Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask
Skin Type Acne-prone, Oily
Skin Concern Oiliness
What’s this?
Skin type: Oily skin (Available exclusively at Clicks - RSP R135)

Heats on contact and purifies pores in just one minute.

Melt away dirt and oil that clogs pores. Infused with natural charcoal, Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask opens pores and draws out dirt. It finishes with a cooling sensation for tingly-smooth skin in just one minute.


•Dermatologist Tested

•For best results, use on clean, wet face.


1.WET FACE. Leave face wet – the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask is activated by water.

2.APPLY MASK. Dry hands, open single-use packet, dispense contents into hand and apply mask to face. You may add a little water to your fingers to help spread the mask and activate warming.

3.MASSAGE for about 1 minute. As you massage, the mask will heat up. For more heating action or for your preferred consistency, massage in a little water. The mask does not dry/harden.

4.RINSE. After one minute has passed, thoroughly rinse with water to remove the mask.


•For external use only. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Recommended Usage: May use up to 2-3 times/week.


  • Zukiswa
    Bioré Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 3 Oct 2019
    I would love to test the mask on my skin. It is certainly not smooth and needs a bit of cleansing. I have'nt found the right product as a mask.
  • Karla
    Love it - 16 Sep 2019
    I really like the self heating mask. It is a good in betweener for when I go for my full on facial at a salon. I would have loved for the heat to stay a little longer, but my skin is so smooth and feels fresh after use .
  • Luthando
    Matte Skin - 28 Aug 2019
    I would recommend this to all my friends who suffer from the oily t-zone. works like a charm
  • ZAMA
    Biore musk - 21 Aug 2019
    I Love the way it warms up my face when in contact with the skin, I can literally feel it's a bit harsh on my sensitive skin though so I would probably use it once a month..after using it I can feel the difference on my skin..feels more pure, supple and has a glow.
  • Pulane
    The best - 24 Jun 2019
    I've been suffering from skin concerns for some time now and this mask has been a life saver I definitely recommend it to everyone it is a must have
  • Sibusiso
    Bioré - 15 Jun 2019
    It was a bit weird feeling my skin getting hot from the product but it's a manageable temperature. The product was good & left my skin feeling dry. The wash didn't have a lot of foam though.
  • Khuthalani
    My Biore experience - 26 Apr 2019
    I don’t mind the heating sensation that comes with the mask, but it can be quite intense (not so much on the skin but around the eyes etc. like when you have Vick’s on your nose and it makes your eyes water). The face wash was more comfortable for me in that regard, but I really liked both products, and I am currently using other activated charcoal products so I was happy to see that added ingredient!
  • Koketso
    Smooth and soft skin - 26 Apr 2019
    My skin has never been so smooth and glowing. The product really helped me
  • Siza
    Best Mask for oily skin - 26 Apr 2019
    I have always struggled with oily skin and acne, after using this product my skin is smother and not oily at all.
  • Crystal
    AMAZING PRODUCT!!! - 26 Apr 2019
    You can never go wrong when using the product. The results are mind-blowing. I will refer this to anyone. I love it :-)
