Bright Plus HP Night Cream
Size 50ml
Skin Type All skin types
Skin Concern Dark spots/pigmentation, Dull/Lacklustre
Age Group 25 - 34
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Bright Plus HP Night Cream - R785.00

It is a nourishing night-time treatment that turns around dull, uneven skin while you sleep.


Clarins’ brightening complex of Raspberry and Alchemilla extracts and Vitamin C help counter the effects of daytime stress- minimising dark spots and discolouration for a radiant, even complexion upon waking.


It does all the work while you sleep.


Clarins’ brightening complex of Raspberry and Alchemilla extracts and Vitamin C help counter the effects of daytime stress- minimising dark spots and discolouration for a radiant, even complexion upon waking.


  • Tyla
    Love this - 16 Jan 2019
    This night cream is great, doesnt have a sticky feel, makes ur skin feel good in the morning aswell
  • Denise
    Reality - 20 Sep 2018
    I started using the CLARINS products when I turned 35, this was always a dream of mine. This night cream is just amazing in restoring all the moisture and working through the night to ensur my skin is revitalized in the morning. Best money ever spent
  • Aleyah
    Amazing Skin Suppleness and Clear Tone - 29 Aug 2018
    I have never come such an amazing product before!

    Smells absolutely delivious and my skin feels and looks amazing! Absolutely love Clarins!
  • Marianne
    Best for dry skin - 19 Aug 2018
    I struggled with dry skin before coming across this product. It is so moisturizing and the texture is great, love that it absorbs into my skin almost immediately, which means no stains on my pillow at night :)
  • Pamella
    CLARINS - 6 Aug 2018
    I Love it,after a long day it works perfectly keeping my face soft as a babies bum.
  • Dinika
    Clarins Bright Plus HP Night Cream - 19 Jul 2018
    This night moisturizer is one of the best i have ever tried and actually saw results with. Clarins is a great brand and truly put effort and quality in to all of their products. This one does exactly what it claims. I will continue to use it and have recommended it to all my girlfriends and can't speak enough about it. You have to try it for yourself to know how great and affective it really is. Once you try it, you will never want to stop especially if you have any hyperpigmentation or scars, you will start to see results in a short period of time and you'll love how moisturizing it is especially for dry skin. Wake up to beautiful healthy bright skin every morning.
  • Vilakazi
    Clarins bright plus HP night cream - 15 Jul 2018
    It's definitely not the first time coming across this product do my acne prone skin
    Within a month a saw my dark spots disappearing
    I totally loved how it worked well with my dry skin
    Totally love this god given product
  • Rebecca
    Happy and pregnant - 7 Jul 2018
    I'm currently pregnant and battling with my skin. This has made a huge difference
  • Koketjo Millicent
    Best products I've come across - 29 May 2018
    I always have my doubts when it comes to beauty products but I tried this anyway, Clarins has 100% result giving products.
  • Lindi
    its a must have - 15 Nov 2017
    This should be on every woman's dresser. it sounds marvellous. please may I try this so I can purchase in the future. I would love to share with friends and family then send in there reviews
  • Glynnis
    BEAUTY INVESTMENT!!! - 12 Oct 2017
    First week of trying this product I could definitely see a difference. My skin feels and looks better than ever and the product smells divine what more do you want! Clarins Bright Plus HP Night Cream is one of my biggest investements...I never used night creams but after using Clarins Bright Plus HP I never want to change my beauty routine! This is my future I definitely can't go without this product!!! Love it Love it Love it!
  • Lindi
    Bright Plus - 26 May 2017
    Every woman dreams of beautiful skin tone and colour so this sounds like a must have in every womans life especially when you reach a certain age
  • Nosipho
    IMPRESSED - 11 Jan 2017
    To be quiet frank this product is really worth the hype. My skin has a tendency to look really dull and washed out. This night cream has really helped me look more my age and more vibrant. it a little pricy but its worth the investment.
  • Marianne
