Esse Toner
Skin Type All skin types
Skin Concern Acne
Esse Toner - R260.00

Esse Toner completes the cleansing process with actives to revitalise, protect, and improve skin texture. The Esse Toner ensures skin pH is balanced at 4.5 - a favourable pH for beneficial microbes. Rooibos Extract improves immune function and delivers anti-inflammatory properties. Olive Leaf Extract combats the negative effects of pollution and provides some protection from sun damage. Prepares skin for follow-on product with its lightweight moistening effect.




Where they've come from  
If you’re after effective, healthy and natural products that protect your skin as much as they do the environment, look no further than Esse Organic Skincare. Manufactured in South Africa using wild-sourced African plants, this innovative range of skincare products is biodegradable and free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and colourants. Plus, as many of their ingredients are sourced locally, Esse is involved in a number of fair trade projects that benefit the communities that produce the active raw materials. Internationally, Esse is certified organic by the gold standard in certifications; Ecocert, France and locally they are also accredited by Beauty Without Cruelty and endorsed by the Vegan Society.

Where they're going to
 When looking at skin, Esse take a long term view without making sacrifices for short-term results. Their ethical approach ensures they do everything they can to keep skin happy, healthy and protected against the ageing process. As an organic skincare brand, Esse doesn’t see the need to use chemicals to improve skin condition as they believe nature offers all the actives they need.