  • Elizabeth
    Amazing! - 23 Apr 2019
    I love this mask. It always keeps my skin feeling super clean
  • Koketso
    Oily skin - 23 Apr 2019
    I have tried the product. My skin is so amazing, flawless and glowing
  • Bernadine
    Loving the self heating one minute mask!!!! - 18 Apr 2019
    I loved the one minute mask on my face, it left my skin feeling super clean and smooth.
  • Lerato
    Goddess vibes! - 18 Apr 2019
    This mask left my skin smooth and less oily without completely drying out my skin. I absolutely love it! Charcoal is truly the way to go!
  • Xolelwa
    Biore for oily skin - 18 Apr 2019
    Love the product, my skin is now less oily and the dirt has been removed from my skin. My skin feels smoother.
  • Jacqueline
    Amazing - 18 Apr 2019
    I love the way it made my face feels..that burning sensation from the mask and cleanser waa jist amazing. And i can actually say my face is less oily
  • Laura
    Amazing Cure for even the oiliest skin - 16 Apr 2019
    I have super sensitive and oily skin, so to come across a product that a.) didn't make my skin break out and b.) didn't cause any reaction is a dream come true. I am REALLY mind blown at the quality and results because I always had this misconception that Biore wasn't a good brand. I'm glad that I got to rectify this notion, as you can bet your bottom dollar, that I will most definitely be buying this product now and incorporating it into my routine.
  • Andrea
    I am GLOWING! - 16 Apr 2019
    I absolutely love this Bioré mask. Applying this mask is super easy and convenient. I love the fact that it doesn't have to stay on for a long period of time to work it's magic. I have been using the mask twice in 2 weeks and it has given me an amazing glow in combination with the Bioré cleanser. It HEATS UP!! and has this amazing refreshing feeling after rinsing. My pores look smaller and my skin looks brighter. Thank you Rubybox and Bioré for giving my face this amazing feeling.
  • Koketso
    Oily skin - 15 Apr 2019
    I tried the product. I am so excited and amazed on how the product help me. My skin is amazing
  • Nikita
    Renewed skin - 12 Apr 2019
    I Love the way it warms up my face when in contact with the skin, I can literally feel it's a bit harsh on my sensitive skin though so I would probably use it once a month..after using it I can feel the difference on my skin..feels more pure, supple and has a glow.
  • Gugu
    Absolutely love it! - 12 Apr 2019
    I am usually skeptical about trying new facial products because my skin is sensitive but I am happy I decided to give Bioré Self Heating Mask a try. I really enjoyed using it and I am very happy with the way my skin feels and looks after using it. I definitely recommend it. Double thumbs up!!!
  • Mbali
    I have found my product - 12 Apr 2019
    I have always struggled with my skin, one day it very oil the next it like dry dry - after i used the mask it felt dry which is normal for me but i decided to continue.Third time I was blown away. My skin feels so good no need for me to use different products.I am totally hooked
  • Seipati
    Tingly Purifying Mask - 11 Apr 2019
    The Biore self heating one minute mask was amazing for my oily skin, it leaves a refreshing feeling on your face after the hearing magic happens.
    It helped with purifying my clogged pores free of excess oils, while giving me a natural glow in my skin.

