eventone™ pomegranate hygiene soap
Size 175g
Available in the Bar Soap Category/Aisle at your nearest store - R13.99

Introducing the new Dettol eventone™ hygiene soap, with a refreshing pomegranate fragrance. With the same trusted Dettol formula to protect your skin against 99.9%of germs. This new Dettol eventide™ pomegranate hygiene soap also has exfoliating ingredients for deep pore cleansing of oil and dirt, as well as moisturising ingredients leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.


  • shamara
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 12 Jun 2018
    At first i didn't believe that a soap could make much difference but this was soap was amazing and really did stay true to what it claims. my skin felt so much smoother and looked so much cleaner. i will definitely buy this product. the great smell of the soap was a bonus.
  • Bontle
    Detol eventone pomegranate hygeine soap - 1 Jun 2018
    This soap is perfect for uneven skin tone. It doesn't make my skin breakout and it's gentle on my sensitive skin. And the smell is just an added bonus, divine.
  • ndifelani
    wow - 31 May 2018
    perfect. this soap worked magic on my skin. i can recommend it to everyone who has a dry skin with spots.
  • Angelique
    No Sweat - 29 May 2018
    Since I have been using this soap, I Noticed that I don't have an odour when I sweat. Must be the germ killing properties.
  • Florence
    Soap for my Family - 24 May 2018
    Ever since I used the Dettol Eventone, I have never looked back. My entire family uses it and it smells so so great. The aroma lasts longer and it makes my skin so smooth. Thank you Dettol!
  • Lu-Zahn
    Amazing - 23 May 2018
    Such an amazing soap, it doesn't dry out my sensitive skin or let's me break out. The smell is an added bonus- it's heavenly. I always use this.
  • Siphiwe
    Good but not incredible - 22 May 2018
    I've been using this for my hyperpigmentation on my face for about 4 months now although my skin has improved a lot it is not the only thing that will restore your skin to Flawless perfection. It is a bargain at the price and you don't feel like you've been ripped off
  • Martha
    DETTOLEVENTONE - 15 May 2018
    It is not easy for me to leave my shower, i enjoy the smell and it leaves my body soft and clean
  • Cheyenne
    Dettol even tone soap - 9 May 2018
    An absolute must have!!!

    It not onlyleaves my skin feeling clean and amazingly soft it also smells great!!

    Ladies this one's seriously worth a try!!
  • Frankie
    Dettol - Even tone - 18 Apr 2018
    Gurrrl, i swear by this!!

    Tried, tested and TRUSTED.

    The results speak for itself, i ain't one to brag about products that do not work FOR ME so in all honesty i have to urge all you ladies to try this out.

    The change in my skin is amazing, kinda weird how soap can affect your skin in sucha way.

    Anywaayyy, I've personally seen the change in my skin tone (lighter) after using this soap hence i recommend this :)
  • Chante
    This product smells devine - 17 Apr 2018
    If you haven't tried out this Dettol even tone soap you are lacking a lot. This product smells amazing and with additional benefits evens out your skin tone. I am inlove with the smell alone.
  • Nonhlanhla Angel
    Dettoleventone - 8 Mar 2018
    Ever since I recieved this produt from ruby box , I now buy it for everyday use for the whole family
  • Megan
    Pomegranate Soap - 8 Mar 2018
    Such a beautiful scent for your evening shower. This smell helps me sleep easy at night as it is so sweet and fragrant. The exfoliating factor is also great for anyone who waxes or has slight acne on their skin as it is gentle enough to aid in renewing skin without being too abrasive
  • Mandy
    Best soap ever - 26 Feb 2018
    Love this product! It smells devine and makes your skin feels super soft. Will only buy this soap from now on.
  • Ayanda
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 23 Feb 2018
    Oh my I must say I'm loving the mildness of this bar soap, so creamy, lovely and calming scent. Good for money. I decided to try it after I couldn't find my usual bar soap and I am sold!
  • Livuse
    I suffer from extremely dry body skin and need to take special care/consideration of the products I use. The the hygiene soap smells devine but left me feeling ashen after my shower.

    Amazing value for money but not ideal for dry skin.
  • Jo-Ann
    Fantastic product - 16 Feb 2018
    I love this soap. Smells great and it leaves my skin fresh and soft. Would recommend it to anyone. Even my husband was impressed with it.
  • Dahnelle
    Dettol Pomegranate Pleasures - 15 Feb 2018
    I am really impressed with the Dettol Pomegranate hygiene soap. When you get the smell of the bar alone it intrigues you to indulge in a bath or shower. The feeling on your skin while washing and after is absolutely amazing. My skin is soft and smells amazing after use.

    Definitely one of my keepers.
    wonder even tone soap - 1 Feb 2018
    I have used the Dettol eventone soap for 2 weeks, and in that time i have seen tremendous results on my skin. After using it in the 1st week i saw a difference in the tone of face and body. it left my skin feeling sooooo very soft and smooth and smelling amazing. although its does not give much moisture, as my face was left feeling a little dry, my body loves this soap. definitely a regular for my body.
  • Meagan
    IT WORKS :) - 25 Jan 2018
    Smells AWESOME and really does even my skin tone :)...good buy/great product for little $.
  • Sesona
    My Fav - 16 Jan 2018
    Dettol eventone has been one of my favourite, but the pomegrante range has been even better than the original. It leaves my skin soft and it actually does even my skin tone as it promises. The fragrance is also very nice and long lasting.
  • Babongile
    DETTOL EVENTONE - 13 Dec 2017
    Two things i love about this product:
    1. The fact that its not highly perfumed as my skin is sensitive to high scents
    2. How much lather it produces. A little goes a long way
  • Anthea
    Dettol hygiene Soap is a total MUST HAVE - 13 Dec 2017
    I only use dettol soaps and the pomegranate is even better, love the fragrance
  • Kerishini
    DO NOT RECOMMEND - 11 Dec 2017
    I did not receive this as part of the test and review campaign. I bought it about a month ago and used it for 2 weeks.

    The packaging: Good, it's easy to get the smell of it at the store before purchasing it to see if the smell is okay for you.

    The smell: WAY too strong. It does not smell like pomegranate at all. It smells heavily perfumed.

    I used it for about 2-3 weeks. I have eczema and this heavily irritated my skin. My skin was itchy all day and all night. It lathers well though. It may be okay if you don't have sensitive skin.

