Beautyblender & Beautycleanser Set

What’s this?
The beautyblender makeup sponge and the beautycleanser makeup sponge and brush cleanser.

What does it do?
The beautyblender effortlessly blends foundation, concealer and blusher while the beautycleanser keeps your makeup sponge and brushes clean.

How does it feel?
The velvety suede beautyblender is soft, smooth and gentle on the skin.

Why we it
The flawless finish the beautyblender creates is absolutely amazing!


  • Chantelle
    Amazing for Blending - 18 Feb 2017
    the beauty blender made my foundation looks seamlessly blended with an airbrush finish. Its amazing and does exactly what it promises. If you don't mind the price tag then this is definitely for you!
  • Afroz
    Totally awesome - 15 Jan 2014
    I first found out about this beauty one fine day whilst surfing the net. I thought what an odd looking sponge and didn't pay much attention to detail until I saw a few more articles and videos and realised that this was a breakthrough in technology, I mean its one of thee must-haves. It is quite pricey in my opinion but this is the only thing a gal needs to blend foundation, concealers and highlighters without the hassle of using tons of brushes. It blends everything equally.
  • EV
    Get Flawless Skin - 14 Jan 2014
    I know the price for what may seem like just another foundation/powder sponge looks crazy! But I promise it's well worth the investment. I've tried many dupes, and trust me when I say none of them compares. This beauty is applied by wetting the sponge, squeezing out excess water then using a stippling method to apply. Not only will this save you product as it doesn't soak it up as much as traditional applicators do, but it will give you the smoothest and silkiest finish. It's like Hollywood royalty - well worth it.
  • Christine
    Good product | Inconvenient process - 6 Jan 2014
    The texture is good and the finish is great (I get a quite sheer finish), but I'm not smitten. I find that even after soaking, it still absorbs a fair amount of my liquid foundation (I suppose, just like other applicator sponges). I travel quite a bit for business, and having to clean it immediately after use, makes it an inconvenient travel companion. If you are a lover of sponge applicators, the Beauty Blender would be a great addition.
  • Robyn
    Best buy! - 18 Apr 2013
    This applicator works fantastically! Flawless application! No wasting foundation of getting it all over my fingers. Really never saw the point of applicators untiil i tried this one. The cleanser helps to keep this precious sponge clean and hygenic. Purchase of the year!


Where they’ve come from
Tired and frustrated by the awkward sharp-edged foundation sponges on the market, veteran Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann-Silva pulled yet another trick from her sleeve by inventing the beautyblender in 2007.

An elliptical sponge that fits the contours of your face, it picks up foundation without wasting any product and delivers a flawless, airbrushed finish to any complexion.

Where they’re going
As a mother of two with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, Rea-Ann Silva recognizes that having a flawless beauty regime shouldn’t take hours or a second mortgage!

An easy-to-use makeup essential, beautyblender has featured in dozens of glossies worldwide, won multiple awards, and become a firm favourite among stars, including Beyonce, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore and Oprah.