Collagen Lift® Paris
Collagen Lift®
Size 28 ampoules
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R740 for 1 months supply (28 ampoules)

Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 50% and improve skin elasticity and hydration, this formula contains a powerful combination of Verisol® Collagen, Ulva Mediterranean seaweed (Ulvaline®, harvested in the South of France) and Vitamin C. It’s the perfect way to discover beauty from within by slowing down the process of ageing through nutrition, while avoiding invasive procedures like Botox and face lifts. Supplement your diet with one ampoule of Collagen Lift® every day mixed in a glass of water or fruit juice to start looking younger.

Each box contains 28 ampoules – 1 month supply


  • Denise
    Collagen lift - 3 Oct 2018
    Okay so a few weeks ago I wrote about how I just started using it ... and I’m really loving every moment my skin is plumper , smoother and definitely more hydrated and I’ve been told my skin glows now where I always look washed out before .. it tastes great and actually does what it says. I’m totally hooked thank you to collagen lift SA for this game changer.
  • Denise
    Collagen Lift Countdown - 12 Sep 2018
    I must be honest after hitting Dischem for the amazing special they ran on this I walked away with my two boxes and I couldn’t be happier .... it doesn’t taste half bad and I’m very eagerly awaiting my results ..... so far so very good feeling optimistic on this one !!! Will update you
  • Vanessa
    Test & review 2 month feedback - 26 Oct 2017
    Completed my 2 month test and review and I am so impressed. My nails are the strongest they have ever been, my hair has grown faster than it ever has, and my skin tone has improved beyond expectation! Definitely hooked. Thanks Rubybox :-)
  • Nicolene
    Amazing!! - 24 Oct 2017
    I unfortunately can not afford this, but my mother used it now for 2months. And the difference is massive!! She has very very fine wrinkles left.
  • Lerato
    Great impact - 19 Oct 2017
    The product tastes better with real juice.
    Skin becomes radiant
    Supple too.
  • Sue
    Collagen Lift - 16 Oct 2017
    Oh wow. You ahould see my skins texture. Someone who met me today could not believe I have a thirteen year old so because I look younger than my age. Best news I've heard in a looooooiing time. Thank you Rubybox.
  • Shalini
    Collagen lift - 28 Sep 2017
    A lovely product to plump up the skin, took a few weeks to see a differnece but after about 6 weeks my skin definitely started to look better and feel more hydrated... would be a lot easier if it came in capsule form... the ampules are a bit difficult to open and on some days the tastedoes get to you! Otherwise worth it!
  • Kimberley
    Thrilled - 28 Sep 2017
    I noticed a difference from week 2. My neck was completely smooth - I usually get wrinkles from sleeping at night. My skin tone has improved and my face always looks dewy. I have had a lot of compliments too. Will continue to buy this product.
  • Nawahl
    We all need a little LIFT sometimes - 28 Sep 2017
    My surface of my skin has definitely changed along with the texture.

    It is smoother and appears softer and lighter
    This is something that is really worth the hype
  • Bianca
    Nothing better than this - 28 Sep 2017
    I have used this trial and it has been awesome and I so wish the price was a bit cheaper. The scar on my face is lighter, my skin tone is for fuller, softer, supple. I look younger than my age. I have viewed various other collagen products on the market but the contents and strength of what I receive in one collagen lift supplement.
    Definite lightening of acne scars - 28 Sep 2017
    I have been using the Collagen lift for 2 months. I suffer from horrible acne and suffer from catastrophic scarring as a result. I have been using lots of treatments to help alleviate the scars. After using collagen lift, I can visibly see the scars have lightened. My skin feel more hydrated than usual and although I still have breakouts, I don't have such bad scars left.
  • Michelle
    Collagen Lift Final Review - 28 Sep 2017
    It's the end of my 2 month trial and I am surprised and very happy with this product. My skin has definitely changed. It's more supple, hydrated and my pigmentation has definitely lightened. I have a softness and a glow to my skin. My overall skin, body and face hydration has improved yet the biggest difference is visible in my face. I am very happy with the product and would love to continue using this. It has a lot of benefits and I am sure that with continued usage, I will only see more improvements. Thank you for introducing me to this product.
  • Dalene
    Value for money! - 27 Sep 2017
    This really does work, I've been receiving compliments about my skin, and I can definitely notice that my skin is better hydrated! Great!
  • Catherine
    a GLOWING review - 27 Sep 2017
    I'm going to write a "glowing" review, because my skin is ACTUALLY glowing ;)

    I have always scoffed at products that claim to renew youth, but when I read up about Collagen it actually sounded scientifically plausable... So I got my head around the sweet syrup, and soon therafter perceived it as the golden nectar that people have been refering to is as.

    In the first 2 weeks, my skin had a mild reaction of a few spots, but they came and went and after another couple of weeks I noticied the tightness on my cheeks and forhead specifically - skin so smooth and firm it has a natural sheen to it!

    Loving my renewed natural, youthful glow! Definitely going to work Collagen Lift into my beauty budget.

    Thank you RubyBox! xxxx

  • Tarka
    Awesome Product - 27 Sep 2017
    I really enjoyed experiencing the power of collagen. I am in my early thirties and have started to seeing fine lines around my mouth as a result have started using anti ageing products and other non invasive facelift.

    I was amazed at this product, it took me about 6-7 week to note the difference around my eyes and mouth. The benefits outweighed the hassle of taking it everyday. I set a daily reminder to take it and now its part of my morning routine before gym.