    Keep in mind that I am a huge fan of other Dettol soaps, I have used them for years and found that they are the best for me. The best value for me (all bars last a long time) and they eliminate odours well.

    On the contrary, this Dettol soap did not take away any odours. I would scrub my underarms forever and the smell would still not go away. Yet, a couple scrubs using another Dettol soap would take the smell away instantly. For the time I was using it, I noticed no difference in my complexion. I probably didn't use it long enough to notice a difference, however, I would like a soap to actually clean me as a first priority and not just give me even toned skin.

    Overall, I am very disappointed in this soap, I will not purchase it again and definitely would not recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone that perspires.
  • Tracey
    Dettol Hygiene Soap - 29 Nov 2017
    We love this soap! We feel fresh, super clean and the promegranite fragrance is absolutely awesome!
  • Sabiha
    Dettol even tone soap - 27 Nov 2017
    Luxury feel in the shower , visibly lightened dark marks on skin.
    Beautiful scent to top it all the benefits of the even tone soap
  • Charles
    I absolutely love the fragrance and it leaves me feeling fresh and clean. I am yet to see its effects on exfoliation results because I have just been using it for a couple of day
  • Jamie
    pomegranate hygiene soap - 24 Nov 2017
    Its smells so divine and its so cleansing! Its really did give me eventoned skin
  • Tatiana
    pomegranate hygiene soap - 24 Nov 2017
    The smell is what I love the most! its so exfoliating as well and nourishing
  • Farron
    Smelling great - 21 Nov 2017
    beautiful scent that brightens my morning. its worth the try. Got to love it
  • Tendai
    Great product - 21 Nov 2017
    Smells amazing and caters for everyone in the family...even tone for mum and germ protection for the kids. Would definitely recommend this soap to everyone
  • Lorette
    Love it - 21 Nov 2017
    Love this soap. Love the smell, and how it doesn't dry my skin. My favorite soap to buy.
  • nokuthula
    Princess feeling - 20 Nov 2017
    I'm so inlove with the after scent . It lasts for hours. And the pricing is affordable. So much for quality. It literally leaves me feeling like a princess all day long. Thank You Detol.Keep it up!
  • Carol
    Love It - 17 Nov 2017
    Moisturises skin and does not leave it feeling dry. Will use this soap from no onwards. Love the smell
  • Fhulufhelo
    Feeling Good - 17 Nov 2017
    I absolutely love this soap. I have been a dettol person forever and with this one they have outdone themselves. My skin feels good and soft and it looks so good. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Latoya
    Left my skin feeling soft - 14 Nov 2017
    Left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It doesn't dry it out or irritates skin.

    I love it..... and ever since I received a sample to review from Rubybox I have never changed it.
  • Zaida
    Dettol soap - 13 Nov 2017
    Good fragrance, I have tried both the eventone and pomegranate soap. Good value for money, very reasonable priced.
  • Colleen
    Delicious - 9 Nov 2017
    I absolutely love the smell of this soap, and doesn't leave my skin dry.
  • Sinazo
    Dettol Body Soap - 6 Nov 2017
    I live the smell it is strong without being over powering. It left my skin soft and glowing
  • Corné
    Dettol Eventone - 6 Nov 2017
    I've switched after I've used my sample (big thanks to rubybox). Absolutely LOVE the smell and the results are amazing. Finally an "all over" soap - no more packing a whole bunch of "cleaning" soaps when going away or on holiday :)
  • Keneilwe
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate - 2 Nov 2017
    I had the chance to review this soap for a month now and all I can say is that is smells very nice, keeps you refreshed and it doesn't dry up my skin like other brands. I love it and already recommended it to my family and friends. All thanks to Ruby box for letting me test the product
  • Norah
    Amazing!!@ - 31 Oct 2017
    This soap is an absolute miracle, my skin feels soft, even toned and dark marks are disappearing, the lather is amazing. Just bought my second batch on promotion I'm thrilled.
  • Kudzanai
    Even Beauty - 30 Oct 2017
    Wow this is a magical one. The fragrance itself is mind blowing, i love the feel of the luxurious lather too.
  • Liezel
    Dettol - Pomegranate hygiene soap - 30 Oct 2017
    I love this soap. It is so fragrant and it makes a lot of foam, which I like in a bar soap.
  • Samantha
    Extremely Happy! - 30 Oct 2017
    I strictly use a face wash or scrub for my face. I tried Dettol even skin tone with lots of reservations. Oh my was i not blown away. I now have a beautiful skin tone that is in sync with the rest of my body. Thank you Dettol for producing such a product at an affordable rate.
  • Tsitsi
    Dettol Eventone - 29 Oct 2017
    I’ve been using Dettol eventone for over a month now. My skin has never looked this good and clear. I’ve tried the whole eventone range but pomegranate is my favourite. Mainly because of the amazing smell. I’m convinced it even relaxes the mind!!!
  • Precious
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 29 Oct 2017
    I love the soap and the smell is gentle and awesome. It is now my daily soap. Thank you dettol for an amazing soap.
  • Bianca
    Excellent - 28 Oct 2017
    The Dettol eventone soap made my skin so incredibly soft and has a lovely smell. I suffer from dry skin and it definitely help with it.
  • Vanessa
    Test & review - 27 Oct 2017
    Really impressed with this product. Made a huge difference to the health of my skin and it is much more even. And it smells great!!I will definitely keep using!
  • Thobeka
    Smoothness - 27 Oct 2017
    Body feels soft, silky and rejuvenated. Leaves you feeling fresh and smelling good
  • Elana
    Not for everyone - 27 Oct 2017
    Unfortunately it dried out my skin and caused break outs - i tried to stick it out, thinking my skin just needs to adjust, it didn't. Been suffering to repair the damage
  • Yanga
    Love it - 27 Oct 2017
    This product is so amazing! It smells divine and feels great on my skin.I'm definitely going to be buying it more often. Thank you rubybox!
  • Tarryn
    Fabulous smelling soap! - 27 Oct 2017
    I have used this newly launched Dettol Eventone soap for a month now, and all i can say is wow.

    I am very impressed as i always thought and felt that the Dettol soaps where too harsh for my skin and i don't usually go for anything scented because of my sensitive skin but i was truly taken a back when i utilised this soap and felt that my skin was dried out and completely stripped like i had honestly expected.
    The smell was probably the first thing i noticed immediately, the pomegranate makes this soap smell rather heavenly and makes your skin smell so clean and fragranced (almost felt as though i did not need to use my perfumed fact i don't think i actually did for some time).

