Pilaten Face Mask

The Pilaten Face Mask is one of the latest revolutions from the cosmetics industry. The Pilaten Face Mask is designed to pull blackheads and other skin impurities out from the root. Able to be used daily, we also recommend weekly or bi-weekly usage, to keep your skin clean and looking fresh, day in and day out. Please note that the fine hairs on the selected area will be removed with the mask when pulled off.

Wonder ingredients:

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) is the magic in the formulation of the Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask. This is the magic ingredient in the mask which binds it to blackheads and other skin impurities to grip them, and pull them out at the root.

Glycerol is the lubricant that allows the POVH to get thin enough to stretch across the offending areas. Glycerol also provides extra moisture as it is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture and disperses it evenly.


  • Simphiwe
    Its a family thing - 7 Mar 2019
    My hubby and I love this face musk. Every second Friday evenings, we musk our faces while enjoying a movie together.

    Best thing ever...
  • Lona
    Bye Bye Dirt and Blackheads - 7 Nov 2018
    My favorite enemy. It feels like you're peeling off your skin when you're peeling off this mask but wow! The dirt and blackheads that come off with it makes me feel hospital clean. There's a sense of pride that also comes with examining the pieces of this mask and spotting all the dirt it has removed. Gets a 10/10 from me.
  • Akhona
    Face Mask - 21 Sep 2018
    I have been struggling with a mask that can help me with my black heads and when I tried this Mask from Brinea Pilaten I must say it has worked wonders for me, I said goodbye to black heads and hello to fresh and smooth skin! You should definitely try it.
  • Masoodah
    Blackhead remover - 13 Sep 2018
    A couple of months back when I had so much blackheads,I saw this product on the internet and thought I'd try it, and I was so amazed at how many blackheads the mask pulled out, I truly recommend this product and you should definitely try this mask if you struggle to get rid of your blackhead.Also,it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft
  • akani
    The best - 12 Sep 2018
    tried this mask after seeing great reviews about it I'm proud to say got rid of all my black heads!!! I absolutely love it, it has become a staple for my self care days. I highly recommend it for someone who has problematic skin. Thank you for making me aware of this product!!!!!
  • Snakho
    Brinea face mask - 9 Sep 2018
    I tryed almost every face mask including home made one but never did the justice to my dkin till i bought Brinea ,its leave my face sp soft too
  • Jenna
    IT WORKED! - 15 Aug 2018
    After watching many vlogs on the internet i decided to try it and i LOVE it.
    I do suggest that you wash, exfoliate and steam before hand to achieve the best results!
  • Tsholofelo
    Free from dark spots. - 14 Aug 2018
    I first saw this product on YouTube and the reviews were impressive. After buying the product I've been happy ever since. My ski problems are minimised.
  • S'bonisile
    Twitter GirlTalk hash tag - 9 Aug 2018
    This brings pilaten face must was recommended by one of the ladies on twitter and went and bought and it has been my life saver ever since
  • S'bonisile
    Perfect - 8 Aug 2018
    The fact that it leaves you feeling like you have new skin says everything you need to know about every now and then we need to use face masks for our skin to breath and glow this is a must have for every lady out amazing
  • Caroline
    Awesomeniss in a tube - 6 Aug 2018
    This really leaves your skin soft and makes your skin appear lighter. This is great for an at home spa session.
  • Kay
    mask me - 31 Jul 2018
    tried and tested once and loved it from the set go, really left my skin soft and clear
    AWESOME!! - 25 Jul 2018
    I bought myself this product and it works great, I was happy with the results. My skin is smooth and soft
  • Cindy
    beauty hacks - 19 Jul 2018
    Get rid of all those unwanted black heads and yellow head pimples.. it's great for a daily facial routine. It's definitely in my everyday beauty routine!!!
  • kea
    Face Mask - 11 Jul 2018
    I bought myself this product and it works great, I was happy with the results. My skin is smooth and soft
  • Sluleko
    No more blackheads - 15 Jun 2018
    This mask is a great product for people with blackheads and skin problems. i love the moisture and the clean skin look that you get after using it!
  • Jabulile
    The best - 28 May 2018
    It left my face refreshed. Whitegeads on my nose snd chin gone. I could not believe it
  • Dani
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mask :) - 16 Feb 2018
    This stuff is extremely fun to use - Alone OR with a partner/friend/family member :) It smells really lovely! The consistency is quite runny but it gives a nice cooling feeling as soon as it is applied. The tightening of the face is quite a comical phenomenon, which I enjoy :) The peeling feels good, the little hairs will be pulled out, but it isn't too bad, as you get a free face wax too! ;) Afterwards my skin is left feeling fresh and soft. I enjoy this product :)
  • wandile
    MAGIC - 13 Feb 2018
  • Tazz
    Pilaten Face Mask - 11 Jan 2018
    I thought that I would be in so much pain after using this product because I watch an awful lot of videos showing people in pain. It was actually okay. Then to touch on the quality and feel, it glides on pretty easily and quickly drying feel. Pulling off the mask is both slightly freaky and entirely satisfying!
  • Lazene
    bye bye junk - 8 Dec 2017
    I love this product it always leaves my face feeling so much smoother after all the junk is removed
  • Tatenda
    Face mask - 24 Nov 2017
    i left it on for too long and i was so scared of peeling off the mask because i thought it would be super sore. The pain wasnt too bad but the results were great
  • Mariza
    Love - 21 Nov 2017
    I have heard many people who have tried this product and are happy with the results.
    I would like to try it as I suffer with black heads.
  • sadiyya
    Not bad - 15 Nov 2017
    The face mask is really good. I think is does a good job at removing the whiteheads and surface blackheads but if you have really deep black heads it won't work on those. Its not as painful as people show but it does hurt if you have peach fuzz like me. After using you definitely are left with a bit of redness but it goes away leaving you with soft amd flawless skin. All in all I loved it.
  • Nadine
    Face Mask - 24 Oct 2017
    So I got myself this amazing product! its mind blowing love it so much :-)
  • Dineo
    Goodbye blackheads - 24 Oct 2017
    Bought this product and i must say my blackhead struggles are over
  • Waseela
    Pil`aten Mask review - 20 Sep 2017
    Blackheads are those nasty little things we all hate to have and try to remove as quickly as possible in order to enjoy a beautiful face and skin. There are several methods you can use to get rid of blackheads and you will find here one of the most efficient so far.

