3D Fiber Lash
Available for purchase online at - R497


3D Fiber Lash is formulated to build volume and enhance the length of your lashes. Giving you a full dramatic look. It is easy to apply and safe enough for daily use. 100% Natural Bees Wax and Green Tea Fiber. 5 Minute Application. Lasts up to 16 Hours. Waterproof and smudge-free.

How to Apply Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara:

1. Ensure your eye lashes are clean, dry and free from any mascara.

2. Ensure that you work with one eye at a time to get the best results.

3. Apply a coat of your Brinea Transplanting Gel. Focus on applying the Transplanting Gel from the mid to tips of your lashes.

4. While the Transplanting Gel is still wet (Very impottant to apply fibers while the gel is still wet to avoid clumps) apply the fibers from the mid to tips of your lashes.

5. Then seal the fibers with another coat of Transplanting Gel.

6. Wait a couple of minutes for the gel to dry.

7. If you desire a more dramatic look you can apply another layer and repeat the steps 2 to 6.

To remove the fibres simply wash with your regular face wash and water.

When applying 3D Fiber Lash mascara to your lower lashes, if at any time you have difficulty, put a teaspoon under these lashes. This lifts them and allows you to freely coat those lashes, without leaving any black residue on the underpart of your eye. When you have done applying your 3D fiber transplanting gel, sealing with the gel again, simply remove the teaspoon and leave behind perfect lower lashes.


  • wandile
    awesome!!!!!! - 13 Feb 2018
    the lashes are great. they're light on the eyes and very easy to apply. they are also very affordable which is abonus
  • Tatenda
    Fiber lash - 24 Nov 2017
    I havent seen it aroundWould love to try this masacra out. The reviews look promising
  • Aishwarya
    Long lasting - 16 Oct 2017
    Love that the gel part of it works so well in with tje lash fibers, they really last long and doesn't irritate the eye. I did use it the first time and I used it incorrectly so it I wasnt so pleased the first time I tried it out but I decided to give it a second and it was amazing.
  • Shanice
    Brinea - 14 Sep 2017
    Okay so I actually won this brinea mascara hamper on their facebook page a month ago and I received it and tried it out it actually is amazing made my short lashes full I've only used it once but practice makes perfect
  • Nabeelah
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Review - 6 Jul 2017
    The Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes slogan is “Eyelash Extensions In A Bottle” and this is exactly what it is! I was taken aback when I applied this because the difference was so noticeable.

    I never realized how short my lashes actually were until I used the Brinea 3D Fibere Lashes – have a look at my before/after picture below you will be in awe too.

    The thing I love most about the Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes is that it can be built up to suit your liking! For instance on a daily basis I am fine with just one coat -pictured below- however I would choose a more dramatic look on the weekend if I am going out. Add 2-3 more coats and Damn Gina!

    Also the Transplanting Gel is dark black -very much like a masacara, and does not budge for 16 + hours!

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  • Zeenat
    3D FIBER LASHES - 30 Jun 2017
    This is a fantastic product especially for people who has short eye lashes like me and desire to have thick long lashes. This product will make you lashes look fuller and longer.
  • Fiona
    3D Fiber Lashes - 30 Jun 2017
    I absolutely love the lashes! They make my eyes look bigger and I'm kind of addicted to the look now :) What I love the most is that I look exactly the same in the afternoon after a long day of work and a gym session than I did when I applied it in the morning. Really a great product!
  • Carey
    3D Fibre lash - 29 Jun 2017
    Oh my word, I LOVE this product!
    I have never really believed that this type of product worked - this product has changed that thought!