    The bar of soap also lathers super well so in a shower (especially with our water shortage) this helps reduce time and can quickly get soaped and showered in no time.

    Overall i am super impressed with this soap from Dettol and prefer it above all the other soaps in their range, i will definitely be purchasing this bar soap again in the future.
  • Mbali
    dettol even tone - 27 Oct 2017
    i found it to be absolutely amazing
    and it really does give you a flawless even tone.
  • Shona
    Dettol eventone - 27 Oct 2017
    This is truly the best hygiene soap I have ever used. Skin feels so good the soap does not make your skin feel dry, also love the exfoliating ingredients - makes your skin feel soft and smooth.
  • Samantha
    Really Really good product - 27 Oct 2017
    I've used this for the marks on my back and it is so good. Most of the marks are already starting to disappear and i've only been using it for about 2 weeks. It's definitely on my list every month to buy :-)
  • Abigail
    Dettol Eventone Soap - 27 Oct 2017
    I Love the smell of the Soap and the way it makes my skin feel, so beautifully clean and soft
  • Denise
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Ba - 27 Oct 2017
    My family and i always used Dettol but when i heard about the Dettol Eventone, i immediately purchaed it and the results are awesome. Leaves your skin soft, smooth, eventoned and best of all germ free. i definatelt recommend this product.
  • Elizabeth
    Smells amazing! - 27 Oct 2017
    I am currently using this as a hand soap and love that it leaves my hands with a smooth feel and elegant scent. Also these soaps are super affordable and available at most retailers
  • Themba
    Dettol - 27 Oct 2017
    Oooh pls the smell of the Dettol Eventone Pomegranate soap . I received it from my work colleague to test. I will definitely buy it for myself. I love the exfoliating beads the soap has in and my kids just don;t it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Just love it.
  • Tarine
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Soap - 27 Oct 2017
    I've used this for over a month now and my skin has never been this soft!
    The blemishes on my face are
    even disappearing!
    This is a must have in my house as of now!
  • Balungile
    Smell so nice - 27 Oct 2017
    I got a sample from my friend, it smells so nice I even went back to buy another one. It makes my skin to be soft
  • Pumla
    It felt so soft and very clean. Forgot to use face cream afterward a few times (oops) because that's how good my skin felt...
  • Sandra
    Dettol eventone - 27 Oct 2017
    The minute I saw this advertised I ran out and bought a bar. It smells awesome and I like the slight exfoliation it gives your body. I was using Dettol sensitve before and now I've switched to this.
  • Nicole
    I LOVE it! The smell is to die for and i love the fact that the bar foams so nicely. Have to buy this once my tester is finished.
  • Senthy
    Creamy Cleansing Exfoliating bar - 24 Oct 2017
    My friend gave me a bar to try oh my goodness smells fantastic and good enough to eat haha. The lather is creamy whilst deeply cleansing my skin and the exfoliants can actually be seen and felt in the bar. I love the new Dettol eventone pomegranate soap. Definitely a keeper be because it does as advertised gently cleanses and cleans while smelling fragrant
  • Nombuso
    lovely soap - 24 Oct 2017
    i love this soap it works wonders thank you so much Ruby for samples you sent m it is the best soap.
  • Karen
    Dettol Eventone - 24 Oct 2017
    I love the smell of the Dettol Eventone Pomegranate soap. I received it from my work colleague to test. I will definitely buy it for myself. I love the exfoliating beads the soap has in and it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Just love it.
  • Mari-Lee
    not Bad at all - 24 Oct 2017
    My friend gave me this soap to try out as I had quite a bit of dark spots on the chest area. This soap smells beautiful, it lathers up nicely even in the shower. The one thing I didn’t like about it is the tacky feeling it left on my skin. Could be that my skin is too sensitive for it. My dark spots on the chest definitely cleared up and is now evening out, but the sticky feeling the moment the soap is rinsed off was a bit of a downer for me. For the price and effect I would buy it again. All in all it’s really not bad at all
  • Abbygail
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate - 24 Oct 2017
    Love the refreshing scent and doesn't leave your skin dry like most soaps. Just over a month of use and my skin tone is more even and the dark spots are almost all gone.
  • Tracy
    Dettol Pomegranate Soap - 24 Oct 2017
    Amazing product. It lathers so well and leaves my skin fresh and clean. Love the smell as well
  • Layla
    Great Scent !!! - 23 Oct 2017
    the smell of this soap is so delicious, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and restored.
  • Moegamad Fagmie
    Dettol eventone - 21 Oct 2017
    Great product. The smell lasted all day long. Would definitely buy again
  • Tina
    Greatness in a small package- Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 20 Oct 2017
    This soap is great. Not only does it have a great fragrance, it also provides protection against germs. It even makes even greater that it contains moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I have oily skin so this soap has helped a lot reduce that. I read that it also has exfoliating ingredients that provides me with a deep pore cleansing of oil and dirt. I love it.
  • shannon
    Awsomeness! - 19 Oct 2017
    Loved this ! it is so soft and smells great xxx My Whole family loved it and friends enjoyed the ones i shared with them xx
  • Jeanne-Mari
    DETTOL EVENTONE POMEGRANATE is Soft on the skin, it smells amazing. After using is for a few week I can really see a difference in my skin. DETTOL EVENTONE works !!
  • Nadine
    Dettol eventone™ pomegranate hygiene soap - 17 Oct 2017
    Absolutely love the smell of this soap, so fresh and feminine like, it makes the whole bathroom and my skin smell lovely. I love the fact that this soap not only cleanses my skin, but leaves it soft and smooth, whilst also working on my uneven marks on my back. I could really see a difference, and still continuing to use it I am absolutely sure I will see much more improved results. The soap is easily available from most shopping outlets and major pharmacies so its easy to find, and retails at an affordable price not more than R15 for a large bar. So every South African can afford to work on uneven skin tones and have summer perfect skin by December! Thanks Rubybox and Dettol SA for this amazing opportunity.
  • kelebogile
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate - 17 Oct 2017
    Soft on the skin, lovely scent and not overwhelming, after using the soap for 2 weeks now, it really does improve the skin tone, great product.
  • Moonafia
    Dettol eventone™ pomegranate hygiene soap - 17 Oct 2017
    This was just too delicious for words. Will definitely be purchasing them in the future.
  • Altricia
    dettol eventone - 17 Oct 2017
    Love the product cleared my skin even bought my own afterwards
  • Antoinette
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 17 Oct 2017
    I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first but Dettol eventone does exactly that. I am prone to acne and blemishes on my face and Dettol eventone has definitely helped with the redness and marks that are left behind. Because I used it mostly for my face, I would've preferred it to be a bit more moisturizing, but I'm glad it doesn't leave my skin as dry as normal soaps
  • Amy
    The smell is AMAZING - 16 Oct 2017
    The scent carries during the day and I love it! A great product for your skin just got even better ❤
  • Jaime
    Eventone even skin ! - 16 Oct 2017
    I had the opportunity to test this amazing quality hygiene soap from Dettol , thanks to Rubybox.