    I have recently bought another supply at the dischem sale. I would also like to suggest exploring on other taste if possible.
  • Michelle
    Fabulous! - 27 Sep 2017
    So, 2 months later and I am flabbergasted! Noticeable reduction in fine lines and subtle in the deeper lines. My skin and hair feel much softer and healthier. Made the taste, which I didn't care for, worth it. Sadly, it did not turn me into Cindy Nel. However, I will continue to use Collagen Lift. Just wish it was a bit cheaper!
  • Abbygail
    Collagen Lift - 27 Sep 2017
    This is an amazing product. My skin has improved, smoother and healthy looking. Fine lines reduced, blemishes and dark marks faded and the embarrassing deep lines in my neck left from pregnancy weight gain almost completely gone. My hands look 10years younger.
  • Kubashini
    Rejuvenation continued - 27 Sep 2017
    2 months since I started using collagen lift and I am so pleased this simple product delivers on its promise to rejuvenate my skin. Elasticity improved, skin complexion more radiant and healthier moisturized hair. Thank you Rubybox for the introduction, I am sold on the benefits of this product! Rubies you need to try it to believe it.
  • Remondy
    An innovative product that works! - 27 Sep 2017
    The past 2 months have seen an amazing transformation of my look and feel. I never felt better, never seen my skin and nails look healthier and more radiant. Even my boobs are looking fuller instead of saggy. It's an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anyone in search of a product that works for your skin without the expense and probably painful experience of things like botox. I've received wonderful compliments from friends and family that is testimony that that it worked for me. And it could work for you too.
  • Rebecca
    Great product - 27 Sep 2017
    It is a great product and I have seen results on other people I know. I just struggle with taking products on a daily basis - my own fault - so haven't seen he benefits as I havr been inconsistent. However I have definately seen a huge improvement in others who have used it.
  • Sandhia
    Collagen Lift® Paris Collagen Lift® - 26 Sep 2017
    After having tried this product, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to notice that my severely dehydrated skin looked and felt more hydrated and softer. I noted that my face seems to have more evenly toned skin. I am a work in progress and will be buying more of this product to continue with the results I already have noticed!
  • Chnay
    Magic in a bottle!! - 26 Sep 2017
    Just love this product! My dull skin has more vibrance, my nails is growing for the first time, my hair looks beautiful and full of life!! Will definately recommend Collagen Lift Paris product to all my friends, family and clients!!!
  • Monique
    Greatest Collagen Lift product - 26 Sep 2017
    After a few Weeks I started seeing a difference , I have nails that used to break and Hair that constantly fell . My skin has tried so many products to improve but I found that Collagen Lift is really great for my whole Body
    I truly love them
  • Nicky
    Fountain of youth - 26 Sep 2017
    I love this product. I had very weak nails, so had to keep them short. In 2 weeks I notice a huge difference. My nails are super strong now and it grows very fast. another thing i noticed is my lips feel more plump and my skin very hydrated.
    Will definitely buy again.
  • Rachael
    Confidence booster and worth every cent - 26 Sep 2017
    After just having a baby and feeling low in confidence and self esteem, I was Lucky to be chosen as a participant to try the Collagen Lift....the results after 2 months are simply mind skin looks better and brighter, my hands and nails look brighter and neater, my hair has stopped falling and looks healthy again....I could definitely be your brand ambassador.......this is the faith i have in collagen lift Paris.. overall I have gained my confidence back and feel smart and feminine again. THANKYOU RUBYBOX AND BIG thanks to collagen lift Paris......
  • Misha
    Collagen Lift in a Bottle - 26 Sep 2017
    I don't know about you, but I am totally obsessed with making sure that my skin looks & feels great.

    After one month of using this unique new product here is my verdict:-

    Firstly you never going to instantly see the results, but after the second week I felt the change in my skin, it feels more firm, more soft & definitely more moisturized.

    What i love is that is does not have a vile taste, so it was really great to take with water when I was on the move & with juice just before my breakfast.

    The packaging looks really amazing, it gives me a sense of quality. So i am rest assured that I am taking a good quality product.

    The only issue I had was opening that ampules, but after one month I have figured out an easy way by pushing against my wall or working desk ;)

    Collagen Paris, I don't think i will be leaving you anytime soon...
  • Laura
    COLLAGEN LIFT PARIS...MONTH 2 - 26 Sep 2017
    I have tried and tested this product for 2 months I have been quite impressed with the results. I have noticed that over the 2 months my skin has felt more hydrated. I am impressed that the pigmentation on my forehead has faded. My nails grew faster and were definately stronger. My skin has been clearer and my husband said my skin has been glowing. I am sad that the 2 months have finished as I unfortunately can't afford to use the product on a regular basis but if it becomes more affordable I would definately add it to my daily routine.
  • Tammy
    Silky soft skin! - 26 Sep 2017
    I have been using Collagen lift for the past 2 months thanks to Rubybox! My skin feels amazingly soft and hydrated and I have noticed a big improvement with the fine lines around my eyes...they are practically gone! My hair also feels softer and shinier. I think I need to use it for longer to see a difference with my more deep stubborn forehead wrinkles. I love this product and the convenience of the packaging.
  • Eurita
    Collagen lift - 26 Sep 2017
    after using Collagen Lift for 2 months my skins starts glowing. there fine lines faded slightly , i think I need to get another box to see all the lines completely gone. But i must say am totally in love with Collagen lift Paris. I struggle with joints pains but during my 2 months trial i was feeling little pain
    Thank you Ruby Box for introducing this to me.
  • Sidonija
    Collagen Lift 2 Month Trial - 26 Sep 2017
    Thank you Rubybox for sending me a two month supply of the Collagen Lift. It is an amazing product and have seen many changes in my skin as well as my overall well being. My skin and hair are looking better, fine lines dissapearing and skin is supple and soft and definitely energy levels are up. A fantastic tasting product and so quick and easy to use.
    I wold recommend this to everybody.
  • Nasrene
    Collagen lift - 26 Sep 2017
    2 months has passed since I got to try this product. My skin is plumper and the wrinkles and fine lines around my eye area and on my hands has filled out quite a bit. Even my hair grew quite a bit in the 2 months of taking the supplement. Unfortunately it didn't do much for the dark circles under my eyes from not sleeping well. Overall, I'm impressed with the results.

    I didn't like the taste of the Collagen lift and mixed it with juice which made it more palatable. The little vial it came in was easy to open and to pour into a glass.

