresh all day long and doesnt leave any marks on my skin or clothes.
    The cherry on top is the body lotion . Omg!!!! Smells great, lightly scented and not overpowering at all. Great coverage without being watery, and my skin absorbs it well.

    Would definitely keep using all of these products
  • Kgaugelo
    Dove Body Products - 10 Oct 2018
    The Dove Body Products leave the body feeling soft, with an even texture and a fantastic scent
  • Dimpho
    I love this range my skin is no longer dry - 10 Oct 2018
    I suffered from dry skin for a really long time but after trying out his pack , my skin still feels moisturizered after long period loss of time.
  • londiwe
    Amazing smell and smoother on the skin - 8 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved this set from the bath soap to the body lotion which did not feel oily at all. The lotion absorbs easily and also has a great smell. Definitely buying this
  • Candice
    Absolutely love!!! - 4 Oct 2018
    Best products ever. The lotion is heaven. The spray is a life saver on black clothes and smells amazing. LOVE
  • Mpho
    Love it love it love it - 2 Oct 2018
    My tube is getting empty now, this is the best hand lotion I have ever tried. And I am sticking to it
  • Judith
    The Dove body range - 29 Sep 2018
    I enjoy using this products. They are certainly made for senstitive skin and tje Dove body range leaves the skin smooth, nourished and refreshed.
  • Palesa
    DOVE - 26 Sep 2018
    We all know that Dove has thee most amazing products. I love everything that's from the brand, but mostly I love the persperint spray. It leaves your armpits so soft. I sweat a lot on hot days, but the spray surprisenly traps all the sweat. I swear by this product!
  • Anina
    Treat yo'self! - 25 Sep 2018
    Love the hand cremes...absorbs like a champ and makes your skin feel moisturised, even after you've washed your hands.
  • Jayshree
    Love at first try - 25 Sep 2018
    I love the Dove range. It does exactly what it says, gentle on your skin yet it leaves your skin feeling amazing.
  • Lindokuhle
    Best products - 24 Sep 2018
    Dove has the best products ever. Leaves your skin so smooth and the deodorants never leaves marks on the clothes.
  • Tshegofatso
    Dove - 24 Sep 2018
    I've been using the Dove facial soap for almost 5 years now and i must say it really loves my skin and smells good too.
  • Emily
    No sweat in the hot times - 21 Sep 2018
    I have been using the dove deodorant for as long as I can remember because its gentle effective, leaves no marks and keep my pits looking pretty, I have no worries, no yellow marks and no grimy pits on those heat wave summer days and it keep me cool and collected during hectic times. Defiantly a confidence booster and one less thing to worry about. I've always said dove should expand there range of products because I'm am a dove devotee. #DoveSa #Dove7daysChallenge
  • Nomthandazo
    Fallen for Dove - 19 Sep 2018
    After receiving the Dove pack from Ruby box, i can honestly say that i have fallen for the brand as a whole. The quality of products, the fresh and gentle fragrance and overall packaging is to die for!
    Thanks Ruby Box x
  • Vuyiswa
    Moisturizes all day - 19 Sep 2018
    I love the Dove range, especially the body lotion and deodorant
  • Lesedi
    I love love this product - 19 Sep 2018
    I am in loe with this product especially the shampoo and conditioner. The smell stays for longer. I even tried it on the extensions....... my word.......the hair wasn't tangled after. I let the hair dry naturally........ guys I am impressed
  • Teboho
    Dove pack - 19 Sep 2018

    I love dove products. Especially the lotion with omega. The hand cream has an amazing smell and locks in moisture.
  • Lerato
    smells amazing - 19 Sep 2018
    the fragrance is so nice, it is not to over powering especially the fragrance of the soap. the deodorant lasts long when you sprayed it on your skin not on you clothes. i love this dove coconut pack
  • Denise
    Dry spray - 18 Sep 2018
    This is an amazing spray that keeps me smelling fresh and dry for the whole day. I have always had to use a deodorant and spray at the same time but I find it is not necessary to use both with the Doce products
  • Angelene
    Awesome products - 18 Sep 2018
    I really like the dove products. Especially the original spray. The soap doesnt feel like it cleans properly and i prefer using my old soap. The cream has an amazing smell and locks moisture in. I feel amazing after using dove and the smell stays on my body forever.
  • Natalie Jane
    Dove Love - 18 Sep 2018
    Only deodorant i use, cares very well for sensitive skin conditions and smells amazing.
  • Cynthia
    Dove is top of the range in skincare - 18 Sep 2018
    My whole family uses Dove soap and lotions because of the low PH balance in Dove soaps. My son suffers from eczema and Dove is the gentlest soap on his skin.