    A delightful surprise it was as this product was the best fragranced soap I've used.

    A pleasant refreshing smell that keeps the entire day , however it did not agree with my face , but done wonders on my body.

    Highly recommended for everyday usage!

    Thanks Rubybox & Dettol.
  • Limbani
    Beautiful scent - 16 Oct 2017
    Thanks to my dear friend who's a member of rubybox i got to try this soap & it's amazing. I love the scent plus the way it makes my skin feel. My skin tone is more even
  • Nazeera
    BEST SOAP EVER - 16 Oct 2017
    I received my sample from Laurette Joseph and this has by far been the best soap, not just for my face but for my entire body. It regenerates my soul and i will definitely buy this going forward
  • Xoliswa
    Detail Even Tone Pomegranate - 16 Oct 2017
    I've been using the soap for two weeks and I love the fragrance which is very pleasant and lingers longer in my bathroom. It has tiny macro granules that cleanses and exfoliate at the same time. I've only been using the soap in my body and have not seen an improvement on my dark marks but I will continue to use it because it leaves my skin softn, clean and fresh.
  • theresa
    dettol eventone pomergranate - 13 Oct 2017
    wow this soap is amazing i must say visible results and the scent is divine
  • Rachelle
    Bacne GONE!!!! - 11 Oct 2017
    I absolutely love this soap!! It makes a lot of fome when I use it and what I love about this product is that I struggled with bacne (acne on my back and shoulders) and now its absolutely gone!!! Will definitely but once mine is up.
  • Tretjie
    Even skin tone - 11 Oct 2017
    I used to have a big problem of uneven skin tone and since i have been using dettol i have seen results on my skin plus i love the refreshing smell thanks dettol
  • Daisy
    AMAZING - 10 Oct 2017
    Hey beautiful people!

    So its been exactly 2 weeks since i started using the new Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap and this is all thanks to RubyBox SA. I am not really a person that likes changing my bath soap. I like sticking to one thing; but i could not resist using this soap once i received it.

    A reason why i couldn’t resist using this soap was because when the soap was still in the package, it smelt so good. The sweet scent literally overpowered my room. It got to a point where i wanted my body to carry the same scent that the soap had. On my first day after using it, i did feel a significant difference in the way my skin felt. It was softer and smoother than usual. The best part was that my body smelt so much like pomegranate. I just find the smell of the soap so pleasing and i love the fact that the smell remained on my body the whole day. After a nice shower, the whole bathroom will be filled with the strong sweet scent of the soap.



    Okay enough about the scent
  • Tarryn
    GOOD HYGIENE SOAP - 9 Oct 2017
    Dettol has always been one of the number soaps that we use in our home so when I saw this new variant I was eager to give it a try. its smells absolutely beautiful! My skin feels refreshed after a good bath or shower. I haven't seen any results yet with regards to the "Even tone" in my skin but either than that, its a excellent all round soap.
  • Zandile
    Perfect product - 7 Oct 2017
    I have used this product and the smell is amazing. It keeps you hygienically clean and fresh...and you feel good after bath
  • nelly
    I love it - 5 Oct 2017
    I m really happy and appreciate the opportunity to trial detol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap, and i love how it makes my skin feels
  • Nonhlanhla
    Dettol Eventone - 5 Oct 2017
    I love the way me skin feels after using this soap... it feels soft and smooth and I just love the fragrance! It makes my bathroom smell like a spa! Awesome product.. will definitely purchase it again!
  • Neisha
    The Super Soap - 4 Oct 2017
    They had me at ….pomegranate. I buy anything and well almost everything with pomegranate in it because I believe it is the super food. So I had to wonder if this is the super soap it is billed up to be….
    Dettol eventone probably better known as your all round super soap that is specially designed to protect skin against 99.9% of germs, exfoliate, deep pore cleanse and moisturize.
    One of the major selling points is that it reduces the appearance of blemishes caused by oil, dirt and germs, leaving skin feeling revitalized and healthy.
    I loved the soap itself. It lathered well. The exfoliating beads were a plus. The fragrance was light and not overwhelming. The soap colour was something that caught my eye…it was just something a woman would want to use. It did most of what it was billed to do but it left my skin feeling a little drier afterward. So if you have dry skin, you need to moisturize after using the soap. A sample was given to me by Ariesha Govender , my wonderful super niece.
  • Stephanie
    Fresh and creamy - 4 Oct 2017
    I don't have a problem with uneven skin tone but I do love the smell of the soap and I find that it makes more foam than a usual bar of soap and makes my skin soft and smooth.
    Love it !
  • yvette
    fresh and renewed - 4 Oct 2017
    I absolutely love love love this soap. The small granules in the soap exfoliate while washing I feel absolutely fresh and renewed when finished. The fragrance of the soap is amazing and you know you are well protected with Dettol. Changing my brand on this one.
  • Whitney
    Beauty In A Soap!! - 3 Oct 2017
    Oh My Word!! Thank You Dettol for this miracle soap, it leaves my skin feeling soft and silky! My acne has also decreased since using this soap, I always used dettol even tone and it really is a blessing! The pomegranate smell is so nice and the granules in the soap makes exfoliating a breeze!!
  • Gugu
    Smooth and nice skin - 3 Oct 2017
    I tried the dettol soap pomegranate, what iIcan say is wow it is the best, after use, my skin felt soft and very smooth plus it smells great. I am no longer using sunlight now iam addicted to this beautiful gem. My friends love it as well. Thank you rubybox for introducing me to this soap
  • Amahle
    Detol eventone pomegranate hygiene - 3 Oct 2017
    After I started using the detol eventon pomegranate hygiene my body has been soft and it has a delicious scent from the Detol soap. I love how it keeps my body fresh and keep me fresh the entire day! It's a must have!!!
  • Palesa
    Fruity Fresh! - 2 Oct 2017
    I absolutely love the smell of the soap, it is that refreshing kick one needs in a morning shower. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and that all day freshness is super important especially as we swiftly step into summer.
  • Nicole
    Feel refreshed with every wash - 2 Oct 2017
    At first my friends and I were very hesitant to try the new soap,but I have it a chance seeing as that I have used Dettol products before and have not been disappointed. The first thing that had me excited about the product was the refreshing pomegranate smell that filled the room.I have very sensitive and dry skin, but after the first wash I could immediately feel the difference. My skin was no longer dry, but now felt soft and smooth. Even my friends and family noticed the difference that came with my rejuvenated skin. The Dettol eventone hygiene soap is definitely getting a 10/10 from me and I will recommend it to all my friends and family.
  • faatimah
    A gift to all - 2 Oct 2017
    This is by faaaaar the best product for uneven skin tone
    I would recommend it to anyone
    Thank you ruby box for introducing me to this product
  • guglethu
    DETTOL BEAUTY SOAP - 2 Oct 2017
    I am so mind blown,I really still cant believe my skin is pimple free, even toned Im so thankful and this is my new thing now and I have recommended it because the result show on me...
  • Sibongile
    My exfoliating soap - 2 Oct 2017
    My goodness, I absolutely adore this soap it is so wonderful with my skin. It makes it so smooth and moist and even toned. It is not grease. Now I have a soap I can really rely on without any doubt. No more greasy skin. Refreshing and deep pore cleansing of oil, correct terms for the soap. No more hiding anymore because my skin is more radiant and oil free now.
    Beauty in a soap - 2 Oct 2017
    I absolutely adore this soap.The granuales assists in exfoliating my skin giving me an even smoother skin surface.The aroma itself is 1 of a kind. Well done dettol
  • Naadira
    Amazing!!! - 2 Oct 2017
    As a die hard lover of Dettol my expectations were high and you never dissapoint, I can see a great change in my skin, the fragrance is lovely and I get the everyday cleaning and germ protection of Dettol.
  • Rochelle
    Dettol Eventone Love - 2 Oct 2017
    Overall I am not a fan of any soap that isn't Dove. Which is why I was curious but a but hesitant to try out the Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Soap.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the entire look and feel of the soap. The smell is absolutely delicious and creates a lasting, happiness effect. It's the perfect soap for a relaxing bath or calming shower. The results speak for themselves and while they aren't immediate you can note a difference over time.