    Price wise, it is costly for a supplement but I did notice that Dischem had them on special while the trial was running. Fingers crossed that they'll have them on special again soon.
  • Susan
    2 months trail of Collagen Lift Paris - 25 Sep 2017
    Thank you Rubybox for the chance to try out Collagen Lift Paris. Am super impressed with this product and have already brought more for myself, sister and mom. Collagen Lift has significantly improved the condition of my skin, hair and nails. This is one of the best products ever!!
  • Cecilia
    Amazing! - 25 Sep 2017
    They didn't lie, it works! My skin is softer, more hydrated, and looks healthier! A visible improvment!
  • Beatrix
    2 months of total admiration for Collagen Lift! - 25 Sep 2017
    After month 1 you get used to ingestion and it quickly became part of my daily routine. Now after two months I can see and feel a definite difference in my appearance and less fine lines. My skin tone improved and my skin feels a lot more hydrated than before I started using Collagen lift! I will advise anyone to at least try out this product – already showed off this product with my whole family and got my mother to also try this product. Thank you sooooooooo much for allowing me the opportunity to test Collagen lift – really changed my view on ageing products out there! Will continue to use this product from now on..... xx
  • Cherie
    Grateful to be chosen - 23 Sep 2017
    Thank you rubybox.. This product was an absolute pleasure to have and try, blown away by the results and how amazing my skin, hair and nails look and feel. Thank you thank you.
  • Shawna
    Collagen Lift - 22 Sep 2017
    After using this product for two months my nails have improved a great deal. They were weak and kept on breaking, but now they are much stronger and have kept their length. With regards to the wrinkles there is a slight improvement but maybe I need to use it over a longer period. A big Thank You to Rubybox for letting me try this product, I will
    definitely consider buying it in the future.
    Wow... Awesome... AMAZING - 22 Sep 2017
    This product works. I never thought it would work but after 2 weeks I immediately saw a difference in my face. The texture was smoother. Great product. And will highly recommend it. The taste is great too. I never mixed it and drank it straight out of the ampoules.
  • Nausheen
    CollagenLift Paris - 22 Sep 2017
    After 2 months of use My nails are much stronger and healthier. I think my skin tone is better too. Have bought another box, because I think I need to give it more time to see reduction in wrinkles.
    So far I think the product works , just needs more time
  • Laetitia
    Collagen lift - fantastic product - 22 Sep 2017
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out this product. My skin, hair & nails changed noticeably during this last 2 months, I will definitely recommend this product
  • Mapaseka
    Collagen Lifts Works like Magic - 22 Sep 2017
    Within a month i could see the difference even my colleagues were already adoring my skin i love it
  • Kerri-lee
    A difference - 22 Sep 2017
    I saw a slight difference in the appearance of my skin. Even had a glow after 2months :D
  • Jessica
    Collagen lift - 22 Sep 2017
    Hi Ruby Box,
    Firstly I want to say thank you for affording me an opportunity to test Collagen lift for 2 months. I must say there definitely is an improvement in my skin tone and my face feels softer and more hydrated. I was even complimented by my masseuse last week- she asked if I was working out because my skin all over was firmer and toned. So a definite yes to buying the product(my 49th birthday is round the corner).
  • Charlene
    Collagen Lift - It Wirk - 21 Sep 2017
    Hey Beauties!!

    There's a pretty good chance that most of you have been searching for a product that works for fine lines and wrinkles without going to extreme measures and are less invasive.

    This product has certainly proven to be very effective!
    While the fine lines around my eyes have become less visible, it has also given my skin and hair and nails a healthy glow!

    My skin has started to feel softer and smoother within the first 3 wweeks after use and I could visibly see the difference.

    I also had no problem with the taste of the ampoules diluted with water as it has become my morning regime before breakfast.

    This product is highly recommended and for a quick fix on firming the skin, but even though it is less costly than other treatments, sone of my friends still feel it is too expensive, so I'm lucky I had the opportunity to review this first habc

    I'm also loving the fact that people still mistake me for being younger, even though I purposely forget my age!