    After watching a large number of vlogs and videos on the Pil`aten Mask, I decided to try it out. I was a bit skeptical especially with the thought that my skin may become dry and flaky if one had to apply something of such a harsh nature.

    I did the full on pamper session with a wash, exfoliate and a steam then applied the mask, and to my amazement the mask had removed most of the blackheads I had on my nose, chin and cheek area.

    I was more than delighted with the results and was ready to recommend it to anyone else. The second time i needed to use the mask, was two weeks later, but this time I was short on time and could not do the full pamper session. I did the wash and a quick exfoliate and applied the mask, I had noticed a lot less of the Blackheads were removed.

    This was proof one needed to steam their face to open the pores so the Blackheads could be removed more easily and to achieve the results desired.
  • Portia
    Definitely Worth Trying - 19 Sep 2017
    I ordered the Pilaten Face Mask a few weeks ago after reading some of the reviews and seeing all the hype about it on Instagram, and I've used it twice so far cos' i have oily skin and a lot of black & white heads.

    After the first use i noticed it removed a lot of my white head and not the blackhead (maybe they were too deep) but It did leave my skin feeling really smooth and soft, I would rather use the Pilaten than pop those blackhead, It actually works although the price is a little steep.

    I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone, although it is a bit messy, It's completely worth it!
  • Hawa
    Obsessed with brine and Pilaten face mask - 5 Sep 2017
    I don't usually use charcoal peel off mask due to to the brands and tecture of it. It's usually doesn't agree with me. Yet I took the risk which was unbelievable, I felt it was extremely effective. It suited my sensitive skin and made my skin feel a whole lot different after using it. I would advise anyone to use this product even if u have sensitive skin..
  • Kemily
    Great for blackheads - 1 Sep 2017
    I have tried many brands of the charcoal peel off mask for blackheads however the Pilaten brand was the most effective. I have sensitive skin and did not experience any side effects but just a tip, mask must be put on skin when pores are open (wash with warm water first or steam face) to get the best effect
  • Tayla
    Pilaten Face Mask - 25 Aug 2017
    Amazing product! Cleared up all my stubborn black heads the very first time. I would suggest definitely steaming your face beforehand to get the full effect and if you can avoided the apples of your cheeks that was the only painful area. But I would definitely recommend this mask, it's affordable and it works
  • Daniela
    A little Disappointed - 16 Aug 2017
    I had such high hopes for this product as it is one of those hyped up products. Unfortunately, it did not remove any blackheads (I followed the instructions to the book) however it did leave my skin super soft and looked cleaner.
  • Mercedez
    Black Head Monster - 15 Aug 2017
    So I've been on the hunt for a decent but still affordable black head remover mask.

    I ordered a couple of these online thinking I wouldn't receive much product. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    The amount of product that comes in one packet is probably enough for two sittings, unfortunately you can't keep the packet open so you're forced to waste it if you don't have a fellow mask buddy.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it applied and how fast it dried. Look pulling it off was hella painful, but the amount of critters I saw attached to the mask made it well worth it!

    Overall it's an amazIng product
  • Jenniqua
    Second skin - 7 Aug 2017
    So my sister decided we needed to try this product. she got us each a bottle and we did over a weekend. I get quite a bit of black heads so this really appealed to me. When i pulled the mask off, i was shocked to see how many impurities were stuck to the mask. i must admit it was a bit painful to pull off but the results outweigh the pain hands down.
  • Christabel
    Brinea Pilaten face mask - 12 Jul 2017
    From the reviews I felt I had to get 1, to try out I bought the small sachet....can say yeah it did remove some of the blackheads I had but not all after steaming I feel after more use of the product visible positive results will be seen as I see change in my skin already it feels soft looks a bit smoother and brighter....I will definitely repurchase the bigger one now
  • Roxanne
    Fresher skin - 10 Jul 2017
    Love the feeling after application. My face felt smoother and fresher. Only thing I would say that I wasn't a fan of was the stickiness of the mask once you remove it.
  • Nabeelah
    Brinea Beauty Pilaten Blackhead Mask - 6 Jul 2017
    I have used this mask multiple times and I did not break out at all!

    After each use my skin was left smoother, brighter and my pores were visibly reduced. A few blackheads were removed as well .
    I found that steaming prior to using the mask, it helped pull out more blackheads as opposed to not steaming.