    I love the hand and body lotions that make my skin feel light and fresh! The deodourant keeps me smelling fresh for the entire day!
  • sasa
    quality - 18 Sep 2018
    Last time I used these products was when I was around 12 and pimples started attacking my face and my mom bought me the dove soap and after 30 days they were all gone I don't know why I stopped using it, it was so good to me
    Dove Pack - 18 Sep 2018
    Its ideal for each and every lady...
    Having your pampering kit all in one, just makes it easier to maintain and manage yourself
  • Tamarin
    Dove Dove Pack - 10 Sep 2018
    Ever since i was a small girl my mom has always believed in dove. I use the Cream, Soap and it works so well with my skin. I would recommend it to any woman, our whole family use it.
  • Sindiswa
    I Love Dove - 6 Sep 2018
    NOTHING BEATS DOVE. MY SKIN ALWAYS FEEL FRESH. The invisible dry, alcohol free anti-perspirant is a win for dry underarms all day and the lotion was so good, my boyfriend stole what was left of it.
  • Leigh
    Silky Soft and Smooth - 4 Sep 2018
    I am reaching the end of all the products in my Dove Pack but I have already gone and gotten a new bar of soap. My skin loves it, even though I usually don't generally change soaps. The invisible dry, alcohol free anti-perspirant is a win for dry underarms all day and the lotion was so good, my boyfriend stole what was left of it. Haha!
  • Megan
    Dove Pack - 3 Sep 2018
    Thank you rubybox for an amazing dove pack, leaves my hair and skin soft silky and smooth, spray and soap I've been using for a while and I'm not sorry,spray leaves me happy and dry as I've struggled in the past to find the perfect anti-perspirant,shampoo and conditioner leaves mine and my daughters hair soft and silky, soap I've been using for years leaves skin smooth especially for winter #dove #rubybox #healthyskin
    Dove Repair Shampoo & Conditioner - 31 Aug 2018
  • Alistene
    Dove Pack - 31 Aug 2018
    Thank you for the dove pack. I absolutely love dove products. I have always used the soap but the hair products really works for my hair. It leaves my hair feeling more fluffy and i have more volume when using it.
  • Salma
    Dove pack - 30 Aug 2018
    Thank you for this super awesome pack Ruby Box! From the soap to the hair products - just AWESOME!. The deo is super awesome! It's so easy on my nose (sinus and allergy probs). I feel so pampered!!
  • Kerri
    Dove Pack - 29 Aug 2018
    I received this pack, and have been using it for about 2 weeks now.
    I must say these products are just stunning!! What an amazing pack to receive. The shampoo and conditioner has left me hair feeling soft and I also dont have to wash as often as when i use other shampoos.
    The soap leave my skin silky smooth and smelling great! and the Deodrant is so awesome, leaving no white marks, and leaves you smelling great!!
    Really an amazing pack to receive and be able to try the products out.
    I will def be adding them to my monthly shopping list!!
    Thank you Ruby Box!!
  • Leonie
    So inlove - 29 Aug 2018
    This pack is fabulous. It was my 1st time using the DermaSpa Lotion and i must say i am in love. The lotion feel and smell is so great and it keeps my skin feeling soft.

    The Dove Invisible Dry is also great. I love the clean and fresh smell of it. I will definitely recommend this products to my friends and family and yes i will use it again and again.
  • Yanga
    Dove coconut soap bar - 28 Aug 2018
    My skin is very sensitive and can be very dry. The coconut bar is very soft on my skin and i love it. It smells lovely and its the only product i use.
  • Danika
    Absolutely love dove!!! - 27 Aug 2018
    Absolutely love dove!!!
    Would recommend this to everyone. Hair is much , softer and shinier, and frizz has reduced alot.
    Highly recommended
  • palesa
    Dove Pack - 27 Aug 2018
    my family and are very happy with the result. we have not looked back since and its the number one go to product for a happy skin especially in winter. Its effective and leaves the skin smoothe and smelling fresh. Thank you for introducing me to this lovely range :)
  • Thandi
    Dove Pack - 27 Aug 2018
    I Love, Love, LOVE the soap and the Derma Spa. My skin tends to very dry in the winter and i must say, i noticed immediate improvement as soon as i started using the two products. No more cracked skin for me :-). This has become part of my daily routine. ;-)
  • Christine
    Dove Pack - 27 Aug 2018
    I love all products Dove! The new coconut fragrance is to die for. I used the bar of soap for the first time, and noticed an immediate change to my skin the next morning. It was more youthful and radiant. I've adopted the beauty soap into my daily skin care routine and I cant get enough of the coconut fragrance.
  • Veronique
    Dove Shampoo and Conditioner - 27 Aug 2018
    All I can say is of all the expensive hair products I have tried over the last few months, Dove has by far impressed me so much that its all I use right now and would def recommend everyone to try this products, its absolutely amazeballs!!!!
  • Tania
    Dove soap and Dermo Spa - 25 Aug 2018
    I'm INLOVE with the Dermo Spa goodness cream, it is really pure goodness! Love the smell and love what it does to my skin!

    And also LOVING the soap! Amazing scent and so nice on the skin as well!
  • Valarene
    Amazing - 24 Aug 2018
    Dove is different , its unique and leaves your body and hair feeling awesome , I love and enjoy all the products.
  • Akiena
    Dove pack - 23 Aug 2018
    Dove soap is so amazing. I use it all over & it leaves my skin feeling so soft. The Dove conditioner & shampoo strengthened my hair & revived my curls. My hair looks healthier. The lotion is my absolute favorite. My skin is well moisturized without a greasy feeling. I simply love the light scent of all these Dove products.
  • Paula
    FABULOUS - 23 Aug 2018
    i really enjoy using the DOVE products because not only does my hair have volume ,its silky and it smells really nice
  • jessica
    awesome - 23 Aug 2018
    this product is awesome , keeps the hair shinny , the skin glowing and the underarms fresh
  • linda
    Dove Pack - 21 Aug 2018
    Wow the Derma Spa body lotion gives me a spa experience everyday in the morning when I apply it on my body. The fragrance is soothing and relaxing yet very fragranced. I dont feel like I need a perfume after Im all dressed up.

    After using the Invisible dry spray I realised that my armpits I sweat
  • Makelle
    Shampoo and Conditioner - 21 Aug 2018
    I love it. They smell nice and makes my hair very soft and clean.
    Leaves my hair soft.
    I thank the friend who included me in receiving this i am grateful
  • Nazmeera
    Impressive range - 21 Aug 2018
    This pack has impressed me to the core. I'm super happy with the way my skin and hair feels. Well done dove! You have a new customer
  • Gail
    Amazing.... :) - 21 Aug 2018
    I have very dry skin and the derma spa is absolutely works wonders for my skin!