  • Micell
    56 ampules later - 21 Sep 2017
    My fathers genes blessed me with very deep forehead lines so I was very keen to try the Collagen Lift. I didn't expect any non-surgical treatment/ fillers to make a difference but what a pleasant surprise! Apart from struggling initially to get the ampules open I've mastered it down to a one handed technique. Cue soft, hydrated, elastic, healthy skin (from the inside out). Strong, healthy nails and better hair days in sequence than before taking the product. Really happy in my skin thanks to Collagen Lift!
  • thea
    Collagen Lift® Paris - 21 Sep 2017
    Used it for two months and this product is absolutely awesome. I am not one that remember every day to use the day cream but with the capsules it was awesome. I had a box in my drawer at work and a box at home. Took it every day. Even took it with my to Dubai for my holiday. My skin feel definitely healthier. Less wrinkles and more firmer. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to test this great product
  • Vanessa
    Collagen Lift Month 2 - 21 Sep 2017
    IHaving noe completed my 2 month supply of Collagen Lift all I can say is wow what a difference between my before pictures and after pictures! There has definitely been a reduction in the wrinkles around the neck area especially. My skin tone has evened out dramatically making me appear younger! I gained huge amounts of energy where prior to taking Collagen Lift I was always a bit exhausted. I aldo noticed that my nails look smoother and pinker. My hair growth definitely spurted :) All in all what a grand opportunity this was for me. I will definitely be drinking more of this liquid gold!!! Thank you Rubybox!!!
  • Joande
    Love! - 21 Sep 2017
    I've been using Collagen Lift for the past 2 months now, and can honestly say I see a difference in my skin. Fine lines are less noticeable, and my skin looks more plump. Also, I've had a problem with my knee for ages, as it used to ache going up stairs, and now that's a thing of the past! I'll definitely be using Collagen Lift for a very long time to come.
  • Johanni
    Collagen Lift Paris - 21 Sep 2017
    So after two months I can honestly say that I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin and nails. My skin is very hydrated, sometimes it does feel a bit too hydrated for me, but this is coming from having a very dry skin with flaky patches all over. The dryness is completely gone! My skin tone has also improved immensely. My nails are much stronger and I have not had a break or a chip in the two months of taking Collagen Lift. I have bought the Red Carpet version and I am excited to continue using the product.
  • Salma
    Collagen Lift Paris - 21 Sep 2017
    Im pleased with the results after almost two months. I can definately see a visible difference , fine lines around my mouth area seem less visible, dark scaring and pigmentation have gotten lighter, and my hairs texture has really improved. My hair looks and feels healthier. As much as the product is a bit pricey, I would say its worthit because I started seeing positive results after about the 4th week of use. I give it a thumbs up
  • Bronwyn
    Collagen Lift - 20 Sep 2017
    I've just finished my 2 months supply of Collagen Lift that I received from rubybox and I must say I do love this product. My skin is hydrated and there's a definite improvement in my fine lines. The ampule is not hard to open and the collagen liquid is very pleasant tasting. I'm going to definitely try to carry on, because I'd like to see what a difference it makes to my more stubborn areas.
  • julie
    Super Awesome - 20 Sep 2017
    i am on the second month now day 20 i just did the review for ruby box so i got to compare my before and after photos i see a big difference i skin is brighter the uneven tone under my eye has lightened i know my body and skin feel really different more vibrant and tight not sagging but after checking the photo so many changes. my biggest horror is having those dark circles under my eye and chin its the only reason i use make up a lot of it but now days i use less and less.. the marks are not gone but i see it getting lighter so I'm like wowed at this product ..thank you ruby box for giving me this opportunity to try this product and making me feel confident and beautiful once again
  • Tanya
    Collagen Lift Review - 20 Sep 2017
    I am over the moon, the result is magnificent, great improvement and the energy I have every day after taking my daily dose, wow its great!
  • Marianne
    Gold In A Glass - 20 Sep 2017
    Very few are graced with no fine lines around the eyes and mouth…how I longed for my 20 something skin with its natural radiance and youthful colour. That is, until RubyBox gave me the opportunity to test and review Collagen Lift Paris. I now refer to it as gold in a glass. I’ve gone through excessive trial and error with so many products, I was ready to give up on my skin. I finally found something that had visible results. I could actually SEE my skin transform. I felt incredibly excited after the first month of testing this product because winter wreaked havoc on my skin. I had no idea what to do about my dry skin. I become so conscious of my hands, the dryness was just insane. So for two months my routine was to have my glass of Collagen Lift with water every morning. I struggled to open some of the ampoules, so maybe a twist off cap would work better? I’ve become so much more aware of what I put on my skin and more importantly what I ingest. With that being said, this last month my skin transformed more in a short period of time with such a simple routine without the need to use several products. My daily dose of Collagen Lift together with my usual day and night moisturizer was all I needed. In my first month I noticed an impressive improvement in the appearance and softness of my hands and could see visible change in my face but it wasn’t significant. In my 5th week I noticed the lines in my neck fading and the moisture in my hands was improving even more. I’ve also received several compliments about my hair. I was concentrating so much on my skin that I didn’t take note of my hair transforming as well. Week 6 and 7 I noticed a glow in my skin that wasn’t there before, others were also noticing it and wanted to know if I changed my diet, wow…awesome stuff! My nails have been growing super-fast, need to cut it every week. I have now reached my final week and the results have been unbelievable! My dry hands are something of the past, my skin is supple, hydrated and glowing, my nails are healthy, my hair grew faster in this two months then it did the entire year(have slow growing hair due to breakage) and the lines in my neck are fading, I feel healthy and more energetic too. Thank you so much RubyBox and Collagen Lift Paris for saving my skin and making me feel beautiful again! I have amazing skin, just in time for the summer days!
  • Kim
    Collagen Lift Paris - 20 Sep 2017
    After completing the two month trial I can definitely see a more smoother and radiant complexion. Notably have been the comments from friends and co workers and a complete stranger putting my age at 4yrs younger!

    The taste of the formula is quite pleasant, although I would've preferred to not have to mix it with water etc, the fact that it's a daily routine - on the go would be more convenient.

    I would definitely recommend it.
  • Terrilee
    Amazing Product - 20 Sep 2017
    So impressed with this product. I was sceptical at first but after the first month a deep smile line had vanished. It even became difficult to apply eyeliner because the skin around my eyes got tighter. Will continue using Collagen Lift! Thank you for such a great product.
  • Cindy
    2 months down! Many more to go!! - 19 Sep 2017
    I read about this product before getting this wonderful opportunity to test and review it for 2 months.