    However, after using the mask a couple of times, I realized that I was starting to break out in a couple of areas on my face so I’m not too sure if it’s suitable for sensitive oily skin.
    However, the overall product gets a 7/10 for amazing packaging, easy application, feeling on the skin as well as the natural glow and feel of my skin after application.
  • Lindiwe
    Biore Charcoal Mask - 11 Apr 2019
    I have used the mask once a week since receiving my sample and have gone out and bought more as it is really great for my oily skin. love the face wash as well
  • Mary
    Biore - 11 Apr 2019
    I love this face mask, it left my skin feeling so rejuvenated and clean. love the face wash as well. has definitely helped with my oily skin
  • Sandiswa
    I loved it, it absorbed all the dirt and blackheads same time. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft and removed my pimples just after 1 use.
    I will definitely be buying this product and will highly recommend other people with bad oily skin to purchase and use it.
  • Roxanne
    Love it - 11 Apr 2019
    The Biore self heating one minute mask is a great product, instantly felt my skin feeling less oily.
  • Pretty
    Heating 1 minute mask - 11 Apr 2019
    I was amazed at how effective this product is.
    The heating effect felt calming and soothing on my face.
    After washing it of my skin felt smooth and most importantly oil free.
    I loved it.
  • Kim
    Biorè self heating mask for oily skin - 11 Apr 2019
    The Biorè self heating mask for oily skin really brings miracles to your skin leavinf it younger and smoother... leaving your skin naturally beautiful again... Thank you #Rubybox
  • Jacky
    Amazing - 11 Apr 2019
    I love the product..after using it u could actually feel the DIFFERENCE...i have a very oily face and using this product it has ACTUALLY helped.
  • Heather
    Bioré Self Heating Mask - 11 Apr 2019
    Totally love this product. And believe me it really heats up. I was so shocked. This thermal mask opened my pores and drawn out the dirt. It leaves a cooling sensation on my face after I rinsed. Will definitely be purchasing this product.
  • Nicky
    Biore - WOW - 11 Apr 2019
    I never could find anything for my oily skin that works...and then came Biore, my new best friend. I am in love with this product
  • Aneesa
    Excellent product - 11 Apr 2019
    The bioreactor self heating mask is a wonderful product, leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.
  • Xolelwa
    Biore for oily skin - 11 Apr 2019
    Really love the product, my skin is less oily now, my life has been changed.
  • Tejumade
    Biorè self heating mask for oily skin - 10 Apr 2019
    I've only used this product twice and I've noticed some changes in my skin.