    I love using this mask as a quick pick me up for my skin especially prior to applying makeup. Everything glides on perfectly!
  • Fiona
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mask - 3 Jul 2017
    The product is good but i found it a little too harsh for my sensitive skin after using the mask.
  • Leah
    Wonder product - 30 Jun 2017
    I have to say I'm very impressed by this product. I got my sample from Ruby and tried it out. I saw a huge difference after use. I saw my face looked clearer and dark marks almost gone. I will definitely but it.
  • Gabriella
    Black face mask - 29 Jun 2017
    This worked so well for me and I shared them with my family they loved it so much as well! Would love another package like this!
  • Lynette
    Pilatin Face Mask - 21 Jun 2017
    This was an okay peel off mask - I expected it to remove a little more stubborn blackheads - it does work great to remove new ones - but older ones needs a few of the masks to help a little bit. It's not too painful to remove - but I prefer normal blackhead strips .
  • Andrea
    Miracle worker Face Mask - 16 Jun 2017
    The Brinea Pilton Face Mask is an absolute gem! When I purchased it for the first time I was super skeptical about it because I've heard many great things about it and also very bad things which is safe to say those were myths. This face mask is easy to use and if you have stubborn blackheads like me then this is the product for you. It got rid of all my blackheads including some white heads and it left my skin feeling soft, alive and mos importantly it did not irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Samantha
    Mask OFF - 15 Jun 2017
    Great buy. Not as harsh on the skin like the black charcoal masks everyone is recommends, thank goodness.

    Ever since using the mask my face is quite smoother than normal. Less breakout.
    I did however find that it does not remove my stubborn black heads well enough.

    Alas, good buy.
  • Leanie
    It was the first time that i have ever tried a peel of mask. I was a bit skeptical, since i have hears many stories about it.

    I have tried this product out and i can say that my face have felt smooth and soft afterwards. Yes i would use the product again.
  • Angelene
    Loved It! - 13 Jun 2017
    I loved using this product. It really does what it says. Afterwards my skin also felt soft and not tight or dry.
  • Agnetia
    Buh-Bye Blackheads - 12 Jun 2017
    Loved using every second of it! Did not hurt me at all! Was hard to take off though, hence only 4 stars! I would definitely recommend this to someone struggling with blackheads and imperfections.
  • Ruth
    Pilaten face mask - 8 Jun 2017
    The end results were fantastic but it was a painful process as it felt like my face was a bit stiff after applying it. The results were worth it though. I would buy it.
  • trevoleen
    my first time using this product and my jaw literally dropped - 2 Jun 2017
    I have never used black head remover before. This being my first time I was a little bit sceptical about the results I would get from using it however after having used this product I have no regrets and have honestly fallen inlove with it and wish i tried it out sooner. I will most definitely be using this from now on. My skin was visibly clearer after just one use the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask. It really is value for money.
  • Carla
    Pilates face mask - 2 Jun 2017
    Since using the mask my face is smoother and my skin is softer. I also have considerably less blackheads.

    I would definitely make this part of my routine
  • Nicole
    Platen - 1 Jun 2017
    I loved it made my face feel clean, It was like getting a face wax
  • Cleopatra
    Pilaten Face Mask - 31 May 2017
    Definitely works best if you actually have blackheads you want to remove. I didn't have this problem, so to an extent the product didn't cater to my skin's issues. However, I noticed an improvement with regards to removing excess oils and leaving my skin with a matte finish. The experience of wearing and removing this mask is one everybody must try!
  • Lebo
    Brinea Pilaten face Mask - 31 May 2017
    I was intrigued by the fact that the mask colour is black! I loved that fact! the mask left my face feeling so soft and smooth I really love it! I had a mini spa moment at home and would definitely do it again. The fact that it is so affordable makes it so much more worth a try. You will love it!
  • Courtney-Lee
    Clear, brighter - 30 May 2017
    My skin immediately appeared brighter. The mask was not at all pianfull but I guess it would be if you have more facial hair to tug on. It didn't remove the nose black heads I wanted it to after the first use but maybe after the 2nd or third times. Its affordable so you should definitely try it.
  • Natasha
    Impressed - 30 May 2017
    I have used a couple of peel off mask previously and this by far has the best results. A bit painful when peeling off but totally worth it. Skin looks much clearer immediately.
  • Ayesha
    Pilaten Face Mask - 29 May 2017
    I bought the Pilaten face mask, does wonders to the pores and whiteheads. A little painful when you have to pull the mask out, but all worth it !
  • Kelli
    Amazing - 29 May 2017
    This was the first time using a blackhead remover. I loved how easy it was to use was just a little uncomfortable to take off cause of my fine hairs. Left my face so soft afterwards.
  • Adriana
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mak - 29 May 2017
    Love how my skin feels two days after using the mask. Smoothe and soft. It was really painful to take the mask off, I have very fine hair on my face which felt like it was being waxed when I took the mask off.
  • Tumi
    Newbie to face mask - 25 May 2017
    I have never used black head remover before and it was a little bit difficult to control. I found that I loved my skin after I took it off. I will certainly use this again. My skin was nice afterwards.
  • Christinelle
    Pilaten Blackhead Remover mask - 25 May 2017
    This mask is absolutely amazing. I have seen a lot of people rave about this, and i can understand why. Head on over to my blog for a full review:
  • Robyn
    Pilaten Mask - 24 May 2017
    The mask is a simple and easy way to get rid of black heads and dead skin. My skin feels softer and healthier since I've used it!
    Brinea pilaten face mask - 24 May 2017
    Easy to apply and quick to dry, It HURTS to peal it off. It removed dead skin and facial hair (I guess that is why it was so painful to peal it off). It left my skin very ashy and dry. Other than that, l liked it and will recommend it.
  • Nthabiseng
    Perfection Of Pilaten - 24 May 2017
    I had the privilege of restrung and trying out this wonderful product! It's easy to apply and not so painful to remove and it left my skin feeling silky soft! I definitely recommend this to those that would love to get rid of their black heads as well as other skin impurities
  • Natalie
    That Black Mask. - 24 May 2017
    It works. Looking at the nlack plastic film after you have removed it shows exactly what you want it to. All those horrible little things we all battle to get rid of. Great product!
  • Charlene
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mask - 24 May 2017
    I was really excited to receive this product as I've been seeing it all over my Instagram.