    I am amazed by the results! After a month, I could see fine lines appear softer, and after 2 months it's only the really deep "smile lines" aroun my eyes I can still see. But such a great improvement overall.
    On my neck, all the lines one gets from the sun and sleeping on your side have disappeared!
    In LOVE with this product! I will use it every day as part of my beauty routine! No one can go without COLLAGENLIFT!
  • Caren
    Collagen lift Paris - 19 Sep 2017
    An amazing result of my neck area, am so happy with what I am seeing, My upper lip has a definite decrease in smoking wrinkles, fine lines around my eyes are also less noticeable, my nails are harder than every before , Within the first 28 days I was experiencing pimples , after the second batch , no more pimples. Thank you Rubybox and Collagen lift Paris for allowing me the opportunity to test and review this amazing product, not only myself but colleagues have also commented on the skin tone and fine lines, really an amazing product and the good news is that I am definitely going to purchase Collagen lift Paris again , once again thank you :-)
    2 Months Review - Impressive. My face is glowing, fine lines disappeared, redness gone and applying make up is a breeze. My skin is super hydrated and silky soft, still cannot believe I haven't had to use any hand cream or body lotion during this test & review, what a pleasure. Definitely consider buying this beauty in the future. Thanks once again rubybox xx
  • Aphiwe
    Awesome product ever - 19 Sep 2017
    I was not sure when I started using the product and I couldn't get used to the taste but after 2 days I got used to the taste and after a month I started seeing the difference in my skin and I recommended it to few of my friends the product is amazing and its worth the price
  • Cherie
    Mind blowing - 11 Sep 2017
    1 month in and still amazed by the constant improvement I have noticed after taking my daily dose Collagen lift.
    My skin, hair and nails look and feel incredible, so hydrated and healthy. Thanks again Rubybox for selecting me to sample this first class product.
  • Fiona
    totally amazed - 8 Sep 2017
    I was very skeptical when i heard about this product, and at first i forgot to take it everyday. But once i got into it i could really see a difference even after 1 month! My skin just looks former and more supple, Ive had fillers done once around my eyes and forehead but didn't do it again - and I must say this drinkable collagen gives me the same affect - I can definitely see that the wrinkles around my eyes are less. I am definitely converted and after my 2nd month free box I will be buying this every month. no more injections! YAY!!!
  • Vanessa
    Test & review results - month 1 - 6 Sep 2017
    I was thrilled to receive my 2 month test & review sample of the Collagen Lift (black box). After 1 month's use, I can definitely see a difference in tone and texture. I have been under a tremendous amount of stress the last few months and my skin had taken a beating! 2 weeks after testing this, my skin showed signs of recovery. After 4 weeks my skin's condition is returning to it's former glory ;-)
    Wow... Awesome... AMAZING - 4 Sep 2017
    At first I thought no ways. Doubt it will work but I am so amazed by the product. I saw visible changes in my skin texture after 2 weeks. My skin is smooth, feels and looks amazing. I didn't mix with anything and drank it straight out of the bottle as it tastes great. This product is fantastic and would recommend it.
  • Tammy
    Feeling good - 4 Sep 2017
    Just over 1 month using Collagen Lift Paris now and I can see a visible difference with the fine lines around my eyes and my skin is feeling alot more hydrated and soft. my complexion appears to be more even. The product looks classy and elegant, sometimes difficult to snap the ampule though, but love the convenience of being able to carry them in my handbag as I travel alot. Excited to see what changes another month of use will bring.
  • Michelle
    Collagen Lift Paris - 30 Aug 2017
    I was lucky enough to be chosen for the 2 month trial of Collagen Lift Paris and from my personal experience thus far, I am very happy with the product. The packaging is luxurious and glam and fits the product.
    It's been a little over 1 month of daily use and I am impressed. The taste is very pleasant, been taking it in a glass of water and almost has a grape taste to it. I tend to have very dry skin in winter and since using this product, my overall skin condition and feel has definitely improved.
    My skin is far less dry, soft and my face is visibly glowing. What I have notices so far is the moisture in my skin has improved, I have freckles and since using this, they have become slightly softer, more even toned. My skin has a glow and dewiness to it that I have seemed to have lost due to climate, stress and a rushed lifestyle.
    I have not seen any improvement in the depth of my wrinkles, yet in saying so, with my skins moisture improving so has the visibility of my wrinkles. Moisture plumps them up, so definitely a plus.
    I am looking forward to the last month of trials and will keep you posted.
    A product worth the money and time :-)
  • Dalene
    Take my money!!! - 29 Aug 2017
    I adore this product - plump, hydrated skin- I'm getting compliments! I need to try the Red Carpet version asap!
  • Nausheen
    CollagenLift Paris - 29 Aug 2017
    I have been using CollagenLift Paris (sent by Rubybox) for a month now. I have seen a difference in my nails. They are stronger and feel smoother. Haven't yet seen a major difference in wrinkles. But I deep expression lines which will need nothing short of a miracle! One more month of the trial to go. Hopefully that will nuke the wrinkles!
  • Beatrix
    CollagenLift - 28 Aug 2017
    At first, I was a bit skeptical in collagen supplement you ingest… but after some research I learned that it’s better to ingest than to smear on your face. It works better internally and it’s not only good for your skin, but it also helps with joints!! Bonus…. It’s been a month since I started using Collagen lift and I can feel a difference! My skin feels a whole lot less dry (itchy skin gone) and my skin tone also improved. I get compliments daily on my glowing appearance and that I look younger. If asked what I’m using, I gladly tell them about this marvelous product I started using! I will keep on using Collagen Lift!! You get value for money – and easy to use – one glass of water in the morning and you’re all set! Work for me – could work for you!
  • Teboho
    Collagen Lift - 28 Aug 2017
    I have been using it weeks and i have seen amazing results. My skin is more hydrated and my stretch marks are less visible. I love it!
  • Cecilia
    Whaaaat!!! - 28 Aug 2017
    I've been using my Collagen Lift for a month now- skin is smoother, definitely plumper- and that's all over- not just my face... Love this product!
  • Wilna
    Results - 25 Aug 2017
    I have been using it for a month. My skin is much more hydrated. I have scar tissue and even that is much less visible. Wonderfull!
  • Abbygail
    Collagen Lift - 25 Aug 2017
    Completely blown away by this product. My skin is smoother, fine lines have decreased and those nasty embarassing neck lines left by pregnancy weight gain is firming up and fading. I can't believe it. After years of trying to get rid of it. My hands look like it did 10yrs ago. Amazing product!!!
  • Laura
    Collagen Lift Paris...Month 1 - 25 Aug 2017
    I have been trying this product for 1 month now and have to say so far I am very impressed with the results. Here is what I have noticed so far:
    * My skin feels hydrated which for August is awesome!
    * The pigmentation on my forehead has faded
    *My nails are growing faster than usual and are stronger
    * My husband has noticed my skin is glowing and my wrinkles less noticeable.
    So far a fab product and I can't wait to see the results of month 2
  • Micell
    Glowing skin for the win <3 - 24 Aug 2017
    Skeptical at first TBH- but that was short lived. I've been taking my ampoule daily in sparkling water for just on 30 days now. Where there were dry patches around my nose area- there's now nothing but hydrated, healthy skin. My nails are strong and healthy, so is my hair. I cant wait to see what results the next month brings.
  • Charlene
    Collagen Lift Paris - 24 Aug 2017
    I've been using this product for one month now and have to say I am absolutely impressed with the results thus far!
    I've seen visible difference in my skin especially reduced lines around my eyes and neck area seems smoother and softer.

    But nevermind the wrinkles, my nails and hair have improved so much too. I have'nt had much hair breakage and my nails are stronger. Also my boobs and buttocks seem firmer! Which it would shrink a bit too LOL!

    Very happy with the results and if the price of purchase can be reduced it would enable more people to buy in to this product!

