Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Available exclusively at Clicks with a RSP of R135 for 200ml

Deep cleans 2x better & naturally purifies. Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, our secret weapon for fighting clogged pores. Draw out and trap 2x more dirt and impurities than a basic cleanser with this innovative black cleanser that foams white and rinses clean. Infused with Japanese Skin Purifying Technology, this facial cleanser gives you results after just one use!

• Oil-Free

• Dermatologist Tested

• Gentle enough for everyday use

Draws out and traps 2x more dirt and impurities than a basic cleanser, purifying pores to leave your face deeply cleaned and your skin tingly-smooth.

HOW TO USE - For optimal results use daily. Wet face. Pump cleanser into hands, gently work into a foam. Massage over entire face. Rinse thoroughly.

CAUTIONS - For external use only. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.


    Oily skin days are over - 10 Sep 2019
    It leaves my skin fresh and not oily but not dry. It cleanses my pores no more blackhead :). Oily skin people this Biore Charcoal cleanser is the best product.
  • Candice
    Matte Skin - 30 Aug 2019
    This right here leaves your skin feeling fresh and matte all day. it does not dry out your skin. if you have oily skin this is must have!
  • Khuthalani
    Soft matte skin - 6 Aug 2019
    This product left leaves my skin feeling matte, but not dry and tight. It leaves my skin soft and glowy while reducing the appearance of oiliness, more like a soft matte or satin feel.
  • Mariza
    Test - 21 May 2019
    I would love to test this product as I have only heard amazing reviews.
  • Samantha
    Minty cleanseness - 23 Apr 2019
    The Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser really impressed me! It left my skin feeling fresh and with the help of the mint infusion, super minty and clean. Because I have an oily skin, it definitely kept the shine at bay. One downside though, the packaging; I can't travel with the container it came in, as the top does not have a 'lock fuction'... Otherwise happy to decant in the meantime.
  • Seipati
    Amazing Facial Cleanser - 11 Apr 2019
    I absolutely loved the deep pore charcoal cleanser, it left my skin feeling light as if all my pores have been unclogged off of all excess oils and dirt in my skin.
    It is a heavy lather but it also has some charcoal pearls in it which help with exfoliating the skin.

    This product left my skin feeling extremely clean and glowing.
  • Kim
    Bioré Charcoal Cleanser - 10 Apr 2019
    Bioré Charcoal Cleanser really does what it says and cleans your face deep in leaving your face smooth and glowing ... this product is really amazing and is worth the try...
  • Barbara
    Bioré Charcoal Cleanser - 10 Apr 2019
    This does the full cleaning for your face leaving in smooth and light and refreshed... Totally love it this is for sure a must have...
  • Thando
    Bioré Charcoal Cleanser - 8 Apr 2019
    This product does the things! Its become my new cleanser... regular use shows more improvement! Since using It, it definitely takes my skin a lot longer to start being oily... I can only imagine the awesome results with continuous usage....
  • Cass-Leigh
    The cleanest your face will ever be. - 8 Apr 2019
    I recently got to try this face wash, at first application, there was a heating sensation so I immediately knew that it was really working its magic. Being an oily gal, i struggle with black heads but after a few uses, i have already noticed a drastic improvement. I have noticed that i am also oil free for MUCH longer and that is really a BIG win. My face feels SO much cleaner, this is especially great if you wear make up.
  • Leonita
    Tired of oily skin?! - 5 Apr 2019
    Are you tired of oily skin but find that most cleansers for oily skin leave your face stripped, and dry for a few minutes and then you're back to square one.
    Biore removes oiliness and impurities from the root, leaving your face cleaner and oil-free for longer!
    I have been using it for a month now and my face is drastically less oily.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with oily skin.
  • Janice Chloe
    What are waiting for-try it!!! - 3 Apr 2019
    I received a Biore pack in December 2018 to test and this has to be my favourite. I use it daily and my skin feels smooth and clean. I wear makeup daily and need a face that cleans thoroughly because I have breakouts and my skin often feels chalky. 4 months of using this face everyday and my skin is in the best condition. Try it. Very worth the cost and it lasts a while because the pump action bottle is easy to use and controls the amount you release. It smells refreshing too.
  • Lucinda
    One Minute in SkinHeaven - 25 Mar 2019
    Both myself and my fiancé tried it out and wow..It sure sure is instantly amazing.
    My skin feels like it's breathing, product smells great, easily applies and really does make a big difference immediately.
    This is definitely being added to my regular skincare routine.
  • Maureen
    Oily skin - 20 Mar 2019
    I got my package. I just can't wait to try it. I am so tired of oily skin. This product is a must have.
  • Rushaan
    A MUST BUY! - 11 Mar 2019
    I have extremely oily skin, my skin feels greasy and feels like it needs to be washed 20 times a day,which is obviously not good. I tried this a couple of times and my skin has never felt so refreshed. Definitely a must buy.
  • Tamarin
    Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser - 7 Mar 2019
    Amazing product! Leaves your face feeling like nothing on earth. Highly recommended.
  • Kaleigh
    Skin feels absolutely amazing! - 5 Mar 2019
    My skin is much smoother and more radiant and often people ask me what product I use. It really does leave your skin feeling clean and pure and it just gives you the glow, so not only do you feel the glow but you're actually left glowing. I love it!
  • Shameera
    Biore - 11 Dec 2018
    This product is the best. I didnt expect much until i tried removes excess oim and leaves skin feeling and looking soft n clear.havnt had a breakout since i started this product.
  • Lee-anne
    Tried it - 6 Dec 2018
    Went and bought it, and simply love the feel of it and how my skin feel afterwards.. Tingle away
  • raheelah
    Charcoal cleanser :) - 4 Dec 2018
    I received this product and immediately tried it.

    I could not believe the result, my face feels much cleaner, not too dried out, i am left with softer and much clear skin after using this product.

    i will no longer search as i found the perfect product for my oily type skin.

    thank you Rubybox
  • Candice Danielle
    Not the product.. - 30 Nov 2018
    I totally loved the way it made my face feel at first and the smell was so fresh.. but continued use on this oily skin of mine made my face too dry and i had to stop using this product as my skin was not feeling the same after a face wash like it is soft and smooth. Im glad it worked for some people but ill continue on my hunt for the right products for me
  • Lexy
    Decent cleanser - 29 Nov 2018
    Decent cleanser fro oily skin that doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped and dry. I haven't noticed any decrease in my acne but will purchase again since it doesn't give a stripped feeling.
  • Kim
    Deep Pore Charcoal cleanser - 20 Nov 2018
    I received this product from a friend that selected me to test and review this product.
    I have been using it for a week now and now I will definitely continue using it, it will be part of my daily face cleansing routine.
    It has a tingling feeling when applying it to your face, I just love this feeling, you can actually feel your pores opening up.
  • Nadia
    Free you pores! - 19 Nov 2018
    I am amazed with how this product makes my skin feel.

    Love the tingling feeling when applying. I have used this for a week and its literally the one thing i look forward to using in my daily routine.


Discover Bioré – the expert in clean pores!

Today, Bioré® is a pore focused - or more like a pore obsessed-- face care brand that continues the mission to make high quality, affordable skincare products that provide a variety of skincare benefits.

Their products focus on those 200,000 pesky pores, providing deep cleansing products for the skin of your dreams. Clogged pores are the main cause of skin imperfections. Whether used as washes, scrubs, masks or pore strips – Bioré deep cleans your pores at the source. Their highly effective Bioré products clean your pores from dirt, oil and blackheads to help you to effectively fight against impurities.

For clean skin and free pores. Because when you clean the pore, you clear the problem. Bioré – Free Your Pores.