    Before application, I steamed my face as per instructions. The mask was easy to apply using a make up brush, but if you don't mind black goo on your fingers then use that instead.

    Also, I left it on for 10 min only as it dried fast. I was a bit nervous for the big peel off , but it didn't hurt at all. Almost like peeling craft glue off your hands, but less sticky.

    The results? To be honest, not much difference for me, but it did peel of the necessary I guess. I saw most of the residue on the mask from my nose area, but either I have little skin impurities or did'nt leave it on long enough.
    I would advise to apply thicker and leave on for maximum time allowed.

    It is worth a try in my opinion.

    Good luck rubies!
  • Liandre
    Better than I expected - 24 May 2017
    I've tried a few "at home/DIY" black head masks before, and although they remove some of the dirt in the surrounding areas, they never quite do the trick (party i think due to them not being 'sticky' enough to pull OUT the dirt int he pores)
    Pilaten definitely doesnt have that problem! I've heard this product is quite a peel, and not for the faint hearted. So i grabbed a glass of wine and a friend and we tucked in!
    we both chose to only apply to the "problem areas" as neither was brave enough for a full face. Wow! Not only did my skin feel softer once FINALLY removed, but i could also, for the first time see the clear pores from where the icky stuff was removed! It was Great!!
    Thumbs up!
    Although my skin was a bit sensitive afterwards, i will def give it a few days and try again.

    thanks Pilaten
    and thank you Ruby Box!
  • Natasha
    The Pilaten Face Mask - 24 May 2017
    I tried it and it is really awesome, left my face feeling smooth and extra clean
  • Melanie
    Black mask vs blackheads - 24 May 2017
    I've always had blackheads in the usual places i.e nose and chin area and I've been itching to try this mask for a while now. I have a high pain threshold but also now that facial makes it more painful and that I do have enough of. I've decided not to do my entire face, just the nose and chin area and I was amazed at the results. It left my skin smooth, no sign of any blackheads. It's a tad bit too "gooey" for me but I loved the overall experience. Working on summoning the courage to do full face, hold thumbs ;)
  • Lynne
    LOVE this product!!!!! - 23 May 2017
    I was scared and excited to try this product - happy I could try it first as next time I would do certain things differently...
    Product is sticky AF and does get everywhere so will use my foundation brush instead!
    I looked at many videos and only applied to certain areas so did not lose any hair and it wasn't painful at all!
    Left my skin feeling soft and refreshed!
    Cant wait to try it again - more steam and leaving it on a bit longer to ensure its 100% dry!!!!
  • Aneesa
    GOODBYE BLACKHEADS - 22 May 2017
    I was in awe of this product. I used it twice and my skin is smooth and no more blackheads.

    I would recommend it to everyone having a hard time getting rid of blackheads and it can be purchased at a reasonable price.
  • Elizabeth
    Incredible Results - 22 May 2017
    I was so excited to receive this product because of the numerous videos and images I had seen in the past on how effective it was at stripping away excess impurities that cause acne and skin
    irritation. I must say after trying it for the first time I was impressed at how it instantly dried out all the pimples on my face and left me with a smooth radiant complexion! I will definitely be sharing the rest of the product with my besties <3
  • Maleeka
    Not as expected - 22 May 2017
    I followed the instructions as given, however did not get the results as expected.

    It pulled more hair than anything else. It did not remove the black/whiteheads as it states.

    I then tried it on 2 other occasions, however still did not produce results. (used it after a wash, and a steam of my face). Used it on my mother also, and it also just pulled hair.

    Will not recommend to anyone.
  • Aqeeda
    Facetastic - 21 May 2017
    I got to experience the wonder that is brinea Pilaten via @Bonafinda

    Though I don't have troublesome skin, I absolutely loved the feeling of the mask from the application to the peel that gave me not only a glow but the feeling of extreme freshness from the inside.