    Thank you Rubybox :)
  • Elsa
    Dive beauty pack - 21 Aug 2018
    From the moment I saw the products I was already keen on using them because they were packaged so well... And after using them the standards didn't not drop. The fragrances are wonderful as well as the way they work. I loved that Dove covered various ranges and it's open to all skin and hair types. I'll definitely be making more use if the cream as well as it's deodorant.
  • Charlene
    Dove Pack - 21 Aug 2018
    Awesome shampoo and conditioner.
    Hair is tame and esier to manage, silky soft and smooth. Love the product. Body lotion is awesome.
  • Nicole
    Dove Pack - 20 Aug 2018
    Received my Dove pack with a variety of Products to try. i am very impressed with all them. All products are of superior quality and work wonders. Thank you ruby box
  • Ethne
    Dove - 20 Aug 2018
    I have very dry skin and with the Dove products I saw a difference almost immediately:)
  • Simran
    Amazing products! - 19 Aug 2018
    The body lotion is super lightweight and, like the soap, very moisturising!
  • Tarryn
    DOVE - 18 Aug 2018
    The only thing is absolutely loved was the deodorant. its definitely a must-have. It keeps me dry and feeling fresh the entire day. Soap is a no go as it contains sulphates. Dermaspa lotions were just average
  • Storm
    The Best - 17 Aug 2018
    The Dove moisturiser is my favourite! After a few days of using it I could see dramatic difference. Struggled with dry hands until I started using it. A really lovely product. One that I will definitely be buying
  • Aneeqah
    Dove beauty Hamper - 17 Aug 2018
    Every single product was amazing and worked for my dry hair and skin. The new derma spa body lotion was my favorite.
  • Lindi
    Amazing results - 17 Aug 2018
    All the Dove products sent are just heavenly, I love that even a soap was sent and wow what a difference this soap made, because its a beauty bar the soap is not drying and smells beautiful. I'm very happy and impressed with all the products sent, the shampoo and conditioner WOW!!! Incredible results!
  • Caitlin
    Dove - 17 Aug 2018
    This is officially my absolute favorite soap, feels like a tropical holiday. Creamy and soft on my skin!
  • Semone
    DOVE DermaSpa - 17 Aug 2018
    Oh My Goodness this Dermaspa Goodness is amazing!!
    if you ever want velvety soft,nice smelling skin then this is definitely what you need.
  • Elsabe
    Dove - 17 Aug 2018
    The products is amazing. The cashmere spa makes your skin feel so so soft. The shampoo and conditioner is smelling great and i really love the way it makes my hair feel. Love it.
    Dove spoils absolutely spoiled me - 17 Aug 2018
    Received these with my intensive repair pack and not only was I surprised that I received them but I was also surprised at the results. The products left my skin feeling soft to the touch and refreshed
  • Noelia
    **Beautifully fragranced** - 17 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love the fragrance of the products. After using the soap and lotion you truly feel like you've had a spa experience. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized and the fragrance lingers for the whole day.
  • Lucinda
    Dove Pack - 17 Aug 2018
    I used the products and all of them are amazing. The smell and quality of each product was truly great! I will highly recommend this product. My friends and family all love, so you definitely will not go wrong. Go on... make the purchase. It is definitely worth it! DOVE - the game changer!
  • Stephanie
    Love these products!!! - 16 Aug 2018
    These dove products is absolutely amazing! the soap smells lovely, the body cream makes your skin feel soft, smooth and shiny, and the under arm spray makes me feel clean and fresh. I use these products regularly, but i just love this new range! I've used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time, and oh my goodness!! I just can't get enough it.
  • Keenan
    Dove - 16 Aug 2018
    Such great products. The smell and way it makes you feel after using it, is an out of this world experience
  • Nomfundo
    Beautiful - 16 Aug 2018
    I've tried all products for my underarms and nothing works. I have been using the Invisible Dry spray for 2 weeks now , and i can safely say I am happy with the results.