    Well worth the money!!
  • Melanie
    Instant Lash length and thickness - 29 Jun 2017
    I was very sceptical about this product, then I tried it, OMG is all I can say, this is the best thing since sliced bread, I love it so much, I have the shortest lashes and I don't like putting on the false lashes, I have a fear of getting the glue in my eyes, but since using this Brinea 3D Fibre lashes, I just cannot get enough of it, I don't think I will use another mascara or contemplate false lashes when it does this to my very own lashes. Thanks for a fantastic product.
  • Liezel
    Amazing Eye Lashes - 29 Jun 2017
    This 3d fiber lashes is amazing, it's something to get use to, as it is not like normal mascara. it is a bit difficult for me to apply it because of the fiber i need to apply as this can get into the eyes. I have tested the product and i fell in love with it immediately because with all the mascaras i have tried before that promise volume doesn't get close to this. I would definitely recommend it to any make-up fanatic or anyone else for that matter how loves wearing make- up. I would really buy it for myself if i get it at a very good price. Thank you Rubybox for giving me the chance to test and review this amazing product.
  • Natalia
    3D lashes - 29 Jun 2017
    The product was not bad, I did have a bit of a tough time the first time applying it. Also having sensitive eyes doesn't help much. I wear contact and found the fibers irritated my eyes with the contacts. The application part is a easy but a little tricky I'm not a make up wiz so that's possibly why I struggled a bit.
    All in all I found the product makes your lashes stand out and look a lot fuller.
  • Jesselyn
    3D Fiber Lash - 29 Jun 2017
    Personally, I would give this product a skip because I'm all for convenience and I feel that I can get a decent enough mascara that coats my lashes in 1 step as opposed to this mascara which takes 3 steps. If you're someone that needs to put in the time and doesn't mind doing it for the sake of long and luscious lashes, then give this one a try.
  • shamanc
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lash - 29 Jun 2017
    i am picky with mascara, but I love this one. It is not clumpy like most mascaras and the brush glides along lashes smoothly. You can quickly apply 2 coats and your eyelashes are long and luxurious.
  • Ayesha
    This Fiber Lash product pleasantly surprised me by not only lengthening but also thickening my short eyelashes without using false ones. It is truly smudge-free, easy to apply and a pleasure to use.
    If wearing contact lenses however, please ensure that the lashes are dried properly so that the fibers sticks to the eyelash otherwise it will irritate the lenses in your eyes.
    Will definitely be stocking up on Brinea 3D Fiber Lash!!!
  • Chiara
    Messy Fibres - 27 Jun 2017
    I liked the look of it initially however the fibres kept landing on my cheeks and into my eyes.

    It also gets very messy to re-dip the gel after having put the fibres.
  • Karen
    3D Fiber Lash - WOW! - 27 Jun 2017
    This product is so easy to use, no mess and no fuss. I love my mascara, but I love my 3D Fiber Lashes more :) This product is great for those days when you just need a bit of POP in your life.
  • Ruda
    Lashes when and where you need it! - 27 Jun 2017
    I just love these lashes. It give me the freedom to choose when I want it fuller and I don't have to worry about getting an appointment at the salon to do the extensions. Just don't cut onions when wearing these as the tears and fibre lashes do not go together. Otherwise love it! Will buy more.
  • Nicola
    AWESOME - 27 Jun 2017
    Makes my eyelashes stand out. it looks thicker and longer. Just love this mascara. Thank you Ruby Box. I have shared this with my friend and she has tried this for the first time and loves it. this will be our new mascara brand. I have followed the quick and easy steps in applying my new mascara and it does wonders. thank you again. My friend and I where really excited to receive our free pack of Brinea. I recommend this to everyone
  • Robyn
    Thicker Lashes - 27 Jun 2017
    I like to use this product when I am going out on the town, it makes my eyelashes look thicker and longer. Thank you for my trial!
  • stephanie
    #3D Fiber Lashes - 19 Jun 2017
    #3D Fiber Lashes is simply the best product that has been developed for eye lash extensions . i would like to thank #Brinea for introducing the new eye lash extensions it has my whole look . and the price is also not expensive as for the other imitation that you can see its fake and not of good quality i would definitely recommend this #3D Fiber lashes is of top quality !!! #Brinea is the new product ill recommend to all my friends and family
  • Simone
    Tried and Tested!! - 7 Jun 2017
    I absolutely love the #D fibre lashes ... Since receiving my product I have used it every single day and love the enhancement in my lashes.
  • Jesselyn
    Brinea 3D Lash - 6 Jun 2017
    If you have the time, this is the mascara for you. Personally, I prefer a quick application with no fuss, but if you like putting the time in for those perfect lashes then definitely go for this. The application takes some getting used to, but nevertheless, you end up with voluminous and lengthened lashes.
  • trevoleen
    my go to lash product - 2 Jun 2017
    If you looking for fuller and lengthend lashes without the struggle of applying false lashes. Then this will also be perfect for you. I love this product I'll be using it more often now. love how it completes my make up looks.
  • Nicole
    Long, Beautiful lash results! - 1 Jun 2017
    This product is incredible! I loved how it lengthens my lashes and gave it volume! I am happy to carry on using this product instead of using mascara or anything else.
  • Michelle
    lashes - 31 May 2017
    i like that you really can see your lashes fuller and longer. really like the casing its stylish, and you can see your product.
  • Diane
    3D Lash - 31 May 2017
    Wow, this product is amazing. My friend shared her win with me. In future I will opt for this when going out instead of falsies. Only thing is, they are not waterproof, so don't cry or cut onions when you have done your lashes with them :)
  • Nicole
    Lushest Lashes! - 31 May 2017
    The 3D Fiber Lashes + Mascara from Brinea is just incredible! A product that is so easy to use and so gentle on the eyes with no irritation at all! Va va voom eyelashes are here to stay and slay! There is no turning back for me.
  • Sameera
    Brinea 3D fibre lash - 30 May 2017
    Hi Rubies!

