Dear Deer
Dear Deer Satin Pillow Case

Dear Deer Cream Satin Pillow Cae - R200.00

Being a polyester material, satin doesn’t absorb moisture the way natural fibers like cotton do.

As we all know, one of the many reasons our skin can look tired, dry and lined is due to a lack of hydration.

Sleeping on satin minimises facial lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

Another plus? Satin won’t absorb your expensive night creams.

Dear Deer pillowslips help your hair maintain its natural moisture, which prevents dry frizziness, split ends and breakage.

Keeping your hair looking shiny and also helps your blowouts to last longer.



Dear Deer

Where they’ve come from

Initiated in 2011 by Cape Town-based Chelle Lovatt, Dear Deer is a labour of love. Chelle, who has a long history working in fashion and is currently operating in a corporate fashion environment, felt she needed an outlet for her creativity; to add value to her life and pay a tribute to her best friend - the mother she lost to cancer – and Dear Deer is exactly that.

Where are they going?

Adopting the motto “LOOK GOOD – FEEL GOOD”, Dear Deer donates ALL profits to a variety of charities.

Why we ♥ them

Their range of satin pillow cases is made from 100-percent pure satin, Dear Deer pillowslips help your hair maintain its natural moisture (which prevents dry fuzziness) and minimizes facial wrinkles and puffiness.

Dear Deer