    Charlz xx
    AMAZING COLLAGEN - 24 Aug 2017
    Very Impressed. My skin is hydrated and so smooth. I have not had to use any hand cream or body lotion, totally amazing. My face is brighter, dark marks & scars are disappearing, not sensitive anymore and less prone to blemishes. Fantastic Paris Collagen Lift definitely to go on the monthly shopping list. Thanks Rubybox xx
  • Misha
    Drink to your Youth! - 24 Aug 2017
    I don't know about you, but I am totally obsessed with making sure that my skin looks & feels great.

    After one month of using this unique new product here is my verdict:-

    Firstly you never going to instantly see the results, but after the second week I felt the change in my skin, it feels more firm, more soft & definitely more moisturized.

    What i love is that is does not have a vile taste, so it was really great to take with water when I was on the move & with juice just before my breakfast.

    The packaging looks really amazing, it gives me a sense of quality. So i am rest assured that I am taking a good quality product.

    The only issue I had was opening that ampules, but after one month I have figured out an easy way by pushing against my wall or working desk ;)

    Collagen Paris, I don't think i will be leaving you anytime soon...
  • samantha
    collagen lift - 24 Aug 2017
    I've been using the product for a month now and absolutely love the way my skin feel , the noticeable improvement around my eye area and hands and the fact that it does not dry your skin out at all .

    looking forward to starting my second months supply and to see more results ---Absolutely love this product .

  • julie
    24th day - 24 Aug 2017
    My skin feel healthier my hands i can actually see visible changes its much more firm. dark marks are lighter especially under my eye. my skins feels less dry no white marks especially in this cold weather. i have my collagen every morning with a glass of water on a empty stomach. can't wait to see more results.
  • Nasrene
    Collagen lift - 24 Aug 2017
    I've been using the Collagen lift for a month now and I can see a visible difference to the fine lines around my eye area. Can't wait to see what it looks like at the end of the trial period.
  • Cherie
    Impressive product - 24 Aug 2017
    Pleasantly surprised by a product that delivers on its promise:-) I've been using this for the last month and there is a visible difference in the look and feel of my skin, my colleagues keep asking me if I'm using a new type of foundation, and I eagerly reply that I'm not wearing any foundation:-) I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants healthier and younger looking skin.... lets be honest... that's EVERYONE
  • thea
    Collagen Lift - 23 Aug 2017
    I can definitely see the difference in face. The wrinkling lines are less and my skin feel softer. Easy to use and no hassle of remember putting something onto my skin. Have a few capsules at work and at home and if i forget to take it at home, i remember to use it at work. First time i used something every day. Even took with my when traveling to Dubai
  • Kim
    COLLAGEN LIFT - 23 Aug 2017
    I've been using this product now for a month and can definitely see a difference in my hair and nails with regards to strength and shine.

    Looking forward to seeing what other improvements another month of Collagen Lift will have.
  • Bianca
    Turning 40 going on 20 - 23 Aug 2017
    I love the way my skin feels and there is a noticeable slight improvement in the wrinkles and skin. With the harsh JHB weather it has become less drier this winter than previous years.
  • Doris
    COLLAGEN LIFT - 23 Aug 2017
    I've been using Collagen lift for almost a month now and I can definitely see a change in my hands and my skin is not so dry. There's a slight improvement in the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Can't wait to see the results after I've completed the two months.
  • Helena
    Amazed so far - 23 Aug 2017
    I am very impressed so far after only taking this for a month. At first i did beak out with a few pimples on my chin, but they have cleared up and I can now start to see the benefits. My fine lines around my eyes have filled out, my complexion is brighter and my shoulder is not so sore anymore - see this is cause collagen helps with joints and connective tissue. All round fantastic product so far - can't wait to see what happens over the next two month, and longer - cause I'm hooked! thanks rubybox x
  • Caren
    Collagen Lift Paris - 23 Aug 2017
    firstly what i noticed within the first week of taking my Collagen Lift Paris is that I hit out in pimples, i have never had a problem growing up or been a Teenager that was prone to pimples. The only thing that I changed in my daily routine of face creams, eating etc, was the use of Collagen, so i can only put it down to me taking the Collagen Lift Paris. I have also noticed a change in skin tone and fine lines on my upper lip and smiling lines/wrinkles around my eyes do look a lot better than before I started using Collagen Lift Pais
  • Jessica
    Collagen lift - 23 Aug 2017
    Its been a month and my skin feels softer and more supple all over.
    My son of 13 told me this morning that I look younger and my skin looks brighter....I am quite excited...lets see what the next month does...
  • Susan
    Collagen Lift® Paris - 22 Aug 2017
    I have now used Collagen Lift® Paris for 1 full month without any break. Love this product, you notice the difference just after few days of taking it. Skin is much more moisturised, from one week on I have not needed to apply body and hand cream daily and skin still feels lovely.

    Collagen Lift® Paris corrects your skin from inside out and the effects is far better than anything you can apply externally. Highly recommended!
  • Jacqueline
    Smoother brighter softer skin - 22 Aug 2017
    Within the first week i could feel a difference . My skin feels so much softer and supple. My skin is not as dry as it was before i started with the course. My face is so much brighter and the area around my mouth is much more firmer than a month ago. I absolutely love this product.
  • Vanessa
    Impressive - 22 Aug 2017
    I've just finished my first box and I'm super impressed. My skin is glowing and hydrated. My tone has lightened and my skin looks and feels smoother. I suffer with red skin/dehydration and it has disappeared. The taste and smell is great the cap it abit hard to break though. Thank you for selecting me to trail this product I give it 5 stars.
  • Kerri-lee
    So far so good - 22 Aug 2017
    I've been using the product for almost a month now and have noticed a slight change for the better. My skin does seem to have a visible improvement in the fine lines and texture. Can't wait to see the results after I've completed two months.
  • Natalie
    Collagen Lift - 22 Aug 2017
    I have been taking the ampoules every morning since receiving the samples. I do however notice my skin has improved quite alot regarding my complection, and my hair is not so dry and dull like it use to be before trying the collagen lift... I feel great all round
    Half-Way there - 22 Aug 2017
    It's been a month that i have started using this product and there is definately a difference. My skin is so much more hydrated and the fine wrinkles has been reduced substantially.
  • Joande
    Happiness - 22 Aug 2017
    I've now used the ampoules every day for approximately a month. My skin is a bit firmer and the wrinkles less noticeable. My blemishes are fading faster as well. What I've also noticed is that my knee is not as sore anymore. I've done some research, and have noted that collagen assists in connective tissue, which is great! Will definitely keep on using Collagen Lift.
  • Cindy
    New skin in a small jar - 22 Aug 2017
    Fantastic little miracle, easy to use and great taste. Can definitely see a difference in fine lines and wrinkles after 1 months use, and my skin has a glow it used to lack. I am using this everyday from now on! A must-have in your skincare routine!
  • Elle
    Amazing is all I can say! - 22 Aug 2017
    I sweat the Vitimin C in this has kept me from getting flu this winter and my skin looks amazing! A total change as I have really suffered from fine lines and dull dry skin in Winter.