    I cant wait to have an experience with all the other products.
  • Bongiwe
    Dove had done it again - 16 Aug 2018
    I tried the Dove Cashmere body skin is glowing, it smells absolutely amazing. Went looking for it at the stores and i found the one with the gold lid.... amazing
  • Nolwazi
    Love it! - 16 Aug 2018
    As a woman I always want to look and feel my best, naturally I've gone through many different products in the quest to find the best (and so has my bank account) and after a long tedious process I discovered Dove in my earlier 20's. I must say product truly does what it says it does, everything I see on TV ads is true. The soap bar, which I buy in bulk leaves my skin feeling soft and luxurious every single time. The deodorant keeps my underarms fresh all day long with absolutely no sweat or unsightly stains on my clothes. I love love love Dove!
  • Mapula
    DOVE MAGIC - 16 Aug 2018
    I tried the Dove Cashmere body lotion....Words fail me, my skin glows, it smells absolutely amazing. Went looking for it at the stores because I don't want it to run out. Can you imagine a skin as dry as mine glowing!!!! I'm absolutely amazed
  • Abigail
    Oh So Dove - 16 Aug 2018
    Dove has always been my go to* when it comes to dry skin, i am so inlove with how it makes my body feel. in our home Dove is our new best friend especially because we a family that struggles with eczema... Dove oh so Dove where would i be without you:)
  • Prudence
    Silky soft skin - 16 Aug 2018
    I am enjoying the Dove pack I received from my friend Bongi. The Dove soap has made my skin smoother and softer to touch, it smells awesome as well! The Body lotion and deodorant are all exquisite! My skin is silky soft all over!
  • Amanda
    Dove Bar Soap - 15 Aug 2018
    I've been using the bar soap on my face and it has really made a difference because I have a acne so a lot of the products I try out either make my face too dry or too oil and ever since I started using it my face feels very smooth and the it is not breaking out as often as it used to.
  • Adilhia Fernandes
    NO more DRY SKIN - 15 Aug 2018
    These are fantastic products. The bar soap is great and i totally love the smell. It keeps my skin well nourished. The Derma Spa Cashmere lotion is great. I have used this for 2 weeks and my skin is no longer dry like it use to be. My skin looks healthy and is feeling great. The body spray is great to use. Have used it before and still today i keep on using it. All these products are great.
    DOVE BEAUTY PACK - 15 Aug 2018
    The products are all wonderful. To the silky soft hand wash. The soap is nice and silky,the bar does not finish quick.
  • Vivia
    Dove- Peace of mind - 15 Aug 2018
    I received a Dove goodies bag from my friend Ash, omw what an experience. I suffer from dry skin and scalp and my colleagues mentioned that my skin look so much healthier and my hair is now always down... Thank you DOVE!!!
  • Joey
    Say bye bye to dry skin - 15 Aug 2018
    All the Dove products sent are just heavenly, I love that even a soap was sent and wow what a difference this soap made, because its a beauty bar the soap is not drying and smells beautiful. I'm very happy and impressed with all the products sent, the shampoo and conditioner WOW!!! Incredible results!
  • Nomfundo
    Helps my dry skin - 15 Aug 2018
    These products have helped me alot this winter. Especially the coconut milk one.
  • Tsholofelo
    AMAZING!!! - 14 Aug 2018
    During winter and spring my skin tend to become so dry and sensitive but ever since I was introduced to this product by my aunt I've completely fallen in love with it.
  • Nomcebo
    My Dove - 14 Aug 2018
    I've used dove products referred by my sister I must say they are very good especially for my sensitive skin am very happy with this products
    i received this beautiful pack from my sister. I was blown away by the amount of goodies inside the bag. I have been using the dove soaps for awhile because I love how creamy they are and how they make your skin feel.... I was a little sceptical about the antiperspirant as previous ones did not agree to my skin however the dove antiperspirants is awesome... I love the subtle fragrance... the body lotion is out of this world....I mostly use it as a hand cream and it keeps my hands soft all day without me having to reapply....I haven't used the dove shampoo as yet ..thank you dove and ruby box.:)
  • Wendy
    Dove Papmper Pack - 14 Aug 2018
    I've always loved Dove soaps but had never tried the rest of its range. Coincidentally I was shopping around for an invisible anti-perspirant spray - so I was really excited when receiving this pack. I've now completely switched from my previous anti-perspirant spray. Thanks Dove and Rubybox! Oh and I must say the body lotion also makes for a great hand cream when you're completely out :)
  • Louise
    Dove is champion - 14 Aug 2018
    I received a pack from my daughter-in-law. This is an absolute beautiful product. Each and every one of the products in the pack is very special and I absolutely love it.
  • Siphosethu
    Dove pack - 14 Aug 2018
    Dove pack was a Christmas early gift, it's amazing. All the products are on point. Top quality, I couldn't believe my rates when I received the pack, even the my friends whom I distributed it too were amaze at the quality and quantity. Thank you Dove
  • Leila
    Dove - 14 Aug 2018
    Dove have really awesome products. All the products are good. Leaves my skin moisturized and glowing. Great products to give as gifts!
  • Louise
    Dove DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort - 14 Aug 2018
    I simply LOVE the smell of this Dove product. My skin is very dry in winter, but this product norishes and soothes my skin! Definitely a keeper!!
  • Angel
    LOVE THE SMELLS - 14 Aug 2018
    I adore how these products smell and how they make my skin feel !
    i get compliments where i go and i love love love .... i will be buying this in the future and have completely changed my brand ! so happy with these products !
  • Lefentse
    Dove soaps are the best - 13 Aug 2018
    I have been using dove soap since I have acne and my skin is sensitive ,the soap is amazing for my skin and it's not harsh .
    I specifically use the coconut milk beauty bar one I also love the scent from the soaps .

    I would definitely use more products from Dove .

  • Mondy
    Dove - 13 Aug 2018
    I have a very dry skin but after i have started to use dove its smooth and moist. I really love it
  • Nomalanga
    smells devine! - 13 Aug 2018
    Dove products smell amazing. From hair range to body products. I absolutely love Dove.
  • Phelokazi
    Dove pack - 13 Aug 2018
    I've been using the dove deodorant spray I've convinced my Man to use since he always ask me why I smell so fresh and we both can't stop raving about it

    It keeps me fresh all day and my airpits no longer feel wet and itchy the smell stays the whole day and I make sure I never leave the house without it
  • Nomahlubi
    Dove never disappoints - 13 Aug 2018
    I always have The Dove invisible dry Deodorant spay, roll on and soap in my list of toiletries. My skin always feel so smooth and clean and my underarms are left dry and smelling so nice and fresh. Invisible dry leaves no room for insecurities for bad smelling underarms. Confidence is boosted at all times :)
  • Swazi
    The product has got to be the best - 13 Aug 2018
    When using any dove products you have made the Best choice because your body becomes smooth and lighter you have that glow
  • Angelique
    Extra Dove Pack Products - 13 Aug 2018
    The Soap!! The Lotion!! The Spray!!