    First of all, the self heating bit is no lie. It felt warm when I applied it on my face, with my fingers the first time. My fingers were warm, as was my face.

    It really was a unique experience for me. The second time I used the mask, I used a brush applicator to apply it on my face and I felt the same warm sensation but only this time, it was just my face that was warm.

    The satchet also contains a substantial amount of product so those with above average heads will have more than enough for application.

    You only leave the mask on for 1 minute and rinse off which makes it perfect for people on the go.

    My face has been noticeably more radiant which I attribute to the mask. As for helping to reduce the shine, I can't say that I've seen much improvement there but it's still early days.

    But I am happy with it so far and would recommend it.
  • Dimakatso
    Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 10 Apr 2019
    This face mask has got to be one of my favourites . I love the self Heating feature - it feels like a spa treatment but only for less coin & in the comfort of my home. I absolutely LOVED it - this was brilliant . The face wash is amazing , I am here for the tingling sensation it gives off & of course the best part is that it did reduce my oiliness of my skin . 10/10
  • Nameshka
    Biore range - 10 Apr 2019
    I have been using the cleanser on a daily basis ever since my box arrived. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean with a minty tingly feeling and it's a great product but my skin is still oily. Maybe it's just my skin that's a problem. The mask is amazing. My skin felt super clean after using it.
  • Demi Lee
    Biore mask and charcoal cleanser - 10 Apr 2019
    i love the smell and the tingly feel on my face but i feel the charcoal was hardly visible in the product. It helped with oil control but it was not the best product for sentitive skin.
  • Kim
    Self Heating One Mintue Mask - 10 Apr 2019
    The products says in all leaving your skin nakedly beautiful all in just one mintue... the feeling is unexplainable but the results is visable... LOVE THIS MASK
  • Barbara
    Self Heating One Mintue Mask - 10 Apr 2019
    Beauty in one mintue... totally love the feeling after using the mask it leave you fresh and smooth... the feeling it leaves you with is " why would you still need makeup..." this is for sure a must have product...LOVE IT
  • Mon
    Biore mask and face wash amazing - 9 Apr 2019
    The facewash is my favorite, it's now part of my daily routine. Has a fresh pepperminty feel when applied to the skin, makes my face feel fresh and rejuvenated. The next day after using the mask my face feels renewed. Great product, will definitely recommend.
    Best facewash - 9 Apr 2019
    I really enjoyed using the face wash, it made my skin so free of oil. The mask was mind blowing. My skin felt really good after using the both products.
  • Koketso
    Oily skin - 9 Apr 2019
    I feel so great after using the musk. My skin is no longer oily and it is glowing
  • Pamela
    Biore Self Heating One Mintue Mask..... - 9 Apr 2019
    I loved the mask!!!! Left my skin feeling silky smooth, fresh and with a natural glow which I love. I’m very pleased with the results and will be getting the self heating mask for myself!!!
  • Yusrah
    Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 9 Apr 2019
    I am not over exaggerating, this product was mind blowing. The self heat activated worked well with my skin, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalised. The freshness after feeling is amazing
  • Karabo
    Bioré Self Heating Mask - 9 Apr 2019
    I have dry and sensitive skin; I realized that the mask is for oily skin but i absolutely love this mask. My skin didn't react badly toward the mask. I have no pimples, left my skin silky smooth and another result that I love is that my skin is now moist and has a radiant glow. I am pleased with the results and would be using it more often.
  • Tendai
    Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal - 9 Apr 2019
    After applying the mask felt the heat ,i was wow what is happening ,Magic at its best.My skin have never been so good.Less Oily face and feel so clean.#LOVEBIORESELFHEATONEMINUTEMASK.
  • Neo
    Biore Self Heating Mask is the power - 9 Apr 2019
    I absolutely love this mask, I have very oily skin and after using this mask, can see the improvement on my skin. I also loved the fact that it reduced the appearance of my acne. I am so addicted and will be using this product permanently,
  • Kudzai
    top quality product - 9 Apr 2019
    i am simply amazed. after only using the mask for the first time i could see the changes immediately. my skin has definitely become less oily. face feels clean and fresh.
    loved that the mask heats up! i will continue to buy and apply the mask.
  • Tarka
    Awesome product - 9 Apr 2019
    I absolutely loved the the facewash but the mask's heat was too much for me to handle. I felt my face clean the 1st time I used it. The bottle is nice and compact, could easily fit in my travel bag as I am always in the road and its easy to dispense as well.
  • saijal
    ITS PERFECT - 9 Apr 2019
    I'm not gonna lie but I've literally never felt this good about my skin in a while. This product made my skin smooth and worked so well !! Definitely stocking up on these !!
  • Tarryn
    Biore glow more - 8 Apr 2019
    ABSOLUTELY love this face Mask I could feel the difference in my skin...♥ My face felt so free.
  • Thando
    Bioré Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 8 Apr 2019
    LOVED this product! You can feel the heat and after washing the product off, the skin feels smooth. Love how quick it is! No need to try keep busy while it works, it legit works within the 1 minute.
  • Lusanda
    Bioré Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 8 Apr 2019
    I love this product, my skin has never felt so clean and refreshed, even my dark spots are fading. My skin is so smooth and it only takes 1 minute to use the deed heating mask.
  • Sthabile
    It’s amazing - 7 Apr 2019
    The packaging doesn’t lie- it really does heat up- but it doesn’t burn your face or anything I think it awakens your cells. Love the self heating mask cause it left my face feeling smooth, clean and oil free. And my fav part is that it only takes 1 minute to work! So it’s perfect for any time!
  • Bathabile
    Bioré self heating one minute mask - 6 Apr 2019
    After applying it I was blown away by how it heat up my face.I loved the fact that it doesn't harden or become dry but it so smooth and friendly to my skin.After washing my face ,my skin was so smooth . It removed all impurities and my skin felt so clean .

    I also use the (Bioré Deep pore charcoal cleanser ) daily and will continue to do so.