    Loved it!
  • Nadine
    Try it - 21 May 2017
    here is a blog post on a product review of the Pilaten Blackhead remover. enjoy xx.
  • Daisy
    LOVE LOVE IT even on Sensetive skin - 21 May 2017
    I loved the mask because it is easy to apply, it dries fast (within 10-15 minutes) and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. I will admit it was a bit messy when I was putting it on (I guess that’s how all face masks can be… or maybe I’m just a clumsy person). So please concentrate fully when applying the mask and make sure you give this task your full attention. I thought taking it off was going to hurt like hell, but it was actually not bad. ........ view more in the Blog post
  • Bernice
    Mask - 20 May 2017
    Loved the mask itself, just did not like the consistency with application, messed everywhere. But the mask itself is good quality and gets the job done, my skin feels fresh and clean. Worth the buy!!!
  • Robyn
    Pure Skin - 18 May 2017
    The multiple black heads pulled out of my face skin by the Pilaten blackhead mask was evident on the remains of the mask once I pulled it off and left it my skin feeling pure and fresh again. It works well to say the least and is a very efficient product in the sense that it is quick and easy to use, does not make a mess or leave stains and gets your skin feeling great again! Definitely worth the try to spice up your skin beauty routine ;)
  • Elaine
    Black Away! - 17 May 2017
    I loved the mask received from my friend, Kim Martin. The feeling of smooth skin and a certain glow I had after using the mask and completing my cleansing routine, was surely a winner for me. Yes, the hair pulling from removing the mask is a bit painful, though i can surely deal with that given the result achieved.
  • saleha
    Must try Mask - 17 May 2017
    The mask works. It is easy to apply and does not have an unpleasant smell. Rather it does not really have any scent. Ensure that you open the pores before applying the mask by steaming the face or washing with warm water as this helps the mask to be more effective in attaching to an removing the impurities. It was not painful on removal but rather stripped off easily. I have already purchased more. And will be using the mask twice a week.
  • Patience
    Loved it! - 17 May 2017
    Really loved the mask my skin felt smooth after and most ofmy blackheads were gone. Only downside was the pain when removing the mask and i found the process a bit long. Otherwise loved it!
  • Chene'
    Pilaten blackhead removal - 17 May 2017
    A seriously great product! You now have the convenience of all round great skin in one product plus it is soft and smooth to the touch. When removing the mask you cant hold back or you might feel a few hairs leaving with it.
  • Nicole
    Blackheads - 17 May 2017
    My face and looked very clean after using this product. I also felt there was more hair that came off my face than black head. It's a awsome quick fix but it does not do a deep clean.
  • Maresa
    It does the job fantastically! - 16 May 2017
    This mask really made a difference to my skin. I have oily skin and with it comes blackheads... It's a pain. I know I shouldn't try to squeeze the blackheads out but I can't help myself. And then afterwards I look horrible! Well, after using this mask it will be a thing of the past! It removed the blackheads but it also made my skin less oily. I was very impressed with the mask and I will definitely purchase it in future.
  • Brogian
    How Disappointing - 16 May 2017
    When I received the product I was so excited to try it out. How disappointing... I followed all instructions that were given and nothing. This product does not do what is promised and is very frustrating. I will not be purchasing nor recommending this product.
  • Anoecha
    No more blackheads!! - 16 May 2017
    I have searched for something that can assist with removing blackheads, and i have eventually found some that removes it to the root!! It hurts when peeling off but removes everything bad from you skin. When i peeled of the mask my skin felt clean and it is a feeling I can't describe ! I am loving this!!! Plus got a colleague to purchase the product!
  • Elelwani
    Frizz ease Flawlesslystraight - 16 May 2017
    I will definitely not tell you any lies, i absolutely love using this products. after my first shampoo wash i felt my hair on one side dried out a bit. after rinsing off the shampoo i applied the conditioner, OMG my hair has never felt so smooth and while with the conditioner.since i've received these products i have used them 2 times already and i am absolutely in love with the combo. And what surprised me
    is unlike most products this Frizz easy does exactly what it promises. my hair is lighter, smoother, soft and the smell its just a bonus.
    This products are definitely a must have. and they can be purchase at Click SA stores or online.
  • Elelwani
    Pilaten (Blackheadremover) - 16 May 2017
    I absolutely love these blackhead remover. I was very skeptical before trying it, then i was amazed by the results. just a warning, make sure you do not apply the mask on your eyebrow and too close to your hair line, otherwise you will pay a debt when it comes to removing the mask, after it has dried out. i was actually expecting the mask to just remove blackheads on my chin, but ended up removing even dead skin and facial hair.
    my skin has never felt so much breezy and refreshed. i will definitely be buying this mask.
  • candice
    Bye bye blackheads - 14 May 2017
    This is a china made product that pulls black heads and other skin impurities from the root basically the magic ingredient here is Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH).

    The product itself is really easy to use it comes in a single uses 6g sachet and one sachet can cover your entire face. The first step is to heat or steam the face to open the pores this I find is best achieved by placing you face over a bowl of steaming freshly boiled water, then you apply the content over your face, wait 10 to 15 mins when it dries and peel off along with all those black heads and impurities. Probably the most satisfying part of it all is the peeling off you can actually see all the stuff that gets taken out ( see you blackhead bitches!)

    before and after1-horz2 final

    I didn't notice any distinct smell and it did hurt a bit when I peeled it off as it really sticks onto your face and pulled some of my face hairs off but it wasn't hectic and no pain no gain right?!

    pilaten blackhead remover mask applied
    So sexy!

    This year's Halloween mask?

    Result wise I don't really suffer from many visible blackhead but I did notice my skin condition was better and I did the mask looked like it did draw out impurities and my skin did feel smoother afterwards because it probably removed the dead skin cells too. All in all I would say it is a pretty good mask that does deliver.
  • Danica
    Pilaten Blackhead Remover Mask - 14 May 2017
    I loved this mask i think it is good value for money and gets the job done, although it didn't entirely remove the blackheads the first time , i definitely think that with a few applications it will remove it entirely.
    Your face should also be thoroughly steamed to get it working the way it should. It is a good skincare product to add into your weekly routine.
  • Rebecca
    Pleased - 14 May 2017
    I went into this with incredibly high expectations but I found the mask didn't rip all the imperfections out but after continuous use, the mask DID tighten, even out and clear up my skin. It removed all the gross dead skin and I noticed on the 4th day of usage that my nose was almost clear of all blackheads entirely and my pores were much smaller. Granted I was using the mask as part of my skincare routine but it has made a noticeable difference for sure
  • Luisa
    Pilaten Blackhead pore strip - 13 May 2017
    This is an awesome product if you are looking to remove blackheads! A warning though, you need to play around with it once or twice to get it right!
    The first time I applied the mask (which should be done after steaming your face to open the pores) I think I applied it too thinly and could only pull off small strips at a time. Also, there is no need to apply it to your whole face (unless you really believe you have blackheads everywhere?). The area of concern is usually the T-Zone, so start with this and apply a generous amount. Drying time is around 25 minutes, so give yourself some time, to allow it to properly dry. Thereafter, pull it away slowly! It does hurt a little as it also removes fine hair on your face but you will see it actually lifting the blackheads out.