    Ever Got A compliment because of the smell of your body without even putting perfume in
  • Nikita
    Everything in one pack - 11 Aug 2018
    I have used the Dove soap before and did not think they could better their product until I used this coconut infused bar. The smell is subtle and refreshing and as always is silky on your skin, leaving it nourished. The lotion has been perfect for my skin of late as since after my pregnancy I have been struggling with dryer areas on my body. I could not find anything that's worked on my elbows until now. I must be honest and say although the deoderant does keep you dry for the entire day (although I'm not one who struggles with perspiration) it's not my favourite. The smell is far too overwhelming.
  • Mapitsi
    Beast of all products - 11 Aug 2018
    Dove is the best products I have ever used in my entire life,from skin care to hair products.its also very affordable and I have introduced my husband to it
  • Nonhlanhla
    What a soap - 9 Aug 2018
    My Dermatology recommend that I use dove soap sensitive it has helped alot with my marks
  • Keatlaretse
    WOW - 8 Aug 2018
    I've been struggling with dry skin to a point where my skin would itch. Ever since I've been using Dove Shea butter bar am at ease the moisture is locked in, my skin feels soft and silky and it also smells pretty good
  • S'bonisile
    Sharing among friends - 8 Aug 2018
    I first had dove as a gift by a friend for my birthday it's a beautiful hamper that made me fall inlove with Dove products it's leaves my skin soft and silky and the smell is heavenly..Thank you Dove I have no words❤️
  • Zodumo
    Best soap - 8 Aug 2018
    The dove soap is the best it leave my skin smooth and well moisturized all day I don't get dry skin after shower
  • Kedibone
    Dove range - 8 Aug 2018
    Dove is an awesome product it leaves your skin moist, doenst dry your skin at all. I love the coconut milk soap, the smell is absolute amazing. the pack is heaven in
  • Chantel
    Amazing Dove Products - 8 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love these Dove products, the Shampoo and conditioner is now one that I will be using all the time. My Hair is like new now, it has given my hair life again, silky soft and smelling great. The Soap is also very nice, it moisturises your skin and smells amazing.
  • Cara
    Dove is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! - 8 Aug 2018
    I've always been using the dove aerosol deodorant and soap, so receiving the extra stock in my sample pack was heaven sent. I use no other deodorant (after trying a lot of different brands, Dove is the one that keeps me fresh and satisfied WHOLE day) The soaps are so creamy and fragrant it makes bath time extra special. The shampoo was a new sample to try and I am TOTALLY converted. Leaves my hair softer and healthier than any other shampoo I've used. The cream creamy! It smells wonderful and fresh and leaves my skin feeling so good. Dove has definitely gained a regular customer with all their products. Thank you Dove and RubyBox :)
  • ne
    Dove - 8 Aug 2018
    I love dove the smell, and the way it soothes my skin it fast absorbing
  • Maletsema
    The soap is silky and you stay moisturized for a long time after the bath. I struggle with extensive perspiration and the deodorant is handy because its long-lasting. Shampoo and Conditioner have revived my hair. Its fuller and not so dull looking.
  • Zama
    Falling inlove with this product - 7 Aug 2018
    Ive used their soap before and god it. So gentle on the skin i would love to use more of their products
    Dove invisible spray - 7 Aug 2018
    I have not yet been able to find a spray that is compatible for me as roll on blocks my pores and causes itching. Dove invisible spray is the first spray that i have not had one single side effect from and it keeps smelling fresh all day. I love it and i am very happy that i don't have worry about sticky clothes and itching anymore
  • Bambesiwe
    The Best - 7 Aug 2018
    Dove is really amazing especially for those with dry skin like mine as it helps makes your skin soft and add more moisture....
  • Thobza
    It's smell like a fresh rose of winter - 7 Aug 2018
    It's like a rose and its help my skin all Four seasons it's never disappoint me
  • Vineshnee
    Dove Pack - 7 Aug 2018
    Amazing Products. I have used the Intensive Repair Shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels soft and shiny after I had surgery 3 weeks ago
  • Gareth
    Shampoo and moisturizer - 7 Aug 2018
    Doves moisturizer & Shampoo are the best... My hair is shiny and so soft
  • Frankie
    MOISTURE GALORE!! - 7 Aug 2018
    To say impressed would be an understatement!

    I literally spend huge amounts of money on skincare products every month!, NEVER AGAIN!!

    The dove coconut milk bar soap has been my holy grail for the past few weeks, i use this everyday (including the lotion), my skin has never been softer and smoother, i swear!, i've never had a product make my skin feel this soft and luxurious before!!!

    I'm not sure if it's meant to improve your skin tone but it definitely has done the most for me!

    Thank you Dove

    I wish dove would formulate a lip balm asap!, these guys lead in moisture!
  • Aneesah
    Excellent pack - 7 Aug 2018
    I’ve recieved these packs to share with h my friends and we’re currently trying it out but so far we love it! It’s amazing and smells so divine!

    We will definitely repurchase these Dive items and highly recommend to other people for an excellent skin and haircare routine
  • Bontle Petunia
    Dove - 7 Aug 2018
    I am so in love with the DOVE Range (OMG). When using them my skin feels smoother & softer it's just amazing! The lotion has the most amazing smell .
  • Daphney
    Best Product - 7 Aug 2018
    Dove soap helps me with my dark spots on my face, and my face doesn't get dry. Wouldn't mind using dove products. They also helped my baby with eczema.
  • Pamella
    DOVE DOES IT BETTER - 6 Aug 2018
    We all use dove products in my house myself,hubby and the kids,its works perfe tly for my kids and hubby since they all have sensitive skin,we love DOVE
  • Snakho
    Dove bar original - 6 Aug 2018
    First bought it to use for my face it feels ao smooth and lighten up my face then use it for the whole body amy body us so softs and looks lighter then before even my 3 year old use baby dove now it the best product for our skin
  • Sandisiwe
    Coconut Milk Beauty Bar - 6 Aug 2018
    As you apply it , it is easy on the skin , luxurious and has that velvetu feel on the skin .With other soaps after washing your face ,the skin gets dry but not with this beauty bar.
  • Sandisiwe
    DermaSpa Goodness Body Lotion - 6 Aug 2018
    During winter time I normally use my body lotion with vaseline or tissue oil, however with this body lotion there is no need for me to add anything , its rich , smells great and absorbs easily on the skin and lasts .It gives me that nourished feel without any add ons .
  • Reesha
    Beautiful hair and skin - 6 Aug 2018
    So I'm on my fourth wash with the Dove shampoo and conditioner and my hair has never looked better. My skin is glowing and I love it!!!
  • Bushraa
    Best gift ever! - 6 Aug 2018
    I cannot even tell you how amazing these products are! From the first use my skin feels softer and smoother it's just blowing my mind! My entire family has been converted to dove now. The lotion has the most amazing fresh scent that just lingers on the skin so deliciously. The underarm spray works perfectly I don't have stains on my clothes and my underarms feel dry. The soap bar also felt luxurious. Showering feels like I'm having a spa experience. I love it. Thank you dove and rubybox this has been the best gift ever!
  • Aamirah
    Did I just come from a spa!? - 5 Aug 2018
    Wow! I can not get enough of the beauty bar and Dermaspar lotion! Seeing as it is winter, dry skin is definitely a struggle and knowing myself I tend to slack on applying lotion throughout the season which leads me to having to do some damage control by the time the sun starts showing up.

