Omnia Paraiba
Size 40ml
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Omnia Paraiba is inspired by one of the most unique gems on earth: the radiant Paraiba Tourmaline of Brazil. This eau de toilette is a luscious creation, intertwining the freshness of bigarade oranges with the exuberant passion flower.



Omnia Paraiba is also available in 65ml for R1300.

Fragrance notes

Top Notes: Bigarade Orange from Curaçao - Maracuja. Heart Notes: Passion flower - Gardenia from Brazil. Base Notes: Cocoa Beans - Vetiver Essence.

Luisa Malan's review (Beauty Savy Blog)

This fragrance is best described as being vibrant and luscious and was created for a woman who freely expresses her joy, splendour and sensuality.


  • Nazereena
    BVLGARI - 15 Feb 2019
    Tested this product at the Edgars , and what an amazing fresh scent.
  • Dawn
    What a perfume - 1 Dec 2018
    Tested some in shop. One day when my ship comes in I'd love to purchase a bottle, I felt like a million bucks.
  • Venessa
    Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba - 29 Nov 2018
    Fantastic Fragrance, Fresh and youthful- can be worn night and day.Love the smell.
  • Mpho
    The best cologne ever... - 16 Nov 2018
    It is absolutely lovely. Smells refreshing and isn’t so strong that you get headaches. Very youthful scent. A fragrance I would consider wearing daily
  • Suney
    Bvlgari - 5 Nov 2018
    This is one of the frangrances ill waste my money on...i am inlove with the smell
  • Lorentia
    - 26 Oct 2018
    This is definitely a perfume on the top of my wishlist for Christmas...
  • Lethabo
    Power fragrance - 26 Oct 2018
    I got it as a gift once. It is on top of my list that I will be sending to Santa
  • akhona
    bvlgari - 26 Oct 2018
    i love everything about this perfume the smell the bottle is very cute
  • Thrumala
  • Linda
    BVLGARI - 12 Oct 2018
    I've tested the perfume, smells so divine. It lasts the whole day.
  • Judith
    Luxurious Perfume - 29 Sep 2018
    The frangrance is on top of my list for birthday gifts. Almost every power woman I know uses it and I've now associated it with class, elegance and power. Super bliss!
  • Michelene
    Must have - 27 Aug 2018
    It smells divine, I've tested it and it is on top of the Santa "Christmas List", So i guess i have to be good until December.
  • Inge
    Perfect perfume for a delicate lady - 22 Aug 2018
    I love bvlgari. It has its own unique smell and is one of the best quality brands out there.
  • Rele
    Beauty In It’s Scent - 20 Aug 2018
    The fragrance is worth the randelas.
    The scent is distinctive and does not wear off during day.

  • Marcia
    Looks nice - 17 Aug 2018
    I would love to try it, I suffer from Hyperosmia and I have been looking for a fragrance that makes a statement but not too strong.
  • Nolwazi
    Delicious - 16 Aug 2018
    One of my friends uses BVLGARI and my fiance' uses the Aqua. It smells amazing even after washing your clothes the scent lingers. I can never get enough of it.
  • Sinayo
    Awesome - 16 Aug 2018
    BVLGARI scents are to die for!!! They smell absolutely amazing and are long lasting. Wow!!!
  • Pontsho
    Loved it. - 15 Aug 2018
    Loved the scent of this perfume. My boyfriend would never let me go whenever I was wearing it, he absolutely loved it.
  • Nosipho
    Goddess in a bottle. - 14 Aug 2018
    I absolutely loved this perfume,the smell my goodness. If you want to smell like class, this is it..
  • Lefentse
    Fresh scent are heavenly sent - 13 Aug 2018
    I love fresh scent I always buy Atleast one BVLGARI colognes , i love the packaging before I could buy anything I'm always drawn closer by the actual package which is great .

    I always smell good and dischem sells at reasonable prices
  • vuyelwa
    Beautiful Fragrances - 10 Aug 2018
    Bvlgari perfume i had it once when i first dated my husband, i used to spray it once as it was expensive and i would smell soo nice
  • Doreen
    24 Hour long wear - 9 Aug 2018

