Slim Design 2-In-1 Firming Oil
150 ml – RSP R295.00 – Available at Dis-Chem Stores

Breakthrough 2-in-1 firming product with a dual action on cellulite and stretch marks.

The patented biphase firming formula incorporates key active ingredients to offer powerful results from as little as 7 days:

1. THE AQUEOUS PHASE [Caffeine + Ivy]

Reduces the appearance of cellulite, assist detoxification and resculpts the silhouette by strengthening the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

2. THE OIL PHASE [Camelina Oil]

Strengthens the skin’s elasticity and suppleness and helps reduce the appearance of early stretch marks.

Proven results*:

SMOOTHER, FIRMER SKIN - Visible efficacy from 7 days

ANTI-CELLULITE ACTION - Dimples smoothed from 14 days, enhanced effect after 28 days

ANTI-STRETCH MARK ACTION - Helps reduce the appearance of early stretch marks from 28 days

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

*Proven results:

Smoother, firmer skin: Study conducted on 48 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 7 days of use.

Anti-cellulite action: Study conducted on 49 women, aged 18-30 - Analysis after 14 days of use. Study conducted on 46 women, aged 18-29 - Analysis after 28 days of use.

Anti- stretch mark action: Comparative study on 21 women aged 18-30 - Evaluation of a reference stretchmark after 28 days of use compared to an untreated control stretch mark.


  • Shantel
    Elancyl Body Toning Oil - 7 Nov 2018
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!!!!!! Love the fresh smell and it goes almost immediately into my skin.. Firmer and Smoother skin, Miracle Oil!!!!!!!
  • brigitte
    Elancyl slim design - 7 Oct 2018
    When applying the oil you struggle a little with the nozzle when your hands gets oily. This product worked well in firming my legs and buttocks, I saw results around 12 - 14 days, my legs were smoother. I however started seeing more stretch marks on the legs but felt a cm or so thinner in my pants. I would need to use this product more than 28 days to see the even better results. In a nutshell, great product for smoother legs, I will purchase if it does not cost too much.
  • Ashley Mellisa
    Great Product! - 2 Oct 2018
    I enjoyed testing the ELANCYL Slim Design 2-In-1 Slimming Oil. What I loved the most about it is how easily it absorbed into my skin and the great fragrance! Now...I have old and new stretchmarks, so I was a bit skeptical that it would help fade the old marks but found that it faded my old and new stretchmarks quite remarkably and left my skin a whole lot smoother! I noticed that a little bit of this product really goes a long way. I'll be purchasing my next bottle soon!
  • Brenda
    Smoother skin - 28 Sep 2018
    After 14 days I started noticing smoother skin, cellulite dimples were becoming less obvious and my newet stretchmarks were becoming lighter. Awesome product.
  • Obakeng
    Firmer skin after a month - 27 Sep 2018
    The Elancyl slimming oil, has a nice fragrance and after 28 days my skin is firmer with less visible cellulite, the spray bottle is quite difficult to use on the lower body as keeping it upright is hard and the massage technique is quite time consuming so if you are committed to reducing cellulite this is for you!
  • Lynne
    Made a difference!!!! - 27 Sep 2018
    This product is very easily absorbed and I could definitely see a difference after the first week!!!!
    I loved the smell of it!!!
  • Aamirah
    Surprised results! - 26 Sep 2018
    Ok so first I'm going to get the bad bits over which is the bottle design isn't the best. The spray nozzle is not the best especially when it comes to respraying the oil after the first application as it becomes very hard to grip the bottle with oil all over your hand.
    I must also say the massage technique is time consuming so it took some time for me to actually make proper time to get it done in the evenings especially after a long day, BUT if we want something to work we've got to get it done and get it done properly, RIGHT?
    Anyway on to the good things...the Elancyl 2-in-1 slim design oil has worked wonders on my stretch marks!
    They are nearly non existent, like I was struggling to find them after two weeks
  • Tasneem
    Great Product - 26 Sep 2018
    I have to say, I was skeptical at first, but after 2 weeks of using the product I, and others, could actually see a difference.
    While there wasn't a major difference, it was noticeably smoother.
    It isn't an overnight miracle product, but I think if you apply with the massage technique, while following a balanced diet, you could achieve really great results.
  • Nikita
    Elancyl Slim Design Review - 26 Sep 2018
    I used this product for 28 days and I cannot say that I noticed a huge change to my cellulite. I must be honest and say that I did not stick to a healthy diet which would help considerably and would have helped with a better result. This product definitely helped my skin to feel smoother and firm but my lovely feta cheese remains unchanged. The product smells amazing and applies easily to skin with the spray nozzle.
  • Laetitia
    You will love it - 26 Sep 2018
    So I tested this product and it does work and is really a lovely product, just note it is not a overnight fix, takes time before you see results and the oil formula and the spray mechanism doesn’t really go together, I personally feel a normal tip bottle without the spray would be better, because once your hands are covered in the oils, it’s hard to spray more.
    Other than that. Great product.
  • Jess
    ELANCYL Slim Design - 25 Sep 2018
    I used this product for 28 days with the massage technique and experienced no change to my cellulite, however it did aid in lightening and tightening stretch marks and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft.
    The scent is lovely and it is very easy to use without staining clothing or having to wait long for it to dry.
    Mixed feelings overall.
  • Marene
    Wonderfully soft skin! - 25 Sep 2018
    I've been using this product for about a month now, and really like it!

    I apply it mostly to my thighs, and although I've yet to see an improvement in my cellulite, I do feel a massive difference in the softness of my skin. The oil absorbs quickly and doesn't sit on your skin, making it great for under clothes.