    Clark's Bright Plus Night Cream - 11 Jan 2017
    I love that a little bit goes a long way with this is a bit pricey but money well spent considering the great moisturising properties and my skin looks great every morning with this product!
  • Buhle
    Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream - 15 Nov 2016
    Perfect if used together with the Day cream and the serum as they complement each other. Although the whole set is a bit pricey, but it's well worth it, trust me. One only needs a little bit of this night cream, and by a little bit I mean a tiny little bit as it really goes a long way. It's not greasy like most nigh creams, absorbs pretty well and the results are almost instant. After using it for a couple of days, together with the serum and day cream, I noticed that my skin had that "wide awake" look the next morning. It actually does more that just brighten your skin, it also plumps it up, and your skin feels like you've just done a deep-cleansing facial after just the first use. My pigmentation wasn't so bad before I started using it, or at least I thought so, but people were definitely noticing a difference in my skin tone. It was more even, more plump, more brighter which gave me bounces of confidence! It's an awesome product, but like I said, it works well if it's part of the entire range.
  • Ayanda Millisa
    Repairer - 23 Aug 2016
    This product has been nicely recommended so I would love to try it to help me repair my skin after a busy day.
  • Hadir
    Claims night crean - 9 Apr 2016
    This product made my skin brighter and softer. I just love the feel. I saw instant results .
  • Jesse
    Dreamy Date - 5 Apr 2016
    this product left my skin feeling softer and brighter. I love the smell , thank you for the opportunity to try this product
  • Linell
    Glow by Night - 5 Apr 2016
    The Bright Plus HP Night Cream non greasy fills in well in your pores and i must say with the full Clarins routine you achieve the results.
  • Zainab
    love love love - 5 Feb 2016
    this amazing product did wonders to my skin, i woke up with the most amazing skin. it kept it soft, supple and youthful. i noticed the difference from day one. used in conjunction with the serum it does miracles
  • Monique
    Great Product - 13 Oct 2015
    I received a trial pack of the Clarins Bright Plus range. Of the three of them, the Night Cream was my favourite. I was smooth and hydrating. Some Night Creams can feel very heavy but not this. My skin felt lovely after using it. In terms of treating pigmentation I didn't notice a huge difference but then I was only using a trial sample. I would definitely by this Night Cream.
  • Jacqueline
    Night Cream - 13 Oct 2015
    I vary rarely use a night cream but I have now changed my routine, as this is a very effective product. Really leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Yolande
    Bright Plus H night cream is a must - 12 Oct 2015
    While I've always tended to use the same moisturiser for daytime as for night, this night cream definitely should be added to the daily regimen. I loved the smell and the cream, while rich and moistursing, was absorbed very quickly. I noticed a marked difference after a few days.
  • Suzette
    Wonderful Treat! - 12 Oct 2015
    I received the trial pack from Rubybox. I loved the products! The night cream is smooth, non greasy & smells fresh. It makes your skin look & feel very good. I believe I need to use the product a bit longer in order to improve the look of dark spots. Thank you for introducing me!
  • Janine
    WOW! - 12 Oct 2015
    This product is value for money. A little goes a long way and my skin definitely improved in appearance after just a week of dutifully applying it at night. It wasn't at all heavy as quite a few night creams are. Compared to its more expensive counterparts, this is the best!
  • Milandre
    REFRESHED SKIN - 8 Oct 2015
    I received the trial size of this product from rubybox along with the day cream and serum. There is nothing better then after a long day being able to cleanse your face and use this night cream. My skin felt refreshed and smooth when using this product. Overall I would recommend the Clarins bright plus range if you want brighter and smoother skin. It's also great for dark spots which I have struggled with for many years.
  • marisa