    My skin has never been this good. I am so happy about the outcome will definitely continue using this. I will also share with my friends and family because wow I'm blown away.
  • Nadine
    Still works without oily skin. - 6 Apr 2019
    A great face mask! I do not have oily skin so perhaps not exactly suitable for me. However, it did not dry my skin out. But overall, my skin felt clean and refreshed.
  • Disemelo
    Leaves your skin feeling fresh - 5 Apr 2019
    I loooove this product, THE SELF HEATING ONE MINUTE MASK made my pores look clearer and smaller. If you have oily skin your skin will love Biore ❤️
  • Sinazo
    Hello glow up!! - 5 Apr 2019
    After a few days of using the products my skin is soft, purified and clean. My skin definitely thanked me and loved the product. I even recommended to a few friends of mine who struggle with oiliness. I will continue using it.
  • Thembi
    Great product - 5 Apr 2019
    Magic product... The product left my skin feeling light and pure. It smells amazing and I love the natural element as well. It also left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I simply loved it!
  • Leah
    Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask - 5 Apr 2019
    it felt a bit weird putting it on and it got hot but my skin was clearer and it solved my break outs, this product was heaven sent as I had started breaking out and my normal products weren't working and I needed something more efficient, I will continue buying it even in future.
  • Sinazo
    Hello glow up!! - 5 Apr 2019
    My skin really loved this product. I could see a difference after few days of use. It left my skin purified< soft and clean. Definitely will continue using it. I have been getting compliments on my skin :) I even recommended it to few of my friends who are struggling with oily skin and are prone to acne.
  • Matshidiso
    Amazing - 5 Apr 2019
    I was hooked the minute the mask heated up when i applied it, i panicked and thought i would burn but nothing.
    My face was smooth it felt fresh and did not dry up. I've been using the cleanser daily and will definitely continue.
  • Leonita
    My skin is inlove! - 5 Apr 2019
    I honestly never expected this product to do such wonders for my skin, It removes all impurities and oiliness. I have never used a self heating mask but I definitely will after this!
    My skin feels smooth and completely clean after using it.
    If you struggle with oily or acne prone skin I would highly recommend trying this out!
  • Samantha
    I'm hooked - 4 Apr 2019
    It heats up! Amazing, not sure what natural chemical reaction it is, but it felt like Love. I have been break out free for the past few weeks after using the mask twice accompanied by the Bioré cleanser. Don't get me started on the cleanser...
  • Aqeela
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 4 Apr 2019
    This face mask did wonders for my skin. It reduced my oiliness significantly, my skin felt so clean after each use and it didn't dry my skin out at all!

    Its also quite fun to use because of the cool self heating technology. I loved it.

    Would definitely recommend to all my friends and family!
  • Yusrah
    Great face mask - 4 Apr 2019
    This mask is one of the nicest masks I've used. It treated my oily skin issue immediately!
    I will most certainly be recommending this product to my friends!!!
  • Thembekile
    Best mask for removal of excess oil - 4 Apr 2019
    I just used the mask for the third time today, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. My skin is less oily and it feels amazing. I have used other masks before, but this one is very unique. It doesn't dry off like the normal ones and removes access oil in form of heat.
    Amazing! It works wonders, and I haven't had any breakout in 3 weeks. This I will definitely recommend to my friends.
  • Bibi Fathima
    The One - 4 Apr 2019
    I used the mask only twice(once per week) since I received it ,2 weeks ago and let me tell you ,my skin is bomb.My skin is less oily and it's not dry either.Currently my skin is healthy and hydrated.The mask itself is a pleasure to apply and it feels great whilst on.This is a product I'm definitely buying again .Worth your money!
  • Dianne
    Sing hallelujah!! - 4 Apr 2019
    Since I was a teen I have battled with oily skin, it has been hell trying to find the right product and super expensive too. I tried Biore's one minute mask and bam my search is over, I really thought it would just be another one of those products. I smothered the mask on my skin, it hugged my face with warmth almost to say ' I got you girl'. Waited a minute and washed it off, my skin feels open, clean and oil free. This mask is the , definitely worth it.
  • Cass-Leigh
    Sizzling away blackheads. - 3 Apr 2019
    When I first applied it on, It had the weirdest sizzling hot motion but as I quickly realized, that’s pretty incredible for me skin. My blackheads were drastically improved after this application, the smell was not overpowering and my face [ genuinely ] felt softer, moisurised and happy afterwards. Love how efficient and quick it is. A LOT of product in one sachet! Love!
  • Merafe
    IT CAN'T GET BETTER - 3 Apr 2019
    I was sceptical about using both the Charcoal products because having oily skin can be tricky. What an amazing products they are. Love the smell. Love the fact it doesn't dry out my skin (and ends up cracking). I looove the fact it works wonderfully in ONE MINUTE. Saw the results immediately after using it the very first time.
  • Phumzile
    Hello oily skin... finally I get to say GOOD BYE to you!! This mask is the best think to happen to my face! It takes away all the oil without leaving my skin dry!! Skin feels softer right after first mask application! I looooove the heat activation I swear it feels like my face is having a hot stone massage ! The smell is not too cosmetic it’s mild enough to not feel irritating to the nostril (perfect) , application is soo easy and it feels so smooth ... I loved it loved it loved !
  • Precious
    Amazing Product - 3 Apr 2019
    I am so loving this product, it deeply cleans my face, and leaves a tingling, smooth, matte, clean after every wash!! I have been recommending the product to all my friends with oily skin! great product, totally worth switching it in to my beauty routine!
  • Sithabile
    Impressed with Biore Self Heating Mask - 3 Apr 2019
    i battle with oily skin and clogged pores. I've tried a lot of face masks but none delivered desired results.
    However, I have been very pleased with the results delivered by this Self Heating Mask.

