Dr. Hauschka
Dr.Hauschka Toner
Size 30ml
Dr.HauschkaToner - R195.00

An oil-free spray toner for basic day and night care. Stimulates and regulates the skin's metabolic activity and moisture process. For normal, dry and sensitive skin and skin in need of regeneration.



Dr. Hauschka

The Dr. Hauschka range of 100% natural skin care products launched in 1967 after aesthetician Elisabeth Sigmund teamed up with Austrian chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, who was known for creating a preservative-free, water-based rose petal extract. A revolutionary approach at the time, and still today, the products are based on the understanding that beauty results from skin health and as such, all products and treatment methods are specifically formulated to restore beauty by working with the skin to support its own natural processes of renewal.

‘Nature’s treasures transformed for you’ has been the company’s guiding principle since founding. Nothing is more personal than the choices you make in caring for yourself. Dr.Hauschka’s natural skin care products respect the body’s natural rhythms, helping to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty. Dr.Hauschka believes that when individuals feel healthy and balanced, they are better able to care for others and the planet on which they live.

Dr. Hauschka