Canvas Eye Mousse in Bisque

What’s this
An eye foundation.

What does it do?
Create a seamless and defining eye look when you use this mouse to smooth the skin and even skin tone, creating the perfect base for your eyeshadow.

How does it feel?
Moisturising and crease-proof, the eye area is left feeling supple and soft

Why we it
Applying a base before eye makeup application ensures a wonderfully seamless, natural-looking finish that lasts all day.




Where they've come from
Founded in the early 90s, Bodyography has become a worldwide leader in makeup and cosmetics. Available in over 30 countries (throughout six continents), Bodyography produces professional beauty products that are used by both those who work in the makeup industry, as well as non-professional makeup lovers. Their wide range of striking, on-trend colours has ensured the brand’s success and popularity across the globe.

Where they're going
All about quality and formulation, Bodyography ensures that each product is made from high quality ingredients, and no matter what, they pride themselves on never compromising on this. Top end pigments ensure brilliant colour in all their colour cosmetics, and as a result the brand’s even become a favourite among professional makeup artists. Completely paraben-free, Bodyography products are not tested on animals, and is an environmentally-conscious brand.