    The Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Soap is my new favourite. It's affordably, smells delicious and leaves you feeling like a million bucks. Definitely worth buying. I for one am changing to Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap.
  • Amanda
    Am inlove - 2 Oct 2017
    So a couple of weeks back I reviewed the new dettol even tone and I must say
  • Sarah Bibi
    I absolutely loved the Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Soap - 2 Oct 2017
    This soap smells amazing. Not only does it leave an incredible scent on the skin, but it leaves a beautiful fragrance behind in the bathroom after each use.My skin feels wonderfully moisturised and I would be very willing to recommend this product to others.
  • Nokulunga
    Uneven skin tone?what is that? - 2 Oct 2017
    Thank you so much for the new dettol bar soap, my skin problems are history. My uneven skin tone was even affecting my self esteem,today I even forgot to put on my make up,I'm feeling good and confident.I'm definitely recommending it to everyone.
  • Sanelisiwe
    Wowza - 2 Oct 2017
    to say I'm in love is an understatement of the century. My skin no longer has dark patches from winter sunburns. the sent is out of this world, the pearls can be felt exfoliating your skin. I used the soap for my whole family, including my toddler and we all love it. No ashy skin after using it, it's just a great product by Dettol.
  • Aaishah
    Dettol protect - 2 Oct 2017
    The soap is amazing. It made me feel like a clean priceness! My husband can't get enough of it. it makes your skin feel absolutely soft & it gives me a clean shine!! The texture and design is definitely a A+. I'm in love with it. This soap is definitely my number one on my shopping list!! #keepiteven #itsmellsamazing #rubybox
  • Natasha
    Dettol Eventone - Pomegranate - 2 Oct 2017
    I love the way me skin feels after using this soap... it feels soft and smooth and I just love the fragrance! It makes my bathroom smell like a spa! Awesome product.. will definitely purchase it again!
  • Natasha
    One of dettols best - 2 Oct 2017
    This soap is so creamy and the micro granules within the soap is a perfect exfoliator for your skin. I have already purchased a pack.
  • Tersia
    Best everrrrrr - 2 Oct 2017
    This product has evened out my skin tone, it removed the dark marks, makes my skin soft
    Dettol eventone™ pomegranate hygiene soap - 2 Oct 2017
    I love the smooth feeling that I get after taking a bath with Dettol eventone pomegranate skin feels so smooth and I feel a lot more confident than ever before .I love the scent .
  • Bradley
    Dettol Soap - 2 Oct 2017
    When i first started using the soap I was a bit worried that anti-germ soap would leave my skin looking like the Karoo saltpan...........But WOW not only did it not dry my skin, it actually made my skin smoother and the smell of the soap is sort of a bonus extra. Well done dettol on an absolutely amazing product.
  • Kumeshnie
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate soap - 1 Oct 2017
    Lovely fragrance, leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Not an overpowering scent.
    Will be buying this in the future.
  • Kayla
    I am shook! - 1 Oct 2017
    To be quite honest, I didn't think that much would come from this product. However, I was so damn wrong. It has done should a good job at softening, controlling oil production and evening out my skin. I am so happy with this formula from Dettol.
  • Reshnu
    My new favourite - 1 Oct 2017
    What a scent! I love it. Left my skin frel smooth and fresh. Great value for money.
  • Kgomotso
    Wowza to Detol - 1 Oct 2017
    After years of using only one set of products on my skin due to general sensitivity, Dove has come in an blown my mind.
    Not only am I noticing huge improvements on my skin but I am officially not allergic to the soap, it doesn't make me dry and crack my skin, it doesn't peel my skin and I don't worry about breaking out in sores.
    Ofcoz it doesn't hurt that it smells nice
  • Sokhana
    Pomegranate Greatness - 30 Sep 2017
    First things first - this must be thee best smelling bar soap on earth! The scent literally stays with me all day long, and when I get home it seems to be lingering about in my bathroom! Amazing!

    The presentation and size of this bar is great. Its color is really beautiful, I love the little speckles of pomegranate in the bar.