    I was initially surprised at the heat induced by the mask and I can definitely confirm that it is self-heating. It is a good consistency therefore this avoids a mess. I understood the heat to help the product penetrate my pores which is a good sign.

    my skin looked really clean and felt very soft after use.

    I'm impressed with this mask.
  • Andile
    Extremely Awesome! - 3 Apr 2019
    I have a very oily skin, every day when I wake up in the morning, my face is always shining like I used some kind of oil. Even when I'm going to work, my face shine before I even rich my work place.

    Using Bioré self heating mask really made a huge difference. My skin is feeling fresh and breathing, it is now dry and beautiful with some pores.

    Thanks #bioresouthafrica #rubybox
  • Ntswaki
    Best Product! - 3 Apr 2019
    Results are visible after the first use, and the mask is the most effective, it leaves the skin feeling smooth.
  • Siyabonga
    Biore One Minute Self Heating Mask - 3 Apr 2019
    I initially saw this mask being used on YouTube before doing makeup and I thought this would be a great product to try out especially when I don’t have time. Mind you, I have extremely oily skin so this was to be the perfect mask for me.My first reaction of the mask was the smell, I hate masks that smell nasty especially because you have to wear it for a long time. One minute? I was game for this!!! The feeling it gives when it starts heating up is indescribable but i was exciting because I have this theory that if u can feel something penetrating your skin, it’s working!! And boy did it not leave my skin smooth!!! I’m overall impressed with the product but I must admit it did nothing for my oily skin
  • Natasha
    Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask - 3 Apr 2019
    This mask is officially my favourite mask of all time. I love that it heats up and deeply cleanses my pores. I love how easy it is to use. I've been recommending this product since the first time I used it. The saches make it easier for travel which is really convenient. I absolutely love this product.
  • Lebogang
    #Biorefreepores... - 3 Apr 2019
    Wow, it’s hard getting a skin product when having oily skin, but with Biore I have find my new friend... it smells great, smoothies the skin, it purifies & deep clean the skin. Hope it’s affordable so that I can continue using it
  • Lytrisha
    I was very impressed with the Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask. Just after the very first use, my skin felt super soft to the touch. I could feel my skin exfoliating as I massaged the mask in.
    I have very oily skin... so I also noticed a reduction with the oil on my face. I also noticed that the mask shrinked and tightened my pores drastically. Overall I was very happy with the results of this product. I will be definitely purchasing it!.
  • Karishma
    Clean Skin - 3 Apr 2019
    I have really oily skin, especially around my T- Zone (Forehead, Nose & Chin) The Self - Heating mask felt amazing! It's like a mini spa facial in a sachet! My face felt matte and clean after every use. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family.
  • Linell
    Biorè - Self Heating Mask - 3 Apr 2019
    Love for the mask lives here....easy to use ...time catchy and skin safe and mask done in a jiffy. After rinsing it off you can actually feel and see the skin pores meaning the oil residue has been cleaned out and the skin breathes freely xx I love that it is a minute treatment that works well and leaves my skin fresh and clean.
  • Pearl
    I Loved it! - 3 Apr 2019
    I have been using the mask for about three weeks and I must say it is perfect for my oily skin. I also love that fact the mask becomes warm as soon as it interacts with water. I loved how my skin looked after using it, it looked and felt clean. If you want to say goodbye to oily skin then this is the product for you.