    This process can be repeated weekly and at R29.00 a sachet, it's a steal!!

    This one definitely gets a thumbs-up from me!
  • Carol-Ann
    The Product that changed me - 13 May 2017
    I have tried this product a few times now and I just keep liking it every time around.This product I can truly say changed my life and I am sure if you are reading this review it will change yours also.The mask dries really easy and after you've peeled it of your skin looks glowing and supple.I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone from all skin tipes.
    Great work
  • Ameenah
    Steaming your face is a MUST - 12 May 2017
    I cannot stress this enough but to steam your face is definitely critical when applying this mask. The mask needs to kinda get into your pores to achieve fantastic results. I used this product on my full face and even though it did not get to all of my pores , my face does feel like it has just been waxed and i LOVE it! Its easy to apply and easy to remove. It basically removes itself once its fully dry so dont think twice when wanting this product . Go for it !!
  • Faheemah
    Pilaten Face Mask - 11 May 2017
    I've seen this mask on social media and was so intrigued to try it out, thanks to rubybox that I finally did ! It's quite easy to apply results are quite good , the best part for me was the peeling off the mask , that I found most satisfying , I would use it again
  • palesa
    CLEAN and CLEAR! - 11 May 2017
    this works like magic!! i have had to wax my face before using it because i have facial hair. very very impressed with the outcome :)
  • Maryam
    AMAZING - 10 May 2017
    Love love it!! Keep buying these. Works like a bomb! Some fuzzy hairs pinch a little but once its off you look like a complete new person
  • Raeesa
    Best mask for cleaning pores and dry skin - 9 May 2017
    I bought the individual sachets just to try it out and I was so impressed that i ended up buying the whole bottle from Whenever I notice bumps on my boyfriend's face, I slap on a coat and voila! Super clean skill everytime.
  • Sara
    Pilanten black head removing mask - 9 May 2017
    I love love love the mask ! I've had a problem with backheads for a while now and I could not get rid of them until I got my hands on this mask ! The process is quite easy and you should follow the steps closely and avoid using the paste on any areas with hair (eyebrows / beards). This mask pulled out quite a bit of black heads and dry skin and left my skin feeling as soft as a baby's butt ! You should definitely try it! Thank you Rubybox ❤️
  • Michelle
    Smoother Complexion - 9 May 2017
    I was really excited to try this product as I tend to suffer from blackheads around my nose area. It was quite sticky with a glue like texture. You have to follow the instructions closely, which can be time consuming - this is not a quick mask. Drying time took a bit longer than expected. Removal was a bit tricky and slightly painful when it caught on facial hair (Bonus! Comes with free upper lip wax!) My skin was left feeling smoother and clearer. Not an every week mask, but a once a month 'peel'. I would buy this product again.
  • Kayleen
    Face mask best for oily skin - 9 May 2017
    The application was easy. Didn't have an awful smell, didn't drip off my face. Felt a little sore removing the mask off my face, it also removed some unwanted hair. My face felt so fresh and smooth... black heads were gone...
  • Christina
    More about the social media craze - 8 May 2017
    Enjoyed taking pics with it on as I had seen it all over my Insta feed and wanted to be part of the craze, however I did not experience amazing results and it was VERY sore to take off - felt like a full on face wax.... was fun nonetheless
  • Kim
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mask - 8 May 2017
    Brinea Pilaten Face mask left my face feeling smooth and look fresh and clear.
  • muneerah
    Amazing results - 8 May 2017
    I absolutely LOVED this product. I've always been plagued by enlarged pores and blackheads and this did wonders for my skin! Definitely worth a buy
  • Pia Jane
    Expected more - 8 May 2017
    I was extremely excited to try this product as I've seen it all over social media with amazing results. Unfortunately for me it didn't quite work the way I expected it to work. I've figured out that the way I applied the product could have minimized my chances for an accurate execution. I didn't see any blackheads get pulled out, however the texture of my skin felt smoother than usual and my make up glided on perfectly. The next time I try it I plan on spreading the product evenly and keep it on just a few minutes longer than stated.
  • Harriet
    It's a yes from m - 8 May 2017
    So when I initially received this mask I was not sure what to expect, but i was excited to try it. The mask has glue like smell, when I applied it to my hand it made sense, it reminded me of the glue you played with in primary school, that you would peel off your skin. It's not an easy mask to apply your face, this could be to the glue like consistency. It was now to time remove it, can I just say that it this point it was super tight on skin. The removal was pretty easy, but not without pain, especially when it catches on some some of your facial hair, I actually shed a tear. The results were pretty good, it got all my pesky white heads, and left my skin radiant and glowing, my skin tone was also drastically improved.
  • Mutale
    This face mask is bomb! - 6 May 2017
    I had been seeing black face masks everywhere on social media and so I was very eager to try the Pilaten face mask out. I really like this product, application is very easy and it doesn't take long to dry. Another thing I really liked about the face mask is that it doesn't dry off into little pieces and break when you have to remove it. I noticed a big difference around my chin area especially as several white heads were removed and my chin came out looking very smooth.
  • Gigi
    Pilaten mask - 6 May 2017
    Was excited to try this out but it didn't meet my expectations - slightly disappointed.
  • Iman
    Smoothes the skin - 6 May 2017
    I was lucky enough to receive a Pilaten sample and so eagerly tried it out.