    This would explain why I am so impressed with these two products higlighted above. The beauty bar (OMG! Smells divine!!!) moisturises my skin leaving it feel subtle and soft as a babys buttocks! The Dermaspar lotion (even though initially leaves a sticky like feeling which eventually goes away) leaves me smelling like a goddess who just stepped out of a bath of roses which literally fills up my entire passage in my home anf trails along with me wherever I go. It has a very luxurious feel to it which I really really enjoy as well as leaving a hydrated shine to my skin. I am almost definitely sure that these products will become a part of my monthly beauty purchases.
  • Shinayde
    Dove Pamper Pack - 4 Aug 2018
    Absolutely love these products!! They really make your skin look and feel great! So worth it!
  • Melanie
    Dove Pack - 4 Aug 2018
    I absolutely loved opening this goodie box from Rubybox. It smelled absolutely amazing and after trying out the Derma Spa hand cream I'm thrilled to have the body lotion as well. The shampoo and conditioner was definitely a game changer for me, can't wait to share my review.
  • Sandra
    dove pack - 4 Aug 2018
    i am absolutely blown away by the products...i have fallen in love with bathing because of the soap and the devine lotion. I especially love the staying power of the lotion on the skin in windy august,its absolutely worth it.

    Used the conditioner and shampoo for my weaves and they are super soft and smell lovely. They look very lovely and shiny all day.will definitely purchase again.
  • Asiphe
    dove derma spa goodness hand cream - 3 Aug 2018
    wow dove job well done! the hand cream keeps my hands soft, smelling good and moisturised without feeling greasy it actually gives a velvetly feel... wow! im inlove guys
  • Prebashni
    Dove Pack - 3 Aug 2018
    absolutely loved the pack . Great products . Smells awesome with immediate results
  • Angelique
    Dove Pack - 3 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love all these products. I am super impressed with the invisible dry spray. I would never use Dove spray because of the white marks it left but now I cannot get enough of it.
  • Kershia
    Love the Dove - 3 Aug 2018
    Absolutely love this product the smell which lasts the feeling of silky softness after wash... and and and...
    only down fall is the body spray which has aluminium in otherwise LOVE THE DOVE!
  • Roxanne
    Dove Intensive Repair Pamper pack - 2 Aug 2018
    WoW! I finally used the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner on both my daughter and my hair just to see if it really improves the condition(dry and stressed out) and we both noticed and said to each other how healthy and new our hair looks and feels .This shampoo & conditioner is intense! definitely makes my hair more manageable & it leaves your hair super soft & healthy ... Oh & the smell is simply divine! Dove intensive repair - TRUE STORY after one wash you can visibly see a difference.Cant wait to see results after a longer period of use. ADVICE : Go for it to get a real Salon Look from home.

    Antiperspirant Range :
    Amazing light fresh clean fragrance. No White Residue on clothes.Leaves you feeling like you just stepped out the shower.ADVICE: Better than the rest. Choose Dove Antiperspirant and be Clean & Confident.

    Must have!!! OOOOH # Dove from above..I used it over the weekend and could feel the softness of my skin improve after 1st rub. A Heavenly smell that rubs into your skin so smoothly and no greasy shine but healthy glow from within.This product is definitely worth the rub. ADVICE:The scent is great and its so worth buying! :)

    Dove SOAP:
    Game changer of Note!!! Wow smells like freshly squeezed awesomeness, drives the senses straight into confidence. I stayed longer in the shower just to keep lathering the beautiful bar of soap. New woman feel. ADVICE: Unique body experience you must feel. #buy! buy! buy! #rubybox #DoveSA #DoveHairGameChanger
  • Marie1259@JayJ
    Dove pack - 2 Aug 2018
    I reveived the Dove pack from my daughter Marise, I use the original soap bar, love the smell of the coconut milk bar, soap bar with the body lotion my skin feel soft and moisturized, the shampoo and conditioner got a lovely smell, your hair feels soft and clean
  • Tamsyn
    Dove pack - 2 Aug 2018
    I received the pack from my sister, and wow its amazing, gentle on your skin, super moisturising and just simply amazing! Don't think I'm going to be using anything else
  • Bronwyn-Lee
    Awesome Dove Pack Smells and feels fantastic - 2 Aug 2018
    I had never used this before and i am impressed by the feel and look of my cleansed soft shiny hair so excited thank you rubybox simply loving The Dove Range. My skin looks clearer brighter my hands feel softer and my hair is transformed
  • Nelisiwe
    Dove Pack - 2 Aug 2018
    Thank you Rubybox for my Pack, love the smell of my hair after the 1st wash. Skin feels soft and luxurious after the first wash using the dove bar and lotion. I'm just loving this pamper pack...
  • Tenielle
    Dove Pack - 2 Aug 2018
    My friend gave me this pack to try and I must say I am impressed with the shampoo, it left my hair detangled when wet and so soft and shiny when dry, something I often don't get from most shampoos, the soap smells divine and leaves me feeling fresh and clean for at least two hours after I have taken a shower!
  • Reesha
    Awesome Dove Pack - 2 Aug 2018
    Every one of these products are absolutely amazing. My skin feels lovely, my feels even better. Really a feel good product!
  • Chantal
    Dove products review - 2 Aug 2018
    These Dove products are so great! I have generally dry skin & hair, but my hair & skin was so soft & moisturised after using these products after just a few days. The smell is also light & fresh.
  • Bronwin
    Dove Pack - 2 Aug 2018
    I have always trusted Dove products over the years. Once again after using the deodorant and Derma Spa lotion it was exactly as I expected, the same quality products. The lotion is indeed what every woman should include in their beauty routine. My skin feel smooth and silky and looks healthy. And the smell last on your skin.
    The deodorant spay surprised me when I could still get that lovely smell after a gym session. I also wear a lot of black and white as part of my uniform and its lovely to see that there are no yellow stains on my clothes.

