Blendercleanser 90ml
Size 90ml

Though we often neglect to do so, cleaning our makeup brushes and sponges regularly is essential for healthy, blemish-free skin. Oil and impurities are transferred from our skin to our brushes and sponges, which, over time, can become very unhygienic.

Keep your Beautyblender makeup applicator in tip top condition with this gentle cleansing liquid. It’s lightly scented with soothing lavender, and completely free of harsh dyes and skin irritants. Soy-based with a low-suds formula, it’s eco-friendly too!

Wet your Beautyblender The Ultimate Makeup Sponge Applicator, and apply a coin-sized amount of cleanser to the soiled areas. Gently work into a lather, rinse, and if necessary, repeat. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess water, and that you thoroughly rinse out all the cleanser liquid. Keep your sponge in a well-ventilated area to dry. Need to clean your brushes? This cleanser works like a charm for all other makeup brushes too.


  • trevoleen
    loving it - 5 Jun 2017
    Before I could try out this product, I used shampoo to clean up my brushes and blender. I felt it served same purpose. I asked myself why do i need to spend more money to buy a product to clean up my make up items when I could just use my shampoo. Boy was i so wrong and defeated when i eventually gave the beautyblender blendercleanser a try. The amount of the blendercleanser i used was so minimal but it cleaned up my brushes and blender so well that they looked as if they where new. I will never go back to using shampoo to clean my blender and brushes.
  • Ferdous
    Beauty Blender Cleanser - 14 Jul 2014
    Used it to clean my beauty blender, the 3 dupes I have and all 30 of my make up brushes. A little goes a long way and really does wonders with the brushes. Would highly recommend.
    JUST RIGHT - 30 Jun 2014
    Works well, cleans all my brushes within minutes. No problems cleaning with this :)
  • Bhavesha
    Best cleanser ever!! - 23 Jun 2014
    I have used several make up brush cleansers and nothing compares to blendercleanser not only for your BB but make up brushes to. Worth every cent ☺
  • Carolyn
    Awesome Cleanser - 7 Apr 2014
    This cleanser works so well on my BeautyBlender and brushes. Really effective.
  • Ashleigh
    The Only Brush Cleanser You Will Ever Need - 24 Feb 2014
    This wonderfully easy to use, gently scented cleanser is superb! Before finding this cleanser I used baby shampoo to clean my Rubybox Brushes, however I found that the baby shampoo did not remove all the product from my brushes and was difficult to wash out. The Blendercleanser is gently scented, and super easy to use - just add a little to some warm water, swish your precious brushes around in it, rinse and voila! Plus it's cost effective as you only use a very small amount! It very easily removed make up residue from my brushes without damaging them, rinsed out like a breeze and left my brushes squeaky clean and wonderfully soft!
  • Mariam
    Blender cleanser - 22 Jul 2013
    Works like magic, I used to use shampoo to clan my brushes but this is much more pleasant to work with and it takes half the time


Where they’ve come from
Tired and frustrated by the awkward sharp-edged foundation sponges on the market, veteran Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann-Silva pulled yet another trick from her sleeve by inventing the beautyblender in 2007.

An elliptical sponge that fits the contours of your face, it picks up foundation without wasting any product and delivers a flawless, airbrushed finish to any complexion.

Where they’re going
As a mother of two with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, Rea-Ann Silva recognizes that having a flawless beauty regime shouldn’t take hours or a second mortgage!

An easy-to-use makeup essential, beautyblender has featured in dozens of glossies worldwide, won multiple awards, and become a firm favourite among stars, including Beyonce, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore and Oprah.