    clarins trail pack - Awesome - 8 Oct 2015
    I love it from day one, even the packaging made me feel happy. The product just glides onto your skin and melts away, leaving a light therapeutic fragrance behind, it was bliss. It lightened the dark spots on my cheeks and even out my complexion, a bonus in our heat averaging 42 degrees
  • Cara
    LOVE! - 5 Oct 2015
    I received the trail pack and loved it from the start. The smell is absolutely divine!! I could not wait to put it on my face every night. It was very light and not oily at all. My skin was feeling so fresh. I also cut the tube open so that I could every last bit of goodness. Really lovely product.
  • Sharona
    Great product! - 30 Sep 2015
    I love this product!
    It really evened out my skin and made it look brighter
  • pam
    clarins night cream bright plus - fabulous!! - 23 Sep 2015
    this night cream is simply phenomenal!! i have used clarins before and i have to say they have kept up to their immaculately high impresssed with how it glides onto my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed , revitalised and rejuvenated...everything i couldve asked for and more!!
  • Lutfeeyah
    Luxury personified - 23 Sep 2015
    I have used the day and night cream since i received the trial pack, i loved it so much that I am squeezing the last bit out of it by cutting it open to the get the last bit. I am impressed with bot the day and night cream and how my skin has felt thereafter. It is light weight and not oily at all. The night cream is wonderful. My skins unevenness has almost completely vanished. I l feel more radiant.Friends and colleagues have complemented the appearance of my skin and I feel confident. I wish the range was a bit more affordable so that it could be more accessible to all. Overall I loved it !!!
  • PrettifulBlog
    Clarins Night Cream - 23 Sep 2015
    Let me first start with the scent of this product, I absolutely love it! It isn't a thick cream at all, it absorbs nicely, at times I did feel that my skin wasn't moisurised enough, I had a bit of a tight feeling, but I went to sleep anyway, and when I woke up it felt fine. My skin definitely looks brighter and more even. I just wish this came in an airless pump bottle instead of a jar, since all the goodness won't last in a jar.
  • Thulisile
    Bright Plus Night Cream - 22 Sep 2015
    So loving this cream! It smells divine and has over the weeks gave a beautiful face when I wake up. The pigmentation is fading away on my cheek. Super impressed
  • Kylie
    Clarins Bright Plus Range - Absolutely Inlove! - 22 Sep 2015
    When I received the Clarins Bright Plus Range Trial Pack I was super excited as I had never tried this brand before (due to the price tag) but was a abit sceptical at the same time about the sample size of the products and if they would have an effect on my skin in such a short period. I will mention that I have an Oily Skin type and suffer from constant break outs. I also have scarring from my breakouts pimples. I have now used this range and I am SO impressed. I cannot say much about the Smoothing Serum as there was such a small amount that I don't know if it worked or not but I am still currently using the Day Lotion & Night Cream and I am impressed with the results. The texture of the creams are light weight, they smell fresh, isn't greasy once applied and aborbs quickly into your skin. This isn't a range for Breakouts/ Pimples/ Acne but it has treated it. My skin isn't oily anymore, my skin appears more balanced, my breakouts have decreased by 70% - 85% and the scaring/ dark spots aren't as prominent. I am shocked at the results as it has exceeded my expectations. I intend on buying the day lotion first and then save a bit to purchase the night cream. So impressed!
  • lucelle
    Clarins - 21 Sep 2015
    i am very impressed with the texture and brightness of of skin. my dark spots appear to be lighter.
  • Sharmla
    Clarins: Bright Plus HP night cream - 17 Sep 2015
    The Best product ever.
    My skin texture and tone has improved considerably within 3 weeks of using this range. Loving it.
  • Layne
    Huge change - 16 Sep 2015
    I have using this every night since i got my trial set.
    The smell is heavenly and my skin felt so nourished and soft from night to morning!
  • Lucille
    Night cream - 16 Sep 2015