  • Ziyanda
    Biore mask - 3 Apr 2019
    Biore mask is a Super amazing product for oily skin.My skin feels matte and smooth after using it.I would definitely recommend it to anyone.The cleanser does wonders as well for my skin.Using it just for a couple of days I could see the difference, I hope they incoperate a moisturizer as well in their skin product range if it's not yet available. I'm looking forward to using more of this product . Massive thumbs up from me
  • Zinhle
    I loved it - 3 Apr 2019
    I have very oily skin and blackheads especially around my nose and when I applied the mask I felt the difference on the first day, it really did wonders for my skin and I will definitely recommend it to my friends with oily skin.
  • Mbali
    Unleash my pores - 3 Apr 2019
    I have been using the self heating mask for almost 2 weeks it's absolutely amazing not harsh on the skin doesn't give a stripped effect I will be using forever moving forward less make up because my skin is amazing now much fewer break outs....thank you biore...
  • Maureen
    Oily skin - 3 Apr 2019
    I have been using this product for the past two weeks. I am really impressed. I have never felt so soft and fresh. No longer struggling with oily skin. This product is a must have
  • Alison
    biore self heating one minute mask - 3 Apr 2019
    i am very impressed with the Biore self heating one minute mask, it leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean and no breakouts, and i love the minty smell. i will strongly recommend this product
  • Khumo
    Glass skin with BIORE - 3 Apr 2019
    2 weeks of using the Biore cleanser Daily & using the BIore self-heating mask twice, i can confidently say my skin is squeaky clean. No pimples No clogged pores.. my skin is super smooth and soft.. it’s getting brighter with time but i can happily say Biore exceeded my expectations with getting me clear, soft & smooth glowing skin. I am definitely re-purchasing both products once they run out. Cheers to charcoal as an active ingredient
  • Nicole
    Life saver - 3 Apr 2019
    I struggle from bad acne and very sensitive skin.
    This mask has by far been the most effective mask I have ever tried.

    And it has really made me self conscious but this mask has helped me so much.

    No high end brand comes close to this for me.

    I will definitely purchase more!
  • Simangele
    Boire Charcoal - 3 Apr 2019
    This is the best product that l have ever used.I am actually switching to it permanently.My face is very smooth and clear and less oily.Black marks have also been cleared.I am so excited about this product let it hit the shelves we are ready for a toner as well.
  • raheelah
    Hello self heating mask - 3 Apr 2019
    I have been using this product since 2 weeks ago.

    I am loving what it does to my skin, I am really impressed.

    thank you Ruby Box :)
  • Lungile
    Absolutely in love - 3 Apr 2019
    I have been using the face wash and the self heating masks for almost 2 weeks now and i absolutely impressed!

    The face wash is very gentle on my face and doesn't feel like it is stripping the oils or too drying. I feel very refreshed after using the face wash, the minty scent helps.

    I have noticed i am using less makeup (which saves me time in the morning) and my foundation stays matte for much longer. Normally by lunchtime i am a bit oily around the nose and cheek area, but within the first week of using the face wash twice a day i noticed that i wasn't blotting as much.

    My favourite product has to be the face mask though. The way the product heats up the minute it is applied to my wet face still has me wondering "what witchcraft is this?" In less than a minute my pores feel so clean and my face looks smoother.