    I am hooked for life!
  • Tanya
    The product that gave me the Lift i needed! - 22 Aug 2017
    It has been 26 days since I have started the trial on Collagen Lift, I am quite impressed so far, firstly when it arrived I was convinced its just another night cream, only to discover i had to drink it! I feel great, my skin is glowing and feels supple, I am still waiting to see results in wrinkle appearance but Rome wasn't built in a day and I cannot expect results over for the final stretch, I am super excited to see the end result!
  • Salma
    Collagen Lift Paris - 22 Aug 2017
    I must admit I was sceptical in the begining especially since I expected a serum or cream and got the ampules instead. To my suprise it was quite pleasant tasting, mixed with fruit juice and also left no bad after taste. First thing I noticed after about 10 days was the appearance of fine lines around my mouth seemed less visible, also the bags under my eyes seemed lighter not as dark as it has always been. Dark blemishes also seem to be lightening up. Lastly my hair suprisingly seems to have more lustre and volume.(not sure if its because of the Collagen). But over all I have been pleasantly suprised with the results so far, and cant wait to see the results after 2months use. Thanx Rubybox
  • Tarka
    Collagen Lift Review - 1 month mark - 22 Aug 2017
    Drinking collagen is a new concept to me and I am really into non invasive face lift. When The collagen review came up, I jumped in.

    It took some getting used to to open it and by the end of the week I had mastered it. Now I prefer drinking it with orange juice first thing in the morning. My major concern was the fine line around my eyes and mouth. I am happy to announce the difference on my crows feet, its less visible now.

    Around my mouth I can still see the lines but I guess I love laughing and I still have another month to see the difference. I am taking pictures every week to see the difference.

    I am looking forward to this journey.

    Tarka Ngcobo
  • Vanessa
    Collagen Lift a Plus!! - 22 Aug 2017
    After my month of using Collagen lift I have noticed that my skin feels softer and a bit more hydrated than it was before. As to skin tone I have not yet noticed a huge difference. My hair feels fuller than before as I have thin hair and it does not seem to fall out in huge clumps anymore, so there is a noticeable difference there. Wrinkles don't seem to be as pronounced as before I started this product, so thats a bonus. Nails seem to be not as brittle so improvement there as well. I will continue with Month 2 and provide a full review on the results!

    Thank you again for this fab opportunity!
  • Jezebel
    Collagen Lift Paris Collagen Lift - 22 Aug 2017
    First I wanna thank rubybox for choosing me to test the Collagen Lift ampoule, I must say I feel more healthy all the tiredness is gone my nails started growing so fast and my hair my skin feel so radiant and soft,
    And I must say I thought it was gonna taste horrible but I really love the taste I take it every morning with a glass of water and it tastes like a fruit juice I really love it my friends and family can see the difference in my skin they have been asking me what am I using.
    This is the best product by far
  • Remondy
    Absolutely amazing changes! - 22 Aug 2017
    After my first day using Collagen Lift Paris I experienced a slight tingling sensation and a bit of an itch, but this is a normal reaction my skin has when I use a new product. Two days later, no more tingling. Two weeks later, gorgeous radiant complexion. My face was full and glowing.

    The product is super convenient even when traveling. Just dropped a few tubes in my vanity case and off I went. Youthful radiance even on holiday.

    I received a very nice compliment at a party a few nights ago: Remondy, your face looks fuller. You are really aging well. My secret: Collagen Lift of course.