    Here are my thoughts on this product xx
    I am super impressed and pleased with the results.. I mean, you can see for yourself.. my naturally thin, short eyelashes are instantly lifted and enhanced with this product.
    How does it work?
    1️⃣ make sure your eyelashes are clean and free from any makeup. Make sure your eyelashes are dry as well.
    2️⃣apply a coat of the transplanting gel from mid to ends.
    3️⃣while this gel is still wet, apply the fibres
    4️⃣apply another coat of the transplanting gel to seal the fibres.
    5️⃣and that is it! You can repeat steps 2-4 if you want even further results.
    My opinion?
    This is a great product.. not going to deny that. However would I use it regularly? Probably not.... because it does require alittle extra time. However I find that it is perfect for occasions where you want extra drama on your eyes without the falsie struggle! I did also notice that it gets slightly clumpy... so be careful with the amount you put on! And definitely use a light hand.
  • Jamie Lee
    Revolutionary - 30 May 2017
    This product is amazing! I did what it promised and in just 5 minutes I had longer, fuller eyelashes. I even had a friend ask if I was wearing my false eyelashes! My only concern is number of steps, and the fact that the fiber could get messy, but I will definitely buy this going forward.
  • Faheemah
    Brinea 3D Fibre Lash Mascara - 30 May 2017
    Was sent this product lately , it really does work , the transplanting gel and fibres work so well together it's like false lashes in a bottle , the effect it gave me with just 2 coats was really nice!
  • Anouschka
    Simply Amazing - 30 May 2017
    I cannot do eyelash extensions any longer as I suddenly got an allergic reaction to the glue, so this has been an amazing alternative.
    Easy to apply, the fibers don't fall off and it's lasts all day. Love it!
  • Chanel
    Really amazing - 30 May 2017
    I was completely taken by surprise with this product! It really kept to the promise of enhancing my current eyelash length and makes me look great!
  • mapolo
    loved them - 30 May 2017
    Great product for someone who wants longer and fuller lashes
  • Sylvia
    It works! - 30 May 2017
    I was at first a little sceptical about the fibre mascara but you can definitely reach a dramatic look with this product! Also very easy to take off with eye makeup remover. all in all "a winner"
  • Aneesah
    Fiber Lash - 30 May 2017
    A eyelash product that gives you that fuller eyelash look without having to go and get eyelash extensions. A very good buy that is for sure.
  • Melanie
    Lash Fabulous - 30 May 2017
    I was skeptical before using this product, so many mascaras promise to lengthen and thicken lashes, and in the end one looks like spiders have descended on ones eyes. Well no more Spider lashes for me, after using 3D Fiber Lash, I will never be using anything else, I now have lashes that look fantastic, full and natural. Thanks so much for this product Brinea, it's Lash Fabulous.
  • Lianne
    3D Full and Soft Lashes... - 30 May 2017
    Love this product... It gave me full and soft looking lashes - a rather natural look ;0)
    My mascara makes my lashes feel very hard, so prefer the softer feel... Thanks 3D and rubybox :)
  • Natasha
    Done with false eyelashes - 3D Fibre lashes is my new bff - 30 May 2017
    I must admit i struggled at first with this product as I did not read the instructions and got a whole lot of fiber in my eyes. The trick is to start applying the gel mid to tip and then place the fibers and lastly seal it with a coat of gel. My eyelashes are instantly longer and much more fuller. Great job Brinea
  • Nicola
    Amazing lashes - 29 May 2017
    I definitely loved using this product, I got so many compliments for my lashes when I used this product and even wore it with glasses and people could still see my lashes, I defintely think this product has its place in the beauty industry, it gives you an option if you do not want to have lash extensions done or use false or individual lashes, however I don't think it could take the place of mascara on an everyday basis due to the amount of steps, I personally like the effect of two applications on my lashes with takes 3 steps each, it is defintely a product I would use on special occasions or if I had a lot of time to get ready because between each application you have to wait for it to dry, I loved the look it gave my lashes, definitely very lengthening and very curled.
  • Daniela
    A product that actually works!! - 29 May 2017
    If you are wanting to DRAMATICALLY lengthen your lashes then this product is the way to go! The Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes were so easy to use, all it took was an extra 30seconds in my make up routine to get longer, fuller and more dramatic eyelashes. Only advice is to follow the instructions carefully to achieve best results.
  • Bronwin
    Mind blown!!!!! - 26 May 2017
    I am absolutely in love with this product. This was so easy to use and the results were awesome. This is a great product and my lashes did not look fake at all which is something that always concerns me. Thank you Rubybox for sending me the best product to test so far!!!! I am one happy camper!
  • Natalie
    In Love - 26 May 2017
    I received my 3D Fiber Lash product and I have to say that I was already impressed by just the first coat of the Transplanting Gel. Adding the 3D fibers and sealing with another coat of Gel, I was beyond impressed. No other mascara enhanced my eyes as beautifully as this product. I absolutely love it.
  • Trishann
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes - 26 May 2017
    Amazing! Love this product. Its compact and easy to use after one use.
    The first time i used it, i ended up getting the fibers in my eye because i had put it from end to tip. It thankfully didn't cause any irritation to my eye. When applying be sure to start with the fibers from mid length of eyelash.
    Also ensure that your lashes are separate and do not get stuck together when applying the glue. It helps to ensure no clumpy fibers. Removal of product is also just as easy, no more pulling on eyelashes to remove mascara for me.
    I love the way it made my eyelashes look longer, thicker and darker than they actually are with minimal effort.
  • Fiona
    3D Fiber Lashes - 25 May 2017
    I absolutely LOVE this product!!! I was a bit skeptical at first, but it is so easy to apply and the effect is amazing.