    Loved it, is absorbed into skin within moments. My skin felt revitalized & soft
  • Deidre
    Clarings Bright plus Night Cream - 16 Sep 2015
    I loved this product that I received in my trail pack. This is a lovely product that feeds your skin during the night and leaves it feeling silky and smooth in the morning.
  • Shahana
    loved this trial pack - 15 Sep 2015
    I was a little skeptical about the difference such a small sample was going to make, but the difference was so noticeable!!! After using the trail pack my skin appeared smoother and brighter and more moisturized.
    It absorbed well, no oilyness. The price range will not allow me to purchase the full sized item or the full range...maybe one day...
  • Kedibone
    Skin guard - 14 Sep 2015
    I am one of the lucky Rubies to take part in the Clarins Bright Plus range trial. I find this very big.
    The cream absorbs completely into the skin. It works while you sleep. After a few days of use the skin is so well nourished, supple, soft, and brighter. I love this product
  • Fatima
    Starry night - 11 Sep 2015
    Definitely one of the best night creams I have ever used, non-greasy, melts into your skin and smells heavenly. After just two weeks using the entire Bright Plus range, I can already see the difference.
  • sashnee
    night cream - 11 Sep 2015
    i received the sample of this and after the first use , i could see a visible difference in my skin.My skin felt smoother and softer and it started to even out. i was really impressed and would definitely recommend this product to everyone. I will definitely be purchasing the full size.
  • Joey
    Clarins - 11 Sep 2015
    I liked the Clarins Bright Olus HP Night Cream, my skin feels and look much better
  • Leandra
    Clarins Bright Plus HP Night Cream - 11 Sep 2015
    I am so glad that I got to be part of this lovely product review club.
    The night cream in this line is by far my favourite product at all.
    It smells fresh and the consistency is not too heavy, yet it gives just the right amount of moisture.
    My skin feels plumped, soft and extremely smooth in the mornings after use.
    I have noticed the following since I started to use these products:
    1. My skin's texture is much more smoother and the fine lumps and bumps are down to a minimum.
    2. My bad pigmentation spots appears lighter.
    3. My very bad dark circles under my eyes look much better.
    It is definitely worth the money you spend on it.
  • Jessica
    Thank you - 11 Sep 2015
    I've been using this product for about 3 weeks now and after week 2 my fiancé remarked that he is noticing a difference in my skin. My face is more radiant and brighter and the dark marks on the side of my face are looking lighter. The cream is rich but not heavy on my skin and doesn't leave an oily sheen. I love it! Thank you. I've never tried Clarins before and didn't want to spend a lot of money only to find out that the product was not what I needed so this trial pack was the perfect way for me to try this product without it costing an arm or a leg.
  • Annalize
    Light, bright and a scent delight - 11 Sep 2015
    I received a trial pack with the night cream, day cream and serum.
    What makes this night cream special is that it isn't as heavy as other night creams , it aids in very gradually brightening imperfections on the face without affecting your tan ;-). And oh my word, it feels like putting perfume on your face- it smells so divine I'd buy it just for the scent!
  • Janeen
    Quality Product - 10 Sep 2015
    I received a sample of this range and i must say i was pleasantly surprised at how this felt on my skin, 1st of all it smells amazing and it's very light and creamy. Definitely worth buying
  • Jenny
    And so to bed.... - 10 Sep 2015
    Silky smooth application left skin feeling supple and 'fed'. Loved the fragrance.
  • Karen
    Clarins Bright Plus Range - 10 Sep 2015
    Thank you so much for sample pack, loving it. I have sensitive combination skin, my skin is definitely brighter and feels fantastic. Wonderful product.
  • Nelisa
    great product - 10 Sep 2015
    Thanks for the Trial pack Ruby and I must say this Product is Superb
  • Zaitoen
    What a luxury! - 10 Sep 2015
    Love this night cream, works really well on my skin and smells really good. I love how soft and smoothmy skin feels after I have applied this night cream.