    The bar is definitely moisturizing to the skin, but still very gentle. And leaves the skin feeling and looking great!
  • Noah
    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! EEK!! - 30 Sep 2017
    I have been using Dettol even tone pomegranate hygiene soap for 4 weeks so far, and im koving the results. Most of my acne scars have disappered and my skin looks more even tones. Wow, this is breakthrough skin technology for sure.
  • Cherne
    thank you rubybox for letting me sample this - 30 Sep 2017
    This is not just an ordinary soap. So gentle makes your skin softer, smoother and moisturized. Cleans so well and leaves you smelling good as well. By far the best soap I have ever tried. As someone who's studying beauty this will be my go to soap I hope it will be yours too
  • Faith
    Dettol Eventone pomegranate - 29 Sep 2017
    The new dettol eventone pomegranate has a very refreshing fragrance. The soap is 175g good value for money. Quite good for my skin as well.
  • Tshepiso
    My favourite soap - 29 Sep 2017
    The kind of soap that i cant go a day without using. Gentle to my skin, effortlessly removes all dirt and leaves my skin clean, healthy and soft. I even went to Pick and Pay to buy more.
  • Abbygail
    Miracle soap - 29 Sep 2017
    Love the pomegranate smell. Dark marks have faded and skin tone more even. Does not leave your skin feeling dry. My teens have used it too and their pimples are disappearing.
  • Faheemah
    Dettol Eventone ™Pomegranate Hygiene Soap - 28 Sep 2017
    Smells amazing , has a fresh Clean scent removes dirt oil and germs exfoliates and is with added moisturiser definetly a product I would Purchase & whats great it's made by Dettol
  • Thandeka
    Hmmmm that scent - 28 Sep 2017
    That scent is breathtaking, fresh, clean and beautiful
  • Cheryleen
    Hydrated skin - 28 Sep 2017
    This pomegranate flavour is great for the whole family and is very gentle on the skin. The scent stays on for the whole day which is really good. Can't wait to get my hands on more.
  • Nida
    Dettol eventone - Instant winner - 28 Sep 2017
    In addition to the great fragrance it also exfoliates which removes dead skin. After a few days I could feel a significant improvement with my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and clean. Clearly another great product from the name I trust - Dettol.
  • Nontobeko
    #keepingiteven #DettolSA #rubybox - 28 Sep 2017
    I am definitely switching to dettol eventone. surprisingly even my husband is loving it.. I so love the fragrance that stays on after my refreshing bath.
  • Elsebie
    Dettol Eventone Bar Soap - 28 Sep 2017
    Best Soap ever almost will never use any other product. my skin is soft, moisterised and I have a radiant glow around me. Even my face it feels like my skincare products even beter. Simply Love the fresh gorgeous smell...
    Dettol eventone - 28 Sep 2017
    I feel so peaceful and natural using dettol eventone,my body smells so good and am confident in pulling objects at work.
    Dettol eventone you are the best and affordable i will not stop using you.SHINE DETTOL EVENTONE!
  • Lena
    Leaves me feeling Great - 28 Sep 2017
    The Dettol pomegranate makes me feel so good. .. it replaces all the oils in my skin and doesn't leave me completely dry and it reduces my dark marks on my back and arms and it smells amazing and goes well with any perfume. .. it's amazing I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone
  • faatimah
    Works Better Than Most Expensive Products - 28 Sep 2017
    I have bought so many products that are so expensive and that promise such great results but none seemed to work for the uneven skintone and breakouts...yet when I was selected to receive the Dettol I could not believe that a soap could give me the results that other products claimed they would give me
    I am totally impressed with this product and will definately be using it forever...
  • Naeema
    Detol Pomegranate - 28 Sep 2017
    I just love the smell of pomegrante. This new Dove leaves my skin fragranced and super soft. The Best1
  • Ntombifuthi
    Dettol eventone - 28 Sep 2017
    It feels and smells good when using it. It's too early for me to tell if it has any effect on my skin tone since I've been using it for one week
  • Pertunia
    The scent - 27 Sep 2017
    It leaves an amazing perfume on my body and it my skin is smooth and even.This is an amazing product.
  • Aniqah
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    The pomegranate soap smells amazing !
    The soap is soft, soapy and lathers easily - also leaving your skin smelling great all day.
  • sadiyya
    My new love - 27 Sep 2017
    I absolutely loved everything about this soap. The fragrance is absolutely awesome. The small particals work effortlessly in the scrubbing motion without it being harsh on my skin and the soap lathers so easily. It was a pleasure reviewing the new Dettol pomegranate even is definitely my new love. I would also like to bring to attention that my sk8n is glowing. In love.
  • Julia
    Dettol eventone - 27 Sep 2017
    I always have a problem with face soap because they are strong and make my skin irritable. Dettol is good for my skin and looks more healthy
  • Nthabiseng
    Superb! - 27 Sep 2017
    This is more than just a bar of soap, is THE bar of soap! it really does rid your body off dirt, it leaves you feeling extra confident and gives you a bounce to your step! I'd definitely recoomend his to anyone and everyone! My mom dad AND sister love it!!
  • Jessie
    Dettol Eventone - 27 Sep 2017
    The soap is very gentle. Not harsh to the skin. I normally get rash when I use perfumed/beauty soaps but I have not experienced it since I used this soap. I am considering to start to using it.
  • Tarka
    Best Smelling Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    I am a fan of shower gel because of the invigorating smell it has. This soap stole my heart just as I opened it the inviting smell of pomegranate caught my olfactory nerves.
    I used it in my shower and now its in my gym bag, soothing my aching muscles after spin class and not to forget my bag smells divine now.
    The whole family enjoys it.
  • cynthia
    Dettol Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    Firstly thank you RubyBox for the product.
    I'm not someone who likes changing products but I was very impressed with this one. From the scent, to the way it keeps your skin feeling soft wow I love it. I've bought more and I can see the dark spots slowly fading. It's clear going to bring my confidence back and I recommend it to anyone with problematic will leave your skin feeling smooth, silky soft and even toned
  • diana
    The best yet - 27 Sep 2017
    I must say that i think this is by far my best soap, it smell wounderful and knowing it keeps my skin healthy clean and fresh is another bonus!!
    Il be buying this soap for sure!!!
  • diana
    Best yet! - 27 Sep 2017
    I must say that i think this is by far my best Dettol soap, the smell is so wounderful and knowing that it cleans and leaves my skin soft and even is another plus!
    Il be buying this soap for sure!!
  • Octavia
    Absolutely fabulous - 27 Sep 2017
    I am generally not a fan of soap bars, but this one blew my mind. It is gentle, it has none drying effect on my skin and best of all the scent is refreshing
  • Portia
    Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Soap Review. - 27 Sep 2017
    I have been using the Dettol eventone soap for nearly two weeks now and I can proudly say that it WORKS!!! The moment you use it, you benefit two ways. The soap acts as an exfoliator and germ fighter. Ensuring good, smooth and healthy skin that is GERM free as well as leaving your skin smelling 'pomegranately good'.... This is a definite must try.
  • Muny and Asi
    Love the scent - 27 Sep 2017
    The soap doesn’t really do anything for my skin, but I love the smell of it
  • Phumudzo
    Dettol eventone pomegranate - 27 Sep 2017
    I loved the fragrance, it was not as harsh as I expected it to be. I usually use fragrance free bar soaps because of my sinuses.
    I hope Dettol will introduce the soap in a form of a shower gel
  • Winnie Mbali
    Amazing - 27 Sep 2017
    I am so impressed and amazed by the Dettol eventone™ pomegranate hygiene soap. My skin in more clearer and brighter, thanks to the exfoliating crystals. You can literally feel your whole body oil free after a wash. It has also saved me a lot of money especially for my facial products. I would highly recommend this product to many more. My colleagues are already on board :-)
  • Mapaisa
    #TheRoyaltyRangeKindToMyFamilySkin - 27 Sep 2017
    My colleague shared the new range soap with us and i must say,I Love the product.It smell really good and its friendly to my family will definitely adopt the new range
  • Abigail
    Dettol eventone pomegranite soap - 27 Sep 2017
    I love this soap, it lather's nicely and makes my skin soft, squeeky clean and feels fresh.