    One of the things I love most about it is that it doesn't smudge and at the end of a long work day and gym session my lashes look the same as they did when I applied it. How is that even possible?!

    The first few times I got some of the fibres in my eyes, which was a bit irritating, but I'm now getting the hang of it and find it better to close my eyes while applying the fibres.

    Thank you so much Rubybox and Brinea. This is truly an amazing product!
  • Charlene
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes - 24 May 2017
    Hey Rubies!! ☺️

    Completely obsessed with this product.
    As promised to my Instagram followers, I posted my before and after pic to show visible results of the #3dfiberlash effect. It was Super enhanced.

    It is a 3-step application which is easy to apply, but you have to do a re-application for best results. Also, it is a tad time consuming so don't be in a rush and plan your beauty routine ahead.

    With all that said, it's highly recommended even without eyeliner as it just makes your eyes pop!

    You're welcome ladies!
  • Stephanie
    BRINEA 3D Fiber Lashes - 24 May 2017
    Hi Ladies

    I tried out the 3D fiber lash mascara and honestly my first try was a bit difficult, I have been blessed with long lashes and I have to say that this product did give me a fake long lash look (Witch is great!) but I did battle with the fibers.

    I really hate it when I apply a mascara and I get lumps, so with this product I would suggest that you DO NOT PUT YOUR 3D MASCARA ON IN TRAFFIC!

    "You can't rush art" (I think I heard that from Toy Story or something, but it's true !

    With this product, take your time and careful not to get fibers into your eyes! and teally do try to apply the fibers while the gel is still wet, fibers just fly around and dont stick then. hopefully my second try will do the trick!

    This is great for a night out when you just need that extra something to make your eyes pop!