    Thank You RubyBox
  • Louise
    Smooth and Supple - 10 Sep 2015
    I absolutely Love this night cream. It hydrates my skin very well, without leaving it oily and I wake up in the morning with smooth, supple skin. Love it!
  • Yaksha
    Highly recommended - 10 Sep 2015
    I have super sensitive skin that is prone to sun damage. And yes I try many products in the quest to find one that does what it says without causing a breakout. This has ended the search. It has a light fragrance, goes on beautifully and does not leave a residue. Does it brighten the skin? Most definitely. You wake up to baby soft visibly brighter skin. More glowy. It's too soon to tell if it will lighten my pigmentation but peserve I shall. The added bonus is that it did not cause a breakout. I would recommend you use it together with the Intensive Brightening Serum as it seems to intensify the results of the Night cream. I will continue to use this product till the sample ( thank you Ruby Box) ends and if the pigmentation is lighter,I will be purchasing both products.
  • Roberta
    clarins trial pack - 10 Sep 2015
    hi, thanks for the clarins trial pack. I really enjoy the day cream its not sticky at all and absorbs nicely, i like that. The night cream really smells nice and also no stickyness.
  • Siobhan
    Best of the three - 10 Sep 2015
    I loved this night cream more than the other two products. I found that it was just rich enough to nourish my skin overnight, and I woke up with soft and glowing, luminous skin. As I said of the day lotion, I do feel that my skin is looking more even. I would love to try this out for a month long period to see if it reduces my slightly darker pigmentation spots.
  • Tasneem
    fresh radiant skin - 9 Sep 2015
    This product has been a major relief for my skin! Especially after winter, the smell is amazing and my skin still feels moisturised when I wake up in the morning!
    Love this product will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.
  • Brenda
    Night Cream - 9 Sep 2015
    What a fabulous product. Left my skin silky smooth after a few nights of use.
  • Joande
    Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream - 9 Sep 2015
    This cream has the most amazing smell of any product ever used by me, and although it has a rich texture, my skin does not feel oily. And a little goes a long way.
  • Nicole
    Glow by night - 9 Sep 2015
    Thank you for sending me a trial pack, I have put it to good use. I have never used Clarins before so to experience the full effect I purchased the Clarins cleanser and toner on special at Edgars. The night cream has a silky texture and expensive lingering scent, a little goes a long way and it instantly hydrates my skin. My skin feels warmer after the application, not sure if its a combination of the products or the massaging involved.i have used it for over a week now and whilst my discolorations have not disappeared my skin is glowing and looks rosy. I have had the odd zit pop up but I noticed that the recovery time and scarring is minimized, so that indicates that my skin is responding well to the luxuries treatment, Thank you Clarins and Ruby box. I am going to purchase the full size products to pamper my skin.
  • Ray
    An absolute winner - 9 Sep 2015
    The fragrance of this night cream is incredible! The texture is rich without being too heavy and it applies evenly leaving my skin taut and radiant until the next morning.
  • Ramona
    Bright Plus Night cream - 8 Sep 2015
    I really enjoyed using the night cream. The texture was light .
    The range definitely agreed with my skin. My looked more radiant after use.
  • Vanessa
    Clarins Brightplus Nightcream - 8 Sep 2015
    First off, thanks Rubybox for the sample trials. The night cream is great for hydrating and the scent of the cream is beautiful. I have used this for a week and my skin feels smooth and supple.
  • Cindy