    This has a very distinctive smell and and last the hole day I will recommend this product any time its worth it.
  • Pretty
    The best - 7 Aug 2018
    My friends girlfriend bought this for my friends birthday...the smell out of this world
  • Siyabonga
    Best ever - 7 Aug 2018
    I tried this product, wow wow is all i can say, i would love some to give my friends to test...
  • Kay
    beautiful - 31 Jul 2018
    fragrance left me feeling refreshed and so energised, and beautiful
    BVLGARI - 12 Jul 2018
  • Mandisa
    Awesome - 29 May 2018
    The scent is to die for ,very sensual and everlasting throughout the day.
  • Zanele
    Fresh smell - 29 May 2018
    How I love the smell of BVLGARI. I've just tested one from the Red Square outlets, it has that follow me lovely scent.
  • Sthandiwe
    Bvlgari - 29 May 2018
    I've tested this at Red square,it's out of this world. I would love to own it one day.
  • Lungile
    Amazing scent - 28 May 2018
    My friend uses it and I must say it's smells great. I would love to buy it someday.
  • Xolile
    Perfect Scent - 24 May 2018
    I've tested a tester in a store and everything about it is so perfect. One day is one day to own one
  • Enhle
    Amazing scent - 18 May 2018
    BVLGARI smells perfect! I tried a tester I got from a friend and I just can't forget the smell. The packaging is just gorgeous!
  • Sibongile
    Confidence Booster - 15 May 2018
    I've tested this product at Red Square, The real confidence booster to wear when signing that important deal.

  • Janine
    Spirit Lifting - 4 May 2018
    I recieved a tester from a friend of mine. I put it ion one morning when I was feeling a bit under the weather, the amount of compliments I recieved by 12hOO mid Day, I felt awesome....
  • Natasha
    Great Smell - 30 Apr 2018
    Really great smell that lasts all day. A lot of compliments and recommendations for this fragrance.
  • Gloria
    BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba - 21 Apr 2018
    This perfume makes your ex to never forget you, i remember my ex calling me asking the name of the perfume i was using when we were still dating, i guess he wanted to buy his girlfriend Lol
  • randhir
    Randhir - 8 Mar 2018
    My wife loves this product.

    has never tried this one in particular.

    Great Stuff BVLGARI!
  • Danielle
    Statement piece for any occasion - 5 Mar 2018
    I first fell in love with bvlgari omnia because of the colours of the packaging, my all time fav was the bvlgari omnia amethyste (my fav colour purple) but the decedent scent of this paraiba got me hooked!!
  • Tebogo
    Tebogo - 27 Feb 2018
    I always envy my friend when she is wearing hers and she brags about how experience it is ,I can't afford it myself but would love to try it to compliment my look
  • Erika Theresa
    BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba - 26 Feb 2018
    I wanted this perfume with all of my heart to wear for my wedding on 23 September 2017, obviously it’s past my wedding now!! I had a sample to try out and fell Inlove with the smell and my husband loved it on me. But sadly I couldn’t afford it it, but still want it. If I can just get my hands on this perfume, I’ll save it for my first wedding anniversary.. I’d love to surprise my husband with this!!
  • Canax
    freshness - 21 Feb 2018
    i never used this fragrance before, but did test it and it smell fresh!!!
  • Nandisa
    excellent - 20 Feb 2018
    OMG i absolutely love the fragrance, since i cant afford it at the moment i will wait for sales at stores... you guys did an amazing job with this.
  • wandile
    wonderful - 13 Feb 2018
    it turns heads and makes people want to hug you all day. the kind of fragrance you'd wear to impress your date lol
  • Roberta
    Be ready to stir heads... - 2 Feb 2018
    After a few sample sprits of this amazing perfume BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba at a retail store I was getting compliments left right and centre for my perfume... Its really a perfume I look forward to buying very soon
  • Nicola
    Alluring & captivating - 11 Jan 2018
    It's the kind of fragrance that makes you want to smell yourself lingers in the air, with people passing by asking what you're wearing. Makes you feel sexy too!
  • Dineo
    Elegant - 29 Dec 2017
    The bottle is so sensual, and the fragrance make you feel Elegant and sexy.
    Love it so , so much;)