    But that's between me and my Ruby friends
  • Michelle
    One month in... - 22 Aug 2017
    ...and I am impressed. I was so thrilled to be chosen to test this product! I take it every morning with water before breakfast. My skin is noticeably more hydrated than it used to be, especially my hands and lower legs (I usually have very dry skin in winter). Subtle changes to the fine lines around my eyes - haven't noticed much change in the deeper wrinkles yet, but excited to see the final result! I was wondering, however, if caffeine hampers the absorption at all?
  • Johanni
    Collagen Lift - 22 Aug 2017
    I have been taking the Collagen Lift Paris ampules for a month now and can definitely see a difference in my face, skin and nails. My face used to be super dry, especially in Winter, but has been so moisturized this last month! My nails are also a lot stronger. I have one nail which keeps chipping as the cuticle is damaged, and it has actually not chipped for weeks.The damage is still visible, but the nail is staying in tact and I have been able to grow my nails without any issues. Overall, I am very impressed!
  • Kubashini
    Rejuvenated - 22 Aug 2017
    Its almost a month since I started using Collagen Lift, and i am extremely impressed with the results thus far. My skin looks and feels healthier. My colleagues have noticed and complemented a visibly improved skin tone. I am especially happy at the change in my hair texture which felt like a bonus in this trial. I could feel the harshness of winter on both my skin and hair, and now just a month later, my hair is back to health. Looking forward to another month of rejuvenation.
    Thank you rubybox!!
  • Mina
    Smoother, firmer skin - 22 Aug 2017
    I have definitely noticed a change in the texture of the skin on my face and namely with regards to its smoothness and firmness!
  • Marianne
    A month of transformation... - 21 Aug 2017
    I was beyond excited to have been selected as one of the Rubies to test and review the Collagen Lift Paris. As it sometimes goes with beauty products, you’ve tried out various products in an attempt to get rid of a skin problem, just to find that it is not doing anything to your skin…and so, just in the midst of giving up on my dry-flaky skin, I was given the opportunity to try a product that promises increased elasticity and moisture, decrease wrinkles and improve skin tone. When you’ve tried tons of products and discover that it just “sits” on your skin, it makes you wonder if you’ll ever find that secret potion to beautiful youthful skin. Today marks 1 month since I took my first ampoule, mixing the fruity fragranced liquid with a glass of water before eating breakfast daily and I am amazed at how unbelievably hydrated and supple my skin is. I suffered from extremely dry hands and after only one week I noticed the stiff ‘paper’ feeling caused by dryness became less. I’ve become super conscious of the appearance of my hands. The dryness made me feel so uncomfortable and old, worn out or should I rather say dried out! Even though I’m also noticing subtle changes in my face especially the wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and neck, it is the changes in my hands that impressed me most. My nails are growing super-fast and my hands are looking so beautiful. I’m positive I will see significant change in my face after using my second month supply. Initially I was taken aback by the idea of using a collagen supplement but was keen to see what the hype was all about. Now I see Collagen Lift as skin food, gold in a glass(could this be the reason behind the colour of the ampoules?). It definitely makes a big difference by ingesting rather than putting it on your skin. I can certainly feel a transformation in my skin. Looking forward to the next month and I cannot wait to share my results with you.
  • julie
    11th day review - 11 Aug 2017
    ok so i am on my 11th day my skin feels healthier not dry or itchy. the uneven tone is getting lighter especially under my eye. i can see small changes like the blemishes on my cheeks is kind of fading i guess its too soon to tell can't wait to see the full results
  • Cherie
    Unbelievable results - 7 Aug 2017
    Just though I would write a preempted review for this incredible product, I have been using the sample product for the last 2weeks and I can already notice a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin as well as the texture.
    Already getting positive remarks and comments from coworkers and friends, cant want to see the results after the 1st month, let alone after the 2 months.
  • julie
    7th day Results - 7 Aug 2017
    hi guys i am on my 7th day of the COLLAGENT LIFT my skin actually feels different it feels healthier. there are actual visible changes like the pore on my face seems to fade a little i can t wait for more results this is so awesome wow I'm amazed at the effect it has
  • julie
    NewBee - 1 Aug 2017
    ok so i just took the first dose of collagen the taste is weird at first but not horrible lol. i used one tube poured into a glass of water and i am set to go
  • julie
    NewBee - 1 Aug 2017
    hi guys i received my 2 months supply of collagen. i am going to start today as its the 1st and i like to be organised. i have read all the review and i am excited to be apart of this review. i have read that it actually works for most who tried it so here goes my test
  • Johanni
    Collagen Lift Paris - 26 Jul 2017
    I received my Collagen Lift Paris on Monday and I have started taking them on Tuesday. I am excited to see the difference it makes to my face and hands! Super excited!
  • Charlene
    COLLAGEN LIFT PARIS - Black Box - 21 Jul 2017
    First Impressions....

    I've only used this product for about a week, and was a bit sceptical before trying. The smell is really great as it has a fruity fragrance (kind of like a vitamin C extract) because my pallet has similar reaction to orange juice.
    The fact that it is a liquid to be diluted makes it so much easier to drink as I hate capsules.

    My husband has to break open the cap for me cause it seems a bit hard to do(also I'm lazy lol), think there's a nack to it. Haha
    Taste is very bland, but not unbearable to consume.

    What I've noticed, is a change in my energy levels as I take it first thing in the morning before breakfast. I am also trying to follow a better diet to see if it will have a greater impact.

    Really excited to see results after my 2xmonth trial. Good luck to all of you.
  • Lynette
    Collagen Boost Never Hurts - 5 Jun 2017
    I was a little sceptical about the product - but after the two months I noticed my neck wrinkles are smoother , my skin looks brighter and firmer and not struggling with dry skin on my hands and arms - I'm convinced this does work amazingly well.
  • Bernita
    Impressed - 28 Nov 2016
    I've done a promotion on this before and was impressed to see customers come up to me and tell me about how well this product actually works. Having a lot of products on the market promising the same things, you never know who to trust but I highly suggest this. The taste isn't the best but it's worth the outcome. It comes in little tubes which are the cutest which is a bonus.
  • Sandra
    WOW! I CANT BELIEVE IT :) - 7 Jul 2015
    Ive tried many products and was sceptical at first. I was surprised at the difference it made to my skin in minutes. Now I save every lasting drop of the sample for a special occasion (just in case I have to really make an impression) or should I say No impressions on my skin :)
  • Cara
    Youthful - 2 Jul 2015
    Collagen Lift Ampoules lifts,firms, and gives an overall youthful radiance. This is THE BEST Anti-Ageing product that works!
  • Samantha
    Amazing - 29 Jun 2015
    This actually works. Pleasantly surprised! Well worth the money spent.
  • Christa
    Collagen Lift - 29 Jun 2015
    To every person who would like to look younger, I strongly,recommend Collagen Lift !!! I first thought,wow genuine,a drinking Collagen,but,wow,you see a difference immediately!!! Thanks Rubybox for introducing Me and every person out there, for something that really you WORKS!!!
  • Steve
    amazing - 25 Jun 2015
    i cannot rant enough about collagen lift ampoules. love it. was very surprised that it worked so quickly
  • Shakira
    Collagen Lift™ Paris Collagen Lift Ampoules - 23 Jun 2015
    Well, beauty begins on the inside! An excellent alternative approach to the usual way of treating the symptoms.. This treats the cause....

Collagen Lift® Paris

Where they’ve come from

Collagen Lift® Paris is a daily drinkable collagen drink that is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 50% and improve skin elasticity and hydration. Made in France, its formula contains a powerful combination of verisol® collagen, ulva Mediterranean seaweed (Ulvaline®, harvested in the South of France) and vitamin c.

Skin aging means a loss of collagen in the skin. Unlike creams and serums which act from the outside you can now slow down the process of aging through nutrition. Supplement your diet with one ampoule of Collagen Lift® Paris every day mixed in a glass of water or fruit juice and start looking younger. Collagen Lift® Paris is now available to purchase in South Africa.

Collagen Lift® Paris