    Clarins Night Bliss - 8 Sep 2015
    Thank you so much Rubybox & Clarins for giving me the opportunity to try this delightful cream, I have really enjoyed using this cream every night for as long as the little tube would allow, its beautifully fragrant and truly does moisturise all night long & certainly assisted with some dark pigmentation I am experiencing! I loved, loved loved using this product.
  • sophia
    Clarins Bright plus night cream - 8 Sep 2015
    Firstly thanks to Rubybox and Clarins for sending these product samples. I found this night cream was creamy and had a soft beautiful fragrance. After using it for a week, I skin felt refreshed, soft and looked radiant. Will definitely consider purchasing the full size
  • Fatima
    Clarins Bright Plus HP night cream - 8 Sep 2015
    Thank you Ruby Box for the opportunity to try this product. Once again, like the Day lotion and Serum, The smell of the night cream is just as awesome, I love the fact that the smell lingers and I get whiffs of it throughout the night. While it moisturisers beautifully, removing any tightness, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth, it does not feel heavy or greasy. It has agreed with my sensitive skin, not causing and breakouts and while I havn't noticed any significant changes regarding my pigmentation, It could be because I havn't been using it for long enough. I would love to purchase the product and continue trying it out to get the full benefit.
  • Nawahl
    Does'nt just smell amazing.... - 8 Sep 2015
    A light creamy texture that does not leave your skin feeling greasy. I found that in the morning my skin did indeed look smoother and felt softer.
  • Michelle
    Awesome night cream - 7 Sep 2015
    Loved the product very much.It left my skin hydrated and bright for my early morning gym sessions . Thanks Clarins
  • ann
    Soothing night cream - 7 Sep 2015
    Firstly the smell is so soothing and the texture is lovely, it feels rich but certainly isn't oily, gets absorbed into the skin really quickly and skin looks noticeably fresher and brighter after a few uses
  • Thulisile
    Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream - 7 Sep 2015
    I used this cream for a week and every morning I found my skin glowing even though I had just woken up. For the period I used this, I'm impressed with the results.
  • Theresa
    Stunning night cream! - 7 Sep 2015
    The Clarins Bright Plus HP night cream is the most effective I have tried. It is not just deeply moisturizing, but I also woke up with taut, glowing skin that looked as though I had enjoyed 10 hours of sleep!
  • Tracey-lee
    impressed - 7 Sep 2015
    i am beyond happy with the results of this night cream. i have tried various products before and non was to my satisfaction, until i tried the clarins bright plus night cream. my skin feels and looks amazing and am really impressed with the fresh smell of the cream. definitely found my forever night cream
    Best Night Cream - 6 Sep 2015
    I am in love with this night cream it feels so good on the skin and I love the way my skin looks when I wake up in the mornings
    Brightening Repair Night Cream - 50ml - 4 Sep 2015
    I am a big fan of night creams because I feel that is when your skin is regenerating after the long day and exposure to the elements, and your skin needs that extra care. Overall I enjoyed every product from the range my skin always felt soft and in the morning, I noticed a morning radiance about my skin. The Clarins night cream is a great investment if want to get something from the range.
  • Jessica
    clarins bright plus - 4 Sep 2015
    I have already started using my trial pack of Clarins Bright Plus. This is the first time Im using Clarins product. I had really dark circles around my eyes and now since using the night cream, the circles are getting lighter everyday. It was like an overnight miracle.