    Would definitely advise others to buy.
  • kay-lee
    :) - 27 Sep 2017
    The first thing that I noticed when I received this soap was the smell, oh my word , the smell is gorgeous!! I didn't even have to open the soap to smell it, it really blew me away!
    I was a little bit skeptical about this soap as it is from Dettol and I was worried that It would dry my skin out, but it didn't, my skin felt great afterwards. The only thing I find with this soap is that it didn't really lather nicely, there wasn't a lot of foam , which im used to with other soaps, but other than that, this is a great product! I would keep on using it
  • Avril
    Dettol - 27 Sep 2017
    WOW!!!!! 100/100 for this soap

    I makes my skin feels silky soft and smooth my skin tone brighter

    this is now the only soap I use

    thanks Dettol & ruby Box for this wonderful product I LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Yvette
    DETTOL EVEN TONE - 27 Sep 2017
    This soap is amazing!! The dark marks I have on my arms from been in the sun all day have lightened already after only a few uses. I can now wear my short sleeve shirts without any1 asking what happened. Thank you Dettol this soap will always be in my shower.
  • Meagan
    Heaven in a bar soap - 27 Sep 2017
    where has this soap been all my life?
    I've always had issues with marks on my back more on my shoulders but since using the dettol eventone pomegranate the spots have disappeared, my skin is smoother. Did i mention the pleasant scent that it leaves behind? oh my word amazing.. I think a body lotion is needed from this ;)
  • Visi
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap is the best bar soap I have ever used. I love the scent, the way it feels on your skin and the even skin tone it gives.
  • Kutlwano
    Feeling refreshed - 27 Sep 2017
    Recieved the soap from my cousin and I must say it was love at first sight. The scent is devine and left my body feeling all sorts of great, lets not forget the compliments I get from work about smelling devine also. Definitely using this soap going forth.
  • Theodora sefikile
    Dettol Eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    i love the smell and its not harsh on skin i dont mind to buy it for my entire family
  • nkareng
  • MaNkomose
    Great Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    My skin feels soft and smooth, it also smells great i love it.
  • Leila
    Dettol eventone Pomegranate - 27 Sep 2017
    I received Dettol Eventone Pomegranate from my colleague.
    I absolutely love it and have now converted my family to use this. Besides smelling absolutely heavenly, I have noticed the difference to my skin tone... i love the gentle exfoliation every time i shower. Even in this weather my skin hasn't needed as much moisturizing as this soap is so moisturizing on its own.

  • Sisanda
    Love the smell - 27 Sep 2017
    When i first touched the soap i was mesmerized by the smelled that filled the whole room. My skin feel so fresh and uneven after 2 days of bathing with dettol eventone. I will definitely stick to it.
  • Kennedy
    Dettole Eventone Hygiene Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    It feels and smells good when using it. It's too early for me to tell if it has any effect on my skin tone.
  • Mulweli
    Refreshing,a new kind of soap. - 27 Sep 2017
    I have really dry skin and had given up on using bar soap cause they often dry my skin further. This soap is different. My skin felt hydrated from the very first day that I used it and it looked healthier too, I loved the scent it left on my skin post showering. I cannot wait to use it for longer and reap all the benefits of this great product.
  • Marizka
    Dettol Eventone Blizz - 27 Sep 2017
    It is such a refreshing smell I absolutely love it. I will highly recommend this soap to my friends and family. It's got a slight "scrub" but yet gentle and that is what I like about the soap.
  • Ntombi
    Lovely smell - 27 Sep 2017
    I love the smell of this soap! It is not harsh on my skin either.
  • Michell
    Dettol Even - 27 Sep 2017
    i love the smell of the dettol soap but i dont like the feeling it leaves after i wash it off it makes my skin feel "sticky" but it might be just with me i usually use the aloe Dettol soap and dont get the same feeling so i prefer the aloe Dettol soap. My friends love the Dettol Eventone!
  • mametsi
    dettol eventone - 27 Sep 2017
    I am totally in love with the soap. my skin smell great for long, feels smooth and moisturized. I am defiantly switching to Dettol even tone and recommending it to friends and family.
  • Sadia
    Unique Bar of Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    I think its a pretty great quality product which lather's up pretty well and is creamy and smells great.

    Price wise its pretty affordable at R13.

    My skin does feel smoother but I feel it leaves it a little bit dry.

    But overall a great buy.
  • Thembakazi
    Great product for value - 27 Sep 2017
    I had a few marks on my right thigh that appeared out of nowhere and I noticed yesterday that they were gone. I've also noticed that my thighs are more of an even colour.

