Africology Slimming Detox Cream
Africology Slimming Detox Cream - R360.00

This body cream contains a potent botanical blend of seaweed, ivy, horsetail, queen meadow and biting clematis for its effective slimming and firming action. Enriched with caffeine, guarana extract, L- Carnitine, cysteic acid and pantetheine sulfonate which work at creating activity in the cell, so we can turn the fat into energy rather than losing water to show loss in centimetres.




Where they've come from
A proudly home-grown brand, Africology skin and body care products have been developed to revitalise South African skins and prevent damage caused by free-radicals, stress and our harsh climate. The luxurious, fragrant range is designed to uplift the mind and body in a positive, therapeutic way through the use of powerful indigenous plants and essential oils, combined with traditional African wisdom and Reiki techniques.

Where they're going
Key to every Africology product is the aromatic, signature base blend of African potato, rooibos, aloe ferox and marula. Instantly recognisable, this combination of ingredients has powerful healing and regenerative properties. Add to the fact that every Africology product is 100% natural and free from any potentially harmful chemical that could disturb the body’s delicate balance, and you’ve got yourself a winning formulation.