  • Bianca
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lash - 23 May 2017
    Hey beauties,

    Today I'll be sharing some information on a product that I received and never knew about.

    It's mascara, but not any mascara- It's 3D fiber lashes.

    Basically fibers are attached to your lashes and it gives that effect that you have falsies on- but you really don't.

    I was so excited to use this product, I literally used it the next day after receiving it and used it again and again.

    In the box you get two "mascaras". One is the transplanting gel and the other is the fibers. How you apply it is so simple. You first apply the transplanting gel from the middle of your lashes to the tip. Make sure your lashes don't have any other mascara and is clean and dry. You then apply the 3D fibers while the transplanting gel is still wet-- so you need to be quick. And then once you've applied the 3D fibers- you seal it again with the transplanting gel.

    Make sure you always seal your lashes with the transplanting gel. You can repeat the steps over and over again until you have the desired effect.

    I think this product is amazing! My lashes look fuller and longer and I can't believe I never knew about this product.

    Definitely worth it!
  • Liezel
    Amazing Eye Lashes - 23 May 2017
    This 3d fiber lashes is amazing, it's something to get use to, as it is not like normal mascara. it is a bit difficult for me to apply it because of the fiber i need to apply as this can get into the eyes. I have tested the product and i fell in love with it immediately because with all the mascaras i have tried before that promise volume doesn't get close to this. I would definitely recommend it to any make-up fanatic or anyone else for that matter how loves wearing make- up. I would really buy it for myself if i get it at a very good price. Thank you Rubybox for giving me the chance to test and review this amazing product.
  • Liezel
    Amazing Eye Lashes - 23 May 2017
    This 3d fiber lashes is amazing, it's something to get use to, as it is not like normal mascara. it is a bit difficult for me to apply it because of the fiber i need to apply as this can get into the eyes. I have tested the product and i fell in love with it immediately because with all the mascaras i have tried before that promise volume doesn't get close to this. I would definitely recommend it to any make-up fanatic or anyone else for that matter how loves wearing make- up. I would really buy it for myself if i get it at a very good price. Thank you Rubybox for giving me the chance to test and review this amazing product.
  • Michelle
    3D Lashes - 23 May 2017
    Great Product you can really see the length and the volume it adds on. love the casings!
  • Tineke
    Awesome product! Must have!! - 23 May 2017
    I absolutely love this product! It is so easy to apply and it makes such a difference!! If you want beautiful, long and full lashes, this is the product for you!
  • Angelique
    amaaaaaazing - 22 May 2017
    Fake Lashes, falls of within a hour. Lash extensions, damages the lashes or starts to fall out one by one along with one of your own lashes. Mascara, a good lash filler making them darker and fuller. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara…. Oh-Em-Geeeee

    I usually slap a few layers of mascara on, but my natural lashes aren’t very long, so it basically just makes it fuller and darker – obviously. I’ve seen a lot about this “fiber lash” thing online but was never able to try it. I just never really saw it in the shops. The results looked amaaaazing so I was super envious of all these girls posting pictures with their doll-like lashes.

    3D Fiber Lashes is a mascara – but it’s a little bit more than that, too. The first clue that this is more than just your average mascara comes with the presentation box, which contains two black tubes:
  • Natasha
    Done with false eyelashes...3D fiber lashes is my new bff! - 20 May 2017
    I must admit i struggled at first with this product as I did not read the instructions and got a whole lot of fiber in my eyes. The trick is to start applying the gel mid to tip and then place the fibers and lastly seal it with a coat of gel. My eyelashes are instantly longer and much more fuller. Great job Brinea
  • Kerri-Ann
    3D Brinea Fiber Lashes - 19 May 2017
    I received my package yesterday and I applied the product today and it is ..... AMAZING!!!! I totally love the feel of it (: I posted a before and after picture on my Instagram account (kerri__to__the__ann). However, I will redo the application tomorrow and post close up pictures. Thanks a million!
  • Tania
    Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes - 19 May 2017
    I am so happy with the quality of this product, I have naturally short lashes, so this does the trick without the hassle of putting on fake lashes.
    The end result is amazing.
  • tarryn
    A 'little lash' dilemma - 18 May 2017
    Great product with amazing results! With hardly any eyelashes this.product provides great quality results with beautiful.long.lashes
  • Nadine
    I'll never get Lash Extentions again! - 18 May 2017
    I was so excited to receive this amazing product from Rubybox!