    I'm definitely sticking to these Dove products.
  • Eliana
    I Recieved 9x Dove Packs, heres what me and my friends think - 2 Aug 2018
    Over all, Dove products have an amazing reputation and all the Dove products in the pack really stayed true to their reputation.

    Between the 9 packs distributed between myself and friends, we loved the products. The bar soap and lotion together are a killer combo! in a good way, the soft just washed feeling and aroma last most of the day. Now I have always been a Dove treatment fan, but the shampoo and conditioner are just as amazing, it leaves my hair shiny, sleek and soft, what more could a lady ask for? Lastly the spray, it has been a really long time since I have used a deodorant that not only smells amazing but lasts on my skin. Personally I have always been a Dove fan, I do find some of their products overpriced but rightly so if you look at the quality of the products.
    Overall the packs were well received everyone enjoyed the products and Rubybox has definitely pulled 9 ladies over to the Dove side of life.
  • Gillian
    Dover Package - 2 Aug 2018
    Shampoo and Conditioner - is amazing. Very think and smells good. Made my hair feel flawless
  • Beverley
    Dove pack promotional pack - 2 Aug 2018
    The dove promotional pack was amazing
    The soap made my skin soft and smooth
    The shampoo and conditioner made my hair soft and smooth
    The body cream - made my body feel amazing rejuvenated and feeling fresh.
    The spray made me smell fresh and clean
    However when i priced it in the store - its abit pricey
  • Jane
    Awesome Dove Pack - 1 Aug 2018
    My friend gave me a Dove Pack to test and I am absolutely delighted my face and skin feels smooth clear and soft but the absolute winner was the shampoo and conditioner it instantly after one wash transforms my hair from dull dry to soft sleek shiny so exciting
  • Wade
    Dove pack review - 1 Aug 2018
    Fresh fragrance, great and hair responded well to the product.
  • Tayla
    SO SOFT! - 31 Jul 2018
    I love the soap and lotion. Makes my skin very soft and the scent is long lasting. The invisible dry has a soft baby powder scent, however it still left white marks on my black clothes I wore, other then that I will definitely purchase it again
  • Nancy
    Awesomeness - 31 Jul 2018
    I love these products. It leaves my hair and skin feel so soft and smells so nice.
  • Zelda
    Dove quality - 31 Jul 2018
    I have been using the dove roll on and antiperspirants for a while so I do know of the quality of dove products. But the soap and derma spa lotion wow. I have always had dry patches of skin on my legs since birth so applying lotions to my legs made them look dry and feeling sticky. I used it twice today and there is no sticky feeling and the dry patch looks so much better. Truly amazing products. Now I just need to keep the man in my life away from it.
  • Nadia
    Dove pack - 31 Jul 2018
    The dove pack has been by far the best products i have used..
    The shampoo and conditioner just after this first wash my hair felt healthy and softer..
    The soap bar has such a relaxing scent and its creamy makes my skin feel so soft and the smell stays for long on your body..
    The deodorant has a nice smell and does not stain clothes..
    The hand cream smells so noce leaving u feeling soft and smelĺing great..
    Thanx for such amazing products..
  • Gomolemo
    Dove Dove Pack - 31 Jul 2018
    **Bar Soap** is very creamy
    **Deodorant** smells really good
    **Cocooning body lotion** is velvety and smell to die for.
  • nalini
    Dove Pack - 31 Jul 2018
    Thank you Rubybox for my Pack, love the smell of my hair after the 1st wash. Skin feels soft and luxurious after the first wash using the dove bar and lotion. I'm just loving this pamper pack
  • Fabia
    Dove hamper - 31 Jul 2018
    thank you very much for the amazing hamper, I love the lotion and body spray on my skin. I will continue to use it even in the future. it is an amazing product even the beauty bar treats my skin well, THANK YOU
  • Geraldine
    #DoveHairGameChanger - 31 Jul 2018
    31.07.2018 - #rubybox #DoveHairSA #ConfidentlyYou #DoveHairGameChanger
    On Sunday I experienced the Shampoo & Conditioner feeling light & soft...missed the shine though after my first wash. Will see if it improves with next wash.
  • Itumeleng
    Happiness - 31 Jul 2018
    Thanks Rubybox i got my pack from Mapaseka can i say i loooove everything about that pack it smells soooo yummy soap left my face feeling smooth shem the lotion Girl i smell like heaven definitely buying month end
  • Marise
    Dove Pack - 31 Jul 2018
    Wow how amazing is this. Love the Lotion it makes my skin feel softer and smoother. This is amazing.
    Dove pack - 31 Jul 2018
    this product is amaizing. i was totally amaized as i always used Pantene only buy after using dove i will most definately not go back to my old ways. thank you for softer heathier skin
  • Karshnee
    Luxurious - 31 Jul 2018
    Thanks to Rubybox, I received the Coconut Milk soap bar, Invisible Dry Deodorant and the DermaSpa Goodness body lotion. I have to say I simply love the DermaSpa lotion. It has a smooth texture, absorbs well into my skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft and loved. Will definitely be stocking this in future. The Invisible Dry is confidence in a can. I stay fresh all day. Have not tried out the soap bar yet because I am more of a shower gel kinda girl, but with the lovely feel of the other products I will most certainly being giving it a try.
  • Dishani
    Dove - 31 Jul 2018
    The dove products are good quality. Always a good buy and value for your money. Shampoo has an amazing smell and the soap works perfect on my sensation skin.
  • naadiyah
    Doves - 30 Jul 2018
    Wow, it has only been a week of using these products and I'm really impressed with the dove shampoo and conditioner ,my hair is very fragile and breaks easily and I can truly say it really changed my hair for the better it's so soft, smooth, Shiney and also stronger and made my hair more manageable awesome products would definitely recommend it!
    Doves hair products
    Thank you DoveHairSA
  • Dani
    Dove Pack Review :) - 30 Jul 2018
    I absolutely LOVE Dove products and am always super excited when receiving items from them! :D

    The body cream was a new one for me, and I LOVE IT! It smells amaaazing and feels so good on the skin - It's not oily or greasy and leaves skin feeling super soft :)

    I really enjoy the hand cream, it's the perfect size for your purse and also smells really good! I definitely see and feel a difference on my hands and cuticles :)

    Always keep and love the shampoos and conditioners as they always perform well on my hair.