  • Patience
    SEA SIDE PERFECTION - 12 Dec 2017
    Such a fresh scent, perfect for a vacation at the beach. So many fond memories in this fragrance and I received many compliments. Love it.
  • Shihaam
    Amazing - 9 Dec 2017
    The smell is so Devine, its makes you feel great and loving.
  • Lerato
    DIVINE - 30 Nov 2017
    I have tested the bvlgari perfume at edgars the smell is divine.
  • Precious
    I love the smell it stands out and fresh,I love the container two it has an expensive look.
  • Raeesa
    Perfect scent! - 16 Oct 2017
    I love the subtle smell that you get throughout the day - a little does really go a long way!
  • Kim
    Adore Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba - 26 Jul 2017
    I absolutely love Bvlgari scents and the Omnia Paraiba is as feminine and captivating as the rest of the range. The perfume lingers for the entire day and catches the attention of those passing by.
  • Nonhlanhla
    BVLGARI Omnia Paraibia - 8 Jun 2017
    I,m taken by the colour and the scent of this fragrance it is amazing and what every bold Woman should smell like i love it so much
  • Qaqamba
    Sensous - 30 May 2017
    Very fresh scent and not overpowering. A bit on the expensive side but well worth it. Created for a woman who know themselves.
  • Vernon
    Unique - 11 May 2017
    Bought one for the wife. Packaging really caught my eye at first. Excellent bottle design and feel
  • Pumza
    Tested - 26 Apr 2017
    Tested the perfume by my friend... It smells so fresh, not too sweet but just perfect... Definitely a perfume that I would buy.
  • Shaheda
    Amazing - 14 Mar 2017
    I have smelt the scent at a store and I'm in love with it but unfortunately I don't have one of my own.
  • Nicola
    Sample broken - 10 Mar 2017
    Unfortunately my sample was crushed during delivery. Smell from packaging was great though.
  • Encia
    Worth every breath - 12 Jan 2017
    One of the best perfumes I've smelt #perfumeaddict #trendy #fragrance #elegance
  • Kwandile
    mmmm - 12 Jan 2017
    A friend bought this for me as I am now a fully blown perfume addict, my oh my does it smell fantastic. I have only uused it twice and put it up with my other perfumes that are reserved for really special occasions.
  • Isabella
    Tested - 11 Jan 2017
    I tried some perfume testers the other day when I purchased my perfume, I was blown away by the smell. I only use 1 perfume for years now but thinking of trying this one!!! Maybe my own tester can help me decide. #smileyface
  • Tatenda
    Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba - 26 Dec 2016
    I've only tried samples of this and it smells amazing! Would like to get one for myself.
  • Thandazile Zama
    Best Birthday Gift - 1 Dec 2016
    I got this fragrance as my Birthday gift. I am so in love with it. So refreshing I use it daily to work. My collogues can't stop giving me compliments.
  • Okuhle
    Bvlgari omnia - 22 Nov 2016
    This perfume smells so good. I used a tester at Edgars store and I was blown away. I'm definately buying it at the end of the month.
  • Veronique
    leaving your scent behind - 16 Nov 2016
    Whenever I wear BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba I'm told I always leave a lasting scent behind. A lady who not only looks good but smells divine is definitely a winner in my books
  • Nadine
    Smell is amazing!! - 8 Nov 2016
    Bvlgari really blew me away! The smell is perfectly balanced between floral and synthetic, but not too overpowering and the scent lasts ALL DAY! It will last on your clothing for days! I really love it! Bit pricey - but worth every cent!
  • lethu
    its the best - 21 Oct 2016
    Bvlgari is the best.i would recommend it to anyone its allergy free and smells devine.
  • Nicole
    Bvlgari is the ultimate perfume. The whole Omnia range is decadent. Although I like the freshness of Omnia Paraiba, I prefer the original Omnia (brown bottle) and Crystalline (white bottle)
  • Sameera
    Bvlgari - 2 Oct 2016
    I love the floral yet also fruity scent, its perfect for cool days
  • Tamarin
    BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba - 19 Aug 2016
    Looks amazing. Have heard it smells really good, but haven't personally tried it yet.
  • Alexis
    Love this - 8 Aug 2016
    I love this !!! but the bottle is a little tricky when you first use it :)
  • Tuanette
    Tried... Tested... Loved!!!
    The citrusy freshness of the BVLGARI Omnia Fragrance made it so enticing.. I wanted to wear it everyday.
    And what I loved most is the longer you wear it the better it gets.. Blissful!
  • Tuanette
    Tried... Tested... Loved!!!
    The citrusy freshness of the BVLGARI Omnia Fragrance made it so enticing.. I wanted to wear it everyday.
    And what I loved most is the longer you wear it the better it gets.. Blissful!
  • Charlene
    Fresh & Fun Fragrance - 18 May 2016
    What a pleasure to receive a sample of this gorgeous fragrance. It is a fresh and fun scent that has a playful tone to the olfactory senses. Reminds me of carefree, childhood days of summer, sea and Natal coast. Love it.
  • Natasha
    Great scent! - 16 May 2016
    Was pleasantly surprised by this. The fragrance is fresh, yet warm at the same time (citrus notes). It lasted throughout the day and people asked what perfume I was wearing and complimented me o it. I am looking to add it to my collection of fragrance staples.
  • Margaret
    Most unique eau de toilette - 16 May 2016
    I have tested many eau de toilette before but BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba are simply amazing. I enjoyed the smell of the fragrance notes orange, passion flower and cocoa beans. I received enormous compliments on my new eau de toilette. The smell last long on my clothing. I recommended the eau de toilette to all my family friends and colleagues. Thank you very much rubybox