    The Product comes with two steps. The 3D Fiber Lash Gel and then the 3D Fibers.
    You apply the gel, then the fibers and then the gel again. And BAM! Dream lashes are yours. No seriously, after my first application it looked like I had Lash extensions on.

    Its the dream product I've been waiting for!

    Get yours at for R340 and never ever have to go for Lash extensions again!
  • Robyn
    Beautiful lashes - 18 May 2017
    Thank you rubybox for letting me try this product! I shared with my friend and cannot wait for our next catch up to share our lash experience! I really found it an easy process and liked the way my lashes looked. A BIG plus for me was that there was no smudging or peeling etc. AND it was really easy to remove with my normal make up remover! Thanks again! Thumbs up!
  • Sameera
    Brinea 3D lash fibres - 18 May 2017
    I've been testing out this product and I absolutely impressed with the results!

    As long as you follow the short instructions correctly.. there's no going wrong with this product.

    My eyelashes are naturally straight and short and I always reach for my falsies when getting glammed up but after trying out this product... I instantly got longer and thicker eyelashes without the hassle of false eyelashes!

    I cant get enough of this product... however I will say you need alittle bit of time when using it and I wouldn't recommend it for everyday wear as our week days can be quite rushed so just regular mascara on a week day works for me. But for added natural full lashes... this is literally falsies in a bottle! I love it.

    I highly recommend it. xx
  • Carey
    3D Fibre lash - 18 May 2017
    Wow... I love this product!! It really makes an amazing difference!
  • Luisa
    Brinea 3D Lash Extensions - 18 May 2017
    I have extremely short and thin eyelashes and although mascara helps a bit, it certainly doesn't extend them to the gorgeous lashed I would like.
    The Brinea 3D lashes are totally amazing!! Easy to use and apply and the results are brilliant! I look like I have false lashes on!
    Price wise, this isn't even as much as a top-end mascara and will last a good 3 months! These two wands are definitely staying in my handbag!
  • Anouschka
    Fabulous Lashes - 17 May 2017
    If you are lacking in the lash department (like me) then you're going to LOVE this. Easy to apply (gel and then the fibers over and 'seal' with the gel again), and you'll have gorgeous long lashes. Not clumpy at all and I didn't get any fibers in my eyes which I was worried about. LOVE It!
  • Anoecha
    Literally Lashes in a bottle - 16 May 2017
    I have never heard of 3D FiberLashes , until I have tried Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes. It works like a BOM!!! I have NEVER EVER in my life since wearing make up , have I come across an amazing product like this one! I would definitely recommend this to any woman who has very short lashes as well as long lashes. This is one of the value for money products I have used!!! Well done on this amazing product!!! Definitely recommended !!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
  • Rebecca
    LONG is an understatement - 14 May 2017
    Boy. When I saw that instruction sheet I was a bit worried. I don't enjoy complicated products. However it's actually VERY simple and this two step system really does add a noticeable length to your lashes. I will advise that you maybe practice on clean naked eyes before you do a full look just to get used to the product, and I found that the fibers irritate my eyes AWFULLY when I wear contact lenses. So if you wear lenses I'd be mindful about it. Other than that it's an amazing product and I fully recommend If you're after long lashes!
  • Ameenah
    Brinea 3D false lashes in a bottle - 12 May 2017
    So we all are used to normal mascaras and false lashes. If you have never heard about 3D mascaras let me tell you a bit about it. Its basically 2 bottles. One glue (looks like a normal mascara) and the other bottle contains many micro fibres. You apply the glue first and then the fibres and they attach themselves to your lashes and kinda thicken the strands as they go along. This product is amazing honestly. You need to put a little effort in but the end result is great. Take your time and dont rush it because you could easily mess up and then you would have to reapply. For those of you who prefers mascara to false lashes and takes time applying your makeup. This one is for you.


Brinea Beauty Products utilises scientific research to ensure that their products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is a beautifully enriched product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type. Brinea begins by looking to Nature for the natural solution they desire to enhance your beauty. Their in-house scientific team then formulates a product that benefits the user unlike any chemically formulated imitation. Their goal is to provide healthy, natural eyelash extensions.