    I will definitely keep buying the mask once this pack is done
  • Tarryn-Lee
    DAZZLED BY CHARCOAL - 2 Apr 2019
    I love love love this face mask! I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and I’ve seen some real results. Because I have a bad habit of picking at my pimples, I had two huge scabs on my face. The heating properties of the face mask I believe helped so much with this. My scabs ended up loosening and was able to come right off. I’m really impressed and would recommend this to any mask lover!
  • Venencia
    Goodbye Acne! - 2 Apr 2019

    Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask gives you acne free skin in just one minute. I generally have smooth skin but I battle with hormonal imbalance and I break out into an acne-fest during that time of the month.

    I have used a range of products to try and manage this because I suffer from terrible scarring when the break out is over but I must admit that Biore Self Heating masks have had the most successful results. It is a little more on your pocket (than you pay from random skin masks) but it is worth the investment!

    I strongly recommend the pack of four so that you can have one mask day each week and couple this up with your daily Biore face wash for maximum results if you are on a tight budget. You WONT spend any more money on your face and you will notice the dramatic reduction in the amount of make up you need.

    The natural charcoal draws out impurities and keeps your face flawless. Enjoy Rubies!
  • Samantha
    Impressive - 2 Apr 2019
    I have been using this product for the last two weeks and I am definitely impressed. That feeling on your face when it heats up is so soothing. I could see blemishes after the first few uses, but that's is usually the case when something works. Now my face looks clear and I would recommend this product as well as purchase it on my own.
  • Caryn Leigh
    In love with Biore - 1 Apr 2019
    Absolutely love this product. I am always so scared of trying new products for my skin but am so happy with the results, I could literally feel it opening up my pores and it smells amazing! Everyone in my household uses it now! Thank you RubyBox!
  • Janice Chloe
    Biore-a favourite in my bathroom - 30 Mar 2019
    I started using Biore products in December 2018. It's the only product that I haven't quit halfway. 4 months later and it's still my go-to. I turned 41 last and still have the ocassional 'teen' breakout, but since using Biore, my skin feels cleaner and the breakouts have lessened considerably. The self-heating feels a little strange at first and thought that of its only on my face for 1 minute, there's no way it could possibly work, but IT WORKS. It almost feels like I wasn't washing my face properly before. It's like, for the first it's really clean. I'd say give it try. You won't be disappointed.
  • Sue-Marie
    Biore Wash and Mask - 27 Mar 2019
    Thank you Ruby Box for Sending me this last week , I must say I was so exited to start using it , from the first wash you already feel your pores open but the amazing thing happened when I use the 1 minute mask .... It actually started heating up (Not burning just hot ) and when you rinse it , it really opens up your pores , I have never seen them open up like that before . So this really works the only issue I had with it was that it does make your skin very dry so make sure that you use a good moisturiser with it then you will really love this .
  • Naledi
    Goodbye oily skin - 25 Mar 2019
    I received my samples and i tried 2 already. I can really feel that it's working, it opens the pores and my skin feel so soft.
    Thank you
  • Samantha
    It actually heats UP! - 25 Mar 2019
    Thank you so much for sending me this product. I ♥ it! I will be using it on the weekly. 1 down, 3 to go. Really hope it will helps. Oily skin BE GONE.
  • Lucinda
    Unbelievable - 25 Mar 2019
    Refreshed, Reborn and Reduced. My skin feels absolutely new new. This product is a must have!!
  • Maureen
    Oily skin - 20 Mar 2019
    I am so excited. I got my package and I can't wait to try it. Hope it will help me. Been struggling with oily skin
  • Mbali
    Unleash my pores - 19 Mar 2019
    Just recently received my pack day 2 now I absolutely love the effect it has on my skin ,keeps the oiliness at bay for most of the day...everyone with oily skin this is a must have.
  • Mbali
    Unleash my pores - 19 Mar 2019
    Oh my this is absolutely amazing thankyou #rubybox#biore,my skin has a second chance...#awesomeness


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