    The soap has a great smell and I was quite surprised at how big it is. It's been about 2 weeks now using the soap and it's still huge. It seems that it will last for a month and a half. Will definitely repurchase.
  • Mampholo
    Suitable - 27 Sep 2017
    This soap is suitable for everybody at home and for all the skin types. We loving it. My son can not stop bathing all the time, when he passes the bathroom, he want to bath.
  • Wendy
    Dettol Pomegranate Hygiene Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    Wow! Dettol soap is on my shopping list on a monthly basis, so I'm a loyal Dettol fan. However the Dettol pomegranate is oh heavenly. It smells divine, and is soft on my skin. I love the way it smells every time I walk into my bath room. It's so refreshing, it doesn't dry out my skin like most other soaps do. I'm very pleased with the new addition to the Dettol soap family.
    Wendy Jantjies
  • Prudence
    Dettol eventone Pomegranate Hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging of the soap. The rich lather and the sweet fragrance of the pomegranate just excites my skin and leaves it moisturized! I'm sold!
  • Lara
    ON THE FACE OF IT - 27 Sep 2017
    This product has a great fragrance and leaves my skin looking and feeling great. However, I would not recommend it for those who have oily skin. My face seems to be more oily since using the product. Otherwise this product is really worth buying
  • Tapiwa
    Dettol eventone pomegrante hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    I love the way it makes my skin feels fresh and clean. I love the way it smells too. I am yet to see its effect on evening out my skin tone
  • Bongile
    Even better feeling - 27 Sep 2017
    Wow! All I can say is if you have not started using this, you are missing out! Very smooth on my skin, and the smell is just amazing. Thank you Dettol and thank you RubyBox for allowing us to experiencing such an amazing product. I've already changed to Dettol :-)
  • Jesica
    LOVE IT!!!! - 27 Sep 2017
    I really love the new Dettol even tone hygiene soap. Not only does it come with the refreshing pomegranate fragrance but it has the the same trusted Dettol formula to protect my and my families skin against known germs. The soap also has the exfoliating ingredients that helps with deep pore cleansing of the body and moisturizing ingredients leaving our skin soft and smooth. I Love it, my family loves it and I will recommend it any day to anyone. Thank you Rubybox!!!
  • Wilma
    Dettol eventone pmegranate hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    What a refreshing awesome fragrance that this soap lets off even before you even use it. I found that this soap keeps my skin fresh and soft. The appearance of my skin has improved..Love love love the exfoliation that it gives my skin. A definite change in my soap choice from now on!! Thanks Dettol xxx
  • Mikaela
    Love it - 27 Sep 2017
    It smells incredible you can't beat that fragrance and it lathers nicely definitely my go to bar of soap from now on
  • Nomakhosazana
    wow this soup is just wow - 27 Sep 2017
    this soup is just amazing i love the smell , my skin is soft and toned thank you dettol and rubybox.
  • Angelene
    great product - 27 Sep 2017
    Definitely one of the best tested products. I loved the smell and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards.
  • Danielle
    Impressive "Koekie" Soap - 27 Sep 2017
    I generally do not like "koekie seep". They leave my skin feeling tight and dry and like I have had a face-lift on my entire body! But not with this soap! I am super impressed at the refreshingly soft feeling my skin has after use. And the scent is glorious! I left my box in my car overnight, 2 weeks ago, and I can still smell the soap. Absolutely love it. Even my mother-in-law is hunting the shops for it...
  • Michelle
    Great product - 27 Sep 2017
    I really love the smell and texture of the soap because its great for exfoliating.
  • RumbidzAI
    Dettol eventone pomegranate hygiene soap - 27 Sep 2017
    woooooowww the scent of this soap is so nice, I loved the scent more than anything
  • Liezel
    Dettol eventone - 27 Sep 2017
    This bar soap is one of a kind, it smells divine and i love the pomegranate fragrance, and helps with moisturising my skin.
  • Nathi
    Something for my skin - 27 Sep 2017
    I have used Dettol eventone and i have improvement on my skin tone, thank you rubybox.
  • Cheslyne
    No skin reactions - 27 Sep 2017
    I've got extremely sensitive skin which means I can just use anything so I was abit skeptical using this soap.

    After using it on my body for a while and getting no reactions I decided to try it on my face for the main reason, I love how fresh and smooth my body smells after I use it.

    I was stunned because not even a single pimple or rash formed on my face.
    So now I'm ditching my very expensive "special" face wash for this amazing bar of soap which does much more than my face wash.
    Definitely sticking to this soap.
  • Simi
    Awesome soap - 27 Sep 2017
    i really enjoyed using the soap, its smells beautiful and your skin feels so smooth, have noticed my skin beginning to even tone especially my hands and legs, it lathers nice. the price is reasonable for a big bar of soap. will recommend this soap if you want a richer, lasting smell and even tone skin soap that does it all in one. thank you Simi , La lucia
  • Lee
    Dettol eventone pomegranate - 27 Sep 2017
    I've been using this product for a few days now and havent really noticed any change in my skin tone, however the soap itself is fragrant and leaves skin feeling smooth. So a bit of a mixed review but still a good overall good product.
  • Philencia
    Dettol comes through again - 27 Sep 2017
    The first thing I liked about this product is the packaging the colours compliment the product so well. The scent is alluring and just by smelling it I felt beautiful. After 2 days I could notice a difference in my skin tone as well as texture it left my skin feeling smoother. Dettol has done an outstanding job once again. Thanks for this amazing soap.
  • Jezaadia
    Fresh - 27 Sep 2017
    I love this soap.
    Thank you ruby box for allowing me to try. This out.

    This soup has such a lovely fragrance that I fell in love before I even opened the packaging.

    What I love about it is that it has a long lasting fragrance which keeps me feeling fresh all day and my skin feels and looks healthier.
    I will definitely continue using it.
    I already bought my supply for the next month
  • Nadia
    Dettol Eventone - 27 Sep 2017
    Smells very nice and does the job that it should. I am however not a fan of bar soap as it does not make my skin feel nice
  • Kholofelo
    Love love love the new Dettol - 27 Sep 2017
    I have been using dettol pomegranate soap and I am loving the fragrance and how it leaves my skin smooth and silky. The soap has reduce the appearances of my acne marks on my body. Thank you Dettol
  • Leizel
    Dettol eventone pomegranate - 27 Sep 2017
    I totally love the smell, not only did it leave my skin smelling great but also left it feel soft and smooth and moisturized. Definitely a great product. Thank you for letting me test it!