  • Margaret
    Most unique eau de toilette - 16 May 2016
    I have tested many eau de toilette before but BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba are simply amazing.
    I enjoyed the smell of the fragrance notes orange, passion flower and cocoa beans. I received enormous compliments on my new eau de toilette. The smell last long on my clothing. I recommended the eau de toilette to all my family friends and colleagues. Thank you very much rubybox
  • kay-lee
    :) - 16 May 2016
    if you love fruity Citrus perfumes then this one is for you , its a perfect perfume for a hot summers day , its as if it gives a burst of energy when you pray it on your skin. I prefer more flowery fragrances so this one was not for me, but I can tell you that this perfumes smell lasts very long, I could smell it on my skin till I got home at the end of a long day at work :)
  • tsepo
    Fresh rich smell and lasts all day long - 13 May 2016
    I like the scent it offers, it's a fresh rich smell and lasts all day long. Received my Bvlgari last week my clothes still have the scent on. As it fades giving a nice citrus scent
  • Diane
    Smells Heavenly - 11 May 2016
    Just received my sample, it smells so awesome. Next tym @ shops gonna get a bottle.
  • Liesl
    Impressed - 10 May 2016
    This fragrance is very fresh and summery but unlike anything I smelled before. The scent is not too heavy or sweet and is really flattering on your skin.
  • Lynn
    Fresh, light, modern scent - 10 May 2016
    I really liked the fresh notes of this fragrance - very light and wearable. reminded me of the wonderful summer days that are slipping away! Very easy to wear and not overpowering
  • Noelia
    A huge fan!! - 10 May 2016
    Love it!! It has an Elegant, flowery scent that lasts all day. Do try this one. You might be amazed. And I get loads of compliments (a friend called it a very comforting scent, and she is right).
  • noelene
    Wow - 10 May 2016
    This was the first BVLGARI perfume that I tried and I was really blown away by its fresh and fruity scent. Also a small squirt in the morning lasts the whole day. A definite fan :)
  • Carmen
    Fun and flirty - 10 May 2016
    A perfect fun and flirty scent. This is officially my signature scent, I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it! A lady even asked me in the lift the other where I get my fragrance. It's so fresh and fruity smelling!
  • Nazly
    OBSESSED with the "clean" smell - 10 May 2016
    Not too overpowering but definitely unique. One of the best smelling perfumes, a very clean scent and I get loads of complements when I wear it.
  • Amanda
    My new favourite - 10 May 2016
    Thank you so much for my samples - I am in love with this latest fragrance from bvlgari. It reminds me of summer and tropical paradise - just what I need to get me through winter!
  • Estelle Rossow
    I'm getting so many compliments! - 10 May 2016
    I really love the fragrance. The perfume smells lightly sweet and very elegant. The longevity is tremendous. Since wearing BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba I have received lots of compliments.
  • Carey-Ann Fortuin
    My husband also loved it so he bought me a bottle! - 10 May 2016
    Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Fragrance is a truly unique scent , one that screams mystery and exudes confidence all whilst smelling truly delicious. A sexy blend of fruits created perfectly to make you feel like a phenomenal woman, added bonus - my husband loves it so much so that this lucky lady even received a bottle for Mother's Day! Thank you very much for my samples I LOVE it!
  • Sue-Ann
    Long time fan of BVLGARI fragrances - 10 May 2016
    Let me start off by saying I'm a long time fan of BVLGARI fragrances. I used to used the Extreme way back in the 90's and then fell in love with the Classic and Rose Essentialle. ..
    I loved the initial smell of this perfume... fruity.. yum! However as it warmed on my skin it changed completely. Unfortunately it doesn't work with my chemical make up. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to try this new fragrance
  • Annalize
    Mind blown is the perfect summary! - 10 May 2016
    What a stunning fragrance, cheerful with a dash of sexy!
    And with lasting power.
    It had to grow on me, but after a day or two it just made me smile every time I caught a whiff.
    Love it, thank you Bvlgari - I think it's my favourite after the original
  • Anouschka
    BVLGARI Omnia Parabai - Sweet Hot Summer - 10 May 2016
    Omnia Paraiba is a sophisticated warm, sweet fragrance, and makes me yearn for a Summer evening on a beach.
    It is quite sweet (orange) but not over overpoweringly so. The passion fruit flower also comes through quite strongly.
    Definitely a happy, warm and sophisticated fragrance.
  • Ania
    Amazing perfume - 10 May 2016
    First time in 10 years that I have tried a new perfume and LOVED it! My husband and 4 boys all noticed and commented favourably. Their comments were: fresh, smells like energy, refreshing and gorgeous. I love how it makes me feel. Cant wait to put it on my gift list!
  • Susan
    Love it - 10 May 2016
    I absolutely love the fragrance ! Its fresh and explosive. I am definitely going to buy this product  Thank you for introducing me to the is fragrance.
  • Yolandie
    IN LOVE - 10 May 2016
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful fragrance. With every long lasting spray you get just the right amount of freshness from citrus and flowers. I am totally in love with the fragrance. Definitely something that is going on my beauty list.
  • Fatima
    BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba - 9 May 2016
    I LOVE parfumes, it is my one indulgence, I refuse to do without, no matter what, My obsession is so bad, that even if im just relaxing at home, in my PJ's, I have to wear parfume!! So naturally any parfume samples or otherwise are received most graciously by myself. Thank you ladies for allowing me the opportunity to review this delightful parfume.

    BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba is very fruity, sweet, and summery. Its light and perfect for summer days, the colour reminds me of the ocean and is definitely
    a mood elevator. Smells like a summer seaside vacation. It scent is joyful, happy, carefree and very youthful
  • Lizelle
    Bottled vacation vibrations - 9 May 2016
    A bottle filled to the brim with the promise of sun washed days on the beach filled with the fruity fragrances of summer and the ocean breeze that blows through coconut trees.
  • Zaheera
    Absolutely lovely - 9 May 2016
    Really enjoyed wearing this the last few days, It smells fresh and fruity and adds that extra step in your day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new fresh fragrance to give it a try!
  • Christelle
    Loving it! - 9 May 2016
    I have always loved floral inspired fragrances, and Bvlgari’s Omnia Paraiba did not disappoint. At first one is aware of sweet floral notes, and then the absolute lightness of the fragrance, a soft botanical freshness. This is something I would buy again, its a carefree and happy fragrance. The more I wear it, the more I like it. I even found myself wondering who around me is wearing such a nice perfume... Only to realize it was me!!!!
  • Shawna
    Definitely on my purchase list! - 9 May 2016
    This fragrance is fruity and has tropical notes, and reminds me of a summer day. The fragrance is light and lasts the whole day. I really enjoyed this fragrance and is one that I would definitely consider purchasing in the future.
  • Cindy
    Love It!!! - 9 May 2016
    An absolute delightful combination of Fresh Floral and Fruity notes. Lasts wonderfully well!
  • Shanaaz
    I love it ! - 9 May 2016
    I absolutely love the fragrance ! Its fresh and explosive a real burst of confidence in beauty with each squirt ! I am going to buy this product  Thank you for introducing me to the is fragrance.
  • Nina
    freshcious - 9 May 2016
    It is absolutely lovely. Smells refreshing and isn’t so strong that you get headaches. Very youthful scent. A fragrance I would consider wearing daily.
  • Chery
    This fragrance has a lovely orange aroma - perfect for the cooler months. And I can still smell it on me several hours after applying it. It's a fragrance that I'd definitely considering purchasing.


In 1884 silversmith Sotirio Bulgari opened his first eponymous shop in Rome, Italy. Over 125 years later, the original flagship has expanded into a multifaceted luxury empire, synonymous with exceptional quality and fine craftsmanship. Whether a piece of jewellery, a watch or a fragrance, BVLGARI remains true to its superior heritage, ensuring all fragrances are designed by world-class perfumers and made with only the finest ingredients.

Bulgari Parfum’s vision unites talented designers and creators with prestigious perfumers: each Bulgari fragrance is an expression of luxury capturing the brand's refinement and elegance. The policy and philosophy of Bulgari Parfums are perfectly in line with those of the Group. Excellence, service, and care for detail are basic to every project and creation process. Moreover, the company is concerned with the preservation of the environment and thus utilizes environment-friendly and recycled paper, as well as discarded glass, caps or packaging to create original and creative product displays.