    The smell is fresh and green, and is a great mood enhancer. Would definitely continue using.
  • Leana
    I am officially addicted - 25 Sep 2018
    I can't tell you how much money I've spent over the last few years on cellulite treatments. It has all been a waste. Until now nothing gave me visible results. I have been using Elancyl for a month every day using the special massage technique and my mind is blown. Guess I have to buy a new bikini for summer!
  • Carmalita
    Great Product overall! - 25 Sep 2018
    I used the ELANCYL slim design firming oil for about a month anrd I must say that I am impressed. I was first sceptical about the miracles this product promised it could do because I've tried so many products for cellulite and stretch marks before.

    Whilst using this product I applied it to my thighs to assist with cellulite and stretch marks. I love the "natural plant" smell of the product and the slim design of the packaging. The oil leaves my skin feeling smooth and leaves no residue behind so I did not have to worry about staining my clothing
  • Tayla
    Elancyl Slim Design 2-in-1 Firming Oil - 22 Sep 2018
    A great firming oil! My stretch marks on my buttocks/thighs are almost completely gone and my skin is noticeably firmer. At first I was a bit concerned with regards to the oilyness of the product and whether it would stain my clothes, which it did not. The product has a great aroma and texture to it.
  • Liska
    Surprising - 22 Sep 2018
    To be honest, I didn't think that I would see much difference because these kind of products never really work but I am happy to say that I do see a differece. My cellulite has become less, strech marks lighter and skin softer. I would definitely use it again.
  • Octavia
    Elancyl Slim Design - 22 Sep 2018
    For those of us who are struggling with cellulite and stretch marks and just don't have the confidence to rock them, we all know it can be really difficult to find a product that can not only tackle the cellulite but also make the stretch marks less visible. Especially with all the products the word has to offer.

    Elancyl Slim Design 2 in 1 Firming Oil Breakthrough has a dual action on cellulite and stretch marks. The product has key active ingredients which are meant to work and produce great results in a period of less than 7days.

    I have used the product for almost 28days, consistently, and might i say the firming oil is indeed a breakthrough dual action oil. I had developed the worst stretch marks from weight gain, because f these stretchmarks my confidence levels had dropped to their lowest. But ever since i started using this product my marks have faded, big time and they arent as terrible to look at. My confidence has gone up the roofs, because i went so far as to use it on my tummy and arms and might i just say the smoothness is surreal. I have had numerous compliments about my glowing skin and its all thanks to this oil.

    An added bonus to this product is the amazing smell. The smell is natural and soothing as well.
    The key to this gem is consistency, the more you use it the sooner you will see the results.
  • Aniqah
    ELANCYL Slim Design - 21 Sep 2018
    After one week of using, my skin felt tighter. Stretch marks disappeared slowly and cellulite decreased.
    I liked that the oil absorbed quickly into the skin.
  • Brittany
    Super Stoked - 21 Sep 2018
    It was amazing to see my white stretch marks disappear on my hips and thighs. After trying all other treatments, this gave me the best results. It's a bonus that it smells lovely, and is super moisturising. It also firmed up all the soft cellulite on my hips and thighs noticeably in 2 weeks. Throughly converted
  • Terrilee
    Worth every cent - 20 Sep 2018
    After only one week of using Elancyl Slim design I felt that my skin on my thighs and buttocks became noticeable tighter. There just wasn't so much flabby skin to massage anymore!
    Lumps and bumps are smoother.
    The stretch marks on the inside of my thighs went from purple to white.
    The product feels a bit greasy going on but after massaging it quickly becomes absorbed.
    The only concern I have is no where on the bottle does it say how much to use?
    I am a huge fan of Elancyl Slim Design and will keep using this product throughout summer.
  • Clarice
    Elancyl Review. Post 28 days - 20 Sep 2018
    It was such an amazing journey seeing my cellulite disappear and how my stretch marks lightened. Also, my skin is firmer.
    My post photo after less than 28 days astonished myself.
    Please go purchase your bottle of this magic oil.
  • Lenchen
    Smoother Skin - 19 Sep 2018
    I was very sceptical about this product..because how can a lotion help fight cellulite. Well...I am very surprized. My skin is a lot smoother. And the cellulite is definately not as visible as always. Awesome product to get beach ready for summer
  • Greachen
    I saw results - 19 Sep 2018
    It's been a while after I started using it & it's been working. Though not as quickly as I would've hoped
  • Busisiwe
    Blown away - 13 Sep 2018
    They way I was so less confident about my thighs it was even depressing but since is started using ELANYL slim I am confident and I'm even getting comfortable with my skirts, I'm on a diet and exercise so my thighs had to many cellulite but this product just lightened my life . Thank you so much ...
  • Lameez
    Elancyl Slimming Oil - 6 Sep 2018
    I love the formula of this product. It also has the best smell. I have only been using this for 7 days and i can already see my marks lightening.

    Love It !!
  • Jacqueline
    BLOWN AWAY! - 19 Aug 2018
    After using this oil for a few days I noticed that my thighs were getting slimmer and I hardly had any cellulite left. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants popping body.
    It also helped with my stretchmarks


For over 45 years French dermo-cosmetic brand, ELANCYL has been assisting women in their quest for a smoother, firmer silhouette. Scientific breakthroughs and clinically proven efficacy makes ELANCYL a pioneer in firming body care.

ELANCYL aims to enable all South African women to be confident with their bodies, embrace their natural curves and to live life to the fullest. ELANCYL is every women’s companion to ensure they enhance the results of their hard work towards living a healthy, active life.