    The soap bar smells so good, not like the usual coconut scent which is nice :)

    Overall I am super chuffed! Thank you!
  • Hailey
    Happy Girl - 30 Jul 2018
    One simply cannot go wrong with Dove essentials, the texture , fresh smell & refreshing feeling you get once using these products come so highly recommended. I am yet to try out the Shampoo / Hair rescue , but if the products I have been using is anything to go by, I cannot wait to take full advantage of the entire range.
  • Carmin
    Value for money! - 30 Jul 2018
    The dove DermaSpa Goodness body lotion is a must for those with dry skin as it moisturizes skin without the oily / shiny finish, makes your skin so smooth and soft. The Dove Purely pampering coconut milk Beauty Bar smell awesome!! but it also feels so good on the skin. The Dove Invisible Antiperspirant Deodorant keeps you dry and smelling fresh even with humidity or a rough day at work. Gentle and mild to the skin but strong enough to combat odors and the best part ... no stains on your favorite clothes!! wins all round!
  • Elizabeth
    Dove never disappoints - 30 Jul 2018
    I love the Derma Spa goodness body cream, it has a very light feel and is fast absorbing. The entire range smells really good, It's like a soft comforting scent that makes you feel so fresh and clean.
  • Nadeema
    Dove derma spa - 30 Jul 2018
    An amazing hand cream. My hands have never looked and felt so supple.
  • Yonica
    Dove Surprise Goodies - 30 Jul 2018
    AMAZING! I love every single product in the packed we had to test:
    the shampoo and conditioner made my long hair soft, silky and less tangled than usual,
    the body cream WOW FANTASTIC,
    the soap bar is one of my favourites
    the body spray is what I currently use, it leaves no white marks on my clothes and smells clean and fresh.
    I even got my man to test all the products and he LOVED it!)
    Thank you rubybox for the great products! x
  • Tazz
    Dove pack - 29 Jul 2018
    The new dove range is absolutely amazing! The soap smells and feels great, the spray lasts all day, the lotion relieves dry skin and the shampoo
    and conditioner made my hair silky smooth and so easy to blow dry after! Love this range thanks Dove and Rubybox.
  • Mary
    In Love! - 28 Jul 2018
    I'm so in love with all these items in the pack! It's smells GREAT and the Dermaspa cream is definitely one I'll buy in the future. My dry skin frustrates the heck out of me, but this definitely adds quite a bit of moisture. So impressed with Dove.
  • Mari-Suné
    So In Love! - 28 Jul 2018
    I couldn't wait to post a review. I've always been a dove fan in terms of thier liquid and bar soaps but man oh man, the shampoo and condition is a no-fail. My hair looks silky and is so soft I almost can't stop running my hands through my hair (bad idea if you're a bit oily on top) but it feels and looks irresistable! Definitely my new staple.

    The body lotion is heaven on earth. It smells nothing short of awesome and it makes my skin baby soft and hydrated. Couple this with the deoderant and you never go anywhere smelling bad (plus, no need to reapply, it lasts the entire day!)

    In love with all these products! Reminded me why I started using dove all those years ago in the first place,
  • zaida
    best hair care range ever - 27 Jul 2018
    I have used the dove hair care shampoo and conditioner and it is by far the best I have used, it makes my hair smooth and I feel such a huge difference in my hair. I will definitely recommend to family and friends
  • Lisa
    Dove - 27 Jul 2018
    2 of my Girlfriends received each (Goodness and Comfort) they are amazing - I`m definitely buying the Goodness range from now on

    Dove is definitely an amazing product
  • Ayanda
    The best in the market - 27 Jul 2018
    I started using these products recently and i'm blown away,I'm sticking to Dove without thinking twice.....The smell is to die for and my skin is softer than ever. I dont want to mention the underarm spray goshh this is all awesome.
  • Charmaine
    A absolute must - 26 Jul 2018
    This nange has given me a new opinion of dove.
    The soap smells great, is creamy and leaves the skin glowing.
    The spa lotion is immedietely absorbed into your skin. It heals dryskin, leaving it feeling super soft.
    The deodrant lasts all day and leaves me feeling fresh and confident.
  • Lucille
    Dove Pack - 26 Jul 2018
    I was lucky enough to be given one of these packs by one of my friends to got the samples. Wow, the products are absolutely stunning!! I've always used Dove products (especially Shampoo & Conditioner) but the new body lotion is wonderful... smells so lovely!!
  • Natasha
    Dove Dove Pack - 26 Jul 2018
    Received my Dove Pack shared it with my friends and Man...I have to say, it feels like my birthday. All these products smell incredible. The shampoo and condtioner made my hair feel soft and looks way shinier. A little goes a Long long way!
    The lotion does not leave my skin feeling oily it is smooth and absorbed almost immediately. The aloe smell is my favourite.
    I used dove invisible deodorant in the morning and I still smell fresh with No stains on my clothes. Well done Dove.
    The coconut milk pink dove bar smells like heaven (if heaven had a smell). It keeps my skin soft and nourished. I Love all the products and so does all my friend. Thank you Rubybox and Dove. I'm impressed.