    Thank you so much for selecting me to get the samples
  • Maritsa
    Wonder Product - 4 Sep 2015
    I have tried numerous products, ranging from mid-range to luxurious products in the past and this is the first range that has given me results within one week! The product has a gorgeous, clean smell and it glides on to your skin making it feel smoother instantly. It delivers what it promises - I can see a clear difference in tone, texture and pigmentation - and my skin is smoother and refreshed in the morning. I am switching over to this product from immediate effect.
  • Nerine
    Night cream - 4 Sep 2015
    Lovely moisture, not too much so that it becomes oily. Love the smell. My skin looks amazing
  • Millicent
    IMPRESSED! - 4 Sep 2015
    Thank you so much for allowing me to try this product!

    I love the flowery scent, very refreshing and just feels amazing on my skin. It's not greasy at all and when applied it leaves the skin supple and smooth. I do have a few dark spots and noticed that they have faded slightly but not completely disappeared. It definitely has brightened my completion a bit and my skin seems more even toned. This is exactly what i need! I love it! The only downside is that it is a bit pricey for my budget :( I still have some left in the samples I have received - a little surely does go a long way and I am sure that once I am able to afford this - and I WILL PURCHASE IT - it will last for quite some time :)

    Definitely worth a try ladies!

  • Marcoline
    Clarins Bright Plus Night Cream - 4 Sep 2015
    Luxurious feel and smell without making my skin feel greasy. And it works!
  • Catharina
    Love Clarins - 4 Sep 2015
    I have always loved Clarins but this night cream is the business!! It smells amazing and your skin just soaks up the rich and creamy texture without feeling greasy. It nourishes and tightens just enough to have you wake up fresh-faced and bright.
  • Razaan
    Clarins Excellence - 4 Sep 2015
    Light weight and smooth cream really produces results after day 3. My face feels & appears more alive and radiant!
  • Jasmiena
    Clarins Bright Night Cream - 4 Sep 2015
    It is soft and non greasy on the skin ... skin glows and softer
  • Roma
    Clarins night cream - 4 Sep 2015
    This stuff felt soooo luxurious and had such a gorgeous smell! Even though I'm only a few days into my product, I can already see a difference in my pregnancy pigmentation. The whole range is great, try it out!
  • Elsebie
    Bright Plus HP Night Cream - 4 Sep 2015
    Wow!!! my skin Never felt this good and I am shining from the inside lika a superstar. Best product range ever!!!! You can actually see the difference :-)
  • merencia
    love it!! - 3 Sep 2015
    I have oily skin and I have to say I'm over the moon with the clarins bright plus night cream, my skin feels soft, smooth and the dark marks are fading, doing a little happy dance :-)
  • Danielle
    Best night cream by far - 3 Sep 2015
    Just love the non greasy texture as well as the scent. It also made my skin feel super soft!
  • Carmen
    NEVER FELT MORE ALIVE - 3 Sep 2015
  • Lize
    Great in combo with the Serum - 3 Sep 2015
    Definitely made a difference in combination with the serum. Lovely fragrance albeit a bit strong and sweet for my personal taste.
  • Taryn
    Love it!!! - 3 Sep 2015
    At day three I could see a difference in my skin. Skin felt softer, looking radient
  • Noelien
    My future is Bright! - 3 Sep 2015
    I am usually skeptical about products working "overnight" so I was very pleasantly surprised when I could already see a difference after a day or two. My complexion is definitely clearer and my dark spots lighter. Love it!
  • Stacey
    love it - 3 Sep 2015
    Love this how my skin feels when I used it and noticed a difference in my complexion
  • Heidi
    Clarins Bright Plus HP Night Cream - 3 Sep 2015
    I love this new range I am using Clarins for a few years and I am Impress with the Clarins Bright Plus range
  • Amy
    Clarins Bright Plus HP - 3 Sep 2015
    I have been using the product range for a week now and can already see the difference. My skin is smoother and brighter. Delighted.
  • Tarryn
    Lives up to what it promises - 3 Sep 2015
    I LOVE that this night cream isn't heavy at all. it doesn't leave a film on the skin. Absorbs easily and my skin's overall appearance has improved. Feel more confident without any concealer on etc. Loving this range
  • Nompumelelo
    Clarins Bright Plus HP Night Cream - 3 Sep 2015
    This year was the year i take proper care of my skin and have gone through many products that promise many thing and i do believe that this one keeps it's promise. My skin feels smoother, more radiant and illuminated when i wake up and i love how my skin sucks it up when i apply it and doesn't irritate my very sensitive eyes.
  • Lindie
    Sea Lily FTW - 3 Sep 2015
    Excellent Night Cream from Clarins. Lightweight formula that is very easily absorbed and the Sea Lily ingredient make it smell lovely. This product comes at a price but highly recommended.
  • Carol
    Great product - 3 Sep 2015
    Gives my skin a great feel. Dark spots are fading. Love using this product.
  • chanelle
    awesome product - 3 Sep 2015
    My skin feels so soft and lovely its a must buy product n it smells great
  • Lindie
    Beauty Brilliance - 3 Sep 2015
    I have been using the Clarins Bright plus night cream for almost two weeks, and I must admit, I never expected to see magic happen this quick! It is rich and decadent, but does not make my skin greasy. It gives me an awesome glow, and hopefully hides a couple of years! I will defintely continue to use this and can highly recommend! Love Love Love!!!
  • Chantal
    Luxurious product - 3 Sep 2015
    Love this night cream. Its so rich and thick, a little goes a long way. Definitely see a change in the brightness of my complexion. My skin looks like im 20 years old again!
  • Catherine
    Best of the Bright Plus range - 3 Sep 2015
    I have dehydrated cheeks and an oily-t zone, so finding a product that treats both areas can be tricky.

    What I love about this night cream is that it's so nourishing - my skin feels properly hydrated without any heaviness. I wake up to plump, radiant skin which is exactly what I need.

    Having only used this for two weeks, I cannot confirm if my skin has changed drastically other than experiencing improved radiance.

