Hydrate Conditioner
Size 300ml


Biosense Hydrate Conditioner is enriched with Ximena, which has a considerable nourishing, moisturizing, softening and revitalizing hair effect. to nourish and moisturise your hair. It also preserves the integrity of the cell walls and has a hair restructuring effect.



  • Jo
    Briliant - 22 Mar 2017
    Loved the conditioner, it helped nourish my hair and made it shine again.
  • Shirley
    Wow - 15 Mar 2017
    Received a sample from my friend didn't work for her but worked perfectly fine for me. Makes my hair silky and soft and its easy to set. The colour is also not dull but looks healthy.
  • Samantha
    Healthy wonderful smelling hair - 14 Mar 2017
    I have dry blond hair, this product is amazing! My hair smells fresh all day and looks healthy, shiny and vibrant all day.
    Even the ladies at the office have asked me what product I am using.
    Love this - I'm never traveling without it!!
  • Catherine
    Silky Soft! - 14 Mar 2017
    What first struck me was the beautiful fragrance and soft creamy texture of the conditioner - and it delivered too with the results of my silky soft and shiny hair after the first use! My hair usually feels like straw after using silver shampoo, but with Biosense Silver Shampoo and Conditioner my hair looks and feels so nourished!
    I highly recommend this duo for highlighted hair - my new favourite discovery :)
  • Nicci
    Love it - 14 Mar 2017
    Not only does it make my highlights much blonder, the smell of the conditioner and the way it makes your hair feel is awesome. Go Biosense :)
  • Kim
    Blown away - 14 Mar 2017
    I was completely blow away by the results of this product. I have been battling with my hair for a few months now due to a very damaging set of highlights that I had done. For the first time in months my hair felt silky and hydrated. I have very fine hair and the product is completely weightless! Im in love.... well well worth the price!
  • sue
    Biosense hydrate conditioner - 13 Mar 2017
    A beautiful smelling conditioner with a very dense texture that makes it quite difficult to get out of the tiny hole in the lid. Very hydrating and softening which is what you need if you are using the silver shampoo (which is quite drying.)
  • Tayla
    Biosense Hydrate conditioner - 13 Mar 2017
    A moisturizing conditioner with a swoon-worthy scent, which leaves your hair shiny and healthy-looking. Definitely worth the buy!
  • Lee-Anne
    This conditioner put the moisture back in my hair, without weighing it down.
    I also love the smell, smells like I've just walked out of the hair salon.
  • Emmogene
    biosesnse hydrate conditioner - 13 Mar 2017
    I absolutely love this product. will be recommending it to friends and family
  • Melinda
    Love Biosense - 13 Mar 2017
    I just love this product. I immediately felt the difference in my hair after just one wash. This product is a definite for blonds who struggle with the repair of their hair.
  • Léan
    I love this conditioner! - 10 Mar 2017
    So, I used the Biosense Hydrate Conditioner on my recently coloured hair. And the results was fantastic! My hair felt super-soft afterwards and hydrated.

    Definitely an item I will purchase again.
  • Chanelle
    Biosence - 10 Mar 2017
    Absolutely stunning product!! With defiantly change to this product. Instantly put the shine and life back into my hair. Very impressive. Thank you
  • Joy
    SIlver Colour Seal - 3 Mar 2017
    Biosense will restore moisture into your hair, leaving your hair with vivid colours! Not only that but soft too due to the added ingredient of Wheat Germ Oil. The silver shampoo and conditioner also has Jojoba Oil which has some lovely benefits.
  • Luisa
    Biosense Colour Seal Silver Shampoo and Conditioner review - 23 Feb 2017
    I have just used the Colour Seal Silver Shampoo and Condition to lighten my hair. My aim wasn't to go full-platinum or grey (although you can) but to lighten the tone and to remove the warmer yellow tones from my hair, which is exactly what it did! With Omega 6 for skin hydration and cellular renewal, as well as the softening and nourishing properties, my hair felt really soft conditioned afterwards.
    The product was really quick and easy to us - just don't panic when you see the purple shampoo!
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Inspired By Nature

Natural Ingredients used to ensure the hair’s health and shine no matter the condition.

Perfected by Science

Biosense is a Professional Range sold exclusively through hair salons. Your hair scientist is your Hair Stylists!

Company Overview

Biosense Professional is a full range of Retail and Back Bar, as well as Technical Color for the Professional Hair Care Industry. In our Retail and Back Bar range we have 5 different ranges to best suit the different customer's needs. A range of Styling Aids can also be found under the Biosense brand, as well as our very own Super Powerful Spoil and Biotin Hair Supplement. Biosense technical colour, known as Color Sense has 97 variants with 6 accentuators and 22 families. It is enhanced with the latest Nano Technology and is based on the Tri-Base System.