    I found it quite easy to apply but pulling it off seemed to remove some of my facial hair and a few whiteheads.. though I'm not sure it removed any blackheads (and I have a lot). My face did feel much smoother so I felt great after
  • Kerry
    Painful but has good results. - 5 May 2017
    I found this face mask had very visible results. However, the phrase "pain is beauty" could not be more fitting for this product. I have never experienced such a painful face mask before. The process of peeling it off my skin brought tears to my eyes and a few screams. But girls- definitely one of the better face masks on the market.
  • Ntenda
    JOB HALF DONE - 5 May 2017
    I received this product and was excited to try it out because of the reviews but, I have oily skin and it didn't remove any of my black heads but it did remove some white heads. It was a bit painful to peel off but not too bad all in all.
  • Carla
    I feel so smooth - 5 May 2017
    The mask goes on easily and comes off just that easily. It felt great on my skin and my skin now feels softer and there was a visible reduction in my blackheads.
  • Courtney-Joss
    Mask review - 5 May 2017
    I was very excited to receive this, tried it out with my mom. We had fun putting it on but it was painful to remove and we didn't see a great difference. Still fun to try out!
  • Leila
    Best Mask I've used - 5 May 2017
    I was very interested in this whole craze and so I was very excited to test out this new face mask. I have used many face masks before and this is definitely the most successful. It didn't take off all my blackheads but made my skin feel smoother and sorted out the worst ones. Would definitely recommend.
  • nazneen
    good product - 5 May 2017
    This is a very good product- easy to apply. a bit messy but does its job.
  • nazneen
    pilaten face mask - 5 May 2017
    The pilaten blackhead remover mask is easy to use although the whole process is a bit tedious. It removed the blackheads but is a bit sore when peeling it off. Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to review this product.
  • Lauren
    Not too bad - 5 May 2017
    Received this product and I was really excited to try it out.
    It didn't remove all the blackheads, especially the horrid ones on my nose. But it did its job quite well with regards to the other areas.
    All in all, not bad, it is a bit messy though.
  • Ilhaam
    Not what I expected - 5 May 2017
    I was so excited to try this product and followed the instructions accordingly. Besides being extremely painful when removing, most of the blackheads/impurities were partially pulled out but not removed.
  • Varisha
    Pilaten face mask review - 5 May 2017
    I was so excited to received this little package of joy, coming from JHB my skin looks horrible and polluted.

    I followed the instructions to the point, and despite it being quite messy to apply, it was ok, and actually felt quite nice on my skin.

    Upon removal of the mask, I flinched and teared, it was quite painful trying to get it off my face... but no pain no gain right? Once all off, my skin felt a little smoother, but quite sensitive, and I noticed that it removed maybe 1/2 blackheads and nothing else. So I was quite disappointed with the results of the mask, considering how painful it was.

  • Chermel
    Pilaten blackhead remover mask have been the lastest craze on social media these days. I really enjoyed this mask and will definitely repurchasing soon. i was surprised at how easy it was to apply and remove. My skin felt baby soft, my pores were so clean and my makeup sat amazingly the next day.
    Thank you Rubybox for allowing me to test and review this mask
  • Andrea
    Pilaten face mask - 3 May 2017
    The Brinea Pilaten Face Mask has become very popular over social media. I was so excited to try it when i saw it on social media.

    The mask is easy to apply but i used a make up brush to apply it as it can become a bit messy and its very easy to peel off. I have just one tip, apply it thickly to the ends of the face so its easy to peel off.

    I discovered that a few facial hairs were pulled off but the standard of the mask is awesome.

    The mask has a strong penetration and sucks blackheads from the face. It absorbs dirt and grime and regulates oil secretion.

    After applying the mask, it left my face feeling smoother and boosted my skin clarity. My complexion has a glow and feels soft as a babies bottom.

    I would recommend the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask for all skin types.

    Dont wait, order your today! Its a must have for both genders.

    Check my review pictures of the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask on my Instagram handle. (andrealawrence_)
  • Nkateko
    Pilaten Blackhead Remover - 3 May 2017
    I had been seeing this product all over social media and was quite eager to try it myself, so you can imagine how excited I was to try it!

    The product applied fairly easily but the drying time is quite long (roughly 20 minutes) which isn't too bad if you put it on and get busy with other things.

    The peel off is quite sore though, which is a bit of a downer. However the product works! I have been good to my skin so I didn't have a lot of blackheads to remove however my skin felt smooth afterwards. My sister on the other hand had a few blackheads and she was super impressed.

    This is a great product! Perfect for keeping skin blackhead free in the comfort of your own home!
    Pilaten Blackhead Remover Mask - 2 May 2017
    I was thrilled to receive this product to test!

    Application was easy, I used my fingers and didn't find it hard at all. It dried withing the 20 minutes and was relatively easy to remove.

    The only problem was that it was quite painful to remove and it also removed some of my facial hairs.