    I personally think it's a fantastic price for a quality product. Although, I'd have preferred the full sized product to be packaged in a pump for convenience and hygiene.
  • Louise
    I love Clarins Bright Plus - 3 Sep 2015
    I can really see results with this product. Love that absorbs into my skin and leaves no oiliness. When I woke up in the mornings my skin felt great and after a couple of uses remarkably brighter with a more even tone.
  • Natasha
    Mornings - 3 Sep 2015
    I must say since I received the trail my face feels much softer in mornings and spots seems to be getting much lighter! Love it!
  • Melanie
    Actually works - 3 Sep 2015
    I never had any faith in night creams until I tried this, constant hydration, I can see an overall improvement in the condition of my skin. Love this night cream.
  • Hannah
    Smooth and supple - 3 Sep 2015
    Have been using the night cream for the past 7 days consistently and it absorbs so beautifully. The product smells very luxurious when you apply it and it really absorbs. I find it works best when you pat it on gently and don't rub it in. When I wake up in the morning my skin does look a lot more even, as though i have had a good night's sleep even when i haven't. A lovely product.
  • Marian
    Impressive - 3 Sep 2015
    During pregnancy I got a lot of pigmentation marks on my face and later quite bad acne from the mini pill while breastfeeding.
    I used this cream together with the day cream and have definitely seen a difference in my skin. Brighter skin and lighter pigmentation marks. Even my husband commented how much better my skin is looking.
  • lorelle
    Bright PLus - 3 Sep 2015
    I received one of the trial boxes from Ruby Box
    my skin is softer and brighter
    best ever.
  • Precious
    love it - 3 Sep 2015
    received my trial pack and i must say i'm really loving this product, it smells great, feels amazing on the skin, it hydrates my skin but doesn't make it greasy, it's given my skin a supple and silky texture and it's actually illuminating my skin, there's no difference as yet with pigmentation but it does say it's usually after 4 weeks of use so i'll review further on that.
  • yolandie
    Very Good - 3 Sep 2015
    Could really notice a bit of a difference in one weeks time of use
  • Jyothi
    Wow - 3 Sep 2015
    I recently received the Bright Plus range to test out. I have been using for about a week and a half an I am so amazed at the absolute awesomeness of the products. I have to admit I am kind of cheap and I would not have purchased any of these so I am so so glad I was given a chance to try them out.

    This night cream is my favourite of all three products. It is rich enough to make my face feel hydrated and yet not so thick and gloopy that I would feel sticky and greasy all night. It has a subtle but lovely scent which I love so so much. I cannot quite put my finger on it but I know the scent from somewhere. It makes me feel so happy.

    I have noticed a marked difference in the clarity of my skin. It has been a little dull since winter rocked up so this made a real difference. I can really notice that it is a little brighter and not as ashy as it was thanks to the cold.

    Love it soooooooo much.
  • khalieda
    GREAT PRODUCTS - 3 Sep 2015
    i recived the bright plus range as a sample to review and after a week im totally happy with the product. My small dark spots are decreasing,my face seems softer as well as brighter. i keep receiving compliments yaaay!!! The only thing that makes me sad is each product costs R600 each which is a bit priceys.
  • Kerusha
    Clarins Brightening range - 2 Sep 2015
    i usually have sensitive skin, but this product left my skin feeling refreshed. i noticed my skin already started looking brighter by the end of the week! great product!
  • Kerusha
    Clarins Brightening range - 2 Sep 2015
    i usually have sensitive skin, but this product left my skin feeling refreshed. i noticed my skin already started looking brighter by the end of the week! great product!
  • Farzana
    Love these products - 1 Sep 2015
    I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin looking fresher and brighter after using this non greasy formula and I just love the beautiful fragrance.
  • diana
    double awsome!! - 1 Sep 2015
    this night cream smells so good, I love how it makes my skin feel!! best night cream that I have tested yet
  • Abegail
    Great product - 30 Aug 2015
    I received the brightplus products and am very happy with all of them. I've been getting random breakouts, which I hardly ever get but these product feel so great on my skin and is also helping with the breakouts. Tx Clarins for the great products.
  • rashmee
    repair and strengthen - 24 Aug 2015
    having used this intensively nourishing rich yet non greasy night cream for several years I can honestly tell you that this is the difference maker in the range.
    Although my hormonal pigmentation has never reversed it is significantly lighter and barely visible with a bb cream.this gentle effective cream repairs comforts and strengthens skin.waken to bright fresh plump skin.


Where they’ve come from

It was the passion of one man, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, that lead to the creation of Clarins in 1954. His pioneering idea: to take Beauty seriously. Creating luxury products exclusively from plant extracts, the brand soon became a skin care leader in France (1980) and then Europe (1990). To get the best that nature has to offer, Clarins Laboratories use the most powerful active ingredients from plants in their optimal concentration, combining nature, science and respect to always create more efficient and distinct products.

Where they’re going

From the start in 1954 Clarins had a goal of respecting the environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources, while creating effective products that deliver real results. Today, Clarins continues to design and produce its products in France and remains faithful to its original philosophy: listening to women to truly understand their needs, and developing safe, natural and highly effective skin care products.