Bee Natural
Bee Natural Acne Assist
Skin Type Acne-prone
Skin Concern Acne
Bee Natural Acne Assist - R109.00

Bee Natural Acne Assist is an organic, non-toxic, chemical free treatment made with nature’s best-loved acne healing ingredients. Beeswax, propolis, raw honey and pollen have been blended with tea tree oil to create a potent acne remedy that dries out and combats those pesky breakouts. These amazing ingredients also help to prevent scaring and infections and they’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized too.


  • Nonhlanhla
    BEE Natural - 25 Mar 2019
    I saw good reviews about this product, then saw it at Dischem. I bought it, and my acne is better than what it was previously, I only use it when I'm not wearing make up because it oxidizes my make up.
  • Oratile
    bee natural acne assist - 1 Mar 2019
    I bouhgt this product on faithful to nature last year and to be honest i did not give it enought time to work, it is not easy to be patient with acne. I still have the product and I am thinking of giving it another try and a couple of months. its a natural product which means it is not harsh, which is great for sensitive/acne prone skin

Bee Natural

Where they're come from
Six years ago, when Petra Gordon mixed up a beeswax balm in her kitchen from an old recipe book, she had no idea that it would be the start of a successful skincare business. Inspired by the development and awareness surrounding natural skin care products, Petra developed the Bee Natural brand which today consists of a variety of beeswax products. Proudly made in South Africa from locally sourced ingredients, the products have become a firm favourite among all who use them.

Where they're going
Bee Natural is committed to providing customers with natural and pure products that are chemical-, preservative- and fragrance-free. All Bee Natural products are made by hand and contain only the finest of natural ingredients, such as raw honey, beeswax, propolis and avocado oil. The brand’s concern for the environment ensures that the honey is harvested using traditional beekeeping methods, and that all products are sold in 100% recyclable glass bottles.

Bee Natural