    But the end result was as promised and my skin was left clear and soft.
  • Ariella
    I'll admit I was very sceptical of this product after watching a couple of those fail videos where the mask rips half of the poor girls face off...
    However, I must say I am pleasantly surprised by how this product interacted with my skin. I cant say that it effectively removed all of my blackheads / whiteheads but my skin condition has radically improved within the last 24 hours! The appearance and texture is silky to the touch and my skin appears less dull. All in all, I will definitely be giving this product another go.
    One thing worth mentioning though, is that the mask should be applied rather thickly around the edges of the face so that the removal is easier and less painful. The drying time will however be longer.
  • Michelle
    I was disappointed - 1 May 2017
    I had very high expectations from watching the videos and from the hype around the product, however when I used it it did not perform miracles. I even got my boyfriend to try it and although we both noted smoother skin afterwards, it did not remove all the blackheads. Also, this product is quite difficult to use, it is like a tar consistency and is very messy.
  • Andrea
    Pilaten Brinea Mask - 28 Apr 2017
    I was so excited to use the Pilaten Brinea Mask. It's been the latest craze on social media. The mask is really easy to apply and peels off so easy. The only tips I have is to apply it with a make up brush and to put it on the edged of your face very thickly as it's easy to lift and peel. My face feels smoother and my complexion is glowing. It removes all blackheads and impurities from your face. Awesome experience. Go get yours today!

    Pictures of the review are on my andrealawrence_ handle on instagram.
  • Andrea
    Brinea Pilaten Face Mask - 28 Apr 2017
    The Brinea Pilaten Face Mask has become very popular over social media. I was so excited to try it when i saw it on Instagram.

    The mask is easy to apply but i used a make up brush to apply it as it can become a bit messy and its very easy to peel off. Just one tip, apply it thickly to the ends of the face so its easy to peel off.

    I discovered that a few facial hairs were pulled off but the standard of the mask is awesome.

    The mask has a strong penetration and sucks blackheads from the face. It absorbs dirt and grime and regulates oil secretion.

    After applying the mask, it left my face feeling smoother and boosted skin clarity. My complexion has a glow.

    I would recommend the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask for all skin types.

    Dont wait, order your today! Its a must have for both genders.

    Check my review pictures of the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask on my Instagram. (andrealawrence_)

    Andrea Lawrence
  • Mechelle
    Brinea Pilaten face mask - 25 Apr 2017
    Its easy to apply and awesome that you can only apply to problem areas loved the visible results and would reccomend it and purchasing mine online now!!!! Xoxo
  • Nicole
    This is amazing! - 25 Apr 2017
    I tried this just last night with my fiance and it worked so great for both of us.
    We were both skeptical because thought "Why not" and let me tell you, it worked out so well for both of us, my skin is so clear, smooth and so much softer. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Jamie Lee
    One of the best masks I've tried - 25 Apr 2017
    I had been looking for a mask like this for a while now, having seen many women on Instagram trying them and I was so excited to try this out. The application was slightly messy - I felt like I was doing an art project at school - and taking it was felt like having a full face wax as it removes EVERYTHING, including fine face hairs. Overall though, I absolutely loved it! My skin feels so soft and smooth I can hardly believe it. Will definitely use it again and recommend it!
  • Patience
    Loved it! - 24 Apr 2017
    I was really excited when i received my sample. I love the results after and the way my skin felt afterwards. It was painful though when peeling off and the process was a bit long for me.
  • Ra'eesah
    Miracle Mask - 21 Apr 2017
    I was a little sceptical about this product. I was convinced it would hurt way too much and not take too much.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    It was actually quite a refreshing experience and surprisingly the results were amazing.

    Definitely worth trying at least once.
  • mapolo
    GREAT - 21 Apr 2017
    I recieved a sample and was very excited to try it out. Application is very easy and fast, it took about 25-30mins to dry. The results were GREAT only problem is that it came out with my facial hair and it felt like I had a facial wax, it was too painful.
  • Angelique
    Amazing - 20 Apr 2017
    We ALL have black heads... but how we choose to remove it varies and sometimes lead to infections under the skin. This mask is a clean and easy way to peal away those blackheads!
  • Elle
    AMAZING VALUE - A MUST BUY! - 19 Apr 2017
    I was super excited to try this out when I saw it online. I was suspicious at first and then when I saw the results I was just blown away! I can't believe how much of a difference it made to my pores and nose! I would recommend this as a gift to a friends if you don't know what to get and want to give them something cool, or even just as a spoil to yourself!

    Thank you rubybox. I will definitely buy this again and I shared one with my sister who also loved it!
  • Aneesah
    Blackhead Remover Review - 16 Apr 2017
    A really good product to try out . I just found it to be a long process . It's a value for money
  • Tayla
    Amazing - 10 Apr 2017
    Inloved it , my skin is so much better. A bit pricey.
    But the quality is amazing , and I did see some difference in my skin
  • Janine
    Peel away! - 26 Mar 2017
    I saw this product on instagram and I was like OMG I have to try this!! And so I did!

    It takes a while to dry, I suggest you eat before putting the mask on! (I was super hungry and could barely move my jaws once the mask was dry!) But the results!!! AMAZE BALLS! (Minus the pain that is...) skin felt SOOOO smooth afterwards.

    Tip:make sure to moisturise afterwards
  • Lourensa
    Pilaten Face Mask "AWESOME" - 23 Mar 2017
    This is one of THE best facial masks i have ever indulged. We had a ladies treat day/evening event and had this in the surprise bag... WHAT A WANDERFULL TREAT!!! NO sensitivity, NO day after break outs, NO extreme dry skin.... just feeling refreshed and renewed.
    This is a must try for every lady!!!


Brinea Beauty Products utilises scientific research to ensure that their products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is a beautifully enriched product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type. Brinea begins by looking to Nature for the natural solution they desire to enhance your beauty. Their in-house scientific team then formulates a product that benefits the user unlike any chemically formulated imitation. Their goal is to provide healthy, natural eyelash extensions.